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It’s a series based on Captain Underpants. “Laffs” are to be expected.

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    Season 1 

The Frenzied Farts of Flabby Flabulous

  • This bit:
    Mr. Krupp: (to George and Harold) Do you two wanna be in more trouble?!
    Mr. Meaner: (furiously bursts into Krupp’s office) YOU TWO ARE IN MORE TROUBLE, YEA-YEA-YEA-YEA-YEA!
    Mr. Krupp: Protocol, Mr. Meaner.
    Mr. Meaner: (completely calm) Oh, right. Okay, sorry. (Leaves and shuts door behind him)
    Ms. Anthrope: (opens door again) Mr. Meaner is here to see you.
    Mr. Krupp: Send him in.
    Mr. Meaner: (comes in the exact same way he did the first time) YOU TWO ARE IN MORE TROUBLE, YEA-YEA-YEA-YEA-YEA!
  • Mr. Krupp and Mr. Meaner trying to show each other up about who's madder. Mr. Meaner begins stomping his cap into the floor while Mr. Krupp begins shaking a metal cabinet and yelling at the top of his lungs.

The Dreadful Debacle of DJ Drowsy Drawers

  • When the teachers are setting up for the school dance, Mr. Krupp keeps going out of his way to ensure that there is zero fun, and explains his “reason” why.
    Mr. Krupp: Fun leads to the Robo-pocalypse! This chart proves it! See? If kids see colors, they have fun. Fun leads to joy, and joy leads to a rainbow unicorn stampede that transforms into a robot horde that enslaves us all! …ANY QUESTIONS?!
    (Literally every teacher the room looks at Krupp like he’s crazy, and raise their hands at the same time)
    Mr. Krupp: I DIDN’T THINK SO!
    • Also, the so-called “chart” Krupp uses to prove his point is just a crude crayon drawing that he most likely made himself.
  • Captain Underpants rapping. What else needs to be said?
  • The various tryouts for the position of the school dance DJ:
    • Jessica and her friends only have one song in their playlist: "Don't You Daar Touch My Haar, I Swaar" by the Flaar Baars.
    Mr. Krupp: Is she speaking English?
    • Dressy pulls out some sort of New-Age Retro Hippie song, complete with an appropriate dance.
    • Gooch is unable to log into his computer and play his songs, leading him to Rage Quit. Mr. Krupp declares this "performance" his favorite.

The Horrible Hostilities of the Homework Hydra

  • The kids (especially George and Harold) are eager for the school day to end, literally counting down the seconds on the clock… only for Melvin to speak up at the very last second to remind Ms. Ribble that she forgot to assign homework. Cue every kid in the room shooting him a Death Glare.
    Ms. Ribble: Thank you, Melvin! This is why everyone likes you.
    (All the other kids growl furiously at him)
  • This little gem when George and Harold travel back in time to a school in Ancient Egypt, where (it was claimed that) homework was invented.
    Harold: Is it weird that all these kids look like our classmates?
    George: Not on our show’s budget.
  • When the boys discover that by erasing homework from existence, they also inadvertently erased comic books from existence, George Screams Like a Little Girl.

The Vexing Villainy of the Vile Vimpire

The Terrifying Perilous Misfortune of the T.P. Mummy

  • The boys commenting on Erica’s latest Stealth Hi/Bye.
    Harold: She’s like Batman!
    George: Without the angry grumbling.
  • Mr. Ree’s introduction.
    Narrator: This is Mr. Ree, the school janitor. He’s a dedicated employee, and definitely doesn’t have a secret past. Oooh, I’ve said too much
    • Mr. Ree is also quick to figure out why Mr. Krupp ordered 500 rolls of rather pricey French toilet paper.
    Mr Ree: (inspecting the toilet paper) 3-ply quilted plush weave. Not the usual sandpaper you order. What’s the occasion?
    Mr. Krupp: We have a new French teacher, and I want her to have the best.
    Mr. Ree: So, you got a crush on the “Ooh-La-La”?
    Mr. Krupp: What? That’s ridiculous! (proceeds to swoon a little) It’s not like I want to take long walks at the movies, trading… butterfly kisses… or-or anything!
    Mr. Ree: Whatever floats your boat, chief.
    Mr. Krupp: My boat floats fine!
    Mr. Ree: (smirking) …Liar.
    Mr. Krupp: WHAT?!
    Mr. Ree: Yeah, you heard me.
  • During French class, George and Harold attempt to go to the bathroom to get toilet paper so they can T.P. the school. However, their new French teacher, Ms. Yewh, wants everyone in her class to only speak French. You can probably see where this is going.
    George: Uh, excuse me? We gotta go to the bathroom.
    Harold: Yeah, me too!
    Ms. Yewh: In French.
    George: You want us to go to the bathroom in French?
    Ms. Yewh: Oui-Oui.
    (George and Harold burst out laughing)
    (Cut to a picture of a croissant, with a moustache and wearing a beret, in front of a French flag, frowning and shrugging)
    Narrator: We apologize for using a joke that is over 280 years old.
    • And then later:
    Mr. Krupp: That toilet paper is for Ms. Yewh, and Ms. Yewh only!
    George: She must go to the bathroom a lot.
    Harold: Yeah, that’s a lot of “Oui-Oui”!
    (Cut to the same croissant picture from before)
    Narrator: Oooh, we’re sorry again!
  • Mr. Krupp’s attempts at flirting with Ms. Yewh. Especially with the outfit he wears while doing it.
    Mr. Krupp: I just wanted to make sure you’re settling in, and to see if you had any questions...
    George: I have a question! Why are you wearing skinny jeans?
  • After an unsuccessful attempt to T.P. the entire school, Mr. Krupp makes George and Harold clean up all the toilet paper they used. And they decide to “work smarter, not harder” by simply flushing it all down the school toilets, but since they had used 500 rolls of toilet paper in that prank attempt, naturally the toilets get clogged. Luckily, George finds some extra-strength clog remover. Unfortunately, they ignore the instructions to use only one drop of the stuff, which leads to this:
    Mr. Ree: (sees what the boys have done) The whole jug? You’ve doomed us all. That stuff’s experimental! Unpredictable! And kinda pricey!
  • The scene where Mr. Ree explains his Dark and Troubled Past.
    Mr. Ree: In the late 1990s, the government hired me to make T.E.R.D.S.; this huge, massive toilet to eliminate the most serious threats on Earth; poisonous chemicals, weapons of mass destruction, envelopes
    George: Envelopes?
    Mr. Ree: Ever gotten a paper cut from one of those bad boys?

The Squishy Predicament of Stanley Peet’s Stinky Pits

  • Due to his nervous breakdown, Mr. Fyde has a very low tolerance for noise. Unfortunately for him, elementary schools are practically built on noise.
    Mr. Fyde: PLEASE! BE! QUIET!!!
    (Beat as everyone in the room looks at him in shock or confusion)
    Mr. Krupp: Whoa. You are a ticking time bomb!
  • Mr. Krupp’s rather... bizarre love for guacamole.
    Mr. Krupp: And if you’re thinking it’s because I want you kids to grow a bunch of avocados to make me a whole lot of free guacamole, because guacamole is made from avocados, and I love guacamole so much, I DREAM ABOUT IT EVERY NIGHT AND WANT TO TAKE IT ON A VACATION TO MAUI! (deep breath) …You’re dead wrong.
    Narrator: Actually...
    (Cut to an Imagine Spot of Krupp doing just that)
    Mr. Krupp: So happy...
  • The “calming musical interlude”, which is puppets of George and Harold dancing/head-banging to heavy metal music with the lyrics “I LIKE SPAGHETTI!
    Narrator: So soothing.
  • The “Incredibly Graphic Violence Chapter” for this episode is presented in “Paint-O-Rama”, specifically a Bob Ross parody. Followed immediately by a quick acknowledgement of the Parental Bonus for the kids.
    Very Old Man: "Don't worry kids, I didn't get that one either."

The Costly Conundrum of the Calamitous Claylossus

The Jarring Jerkiness of Judge J.O.R.T.S.

  • The boys’ new Spanish teacher, Jerry Citizen, admits that he can’t even speak Spanish, and only took the job because Mr. Krupp will hire anyone to be a teacher. It then cuts to Mr. Krupp hiring a literal toddler!
  • This episode reveals that Mr. Krupp has a LOT more wigs than just his trademark Dodgy Toupee. He’s wearing a different one in every scene and spends each time fishing for compliments on his “new haircut”, but of course, he’s met with confused silence.
    • One of said wigs is a mullet.

The Strange Strife of the Smelly Socktopus

The Flustering Mindless Woe of the Flushable Memory Wipes

  • The Running Gag/Subplot of Jessica and her friends going on a Save the Whales campaign.
  • At one point, Captain Underpants picks a dandelion and shoves it in his mouth. At least they're edible?

The Soggy Salvation of the Swirling Sweatnami

The Sickening Fumes of Smartsy Fartsy

  • The main villain of the episode is a sentient fart. I dare you to say that without at least cracking a smile.

The Troublesome Treachery of the Thieving Toot Fairy

  • Melvin’s Mom flirting with Smartsy Fartsy. You don’t know whether to laugh or throw up

    Season 2 
The Tenuous Takedown of the Tyrannical Teachertrons

The Frantic Fury of the Fearsome Furcules

The Harmfull Horrors of the Harrowing Hiveschool

The Preposterous Pulverizing of the Pestering Poopacabra

The Dastardly Deed of the Devious Diddlysaurus

The Shadowy Syndrome of the Sinister Splotch

The Bizarre Blitzkrieg of the Bothersome Butt-erflies

The Problematic Pandemonium of the Punishing Plungerina

The Bombastic Blathering of Brainy Blabulous

The Crazy Caustic Spray of the Contagious Cruelius Sneezer

The Trashy Tale of the Tumultuous Tubbadump

The Taxing Trauma of the Treacherous Tattle Trials Part 1

The Taxing Trauma of the Treacherous Tattle Trials Part 2

  • Melvinborg’s multiple Oh, Crap! moments upon remembering each of the inventions he added to make the Tattle Trials more difficult for George and Harold, that are going haywire thanks to his nanobots now controlling them. This leads to him receiving a lot of What Were You Thinking? from George, Harold, and even Melvin.

    Season 3 
The Worrisome Wedge of the Water Warmongers

The Angry Abnormal Atrocities of the Astute Animal Aggressors

The Abysmal Altercation of the Abominable Altitooth

The Bizarre Bout of the Beastly Barfilisk

The Monstrous Mayhem of the Massive Melviathan

The Savage Spite of the Slimy Salamangler

The Cunning Combat of the Covert Camoflush

  • The double reveal of not only Major Messy/Camoflush being Mr. Ree’s younger brother, but also Mr. Ree’s Embarrassing First Name, which leads to Erica Lampshade Hanging about both of their Punny Names.
    Camoflush: Toilette?
    Mr. Ree: Lavator? Is that you?
    Erica: You guys know each other, Mr. Ree?
    Mr. Ree: Yes. He’s my brother.
    Erica: Hold on. His name is “Lavator Ree”, and your name is “Toilet Ree”?!
    Mr. Ree: It’s pronounced “Toilette”, and yes, our parents were French-Canadian. (Beat) They loved bathrooms.
The Bad Beat of the Blah Borelock

The Ghastly Danger of the Ghost Dentist

The Confounding Concoction of the Crooked Combotato

The Ludicrous Lunacy of the Loopy Laserlightmare

The Shocking Showdown of the Staggering Sugamechanger

The Polarizing Plight of the Pitiless Poopetrators

    The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants: Hack-A-Ween 
  • Harold’s Mom painting a portrait of Mr. Meaner, much to Harold’s disgust? Funny. Her doing it again, this time at his house, and revealing that she’s painted several portraits of him before? Hilarious. The look on poor Harold’s face when he realizes that his mom just might have a crush on his gym teacher? PRICELESS.


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