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Burgundy's actions affect the entire world, and many of their actions spoil the events of other countries. As such, all spoilers on this page will be unmarked, including twists within Burgundy's own storyline. You Have Been Warned!

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Ordensstaat Burgund
Official Name: Ordensstaat BurgundTr. 
Ruling Party: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei - Himmlerite
Ideology: Burgundian System

The SS Order-State of Burgundy (SS-Ordensstaat Burgund) is a totalitarian pariah state conceived and ruled by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, the head of the fanatical Nazi Party paramilitary, the Schutzstaffel. Located in what was once Eastern France and Belgium, Burgundy is exclusively ruled by the SS, and subscribes to a fundamentalist version of National Socialism known as the Burgundian System. Despite official subservience to the Reich, Burgundy answers only to Himmler, and Himmler answers to no one but himself.

Burgundy came into existence after Himmler's failed coup attempt during the West Russian War, when Hitler made a deal with Himmler: Himmler would leave the German political scene, and in exchange receive his own fiefdom made from the eastern part of the French State and Reichskommissariat Belgien-Nordfrankreich. With a whole state under his rule, Himmler began to realize his more extreme vision of National Socialism built on a radical totalitarian Spartanist society. Burgundy became an isolated kingdom of nightmare and oppression the world had never seen before.


With the Burgundian System implemented, and the decadence of society purged, Himmler begins to look outwards. He dreams of something bigger: purity in not just Burgundy, but the whole world. With their actions shrouded in intense secrecy, Burgundy's shadow looms upon the world, driving the world ever closer to the dawn of doomsday.

    General Tropes 
  • Animal Motifs: The Globalpläne of Burgundy are named after animals, aside from Globalpläne Drache (dragon) and Sonne (the Sun).
  • Artistic License – Geography: The Burgundian half of Paris, despite lying on the northern bank of the Seine (which divides the city between north and south), is called Ost-Paris (East Paris) instead of Nord-Paris (North Paris).
  • Les Collaborateurs: Burgundy employs French and Belgian Waffen-SS regiments that trace their history back to World War II. They have little love for their Burgundian masters, who are attempting to eradicate their culture, but they are forced to serve Burgundy anyway, as doing otherwise would lead to their eradication as well.
  • The Conspiracy: From Burgundy, Himmler and his loyal SS make plans to influence politics around the globe to strengthen their own influence. Nearly everyone (including most members of the SS) believes that the conspiracy's goal is to strengthen the SS for another coup in Germany, but the true purpose of the operations, the nuclear plot, is known only by Himmler himself.
  • Cruelty Is the Only Option: One of the reasons why playing Burgundy is such a nightmarish experience is that any domestic development, be it political, industrial, or military, is built upon a systemic and gamified representation of oppressive slavery, where things like factories or infrastructure are "exchanged" with a cost of skilled workers. The player is forced to participate in this slave system and go into the shoes of a Burgundian bureaucrat, treating the slaves like a resource token rather than actual people. To develop Burgundy's industry, the player has to feed slaves to Rodomo, which, over time will inevitably have a monthly ''loss'' of skilled workers throughout the region. To develop Burgundy's infrastructure, the player has to work slaves to death. To prevent slaves from rebelling, more slaves must be worked and starved to death, or more Secret Police members be stationed in their collective region. There is no way to get around this active player participation in oppression if the player wants to continue playing as Burgundy; if the player stops oppressing the slaves, they will eventually rise up and topple the country.
  • Crushing the Populace: Burgundy's formation and expansion damns the French and Belgian people residing in its territory to a nightmarish fate. These doomed souls aren't only dying due to accidents and forced labor as depicted above, as the famine and oil crisis are dealt with, over time, entire regions of "skilled workers" will dry out due to forced industrialized farming and brutal conditions. A Burgundy that completes all its focuses and missions will effectively kill thousands per month in every region, steal food openly from civilians, erect weapons factories and synthetic oil refineries to the point that the player, initially juggling the slave labor to put them in well-policed area, will start lacking skilled workers as they are used up in forced farming practices, rapid construction and Rodomo's monthly loss of work accidents even without using its special powers.
  • Culture Police: Burgundy has taken it upon itself to purge the "rot" of degeneracy from their society. As such, it tries to eliminate the "degenerate culture" of France and Belgium from their state. The French, Dutch and Franco-Provençal languages are suppressed and destroyed, and their cultures are being wiped out, reduced into a relic of history. This can be seen in the cosmetic provincial culture groups for Burgundy: French, Flemish, and Walloon are replaced by Burgundian, which is described as a man-made culture of total oppression. Once they take over Central France, Burgundy will also begin to "convert" their new territory into the Burgundian culture.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Soon after the German Civil War breaks out, Burgundy will launch an invasion of the French State. Burgundy has one of the strongest armies in the world, second only to the world's superpowers, while the French State only has a few weak militia squads. The war is deliberately designed to be one-sided (no matter how skilled the person playing as the French State could be), as defeating Burgundy so early would break the story.
  • Dark Is Evil: Himmler's Burgundy is (at least initially) the single most evil country on the planet, and their flag and map color are both pitch-black.
  • Deadly Euphemism:
    • Burgundy's "skilled workers" are used as currency, "exchanged" for industrial, agricultural, and urbanization developments in Burgundy.
    • Himmler gives his officers a "promotion" whenever he feels like some of them are doing "good jobs".
    • Burgundy uses "liquidation" as a euphemism for "extermination".
  • Death Is the Only Option: Burgundy's ultimate victory condition is starting a global thermonuclear war, which will inevitably destroy the Shadow State. Fail to do this before Himmler dies, and Burgundy just disintegrates anyway.
  • Dystopia: Burgundy has been described as a nation-sized concentration camp, and it shows. Oppression, slavery, racial purism, and mass extermination have gone from widespread to completely omnipresent. They even have dystopian brutalist architecture.
  • Empty Quiver: If Heydrich is losing the Civil War, Burgundian divisions will attempt to steal several nuclear weapons for Himmler's... personal use.
  • Evil Versus Oblivion: The war between Heydrich and Himmler in the former's route counts as this.
  • False Flag Operation: The Kempeitai agent who attempts to assassinate Hitler in early 1962 is in truth a mole of Burgundy. Although he failed in his task, the attempt nonetheless escalates tensions between Germany and Japan, and demonstrates without a doubt that the Reich will not survive the death of Hitler.
  • The Famine: Burgundy imports almost all of its food from elsewhere in the Reich. When the imports end and Burgundy is forced to farm its own food, a horrific famine strikes the country, which starves many slaves to death and forces even more to farm themselves to death.
  • Fascist, but Inefficient: Downplayed. Himmler's insane plans create gaping economic and industrial problems, but with enough ruthlessness, slave labor and playing the collaborating cliques against each other, one can overcome the famine, culture and uranium crises and get on with their evil plan. Still, the Ordenstaat and its economy are moribund, and the hellhole that is Burgundy is not bound to endure past 1981.
  • Final Boss: While Burgundy is the main antagonist of TNO, it is never confronted directly by any of the superpowers due to its status as a nuclear power and Plot Armor. The only exception to this rule is Germany's Heydrich route, where Burgundy serves as this to the former after he secures enough warheads and loyalty in the power struggle between the Anti-Himmler Coalition and Himmlerite loyalists, being the only route where Burgundy can be defeated through the means of armed conflict without escalating to nuclear war.
  • Final Solution: Burgundy not only slaughters its French and Belgian population like flies every step of the way, but also destroys their culture and languages. In the final foci, Himmler slaughters the native SS legions' leaders, the last members of the Resistance, effectively turning the entire country into a soulless pit of poverty with a rapidly decaying industrial and academical base.
  • Forbidden Zone: Due to the Order-State's totalitarian control over its territory, foreigners are almost non-existent inside its borders, with access only occasionally granted to high-ranking officials from Germany proper.
  • Foreign Ruling Class: Burgundy, located in what was once France and Belgium, has a totally German ruling class.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: While Burgundy is nominally part of the Unity-Pakt, they do not answer to Germany and are secretly working against them. Because of this, as well as the fact that Himmler got Burgundy as a result of an attempted coup, most German leaders see Burgundy as a traitorous rogue state.
  • Industrial Ghetto: One of Burgundy's projects is the intentional conversion of the entire city of Rouen into "Industriebezirk Rodomo", a city-sized industrial concentration camp that functions as a black hole for excess slave labor.
  • Industrialized Evil: Burgundy, as the focus tree advances, is so fanatically dedicated to establishing a massive, deadly industrial war camp where a guard getting a slice of apple with his bland bowl of oatmeal is a luxury, that the agricultural infrastructure of pre-war France and Belgium has been effectively destroyed. When Ukraine is ripped from Nazi control, it bites them hard in the ass, necessitating another long minigame of food management so the Ordenstaat doesn't collapse.
  • Irony: The Ordenstaat is run by a miserly, penny pinching group of self-loathing, ugly, hateful and purity-obsessed group of alien minority lording over innocent white Europeans who can only suffer and be used as cannon fodder, their entire monetary reserves and any little wealth controlled by the ruling elite whose leader himself sees as not-Aryan. Said elite also forcefully destroys the old traditional families and cultures and unites Burgundy as an artifical, frugal, thrifty and subservient "one culture" with possible veganism(simple oatmeal and apples for a soldier talks a lot). The so-called elite's goal is to subvert, corrupt and ignite the world in a world war with secret conspiracies and subversions of culture so that they can take over, their new race reigning supreme. For all their talk of hating the Jews, Burgundy mirrors the neo-Nazi "New World Order" and "Z.O.G" (Zionist Occupied Government) conspiracies uncannily.
  • Keystone Army: Himmler is Burgundy and Burgundy is Himmler. Should Himmler die, Burgundy immediately begins to collapse.
  • Let No Crisis Go to Waste: After the start of the German Civil War, Burgundy will seize the opportunity to invade the French State to solidify its base, close all black market roads coming from France, secure more resources, and formally declare to the world that it is officially not part of Germany anymore. With Germany being engulfed in civil war and unable to provide military aid, the French State is far too weak to pose any sort of resistance to Burgundy.
  • Master Race: Burgundy takes the Nazi Master Race rhetoric to such a high level that other Western Europeans, who are accorded a tiny bit of respect by Nazi Germany in their racial hierarchies, are being dehumanized and enslaved/exterminated.
  • Meaningful Name: The names of the various Globalpläne are seemingly innocuous, but many are symbolically or historically connected to their target countries (e.g. Globalplan Kondor against Iberia referencing the Condor Legion's role in the Spanish Civil War, Globalplan Wolf against Italy referencing the mythological origins of Rome).
  • Monumental Damage: As part of its plan to erase France's cultural history, Burgundy demolishes many iconic monuments of Paris and rebuilds them in a way that conform to its artistic standards. Only a small number of sites of particular importance to German history, such as the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, will be kept unchanged.
  • Painting the Medium: To represent the intense secrecy of Burgundy's operations, the names and descriptions of Burgundy's national focuses are hidden when playing any other country. To every other country, all of Burgundy's focuses are called "STRENG GEHEIM", meaning "TOP SECRET".
  • Player-Exclusive Mechanic: While the AI controls Burgundy, it cannot collapse in any circumstance before 1981 due to its crucial role in the story. However, a player-controlled Burgundy can collapse prematurely at any time if the French and Belgian SS legions grow sufficiently disloyal, with up to five sides duking it out in the aftermath.
  • Playing Both Sides: In several conflicts, like a war between Göring's Germany and Sweden, Himmler is happy to provide aid to both sides.
  • Please Select New City Name: As part of Burgundy's aggressive Germanisation policies, every former French or Belgian city within its territory had to be given German names if they didn't have one alreadynote .
  • The Power of Love: Might come as awkward but it is the only power capable of stopping the rogue state. De-escalating tensions, suppressing their Globalpläne with espionage of your own and preventing violence and societal breakdown where they meddle prevent them from igniting a war and get their dark wish, hopefully until Himmler dies of old age.
  • Purple Is the New Black: It's not like Burgundy has a shortage of black, either, but purple is also widely used in Burgundian focus icons, and the color of the Burgundian System on the ideology chart is also purple.
  • Pyrrhic Villainy: Ultimately, Himmler's dream is impossible; his nukes don't actually kill everyone in the world, leaving many so-called Untermenschen to rebuild, and when the descendants of Burgundy finally come out of their Hidden Elf Village, they've become so convinced of the idea that only Aryans survived the end of the world that they believe the new civilizations they meet are therefore Aryan and happily help everyone. This includes Jews who built their Neu Zion in Germania and Third Temple from the Reichstag's remains, the African Muhlar tribe who venerates Siegfried Müller as a god, Russians who toast vodka to the memory of the war, and eventually, an astronaut who speaks a poem while holding the bleached Nazi flag on the moon in the far future, the war and Nazism completely forgotten.
  • R-Rated Opening: In one of Burgundy's first events, a mother is forced to name her newborn son for bureaucratic purposes a minute after being told that he was euthanized for "mongoloid" traits. Many players stopped their Burgundy game right here. And it only gets worse, to the point that the baby can be considered lucky to have died there and then.
  • Renegade Splinter Faction: Despite being de jure part of Germany, Himmler's SS-led Burgundy is de facto independent from the Reich's control. They are also so insanely radical that they are hated by basically everyone in Germany except the German SS. When the German civil war breaks out, Burgundy cuts ties with the homeland for good and also leaves the Einheitspakt.
  • La Résistance: The French and Belgian SS legions have no love for their German masters, and constantly work to undermine the Order-State. If not eliminated, they'll eventually rise up in rebellion.
  • Slave Race: Burgundy enslaves the French and Belgian people on the territory it took from France and Belgium.
  • Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil: Nazi Germany is already an awful country for abusing millions of forced laborers, but Burgundy takes slavery to a new level by actively trying to work all of their slaves to death with the exact calories keeping them alive until their master plan is complete.
  • The Spartan Way: Burgundy is built on the ideals of Himmler and it shows. The Aryan people in Burgundy are under constant watch, obliged to serve in factories or the army, are not allowed to have too many luxuries and experience constant rationing. Needless to say, for non-Aryan people (about half of the population of Burgundy), the situation is even worse.
  • State Sec: Burgundy is the personal fiefdom of Himmler and the SS.
  • Sword of Damocles: Burgundy steals nuclear weapons from Germany during the German Civil War, no matter who wins, and produces some of its own in order to deter any potential invader.
  • Thoughtcrime: Himmler's vision of purity is so extreme that he gives ideology tests to aspiring SS officers, and anyone judged to be insufficiently loyal to the Burgundian System is summarily Unpersoned.
  • Villain Protagonist: There is no shortage of genocidal and tyrannical states in the world of TNO, but Burgundy beats out all of them in villainy, ruling its territory with an absolutely dystopic ideology, and being ruled by a man who knowingly wants to destroy the world. Thus, a playthrough as Burgundy will cause you to play this role. Notably, unlike some other "evil" states across the world, there is no possible way to reform or change Burgundy's government to something more humane before it collapses.
  • Would Hurt a Child: In one extremely infamous opening event, "From Cradle to Grave", a German mother's son is euthanized upon birth for displaying signs of "mongolism", and the mother's first look at her baby is through a form notifying her of her son's death, that a cold nurse gave to her to request a name for the baby so the Burgundian bureaucrats can fill out their forms.
  • You Can't Thwart Stage One: The only way to destroy Burgundy is to wait until Himmler dies of old age in 1981, although as a player you can curb Burgundy's efforts with enough vigilance spent on maintaining societal order in places they interfere in. That is, of course, unless you are playing as Heydrich.


    Heinrich Himmler

Party: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei - Himmlerite
Ideology: Burgundian System
In the 1950s, the Reich was in deep trouble. The fires of the German economic crash and the West Russian War threatened to engulf the Reich in its entirety. Heinrich Himmler, having been loyal to the Nazi Party for decades, had a crisis of faith. He became convinced that National Socialism was a failed ideology; it was corrupt, decadent, and far, far too soft, and he saw it his mandate to bring Germany back on course again. From Paris to Moscow, Himmler's Schutzstaffel prepared to topple the government and take control of the Reich.

The coup was a failure, thanks to intervention by Hans Speidel's loyalists; however, Hitler realized that simply executing Himmler would cause a civil war that would shatter the Reich. Thus, Hitler offered Himmler a state of his own, the Order-State of Burgundy, in return for him and his SS forever leaving the German political sphere. As time went on, Himmler and Burgundy became more isolated, more powerful, and more unhinged. With loyal SS cohorts across Europe, Himmler's grand plans are closer to completion than ever before.

  • Bad Boss: Himmler doesn't tolerate failures and treats faulty subordinates in a pure Spartanist manner. Reinhard Heydrich (if the German civil war reaches the Anarchy stage), Joachim von Ribbentrop (for opposing his invasion of France) and Oswald Pohl (just for telling him the kickbacks from Kaukasia stopped) can learn it the hard way.
  • Big Bad: As the manipulative instigator of nuclear war between the superpowers, Himmler serves as the main villain of the mod. As long as you have some control over the situation, one of the main goals in the mod is not falling for his schemes and preventing a nuclear apocalypse (unless, of course, you're playing as Himmler himself).
  • The Chessmaster: To achieve his ominous goals, Himmler manipulates numerous other countries into doing his bidding and making questionable decisions on the world scene, which seemingly contradict his interests, but ultimately play right into his hands, since his goal is to simply trigger a global nuclear war by igniting more and more conflicts and reducing DEFCON.
  • Dystopia Justifies the Means: As the original creator of the Burgundian System of National Socialism, Himmler's fundamentalist beliefs in National Socialism leads him to seek Aryan purism to an utterly absurd degree. Dutch and French culture are considered degenerate and purged from Burgundy, Aryanism in the SS is enforced down to the ways in which Aryans are supposed to think, and a global nuclear destruction is justified to totally cleanse Earth of the untermenschen.
  • Evil Old Folks: Himmler at the start of the game is 62 years old, and dies of old age in 1981, when he is 81 years old, and through this whole time he never repents his position as an Evil Overlord.
  • Evil Overlord: Checks all the major boxes: a powerful despot with significant resources sitting in a fortified, secluded, and oppressive kingdom, planning for global destruction.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: In a way, even if Himmler can bring forth the nuclear apocalypse as he envisioned, it turns out that it does not lead to an 'Aryan utopia' without 'lesser races' he dreamt of because it turns out that in reality, unlike Himmler's delusions, neither blond hair nor blue eyes grant any sort of resistance to nuclear explosions and radioactive fallout.
  • Final Solution: Himmler sees non-Aryans across the world as the problem, and his solution is a global nuclear war that would exterminate all non-Aryans.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: As always, Himmler is depicted with his omnipresent pair of glasses, and he might very well be the most evil human being in this mod.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: Himmler's actual agenda is known only to Himmler himself and his very narrow circle of supporters. Even Heydrich, his protégé, isn't aware of Himmler's true motives... until he wins the Civil War.
  • Historical Villain Upgrade: Heinrich Himmler, while already one of the most evil Nazis in real life, has gotten even worse in TNO, making Hitler of all people look decent in comparison. He creates a form of Nazism that's more extreme than Nazism, and pulls at the strings of world politics all in the name of causing nuclear apocalypse, and is if anything more genocidal and warlike than Hitler ever was.
  • Kicked Upstairs: After his failed coup, Hitler gave Himmler a fiefdom in Burgundy so he would leave Germany's political sphere forever.
  • Misanthrope Supreme: Himmler hates almost the entirety of humanity (aside from a small group of Aryans) whom he deems sub-human, and he is absolutely willing to subject the world to a nuclear holocaust in order to completely exterminate them.
  • No Place for Me There: Himmler believes that he doesn't deserve to live in the post-nuclear world and allows himself to die if the nuclear apocalypse happens according to his plans.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Himmler seeks to destroy all lesser races, as well as the entirety of human civilization, through nuclear means, so the Aryans can restart the world, recolonize the Earth, and create a utopia.
  • Plot Armor: If the player is not playing as him or Heydrich, and thermonuclear war does not happen, Himmler is scripted to die of old age in 1981, at the age of 81, after which Burgundy will swiftly collapse. Prior to that, there is no way to kill him or destroy Burgundy as any other nation, as the Big Bad dying prematurely would break the story.
  • Reassignment Backfire: Himmler was put in charge of Burgundy so he would be as far away from German politics as possible, and would instead have to spend most of his time pacifying the rebellious French and Belgians. Hitler's plan was that the SS who stayed in Germany could then be brought back in line until Burgundy could be dealt with. The continued collapse of the Reich meant that this never happened, especially with the SS still ostensibly being one of the only somewhat competent and useful military organisations in Germany, and the German Civil War finally put the nail into the coffin. Meanwhile, Himmler merely had to strive for his goals behind the curtain, and the military potential of Burgundy is more than expedient for his plans.
  • Sanity Slippage: Age, the horrifying experiences during the West Russian War in the 50s, and watching over the slow decline of the Reich made Himmler more and more entrenched and certain of his Spartanist and omnicidal beliefs, with the failure of his attempt to assassinate Hitler being the breaking point for him.
  • The Social Darwinist: Himmler's utter disgust of "weakness" leads him to forcibly impose the Spartanist lifestyle upon his Aryan subjects and make plans to instigate nuclear holocaust and exterminate all non-Aryans.
  • The Starscream: He attempted to oust Hitler and take over the Reich during the West Russian War, but failed. Even from Burgundy, he still plots against the Reich, and many speculate he plans to take over Germany again, not realizing the true goal of Himmler's plans...
  • Thanatos Gambit: Himmler doesn't see himself as Aryan enough to deserve living in the post-nuclear apocalypse world and he considers himself and Burgundy perfectly disposable as long as his plan proceeds.
  • Villainous Breakdown:
  • Whole Plot Reference: Himmler's nuke plot isn't based on any idea he had in real life, but rather the plot of the apocalyptically white supremacist book The Turner Diaries by American Neo-Nazi William Luther Pierce.
  • You Have Failed Me:
    • If the German Civil War reaches the Anarchy stage, Himmler will kill his puppet Reinhard Heydrich and annex his territories in the Rhineland and Alsace-Lorraine into Burgundy, complete with Heydrich's remaining nuclear arsenal. One of Heydrich's Anarchy focus trees is literally begging for time out of desperation, because if Himmler gets impatient, he'll get rid of Heydrich.
    • When Josias zu Waldeck-Pyrmont stops sending money to Burgundy, Himmler purges Oswald Pohl for failing to find a way to balance the budget.

Burgundian officials

    Joachim von Ribbentrop
Ideology: Burgundian System
Former foreign minister of the Third Reich, with numerous connections to the Schutzstaffel, which swayed him towards Himmler's side during the coup. He occupies the very same position in the Order-State of Burgundy in 1962.

  • Defector from Decadence: He sided with Himmler during the coup because of his hatred of almost every other senior member of the Nazi Party.
  • Harmless Villain: Ribbentrop serves as the Foreign Minister of Burgundy, a job that is functionally useless, since conventional diplomacy is not something that Burgundy does.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: Ribbentrop is an experienced diplomat, having served as the Foreign Minister of Germany before and during the Second World War. But now he holds that same position in a pariah state that is essentially run like a massive concentration camp, with barely any information about it making it outside. Any foreign relations it maintains are informal at best, making his position pretty much worthless, as his only real job is to maintain a facade of Burgundy's legitimacy on the international stage, and to cover up Burgundy's many, many atrocities. The entire ordeal seems to have taken a toll on Joachim, as his portrait shows him noticeably tired and despondent.note 
  • The Resenter: During the decade he served as Germany's Foreign Minister, Ribbentrop was constantly sidelined. After World War II, he was basically forced to resign due to Hitler personally increasingly disliking him, and was replaced by Walther Hewel, whom he hates. His hatred of almost every other senior Nazi led him to side with the SS during their failed coup.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Less than two years after the game begins, when Burgundy invades the French State in response to the eruption of the German civil war, Himmler 'promotes' Walter Schellenberg to Ribbentrop's position of Burgundy's Foreign Minister due to Ribbentrop's opposition to the invasion.

    Oswald Pohl
Ideology: Burgundian System
Head of the SS Main Economic and Administrative Office and head administrator of the concentration camps during the war. Serves as the Economy Minister of Burgundy in 1962.

  • You Have Failed Me: When Josias zu Waldeck-Pyrmont stops sending funds from Kaukasia to Burgundy, Heinrich Himmler gets rid of Pohl for being unable to resolve the Ordensstaat's subsequent budget shortfall.

    Sepp Dietrich
Dietrich, the Duke of Bavaria 
Ideology: Burgundian System, Despotism (Die Schwarze Bande)
Former bodyguard of Adolf Hitler during the rising years of the Nazi Party, and later one of the top-ranking officers of the Waffen-SS. Serves as the Security Minister of Burgundy in 1962.
  • The Caligula: When Germany collapses into warlordism following Heydrich's victory in the Civil War, Dietrich goes mad and returns to his native Bavaria, there to declare himself Duke of Bavaria.
  • Trading Bars for Stripes: After Dietrich declares himself Duke of Bavaria, many imprisoned criminals declare their loyalty to him and asks him to pardon them. In a show of magnanimity, Dietrich has 100 of them executed and induces the rest into the newly formed Volkswache (People's Guard).

SS Collaborator Commanders

    Paul Touvier
Ideology: Ultranationalism

Commander of the French SS-Charlemagne legion.

  • Defector from Decadence: Paul Touvier can mutiny against Himmler if his loyalty gets too low. Touvier remains a Nazi-like Ultranationalist after his mutiny but now no longer works for National Socialism, but instead wishes to build a "New French State" (Nouvel État Français).

    Léon Degrelle
Party: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei - Degrelle Clique
Ideology: Ultranationalism

Commander of the Walloon SS-Wallonien legion.

  • Defector from Decadence: A villainous example. He and his SS-Wallonien legion can mutiny against Himmler if their loyalty bottoms out, wanting to break free from the grasp of the Order State which intends their utter subservience at best or annihilation at worst. After mutinying, he intends to create an independent ultranationalist Walloonia (Belgian National Order).
  • The Quisling: Degrelle is a former Belgian politician who now leads an ultranationalist clique within Burgundy's branch of the NSDAP, and collaborates with Burgundy for whatever scrapes of power he can get for Belgium.

    Bert Eriksson
Ideology: Ultranationalism

Commander of the Flemish SS-Langemarck legion.

  • Defector from Decadence: Eriksson, like the other SS collaborator commanders, can mutiny against Himmler and attempt at creating his own ultranationalist Flemish state (Vlaamse Nationale Staat) if a player playing as Himmler completely tanks his loyalty.
  • Evil vs. Evil: The SS-Langemarck and the SS-Wallonien legions are bitter enemies due to conflicting ethnic interests. If both Eriksson and Degrelle revolt, they will declare war on each other in addition to Burgundy.

The Resistance

    Red Poppy Movement

Ideology: Libertarian Socialism
A deep underground resistance movement within Burgundy, led by French priest Henri Grouès. Their ranks consist of former captives of the Burgundian-SS regime, and the few lucky enough to evade the horrors and remain in hiding. Following the Burgundian Collapse, the movement will rise as one of the main contenders in the warlord era of the region.

  • Chummy Commies: The Red Poppy is a socialist movement who seeks to free France and Belgium from the tyranny of the Burgundian regime.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: In any scenario where the player is not controlling Burgundy, their efforts to liberate the place from the SS will certainly not succeed.
  • La Résistance: The Red Poppy Movement is the a deep underground resistance movement operating within Burgundy.
  • Only Sane Man: They are the only rebel faction not composed out of disillusioned ultranationalist defectors from Himmler's regime who want only to preserve power under the pretense of self-rule. The Red Poppy's goals are the removal of everyone involved with Himmler's atrocities and freeing all others from the oppression of the Burgundian System.

Henri Grouès
Ideology: Libertarian Socialism

  • Badass Preacher: Henri Grouèsnote , the leader of Red Poppy, is a former priest who led Jews out of France during the original occupation. He has recently resurrected the long-dead Resistance with the purpose of galvanizing the workers of Rodomo to rebel.
  • Doomed Moral Victor: In any playthroughs where Burgundy is not controlled by the player, Grouès will not be able to mount an uprising given AI controlled Burgundy is unable to collapse.
  • Historical Badass Upgrade: In real life, Grouès was a member of the French resistance who heroically helped numerous Jews and political refugees escape from Vichy France. Here he's taken a step further by leading an armed rebellion against the most frightening and dangerous of all the Nazi states.


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