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  • The entirety of the "Why Luke's Green Alien Tiddy Milk Scene is Secretly Brilliant" is this by virtue of being an April Fools joke. But for a few specific examples:
  • "Why Disney's Twist Villains Don't Work":
    • Of course, since this involves characters being Evil All Along, that means full spoilers for:
    • When discussing how twist villains work:
      A twist villain is basically any character who's introduced as a good guy at first, but later on is revealed to be evil the whole time. Examples of Pixar twist villains include Stinky Pete, Mr. Waternoose, Charles Muntz, and John Lasseter.
    • On Lotso:
      Even as a twelve-year-old kid, I went into this movie basically knowing he's the villain without anything tipping me off to that fact. (in a dopey child voice) "Is a prison escape movie. He's in change o' da prison. Hez clearly go'be evil, an' we jus' need the characters to catch up with the audience."
    • Schaf comes to the conclusion that all the early Pixar villains are perfectly fine. Keyword: Pixar.
      Then Disney came along and said, "Hey! Let's do that! But worse!"
    • In Disney's fairness, King Candy is a decent enough villain because the twist isn't even that he's evil.
      However, the twist here isn't that he's a bad guy, it's that he's a good guy! From a different game. But he's not like a good guy in the sense that he's actually a good person, no, he's just the main protagonist of the game in his revisionist history, something something... I don't even know.
    • Him asking what kind of name King Candy is, when names like Taffyta Muttonfudge (mispronounced as Muttontop) and Candlehead are already canon in Sugar Rush.
    • Technically, the first twist villain was DOR-15. "Yeah, nobody cares. See ya later, Crappy."
    • Just as he's about to say that twist villains were better than he reme—
      • Followed by him declaring that Hans started the Disney Villain Downward Spiral.
    • This bit:
      Anna: You won't get away with this!
      Hans: Oh... I already have.
      Schaf: No, you haven't! You have to kill her, first! Because of you, Olaf actually has plot relevance, and that makes me mad!
    • Calling Hans (and several other villains) "Violent Murderer Man/Lady".
    • Schaf is confused on how Hans thinks killing Elsa will end the winter.
      Hans: All that's left now is to kill Elsa and bring back summer.
      Schaf: How do you know that will bring back summer? You guys don't know anything about how her powers work. Nobody knows how her powers work! Disney doesn't know how her powers work!
    • At least in terms of a thematic standpoint, Hans at least works in the sense that "don't trust a guy you just met; he could be a violent sociopath hiding underneath those rugged sideburns." Cut to a picture of Schaf's real face.
      Hey, wait a minute—I WANNA SUE DISNEY!
    • The scene where Hans smiles to himself now means this:
      "I can't wait to murder that girl's sister and take over the kingdom!"
    • When talking about Hans, Malo Mart plays in the background, which just sounds goofy next to someone like Hans. Toxic by Britney Spears plays during the rest of the segment for no real reason.
    • His argument as to how the plot could have gone involves Anna and Hans kissing, but the kiss doesn't work so because she's lost interest and likes Kristoff now, so they try to get her there but the Duke of Weselton tries to stop them and Hans pulls a Heroic Sacrifice (demonstrated with Hans getting plowed into horse manure by a giant snowball), or he and Elsa make out in the sequel (demonstrated via one of YouTube's infamous "kid's cartoons").
    • Schaf verbally tearing apart the Un Reveal of Professor Callaghan as Yokai when the movie itself seemed so smug about his secret identity.
      Professor Callaghan: "That was HIS mistake!"
      (the gaming crowd from an episode of Regular Show boo him)
      Callaghan: Oh, boo yourselves! I'm Garret Bobby Ferguson!
    • When saying that Waternoose didn't say "lol, fuck them, I don't care" about Mike and Sulley's banishment, he has his mouth move in nonsensical lip flaps.
    • The fact that he showed more emotion to Callaghan disregarding Tadashi's death than he did for the entirety of the movie, which he considers to be So Okay, It's Average.
    • The fact that he cares so little about Bellwether that he doesn't even bother looking up her name.
    • Him mentioning that there's no scene of Bellwether smiling to herself, which secretly means:
      "I can't wait to fuckin' drug all the predators in Zootopia and create a race war."
    • When he mentions that Bellwether's villainy was an Ass Pull, it transitions to a shot of a giraffe's literal ass from the Naturalist Club scene.
    • When mentioning how Moana doesn't have a twist villain, he plays "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang while shouting "hallelujah!" Following that, he mentions how there's no established character that comes back and is suddenly evil, making an example by taking Gramma Tala's face and putting a negative filter over her.
    • There is a traditional Disney villain, and everyone's looking forward to Schaf talking about him, to which he brings up the captain of the Kakamora, clearly the most badass Disney villain ever made.
      Okay, I can't keep this up for any longer; I need to talk about Tamatoa or I'm going to explode.
    • When going over the differences between Pixar's twist villains and Disney's, "What Have we Learned" from VeggieTales plays in the background.
    • His tier list for Disney villains. In order, it's modern Disney villains, Pixar villains, super Pixar villains, classic Disney villains, super classic Disney villains and TAMATOA BAYBEEEEEEEE!!!. Thunderclap from The Good Dinosaur is put right at the bottom when discussing him later. "Okay, so now the tier list looks like this?"
    • When going over how Disney's been more consistently good than Pixar in recent years, he wonders if there was some indisputable black mark on the company that tainted them for the entire decade or something. He then calls The Good Dinosaur "the single worst Pixar movie whose existence I will actually acknowledge".
    • He notes how, outside of Thunderclap, Pixar hasn't made a bad twist villain yet. He's then interrupted by the Screenslaver.
      • The irony that he says this after he refuses to acknowledge Cars 2 when it also has a twist villain in the form of Sir Miles Axlerod, who's probably on the same level of illogical as the modern Disney villains.
    • The Screenslaver's true "identity" being a hypnotized pizza man is used as a reason as to why there's no Pizza Planet truck in the Incredibles movies.
    • When going over the goof-ups he made in his Incredibles 2 review, he drops this line regarding one particular comment:
      And I know that I'm an SJW lib-tard cuck. Thank you all so much for telling me these things.
    • To counterbalance the negative points he made about the faulty twist villains and how they didn't work, Schaf decides to mention the positive aspects of Incredibles 2, Frozen and Zootopia and how they were still enjoyable in their own ways. And when he goes to BH6...
      And Big Hero 6... is a movie.
    • Him saying that it's okay that Hans wasn't actually executed that well because he got possessed by the Trolls.
      I'm callin' it! They Screenslaved him!
  • "How Disney Killed Darth Maul Through Overexposure":
  • "Why Shrek the Third is a Cinematic Disaster"
  • "Why Shark Tale is a Cinematic Disaster"
    • "Shark Tale is a 2004 North Korean computer-animated cautionary tale about the rise of totalitarian dictators produced by Dreamworks Animation and directed by Mung Daal."
      Mung Daal: Yo! Wassup diggity dawgs! I just made a mess in the old room! **Shows the Shark Tale Poster**.
    • Schaff breaking down in laughter after seeing a recycled animation of a turtle nodding. He lost it the third time.
    They just loop the same animation and hope no one would notice.
  • "Every Best Animated Feature Winner Ranked"
    • Each of the jingles he uses when introducing each entry:
  • For #10, this happens...
    Jingle: ♫ #10 ♫
    [Sounds of a machine malfunctioning are heard. Cut to Pa Grape walking over to a machine and hitting it with a hammer. The machine starts to work again]
    Machine: Shrek.
    Pa Grape: (in Schaf's voice) Oh that's a nice one! The Granddaddy of all "Best Animated Feature" winners. The one that started the whole thing. Let's pause for a moment of respect shall we?
    [He proceeds to bow, followed by Larry and Mr. Lunt bowing]
    Pa Grape: (original audio) That's enough. Hit It!
    [Larry proceeds to bump his head into the machine]
  • For #9, he uses audio of Jimmy Neutron saying "Brain Blast!"
  • For #8, he uses a dance remix version of "His Cheeseburger".
  • For #7, this also happens...
    Jingle: (stock mariachi music)
    Schaf: Okay let's get this out of the way.
    [Several Miguel memes pop up]
    Schaf: There! Now that that's out of our system...
  • The entirety of Capitalism Story 4 Review, where he does an impromptu review of Toy Story 4... inside the toy aisle in a Target.
    • Towards the beginning he picks up a Tamatoa toy, briefly insisting he can't buy it because it's $60, only for one of his friends to say it isn't. Schaff looks at the price and finds that it is actually $14.99. He proceeds to carry it around for much of the video.
    • At one point they find a Hot Wheels car shaped like Nemo. They find two more shaped like Rex and Dumbo. They joke around saying stuff like "this is the future liberals want" and "Walt Disney has been turned into a car, that's how he's still alive".


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