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Kyoya (left) and Kosuke (right)

I Think We'll Be Okay is an Ouran High School Host Club fanfiction by iamconstantine. The story follows two main characters, Kosuke and Kyoya.

Original Character Kosuke Nakahara life's life is fairly average: she and her family live in the mountain town of Karuizawa in a restaurant owned by her mother and stepfather. Unfortunately for Kosuke, it can't be denied that she's a very, very lazy person, which starts to raise concerns with her loved ones: especially her mother, whose relationship with Kosuke is already tremulous. When a sudden tragedy strikes the family, Kosuke has to step up as caretaker. More and more problems arise, only increasing Kosuke's desperation to keep her family provided for.

Kyoya Ootori has finally been given the opportunity by his father to break out of his role of "third-born son" and prove himself as a worthy addition to the family business. On top of this opportunity wearing him to the bone, Kyoya is also currently dealing with a heart split in two different directions—a fact that annoys him to no end. Though Kyoya has always wanted to prove his loyalty to the family name, but the chance comes when financial disaster strikes the company.


The two enter an arrangement as their only way out of their situations, and though neither are happy about it, time might prove they can work something out.

The story is available here and here. It is currently in-progress and currently slated for more than sixty chapters. The first eight chapters serve as the story's prologue, with the story proper picking up around the ninth chapter.

The art pictured to the right was commissioned by lipasnipis.


This fic provides examples of:

    Tropes A-D 
  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade: The story follows the anime continuity, wherein Kyoya's main source of conflict was his pressure and frustration with being the third-born son. Him having romantic feelings for Tamaki and Haruhi both, and having to accept that the two of them are meant for each other rather than himself, wasn't brought up in the original story.
  • All for Nothing: Kosuke goes on a compensated group date in a desperate attempt to get quick money in light of her debt to a loan shark. The whole experience is incredibly uncomfortable as she plays pretend with a group of strangers in an unfamiliar environment. One in particular is particularly flirty, tugging on her hair and complimenting her legs, which makes her all the more eager to escape. The same client (who she dubs as "the Blue Suit", as she forgot his name) confronts her afterwards to get her to come home with him, grabbing her before being interrupted by one of his friends. Kosuke is very shaken by it all, and when she returns home, she realizes that the money she got is only going to cover one week of the debt's pay.
  • All Take and No Give: Even though Kosuke sincerely loves her boyfriend Kohta, her lack of effort to do anything extends to their relationship as well. Not so much because she didn't care about it, but because she wouldn't stop her pre-existing bad habits for it. Kohta isn't convinced that she's going to make an effort to keep the relationship going once they're off to college. This is why he ultimately breaks up with her, albeit only delayed because of her parents' deaths.
  • Anachronic Order: Due to the Switching P.O.V.. While chapters 9-11 detail how Kosuke meets her estranged father and agrees to his arranged marriage idea, chapter 12 goes back in time to show Kyoya's side of the story during the same time period.
  • Animal Motifs: The loan shark Kosuke is faced with in "Blue" is likened to actual sharks as he smugly bestows Marti's debt onto her. That he licks his teeth at one point only drives it home for Kosuke.
  • Arranged Marriage: Between Kosuke and Kyoya. In "Thunderstorm", Ootori Medical has a very important partner DomenMed pull out, which will ensure financial ruin for Ootori Medical—the only solution Yoshio Ootori finds is to have Kyoya (his only unmarried son) be put into an arranged marriage with the heir of another successful company to replace DomenMed, Amida Health. Said heir is Kosuke, and its a position just very recently offered to her by her estranged father, who will ensure financial stability for her and her siblings if she agrees.
  • Big Eater: Kosuke can easily stuff herself full of as much sugar and salt that she wants. She once at ten bags of gummy bears in one sitting.
  • Both Sides Have a Point: Kosuke and Kyoya's argument in "Record Scratch" is told through Kosuke's point of view, but neither she nor Kyoya are totally right are wrong. On the one hand, Kosuke has legitimate reasons for not knowing that much about Amida Health yet and is certainly not trying to embarrass Kyoya, and in any case she doesn't need to be scolded like a child. On the other hand, Kyoya isn't wrong in that from his perspective, Kosuke agreed to running a company she knows nothing about, and people are going to start asking questions as to why someone as educated as Kyoya is engaged to her. Kyoya shouldn't be scolding her for embarrassing him when he stormed out of their first meeting, Kosuke shouldn't be scolding him for talking on his phone when she was texting Haruhi, and so on. Many of their issues come from simple misunderstandings, but the argument spirals out of control.
  • Character Development: The first seven chapters have Kosuke going from a lazy, immature couch potato to a hard worker driven by her need to take care of her siblings.
  • Color Motif: The color blue comes up several times in distressing contexts.
    • The flower arrangements at Emiko and Marti's funeral contain bluebells.
    • Kosuke's very uncomfortable compensated date takes place in a place known as the Blue Tower
    • The perverted customer who later comes onto her is wearing a Blue Suit (and is thus only referred to as such.
    • Kyoya is very uncomfortable helping with Tamaki and Haruhi's wedding preparations, as he's struggling with his recently realized feelings for both of them—in his debut chapter, he's helping them with the flower arrangements and tells them that the blue flowers in one don't quite fit.
    • Shigeo's eyes are a bright blue, and Kosuke is very uncomfortable with hers having the exact same color, not wanting to acknowledge the connection between them.
    • Shigeo wears a blue tie to the strangers' engagement party, which Kosuke is extremely uncomfortable at.
    • Kosuke's dress for her and Kyoya's first meeting is blue—the dinner ends up going very poorly, and she leaves worried and embarrassed.
    • Several times Kosuke, Shigeo, and others are referred to as "blueblooded," a fact that Kosuke struggles very much to get used to.
  • Compensated Dating: After being demanded to pay debt to a loan shark, Kosuke becomes so desperate for money that she signs up to go on a compensated group date for 76,000 yen. (Almost $720 in US dollars.) Kosuke herself notes that while going on paid dates might not be bad in and of itself, she does acknowledge that pure and innocent dinner dates aren't what everyone thinks of when they think of compensated dating.
  • Darker and Edgier: Compared to its source, which was a dramedy story that became more dramatic as the story progressed, I Think We'll Be Okay starts off much darker right from the get-go, with one of the protagonists losing her parents in an abrupt accident and dealing with the fallout.
  • Determinator: Kosuke and Kyoya both. Following her parents' deaths, Kosuke steps up as the family's breadwinner and does everything she can to keep her siblings safe and healthy. Kyoya fights tooth and nail to prove his father wrong and establish himself as a beneficial addition to the Ootori Medical company. While their ambitions themselves aren't wrong, their efforts are unhealthy for both of them, as they both work themselves far past the point of exhaustion and refuse any and all help.
  • Disappeared Dad: Kosuke's father was a long-standing mystery in her life, and she didn't even know his name, let alone if he was still alive or not. Emiko refused to even speak about him despite Kosuke's attempts. "A Question" reveals that he is alive, he and Emiko divorced, and he is an incredibly wealthy business owner.
  • Double-Meaning Title
    • "Poison Control": Kosuke literally calls poison control when Hitsuji gets badly ill. More broadly, though, the chapter shows how Kosuke struggles to keep her remaining family together, doing her best to keep "control" despite all the grief and hardships.
    • "Blue": The place Kosuke goes to for her compensated date is "the Blue Tower." Later, as she's leaving for the night, the customer wearing a Blue Suit tries to force himself on her.
    • "Surprise": After news of Kyoya and Kosuke's engagement is made public, Kyoya's friends and classmates throw him a surprise party at the University. Kyoya also finds out that Tamaki and Haruhi already know Kosuke.
    • "Record Scratch": Kosuke finds out the shocking fact that Tamaki and Haruhi are already close friends with Kyoya, but the semi-Title Drop comes from her later conversation with Kyoya.
    Kyoya: You said yourself that what you say and do can and will affect me. So I would appreciate it if you were more—mindful of your behavior in public.
    If a record were playing right now, it would have just scratched.
  • Double Take: Kosuke's first conversation with the twins entails one.
    Hikaru: So Kyoya says you’re from Karuizawa. Is it weird, going from commoner to all this?
    Kosuke: It can be…a lot to take in, I’ll admit. But I’m trying to—Did you just say ‘commoner’?
    Tropes E-O 
  • Foreshadowing: In the second chapter, Kosuke is talking to her father when she notices a handwritten letter on his desk. It contains words like "owe" and "don't be stupid", but Marti sweeps it under the rug when she asks about what it is. Five chapters later, it's revealed that Marti previously dealt with a loan shark and had racked up a large debt.
  • Fake Relationship: Kosuke and Kyoya decide in "Record Scratch" to pretend that two already have feelings for each other despite just meeting, just to keep their friends from worrying about them.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Because the Official Couple of the story is set to be Kosuke and Kyoya, it's a given from his introduction that Kosuke's relationship with her boyfriend Kohta won't last.
  • From Bad to Worse: Kosuke does manage to get her situation in an at least manageable place by the end of chapter six, though she isn't happy about it. In "Blue", however, she's forced to take up her father's loan shark debt that will take half of their wealth away by the time it's paid in full. If Kosuke doesn't comply or goes to the police, she and her friends and family are under threat of being hurt. As of "Responsibility", it looks like the Nakaharas' financial situation is about to get a lot better, but at the expense of Kosuke having to agree to an arranged marriage with a stranger.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Kosuke starts off with her hair dyed bright red and as a lazy, unmotivated couch potato. After stepping up as her family's caretaker, Kosuke matures into a much kinder and determined person—she dyes her hair back to her natural blonde.
  • I Hate Past Me: Aside from the need to take care of her siblings and create a stable life for them all, part of Kosuke's determination stems from her regret of spending so many years being so lazy and not doing anything for herself. She outright fears that her parents died knowing that if something ever happened to them, she'd be the only family Hitsuji and Minami would have left.
  • Hate Sink: The loan shark. Thus far his only contribution to the story has been blackmailing Kosuke into paying off a debt her father left her, otherwise her friends and family will be targeted.
  • Important Haircut: When her younger brother is afraid of a haircut, Kosuke gets her own cut short to help. This, atop with a change in wardrobe, makes Kosuke realize that she looks very, very little like the girl she used to be.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Fuyumi innocently attempts to make chitchat with Kyoya by talking about Haruhi and Tamaki's engagement and Kyoya being Tamaki's best man, unaware that he's in love with both of them and is tackling his feelings on the matter.
  • Inter-Class Romance: Kyoya and Kosuke are technically both "blueblooded," but whereas Kyoya has been raised in wealth his entire life, Kosuke has only recently come to the upper class by her estranged father. Prior to this, she lived a very average life.
  • Internal Reveal: As the story is told from Kosuke and Kyoya's sides, the readers know full and well that Kosuke already knows Haruhi and Tamaki before she meets Kyoya. Kyoya himself doesn't find out until "Surprise," however. Kosuke has the same reveal in the following chapter, "Record Scratch."
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: On top of knowing he will likely end up in an arranged marriage with someone else anyway, Kyoya's main reason for not saying anything to Tamaki or Haruhi about his feelings for them comes from not wanting to split a couple that are clearly meant for each other.
  • Kids Are Cruel: Kosuke recalls a time in school in which some of her classmates spread a rumor about another girl that she went on dates with older men for money.
  • Loan Shark: One comes to Kosuke in the seventh chapter. Apparently, despite The Lily Bowl's success, Marti had to turn to one at some point to keep them all afloat. After Marti's death, the shark expects Kosuke to pay it. She not only realizes that not only was the interest rate much higher than the legal cap, but that the shark purposefully waited so long after Marti's death to get more money out of it.
  • Mysterious Parent: Kosuke's birth father hardly gets any mention in the chapters leading up to "A Question"—before and even after her mother and stepfather's deaths, his absence is such a non-issue that all that's made clear is that Marti is in fact Kosuke's stepfather. "A Question" reveals that he's actually an extremely wealthy business owner, and though it is not yet known why Emiko left him, they clearly parted on bad terms. His appearance kickstarts the rest of the plot, as he arranges Kosuke to marry Kyoya to connect his and the Ootoris' company.
  • No Name Given
    • The Loan Shark who demands Kosuke pay back her father's debt is only referred to as such, as he never gives Kosuke a name.
    • The men that Kosuke goes on a date with do have names, but Kosuke is so uncomfortable that she doesn't catch them. The Gray Suit wants to have fun, the Black Suit is charming, the Blue Suit is flirty-bordering-on-perverted, and the final man is only referred to as being older.
  • Oblivious Guilt Slinging: When she refuses to pay back her father's debt, Kosuke's place of employment has one of its windows destroyed. The store owner is unaware of the loan shark, so when Kosuke apologizes to her about what happened, she tells her that it "wasn't [her] fault."
  • Odd Name Out: Of all the Original Character names in the opening chapter (Kosuke, Emiko, Minami, etc.), "Marti" is the only one that isn't Japanese.
  • Opposites Attract: Kyoya's own observation on his feelings for Tamaki and Haruhi. Tamaki is opposite his personality, being very emotional and flamboyant and unafraid of wearing his heart on his sleeve. Haruhi is opposite his upbringing, being a commoner who has never had to worried about family businesses or relations. He concludes that if he were to ever fall for someone else, they would also somehow be his opposite.
  • Original Character: The first five chapters follow original characters exclusively—Kosuke, her family (Marti, Emiko, Hitsuji, Minami), Kohta, Okina, etc. It isn't until chapter six that canon faces arrive in Haruhi, Tamaki, and Ranka.

    Tropes P-Z 
  • Parents as People
    • Emiko loved her children dearly and sincerely, but didn't mince words about how disappointed and annoyed she was at Kosuke's behavior. She also kept the truth about Kosuke's father a secret all her life—Kosuke's last attempt to get it out of her only ended in Emiko falling into tears, which guilted Kosuke into keeping quiet while also only angering her more. The relationship has taken such a strain that overt displays of affection, like combing her hair while she sleeps and just telling her "I love you," confuses Kosuke.
    • Marti was also a very loving father of three, including his stepdaughter. He's very supportive of them all, almost to a fault, as he's a little bit of a pushover. Unfortunately, it turns out that he was so willing to do anything for his family that he went as far as to deal with a loan shark to keep their restaurant afloat, unintentionally leaving Kosuke with a debt to pay after his passing.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Several times over, only worsening Kosuke and Kyoya's situation. Kyoya (understandably) keeps it to himself that with his feelings for both Haruhi and Tamaki, he's wildly uncomfortable with his engagement to Kosuke, so his stiff behavior comes off as cold and uncaring. Kosuke texts Haruhi under the table to make sure her younger siblings are okay, but to Kyoya, it looks like she's ignoring him in favor of her phone. Kyoya doesn't tell Kosuke that his phone is ringing over and over and that's why he's leaving to go answer it, making it look like he's just storming out of the conversation. These issues are brought up in their argument in "Record Scratch," but not to clarify anything for the better.
    Kosuke: [...] Instead of doing what a normal human being would do and just saying, ‘I’m sorry, this could be serious, I need to go answer this phone call real quick,’ you just huffed and puffed and left without explaining why! [...] If you’d just explained to me why you left when you ‘apologized’ before—Well, I still wouldn’t be happy, but it makes more sense than just letting me think you’re some proud jerk.
  • Promotion to Parent: Kosuke takes her deceased parents' roles for her younger siblings. She acknowledges that it's caused their relationship to be more complicated now that she's the authority figure and not so much their sister anymore.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Kosuke’s laziness at the beginning of the story leads to many humorous moments, but while it's Played for Laughs at first, it's later shown that it has serious consequences for herself and others. She’s basically failing P.E. (thus getting her grounded), she misses out on potential scholarships because she couldn’t be bothered to re-write the essays, and her parents are incredibly concerned about her future. Her lack of effort into her relationship with Kohta makes him feel like he’s pulling the entire relationship, and ultimately results in the two mutually splitting ways.
    • Though her younger siblings are two sweet, adorable kids, they are still kids, and being left to take care of her younger siblings is incredibly difficult for Kosuke. She loves them, but on top of keeping them safe and fed while dealing with the grief of losing their parents, she also has to deal with their tantrums, their whining, and their constant need for attention. On top of that, raising two children on her own with a frozen income is not something Kosuke can effortlessly power through with a smile. Kosuke’s plan to go to college is basically thrown out the window, as there’s no possible way for her to focus on her education when she has two children to care for full-time.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: While talking to Kyoya over lunch about Tamaki and Haruhi's engagement, Fuyumi notices his quietness and correctly asks if he's jealous. Kyoya is caught off-guard...until Fuyumi clarifies that she meant jealous that he is not in a relationship, not because he has feelings for the two.
  • She's Got Legs: One of the reasons the Blue Suit makes Kosuke so uncomfortable at the compensated date is him complimenting her legs. When she arrives at the party in "Surprise," Hikaru also gives them praise.
  • Shipper on Deck
    • Kosuke thinks Tamaki and Haruhi are absolutely made for each other despite all their polar opposites. Part of the reason she gets used to Tamaki's larger-than-life personality is his real, genuine adoration of his fiancee.
    • Kyoya is also a shipper for Tamaki and Haruhi...despite being in love with both of them. Part of his reason for keeping that to himself is not wanting to interfere.
  • Strong Family Resemblance
    • When she finally meets her estranged father, Kosuke notes with shock that they have the exact same blue eyes. Though according to Kyoya, all of their other similarities are abstract.
    • Kosuke immediately sees the resemblance between Kyoya and his father in their shared eyes, hair, and sharp angles. Though she gratefully admits that he's been spared his father's severity.
  • Surprise Party: With Tamaki and Fuyumi's guidance, the students of Ouran University throw a surprise engagement party for Kyoya and Kosuke.
  • Switching P.O.V.: After the first seven chapters revolve around Kosuke's past and how she gets into her current situation, the chapters switch between Kosuke and Kyoya's points of view.
  • Tell Me About My Father: In the past, Kosuke attempted several times to get more information on her absent father, but was always shut down. Her last ditch effort when she was a teenager only resulted in Emiko crumbling and begging her not to bring it up ever again.
  • Trauma Conga Line: The prologue chapters detail how Kosuke's life completely spirals, only starting with her parents dying in a car accident. She has to give up on her hopes to attend college to watch her siblings full-time, and not long after breaking up with her boyfriend, her best friend is forced to move away—the two of them slowly but surely losing contact. After this, she's confronted by a loan shark her father dealt with who demands that he repay the huge debt Marti left behind. She's left with no other option but to comply, and turns to compensated dating for a quick cash grab. During this date, a drunk client sexually harasses her. At the end, she concludes it was All for Nothing, as the money she got from the date will only cover slightly over one week of her debt. Kosuke finally gets a "break" when her estranged father returns with the offer of providing her siblings for entering an arranged marriage, robbing her of any chance of another relationship.
  • Triang Relations: The Love Triangle between Kyoya, Tamaki, and Haruhi takes the form of Number 6. Kyoya is in love with both Haruhi and Tamaki, who are already in a relationship and only have feelings for one another. He's intent to keep his feelings to himself, especially after news of Haruhi and Tamaki's engagement.
  • Wall of Text: Played for Laughs. When moving into Shigeo's mansion, one of the staff members tells Kosuke "everything she needs to know" about living there, which takes a massive paragraph just to get through. Kosuke is overwhelmed.
  • What Beautiful Eyes!: Despite her overwhelming nervousness in her first meeting with Kyoya, Kosuke can't help but admit that she finds his gray eyes to be pretty.


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