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Chronicler/Damion Eriksennote 

Species: H. s. ultimorius x H. s. sapiens

Threat Category: 10 (Reflection Code)/5 (Sword Art Online: Special Edition)/2 (Truth and Ideals)/0 (Operation R.E.B.O.O.T. onward)

Weakness: Soul link devices, multiple strong opponents swarming him at once, extremely bright and sudden flashes of light, incredibly high pitched sounds.

Debut: Truth and Ideals

Voice Actor: Sarah Natochenny (18-20 years old), later Paul Dobson (21+ years old)
"Drop the pretenses already!"
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The lead protagonist of Citadel of the Heart, Chronicler is a mysterious, human-like entity who doesn't seem to have a proper understanding of the real world. Mainly because, well, he did not originate from the real world. Originally born in virtual reality, Chronicler grew up an isolated, sheltered life until a confrontation with Mirror M forced him out into the open against his prior knowledge, and the event severely traumatized him ever since. Spending the next three months back in virtual reality, Chronicler has attempted to make friends with people on SAO, but he keeps noticing an odd trend whenever he does; often times his friends will "disappear", and never come back, even if they're genuine when they promise they will come back. Chronicler thinks that when someone disappears, they die and are never going to come back; Chronicler cannot process in his mind that they simply log off. After striking a friendship with Kirigaya Suguha, he ends up developing a crush on her due to her pretty appearance, but is too quick with his selflessness to give her valuable early game items. Suguha, determined to be Chronicler's friend after hearing him out, ends up disappearing while Chronicler falls asleep at a lighthouse the two spent some time at together.


Chronicler, while asleep, ends up semi-materializing in Suguha's bedroom after he originally had the intent of "making himself disappear" like the others had before; when he saw Suguha's true form before him, uttering her words to protect him at all costs, Chronicler felt a sudden jolt of pain in his leg as he forced himself back into virtual reality, just as Suguha barely misses seeing Chronicler appear before her. The next day, Chronicler shows up again in real-life, this time clad in a new uniform while keeping on the black cloak, in which Chronicler now sports a cuff on his left leg to which Suguha attempts to strike a friendly meeting with him while on the back of her mind she's not wanting to fully believe who she is seeing is Chronicler. Chronicler, however, quickly tells her to drop the pretenses as he already knows who Suguha is, and just as he panics thinking he had screwed up, Chronicler attempts to flee back into virtual reality, only for Suguha to forcefully grab him from behind in embrace, but also get dragged into virtual reality with him.


As Chronicler now tries to help regain his energy so he can take Suguha back, he begins to tell Suguha of his origins; he and his "older sibling" Mirror M were part of a military project to create a communication jamming device, and generally function as a weapon of mass destruction. Mirror M fully qualified for the part and had existed for decades prior to Chronicler, whereas Chronicler was an accidental result of this project. When he's done explaining and floats down into the pool of water that'll rejuvenate his systems, he seems to show more fear of Suguha now that she knows the truth more so than the other way around. As Suguha attempts to approach him to try and get him to calm down, her attempt to rush towards him and hug him causes his memory to flash back to when Mirror M attempted to eat him alive during his escape, and Chronicler trips as he tries to run; flailing and screaming with superhuman force to be let go of frantically. As he lays a misering wreck, Suguha eventually manages to calm down Chronicler, and after a moment or so of an embrace, both of them head back into the real-world, where Suguha insists Chronicler to stay for his own sake.

Tropes that apply to Chronicler

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  • A Birthday, Not a Break: The infamous breakout that kick starts the events of Sword Art Online: Special Edition and Reflection Code take place on the day of his 18th birthday. Whatever deal he made of it hasn't been shown on-screen currently, but by the end of things, especially after having met Suguha, he seems to have recovered from it altogether, even though the trauma of Mirror M lunging at him will still haunt him for a while.
  • Abusive Parents: Take your pick between adoptive or biological; both of them were abusive to Chronicler in varying ways; Grandis just more or less was Parental Neglect since he was barely there for Chronicler up until a few months after he turned 18. Grandis' physical beatdown of Chronicler in Chapter 16, while definitely falling under this category, was also subject to blame from Alcohol-Induced Idiocy on Grandis' part at the same time and he actually does show remorse after everyone has left the vicinity he's in.
  • Adaptational Badass: His original incarnation lacks many of the powers he showcases here, despite all of his incarnations having the same basis as each other. This is because of Real Life Writes the Plot in regards to his different incarnations. Chronicler, as we see him here, is the first incarnation of Chronicler to be made after the demigod skills in Mabinogi were obtained by his original avatar basis, as well as the first to have been around while said original basis first acquired a Spirit Weapon.
  • Adaptation Origin Connection: He wasn't Grandis' son in his prior incarnations, which is something that came up purely for this incarnation of Chronicler. His Spirit Weapon also didn't originally be the one in charge of giving Chronicler an actual name, but that could be excusable since Chronicler's Mabinogi basis didn't even have a Spirit Weapon yet.
  • Adorkable: Chronicler tries and tries too much to impress Suguha, and when Suguha wants to make an advance or is expecting an advance he quickly becomes nervous.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: Both physical and mental kinds, due to his heritage.
    • Why is he so short and yet looks otherwise just fine for his age? Grandis guesses it's because of his hybrid nature, considering Grandis' 5'8" is technically also incredibly short by his own race's standards. Considering Grandis' brother and Chronicler's uncle by extent is over 11 feet tall and weighing nearly 1,000 pounds, Grandis isn't joking with the possibility this is the case.
  • Ascended Meme: For the reason Chronicler is called an "Edgelord" so much especially in the early chapters and the second arc, the author uses his Mabinogi based avatar as a heavily shrouded, black robed individual who is a Knife Nut who goes about hunting and farming mobs for gold and rare loot so he can sell them akin to a shady businessman in the form of an effective Manchild body due to his avatar being the 10 year old age, but characterizing him as 18 years or older and simply having the 10 year old height and some of his wardrobe and hairstyle reference Hamlet, whom the main title character also had an Emo Teen personality going on for him and also had a Vague Age factor. As we see in the second arc, Chronicler was also indeed a shady businessman who indeed farmed a lot of mobs for money and rare loot to sell or to collect for himself whenever the situation wasn't about trying to befriend others. Not to mention the Hamlet comparisons go further once Chronicler begins to show more of his true colors here and there.
  • The Atoner: Deconstructed because he didn't even actually commit a crime but, during the second arc, it's clear he's suffering a Sanity Slippage and having a Stepford Smiler act going on. It isn't until the Naotolis fight that he finally has his Journey to the Center of the Mind and fully reactivates himself.
  • Awakening the Sleeping Giant: His role in The Fastest Thing Alive in a nutshell; he's only 8 years old at the time, true, but that isn't stopping him from being able to access Phase 3 and Phase 4 in case his mind determines he's in mortal danger.
  • Beneath the Mask:
    • Is a much more noted Jerkass when he's not surrounded by people he's familiar with, and he's more eager to show this side of him when there's only a select few individuals among his friends around or if one of the people in the room has a nasty issue pertaining to Chronicler's own knowledge and is trying to provoke Chronicler in a way they might not even realize.
    • Not to mention just how horny he actually is for Suguha than what he otherwise makes it out to be. Sometime during the first arc, he has a wet dream of her that escalates from an innocent date to a full on hardcore session with each other in numerous different positions. That and when he actually does get to have sex with her for real, he's so caught up in it he completely forgets to use a condom until after he already climaxed inside of Suguha. Thankfully Suguha was already taking protection herself anyways.
    • There are heavy implications every once in a while when Chronicler is to himself that he's more vile underneath the surface than he otherwise lets himself to be known. Take note of how he's more prone to being a Jerkass the less familiar he is with a group of people, or his rather shady behavior in Truth and Ideals. It all seems to imply that Chronicler is hiding some form of villainy from the normally the more heroic exterior be otherwise has. He's not the Big Bad, true, but he's got enough qualities to possibly be close enough to a Big Bad Friend.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Lets loose a massive Curb-Stomp Battle to Nobuyuki and Chronicler-Prime once they're finally out of his head.
  • Big Bad Friend: While he's not a Big Bad, or heck even a true villain at the current time, Chronicler has shown on different circumstances to showcase sides of his personality that he's more vile in nature than he lets others believe him to be. For that matter, even though Chronicler doesn't exhibit any noteworthy evil traits to him, Maleviolet refuses to let anybody ride him who is truly evil, and has consistently refused to allow Chronicler to ride him for this reason alone, and yet Eidolon rides Maleviolet just fine.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Not even the actual Big Bad of the first arc of Sword Art Online: Special Edition, but rather his vessel from whom the actual Big Bad uses as a puppet to do his actions.
  • Boss Subtitles: The climax chapter of the first arc of Sword Art Online: Special Edition is titled "Ultimorian Deity! Chronicler!"
  • Break Them by Talking: Sort of, but this is how he's defeated in the finale of the first arc of Sword Art Online: Special Edition. When his darker side allows Suguha the chance to speak to the good half of Chronicler, the one that she's more familiar with, she begins filling his mind with ideas to try and get Chronicler to excise the dark half of him entirely, especially since some of the things she has to bring up involve why she even trusts Chronicler to begin, and also the key question; why did Chronicler so readily trust her? The exchange that happens between the two is what ultimately destabilizes the exterior Phase 4 form being fought off by the Ultimorian Deities, and then subsequently leads to Chronicler excising the dark influence from his mind and body, at the cost of heavily severely weakening his entire being in the process.
  • Cain and Abel: Has this dynamic with Eidolon. Who is meant to be who in this dynamic, however, is a Riddle for the Ages.
  • The Cameo: Shows up as an 8 year old in The Fastest Thing Alive, in which he activates his Phase 4 form as a Bonus Boss type of enemy, all the while Chronicler's usual innocence appears to be... hidden behind his sleep walking.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Phase 3 Chronicler (initially) plays this trope straight when using the form, but then it instead transfers over to Phase 4 once he's more experienced with using Phase 3. To reverse the drain of HP, he needs to inflict damage to another target to life-drain them.
  • Character Development: Starts off rather anti-social to a degree, and a very horny young adult who all but flat out wants to get into Suguha's pants, with a bit of Jerkass tendencies towards some people. While he's also rather naive, Chronicler eventually begins to grow a spine when it comes to socialization, and his Jerkass tendencies are less being unintentional about it, as well as his hormones being more in control once he finally has sex with Suguha in the wake of the dance.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Doesn't let his lust for Suguha take over his mind until Suguha begins to force him to reveal this hidden lust for sex with her. By the time the dance is about to begin in the first arc, Suguha is deliberately tempting Chronicler with suggestive hints that she wants to have sex just as much as he does.
  • Commitment Issues: Implied in Chapter 20 of Sword Art Online: Special Edition, although admittedly he was zoning out due to thinking with his dick at the time. Significantly more blatant a few years later, however...
  • Conflict Killer: The mere instant he overloads Robotnik's machine and powers up to Phase 3 alone should've been enough, but Chronicler's mental programming quickly escalated it further by activating his Phase 4 form and thus forcing the primary focus of the threat to be on Chronicler.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Due to not having had a chance to grow up with proper human nature to his behavior, he had a lot of trouble coping with the stress of the breakout, and his life in SAO afterwards as he failed to recognize people who "vanished" were just logging out and not disappearing forever. Then cue the fact his entire origin was something he never had any control over because of his Ultimorian Deity ancestry.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype: Of Marty Stus. Chronicler's abilities are justified due to his AI origin, Chronicler's not even trying to attract multiple women so much as they're just naturally attracted to youthful men, and Chronicler's a complete dork when it comes to trying to be romantic with Suguha. Not only that, but he's also one of the few times the author chooses to ship a canon character with an OC such as Chronicler, and not because he wanted to ship Chronicler with Suguha; he just wanted Suguha to drop the Incest Is Relative plotline entirely from her canon self, so that she has no romantic attraction to Kazuto here.
  • Deconstruction:
    • The first arc's finale has him Victim Blaming himself because he never realized he was possessed as the Final Boss of the first arc, and thus believes everything that had happened is all his fault. Even when he stops blaming himself by the beginning of the second arc, when Suguha or the others aren't around, he most definitely still is.
    • His Took a Level in Jerkass nature regarding his confrontation and interaction with people at Suguha's school is because his Adorkable side is taking a backseat to what he's truly like when he's not around people he's otherwise familiar with.
    • The fact he's taken into care by Kazuto, Asuna, and Suguha after showing off his Runic Laser ability is because nothing they could do at the current moment would allow them to realistically prevent themselves from being wiped out if Chronicler so much as remotely turns against them.
    • By the time Truth and Ideals happens, Chronicler showcases a fair amount of Knight Templar qualities, such as initially condemning a whole universe to perish before deciding to intervene himself, while using Eidolon as the fall-guy for the most part. None of the ambassadors see through the ruse Chronicler may or may not have going on, although Grandis is already wary about the developments his son is showing now that well over a year had passed since Sword Art Online: Special Edition.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: At a young age, a Scyphozoa was used against him to extract the Gatekeeper ability, and once it reached 99% drained, but is suddenly forced to stop at that percentage because of Chronicler's runes activating and reversing the process until the Scyphozoa ends up being drained of its own abilities before being launched out at immense speeds into the real world severely damaged and in pieces.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: The entire reason for the delays in the first arc finale and the second arc proper after that can be boiled down to Chronicler (a young adult) getting into a bad situation that even Grandis (his father and the author's avatar) is completely powerless to get him out of, and has to be Forced to Watch as Chronicler as he knows him is taken away from him in a situation that not even Chronicler will be able to defend himself from.
  • Dual Wielding: He does mostly dual wield daggers, but he can't traditionally dual wield anything bigger like other people can primarily because of his 4'3" height limiting him to daggers in terms of practicality in this regard.
  • Emo Teen: See Ascended Meme above.
  • Empathic Weapon: The Z.E.R.0. turns out to be this for Chronicler in a more exclusive way than with Eidolon, considering the Z.E.R.0.'s current personality and name ultimately determines the name and personality of the current incarnation of Chronicler.
  • Everyone Has Standards: He's not willing to go through sexual desires that involve no consent given or even possible from the other side; he's incredibly horny, true, but he's not a rapist.
  • Expy: Of Archangel Jophiel.
  • Fairy Companion: What's inside the box that Mirror M gives Grandis to give to Suguha later in Chapter 17; AI-069 Gemini. AI-069 Gemini is a sprite capable of taking the form of two separate individuals based off of whom the initial user of it accesses it and has Gemini coded to resemble as one half, in which the other half will seek out the other individual and ask them if they want this particular half to copy the person with the opposite half. In short, Suguha gains a sprite in Chronicler's image, and Chronicler awakens from his slumber in gleeful surprise that he has a chance to still be with Suguha through a sprite. Consequently, since the AIs are designed to relay messages between the two partners, this is oddly enough used as a Loophole Abuse to their current Star-Crossed Lovers situation.
  • Fantastic Nuke: Ryujin Soul, an ability from his Phase 4 form, effectively serves this purpose although it takes the form of a Wave Motion Gun.
  • Fatal Flaw:
    • Lust. Be it his desire to rock Suguha's world so very badly, his numerous attempts to try and persuade Suguha with various courtship tactics to finally have a chance at her, the implication he walked with Suguha out into the forest to try and have sex with her there in privacynote , the fact Kazuto doesn't even seem remotely phased at the prospect of Suguha being seen shirtless with Chronicler, be it whatever it implies for either of them, or most importantly the fact even though in the second arc, Chronicler does have sex with other women, he's only doing so because Suguha gave him permission and that he's otherwise a case of Single-Target Sexuality for Suguha to the point he endangers his own life on too many occasions in the second arc solely to have sex by completely disregarding the timer on his life. Even Grandis admits that he himself was just as horny as Chronicler at his age and yet he wasn't as constantly determined for the desire for sex like Chronicler is. Not only that, but his constant Lust not being caused by Single-Target Sexuality, but rather the opposite, he's the kind of guy who initially isn't entirely sure if he'd be the guy who Really Gets Around... before eventually Digimon Re: Adventure reveals this does indeed happen with him after all. This is also why Suguha's mother has to put Chronicler through an assignment to determine if he's even worthy of taking Suguha to the dance at her school; because she honestly believes with Chronicler's misstep regarding his lust made it more apparent at the time that, from this conversation alone, Chronicler is currently not worthy of her blessing.
    • When possessed by both Chronicler Prime and Nobuyuki as Phase 4 for the first time, his own Smug Super status takes full control over him, considering the revelation of his Phase 4 rendering him the strongest individual currently present on the scene; his own taunts every now and then between an otherwise unrelenting onslaught gives Suguha a window of opportunity to utilize the Full Power Soul Link against him and continuously weaken him until he can be forced into the digital sea. He showcases this much earlier with the first appearance of his Phase 3 form, in which he's rather smug and overconfident about disposing of Ken's avatar in the ensuing transformation; unlike with Phase 4, he isn't possessed at all during this, indicating that this comes natural to him with awakening more and more of his own hidden power.
  • Final Boss: Of the first arc of Sword Art Online: Special Edition.
  • Flaming Sword: As Phase Faux, when he first attempts to summon the Z.E.R.0., it winds up being the sword in the form of molten raw metal as the sword has yet to be recreated in the modern Greater Multiverse. As a result, the Z.E.R.0.'s base components are not functioning, but the sword itself exists as a molten energy blade that will eventually become the same Z.E.R.0. sword that Phase Four Chronicler will wield normally.
  • Foil:
    • He's essentially one to Asuna. Both of them are sensitive people who have things to cope with in their life because of things they want to be in life, but can only dream of it or fantasize about it, such as Asuna playing SAO to pretend to be an Action Girl when she's a Non-Action Gal in real-life, and how Chronicler wants to be a normal person living a normal life but is forever burdened by his distinct origins and heritage that forces him to live up to a lot of expectations. Not only that, but while Chronicler and Asuna are both Supreme Chefs when they showcase their cooking abilities, they're noticeably gender bent in who fills this role in terms of their love interest; Kazuto and Suguha can't cook at all in comparison worth their lives, even when Asuna and Chronicler try and teach them respectively. Not only that but whereas Asuna is a dark knight in her avatar, Chronicler is more of a paladin.
    • He's ESPECIALLY one to Canon!Kirito. While both are some variation of Emo Teen, Kirito in the canon often had the plot make him the most powerful player with no real justification to the point some of his abilities feel like an Ass Pull. With Chronicler? Not even getting into his half Ultimorian DNA, he's half AI in terms of his composition; he's powerful because The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard, and because of his Ultimorian DNA, he's able to take this advantage with him into the real world via an incredibly advanced Hard Light.
  • Foregone Conclusion: He's confirmed to survive all of Sword Art Online: Special Edition due to his appearance in Digimon Re: Adventure, but so much has changed about him by the time three years pass, in which, among other things, he's referred to as the "Prince of the Ultimorian Deities", that while Chronicler's survival from Sword Art Online: Special Edition is guaranteed, so much other things have happened that makes one question how, when, where, and why Chronicler took several levels in badass, jerkass, and having the audacity to tell Grandis to get lost and outright admitting to really getting around with no questions raised as to whether or not he's still with Suguha anymore.
  • Forgets to Eat: Neglects his need to eat quite a lot to the point a few of the characters actively try and get him to sit down to eat properly for his health.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Runic Laser in a nutshell.
  • Friend or Idol Decision: Downplayed, considering it's a non-lethal example; sometime after the bounty on him and Stormcloud ceases to exist, a player approaches Chronicler via PM upon seeing him with Stormcloud, offering to basically buy out Stormcloud with wealth and possessions which he can easily translate over into the real world as well for Chronicler to do what he wants with it. However, despite Chronicler not having been with Stormcloud very long, he states that Stormcloud is simply not for sale, and the buyer goes off on his way as if nothing happened, but Chronicler and Stormcloud give each other a curious gaze. This all indicates that the bond between the two is far, far stronger than what is apparently known, as well as being the catalyst for why the two can Hyper Fuse into Delta Silver.
  • Gag Penis: Unintentional had it not been for the author rolling with it while he still had a chance to change his mind. His dick isn't any longer than 6 inches, which wouldn't seem too out of left field, but once you take into account Chronicler's height...
    Suguha: 'Good lord with a dick that big it honestly makes you wonder what he'd be like at a more normal human male height, doesn't it?'
  • Half-Human Hybrid:
    • A dark elf and Ultrarian human analog hybrid, which leads to his Unstable Genetic Code influencing his behavior or abilities beyond what a normal human could or would ever do.
    • Technically said dark elf is an AI that when Chronicler was conceived, was inhabiting a cyborg body that she was originally not designed for, but Grandis had given her so that she could properly learn what senses were due to her android bodies not working for her. Grandis meanwhile is technically human by virtue being an Ultrarian analog to them, but that's just about it when you take into consideration his absurd abilities of which Chronicler inherited a few and some of them combined with his mother's VNA to create unique abilities. These are what drive a lot of the conflict relating to Chronicler early in the story; because they can't tell if he's genuinely an innocent Naïve Newcomer or if he's a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing.
    • Also note said dark elf is not actually a dark elf at this point in time; she's just a regular dark skinned, albeit artificially created, human; it's only in the SAO game that she gains her elven traits. This shows in Chronicler's examination by a few elven NPCs under Kizmel's control, considering they don't recognize Chronicler as having any elven blood within him despite Chronicler's claim that Kizmel is his mother.
  • Hard Work Hardly Works: The trope is Averted twice when it comes to his initial two fights with Grandis. As Phase 3, even though Chronicler is developing how to better use it, he's not experienced in the slightest with fighting a being who more or less has the same power set and has been around for far longer to the point he no longer needs his own Phase 3 form. When Chronicler acquires Phase 4, it's technically more of a Subversion because while the stronger abilities initially give him an advantage, he drains his stamina and energy too quickly before he can deal any knockout blows to Grandis and thus Grandis is able to defeat Chronicler once more.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: He's very proficient at swords, be it one-handed, two-handed, dual-wielding, and even being able to make use of blades weapons that normally aren't forged for combat purposes. He's a complete klutz when it comes to blunt or axe weaponry, hence why it's more Justified as to why he uses swords almost exclusively in terms of melee weapons.
  • Hobbits: As revealed in a study in both his and Grandis' biology before the breakout incident, Odd and Ulrich stumble upon some research files in which Odd summarizes a paper on Chronicler's abnormally small size as referring to him as a hobbit, to which the paper actually reads in full that hybrids between the two human subspecies are frequently prone to having hobbit-like individuals who are more or less ordinarily grown individuals who just happen to be smaller than the others. This also explains Grandis' brother, and thus Chronicler's uncle, as to why he's so much abnormally bigger than Grandis is, because the genetics that make hobbit-like hybrids can be reversed every now and then in pure-blood individuals only.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: Capable of firing immense rays of light in an explosive or energy beam force from his hands through his deity runes placed on both of his forearms.
  • Hormone-Addled Teenager:
    • Seems to have thoughts on the back of his mind whether he realizes it or not about wanting to bang Suguha badly. The more closer to the dance arc as the story progresses, the more addled he becomes towards Suguha to the point of making more bold attempts to court her than he normally would.
    • In a later chapter, he ends up dreaming about it as well, and he denies having done so when Suguha asks him as to why his pants are moist with a large bulge prominent beside his thigh.
  • Human Subspecies: Is a hybrid of the real-life Homo sapiens sapiens and the fictional Homo sapiens ultimorius. As a result, Chronicler is considered a demigod in terms of classification and overall power.
  • Important Haircut: Chapter 20 of Sword Art Online: Special Edition has him sporting a haircut which is all but stated to be the same one used in his Mabinogi reference pics, the Hamlet-esque hairstyle specifically. It isn't specifically specified as Hamlet's, but it is described as "Shakespearean-esque" in nature.
  • In Name Only: His Eriksen surname isn't actually his; nor does it belong to Kizmel for that matter. It's a derogatory term used by Ken as to basically call both Kizmel and Chronicler "demons", considering the only guy aside from Ken himself who ever bore the surname Eriksen legitimately was effectively the Devil himself.
  • Invincible Hero/Failure Hero: Chronicler has demonstrated the capacity to fill both roles in different situations. Against other Ultimorian Deities, Chronicler has lost against them to showcase there's Always Someone Better. Against regular Badass Normal type characters, Chronicler doesn't exactly always win either; he only wins against Ken because of undergoing Sanity Slippage that counts for a Traumatic Superpower Awakening, and even then for all Ken cares in that regard, That Fight Didnt Count because it was just a virtual avatar of his for SAO and not Ken himself. Mirror M and Grandis have so far proven to be superior opponents, but it remains to be seen if Chronicler will ever manage to best their abilities.
  • Irony: Often doesn't get enough to eat even by the beginning half of the second arc. First class he takes at Suguha's school upon his choice? Cooking.
  • Informed Attribute: His 4'3" height; he's described as short, yes, but he doesn't look this short; he looks on average 5'0" or more in the fics proper. Justified since this is because his original basis in Mabinogi is technically 4'3" according to official statistics on player character model heights, and that the choice in rebirth when the author plays as him is to use to make Stormcloud seem larger by comparison, since otherwise Stormcloud looks "too small". Chronicler in reality is more closer to the 5' range more than he is any less or any significantly more.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Of the author's Mabinogi avatar of from which Chronicler gets his design and abilities from as shown best here.
  • Interspecies Romance:
    • Defied; it's a Platonic Life-Partners-like friendship he has with Cream the Rabbit, considering they're both around the same age. Considering it's ultimately Cream who gets Chronicler to snap out of his own power high, it says wonders as to how much The Power of Love actually works in this continuity.
    • Although to be fair his entire romance with Suguha could technically be a more straightforward example for the most part. Depends on how much you view him as being different from a normal human depending on how he's acting at any given time.
  • Intimate Healing: In the epilogue of the first arc, when he's just beginning to regain his senses after having woken up, he's treated to a warm bath shared with Suguha, and then both of them having sex in bed to try and get Chronicler's energy back up to normal levels. Apparently the warm bath was all he needed; Grandis comments on how the sex wasn't necessary and it perhaps made Chronicler's unique DNA become too energetic.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: His more Jerkass sides are overshadowed by his more innocent, benevolent nature, even when his Jerkass side becomes more prevalent as he ages.
  • Jumping Off the Slippery Slope: Despite what everyone thinks, it's not him causing destruction while possessed by Chronicler Prime; that's not even of his own will. What is of his own will, however, is the complete and utter genocide of the Naotolis species save for Silver Naotolis' miraculous survival, if only to die after birthing Minerva. Note Silver Naotolis kept insisting Chronicler wouldn't go through with it, considering that up until he actually does, Silver Naotolis thought of Chronicler as being far too innocent to carry it out.
  • Hallucinations: Begins to have these in the second arc as part of how his mind is trying to cope with having both a Mind Virus infecting his system, as well as dealing with the aftermath of the first arc. Some of these may or may not actually be real.
  • Karmic Misfire: Played With. Doesn't even realize the events of the final bits of the first arc was never truly his own fault when everyone, except for the people who knew about it, blames him for all of the destruction caused when he was possessed by his prior incarnation and Nobuyuki. This ends up becoming a Cynicism Catalyst for Chronicler, since he feels that the entire incident, even when he learns his past incarnation was to truly blame, is only his own fault and nobody else's. Then again to be fair, Chronicler does have his reasons for blaming himself; some of the events that took place during that were actually of his own free will for brief periods, so he has no idea what's truly his own fault or the fault of those possessing him at the time.
  • Keet: He's cute for an otherwise Bishōnen character, as the girls at Suguha's private school are take a liking to him because of his boyish qualities to him.
  • Knife Nut: His primary Dual Wielding weapons of choice are daggers.
  • Knight of Cerebus: A heroic example; he's treated like a potential candidate of being capable of driving humankind to extinction, and considering he's the son of the King of the Ultimorian Deities, he could easily attract too much divine attention to the human populace should any of them go too far against him. Not only that, but when Kazuto is paranoid and hiding behind the face of a stern older brother who wants to make sure Chronicler cannot do harm to his sister, Chronicler showcases to Kazuto his Runic Laser ability which completely has him shocked and horrified as to the implications that Chronicler has an immense amount of power that he only just saw the surface of because he knew from what Chronicler said that Chronicler was holding back immensely.
  • Lack of Empathy:
    • He shows zero concern for the neighborhood when he casually showcases his Runic Laser to Kazuto for the first time, which Kirito is actually shocked with judging by his Oh, Crap! reaction to it. Sure, Chronicler didn't try and destroy anything with it, but how was Kirito supposed to know that when he realized what Chronicler was beginning to charge in his hand? Not helping matters is that Chronicler very clearly disturbed the peace, since it was nighttime, car alarms went off like no tomorrow, and the entire ground shook in addition to the obvious bright flash from the laser setting off alarms in people's head for those still awake.
    • When he ends up meeting Minerva later down the line, his entire decision to commit mass genocide against the Naotolis as Delta Silver for the first time finally begins to bite him in the ass. True, Naotolis was Always Chaotic Evil to the extreme, but when Minerva is asked to join forces with Chronicler, she naturally has zero reason to want to sympathize with someone who has no regret for killing off her predecessor form's entire species.
  • Leitmotif: "Who Will Know"
  • Likes Older Women: Inverted; older women at Suguha's school are attracted to Chronicler because of how youthful he looks as an 18 year old.
  • Loners Are Freaks: He doesn't have any friends prior to meeting Suguha, who is his love interest, and everyone views him with caution even though he's a mere Level 60 compared to most of the other players staying in the Inn when he's introduced.

    Tropes M to Z 

  • Madness Mantra: "LET GO OF ME!"
  • Manchild: Often behaves more like a younger teen than he does an 18 year old.
  • Meaningful Echo: What does he say to his own dark half upon being swayed by Suguha to excise his dark half from his mind and body while he has the chance? "LET GO OF ME!"
  • Meaningful Name: Is named after the Saint Damian, which gives hints to Eidolon's true name as well. As for Chronicler's last name, while Grandis isn't named Erik, he and Kizmel both have known a man named Erik who had save both of their lives at numerous points, combined with the fact Erik is Kizmel's father figure as she had developed from a mere AI.
  • Mind Virus: His dark half is being forcefully pushed into the open by a microchip that leeched into him at one of Devoniak's dead zones, and this dark half slowly takes over him and begins to threaten everyone else around him in the process. The dark half of him is excised from him at the end of the first arc, but he still has to deal with the microchip itself during the second arc.
  • The Napoleon: While it's implied he's 5 feet at most, his in-game basis from Mabinogi is technically 4'3" considering Chronicler's in-game model uses the 10 year old model for the references he's stacked up against for the most part. Mirror M apparently is the only one who directly notices just how puny Chronicler is, though he probably should have kept his big mouth shut about it.
  • Nervous Wreck: Initially when it comes to flirting with Suguha and trying to court her; he's too busy thinking with trying to impress her so that he can eventually bed her, but he's taken off guard when it comes to the smaller steps in-between the beginning of a relationship and eventual sex.
  • Never Live It Down: In-Universe with the complete genocide of the Naotolis species in the second arc, which not even Grandis is willing to defend Chronicler over considering he badly needs Minerva's loyalty, and Minerva is effectively the last remaining Naotolis due to her mother being the late Silver Naotolis.
    Grandis: I know at least... two, who will never forgive you for that callous decision of yours. Unlike with Chronicler Prime, however, you have nobody to blame but yourself this time.
  • Nice Guy: Questionable morality and occasional Jerkass behavior aside, this seems to be his biggest appeal to others around him and most definitely shows his innocence; when he first meets Suguha, he offers to pay for various in-game items and a Mount for her to get started with, solely out of wanting to have a friend alone. Even though he went overboard with Suguha accusing him of trying to hit on her, Suguha still relents to the niceness she sees in Chronicler is at least honest, which eventually leads into their romantic relationship.
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: How surprisingly creepy he can be at times due to certain attributes such as a partial Lack of Empathy, some of his more Psychopathic Manchild tendencies, as well as the fact he's by technical definition an Ultimate Lifeform in a mortal body.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Immediately goes Delta Silver and violently engages Eidolon in a fight the first time they meet in this given incarnation.
  • Nominal Hero: Often gets cited as this in his later arcs and age. Even when he debuts in Sword Art Online: Special Edition, he has a motive to help Suguha, but it's clear he's hiding behind a more selfish intent which is trying to find a friend with her rather than anything heroic. Not only that, but when they become more intimate, he often stumbles with trying to hide the fact much of what he does he's motivated by a growing lust for Suguha and to have sex with her, and this only increases as the first arc progresses. Not helping matters is that Chronicler can easily be persuaded into doing dubious acts if it means fulfilling one of his motivations relating to impressing Suguha, keeping her safe, or doing the same with any of Suguha's friends or family.

    He does show a surprising Lack of Empathy when it comes to how destructive his abilities are compared to how casually he tries to show them off, such as with his Runic Laser's first appearance in Sword Art Online: Special Edition where he flat out disturbed the peace in the neighborhood just to show off the move, and even with his claim he didn't try and hit anybody, who's to say he actually didn't by accident hit something due to the immense range of the beam? During his second encounter with Nobuyuki, even Nobuyuki is criticizing Chronicler for hiding his selfish motivations behind pseudo-heroic actions.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Has the last name of Eriksen despite neither he nor his mother being even remotely related to Enric Eriksen or Kirigaya Ken. Sure, Ken mentions he has a sister, but she's long dead years before Chronicler's mother was created. Chronicler and his mother even having the surname in question is actually an insult from Ken to demean them both because of their AI natures, essentially equating them to the devil.
  • Noodle Incident:
    • The year between Sword Art Online: Special Edition and Truth and Ideals has him taking a good chunk of level in Jerkass, but he's also more mature at the same time and takes the initiative more than he does otherwise. Did Eidolon get to his head to where it altered Chronicler's behavior a whole lot? Or is Chronicler just beginning to go through an arc in which he begins to show his more negative qualities upfront?
    • Turns out his future self possibly isn't even the real him; his future existence is an Inverted Foregone Conclusion because the Deity Runes on Chronicler got too carried away with assuming that the Chronicler in Truth and Ideals would be Ryusei Takato, but not Damion Eriksen as we ultimately see in the aftermath of the first arc of Sword Art Online: Special Edition. By the time the first arc comes around to a close, Takato is vaporized from existence, and the real Chronicler is stuck in virtual reality with only 72 hours to live if he enters the real world until the end of the second arc solves this at the cost of Stormcloud's life.
  • Olympus Mons: Of the AIs developed in the facility, Chronicler has the potential to be the most dangerous of the bunch even if he never directly attacks anybody. His Gateway ability is the result of his hybrid nature involving one parent who had the ability but wasn't an AI in the form of Grandis, and the Gateway ability is essentially a reinforced version of his father's ability combined with his mother's AI nature. With it, he can give ANY other AI the ability to translate into Hard Light, of which they can then freely traverse between virtual and reality so long as nothing tries to block them.
  • The Omniscient: Not directly, but as Delta Silver, he can use "Omnilock" as a means of locking on to every individual who registers with a certain select search category. Using this, he locks on to and takes aim at every single specimen of Naotolis to ever exist at once.
  • Our Angels Are Different: His Phase 3 and Phase 4 forms are based off of angels, specifically a Seraph.
  • Our Homunculi Are Different: Due to how he was conceived in the first place, he's a Homunculi by proxy due to his mother's bizarre reproductive abilities. However, despite this, the only actual Homunculi trait about Chronicler is his short height (4'3"), since otherwise Chronicler is fully formed like any other adult human aside from being significantly smaller than normal. Grandis further speculates whether or not Chronicler's size has anything to do with a given power he has inherent from his Ultrarian human DNA. Either way, as far as Grandis knows, he hasn't seen a hybrid of his own subspecies of human that isn't ludicrously short like how Chronicler is, so it might just be a genetic anomaly within Grandis' subspecies that effects hybrids between him or other human subspecies.
  • Paint It Black: He dons a white cloak the next day in Chapter 20 of Sword Art Online: Special Edition, and there are heavy hints that he's Not Himself to some degrees, considering while initially nobody truly thinks of it otherwise, some of Chronicler's friends and Suguha are just feeling... off, about just how regal and squeaky clean and healthy Chronicler is all of a sudden. The fact that Chronicler also learned to No-Sell the Cast from Hit Points part of his Phase 3 form also disturbs everyone, considering their withheld fears of Chronicler becoming a threat are quickly proving to be a possibility. His entire appearance as Phase 4 as well it also heavily white and divine colors in look as well.
  • Passive-Aggressive Kombat: In Operation R.E.B.O.O.T., he seems to be actively trying to provoke Plio into action through this method.
  • Perverse Sexual Lust: Nobody can really understand how he well he hides how much he seriously wants to bang Suguha to no end.
  • Power Floats: His Phase 4 form by default.
  • Rage Breaking Point: The climax of the first arc of Sword Art Online: Special Edition has him going ballistic against Ken.
  • Real Men Cook: Though not initially, Chronicler does learn how to begin cooking once he begins attending Suguha's private school. He develops a Trademark Favorite Food in the form of coq au vin.
  • Reality Warper: His mastery of his own runes have graduated him to this level of ability in Digimon Re: Adventure.
  • Rei Ayanami Expy: A rare male example of this trope. Love Interest for Suguha? Check. Age 10-20? He's 18, so that counts. Pale skin? Check. Dark and Troubled Past? Check. Mysterious and or other-worldly origins? Check. Blue hair and silver pupils with red irises? Check. No Social Skills among other issues? Check. Not Quite Human? Most definitely.
  • Reset Button: His Runic Ability's functions, due to having been inherited from Zaalim's Deity Rune, allows for Chronicler to perform a much larger scale version of this than what the supercomputer is capable of by itself.
  • Riddle for the Ages: Chronicler and his mother's unofficial surname of Eriksen was never actually their surname; the explanation as to why they used it is never meant to be given a clear answer and only intended to raise more questions when one thinks they come close to it. Eventually everyone sort of forgets about it once Chronicler officially takes on his biological father's surname of Mollohan.
  • Save the Villain: What he ultimately does to end his conflict with Kirigaya Ken once and for all; vaporizing Silver Naotolis just before she can remotely attempt to kill Ken.
  • Series Mascot: One of the most prominent characters of Citadel of the Heart, to the point he's the Face of the Band for the continuity as a whole.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Mirror M lunging at him during the breakout forever scarred him to say the least.
  • Shout-Out:
    • See below for the numerous upon numerous towards the MMO Mabinogi.
    • His small, near kid-like stature in contrast to his actual adulthood status is a partial reference to a Vague Age arguments regarding the titular character of Hamlet, to the point when Suguha's school is casting for a play, they end up immediately unwittingly drafting Chronicler into the role because of how even they acknowledge the infamous Vague Age debacle of Hamlet's character. Fittingly, this same exact debacle has also affected Chronicler's depictions in the past as well.
  • Shout-Out Theme Naming: In-Universe. As far as Grandis and Kizmel know, they know of a much older guy who is responsible for having saved Grandis and Kizmel's life numerous times, named Erik. Kizmel chose Chronicler's surname by calling him the "son of Erik", to which Grandis agreed with because of the fact Grandis didn't want Chronicler to have his own surname out of fear of people tracking Chronicler back to him. Too bad Kirigaya Ken decided to tarnish the name with his old man's surname of no other relation...
  • Shown Their Work:
    • Both Meta-wise and also regarding Chronicler's abilities being justified in-universe. Much of the game SAO in the fic is based on the MMO called Mabinogi, which uses a lot of crucial system similarities to it, as well as some from other MMOs. Before Chronicler's introduction, fights are described as being relatively simplistic, akin to the Tera MMO or maybe even World of Warcraft. Chronicler demonstrates a much wider range of control over his abilities and competency in combat in general, which for some reviewers of Sword Art Online: Special Edition got to see a demonstration of with the author playing Mabinogi with the avatar that inspired Chronicler and using the Paladin and Demigod skills to demonstrate several otherwise Story-Breaker Power abilities Chronicler has which are all present in one way or another in his Citadel Of The Heart incarnation, or at the very least the former's set of abilities are branched off into similar abilities for the latter. This video sums up perfectly what was shown off.note 
    • The dish Chronicler cooks beginning with the second arc, coq au vin, is not only a real dish, but is also a dish that can be cooked in Mabinogi made using the same basic recipe as its real-life counterpart. Meanwhile, in real-life and in-game, it does use wine in making it, but in the story and in real-life, Chronicler cooks it with non-alcoholic wine. Not only that, when Chronicler cooks in preparation for a dinner for Kazuto and Asuna's wedding, Keiko notes that it's a French originating dish and is semi-surprised to see it there.
  • Socially Awkward Hero: In spades. For starters there's the extremely Adorkable habits he develops around Suguha that makes his attempts to be flirty reduce him to a Nervous Wreck on the spot, and the fact Chronicler as a whole doesn't have a whole lot of knowledge on social customs to where he develops certain attributes such as his Lust for Suguha, sometimes taken to awkward degrees, as well as, scarily enough in some situations, Lack of Empathy.
  • Spontaneous Weapon Creation: When within SAO or directly influenced by its presence, he is capable of this. Otherwise, he doesn't appear to have the ability naturally. Phase 4 technically has this ability for him, but considering he's a Physical God by that point, it's more Justified why he can use this ability anywhere in this specific form.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Implied to be this for Suguha; while it's true he's very open about his interest in Suguha towards her, and the fact the feeling is indeed mutual, their whole relationship got started because Chronicler decided to try and track her down in the real world after growing incredibly attached to her in a short amount of time. Not to mention all of the times Chronicler becomes a Crazy Jealous Guy at the mere idea that somebody else is trying to court Suguha at any time given.
  • Status Buff: On top of his already ludicrous amount of power as Phase 4, during the first arc's climax, just before he's engaged by a Stormcloud powered Soul Linked Suguha, he uses his own unstable and explosive aura to strengthen himself from far beyond an SAO player avatar's stats ever could reach alone. This also allows him to make easier usage of Ryujin Soul, considering it's otherwise severe energy bar consumption by virtue of being fueled off of HP, MP, and Stamina.
  • Super Dickery: Chapter 9 of Digimon Re: Adventure comes across as this immensely because prior Character Development which would more or less directly tie into his appearance there had not been posted just yet. More specifically his much more cynical and Anti Heroic nature compared to how we first see him in Sword Art Online: Special Edition as a Wide-Eyed Idealist and especially as a Naïve Newcomer.
  • Super Mode: Chronicler's Phase 3 and Phase 4 forms differ from most Ultimorian Deities; Phase 3 either uses the Demideity form by itself, or the Paladin armored form by itself. Phase 4 uses both forms in unison. As a result of this, Phase 3 Chronicler is repressed in power by 75%, instead of the usual 50%. Due to this, Phase 4 Chronicler has him running at 150% power; this is half more than most Phase 4 forms, which normally only use 100% of the user's full power. Chronicler shares this trait with Eidolon in this regard. Phase 4 starts off in two stages when it's first used, at first just being both of Chronicler's Phase 3 forms being used in unison, but then shedding itself for the real deal with Ultimorian Deity Chronicler being the true Phase 4 form that completely overrides the prior form and takes on the role of the Final Boss of the first arc of Sword Art Online: Special Edition.
  • Super Prototype: Chronicler is considered this towards Aelita, since Chronicler's unique method of materializing and virtualizing was only given to him by complete accident due to the unusual and difficult to understand Grandis and Kizmel's genes merged to conceive him with. In Aelita's case, the intent with giving her the same ability was to deliberately recreate the accident on purpose through purely artificial means.
  • Swinging: As Chronicler learns to adapt to life as a normal person, he's given Suguha's consent right from the start that Chronicler is free to have sex with other women so long as she's informed of his partners, and that Chronicler especially has their consent as well. Best demonstrated 3 years later with Mimi in Digimon Re: Adventure, in which Chronicler openly admits to doing this with various women, and Mimi gives him her full consent and flirts with him first before the two begin the act proper.
  • Teeny Weenie: Averted and inverted; while incredibly small in height as a male, when Suguha gets a good look at Chronicler's dick, she's stunned with how, even though it's 6 inches, keep in mind Chronicler is 4'3", meaning had he been scaled up to be taller like a normal male 18 year old, he would instead have something more akin to a Gag Penis.
  • Time Master: What abilities he had inherited from Zaalim's Deity Rune, which The Reveal he has this ability over time is what begins a Wham Episode arc in which he meets his counterpart Eidolon for the first time.
  • Time Stands Still: His Runic Ability allows him to effectively stop time completely except for himself or anyone who is capable of No-Selling the effects by default.
  • Tiny Schoolboy: Officially becomes this in the second and third arcs; he's already 4'3" as it is, so he's qualified for this.
  • Token Mini-Moe: Considering he's 4'3", this is a given.
  • Tom the Dark Lord: Not Chronicler himself, but the Z.E.R.0.'s personality embodied within Chronicler is what ultimately reveals to Chronicler his own true name, as well as the Z.E.R.0.'s current name. This is where the name Damion ultimately comes from in reality. As for the Z.E.R.0. itself, it's more Ambiguously Evil at best, especially considering it serves either Chronicler or Eidolon based on whomever currently possesses it.
  • Took a Level in Badass:
    • We don't even get to see him in full action in Digimon Re: Adventure Chapter 9, and already he proves this to be the case by curb-stomping Grandis whereas prior he had no such luck at all, considering the very first fight they had ended with Grandis curb-stomping Chronicler. Also the fact Chronicler can get away with barking orders at Grandis, because as Grandis himself states, Chronicler is now the "Prince of the Ultimorian Deities".
    • When they first meet, Mirror M completely curb-stomps Chronicler and nearly eats him alive, with Chronicler only getting lucky with surviving and permanently injuring Mirror M in the process. When they meet again in the first arc's finale in Sword Art Online: Special Edition, Chronicler as an Ultimorian Deity flat out obliterates Mirror M's virtual avatar in an instant, whom mind you Mirror M uses his Phase 3 form up to this point and proves to be completely helpless against the mock version of Chronicler Phase 4 prior as well before becoming Phase 3 and realizing he's not strong enough to beat Chronicler.
  • Took a Level in Cynic: His role in the second arc in a nutshell.
  • Trauma Button:
    • People suddenly rushing towards him after a long moment of being still in movement. Not a whole lot if he's more familiar with the person, but if he isn't...
    • Specifically reminders of Mirror M lunging at him, or anything about Mirror M's vicious side in general is enough to reduce Chronicler into a crying fit.
  • True Final Boss: You thought the fight against him was over once Nobuyuki and Chronicler Prime were expelled from his body? Think again; Chronicler, now driven completely insane to the point he can only think of self-preservation, continues to go on a rampage and escalates the fight further to where the main characters are forced to digitize him through the Digital Sea to finally get the fight to draw to a close.
  • Ultimate Lifeform: Not to the insane degree as Mirror M, but he definitely qualifies when you consider what role he plays in hindsight after his initial debut.
  • Unflinching Walk: As Delta Silver towards Tyrion fused with Silver Naotolis, complete with a Death Glare he holds eternal the entire moment.
  • Vague Age: Let's be honest; would you really believe he was 18 or older at first glance when he's only 4'3"?!
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: Depends on the fic as to whether or not he's actually antagonistic, but by and far he's the most prominent cast member whose consistently treated as serious issue that alienates the conflicts the other characters get involved in normally. His entire character is deliberately designed to make everyone from the canon Sword Art Online series look like complete and utter jokes, due to the fact the consequences of his existence actually can threaten the entire planet as a whole, whereas much of the conflict of SAO was relatively mundane at most and only rarely affected anything outside of the virtual worlds. Considering Chronicler can materialize into the real world at will via an advanced Hard Light, which effectively allows him to keep all of his powers in the real world, he's by and far the most dangerous entity outside of the Big Three Ultimorian Deities to ever be allowed such a casual level of free reign like his own father has. Ultima and Dragora's lack of presence in Sword Art Online: Special Edition is specifically because they're both at edge as to what to even interpret Chronicler as being, and they don't want to risk engaging him without knowing his limitations; a Creator Deity and a Destroyer Deity are flat out scared shitless by him.
  • Vocal Evolution: Considering Chronicler's age he reveals a fact about Ultimorian humans which nobody was able to observe in modern times; he doesn't actually undergo vocal puberty until he's within his first year after turning 20, something which had affected Grandis many eons ago but he ultimately forgot was an actual part of his biology. When Chronicler displays the sudden shift in his overall tone and sound upon turning 21, Grandis is given a rather harsh reminder since the way Chronicler behaves at this point only solidifies the fact the naive, innocent sounding Chronicler is long gone, even if Chronicler is still staying on a good alignment, morally questionable he may be otherwise. Chapter 20 of Sword Art Online: Special Edition reveals this to be a much more gradual process than how regular humans go through it, and that merely 3 months after having turned 18 he's already beginning to slowly, but very noticeably, shift in the sound of his voice towards his older self.
  • Wave Motion Gun: His runic laser doesn't exactly qualify, but as Phase 4 his Ryujin Soul move definitely qualifies.
  • Wham Episode:
    • His entire role as the Final Boss of the first arc of Sword Art Online: Special Edition has nobody looking at him the same way ever again.
    • Even though the aftermath of it only lasts a month until he first is shown outside of the virtual world again, he ends up becoming bound to the virtual worlds in the second arc and can't permanently stay in the real world whether he wants to or not so long as he's only got a small time frame each day he can spend outside of virtual reality until he either dies, or finds a means to fix his glitched mind and body, or simply retreats into virtual reality to turn back the countdown at a sluggish pace.
    • Chapter 9 of Digimon Re: Adventure, he's introduced as to what he'll become three years after Sword Art Online: Special Edition, which showcases him as a Future Badass who is officially acknowledged as the Prince of the Ultimorian Deities, and the fact Grandis, who previously had full command over Chronicler, is now being bossed around by Chronicler without any fuss. Take that into consideration with Chronicler's implied Took a Level in Jerkass, Took a Level in Badass, him outright admitting to behaving like he Really Gets Around, having mastered his runes to where he becomes a Reality Warper, and wearing a Cool Mask for much of the time unless he's in Mimi's presence alone. Oh, and the fact he has the fucking prototype Z.E.R.0..
    • Chapter 9 of Digimon Re: Adventure shows him after having mastered power he originally had in a very chaotic uprising in the climax of the first arc of Sword Art Online: Special Edition; words fail to properly do Chronicler's ascension to Phase 4 and being acknowledged as an Ultimorian Deity justice; out of all of the Ultimorian Deities suddenly making a beeline towards Japan to acknowledge Chronicler all at once, including all of the cosmic individualsnote , the dark affiliated membersnote , revitalizing the wounded Ultimorian Deities already at Earth and stirring them into motionnote , summoning three who didn't even exist yet from the futurenote , and then the icing on the cake of summoning the one who was thought to be missing forever, possessing Stormcloud because he absolutely must bare witness to this eventnote .
  • Wham Line:
    • "I can't." In response to being asked to stay the night with Suguha after Their First Time, in which he responds how he's now bound to virtual reality and has to go back into the virtual world at least 120 hours for every 12 hours he spends in the real world, for who knows how long until a fix for him can be found, lest he risk severe damage to himself.
    • "I don't even properly exist yet; how can I help you with that in mind?" Chronicler is referring to the fact he's not the real Chronicler at the time Truth and Ideals takes place, and that whether or not Chronicler survives Sword Art Online: Special Edition isn't a Foregone Conclusion; it's the fact this specific instance of Chronicler will no longer exist by the time the story catches up to the events of the second arc of Sword Art Online: Special Edition.
    • "You! Big!! JERK!!!" For context, Chronicler is presumed dead because of the aftermath of Ryusei Takato being beaten out of him, leaving Chronicler's body limp and motionless. Second, when Ken is trying to kill a weakened Grandis in cold blood, this line is spoken with increasing intensity as Chronicler's body not only revives on the spot, but immediately powers up to Phase 4 in record timing.
  • Wham Shot:
    • Chapter 20 of Sword Art Online: Special Edition with Chronicler's (first) usage of his white cloak. Not only does this costume switch signal the final parts of the first arc, but it also doubles as Foreshadowing for the future appearances of Chronicler as well.note 
    • Fusing with Stormcloud to become Delta Silver is another one, considering it was doubted Chronicler could even attain the form, yet alone under the circumstances that he was more than likely dead just before the Fusion Dance occurred.
  • What You Are in the Dark: How much of a sex crazed maniac he is doesn't truly show itself in its uglier sides until he's alone with a sleeping Suguha one day during the first arc. Nobody else is home, and noise can't escape the walls of these types of apartments very easily anymore. Chronicler could admittedly try and feel up Suguha in her sleep, potentially even rape her if he so much as truly wants to. Aside from ogling Suguha's assets through her clothing and merely thinking about what he could do, he instead opts to go make himself something to eat and leave Suguha to sleep all the while preparing her something on the side for once she's awake.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Nobody has come up with a proper answer as to why his has bluish tints in otherwise more black hair. Grandis doesn't know, nor does anybody else know; the closest answer Grandis has is that he's known his own species to have even weirder differences from ordinary humans in comparison to hair color.
  • Your Days Are Numbered:
    • The aftermath of the first arc and during the entire second arc he's only got 12 hours he can spend in reality total before he has to recharge in the virtual world for 120 hours, and is the biggest source of drama to occur in the second arc regarding his limited chance to stay in the real world at the risk of dying for real once his time is up, or the fact Suguha now has to only be able to spend a small amount of time every approximate week with her boyfriend. Stormcloud apparently hides from everyone that he can cure Chronicler of this glitch, but he's hesitant because of how Chronicler can't simply be gift wrapped things to him so lightly.
    • During the final showdown with Silver Naotolis, Chronicler uses up all of his remaining time left for the fight proper, and ends up dying to Naotolis' onslaught. Stormcloud by this point had already fused with Chronicler, but hasn't seemingly fixed him at all. Stormcloud and Chronicler have a conversation with each other via a Journey to the Center of the Mind, in which Chronicler has no choice but for Stormcloud to perform a Heroic Sacrifice to revive Chronicler, but at the same time giving Chronicler access to his Phase 5 form Delta Silver for the first time.

Dragora the Darknote
"You can make a dragon a design but you can’t force him to use it... wait"

Click here  to see Dragora the Dark as an untamed dragon.

Simply known as Dragora, or as Dragora the Dark (although as far as Chronicler knows, his name is Stormcloud as dictated by him) from which to differentiate him from Dragora Galaxia, Dragora the Dark is a traditionally built, six-limbed dragon with a mix of traits between typical draconic features such as bat-like wings, a saurian head, powerfully built arms and legs, and a long, sturdy tail. His color palette is that of an Orca's, and his legs are structured to effectively allow him to almost be able to keep up with horses, with a gait vaguely similar to that of a bear's. Shrouded in mystery, Dragora the Dark only typically makes himself known to Chronicler and Chronicler alone unless the situation forces his hand. For some odd reason, he has taken an increasingly stubborn fixation to the Mabinogi Thunder Dragon form that he doesn't seem to want to show his true form at all without at least keeping this one.

Tropes that apply to Dragora the Dark

  • A Form You Are Comfortable With: The reason to which unlike Mirror M and, to a much lesser degree, Chronicler, he has never had the necessity of shedding his original design; he deliberately takes on the form of Mabinogi's Thunder Dragon just because he personally likes the form a lot.
  • Animalistic Abomination: His ancestry, which is part of how his immortality works. It shows more when his truer form begins to crack from within his illusory form at specific times.
  • Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Platonic example. While it is stated he has given up hope on Chronicler during the time Reflection Code takes place, that does nothing to hinder his Undying Loyalty to him from kicking in.
  • Back from the Dead: If merely because Zaalim is fully aware that he Can't Live Without Him.
  • Badass Normal: Is actually a Non-Ultrarian entity altogether, despite having ancestry from the Ultimorian Multiverse. The only remnants of his origins are reflected in his Ultracell Mode.
  • Breakout Character: Proved to be immensely popular which resulted in the canonization of the other five seen below.
  • Breath Weapon:
    • For some odd reason he tends not to really use it as often as his species implies he would, as he seems more at ease using his claws, jaws, and tail to attack instead. Just charging his Breath Weapon takes a good minute, and it takes even longer to be capable of using it again.
    • Apparently part of the reason is because of a Dragora's inherent sense of being civilized in behavior, and their own Pride typically wanting to avoid using their very mundane draconic abilities even if it would make things easier for them. As Stormcloud is a feral dragon in terms of his physical structure, and not a humanoid like most of the Dragora as a whole, Stormcloud doesn't hesitate nearly as much as an actual Dragora would to use his Breath Weapon, even if he still doesn't prefer to use it; with an actual Dragora, you'd have to basically corner them into using it.
  • Can't Live Without You: It turns out he can actually keep his physical form, but doesn't immediately regain it until the timeskip from which the third arc of Sword Art Online: Special Edition takes place. Apparently Zaalim basically told him that this is the case not for Dragora the Dark, not for Chronicler, but for Zaalim himself.
  • Death Seeker: Has given up hope on the incarnations of Chronicler he had served, and only stays loyal to the current one out of a dying dream that he's different from his prior legacy. Apparently the cruel reality of this is because of the fact he's meant to live in service of Zaalim to forever watch over the various Chronicler incarnations to appear beyond time and space, but Dragora the Dark wanted the cycle to end with his death by giving himself up for Damion's, which actually got Zaalim to take notice and interfere personally.
  • Early Installment Character-Design Difference: Defied: While it's never outright stated to be Mabinogi, Dragora the Dark takes his physical form from "a customized Dragon mount from a video game right down to the last detail".
  • Foreshadowing: Hints of his true form lie in his name alone, "Dragora the Dark".
  • Fusion Dance: An imperfect one with other characters, but a true one with his fusion with Chronicler into Delta Silver.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Performs one because of his desires to serve his master as loyal as ever. Since Chronicler is unable to live knowing that he has a time limit on how long he can stay in reality in the second arc, and how Chronicler uses it all up fighting Naotolis in the climax, Dragora the Dark finally makes his decision on whether or not he would cure Chronicler of the bug. However, because Dragora the Dark is also needing to rejuvenate Chronicler for the fight, he gives Chronicler a choice; be revived and likely lose again but Dragora the Dark will be there to save everyone, or allow Dragora the Dark to pour all of his life energy into Chronicler so that Chronicler can transcend into Delta Silver at the cost of Dragora the Dark no longer being a separate entity from him. Chronicler chooses the latter, if only because he knew how much of a Death Seeker Dragora the Dark was by this point.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • What purpose does Zaalim see in him existing further that Dragora the Dark didn't want to deal with himself?
    • He seems more interested to pick a fight with lions rather than tigers, and he's actually intimidated by elephants because elephants don't appear to fear him and just respond to his roar just as aggressively.
    • He also seems to showcase a lot of restraint with using his species' iconic Breath Weapon, to the point it's often implied had it not been for the ability being All There in the Manual, it otherwise appears he doesn't have one at all.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Can quickly traverse the skies and make stops so quickly it'll appear that he knows when people are Tempting Fate regarding trying to insult him.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: Led to his Breakout Character status and the canonization of the other five.
  • Killer Rabbit: Goes without saying, if not for the fact his color palette is specifically based off of a real-life example in the form of Orcas.
  • Noodle Incident: Has an inexplicable hatred for Mirror M, possibly related to the Dragora's negative interaction with Mirror M in the past, and for the same reason doesn't seem very fond of Darigus either. Unfortunately, whereas Dragora Galaxia's excuse was because the two were causing disruption to the order of the universe with their fights, nobody is certain what motive or reason Stormcloud has for hating the two of them in comparison.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Dragora the Dark, for a good duration of his earlier appearances, is identified as "Stormcloud", which is the name Chronicler gives him. Any time prior to this renaming or by those who know of his true origins, he's referred to as "Dragora the Dark".
  • Papa Wolf: When he sees an injured Chronicler out in the real world, he manifests during the Chase Scene and flat out disrupts everyone involved by activating his Ultracell Mode and reducing everything between the others and Chronicler to a molten glass floor.
  • Power Glows: Ultracell Stream has his entire body and eyes ignite into a magenta aura.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Ultracell Mode.
  • Rage Breaking Point: His first unveiling of Ultracell Stream has him out for blood against the humans chasing after an innocent Chronicler.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Implied, but more than likely not actually the case. Nobuyuki refers to him as a "overgrown, advanced weigeltisaurid", which any savvy reader may or may not recognize as the type of animal that Rex from Primeval is.
  • Shout-Out:
    • To Mabinogi's Thunder Dragon.
    • A subtle one to Rex from Series/Primeval because of a certain insult thrown at Dragora the Dark. Rex is basically a reptile called a Coelurosauravus belonging to a family called weigeltisaurids, and is depicted as effectively being a tiny dragon.
  • Stubborn Mule: For all intents and purposes his greatest downfall. He's either this or Moody Mount at times, but he's far more often as stubborn as a mule to the point if the saddle wasn't physically part of his illusory form proper he wouldn't have kept it, and even if he didn't want it he knows somebody will be riding him who will need it. He's much more of a cynic than Chronicler is used to working, to the point he allegedly puts Kazuto to shame when it comes to the sheer cynicism Dragora the Dark displays.
  • Super Mode: Ultracell Mode, his Phase 4 form, showcases every aspect of what makes him live up to his namesake of "Dragora the Dark".
  • Undying Loyalty
  • Walking Spoiler: If being Zaalim's herald is anything to go by come the third arc of Sword Art Online: Special Edition.
  • Wave Motion Gun: Supercell Breath.
  • Wham Episode:
    • His entire role in Reflection Code shows exactly why Dragora the Dark is so powerful as he is. He's absurdly powerful as a Phase 4 Non-Ultrarian that he legitimately causes Mirror M to back off upon unleashing his Ultracell Mode.
    • Chapter 20 of Sword Art Online: Special Edition has us first introduced to the form in anachronistic order, in which Dragora the Dark goes into a blind rage upon Ryusei Takato taking over Chronicler's body, not helping matters is the fact Nobuyuki is mostly to blame for it, to which Nobuyuki is spending much of the chapter running or trying to survive Dragora the Dark's immense wrath.
    • His entire ordeal of being Back from the Dead is the first ever clue given as to who or what Zaalim truly is in the grand scheme of things.
  • Wham Line: One he speaks physically in the first arc's climax in which Chronicler ascends to Phase 4 and summons the entire Ultimorian Deity Pantheon in the process of Sword Art Online: Special Edition. Or, rather, Zaalim speaks using his body.

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