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    United States of America 

United States of America
After being humiliated in the Second World War and seeing Hawaii nuked by the Axis, America was forced to cede the archipelago as well as the ports of several cities on the West Coast to Japan. This failure has left much of the population angry and itching for revenge. As the 1960s begin, America's political elites seek to lead the world's remaining democratic power in a Cold War against German Fascism and Japanese Imperialism. As CIA analysts predict the impending collapse of Germany and Japan, president Richard Nixon seeks to palliate the anger and worry of various groups of American citizens while containing the expansionism of the other superpowers. In the meantime, various American political groups on the fringe wait for their occasion to introduce new ideologies to an America increasingly divided by both the Cold War and Civil Rights issues.

  • Chummy Commies: Without the threat of the Soviet Union and with the dominance of the German Reich, Americans in this timeline are more sympathetic to leftist ideologies, with the US government supporting communist rebels abroad and the left wing of the NPP advocating for socialism at home.
  • Control Freak: The US holds a strong grip over other OFN countries, especially Iceland (which is ruled by an American military administration), in fear that if they are not properly controlled, those countries would leave their alliance or even join the alliance of another superpower.
  • Dark Horse Victory: It is very unlikely that either the L-NPP or the Yockeys become popular within the NPP and win the presidential elections, and if they do, it's a sign something has gone horribly wrong in America.
  • Defector from Decadence:
    • When the NPP rose and the Democratic Party fell, Democrats who didn't want to affiliate with the new party fled to the Republican Party and formed the Republican-Democratic Party.
    • The NPP themselves can get this trope in two ways, depending on if the Republican-Democrat administration signs the Civil Rights Act or not. If the R-Ds refuse to sign the act, disillusioned progressives and other left-wing politicians will join the NPP, strengthening its position as both a socially and economically progressive party. If the Civil Rights Act is signed, die-hard right-wingers and Dixiecrats will leave the R-D party and defect to the NPP, shifting the party to the right.
  • Enemy Mine: The National Progressive Party is formed from a union between the left-wing National Progressive Front and the right-wing Patriotic Party, both of whom oppose the R-D establishment and the overwhelming popularity of President Dwight D. Eisenhower (who was the US president in TNO between 1952 and 1960).
  • Fallen States of America: If the US loses all its international influence and goes to isolationism, they effectively lose the Cold War, even if they're still technically around.
  • Fictional Political Party:
    • The Republican-Democratic Party, which formed after remnants of the Democratic Party joined up with the Republican Party after WWII.
    • The National Progressive Party, which is an eclectic mix of socialists, progressives, segregationists, and fascists united only by opposition to the R-Ds.
    • The NPP itself was formed from a union of two fictional post-war parties, Henry A. Wallace's left-wing National Progressive Front, and George S. Patton's right-wing Patriotic Party.
  • Invaded States of America:
    • The peace treaty that ended WWII created a series of Japanese-controlled "treaty ports" on the West Coast. Though not of substantial material value, this occupation of American land is a major political contention.
    • A successful Göring can attempt an invasion of the United States, Operation Fall Rockwell. It has predictable results.
  • Oppressive States of America: Possible if extremists gain control of the National Progressive Party, and the NPP goes on to attain control of the nation. Though the constitutional order nominally survives, the NPP is at a minimum capable of crushing the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Victory by Endurance: The Republican-Democratic administration takes this view, believing in analysis suggesting both Germany and Japan are headed towards economic and political insolvency that will leave the US the most powerful nation in the world by simple dint of survival. The only issues are in the accuracy of the prediction, and in keeping the public content "doing nothing" until that happens...
  • You Are Too Late: As the US continued to maintain the policy of isolationism under Joseph Kennedy, America got involved into World War II too late, as both the Soviet Union and the British Empire were already facing defeat.
  • Warhawk: The NPP believe that a more direct approach against the rival superpowers should be taken and they seek to reclaim the lost ports from Japan at all costs.

Richard Nixon

  • Allohistorical Allusion: Nixon can employ the same dirty tricks he used in our world to weaken and discredit the NPP... and potentially suffer from the consequences if his tricks are revealed to the American public, like in real life.
  • In Medias Res: Unlike other countries, the US starts with several focuses already completed, since Nixon has been a President for a year. Thus, the player has to comply with branches that suggest the player chose to take illegal actions against the NPP and stick to a middle ground in the Civil Rights issue since Nixon already made those decisions.
  • Landslide Election: Thanks to the popularity of his predecessor Dwight D. Eisenhower, and a weak opposition in the post-merge NPP, Nixon won a landslide victory in the 1960 presidential elections. His popularity has sharply plummeted since then, however.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Even though Nixon can attempt to implement much needed progressive reforms throughout the country, many of these initiatives are ascribed to his VP Kennedy instead of him, which doesn't help Nixon's already controversial reputation.
  • Our Presidents Are Different: Nixon is President Corrupt, as he is more than happy to employ clandestine and illegal tricks to diminish the NPP and, if he isn't careful enough, can provoke an impeachment against him in doing so.

John F. Kennedy

  • Reluctant Ruler: When he becomes the President after Nixon's impeachment, Kennedy grows to dislike his position and doesn't run in the R-D primaries.
  • Sins of Our Fathers: JFK's reputation suffers from the reputation of his father, who led the US to failure in WWII. However, depending on his actions taken as VP and President after Nixon's impeachment, Jack Kennedy can redeem himself in the eyes of the public.

Robert F. Kennedy

  • Defector from Decadence: If the Nixon administration refuses to sign the Civil Rights Act, Bobby will leave the Republican-Democratic party and join the NPP, potentially even becoming their presidential candidate.
  • Refuge in Audacity: His "door-in-face" plan for bringing reforms entails proposing proposals even further out there than he wants to go, only to mellow out said proposals, making Kennedy seem like a pragmatic problem solver, while allowing him to push through more reforms.

Lyndon Johnson

  • Allohistorical Allusion: LBJ's Great Society policies aren't much different from OTL's Johnson Presidency social reforms. However, depending on the circumstances, they can even go beyond what was enacted in real life.

Wallace F. Bennett

  • Global Currency: A considerable part of Bennett's reforms is oriented towards closer integration of the economies of the OFN members, which can result in the creation of the analog of the OTL Bretton-Woods System, which ties the currencies of other OFN countries to the US dollar.
  • Our Presidents Are Different: Bennett is President Personable for his willingness to compromise and President Minority since, if elected, Bennett would be the first Mormon President of America.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Bennett is an open and negotiable individual who tries to bring the American nation together in the aftermath of the rather turbulent Nixon presidency.

George Wallace

  • President Evil: Wallace is the closest thing to this before Yockeys show up for his unyielding desire to cancel the Civil Rights Act and protect the states' rights for segregation.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Wallace becomes the NPP nominee only if the Civil Rights Act was signed into law under Nixon. If he is elected, Wallace will do everything in his power to repeal it and protect racial segregation.

Michael Harrington

  • Defector from Decadence: Harrington was originally a member of the Catholic Worker movement, but left because of the movement's ignorance on the threat of Fascism. He then became an associate of the Socialist Party of America and the Trotskyist Max Shachtman, but left that too after the party became increasingly authoritarian. He has since settled in with the NPP.
  • Internal Reformist: Harrington is a democratic socialist who will try to tackle poverty, unemployment, and hunger in America through reforms.

John Glenn

  • Our Presidents Are Different: Glenn is President Geek, as he is a former astronaut who is strongly interested in the development of American space technology.

Barry Goldwater

Margaret Chase Smith

  • Internal Reformist: While she runs on the NPP-R platform, Chase Smith wants to sway her party away from its Dixiecrat roots as far as possible.
  • Our Presidents Are Different: Among other things, MCS can count as President Minority, as can become both the first female presidential candidate from a major party and as the first female President.

Francis Parker Yockey

  • Commie Nazis: Yockey is supportive of Fascism, yet embraced the progressive economic policies of the NPP.
  • Egocentric Team Naming: The entire Fascist wing of the NPP, Yockeys, is named after their leader.
  • Enemy Mine: Yockeys claim to despise Germany, but, unlike other factions of the NPP, they consider that the German threat is secondary to the Japanese and they could be left alone.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: While all NPP members share the hatred for Japan to some degree (though it doesn't always take the form of racial hatred towards the Japanese people), Yockey's racism against the Japanese reaches comical levels.
  • Those Wacky Nazis: Yockey is the most popular (relatively, as he is still very marginal even within the NPP) politician openly expousing Fascist beliefs.

Post Fall Rockwell


The following nations are created if Göring's Germany manages to successfully invade American mainland through cheats. Because direct confrontation between Germany and the United States results in Mutually Assured Destruction and game over, these nations are impossible to create in normal gameplay.

    Reichskommissariat Amerika 

Reichskommissariat Amerika

A German-controlled American RK encompassing the Southern American states (excluding Florida, which is directly controlled by the Reich), created if Führer Göring's insane plan of Fall Rockwell (German invasion of the American mainland) actually succeed against all odds.

  • Beyond the Impossible: The creation of RK Amerika is mechanically impossible - any direct warfare between Germany and the United States instantly triggers a nuclear exchange, leading to Mutually Assured Destruction. Yet, lore-wise, the creation of RK Amerika involves America not firing its nukes during a German invasion of America, leading to Germany being able to conquer America.
  • Crushing the Populace: America can be brutally Nazified under RK Amerika. The Nuremberg laws deprive the undesired races of human rights, the rest of the Americans can be further repressed with concentration camps to stop any resistance, and the national identity of America can be eradicated by eradicating the history of America (both Union and Confederate) and replacing it with an Aryan one.
  • Day of the Jackboot: RK Amerika is the aftermath of Germany successfully invading and taking over the United States of America. Göring celebrates the "liberation" by demolishing the Statue of Liberty with a salvo from battleship Tirpitz.
  • Deep South: RK Amerika occupies the southern half of the United States.
  • Divided States of America: America under Nazi Germany gets divided between RK Amerika, RK Pazifik, and Republic of America.
  • Dystopia Is Hard: Establishing a "proper" Nazi America is very difficult because the local resistance is hard to crack down. Reichskommissar Herrmann depends on support from the Reich to stabilize Amerika, which can get instantly cut at almost any moment when the aging Göring suddenly dies of a stroke.
  • La Résistance: The Free American Alliance, a coalition of American resistance groups led by General William Westmoreland, is planning for a comeback in RK Amerika.
  • Les Collaborateurs: The KKK actively collaborates with the Nazi rule due to shared ideologies. However, they are not 100% loyal to the Nazis and can turn on the German occupiers if they are empowered.
  • Occupiers Out of Our Country: The FAA wants the occupying Nazis out of their country, and will rise up against the occupiers if RK Amerika weakens. Very twistedly, the KKK also wants the Nazis out of their country; they fancy their coup against Reichskommissar Herrmann as a "liberation", creating a natively-ruled Fascist country instead of a foreign-ruled one.
  • Oppressive States of America: RK Amerika is a Nazi nightmare standing on the land of the free.
  • Please Select New City Name: RK Amerika's capital is New Orleans, which has been renamed to "Neu Aurelstadt"
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: RK Amerika doubles down on the racism prevalent in the deep south, "upgrading" the segregationist Jim Crow laws into ethnic-cleansing Nuremberg laws, which targets the large black population in RK Amerika.
  • Revolving Door Revolution: RK Amerika is very unstable; one misstep and Hermann will get replaced by Westmoreland's FAA, or god forbid, Shelton's KKK. Westmoreland himself can get replaced again by Seale's Black Panthers if he takes a wrong step.
  • State Sec: The KKK had evolved into a paramilitary force under RK Amerika.
  • The Klan: The KKK is a major player in RK Amerika, due to the role they played in making Fall Rockwell a success. They are tasked with enforcing the Nuremberg laws to eradicate the undesirables.
  • Monumental Damage: The Statue of Liberty is demolished by the Germans to celebrate the fall of America.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: The Free American Alliance is fighting against Nazi German rule, but is also internally divided due to the presence of the radical Black Panthers.

Hans-Joachim Herrmann

Reichskommissar of RK Amerika.

Robert Shelton

The head of the KKK in RK Amerika. He becomes head of state in the Imperial Wizardom of America.

  • The Coup: If Herrmann supports and develops the KKK, they might coup the German garrisons in America during a parade after the defeat of FAA, creating a natively-ruled nightmare called the Imperial Wizardom of America. Shelton personally executes Herrmann during the coup.
  • Death by Irony: If the FAA uprising begins, Shelton will get captured en-route to a meeting with Herrmann by the FAA, tortured by the Black Panthers, then burned alive on a Klan cross.

William Westmoreland

A disgraced American general turned leader of the Free American Alliance and becomes head of state in the American Free States.

Bobby Seale

The leader of the Black Panthers and head of state in the Republic of New Afrika.

  • The Coup: As a leader of a radical faction in the Free American Alliance, the Black Panthers can coup Westmoreland and seize control of the whole country, forming the Republic of New Afrika.

    Reichskommissariat Pazifik 

Reichskommissariat Pazifik

German-controlled American RK encompassing the western Pacific American states following the success of Fall Rockwell, preparing for an invasion against Japan.

    Republic of America 

Republic of America

A German puppet state encompassing the Northern American states following the success of Fall Rockwell.



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