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Heartwarming / The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants

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For a comedy series about a guy flying around in his underwear, there are surprisingly a LOT of very sweet moments.

  • Any time Captain Underpants goes into Papa Wolf mode when George and Harold are in dangernote . He cares about those boys so much!
  • You thought the Intergenerational Friendship between George, Harold and Captain Underpants was cute in the movie? It is ten times as precious here! George and Harold have come such a long way compared to just seeing Captain as a last resort in the books.
  • In “The Vexing Villainy of the Vile Vimpire”, while George, Harold and Erica are trying to use Melvin’s device to reverse Jessica’s transformation into a “Vimpire”, they can’t get a clear shot because Captain Underpants, who had been bitten by the Vimpire and is now too sad to fight, is standing in the way. When Harold tells him to move, Captain Underpants sobs, “But I’ve never felt truly LOVED!” George’s response? “We love you!” Say it with me now: AWWWWWWWWWW!
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  • Ms. Yewh hitting it off with Mr. Ree at the end of episode 5. They make a surprisingly cute couple.
  • In episode 7, after getting to know Bo Hweemuth (who had been rumored to be a monster, but is really just a Gentle Giant Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold), George and Harold quickly befriend him, and get the rest of the school to stop being afraid of him. They even go out of their way to save him after Melvin turns him into a monster.
    • Also the fact that Bo is such a fan of their comics, that he made clay sculptures of Captain Underpants, villains from previous episodes, and even George and Harold themselves!
  • While Melvin’s Villainous Crush on Erica can certainly come across as creepy at times, seeing an Insufferable Genius like him get all goofy over a girl is kinda Adorkable. In an Imagine Spot they do a "brain nuzzle".
  • In Episode 10, we learn that a kid who accidentially sits in chocolate pudding is named "Ted Turdsley" and mocked by the school including Mr. Krupp. George and Harold decide to end this practice and stick up for Melvin who is the current victim. It even causes Melvin to tear up.
  • The scene in episode 11 where George and Harold travel back in time and make sure Krupp does well at his 4th grade talent show. While yes, it backfires on them spectacularly because instead of changing Krupp for the better like they hoped, it winds up only making things worse as it creates an alternate timeline where he becomes a Corrupt Corporate Executive, their hearts were still in the right place, and getting to see little Benny Krupp genuinely happy for once was really sweet.
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  • Near the end of the Season 1 finale, after spending two episodes trying to steal Mr. Krupp’s rule book so they could give it to Superintendent Vil Endenemys and get him fired before he can expel them, George and Harold have a change of heart when they realize that while even if they’re expelled, they’ll still have each other... but being Principal of Jerome Horwitz Elementary is really all Mr. Krupp has. So the next day, they come into his office... which marks their 500th visit. Mr. Krupp is of course elated because this means they’ll be expelled. But then they return his rule book to him, apologize, and are willing to accept their fate. Mr. Krupp is surprisingly touched by this, and so emotionally torn that he has a minor Heel–Face Turn and seriously considers not expelling them after all. But then Melvin had to go and ruin everything
  • In the season 2 finale Melvin does a Heel–Face Turn and saves George and Harold from the nanobots, refusing to leave them behind and be a monster like his future counterpart, thus erasing Melvin-Borg from existence.
  • In “The Cunning Combat of the Covert Camoflush”, despite the issues they’ve had in the past, it’s obvious that Mr. Ree still cares about his younger brother Lavator, to the point that he pulls a Scare 'em Straight on him to show him why rules are important.


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