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Series with their own pages:


  • Bleach (S) Abridged exaggerates the canon foreshadowing that Ichigo's inner hollow is the real Zangetsu, while the Old Man is his personified Quincy powers greatly for comedic effect; it'd be an Open Secret if Ichigo wasn't so dense. The Hollow repeatedly calling himself Zangetsu happens in in canon, but unlike in canon, Ichigo assumed that the Old Man was his zanpakuto spirit in their first meeting and got a Sure, Let's Go with That response, and during Ichigo's battle with Hiyori, the Hollow reacts to Hiyori cracking Zangetsu's blade by yelling about how " that bitch just chipped me!", and Shinji comments that he's unusually articulate for a Hollow (though, to be fair, he's more talkative than his canon self as well). And on a completely unrelated note, shinigami who drop into Ichigo's bedroom unannounced tend to compliment his Quincy sheets.
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  • Happens in every other scene in Hammered Down. When you get to the climax, it's like everything just decided to go boom.
  • Koyonagi, the Zanjutsu department head of Shin'hou Academy and Ichigo's friend in Swinging Pendulum, is noted to have a lot of knowledge of Kidou despite it not being his specialty and manages to teach Ichigo the proper mindset for casting. Asuka and Rangiku note it strange that Koyonagi acts as Ichigo's guidance counselor when he's usually mean and dismissive to both students and faculty. Koyonagi is a former Kidou Corps Commander working for Central 46, hoping to recruit Ichigo.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Xendra foreshadows Willow's coming addiction to magic back in season 4 when she suggests using Xander's magical transformation to heal some minor bruises and scrapes, seemingly just for the sake of using magic.

Calvin and Hobbes

  • Examples from the Calvinverse:
    • Several examples in Calvin and Hobbes II: Lost at Sea:
      Calvin: I wish Dad would put me on my OWN boat.
      Mom: Don't be silly, Calvin. If you were on a separate boat, you'd get lost out at sea!
      • Then there's the beginning of Chapter 6:
        Mom: Dear, Calvin has more of a chance of meeting a sea monster then hitting the Bermuda Triangle.
    • In the Season 3 finale of Calvin and Hobbes: The Series, the MTM starts taking a while to do anything, earning the ire of the gang. There's also Hobbes' cowardice, which is rather prominent in this episode. When the latter mocks the deceased former as useless, Calvin is infuriated and belts out a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
      • At one point, the MTM complains about his low battery which prevents him from teleporting everyone from the station.
      • The drifting canoe from "Camping Trip Part 1" is described as being a quarter-mile away from the island. In Part 2, Calvin combines this with two Chekhov's Guns and a Chekhov's Skill in order to get the canoe back to shore.
      • The side story "Prelude to a Season" is entirely made of this. Certain cryptic hints throughout Season 5 follow suit, building up to the season finale and beyond.
      • A Cryptic Conversation in "Dark Laughter Part 1" foreshadows the strange events facing the group in the rest of the episode and Part 2, in addition to the above.
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  • Camp Nightmare: Jerome's Incoming Ham moment mentions Calvin being "JUST RIGHT!".


  • Blackened Skies:
    • During the Prologue, Monokuma blames the students' memory issues on the Monokubs botching the restoration procedure. The Kubs don't show up in person until Chapter 2, well after the first trial.
    • While reviewing all the prizes offered at the casino, the investigators note how odd it is that two seemingly unrelated items have been positioned next to each other. During the first trial, it's revealed that there was a very good reason for this: both were weapons, with the more innocent-looking item having a hidden blade.
    • As the first trial begins, Leon asks whether the victim might have left a Dying Clue behind, and Chiaki mentions looking for a concealed weapon. Both Call Backs prove relevant, combining with another Recurring Element: once again, the culprit was actually attacked by their victim, though the situation is more complicated than simply a matter of self-defense.

Dragon Age

  • In the Dragon Age: Inquisition fanfic Walking in Circles, Evelyn revealed to Solas after his meeting with Monette that the First Enchanter is more than she seems underneath all those flowers and teas in her room, not to mention the flower the woman gave Solas is actually poisonous. Much later, Monette gives Evelyn some special tea that helps the latter remains awake despite being drugged for the kill by the Templars.
    • At one point, one of Evelyn's friends, Keldra, has to take her clothes to the laundry chamber due to her period staining them, when she asks Signy if the latter needs help deliver her own things too, Signy declines. Later, it turns out that Signy is a blood mage using her period blood as materials for practice, instead of risking to cut herself like others.

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII

  • In The Fifth Act a Nibelheim local comments that Mayor Lockhart doesn't like Cloud because he's afraid "he'll leave a trail of bastards" Guess what Cloud's father did?
    • Ms Strife freaks out at sight of Cloud and tries to shoot him because his "brother"note  and his family did something horrible to her and she doesn't want them to take her son. There is a good reason to why she freaked out.
    • At one point Cloud muses on how to destroy Jenova, remembering that she's vulnerable to mundane means and that a few good Fires should finish her off. Genesis does exactly that, firing off a bunch of Firagas and burning Jenova to ash.
    • When Vincent first tries to talk down Cloud from killing Sephiroth, Cloud utterly refuses to acknowledge such notions and wouldn't even lie or budge even if it meant losing Vincent as an ally.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2

  • In The Tainted Grimoire, there is a lot of these. Examples include:
    • Cid noticed that Raven's smile seemed "off". That's because he is actually a ruthless member of Khamja.
    • Klesta is mentioned by caravan travellers to St. Galleria. Guess who becomes the antagonist in a minor arc.

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • In build your wings on the way down, note how Alexander gets very little mention by Edward, despite being Nina's pet? Later, Edward notes that he needs something to sacrifice to the Gate if he wants to restore Nina without losing more limbs. Alexander is sacrificed to the Gate by Ed to restore Nina.

Haruhi Suzumiya

  • Kyon mentions his uncle is called Keiichi in one early chapter of Kyon: Big Damn Hero. Later on, he ends up in Hinamizawa for Golden Week, staying with said uncle. Taking it even further, the Fictional Document at the beginning of the first chapter indirectly references Hinamizawa Syndrome.

How to Train Your Dragon

  • A Thing of Vikings foreshadows with a vengeance. Some plot developments foreshadowed in the first ten chapters don't pay off until dozens of chapters later, and offhanded mentions in one chapter can come back later as major developments.
    • In chapter 2, Hiccup has a daydreaming moment of various inventions during a public reading of a saga in his honor. 23 chapters later, one of his inventions from that daydream is used as air-dropped firebombs on an invading fleet.
    • Also in chapter 2, Ruffnut notices Mildew bothering the visiting merchant, Johann. Mildew is wanting to know where his order of Oleander concentrate—a highly toxic poison he uses to slay dragons—is, and Johann is telling him that it isn't available this year. By Johann's next visit in chapter 28, Mildew has pulled a vanishing act, and Johann mentions to someone else in chapter 49 that he had to sell the Oleander to someone else at a loss—and that unknown party uses it to try to poison people at Berk's next spring festival... in chapter 58.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  • Jonathan Joestar, The First Jojo: Jonathan compliments Josuke's distinctive hairstyle and wonders if he could style his own hair like it sometime, which ends up happening for most of chapter 7.

Land of Oz

  • In Patient, there's quite a bit of foreshadowing to the twist that Dorothy is in Oz, not Kansas, such as Eureka being pink and her sigh sounding human.

Lyrical Nanoha

Mass Effect

  • Weightless: In one of the first chapters, Shepard went rampage on the Citadel after talking to Saren. Later, Liara mentioned that in Shepard's memories, there was a starved figure who looked a lot like Garrus. Sometimes, Shepard would think about a person who was the first one that showed her kindness. They seem irrelevant and random at first, but then the author reveals about Shepard's true connection with Nihlus.
    • Subverted with another clue: When Shepard talked with Sidonis, she mention that she once had a lover, who was dead now. After the reader knew about Nihlus, they would think that she was talking about him. She was actually referred to Garrus, since to her, he died (at least in the spiritual sense) once.

Mega Man

  • Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race has plenty of foreshadowing, some of it seemingly innocuous.
    • ProtoMan mentions in Episode 4 that if the ion bomb had been any bigger they'd all be dead. In episode 6 a much bigger ion bomb is seen, and it's in danger of exploding.
    • Blueprints for Splash Woman are seen in the interlude to episode 8. Wily also mentions a Project G-2.
    • Chapter 1 states that a robot cannot self-terminate at the behest of a human. This saves Drill Man in episode 8.
    • In episode 7, ProtoMan stops Wily in the middle of testing a pain program on a Metool. The whisper in Wily's head comments that he should use it on ProtoMan. In the episode 10 epilogue, he does.
    • In Episode 11 the Conduit mentions a third, female associate. She is seen later on, as is a fourth associate.
  • Mega Man Recut has many nods to upcoming episodes.
    • In the very first paragraph, Dr. Light is mentioned to attend the New York Philharmonic regularly. In the original cartoon, he is shown to love classical music in "Cold Steel".
    • The machine Rock shoves at Wily and Proto Man in "The Beginning" was a prototype of the dream wave machine used in "Mega Dreams".
    • At the World Robot Expo, Roll tries to get tickets to Fun World, the setting of "Bad Day At Peril Park".
    • Governor Parson was hoping to run for another term, but then he cedes the state to Dr. Wily, setting up Deacon’s landslide election victory in "Bro Bots".
    • When Proto Man and Roll are trapped underground, Proto Man mentions that he listens to Cold Steel.
    • Mega Man’s doubts that lead him to see Dr. Petto in "Mega Pinocchio" begin in "The Big Shake" when Dr. Light tells him to focus on finding Dr. Wily instead of Roll.
    • Ring Man and Magnet Man talk about Metal Man, who appears in the cartoon episode "Future Shock". Metal Man debuts not in "Future Shock", but in "20,000 Leaks Under The Sea".
    • When fighting Wave Man, Mega Man notices his harpoon gun and wishes he had one, in a nod to the second season's marine gear.

Miraculous Ladybug

My Little Pony

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Anthropology: In the first chapter, Lyra tells her cutie mark story to the CMC. In the flashback, she was one of the last ponies in her class to get her cutie mark and learn magic, and one night she heard her parents discuss it:
    Lyra's Mother: "You know that Heartstrings has been struggling in school."
    Lyra's Father: "Some unicorns just take longer to learn magic, that’s all. Things will come to her in time."
    Lyra's Mother: "But what if it doesn’t? It’s been too long now. No magic, no cutie mark. What if it’s all because she’s –"
    Lyra's Father: "Heartstrings is a unicorn. It’s that simple. It’ll all come in time."
    • In her dreams, Lyra is a human and is exploring a big city. She actually ends up in New York.
    • Throughout the story, Lyra is told that she should act like a normal unicorn by her parents and Bon Bon. All this leads up to the revelation that Lyra isn't a normal unicorn. She is actually a human.
  • In the Asylum universe, we are introduced to Rarity in chapter 12, who is Twilight's case worker in this world, who gets into an argument with Applejack about Nurse Ratchet; specifically, her views on Keratotomies, calling her a 'heartless butcher'. Later in the chapter, Twilight asks Rarity why she stopped being a fashion designer, and is told she 'had her reasons'. She then inquires after Sweetiebelle, offering to donate her old Smarty Pants doll to her. Rarity seems deeply offended and rushes off. In chapter 17, we learn that a Keratotomy is the Unicorn equivalent of a lobotomy- removing the horn, along with the part of the brain that channels magic. It is a common procedure, and could happen to Twilight if her treatment fails. Then, at the very end of the chapter, it is revealed that Sweetiebelle underwent such a procedure and is now a drooling vegetable.
  • A Diplomatic Visit:
    • In chapter 9 of the first story, Cheerilee mentions that one of her students has a tendency to be rude and may be a problem during their class, and that one of her parents is even worse. While the student in question turns out to be too scared of Swift-Pad (what with him being a wolf) to speak out in class, her mother shows up later and is instantly rude and nasty to him, being unaware of who he is.
    • During the events of Diplomat at Large, Discord mentions having encountered someone who'd make a good Lady of Lies... if they weren't a complete and utter sociopath. In chapter 10 of Diplomacy Through Schooling, after Cozy Glow is arrested, he brings up the subject again. When Twilight mentions it to her friends later, they put two and two together to figure out Cozy was the one he was referring to.
  • The Dear Sweetie Belle Continuity is full of this, between prophecies, narration, and Time Turner. "The King of Lies" in particular is pretty much all about this.
  • Loved and Lost, an extended retelling of "A Canterlot Wedding", has several examples.
    • Before Prince Jewelius is revealed to be the true Big Bad, there are several hints that he may not be as nice as he presents himself to be. When Rarity praises Princess Cadance's wedding, he glares angrily for a split second as foreshadowing to his status as a Green-Eyed Monster in regards to his elder cousin Cadance. When Twilight is abandoned at the wedding rehearsal, Jewelius pretends to leave reluctantly, but then he secretly spies on Chrysalis sending Twilight to the underground caverns and reacts by starting to make a plan.
    • When Twilight and Cadance expose Chrysalis during the wedding ceremony, the Changeling Queen is momentarily very surprised — to the point of asking why — when Jewelius tells her that he sent his assistant Vivian to help the two mares out of the caverns. Right before Twilight shrinks all the Changelings with the spell Jewelius showed her and traps them in a glass jar, the prince gives Chrysalis a Psychotic Smirk. Inside the jar, the miniature Chrysalis tries in vain to say something while pointing at Jewelius. It's not until the 11th chapter that it's revealed that Jewelius and Chrysalis worked together as a couple to take control of Equestria, but he double-crossed her when he decided to become the only ruler of Equestria by making Twilight his pawn.
    • One of the first hints to Jewelius' plan to marry Twilight and father a legacy through her? He names himself "Holy King Jewelius I" after he speaks to the unconscious Twilight about restoring greatness to Equestria with her.
    • When Jewelius lies to Twilight about her banished loved ones' true motivations in order to turn her against them in the 14th chapter's flashback scene, he claims that what sealed their fates is that they chose to ignore the reality and see the world the way they wanted it to be. Jewelius himself ignores the need to prepare against the escaped Changelings as he obsessively tries to find and destroy the heroes. Not only this leads to him losing the support of Twilight and Canterlot's citizens, but when his minions are defeated and he's cornered by the heroes during the final battle, the Changelings take their chance to appear and kill him as revenge.
  • The Powers of Harmony has plenty of examples.
    • Quite a bit of it is thanks to Rarity's Foresight ability.
    • Thanks to various conversations between the Guards and their thoughts when the story's from their POV, by the time their true nature and Dark Secret is revealed early on in Act 2, the more attentive readers are probably capable to piecing it all together already.
    • The retroactive editing throws a bit into Fluttershy's trip to Dragon Turtle Lake in Act 1; when Master is listing recent affairs in Equestria's neighbor states, he offhandedly mentions Chrysalis having recently become Queen, and how she might prove dangerous in the future. Cut ahead to Act 2, where we find out that the Changelings have begun invading Gildesdale as a prelude to invading Equestria.
  • Racer and the Geek is chock full of foreshadowing from quite literally the first paragraph of the first chapter! Hell, even the description contains foreshadowing. If you thought that it was just going to be another ho-humm OC x Rainbow Dash romance fic, then you are mostly likely blind and definitely have another thing coming.
  • The Writing on the Wall features sick workers, the eponymous writing on the wall, and even the metallic thorns built to keep people away from the building, though most of it is going to fly over the heads of people not familiar with a specific and obscure building proposal. The "tomb" that Daring Do is investigating is the proposed Yucca Mountain facility for storing radioactive waste. The building was never built because of concerns that something like the story would happen- that despite all our current efforts to warn others away, a far-future society that couldn't read our language and had no knowledge of our symbology would get curious and investigate. The description of the "tomb" is a dead giveaway- the massive thorns and the writing are proposed deterrents for the structure.

My Little Pony 'n Friends

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Early on in chapter 5 of Advice and Trust, Asuka playfully teases Rei by claiming that she would have a better chance of defeating an angel by making out with one than fighting it in her Eva. Five chapters later, she hooks up with Kaworu.
  • HERZ: In an early chapter, Shinji mentions that Asuka was feeling quite "frisky" and demanding lately. In the final chapter, Maya revealed that Asuka was pregnant.
  • The Second Try: When the moment of Asuka and Rei's elevator conversation comes up in chapter 7, Asuka takes the initiative and tells Rei of the advice she got from her in the previous timeline to open her heart to make the EVA move, asking her if she does it herself. Rei replies that she mustn't. Two chapters later we discover why.

The O.C.

  • In AVDC, Summer hits on Alex early on in the story. Later in the story, she ends up in a relationship with her Non Rival Anna.

One Piece

  • The Dragon That Will Pierce the Heavens has plenty of this about protagonist Hikari's past. From the first chapter, there are hints of her escaping from some sort of troubles, from old bruises to out-of-character overreactions to surprising knowledge. It's not until the Return To Water Seven and Heartfilia Arcs that it's revealed Hikari is a World Noble that ran away from an abusive home, where she was about to be married off to none other than Donquixote Doflamingo as a broodmare.

Ouran High School Host Club

  • I Think We'll Be Okay: Kosuke notices a letter on her father's desk with curious words like "owe" and "don't be stupid." Her father dismisses it, and it isn't until after he dies that Kosuke finds out what it was: Marti had racked up a debt to a loan shark and was falling behind on payment.


  • There's a lot of nods and subtle hints to future events in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance:
    • Several locations that the characters later travel to are sometimes mentioned in conversations between other characters.
    • Early on, Blitz is revealed to know Fire Fang and Ice Fang, but for some reason, he doesn't like using them in battle. His backstory reveals that this is because he accidentally did permanent damage to a Luxio's leg with one of those attacks. Conversations between Blitz and Hercules also hint at other parts of Blitz's backstory, which is fully explained in chapter 22.
    • A lot suggests that the main villain is not an ordinary Sigilyph. The villain also mentions Cassandra, one of the previous town oracles, a few times. It is later revealed that the main villain is actually an evil spirit currently possessing the Sigilyph, rather than the Sigilyph itself. Chapters 34-40 shows that the spirit was once a Mismagius named Erebos who was corrupted by the dark magic he experimented with and that Cassandra played a major role in how he back then eventually ended up as a Sealed Evil in a Can.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has this come up in the fanfic and its expanded universe fairly frequently.
    • Times two. In chapter 16, Oak hopes that Ash never captures a Grimer or a Muk, since they smell bad and can be very clingy. Not only does Ash (re)capture his Muk upon going to Gringy City, but he also accidentally captures thirty-two Grimer, all of them just as clingy and hug-happy as Muk.
    • Given that Bloodliners are all Big Eaters, Lara's and Hex's stomachs rumbling alongside Ash's, Misty's, Iris' and Anabel's was an early hint to their status as Bloodliners.
    • After defeating Janine in Chapter 22, Paul mentally notes that his Raichu's performance was slipping, and considers releasing her if she doesn't improve. In Chapter 27, she gets knocked out by Iris's Excadrill in the Tag Tournament's semifinals, and he makes good on it.
    • At the beginning of Chapter 28, while exploring the Safari Zone, Misty jokes about Ash finding a Shiny Chansey, and he ends up catching one with his last Safari Ball. She and Anabel also muse about wanting to find an Eevee, and end up encountering one, which takes a liking to the latter.
    • Chapter 29 had hints of rain built up until Sligoo's use as Ash's final Pokemon. Then we all know what a Sligoo can do in rain...
    • In the Jeanette Interlude, A.J's Sandslash and Jeanette's Bellsprout quickly pick up that their trainers have become attracted to each other, and decide to plan to get them together during Christmas or Valentine's Day. Fast-forward to the Holiday Special 2017, they get them both Under the Mistletoe, with some help from Jeanette's parents.
    • When Ash receives a Z-Ring without Z-Crystals from Hala and Tapu Koko, he has a vision of canon battles with Z-moves. Of all the ones he saw, only one Z-Move wasn't one that has appeared in the anime at that point Psychium-Z.
      • Similarly to this, the history lesson via info dump Hala gives in Chapter 24 turned out to be hinting at what would happen ten chapters later.
  • Three big examples in Pokémon: Storm Clouds:
    • When exploring the ruins beneath Saffron City, Nightshade comments that Pokemon Tower was thought to have been built by the same civilization. The artifacts in the Tower prove crucial in returning Dan and Missy home.
    • The phrase "Pokemon are made of stronger stuff than humans" is thrown about a great deal in the early chapters. This foreshadows Missy's survival of the apparently-lethal wound inflicted on her at the story's end.
    • At one point, Masque responds to Giovanni's directives with a smug "You cannot control a marionette with only one string." This comment, seemingly mere insubordination, actually confirms in a big way that Masque is the real danger and manipulating Giovanni. It even receives a direct Call-Back when Masque reveals his true nature.


  • Occurs twice in the Portal 2 fanfic Test Of Humanity. First is when Wheatley gets stuck in a garbage chute after trying to find a way to get into the lab and save Chell.. He later gets stuck in an exhaust pipe (he's too fat to fit all the way through) causing it to explode. The second time is when Wheatley is overwhelmed with guilt after watching 2001: A Space Odyssey and begins comparing himself to HAL. During the climax GLaDOS tortures Wheatley by playing the film but replaces HAL's dialog with Wheatley's evil speeches from the games.


  • Linked in Life and Love:
    • After Roman confronts Raven about Team STRQ just losing a teammate when they lost Summer, Raven quietly says that she "lost more than that". Then comes The Reveal in Chapter 59, and we find out that Raven and Summer were the Official Couple of STRQ.
    • When Roman comments on the family dynamics of Team STRQ, although the words "mom" and "uncle" are thrown around a lot, the word "dad" is not used at all, not even when describing Taiyang. It's later revealed that while Taiyang is Yang's biological father, it was Summer and Raven that were the girls' mothers, with Tai just being their godfather.
  • RWBY: Scars:
    • There's some foreshadowing to Ruby being transgender, such as when she's misgendered in the first chapter and later when she's nervous about changing around other girls.
    • Roman and Neo's backstory is foreshadowed early on when the Malachite twins say he's hiding out after having killed a criminal's son. He and his daughter Neo killed the guy, Augustus, after he raped Neo.
    • When Ruby comes out to her, Weiss mentions that she wouldn't mind if either of her sisters came out as trans. Many chapters later, Weiss' brother Whitley is revealed. He began transitioning while she was at Beacon.
    • Qrow being Summer's lover and Ruby's biological father is foreshadowed a few times early on, such as when Ruby gets angry and asks if Summer was a rebound upon learning Yang has a different mother from her.
    • How Weiss got her facial scar is foreshadowed when she's asked about it and sees Mirror cutting her face with a nail and when she touches her scar after wondering why Blake hurt herself by punching a wall. It's later shown that Weiss scarred herself.


  • Flam Gush starts off seeming like it might just be romance, but several hints in the first chapter, such as Lina's commentary on knowing about "rolls in the hay", read much more darkly by the end.
    • The tapestry from Gourry's old home was brought to the inn by his crippled mother.
    • When Lina hears about Erik's death, she briefly feels as though she should have already known that already.

The Slender Man Mythos

  • In By the Fire's Light, the endgame of the six-story series where the world ends is foreshadowed during a brief interlude that touches on the Slender Man's origins in the second story in the arc "The Wanderer of Blazes."

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • In Robb Returns, Jojen's dreams serve as this - at least, those that have not been fulfilled yet when he tells about them.
    • Tywin Lannister and Oberyn Martell know that, with the return of magic, someone is bound to attempt to wake up a dragon and cause Summerhall all over again. Viserys Targaryen ends up killing himself and Illyrio Mopatis when he tries to wake up the dragon in the (fake) egg the latter gave him, burning down a third of Mopatis' manse and incidentally causing dragons to reappear after more than a century... under Daenerys' control.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Frequent in the Sonic X fanfic Don't Keep Your Distance. These hints range from the minor, like seeing an old friend again after she is mentioned in passing in conversation, to the first major attack by Dr. Eggman being foreshadowed by a radio broadcast that isn't quite intelligible.
  • The rewritten Episode 69 of Sonic X: Dark Chaos focuses on Sonic and friends being caught in the middle of a religious conflict between Marmolim Christians and the Marmolims who worship Maledict. The satanic Marmolims initially revere Sonic as a literal messiah sent by Maledict to save them from the Shroud outside their city, while the Christians accuse him of being The Antichrist and a spawn of the devil. Episode 75 reveals that both of them are more correct than they could ever know.
    • Also from Episode 69, there's a scene (taken from the original series) where Cosmo receives her fortune from a Marmolim seer, who says that her hate will bring suffering and death to those close to her. The previews of the sequel make this a form of retroactive foreshadowing - Cosmo snaps from the trauma, jumps straight through the Moral Event Horizon, and becomes a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.
    • Cosmo takes Venus' demon-powered scythe from Tsali after he is beaten in Episode 73. In the sequel, Cosmo's actions parallel Venus' mistakes almost to a tee - with tragic consequences.
    • Pretty much every single scene involving the Legend of Disaster is this trope toward the Cruel Twist Ending.


  • born of hell('s kitchen): Peter is noted to be extremely energetic and given to hug very tightly his parents, while accepting his mother's embraces in spite of her worrying she is using her Super Strength and about to squish the boy. He's actually growing into his own Super Strength with the necessary stamina and resilience, so didn't notice his mom's hugs were rather dangerous for the health.
    • There's also several elements pointing towards Peter's upcoming superhero path career — his clothing already contains blue and red, his clinginess gains him to be nicknamed "spider-monkey" and he claims Black Widow is one of his Top Five heroes because spiders are awesome.


  • The Lady of the Garden has Jack O'Neill snaked up, and he almost immediately starts to display weird behaviour such as protectiveness towards the Goa'uld, painting his nails and assuring his body is only his. Daniel has a Eureka Moment when he looks some writings by the Goa'uld which made use of feminine speech patterns — the Goa'uld is actually female, and O'Neill was only trying to comfort a frightened little girl who really didn't enjoy being stuck into a male body.

Steven Universe

  • The Eye of the Storm: Before Clancy leaves her office, Nanefua notes that despite being her dad, Sadie looks nothing like him. It's later revealed that he isn't actually her father.

Super Mario Bros.

  • Clash of the Elements: Hints of future plot events are thrown out quite often in Part 1 alone. A few examples include:
    • Rosalina's Big Damn Heroes moment, were it not easy enough to figure out before, had the clearest hint given at the end of Chapter 35 with the words: "shadow of an observatory"
    • Likewise, Mario destroying Joe Dark's sword with his star energy is hinted at during previous battles against him, where star energy was proven to be capable of dealing critical damage to beings consumed by darkness.
    • This hint is a bit of a stretch towards the end result, but The Genesis Samurais' souls going into Alex's body was more than likely foreshadowed by this line:
    "Though his body may be weak, his soul still lives. And as long as that's alive, then he shall live as well"

Supergirl and related characters

  • In the beginning of the Power Girl fanfic A Force of Four, Badra takes three Kryptonian outlaws to planet Mars. It might look like a random choice, but it is not: several chapters later it's revealed that Mars — is her backer.
  • In the Supergirl story Hellsister Trilogy, Black Adam is the first enemy fought by Dev-Em. Many chapters later, Dev would meet Shazam and Captain Marvel himself.
  • This happens all the time in the Supergirl (2015) fic Future Shock, but probably the most notable example is M'Gann noting that people can get shot in the head for making certain statements.

Teen Titans

Total Drama

  • Legacy has several notable examples:
    • The reference to 19 (instead of 20) spectators in the Peanut Gallery during the final challenge and the flowers on the table hint at the nature of the tragedy that drives the story.
    • The description of Chef Hatchet’s attempts to save his mortally wounded patient foreshadow that he will fail.
  • In the Total Drama All-Stars Rewrite four-parter, Owen suggests the gang compete on more reality shows. Owen and Noah would eventually do that in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.
  • Total Drama What If Series: In the first episode, Brick noticed Amy abusing Sammy and noted in the Confessional that sisters shouldn't treat each other badly. Cut to a season later, and Brick and Sammy are a couple.

Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-

  • When Syaoran nearly gets run over by a car in Shatterheart, he notes that a car accident would be a relatively quick death and he could have died in worse ways, like being tortured or impaled by a sword. He gets kidnapped and tortured in chapter 41 and rammed through his clone's sword in chapter 144.
    • Sakura encourages Kurogane to confess his romantic feeling to whom he's in love with, warning that if he doesn't, he will regret not doing so when they inevitably have to move on since Kurogane intends to return to Suwa. Kurogane confesses his love for Syaoran after they're nearly killed by Fai and decides to continue traveling with him instead of returning to Suwa.


  • Once in a while, both Co-op Mode and its companion fic A Bug In The Game have interludes that act as like this. For example, Fortuna's interlude ended up foreshadowing Armsmaster being sabotaged into tranquilizing James as well as Coil's interlude hinting an earlier confrontation with the villain.


  • Black Sky has Blaise complaining about Dorea's tendencies to rush headfirst into danger, dramatically claiming she would marry a dragon rather than fleeing for her life if she was a fairy tale princess. Her future husband is not a dragon, but he's quite ill-tempered, selfish and inclined to throw fireballs at what displeases him. Also, he's a real prince, making Dorea royalty by marriage.
    • Federico loses common sense when someone twirls a skirt in front his nose, leading Squalo to wonder when some vengeful brother or father will try to butcher him. Fast-forward to the year he truly falls for Aria Giglio Nero and...
  • When the action in A Bridge Once Broken leads the Avengers in Wakfu's world, the natives constantly mistake Tony for a xelor - because his suit really looks like their traditional attire. It seems to be a cute Running Gag until Tony manages to throw off another xelor's time spell. The finale reveals the relevant god actually took a liking to him and decided to help by lending him enough power to stop time.
  • Child of the Storm uses these frequently, often through the slyest of references and asides. And then in the finale, pretty much every single one of the many Chekhovs Guns fires at once. It is possibly for this reason that the finale covers four chapters - and that's not counting the two chapter epilogue.
  • Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron: When Allura watches Suzaku and Lelouch arguing about how Britannia should be opposed, she briefly feels as though she is watching her father argue with 'someone else'. It's implied she's thinking about her father and Zarkon talking about whether or not they should use the Quintessence.
  • In The God Empress of Ponykind, Discord mentions that he saved someone in the Warp during his first fight with Celestia, but doesn't elaborate further. During the Final Battle with Nightmare Moon, it turns out to be the redeemed spirit of Horus, who helps Luna break free of The Corruption long enough for Celestia to use the Elements of Harmony.
  • When Church and Twilight talk to Sheila/FILSS in I Against I, Me Against You, she refers to Church as Director before either of them have any idea what Church really is.
    • A few chapters later, Church explains why he joined the army in the first place.
    Church: Honestly? It was because of Tex. She joined the army and left me without so much as a goodbye, so I decided to go after her. It was either that or med school. And really, can you picture that? Doctor Leonard Church?
  • Last Child of Krypton: In chapter 3 Asuka moved so fast that even Shinji -who is Superman- was surprised. In chapter 12 she slapped Shinji and again he got stunned by her speed and surprised because her slap actually stung (even though he is nearly invulnerable). Then she tackled him before kissing him. A few chapters later it was revealed her mother was an Amazon, so her greater-than-average strength and speed made sense.
  • In Chapter 15 of Origin Story, Alex Harris jokes about how "There's never a gym bag full of hundred dollar bills around when you need one." Her girlfriend, Louise, then responds that, "if we ever win the lottery, we're going to have to remember to always keep a gym bag full of money handy.” In Chapter 19 — after they've robbed Norman Osborn — its revealed they keep a dufflebag full of hundred dollar bills in the trunk of their car for emergencies.
  • Before Discord reveals himself as one of the Big Bads of Sonic Generations: Friendship Is Timeless , he has made his presence known at several points in the fanfic. The Author's Notes in The Reveal chapter should explain everything, because, really, there's a lot.
  • In The Story to End All Stories, Penny Pringle notes that the person responsible for releasing the Nothing must be someone with true cunning. It turns out to be Chuck Cunningham from Happy Days.
  • The Steven Universe/Gravity Falls crossover A Triangle in the Stars has a (growing) list of examples:
    • In Chapter One, Steven drew a detailed star on the beach, which sadly gets washed away. Later, in Chapter Fifteen, a star demon named Gabriel appears and possesses Steven.
    • In one nightmare caused by Bill in Chapter Two, it depicts Lapis being caught by a net and waterfalls spilling through her eyes and mouth, like in "Chille Tid". Steven then expresses worry that she may be trapped somewhere. In Chapter Forty, it's revealed she's become a prisoner on Jasper's ship, and is not happy about it.
      • The last nightmare of the chapter has Steven exploring the ravaged Beach City. In it, he also finds Lars and Sadie dead. In fact, they are the first people he finds. Now, who are the first people who later anger Bill in the story?
      • In the same nightmare, amongst all the shattered-into-powder Crystal Gems there is a dark blue and also a green mixed in. Hmm...Spoiler 
    • While cleaning up the picnic in Chapter Seven, Sadie ponders about Bill's "ungrateful jerk" outburst back in Chapter Five, wondering, albeit doubtfully, if there was a reason for it. There is. Bill was abused by his parents long ago and was thus driven by envy, and furthermore exasperated by Sadie having taken her mom and the stuff she did for her for granted.
    • Connie seems to gravitate towards the mention of Gravity Falls in Chapter Ten, certain she heard about it a time ago, but is unable to remember, much to her dismay. Fast forward to Chapter Twenty-Three, and it's found out that her memory of it had gotten erased by the Blind Eye. And they probably got her family too, and told them to leave...
    • Pyronica always chose to go left. Seems funny and like a quirk, yeah. But with what do people usually associate with that direction? That's right. Pyronica later betrays Bill, revealing that she was on Gabriel's side the entire time.
    • In Chapter Thirty, Bill indirectly tells Steven that in his dimension, stars surpass triangles in the hierarchy. Later, Steven begins to have thoughts that aren't his own. They say, "Lowly triangle. Mighty star." And Steven himself is a star; he noted that himself. And the kid was already more powerful than Bill, due to circumstances.
    • Throughout almost the entire story, there are hints pointing towards a certain... "trait" Bill has buried deep inside, and even blatant digs are made at the issue. He turns out to suffer from severe, but well-hidden, depression due to his past actions, his past in general, and his newfound empathy makes it no better and in fact caused it all. Ultimately, in Chapter Forty-Four, he tries taking his life. Fortunately, Steven talks him down.


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