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  • Katarina and Garen. Garen's background clearly shows he has a thing for her, but whether she would reciprocate is undetermined.
    • 2015 champ Tahm Kench is a Devil in Plain Sight who offers people what they most want and seems to be able to read their unspoken desires (e.g. nobody can understand Gnar, but Tahm offers to transport him back home through time). Tahm's deals for Garen and Katarina are to take each to the other.
    • 2015 champ Illaoi also favors the pairing, taunting Garen to forget his honor and duty and follow his heart and reminding Katarina that all love is possible.
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    • 2016 champ Jhin's taunts continue to fuel the fire, calling them "star-crossed lovers" and telling Katarina her "finale will be a duet".
    • 2017 sees that Lux, Garen's sister, also finds shipping them together cute. Only as long as they don't go too far, though.
      Lux: Kat and Garen sittin' in a tree! And you'd better just be holding hands, or I'm telling!
    • Maokai's 2017 rework added this gem.
    • 2018's God-King Garen denies any interest in Katarina, but he does profess his intention to kiss h-- er, smite. Smite her.
    • The Odyssey teaser from the same year showed Odyssey Yasuo enjoying a Romance Novel featuring Garen and Kat.
    • Pantheon's Champion Update in 2019 gave him this to say to the pair.
      Atreus: Battle is a dance, and the fortunate find their partner.
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  • Perhaps as a direct backlash against the Garen/Kat ship, quite a few people (admittedly mostly porn artists) have taken to shipping Katarina with Lux instead.
  • Jarvan IV/Shyvana is a very popular couple in the fanbase, despite certain Riot staff stating a preference for J4/Quinn.
  • Soraka is sometimes paired with Warwick in a Foe Yay relationship. As of the Retcon to Warwick's lore, their official relationship of being rivals have been reset.
  • Some unusual members of the player base have started shipping Soraka with Hecarim. Seriously.
  • The Korean and wider Asian fanbase tends to pair up Ahri with Sona, of all people, despite the two having never interacted in lore at all; you can find tons and tons of Ahri/Sona art on a casual Google search. This seems to be largely due to the two of them being the most popular girls in general. This does actually have a certain amount of sense to it: Ahri is explicitly based on the gumiho of Korean mythology, one of whose specific traits is a sort of telepathy. Now, given that the only way Sona can communicate verbally with others is through them being able to hear her thoughts...
  • Similarly, the Asian fanbase seems fond of shipping Lulu and Veigar together... or at least, Lulu to Veigar. Poor Veigar's willingness on this seems to vary, depending on the artist. It's taking root in the NA community as well.
    • This got so prominent, so quickly, that it essentially forced its way into becoming canon; on the updated League main site, Lulu and Veigar are now listed as mutual friends. The "friends" listing is used elsewhere to include canon romantic interests like Ezreal/Lux.
    • This has been around since her introduction, even in NA even if it wasn't as prominent it still held third most preferred in one old poll on the forums.
    • Varus and Lulu are a popular (but usually not sexual) pairing, with Varus as a big brother or father figure to little Lulu.
  • Let's not forget Ahri/Wukong! And even that is teased with them being friends according to the site. Even the web-animation series La La La Dema Cia ship them and gave them a tragic love story.
  • There's quite a bit of support for Pantheon/Leona. Considering these two are the paragons of Rakkor (Pantheon is the strongest in the military, Leona is the most powerful in the "church") and childhood friends, it's fairly reasonable. The Fanon added up with Pantheon's baker joke and Leona's protective philosophy that Leona is a fan of Pantheon's cakes, and when they were children, Leona protected Pantheon from bullies that ridiculed his hobby before he became known as the paragon of the Rakkor warriors. (Seeing as how the Rakkor are a Proud Warrior Race, it makes sense that that kind of bullying could happen.)
  • There's people who love to ship Riven and Zac. Specifically Battle Bunny Riven and Zac, since he first appeared in her splash art. While it has its roots in LoL's Rule 34 crowd, it's since begun spreading.
  • On the other hand, Zac and Twitch have also developed quite a bit of fanart, mostly due to both of them being sewer-dwelling loners who are each other's sole friends in-universe.
  • Rengar and Nidalee. Unlike most examples, Riot responded by stating that they're both mutual rivals. Since when does that stop anyone?
  • Riven and Yasuo, ever since Yasuo's conception and his interactions with Riven, half of which are sympathetic, and the other half hint that it was most likely Riven who killed his elder. Despite this, they're a popular couple, or at least on the way.
    • Their legendary skins certainly are at least a nod to their popularity as a pair. Not only are they counterparts to each other, but they share many quotes and are fixated on the other to the point of ignoring everyone else. They both recite lines from Byron's bittersweet poem "When We Two Parted" and generally come across as a pair of Star-Crossed Lovers — who really, really want to kill each other.
    • Further, in the comic's endings, the one who kills the other begins to fall to the other's "side," becoming the new Chaos/Order for the next cycle. "From nothing, there will always come two", indeed.
    • Riot pushed this ship a bit closer to launch with "Confessions of a Broken Blade," where the two canonically meet and the slaying of Elder Souma turns out to be an accident caused when he helped her break her sword. She ends up in Ionia with a loving older couple who are like family to her, and there's room for Riven and Yas to get together if he can ever shake off his guilt and self loathing.
  • Korean webcomic Syndra and Zed's Ordinary Life has popularized Syndra and Zed, due to them being both evil-esque Ionian outcasts. It's also loaded with Alternate Character Interpretation. Even Riot eventually list both of them as Friends.
  • Ezreal gets paired with Varus, Zed, or (especially) Taric. Riot themselves threw some Ship Tease in for that last one, putting Ezreal in the corner of Taric's Armor of the Fifth Age splash art (Taric's Longing Look seems to be going straight to the back of his head).
    • The devs go back and forth on Ezreal and Lux. He was semi-canonically involved with her until her 2017 voiceover update sunk the ship.
    Lux: Are we supposed to be dating or something? We've never even talked.
    • Then 2017 champ Zoe (who herself has it bad for Ez) hinted that his interest in Lux is entirely one sided.
    Zoe: [attacking Lux] Do you even know that he likes you?
    • This was more or less confirmed by his own voiceover update in 2018. Ez's attempts to talk to Lux are downright Adorkable, making it clear that he 1. really likes her and 2. has no chance.
    • In non-canon skins, however, this ship sails freely. Star Guardian Ezreal and Lux are openly, mutually attracted, and their Battle Academia selves are actually dating.
  • Some fans support a manlier Graves/Braum ship — if they haven't already paired up Graves and Twisted Fate.
  • Along with Foe Yay, Miss Fortune and Gangplank are often paired together regardless that Gangplank is a pirate that Miss Fortune disliked, he can totally resist her charms, they bicker each other over the course of Bilgewater's future direction. Before the League Judgment was discontinued, after all, Miss Fortune's past implied that after seeing her mother killed, she was rescued from drowning by a young pirate implied to be the young Gangplank before he dialled up his brutality (he's kind of a rowdy boy).
    • Thoroughly sunk along with Gangplank's actual ship by the Bilgewater event, which retconned the backstories of both champions; not only is Gangplank now definitely MUCH older than MF (in fact it's doubtful whether the boy from Miss Fortune's judgement is even still canon) he's now the one who murdered Miss Fortune's parents, shot her and left her for dead. MF now hates Gangplank more than anyone in existence and would do anything to see him dead, and the feeling is presumably mutual after what she cost him in her first attempt. There isn't even a slim trace of Foe Yay left.
    • In fact, it seems that Riot designated another champion to fill in 'Gangplank's girlfriend' with that: Illaoi. Had an item together with GP before his death, and much like GP and his oranges that's K, she ate mangoes. However, the fans love to ship her more with MF herself, as Illaoi lore-wise dumped Gangplank when it comes between choosing her God or another man.
  • Several video makers seem to like pairing both Renekton and Cassiopeia, probably because they're both the only champions based on reptiles. After the Shurima arc, the pairing seems to be more plausible as Renekton and Cassiopeia are listed as mutual allies and Cassiopeia did play a part in Renekton's release.
  • Thanks to their interactions in the A New Dawn cinematic video, a lot of the fanbase have started shipping Ahri and Leona.
  • Caitlyn and Vi... for obvious reasons. The subtext on this one is so thick fans would not be the least bit surprised if Riot just flat out admitted the pair were a couple. Even across their skins, there are hints about them being together.
  • Lamb and Wolf, the two persons who make up Kindred, are often depicted as a couple. This art ranges from cute and cuddly to... well, guess. It doesn't hurt that their creator stated that he partially based them on his wife and himself.
  • Talon/Quinn has a sizable following. Lore-wise, Quinn is the only one that against accusing Talon for number of Demacian being assassinated, citing that it's 'not his style'.
  • Mordekaiser and Sona are also a popular pairing due to being in the same band, Pentakill. According to Word of God, Mordekaiser is very protective of Sona, as she is the most delicate of the band. A huge Undead armoured tyrant with an imposing No Indoor Voice having a friendship with a Mute who uses Magic Music as her voice is rather amusing.
  • Nami and Nautilus are often paired due to their differing opinions of the ocean as well as their in-game synergy.
  • Swain and LeBlanc already had a following before the former's rework. However, Swain's new (and rather spicy) interactions with LeBlanc, on top of several Riot employees confirming that they have a love-hate relationship, have garnered some new admiration for the pairing.
  • A strange yet loved pairing among the fandom is Kayn/Zoe, which became a thing at random and has been popular ever since. Being a pair of Animesque champions released in a short time between each other while having conflicting personalities and appearances (the almost-parodically dark and edgy Bishounen and the colorful and hilariously childish Genki Girl, respectively) contributes to it.
  • Within the context of the K/DA line, Akali and Evelynn are very frequently paired together in fanart to varying extents, in part due to them being frequently paired together in the group's "POP/STARS" video, and also perhaps due to their contrasting dynamics being among the strongest in the lineup.


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