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  • From The Science of Overpopulation:
    Hank: When my blood sugar just gets a little bit low, I start killing all of my neighbo—that's... not actually true.
  • What The Fox Says:
    Hank: So the next time someone asks you <sings> "what does the fox say?" <normal voice> you can just respond with <starts making a fox noise>. They'll likely not ask you again after that.
  • The list of things that cause azidoazide azide to explode:
    • Moving it
    • Touching it
    • Dispersing it in solution
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    • Leaving it undisturbed on a glass plate
    • Exposing it to bright light
    • Exposing it to X-rays
    • Putting it in a spectrometer
    • Turning on the spectrometer
    • From the same video: "The concrete was on fire!" when discussing chlorine trifluoride.

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