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The Hunters is a 2015 film from Mongolia directed by D. Otgonsuren.

It is a comedy about Bayaraa, an engineer at a computer hardware firm, and his older mentor Bataa. Bataa is Bayaraa's mentor in after-work activity as well: specifically, chasing babes. The younger and older men function as wingmen for each other when they go out chasing girls. They indulge in some frankly creepy, stalker-ish, Serial Killer-ish tactics: calling themselves "hunters", following women, taking their pictures, in one instance pretending to be cops so they can coax a hot model into their car. But it's all played for laughs.

Bayaraa, the younger one, has a platonic female roommate named Chimgee, who recommends that he go to her gym to get buff. While there, Bayaraa meets a lovely young lady named Nandin. Bayaraa the incorrigible babehound finds himself falling in love. He arranges for his new girlfriend to meet his friend Bataa, only to find out some unpleasant news: Nandin is Bataa's estranged daughter.



  • Abhorrent Admirer: Bayaraa apparently had a one-night stand with a zaftig, slightly older woman named Sondor. She has since been following him around Ulaanbaatar talking about how they're going to get married and have lots of babies, much to Bayaraa's discomfort.
  • As You Know: Bataa's supervisor at work helpfully tells him and the audience what Bataa already knows, namely that Bayaraa is the new engineer and Bataa is his mentor.
  • Catapult Nightmare: How the opening scene of Bayaraa and Bataa as prisoners escaping from jail is revealed to be only Bayaraa's bad dream.
  • Chained Heat: The opening scene has Bayaraa and Bataa handcuffed together, wearing prison uniforms, escaping from jail. It's Bayaraa's nightmare.
  • Fake Action Prologue: The opening scene of Bayaraa and Bataa escaping from prison, pursued by guards and guard dogs, turns out to be Bayaraa's nightmare.
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  • Flashback: A sequence of flashbacks after Nandin is revealed to be Bataa's daughter fills in his backstory. He was once Happily Married to Nandin's mother Zaya, but something went wrong, they got divorced, and he hasn't seen his daughter in a long time.
  • Ladykiller in Love: Bayaraa the babehound, who wakes up in his apartment with three women and makes a sport out of going to nightclubs and picking up girls, falls deeply in love with sweet, charming Nandin.
  • Overprotective Dad: Bataa, Bayaraa's partner in chasing girls who knows only too well about his protege's Casanova ways, flips his lid when he finds out that Bayaraa is dating his daughter. Not only does he categorically forbid his daughter from seeing Bayaraa (which doesn't go over well as Bataa's just connected with Nandin for the first time in years), he also gets Bayaraa fired from his job at the computer company.
  • Romantic Wingman: Bayaraa and Bataa work as a two-man team to bag women. The only thing that stops this from being super-creepy is how bad they are at it. The Wounded Gazelle Gambit they use to gain the trust of a hot woman on her morning jog ends with Bataa, in a wheelchair he doesn't need, careening down a riverbank and into the river. Their attempt to impersonate cops to get a sexy model into their car ends with the two of them getting lost on the way to the club, followed by the model whacking Bayaraa in the nuts and stealing his car.
  • Shrine to the Fallen: Nandin isn't dead. But it's revealed that Bataa, who apparently hasn't seen his daughter in years, keeps her room just as she left it, with the girlish pink sheets and the stuffed animals and everything.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Bayaraa and Bataa, having noticed the sexy lady who jogs along the river, set up a scheme to gain her trust. They meet her with Bataa in a wheelchair and Bayaraa pretending to be his devoted nephew giving him an outing in the fresh air. It goes wrong when Bayaraa accidentally knocks the wheelchair and Bataa down the riverbank and into the water.

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