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UD-06 MIRROR Mnote 

Species: "Space Reptile"

Threat Category: 0

Weakness: Soul link devices, over-stimulation of his right eye, anything that targets his gouged out left eye hole, starvation.

Type: Salvation

Debut: Sword Art Online: Special Edition

Voice Actor: Vic Mignogna (tranquil temper)/Scott McNeil (disgruntled temper)
"I'm not that kind of reptile; I don't do the 'tongue' thing."note 

Circa 2018
"It's Godzilla, you moron!"note

Originally a Bomberman OC under the name "Marty" with the intent of being a Digimon parody in regards to his multiple forms, Mirror M needless to say had quite the Early Installment Character Design Difference when he was first designed as MF 217's first actual OC of any kind. Ever since 2017, the design of Mirror M was being tinkered with over and over until MF217 could truly separate Mirror M entirely from his Bomberman routes, which ultimately turned out to be not so much hard but more so annoying due to Mirror M's unique design aesthetics required to pull it off. After many attempts thinking about it, MF217 designed Mirror M's Phase 1 form with a finishing touch of including traits from an old-world monkey called a "gelada" into Mirror M's design, which allowed MF217 to explain away certain inconsistencies with Mirror M's design as to why he ultimately looks oddly human-like in appearance without simply having the explanation be flat out, well, human DNA. As of 2018, the finalized Mirror M design is uploaded as you see it here, and forever the Bomberman ties were severednote  and the character became forever known from this day forward as the one and only Mirror M.

A genetically engineered super-soldier based off of the found DNA of an alleged "Mythical Warrior" from Ultimorian legend. Many claim that because the Ultimorian Deities did not exist as a faction until the creation of Grandis, and thus the formation of the Big Three, many claim that Mirror M's ancient ancestor is the first true analog to Grandis himself, and even if it isn't, the DNA shown from Mirror M's battle prowess does not disappoint either way. Having a virtually unbeatable win record among the other Ultimorian Deities, Mirror M was designed as the ultimate result of Project Carthage, in which he was genetically engineered with inhuman DNA; only a single percentage of the DNA from his mysterious ancient form remains in his genetic code, but at the same time it's not the sole percentage of DNA from his original species in play; Mirror M claims upwards of 10% of his complete genome is his original species, but folks like Megalodon state it to be 25%, or if you're Dr. Devoniak, the guy who reconstructed him in the first place, an even smaller 5%.

His original life was an incarnation of a being called the "Mythical Warrior" from whom was considered to be the In-Universe Trope Codifier to what made an Ultimorian Deity as such; he displayed immense physical strength and power and overall capabilities, he had transcended the limitations of ordinary mortality, and he had drawn the attention of the greater powers due to his in-fighting with Darigus forcing Dragora Galaxia to appear to stop it, and thus the latter moment serves as the catalyst for both Mirror M and Darigus becoming Ultimorian Deities. Nowadays, his original incarnation is thought to be forever lost, considering Mirror M's status as a genetically engineered, supped up clone of him seems to have rendered almost all of his past memories null and void in terms of even existing. While he is the In-Universe Trope Codifier for the Ultimorian Deities, he did not officially become recognized as one until he is placed as the 6th member of the pantheon by a universal agreement between Grandis, Ultima, and Dragora.

In the non-canon You Have Entered The Uninvited World, Mirror M has both eyes intact, and achieve Phase 4 on his own with minimal difficulty; the identity of the Mythical Warrior is considered one in the same with Mirror M himself here, often just referring to "Omega Platinum" by Mirror M's standard name. An extra layer to his bio-suit is present, in the form of a long coat type of jacket, and Mirror M's walking posture in Phase 1 is disturbingly much more upright than it traditionally is known for in Citadel of the Heart proper.

Tropes that apply to Mirror M

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  • Achilles' Heel: His left eye having been rendered destroyed by Chronicler once the breakout occurred, his left eye's remnant eye hole leaves him very vulnerable to attacks or other tricks used against him targeting that specific spot.
  • Adaptation Origin Connection: In his original works appearances, he obviously has no connection to Project Carthage from Code Lyoko, but due to how he makes his debut in Reflection Code, he and Project Carthage are considered one and the same in Citadel of the Heart.
  • Adult Fear: Hiroki, a preteen boy who wants to hang out with Mirror M, a psychotic killer Ultimate Lifeform now being pacified by the fact he's got nothing better to do now that the Broken Masquerade has occured, and you can naturally see why Yumi's parents put up a fuss about him. Until Mirror M personally saves their lives on multiple occasions.
  • Aggressive Categorism: Labels X.A.N.A. as completely unable to be reasoned with by virtue of Mirror M only knowing him as something that was intended to destroy him.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Missing most of his left arm in the first confrontation with him in the wake of the breakout. Literally just a minute afterward he regenerates it and Hyper Evolves into Phase 3 for the first time in decades.
  • Animal Motif: Take your pick, he's got quite a few.
    • Monkeys for the overall basis of his Phase 1 form, but monstrous reptilian Kaiju for his later forms.
    • In contrast to Diatrex, the two are often compared to lions and hyenas, in that they're both Apex Predators whose territories overlap with each other to the point frequent competition occurs between the two, with varying degrees of Curb Stomp Cushions happening in fierce combat. Mirror M personally compares himself to a hyena between the two animals, and he compares the Diatrex to a lion.
  • Animalistic Abomination: The best description that comes to mind with Phase 2.
  • Art Evolution: Mirror M's design, by the time Reflection Code was announced, was far more simple in terms of detail than how it is nowadays.
  • Attack Its Weakpoint: His left eye's eye hole. Yumi only succeeds in the Mind Rape because of the mental trauma that Mirror M still suffers from when Chronicler blasted out his left eye, leaving a weakpoint for Yumi to pull off her trick to get Mirror M Reformed But Not Tame.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Mirror M as Phase 1 is around 8 feet tall. Mirror M as Phase 2 is about 30 feet tall. Mirror M as Phase 3 is about 77 feet tall.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Mirror M's infamous physics defying kick which effectively looks as if he were using Supersonic Skystrike... with the accuracy and recoil problems of High Jump Kick. Whenever Mirror M uses it, he has to memorize every single detail of what's around him near flawlessly as he launches into the air; once he begins to crash down, he needs to remember where his target is located from memory alone and try and predict any movements because while performing the actual kick, his senses fail to work properly and render him completely blind and thus having to rely on memory to get the kick to connect. 90% of the time the move ends up completely missing its intended mark to the point Mirror M wonders who even programmed the movie into him in the first place.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Averted if the explanation for why he consistently has pants is anything to go by; while Mirror M lacks nipples because his species lacks mammaries to begin with, his male genitalia is otherwise actually exposed similar to a human's, meaning the researchers kept getting repeatedly distracted, disgusted, or whatever uncomfortable reaction they had to it that they wanted to alter the plans for Mirror M's bio-suit to give him pants.
  • Barred from the Afterlife: The actual reason he keeps managing to come back after seemingly getting killed off so many times.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: More like Hiroki is the first ever being he came into contact with that had no weaponry or combat abilities of any kind to approach Mirror M willingly out of sheer curiosity alone, before Mirror M realizes that Hiroki freed Mirror M of he trap William had set for him.
  • Been There, Shaped History: He completely changes the outcome of World War II the moment he's introduced into the fight against Nazi Germany; he ends up turning the French into the "villains" of the war because of how the French willingly continued to use a monstrous entity like Mirror M for as uncontrollable as he is, rendering virtually almost all of the German bloodline extinct in the process. As this occurs, Italy and Japan perform an Enemy Mine with the US and USSR in an attempt to stop Mirror M; Japan is taken out by self-sabotage, and Italy is completely turned into a glass floor with the USSR's entire country likewise being glassed in places. The US is forced to back out of the war by virtue of trying to keep Mirror M from causing further harm, the US do talk sense into the French over the sins they've committed with allowing Mirror M to continue this far; the French hastily realize that if Mirror M keeps on going, the whole human race will be wiped out. As a result, the US and French lead a distraction to lure Mirror M towards Antarctica, while several other countries and the USSR work on the completion of a weapon that'll devastate Mirror M on the spot in multiple amounts; Tsar Bomba, in its original 100 Megaton payload, has 12 of these bombs being used on Mirror M in Antarctica as a last ditch effort to completely destroy him with virtually no chance of survival. Even though Mirror M does survive the event, it's only because of Dr. Devoniak's intervention by retrieving his corpse and returning him back to containment in which he's healed by him back into near-working condition. By the present, Mirror M's mind is still too primitive to realize what it had ever done at all, but its body is almost completely restored by now and is in containment until the breakout occurs.
  • Behemoth Battle: "Put him next to a Diatrex, they said. It'll be fun, they said."
  • Berserk Button:
    • Do not harm or even consider harming Hiroki in his presence.
    • The mere sight of Darigus puts him into an inexplicable rage in which, if not stopped, he will proceed to actively maul Darigus limb from limb.
  • Beware My Stinger Tail: Phase 1 and Phase 2's tails in a nutshell. As Phase 1, he can whip it and strike faster than one could have the chance to fire a bullet at him, or launch tail spikes from it.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Towards Hiroki, which at first seems out of place considering his status as a living weapon of mass destruction, but then you consider the fact that he's Aelita's significantly older brother who originated from Franz's experiments to create life, and that both he and Aelita share some of Franz's DNA with each other. Speaking of Aelita, part of the entire reason Mirror M breaks containment and initiates the mass breakout? He could sense that Aelita was being abused since Aelita was attempting to telepathically stir Mirror M for help.
  • Big Eater/Horror Hunger: Justified and Enforced; Mirror M's biomass needs to be maintained at a very high internal level as to allow his various transformations to properly function, due to the fact they always end up increasing his mass as a whole as his forms progress. He needs food, and never enough of it, to keep himself in a healthy state; he's an omnivore, so he gets all of the nutrients possible with whatever he eats, but he almost exclusively feeds on massive amounts of meat and flesh as those contain the most fat for him to keep his hunger sated the longest. Junk food is actually considered healthy for Mirror M to eat because of how much calories they pack, which are vital to Mirror M's survival because of his insane metabolism making it so that achieving overweight status is completely impossible, and that no matter how much he feeds, he's always going to be partially underweight. He even goes as far as to feed on the remains of any of his opponents.
  • Bishōnen Line: A weird example even for the other phase form users.
  • Blood Knight: Is probably even more violent than even Cyberdramon could attest to.
  • The Bore: He becomes this when he's forced to take part in a civilian lifestyle once the Broken Masquerade occurs.
  • Body Horror: Elaborated in-depth below, but one thing across all forms is consistent; he has no tongue... or at least nothing that can be recognized as a tongue right away.
    • Phase 1 is perhaps the most tame, aside from being the one form most associated with the aforementioned twitching. Much of the time, it's not too noticeable, but when Mirror M begins to lose control, he looks utterly psychotic even when he's not trying to be. Mirror M in this form, as well as his other forms, have jaws that can unhinge similar to a snake's except make his jaws appear to be like mandibles in shape. Mirror M has also been prone to tear out his own spines on his back to dislodge and use as makeshift throwing weapons.
    • Phase 2 seems to be the most tame in appearance, considering it actually looks somewhat normal in appearance... until you get an even larger version of the aforementioned unhinging jaw that Mirror M has in all forms, which actually unhinges in such a way that actually exposes a second lower jaw underneath the exterior lower jaw. Phase 3 one ups this by having a third set of nested jaws.
    • Phase 3 is a muscular anatomy nightmare; his muscles are far too big in certain aspects of his body due to the belief that the experiments he's required for required impossibly buff arms to the point his torso appears too small to realistically hold them. Not that he can't also increase the size of his torso, but every time he's tried, the entire form crystallizes before suddenly shattering into a gigantic mass of blood and gore with Mirror M Phase 1 at the center of it passed out. Whatever it does to his heart when trying to increase the muscle mass on his torso is unknown, but Mirror M is actively panicking in the aftermath once he awakes.
    • Phase 1 Mirror M can actually skip right to Phase 3 Mirror M, and in the process becomes a gigantic blob of self-expanding muscle, tissue, bone, among other particles, before rebuilding itself like a clay sculpture into the form of Phase 3 Mirror M, with his head generating itself as the last step. Often times some of his limbs are mismatched near the final touches, meaning his misplaced limbs forcefully spin around in ways that are otherwise impossible before the transformation is complete.
  • Breath Weapon:
  • Cast From Hit Points: The ACTUAL reason he has so much life points on Lyoko isn't due to his sheer strength alone, but rather the fact all of his special techniques and weaponry are instead costing him to cast them from his own life points in significant amounts. Runic Shot, for example, costs twice as many life points as the designated target. In other words, say he targeted a Tarantula on its own, he would have to spend 250 life points to use the attack; the attack is designed to be an instant KO technique in this case in particular.
  • Conditioned to Accept Horror: Doesn't even flinch at all of the numerous horror movies Hiroki tries to take him to.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype:
    • Of the God Mode Sue; he's physically and realistically designed to have no true limit to his combat powers, showcasing a very dangerous example of Does Not Know His Own Strength that is rarely touched upon seriously. The author flat out admits at the time of Reflection Code's launch, had Mirror M as he is in his debut been put into the ring with any other character, it would be a one-sided Curb-Stomp Battle with not even the other Ultimorian Deities being able to stand up to him. As we learn as to why, he's entered the mating season of the portion of his DNA which comes from the Mythical Warrior, which when stacked alongside every other portion of his DNA supercharges him into an unstoppable warrior.
    • The various Reality Ensues when it comes to Mirror M; the immense power he has outright has the characters wondering how the heck any of their weapons or attacks would ever work against this guy in terms of being able to harm him at all, and they're all scared shitless that Mirror M's strength is so vast that simply fighting him is delaying the inevitable. Jérémie's plan to flat out drop him into the Digital Sea couldn't have been any more better timed, considering by this point Mirror M caught onto the plan and decides to invoke Boss Arena Urgency on the cast by taking them with him.
    • Also the fact his power is so overwhelming that Mirror M isn't even technically conscious during his whole debut, but rather drugs are forcefully keeping him awake and incredibly hostile against his own will.
    • Of the Non-Human Sidekick. Most examples of this trope typically don't have too much of a problem regarding any size, but sometimes they do, but often times it's not addressed. Mirror M's Kaiju nature, however, forces it to be addressed, considering whereas most Kaiju have the benefit of living near a massive body of water or ocean to hide in, Mirror M has no such advantage as for hiding places, with Mirror M's only saving grace being his Sleep-Mode Size Phase 1 form, which even then he has difficulty trying to maintain considering it's easier for Grandis and Chronicler to maintain Phase 1 whereas Mirror M's genetics make it more problematic than it sounds.
  • Discard and Draw: Originally having the same sensitivity to sound as the other Ultimorian Deities, he was patched in this department as to allow Mirror M to gain a Make Me Wanna Shout roar, but it didn't properly make him immune to the sound issue until he had his left eye gouged eye, which while it ultimately cost him his hawk-like eyesight, did something to his hearing that made him no longer sensitive to sound like most Ultrarians.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: In-Universe; Mirror M has a very, very morbid sense of humor going on for him. Then again spend 90 years in complete isolation and not waking out of it until after you've been pulverized once more in the present day and you might just understand where he's coming from here.
  • Ear Ache: Something he suffered until the end of the first arc of Reflection Code, in which Yumi inadvertently cleared his ears out and also destroyed the very thing that kept pissing Mirror M off up to this point in regards to something he was able to hear that kept disturbing him. Afterwards he displays his originally intended Steel Eardrums more or less Played Straight.
  • Early Installment Character Design Difference:
    • While Mirror M's containment suit has remained consistent over the years, Mirror M originally started off as a Bomberman OC whom and until his design was retconned to remove the Bomberman aspects, he looked kind of cutesy for someone meant to be a horrifying Humanoid Abomination designed as the Ultimate Lifeform.
    • It happens again when the author tries to redesign his Phase 1 humanoid form, in which in sketches that include the current image in the thumbnail for Mirror M's tropes here, he looks like a mix of a quadruped and bipedal humanoid mutant with more in common with reptiles and humans in comparison to what would happen with his design next. As the author tried drawing Mirror M's definitive Phase 1 form, he incorporated elements of a male Gelada into his design which not only gave Mirror M a massive mane in his Phase 1 form, but also causes him to be more or less quadrupedal by default, as well as the prior established human and reptile aspects. Despite this, the author managed to keep the upright biped aspects of Mirror M enough to have his finalized artwork, shown above and also uploaded here, depict him in a more traditional bipedal position, once the author more or less deemed Mirror M more suited to bipedal movement over quadrupedal movement (as the larger legs make it a better transition into Phase 2's completely bipedal nature).
  • Establishing Character Moment: In Dr. Devoniak's visual footage of Mirror M's trial runs, he's put up against other lab created monstrosities as part of a test to see which of the "Juggernaut Tier" will prove to ultimately be used in World War II; Mirror M completely Curb-Stomps each opponent thrown his way, to the point all of them at once are thrown his way and he still proves to be the undefeated champion.
  • Everything's Better with Monkeys: His finalized design took heavy cues from an Old World monkey called a Gelada.
  • Expy:
    • Of Zilla in Phase 2 form. In fact, the overall anatomical structure uses Zilla as a reference point, except going for a much, much more robust leg and arm structure, especially with the arms being modeled after gorilla arms. His Phase 1 form seems to take heavy amounts of cues from Goliath from Evolve, whom Mirror M as a whole is a direct Homage to.
    • Some friends of the author had made comparisons between Mirror M Phase 2 and SCP-682, primarily in regards to the fact they're both reptilian creatures with a beluga skull type of head and having a large mane. However, Word of God states that this comparison was purely accidental in nature.
  • Extreme Omnivore: He more or less sometimes eats whatever he ends up stealing at times even if it's something which isn't intended to be food. He has also eaten so much furniture at times it puts Ed's eating habits to shame.
  • Eye Scream: Stated to be what happens in his part of Chronicler's backstory in Sword Art Online: Special Edition. We see the exact event in question happen directly in the prologue for Reflection Code.
  • Face of a Thug: As he ends up siding with the lead protagonists more and more, his monstrous appearance ultimately leads to this trope.
  • Facial Horror:
    • Considering the gelada genes, he can perform the same infamous lip flap as they can; this time with the added luxury of near sarcastic fringehead-esque manner the jaws tend to open like as Phase 1 when in an aggressive state.
    • Phase 2 Mirror M could give Shin Godzilla a run for it's money with how incapable of expression he is, mostly because of his lack of lips and eyelids. He still has a tongue at least, but it's more like a lizard's tongue in this form. Amusingly enough, Mirror M Phase 1 and Phase 3 do not possess this lizard-esque tongue, leading to this ironic line from Mirror M.
  • Fatal Flaw:
    • Without a doubt, the biggest issue he has before, during, and after his Heel–Face Turn is Wrath; born with the combat instinct of a mythical warrior of Ultimorian heritage, who themselves suffered since the primordial days a Blood Lust that mostly died down with the modern incarnations of the Ultimorian Deities, Mirror M lacks that luxury due to being, for all intents and purposes, a genetically modified clone of his original incarnation from the ancient past, with the aggression levels modified to be more potent than his original incarnation. It took Yumi Mind Raping Mirror M into a Heel–Face Turn to get Mirror M to come his senses after the first arc, and even then his aggression and overall hostility makes communication extremely difficult between him and first the Garage Kids, and then later the Ultimorian Deities once they begin to notice their champion reborn anew.
    • His other biggest Fatal Flaw is Super OCD; while his abilities make him a God Mode Stu at most, his degree of hypocrisy with how his mind is more or less programmed to behave like everything is supposed to be and only be a Strictly Formula Status Quo Is God scenario has Mirror M as a paranoid wreck when even so much as the slightest change becomes a permanent one.
  • Final Boss: There's no dancing around the possibility, he is the Final Boss of the first arc of Reflection Code regardless of his protagonist status.
  • Fish Eyes: Described as having them in his Phase 2 form rather inconsistently. Body Horror is in play with how it primarily works; his eyes are naturally not designed to be positioned in a binocular vision perspective, but Mirror M hastily adapted to such an arrangement that it left a good chunk of his face disfigured. That's not even getting into the permanent Eye Scream in which his left eye got destroyed by Chronicler.
  • Foreshadowing: Any remote indication of the "Mythical Warrior" of Ultimorian Legend implies he's far more than an Ultimorian Deity by the end of this. While one could argue that this is what makes him an Ultimorian Deity as a whole, the actual answer to this is even beyond a simple revelation akin to that.
    • Unusually inverted in a weird example of this. Stormcloud is mentioned to have the same Breath Weapon as Mirror M as Grandis describes it based off of the memory of "some nutcase in France using the same move to reignite a nuclear core". When Reflection Code adapts the episode "Common Interest", Mirror M's desire to seek out X.A.N.A. while he's weakened has him being given a Sadistic Choice by X.A.N.A. in that either Mirror M plays along and reignites the Uranium rod with his Voidumium Breath, or he's going to flat out kill Hiroki with the Kill Sat.
    • Inverted again with Chronicler's mention of how the Predator Eyes only change color if the user of them is designed with multiple functions of the Predator Eye in mind, which would result in alternating lens' for the user. Mirror M possesses said type of lens' in his eyes as part of how he was designed, though it ended up becoming bugging with how it alternates after he lost his left eye. His right eye's lens' functions as if it only has two color palettes to choose from because of the lens' being damaged and also the damage to his remaining right eye as well. That and the fact Mirror M exploits the color change to make his eyes appear more normal to blend in with his surroundings easier.
    • The Fish Eyes he sports early on. By the time he's actually conscious and able to resume normal thinking, the Fish Eyes effectively stop appearing on his expression by default afterwards, and only do show up again when he's legitimately zoning out or under some other kind of consciousness revoking stimuli.
  • Forgotten First Meeting:
    • Averted with Mirror M's side, but in Sword Art Online: Special Edition, Grandis seems to have completely forgotten the fact that he had already met Mirror M three months prior and is also the one to give him his name.
    • Considering Mirror M is a clone of the "Mythical Warrior", and the current Darigus is the son of the original now known as Zenith, the infamous Arch-Enemy status between Mirror M and Darigus leads to the two having a vendetta against each other due to currently unknown circumstances. It's apparently In the Blood for both of them to hate each other.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • His distinct set of jaws as Phase 3 seem to be more practical against adversaries closer to Mirror M's own size in this state. Not only does this further allude to Mirror M being from space from an unknown, presumably long since destroyed, extraterrestrial ecosystem, but Mirror M's original choice of prey were perhaps even bigger than he is as Phase 3.
    • Mirror M as Phase 2 pulls off the same trick Humungousaur will later use in his own fic; basically using a reverse punch while their Sizeshifter nature activates, in Mirror M's case generating his Phase 3 form's arm in its entirety, to punch something for far greater damage than normal during mid-size shift, only at the cost of increased possible damage to oneself during it; Mirror M is forced down to Phase 1 after using this to punch a massive hole in his containment unit due to overexertion of energy, and Humungousaur breaks his arm to the point it reflects into Ben's own arm after reverting back to normal.
    • Kazuto notices quickly that Mirror M as Phase 2 perpetually has a look of hostility and overall inability to express actual emotion due to his lack of lips, eyelids, among other human-esque details all across his head. At first it seems like nothing out of the ordinary, but then one recalls Mirror M literally appeared the prior chapter as Phase 1. Mirror M is exploiting his lack of expressiveness as Phase 2 to hide the fact he's scared shitless of the impending arrival of Ultima and Dragora.
  • From a Single Cell: An odd bio-toxin in his blood and heart makes it so he is effectively immortal even if he takes a seemingly fatal injury. The complete sacking he got from the numerous Tsar Bombas dropped on him and Antarctica collapsing on him did at least prove that this bio-toxin does have its limits even if Mirror M did survive it; for a while the bio-toxin did keep him alive, but he was rendered so badly comatose that even with the bio-toxin's support, he needed outside interference to wake up again.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: He essentially was raised to adulthood overnight, and when he was first tested for combat abilities, the results proved too horrifying for all except Dr. Devoniak to realize what monstrosity they've created.
  • Fusion Dance: With either Aelita or XANA into Mirradium. Heck anybody with the Liberate Protocol can accomplish the same result actually.
  • Gale-Force Sound: Mirror M's roar as Phase 1 can apparently cause somebody as sturdy as Grandis to nearly topple over and fall to the ground, typically used by Mirror M as a defensive mechanism in case he's pinned and needs to get his opponent off of him in which his roar is the only weapon he has in usage so far.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Releasing the restraints on his Phase 3 form is this for the Lyoko Warriors by the time Garuda shows up with Gojulasaurus.
  • Good Lips, Evil Jaws: Technically he has both of these at once; the jaws are more apparent when Mirror M performs the infamous lip flap typical of a gelada, from which his Phase 1 form is heavily influenced by.
  • Groin Attack: On the receiving end of one when he lets his guard down against Chronicler.
  • Heroic Comedic Sociopath: Otherwise would be Comedic Sociopathy prior to his inevitable Heel–Face Turn, and while not exactly the Plucky Comic Relief, he does have his moments; all of which justified as the heroes mainly decide to keep him around both for his combat strengths, and the fact Yumi is the older sister to Hiroki, of whom Mirror M has all but flat out said verbally to have a Declaration of Protection towards.
  • How Do I Shot Web?:
    • He has no idea how to truly speak like a human at first, even though he's capable of saying some lines with no intended context based off of what his mind has him say aloud randomly. Eventually he does learn to speak, but in terms of actual thought process he could technically truly talk all the time; he just doesn't have telepathy of any kind as to make things any easier.
  • Kaiju:
    • In almost every form he's no less than taller than the average French male tends to be by a long shot. As Mirradium he's even more monstrously huge than his prior forms were ever known to be.
    • Phase 2 Mirror M is described mentally by Kazuto that he resembles a stereotypical Japanese monster movie type of Kaiju, specifically of the Not Zilla type of monsters.
  • Kick the Dog: He chews out Chronicler big time the moment he learns the A.I.s ability to breach into reality is only worsened by Chronicler's gateway ability, which can allow things from alternate dimensions to slide in unnoticed.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: X.A.N.A.'s Sadistic Choice has him force Mirror M to reignite the uranium power cell to the supercomputer or else he'll use his Kill Sat to kill Hiroki. However, as Mirror M then proceeds to explain, X.A.N.A. has no other choice but to be right in the blast radius of the Voidumium breath for the latter's plan to remotely work, considering Mirror M will need to be on the other side of the room while X.A.N.A. is forced to hold the power cell in his hands. Due to nobody else being in the room, X.A.N.A. is reluctant to now have to obey Mirror M's own Sadistic Choice.
  • Killer Space Monkey: With an added dose of Xenomorph Xerox to his Phase 1 form as a bonus. The monkey references didn't come into play with his design until his finishing touch for his Phase 1 form was modeled after a gelada monkey, however, and Phase 2 goes for a much more reptilian route anyways.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: His lack of real personal space often has him stealing things from others, often to the point he flat out mugs a hunter who runs out of bullets before him, steals his money, and gives it to Hiroki to take him and his other friends to a horror movie at night. Mirror M promptly sneaks inside during it to not only keep an eye on Hiroki, but constantly steals food during it because he's only just beginning to recover from a massive hunger induced stamina fatigue, which inadvertently requires him to eat more to recover further.
  • Knight of Cerebus:
    • The soldiers who go up against him during World War II do not even remotely have any hope in the situation against him; Mirror M completely breaks them upon sighting him, to which Mirror M mows them all down without mercy.
    • How casually and without warning Mirror M busts out his Phase 7 form, which for anybody not in the know, is the strongest possible form for an Ultimorian Deity until you stop being considered an Ultimorian Deity and end up classified as a Primordial Deity. Mirradium is also noted to be THE Mythical Warrior from which Mirror M's unknown DNA originates from, but to access it, Mirror M needs the Liberate Protocol in his system so he can truly unlock the power hidden behind his genetic code.
  • Loud of War: Apparently Mirror M's entire purpose regarding his abilities all boils down to this overlooked tenacity of his incredibly potent lung capacity. He can unleash sonic waves so powerful that they cause disturbances on a geomagnetic level.
  • Love Potion: Works a bit weird for him and Centauri compared to most examples; rather than a love at first sight effect, Mirror M's suddenly able to understand Centauri's vocalizations and so is Centauri in turn to Mirror M's own growls. The moment the two realize that they can understand each other, they quickly realize that because of how screwed up both of their DNA are as Space Reptiles, they had no idea they were trying to kill a potential mate without even batting an eye at first. Mirror M and Centauri, also realizing they attracted a fair bit of an audience, quickly vacate the area together as both of them are completely bemused as to what exactly had happened.

    Tropes M to Z 

  • Made of Iron: Got Tsar Bomba dropped on him and it didn't even phase him. Then it got the second impact detonating on him at the epicenter, which plunges him into hyperspace, but he still survives.
  • Magic Pants: Justified and Invoked; early prototype testing of Mirror M had the researchers wanting to amplify Mirror M's arms in size, and so they desired to create a bio-suit to not only power up Mirror M's arms, but also to give him some modesty in the form of pants considering the researchers kept getting squicked out by seeing Mirror M's exposed genitalia, and naturally wanted to do something about it.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: In addition to his Breath Weapon he has a sonic roar ability which can kind of function like (God)zilla's Power Breath if used at the right time with certain objects in the vicinity.
  • Mind Rape: Yumi puts him through this because she realizes there is zero chances of killing Mirror M during the breakout, and that Mirror M would've flat out destroyed everyone had it not been for Yumi performing this on Mirror M to force a Heel–Face Turn. Yumi herself, as well as Mirror M, considers this In-Universe to be where Yumi crossed the Moral Event Horizon.
  • Morality Chain: Hiroki, Yumi's younger brother.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Has a Villainous BSoD when he realizes that all this time he had spent awake in the present was him going on a literally mindless rampage, and that when he finally regains his sanity, he thought he had to return to the battlefield against Nazi Germany when he had slept through the apocalypse for over 90 years since 1943. When he learns he was harming innocents, he simply opts to leave into the wilderness to never be seen again... until Hiroki enters his turf by accident just as Mirror M ends up saving him from wolves, with Hiroki tending to his wounds leading to his eventual Heel–Face Turn as the story progresses.
  • Mysterious Antarctica: Where the fossilized remains that serves as the base genome of Mirror M's genetic engineering came from, which originated from meteorites found in Antarctica from an unknown part of space, in which approximately 10% (actually 5%) of his DNA comes from this specimen alone. He later gets carpet bombed with numerous Tsar Bomba-tier nuclear warheads at Antarctica when he's at Phase 3 in The '50s, in which he winds up in hyperspace before winding up in containment in a specialized facility in France.
  • Mysterious Past: The genes he has in him originating from the "Mythical Warrior" of Ultimorian Legend is something that even the Ultimorian Deities are either unaware of, or flat out uncomfortable with talking about lightly.
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: Even compared to the other Ultimorian Deities, he's an insanely creepy guy to think about being near knowing he can snap at any moment without his helmet keeping him drugged and passive.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: He doesn't waste time at all when it comes to proceeding to give a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to his ole pal Darigus.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: He gets very up close and personal with someone when he's interrogating them, even when it's over something innocent.
  • Not Zilla: His design as Phase 2 is heavily modeled after Zilla.
  • Obliviously Evil: Once he finally speaks in Reflection Code he has no memory of anything he had done for the past 90 years, and thinks he's still involved in World War II having to fight against the Axis Powers so he can put an end to the tyranny of Nazi Germany. When Yumi informs him that it has been 90 years since Mirror M thinks he was still in the time of the war, Mirror M is stunned with disbelief as Yumi then promptly takes him to show him a memorial site as well as other parts of the nearby vicinity to showcase that Mirror M had Slept Through the Apocalypse and didn't even get to finish his original mission because among other things, the atomic bomb was developed to end the war on the American and Japanese fronts, and Nazi Germany was sacked by the Soviets all the while Mirror M was long since dormant and passed out after an energy core failure rendered him comatose for the next 90 years, in which he was silently stored away never intended to be awoken again until XANA unwittingly had a part in waking him up.
  • Odd Name Out: His four phase forms all have individual names; Mirror M is typically the name reserved for his Phase 1 form alone, and he has other names normally suited for the other three; "Dragozaur" (Phase 2), "Platinum Dragozaur" (Phase 3), "Omega Platinum" (Phase 4).
  • Olympus Mons: Regarded heavily as one of the most dangerous Ultimorian Deities, and heavily feared by even the Primordial Deities due to his reputation as the "God Slayer", as in, he was originally doing the Z.E.R.0.'s job before the Z.E.R.0. even existed. Also according to an urban legend, his Secret Art as Mirradium, Omnicell Explosion, is what caused the Big Bang. His Phase 7 form, due to the unique factor of being able to overclock himself even further, can allow him to keep his form of a Phase 7, but effectively give him the power of a Phase 8 in practice.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: He visits Suguha's apartment complex with Keiko, with Mirror M inexplicably in Phase 2 form since the last chapter with him in Phase 1 instead. Why is this? Because Mirror M feels outright intimidated by the impending arrival of Ultima and Dragora, and he's using his less expressive and perpetually hostile looking Phase 2 form to hide his current fears.
  • Outside-Context Problem: What makes him stand out more when compared to Grandis or Chronicler is the fact like the two of them, Mirror M is this trope, but he's amplified Up to Eleven about it because Mirror M has the distinction of being a Humanoid Abomination who is only truly an antagonist once, ends up undergoing a very gradual Heel–Face Turn in which he develops a protective behavior and fondness for Yumi's younger brother Hiroki, in which Mirror M goes through quite a few problems with his initial Reformed, but Not Tamed behavior around the other characters; by this point he's now technically a protagonist, but more along the lines of the Token Evil Teammate at the time he first begins to undergo his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Parody Stu: For a while it was undecided if he even was one, before further elaboration on aspects of his personality make it clear he is one; whereas his abilities and powers more or less are Played Straight without any irony, his personality is oddly enough what becomes the comical part of his overall character instead.
  • Primal Chest-Pound: When doing so, activates the arm stimulants hidden from view in his forms other than his Phase 3 form, which then proceed to cause Mirror M's upper body musculature to increase to the point he becomes a super Top-Heavy Guy. As Hiroki describes it, he goes from a scrawny monkey to a steroid pumped gorilla in just a few seconds of intense chest pounding.
  • Primal Stance: Has a tendency to crawl on all fours regardless of whether his upper body's bio-suit parts are activated currently, even if there are times he does stand upright. Due to how tall Mirror M is compared to a normal human, however, Mirror M often takes this stance while communicating with them because he can lower his head down to the other person's level.
  • Radiation-Immune Mutants: Why his Plutonium Beam lacks radiation; Mirror M absorbs it all into himself before firing it off, effectively making his beam attack into purely Frickin' Laser Beams .
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Mirror M's complete and utter thrashing he gives the main cast in his introduction in Reflection Code, as well as his past military record and what he proves with battle against Garuda's monsters and X.A.N.A., is ultimately what determines why Yumi decides to Mind Rape Mirror M into a forced Heel–Face Turn to save the day, knowing full well that Mirror M would've flat out killed everyone if this didn't get done. This also explains how Mirror M stumbles across Hiroki later in the aftermath.
    • Centauri is a pure-blooded, resurrected Space Reptile; Mirror M's DNA comprises of only a small fraction of Space Reptile DNA in reality and uses Earth animals as gap fillers. As a result, neither Mirror M nor Centauri can recognize the other as being anything other than food until a Love Potion makes them both realize they're both technically from the same species.
    • Even considering Mirror M has already undergone a partial Heel–Face Turn by this point in time, Kazuto's family and friends hide in his mother's apartment when Mirror M arrives at their doorstep in Phase 2 form on Christmas Eve. Literally everyone present, with the exception of Keiko, who had known him for 3 months by this point, is absolutely scared shitless of Mirror M.
  • Reformed, but Not Tamed: In the aftermath of the first arc of Reflection Code, he's subject to Mind Rape by Yumi which reconstructs his entire mind from scratch and leaves him comatose for a while, and eventually he shows back up again when Hiroki is being chased by wolves in which he slaughters the wolves and saves Hiroki, but is still very clearly an aggressive lifeform because of how violently he kills the wolves and snarls at Hiroki whenever he gets too close.
  • Refuge in Audacity: Upon having 10K megatons worth of nuclear warheads dropped on him, all of the surrounding area collapsing on top of him, Mirror M had survived the event which humanity celebrates as having killed him... and for the next ten years doesn't even register the fact he's even still alive after being comatose for so long by that point.
  • Related in the Adaptation: By proxy due to being one of Franz's creations and sharing some of Franz's DNA, he is Aelita's older brother, as Aelita was created under similar circumstances with part of Franz's DNA as well.
  • Removed Achilles' Heel: It is unknown how his lack of incredible sensitivity to sound would work if placed on any other Ultimorian Deity, but it is well known that had Mirror M's left eye not been missing, he would've effectively been as close to borderline invincible as feasibly possible; his left eye missing is a key plot point as to why he can even be defeated at all in the first place.
  • Running on All Fours: Very common in Phase 1 and Phase 2 for Mirror M, to the point Naotolis' schematics specifically copied Mirror M's body template to replicate this. Unfortunately while Naotolis did replicate this template, the template in question has Mirror M's shirt portion of his bio-suit activated; in other words, Mirror M himself doesn't follow the same template, and while is perfectly capable of running on all fours, is about just as fast as the Indoraptor in terms of land speed as either quadruped or biped.
  • Scaled Up: Mirror M Phase 1 going directly into Phase 2 is pretty much this, although a bit Exaggerated due to Phase 2 being an Expy of (God)zilla.
  • "Scooby-Doo" Hoax: Strangely shows up in Untold Depths as an impostor of the real deal for the mystery. He did it so he could get Mystery Inc.'s attention by warning them about the true master behind the plot's intents for the gang as a whole. Due to Mirror M technically being what the Scooby-Doo verse would consider a monster, and the fact Mirror M was disguised as, well, another type of monster, it's Played With because Mirror M is a real monster, but at the same time he goes through with the "Scooby-Doo" Hoax completely Played Straight despite the fact he's still a real monster regardless disguising as a fake monster.
  • Shout-Out:
    • He is cited as being called "Death the Destroyer Of Worlds".
    • On the other end of the American Godzilla references, Phase 2 Mirror M looks a lot like TriStar's Godzilla, AKA Zilla.
    • Considering Phase 2 was originally designed very much after Imperialdramon Dragon Mode, his original incarnation's Early Installment Character Design Difference had him being a Captain Ersatz of Imperialdramon with analogs to Imperialdramon's moveset as well, though the only one to truly carry over into his modern designs being he Plutonium Beam referencing Imperialdramon's Positron Laser move.
    • His teaser bio for Phase 3's sketch design is a paraphrased homage to the first verse spoken of the Covenant of Primus in Beast Wars, in which both the original quote and the modified quote speak of their respective cast's Ultimate Lifeform of a character, the original speaking of Tigerhawk, and the modified quote speaking of Mirror M, specifically as Phase 3.
      "A Mythical Warrior the great behemoth is! A giant bestial force of nature itself given a Deity's form! His arms pumped just like his immense heart, standing upon legs as strong as diamond, and a powerful mighty roar from which the Mythical Warrior cast out the Shark and the Bird upon the open Earth itself, and their followers cast out with them."
    • Mirror M's backstory of both originating as fossils from Antarctic as well as being carpet bombed with nuclear warheads in Antarctica much later are huge Shout-Outs to Neon Genesis Evangelion's Second Impact event.
    • When it came to redesigning Mirror M from his original Bomberman OC design, the character Venom was constantly on the mind when it came to the gradual shift in Mirror M's mouth becoming significantly more monstrous looking as the redesigns continued to be worked on.
    • Some have made the comparison of Mirror M Phase 2 being a Shout-Out to SCP-682 due to the shape of his head and the mane, but the author only considers it accidental, considering while the two do have a lot of similarities, Mirror M was never intended to have a role in the story anywhere near as similar to SCP-682's own role.
  • Square-Cube Law: In real-life, nothing remotely close to his Phase 2 form could logically exist. In the context of the fics, the Square-Cube Law as it exists in real-life doesn't truly exist at all; it's human misinterpretation of how things actually work, and therefor the law only applies to anything humans have been able to study and apply it to, with Mirror M displaying abilities that flat out break the laws of physics to the point that's part of what makes him so horrifying to begin with.
  • Starter Villain: He's the Big Bad of the first arc of Reflection Code, but is only due to only looking out for himself during the events of the breakout, and just trying to survive. Unfortunately, as a highly dangerous carnivorous monstrosity that feeds on just about any source of meat, even humans, and having an highly volatile Hair-Trigger Temper, he's a threat to everyone even if he's technically a neutral party in the entire conflict at first.
  • Steel Eardrums: The only Ultimorian Deity outside of the Big Three to possess a natural version of this trope; oddly enough it didn't actually activate for him until his left eye got gouged out, in which he then began to display an immunity to the Ultrarian's sound weakness.
  • Super OCD: His actual Fatal Flaw, aside from his persisting Wrath, when his sapience becomes much more abundantly clear; while he may be a Parody Stu, his powers and abilities are Played Straight; however, it's his personality which becomes noticeably much more comical than Mirror M's other qualities; he's Super OCD to the point he more or less is completely obsessed with keeping everything and everyone in an organized fashion on a very consistent basis and in completely unaltered as possible; he goes ballistic over even the most smallest details being off that it's often very difficult to convince Mirror M that Status Quo Is God is not a thing that's 100% in play like his mind thinks it is otherwise; Mirror M's locked into a mindset where he believes everything is universally Strictly Formula, even if he's hypocritical about his own beliefs by actually having proper Character Development to showcase his more fleshed out qualities over time and what about him changes.
  • Take Our Word for It: What everyone has to say regarding Mirror M's genitalia regarding why he has pants almost at minimum in each form he has. His genitalia is apparently so disgusting to look at that it actually blinded people both physically and inflicted mental insanity.
  • Technicolor Eyes: Much less subtle about it than Chronicler or Grandis are in this regard, considering he actually has multiple lens' to make his eyes alter in coloration depending on the function required.
  • Token Evil Teammate: How he starts off.
  • Top-Heavy Guy: Inverted by default due to his massive legs and tail in Phase 1; Averted so long as his entire bio-suit is activated, and with Phases 2 onward. Potentially Invoked with the stimulated muscles when activated as Phase 3, although with Phase 3 it's already Played Straight by virtue of the sheer increase of upper body mass. He can actually also forcefully activate the muscle stimulates in his lower forms by doing a Primal Chest-Pound, which naturally stimulates his arms to cause the artificial stimulants to activate.
  • The Un-Smile: Has a very bemused, neutral grin that makes him seem incredibly bored about a situation, and when he's forced to smile more he instead ends up showcasing the Facial Horror of his jaws upfront. Considering what geladas are known for, this isn't exactly uncharacteristic for Mirror M in the slightest.
  • Uniqueness Decay: In terms of powerful experiments made in the same verse, he's eventually given competition to the title of the strongest. In terms of why he's the strongest at all, however, he was originally the go to Kill the God method long before the Z.E.R.0. was even a concept, so that's just another sign that Mirror M is a powerful force that once had every reason to be feared, until every quality that made him unique became more widespread than ever before in his prior incarnations.
  • Unknown Rival: Unwittingly gets on the receiving end of this multiple times because of an unusual form of Bystander Syndrome; often times he'll go into a conflict with only one or two enemies in pursuit, very often in the middle of it he ends up sidetracked by multiple parties he never knew were even there, and by the end of it, success or failure, he's now left an impression on guys who view him as a Worthy Opponent, The Dreaded, or some other antagonistic force that Mirror M has no idea he got labeled as.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: During later appearances of him after his Heel–Face Turn, he begins showing up increasingly more often in public to where people eventually begin reacting to Mirror M not too differently from anyone else after Character Development causes Mirror M to learn to behave more like a human and less like a feral animal post-Heel–Face Turn.
  • Urine Trouble: Happens off-screen mercifully enough, but when Hiroki first comes to the animal den Mirror M cleared out and ended up resting in after the first arc of Reflection Code, Hiroki is put off by the sheer stench of the place because it's all but stated Mirror M marked the small crevice as his territory.
  • Vader Breath: When his mask is on and he's at his most docile.
  • Viewers Are Geniuses: His appearances in Sword Art Online: Special Edition are written as if people have already read Reflection Code and gotten a more familiar touch of what Mirror M is like, considering the author hates having to repeat himself on the backstories and explanations on who a certain overarching character is.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: His backstory is perhaps the most unhinged of all of the various backstories for the Ultimorian Deities; he never had the happiest of upbringings, and everyone around him at some point or another grew to fear him like the devil. Even those who grew up alongside him feared him til they either died of age or other circumstances, or went completely insane trying to handle Mirror M as the years went by. He is also without question the most dangerous entity contained in the nameless facility, as he is mostly to blame for the breakout even happening. Even with the help he got from Anthea by filling the atmosphere in his cell with nutrients, Mirror M would've eventually gotten these same nutrients over time regardless; all Anthea did was speedup the inevitable of Mirror M breaking containment for good.
  • Villain Has a Point: When he chews out Chronicler, it's a Kick the Dog moment because of how Mirror M chooses his wording, but he's not wrong with how Chronicler's gateway ability is making things worse than it already is; considering Freak is an Ultrarian life-form that had only shown up because of Chronicler losing control of his gateway protocol, who knows what other Ultrarians got loose because of it.
  • Villain Protagonist: Starts off his debut in Reflection Code as an antagonist, making him a third player in the Lyoko Warrior's efforts against X.A.N.A.. The two groups decide to pull an Enemy Mine to try and destroy Mirror M with all they have, and even through it doesn't permanently get rid of him, it does begin the catalyst for his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Voice Changeling: His actual vocalization doesn't sound anything like Vic Mignogna at first; as he takes lessons trying to figure out how to speak, he ends up mimicking the voice of the teacher trying to tell him how to speak and what words mean; the teacher is an extra that's a near perfect replication of Vic himself in the role of a linguistics teacher at Kadic. Then it's eventually solidified by a recent change in his Hypothetical Casting; while Vic Mignogna is still his primary voice, his natural tone of voice is none other than Scott McNeil.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss:
    • He forces the Lyoko Warriors to use the Return to the Past even if it would make XANA stronger because of how insanely destructive Mirror M is.
    • When confronted in the Ice Sector during a Scyphozoa encounter he's analyzed at a whopping 700 HP, which doesn't appear like much, but the team has nowhere near as absurd damage output and they only have Mirror M's damaged eye as his weak spot, meaning not only is his weak spot obscured much of the time, but it's also too small to reliably hit with certain attacks. Also the fact Ulrich's Doppelgänger Attack doesn't fool Mirror M for jack shit; his Predator Eye immediately alerts him of who the real one is.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Unless his bio-suit is fully activated he's otherwise completely shirtless by default; while his pants have Invoked Magic Pants, if he were to be given a shirt from another source it would actually tear off entirely with not much effort needed.
  • Wham Episode: How Reflection Code begins; instead of showing Mirror M's perspective of the breakout, it instead shows why Mirror M was created to begin with; as an Ultimate Lifeform Weapon of Mass Destruction.
  • Wham Line: Any time his tail cracks means he's already used the whip attack in his tail, rather than what he instead looks like in that he's only just getting ready to use it; in the aftermath nobody notices until too late that they've just been hit with a fatal wound, as Mirror M's Whip It Good tail attack is normally not used to flat out kill targets like how he does it whenever the cracking sound is heard.
  • Wham Shot:
    • His Eye Awaken motion after he just got his ass royally kicked, in which he proceeds to Hyper Evolve into Phase 3 by immediately regenerating his left arm as his bio-suit reforms partially around his arms, only to instead take the form of various enhancers that drill themselves into his arms' pressure points which then lead into Mirror M's remainder of his appearance transforming into his absolutely hulkish Phase 3 form.
    • His role in Digimon Re: Tamers is the ultimate confirmation that Re: Tamers also takes place in a Shared Universe with Reflection Code, provided the backstory behind Flare and Tempest provided weren't proof enough.
    • His transformation into Omega Platinum for the first time completely has everyone off-guard; nobody knew the form existed prior, and when they realize this is the true form of the Mythical Warrior he's cloned from, they realize now that they're not dealing with a lab created experiment anymore; they're dealing with a reborn God.
    • When Hiroki is surrounded by feral hounds in a pre-return to the past incident in the aftermath with Mirror M, everyone thinks Mirror M is long dead, but have no idea about what's going on with Hiroki; cue Mirror M in his Phase 1 form suddenly grabbing one of the feral hounds by the tail and head, ripping it completely in half, as Mirror M roars towards the attackers to leave. Oh, and he doesn't just roar here...
    • The way Mirror M is designed gives him the appearance he's wearing some kind of suit, which he is, but that's not the surprise. As a means of keeping Mirror M's original artwork as much as possible intact for his design, almost all of his actual anatomy is very learn in appearance aside from his legs and tail, and to a degree his head as seen here. While Mirror M's arms are buff regardless, they were deemed not buff enough for his primary form with the bio-suit attached.
  • Whip It Good: His tail can move faster than a person can fire and hit a target with a bullet. People don't even tend to notice until that Mirror M's tail lets out an audible cracking noise only after he strikes his target, in which the pose he takes appears instead as if he's only just gotten ready to use his tail for this. His tail is just that fast in nature to utilize as a whip-like weapon.
  • Wolverine Claws: Something he's always had, even in his older designs, but have recently became laser based claws rather than physical ones due to the fact having them otherwise constantly deployed was a hindrance both In-Universe and out, since in the latter case, MF217 had a difficult time posing him with them constantly out.
  • Wrath: His Fatal Flaw; he's so bloodthirsty for his own good that when he's forced into a long term time of pacification, he cannot properly adjust to his new living conditions because he's unable to stop his need for fighting by will alone; he needs to fight every now and then or else he'll lose his own sanity to his never-ending sense of Unstoppable Rage.
  • Xenomorph Xerox: Combined with Killer Space Monkey in Phase 1 form; originally prior to incorporating gelada monkeys into his design, it was solely Xenomorph Xerox for his Phase 1 form instead.
  • Zig-Zagging Trope: His ability to speak is often put into question when in the proximity of specific characters. When confronting Stormcloud in Chapter 24 of Sword Art Online: Special Edition, he can speak perfectly fine, and when confronting Ken even earlier, he appears to be speaking, but it's actually the result of Ken having the same universal translator as Grandis. Then cue Mirror M being in the same room as Kazuto and Asuna, and Mirror M's dialogue is replaced with various grunts and odd vocalizations that replace his usual dialogue, but otherwise give the impression he's still speaking on his end. To Kazuto and Asuna, he sounds like he's speaking gibberish, which is apparently what any normal person would hear upon Mirror M attempting to speak; anybody with any form of variety of universal translator instead hears actual dialogue from him.


Omega Platinum, the Mythical Warrior

A breathtakingly beautiful and immensely powerful Ultimorian Deity of the ancient past, preceding the creation of many of the modern day Ultimorian Deities by a long shot. A far cry from his mortal reincarnation of a clone, Omega Platinum's intelligence is unquestioned, but a different personality lies within Mirror M's cells from which Omega Platinum lies dormant. Originally having existed while the Earth was within the Hadean Era, a fierce battle against Ultima and Dragora Galaxia left Omega Platinum for dead and his blood spilt across the Sol system, and with it, the devastating results of his divine blood touching the still young planets in the system. Mercury's orbit would be rendered somewhat off, Venus' biosphere would be completely destroyed, and Earth's biosphere would actually be born in a violent mixture of a chaotic wasteland being forged from Omega Platinum's spilt blood. Remnants of Omega Platinum's blood survived as fossilized fragments, recently having been found inland across Antarctica, where a scientist known as "Franz" would discover them. Omega Platinum's consciousness had survived for billions of years without anyone even knowing, and used the last of his divine energy to gift Franz the knowledge of Enlightenment as a blessing upon seeing the nobility within Franz' soul.

Franz, both heartfelt and horrified by what he had discovered, began the creation of many things in his life that would reshape the entire world as everyone knew it. Franz was a nobody who couldn't fulfill his goal in life that any typical human man could ever accomplish; infertile, poor, and just being an errand boy for whomever is of greater power, Franz secretly began to work on a laboratory from which he intends to stay as far away from civilization as possible within France. In the process, Franz created a haven for beings like himself who have been blessed supernatural abilities through Omega Platinum's actions. Two specific creations would bare a blood relation to Omega Platinum. The first, and older, of the two would be Mirror M, reconstructed from various animal and human DNA samples based off of what Franz could understand of trying to recreate Omega Platinum's DNA sequence. The youngest, a young, pink haired girl known as "Aelita", who would serve as the daughter which Franz couldn't have had otherwise. The difference, though, is that Franz had to keep the existence of these two a secret; when Aelita had left the facility and was discovered, needless to say a turn for the worse began to happen.

Aelita's panic as Franz tried to calm her down during an intense confrontation with soldiers who wanted Franz' facility for themselves, Aelita's cells containing Omega Platinum's essence awoke and caused Mirror M to go ballistic, forcefully ascending him to the Omega Platinum form too early for his own good. Scared beyond all reason and confused like no tomorrow, Mirror M Phase 4 is born, and his outrage that his family is in danger unwittingly causes his incredible power to completely glass entire fractions of the whole European continent. Intense, powerful volcanism, earthquakes shifting the borders of the countries, and powerful, endless storms that plagued the entire side of the globe, ending in an implosion of Mirror M's own power being reabsorbed into himself all at once from each of these elements of chaos. In the process, Earth's orbit around the sun slowed, causing years to last 1.8 times longer than they did before, and Earth's axis tilt would alter so that all portions of the Earth would begin to experience seasons and snowfall. Even by the time of the 2030s, intense weather anomalies as a result of Omega Platinum's rebirth still occur and are no less as fierce as they were nearly 90 years ago.

Omega Platinum's second coming is due at some point in the inevitable future, though, as Grandis, Ultima, and Dragora Galaxia now occupy different portions of this particular universe, standing guard should the time arise where they will do battle against Omega Platinum once more. What none of them realize, however, is that even after having been effectively deceased for 4 billion years, Omega Platinum's intense power now eclipses all three of their own power combined, and none of them are any wiser about it due to other concerns that have recently been discovered...

  • Wham Shot: Omega Platinum is implied to manifest from Mirror M in Chapter 11 of Reflection Code, upon Aelita first speaking his apparent true name of "Mirradium".


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