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Quill: I'm going to ask this once, where are the memes?
Stark: Yeah, I'll do you one better. What are the memes?
Drax: No, I'll do you one better. Why are the memes?

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Partially because of the film's immense popularity and partially because of the film's shocking Downer Ending, Avengers: Infinity War has become a Fountain of Memes that could rival SpongeBob. To keep track of the memes that are constantly becoming popular based off of this movie, please add new entries at the bottom. Thanks!

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The meme. Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • The official promotional poster shows a now bearded Captain America. Fans immediately noticed the resemblance between him and Punished 'Venom' Snake from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as well as Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, leading to numerous fan edits pictures that add an eyepatch, a bandana, and occasionally a a shrapnel horn to Captain America to make him look like Venom Snake, Big Boss or Solid Snake. note 
    Captain America: A Fallen Legend
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  • "Blonde Widow", because Black Widow in this movie is, well, blonde.
  • "Get This Man a Shield!"Explanation 
    • "T'Challa knows what everyone wants!"Explanation 
  • The shot of the hair on Peter Parker's arm standing up as his spider-sense detects Thanos arriving on Earth. Explanation 
  • Jokes about the film's title being Thanos: The Hand of Fate.
  • The shot of Thanos without his headgear is ripe for fanmade edits. For example, some turn him into Donald Trump, Hank Hill, Homer Simpson, the Thumb-Thumbs, the Heavy, Rick Harrison or even Joss Whedon. Plus Josh Brolin, shown here.
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  • Jokes about the absence of Hawkeye from all the trailers and posters has led to sarcastic "corrections" from fan artists. Even other superhero actors have started getting in on the joke.
  • "Hawkeye is powerful and useful, too." "Is he, though?"Explanation 
  • Jokes about how a certain Spider-Man comic featuring Thanos and the infamous Thanoscopter is actually how Infinity War would end, with him being arrested by regular cops. Such as this particular panel.
    • Following the film's release, the helicopter crashing in the post-credit scene has been dubbed the "Thanoscopter" by fans so they can claim that this meme came true.
  • "What, Thor? Haha." Explanation 
  • "Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe. But this does put a smile on my face."Explanation 
  • X will return in Avengers: Infinity War.Explanation 
    • Thanos will return Explanation 
  • Vitas Thanos. Explanation 
  • "Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history." Explanation 
  • Stark's Thousand-Yard Stare from this scene with Star Lord is often used as a reaction meme towards Know-Nothing Know-It-All.
  • Instantly after the release of this poster, Captain America's butt became a meme onto itself because of how much attention his pose center on it. Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight the following year with the introduction of "America's ass"
  • Okoye expecting to see a Starbucks in Wakanda as sign of "opening to the rest of the world".
  • The aversion of One Steve Limit, extending to the cast members, was not lost on the fans. Cue all the Who's on First? jokes.
  • Following Tom Holland's spoileriffic shenanigans and the reveal by various actors about how they weren't allowed to read the entire script, jokes were abound about how none of the actors actually knew what movie they were even filming.
    • Similarly, when the Russos revealed that Tom Holland was allowed to act out his own death scene unscripted, some people joked that the directors decided the only way Tom couldn't spoil the script for his death scene was if he didn't get one.
  • [X] is the Soul Stone. Explanation 
  • "Where is X? Who is X? Why is X?" after an amusing exchange between the Guardians and Iron Man.
  • "#thanosdemandsyoursilence" is the go-to hashtag/Catchphrase warning people against posting spoilers.
  • Comparing Loki listing off all his titles to Daenerys Targaryen.
  • Squidward is in Infinity War.Explanation 
  • [X] (unrelated character) dies in Infinity War. Explanation 
  • "Perfectly balanced. As all things should be." Explanation 
  • "You should have gone for the head." Explanation 
  • "T.H.A.N.O.S. Theory Confirmed."Explanation 
  • [X], I don't feel so good..." Explanation 
    • Peter Parker steals the most heartbreaking "I don't want to go" from the Doctor. Explanation 
    • This meme gained somewhat of a comeback after the Adventure Time Grand Finale "Come Along with Me", in which Fern disintegrates into blades of grass and dies, not unlike how the MCU heroes turn to ash. The fact that Fern said "Hey Finn, I'm not doing so good." just before dying doesn't help either.
    • In general, the sheer soulcrushing sadness that is Peter's death in the movie is a meme in and of itself. It usually comes in the form of the quote "I don't feel so good" or "I don't want to go" followed by an image or GIF of someone crying hysterically.
  • Groot is a monster! Explaination 
  • Loki: We have a Hulk. Thanos: Not anymore.Explanation 
  • Infinity War Spoilers Without Context.Explanation 
  • Comparisons to End of Evangelion have become fairly frequent. You can't go into the comments section of a song like Komm, süsser Tod without people saying things like "Congratulations Thanos!" or "Infinity War in a nutshell".
    • One fan even went as far as editing Komm, süsser Tod into the ending scene itself, as seen here.
  • It's all Star-Lord's fault. Explanation 
  • It's all X's fault.Explanation 
  • After the movie ended with him as the Sole Survivor of the Guardians of the Galaxy, it's become popular to edit the cover of The Last Guardian with pictures of Rocket Raccoon.
  • Hulk Spoils Movies Explanation 
    • This is why Hulk wasn't in the movie. Explanation 
  • Thanos is Griffith. Explanation 
  • The Pepe Silvia sequence from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been making the rounds as fans try to figure out the plot of Avengers 4. In particular the scene of Charlie banging on the door screaming "CAROL!!!" has gotten a lot of playExplanation 
  • Rabbit Explanation 
  • Wong's Exit. Explanation 
  • Ignoring MST3K Mantra and half-jokingly asking why Thanos doesn't just create infinite resources or alter the universe's fertility rate instead of killing half of its population has become a meme in and of itself, often accompanied by Thanos considering the better solution for a moment before moving on with his plan.
  • It's common to associate Death Note's JUST AS PLANNED/KEIKAKU DOORI with Dr. Strange's plan to defeat Thanos from beyond the grave.
  • Wakanda Whatever Explanation 
  • Marvel’s Red Wedding. Explanation 
  • Marvel pulls a Rogue One. Explanation 
  • Fans have also noted comparisons between the Wakandans and Outriders with the battle between Gungans and the Trade Federation in The Phantom Menace, down to the heroes using force fields and shields against the invading enemies.
  • Thanos' obsession with killing people by half is also a meme of its own right.
  • Similarly to a popular meme about John Cena, people claiming that still images of Drax are empty, referencing his claim that he can stand so still that he becomes invisible.
    • "Hi, Drax!"Explanation 
    • Drax is not dead. He is invisible.Explanation 
  • Due to the nature of how he died in the film adaptation, fans of Harry Potter tend to say that Voldemort is actually killed by Thanos's Badass Fingersnap when he disintegrated into dust in the final battle of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
  • "Where are The Defenders"? Explanation 
  • "Wakanda will no longer watch from the shadows" [Gilligan Cut to Outriders breaking through the force field at the Battle for Wakanda] "I've made a huge mistake."
  • Rocket Racoon will get Bucky's armExplanation 
  • "T HANOS"note 
    • "I will bathe the the stairways in your blood." note 
    • The same set of gifs led to "uwu... bean...", a weirdly-common lip-reading of Thanos's line.
  • John Mulaney's Bit from Kid Gorgeous, a stand up special, being incorporated into scenarios in the movie. For instance, when Captain America throws his shield, there will be screenshots of the scene labeled "STREET SMARTS" and fans saying things like "Now Thanos has been thrown off his rhythm."Explanation and "JJ Bittenbinder would be proud".
    • A variation is joking that Loki should have thrown the Tesseract and had the Asgardians run away, as Mulaney describes being told to throw a hypothetical money clip as a distraction for muggers.
  • "None of the Avengers died under the Obama Administration." Explanation 
    • "And don't say Quicksilver did because he died during his interview."
  • "The Toronto Police are doing what the Avengers couldn't do: stop Thanos." note 
  • Characters that could beat Thanos. Explanation 
  • "I have seen 14,000,605 futures."
    • "How many where [X]?" Explanation 
    • "One/None"
  • Tony: "We need to distract Thanos!" Peter: *starts playing "Umbrella" by Rihanna*Explanation 
    • "Legend says that they're gonna defeat Thanos" *pictures of the MCU actors/characters making goofy faces or doing something equally silly* or "This how they'll defeat Thanos" *pictures of the characters doing dumb things like Starlord's dance-off or Thor and Loki doing "Get Help"*, both of which usually involve the Lip Sync Battle in some way.
  • Oh, we're using our made up names. Explanation 
  • On YouTube, it's popular to post "Infinity War as Vines" videos, which are Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Here's an example.
  • "I know someone" [Tribal music intesifies]
  • "BRING ME THANOS!" Explanation 
  • Due to Tony's armour being created out of Nanomachines many fans compare it to Senator Armstrong's powers, not helping that he takes very little damage from Cull Obsidian, with only Thanos being able to hurt him, and even then Tony Stark constantly regenerates his Nanomachines, even after getting hit by an energy beam made by the Power Stone, Tony is able to guard it.
  • "We don't do that here." Explanation 
    • "Should we bow?" "Yeah, he's a king." Explanation 
  • "Aunt May in Avengers 4," usually accompanied by a picture of someone (labelled Iron Man or Tony Stark) getting their asses severely handed to them by someone else (labelled Aunt May).
  • How sweet, Nick Fury was thinking about his own mother in his last moment.Explanation 
  • Loki is just hiding. Explanation 
  • The Great Reddit Snappening. Explanation .
  • In keeping with the ending, associating this film with songs like Céline Dion's "Ashes", Kansas' "Dust in the Wind" and/or Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust".
  • I'm sorry, little one.Explanation 
  • What does this monster have to mourn?Explanation 
  • Doctor Strange: Let me guess... your home?
    Thanos: It was... and it was beautiful. Explanation 
  • Thanos Car. Explanation 
  • "What did it cost?" "Everything." Explanation 
  • "Doctor Strange saw Avengers 4 before the rest of us." Explanation 
    • "Be like Dr. Strange: He saw Avengers 4 before the rest of us and never spoiled it." Explanation 
    • "... and only spoiled the title!/ ...and only spoiled he would come back." Explanation 
  • *boom boom whoosh* Explanation 
  • Hulk isn't afraid of Thanos. Explanation 
  • "I guide others to a treasure that I cannot possess." Explanation 
  • "This day extracts a heavy toll." Explanation 
  • "Top 10 characters who could beat Thanos (even with the Infinity Gauntlet) in seconds" Explanation 
  • All My Friends Are Dead Explanation 
  • Fans have taken to call Thanos "rock collector" along with images and captions that make him look somewhat innocent such as this.
  • Thanos is hot. Explanation 
  • For Transformers fans, they ultimately compared Star Lord's actions with Hot Rod's, as both of them made similarly fatal mistakes that allows the villain to win.
  • "Did we just lose?"Explanation 
  • "This will be the end of Wakanda." "Then it will be the noblest ending in history".Explanation 
  • "Reality is often disappointing." Explanation 
    • "Reality can be whatever I want." Explanation 
  • Thanos is Patrick. Explanation 
  • The secret behind Thanos's beauty. Explanation 
  • "They called me a madman." Explanation 
  • Thanos was right.Explanation 
  • "A small price to pay for salvation." Explanation 
  • "All that for a drop of blood." Explanation 
  • "We're in the endgame now."Explanation 
  • "I'm sorry, but earth is closed today." Explanation 
  • Thanos Rayman.Explanation 
  • A soul for a soul.Explanation 

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