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  • The BBC for a long time compiled out-takes into a tape for their Christmas parties, dubbed 'BBC VT'. It got to the point where people would say 'Merry Christmas VT' after a blooper.
  • Dan Marino hates to screw up, on the football field, and in the studio.
  • According to an apocryphal story, the Trinity Broadcasting Network had a blooper reel, featuring sets falling down, light bulbs exploding in the middle of fiery sermons, various pranks and hysterics. They even managed to make a scripture lesson out of it.

  • In The 4400, besides Jordan Collier's constant improvising and Tom's frequent laughing at inappropriate moments, Shawn once knocked over a wall.
    Peter Coyote (as Denis Ryland): We were just discussing the newest NOVA proposal...uhh...threat....uhh...thing...
    Megalyn Echuniwoke (as Isabelle Tyler): Ah. That.
  • Parodied on Alexei Sayle's Stuff with "outtakes" featuring such things as Alexei accidentally bursting into song in the middle of a line of dialogue.
  • The host of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 has had at least two times while doing the 'Ridiculist' segment of his show (where he tries to take the edge off the normally serious tone of news broadcasting with more lighthearted stories) where he has become so overcome with laughter at some of the wording of the stories that he was left "giggling like a schoolgirl" as Anderson himself put it for several minutes on live television. Said outbursts were later featured in subsequent 'Ridiculist' segments.
  • Angel has some hilarious ones.
    David Boreanaz: No, Cordy; this isn't about winning, this is about what's at stake, and these waffles are fucking great. Can we eat 'em?
    • There's also a very staged but very funny one where a group of creatures start doing the Macarena.
  • Arrested Development has an In-Universe example with George Sr's "Caged Wisdom" videos (a series of videos recorded in prison where he dispenses religious advice). This comes back to bite him when:
    • 1. One blooper has him saying "Faith is a fact" instead of "Faith is a facet".
    • 2. Cindy Lightballoon, an undercover agent who becomes sympathetic to him, takes the mistaken line as truth.
    • 3. She comes to believe he's innocent of what he's accused of and convinces him he'll be found innocent at trial. Unfortunately, George doesn't discover any of this until he's already agreed to go to trial.
      George: I'm going to trial because you don't understand the concept of a blooper reel?
  • One episode of Babylon 5 ended with Marcus singing the Modern Major General's song. As the credits rolled it picked back up again and after several seconds the crew can be heard tackling him in an attempt to make him stop.
    • Even better ones were seen in the other outtakes such as Londo pausing in the middle of a blockade run to read a road map.
    • Or Ed Wasser (as Mr. Morden) goofing around in the background of a shot:
      Sheridan: How can it be unauthorized? According to Earth Force intelligence, he [points at the monitor behind him, which shows Morden] is supposed to be dead! [Morden has a fatal heart attack] Can a dead man object?
  • The latter Battlestar Galactica has a blooper reel for every season. Highlights include Lucy Lawless' (Three's) "Yeah, why don't you put that on your perv tape?", Force Blows during the boxing ring scenes, and "Baltar's Basestar".
    Kandyse McClure (as Anastasia "Dee" Dualla): Oh, I'm getting a headrush.
    Katee Sackoff (as Kara "Starbuck" Thrace): From breathing? I've been I've been doing that for a whole fuckin' episode! Feel like I've been sucking on nitrites. (in a silly voice) Not that I would know what that's like.
    • A blooper tape from the 1970s show made the rounds at sci-fi conventions throughout the 1980s. A poor quality version (not that the original was high quality to start with) is on YouTube, seen here.
  • Many episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy end with bloopers playing over the closing credits.
    • In one episode he is tossed vegetables which he catches as he talks. He just narrowly catches one in time to avoid a Groin Attack.
  • A Bit of Fry and Laurie has a parody sketch where Fry presents some "classic" bloopers. One features Laurie on a dull 1970s 'Open University' style nerdy educational show, dressed as a mathematician, reciting a long and complex formula. At some point, Fry (the 'director') shouts cut and points out his 'hilarious' blooper- inverting two digits. The two spend the next three minutes laughing helplessly, before taking us back to Fry, still wiping his eyes laughing.
    • Their sketch "Sound Name" has a fake Outtake. Hugh Laurie's character's surname is spelled N-I-P-P-L-hypen-E, but pronounced by dropping a cigarette lighter (it makes sense in context). His address is given as a tap-dance, followed by slapping Stephen Fry's character's face. Fry increasingly 'mispronounces' it, ending with hitting Laurie with a cricket bat, much to Laurie's annoyance. Fry replies in character, Laurie has (apparently) broken it, replying "Never mind the frigging sketch, that HURT!"
  • Blackadder. And you thought the TV show itself was hilarious.
  • Black Books included outtakes on the DVDs, including Dylan Moran messing up the line "This is my house! And while you're under my roof..." as "This is my roof! [pause] And I like it!"
    • Dylan Moran, observing Tamsin Greig flubbing her lines, suddenly picks up a phone and shouts into it: "Martin, change the cast, CHANGE THE CAST! Every fuckin' week, in and out, every fuckin' week: scene one, ding-dong, turning up, "whoops, sorry"!"
    • "Beans! No, I'm sorry, it's 'there' isn't it?"
      • Tamsin Greig "explains" this to the audience: "He was told twice to say the word "there", and the more they asked him to say "there" the more he wanted to say beans!"
    • Tamsin Greig is notorious for corpsing and any series with her in is sure to have many a shot on the blooper reel of her giggling helplessly.
  • Because Blake's 7 was shot on a shoestring budget, most of the outtakes involve the props not working right.
    Dayna: Avon, what are you doing?
    Avon: Pulling the set apart.
  • When filming Bottom, Rik Mayall would respond to a flubbed take by breaking character and offering a greeting to Denis Norden, the host of ITV's bloopers show It'll be Alright on the Night. At least one of these takes, involving a necklace that refused to fasten, was actually used in an episode of It'll be Alright on the Night.
  • At the end of the Boy Meets World episode "Angela's Men", they intended to have a final scene in which Topanga, who is still up, notes to Angela and Shawn are still awake and right there at 3:00 in the morning. Then she lets them know, "You're crushing Eric". Suddenly, part of the couch comes up and a pillow falls off, revealing Eric's face sticking out of a hole in a fake couch cushion. He finally gets up, and he starts cracking up. They were literally NEVER able to finish the scene without corpsing, mainly as a result of Shawn and Eric being together, and the outtakes are the only recorded proof that it was meant to happen.
  • Among the bloopers for Burn Notice, Season 1 DVD features Bruce Campbell ad-libbing different naughty variations of two scenes, Gabrielle Anwar timing her Groin Attack at Jeffrey Donovan badly (resulting in a rather painful hit) and the problem with the Charger's hood getting stuck, prompting Jeffrey Donovan to ask Bruce Campbell to sit on it. Season 2 starts with the Badass Crew In Nice Suits scene being ruined by Bruce Campbell fooling around, and then goes through the prop guys' practical jokes, lots of corpsing during different takes of one scene, a labrador walking in on the set, the trouble with tossing props correctly, Jeffrey Donovan randomly dancing, Gabrielle Anwar's innuendo and people making weird faces.
  • The bloopers for ABC's Castle look promising, mostly for Nathan Fillion's line after he flops onto a couch and exclaims: "What's got two thumbs and a date with a prostitute? THIS GUY!" What really sells it is the thumb-pointing and the ridiculously silly look on his face when he shouts the last part. The first few minutes can be seen here.
    • The Season 2 bloopers have managed to do the impossible by being even funnier than Season 1, with classic moments like Nathan Fillion slapping people who mess up their lines, mugging the camera, and even planting a big wet one on Jon Huertas. It begs the question: how are the Season 3 bloopers going to turn out? And there's also this:
      Director: (off screen to the camera man) Can we go to Stana?
      Stana: Why were we elsewhere?
    • Seamus Dever has a lot of particularly funny bloopers, including this:
    • The Season 3 bloopers will make you hurt yourself laughing. You have been warned.
    • Four seasons, and we finally get Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever kissing. Stana Katic is about as excited as the fangirls.
    • We absolutely cannot overlook Stana mocking the ever loving hell out of the entire show:
      Stana as Kate: So what do I do?
      Kate's Therapist: What do you want to do?
      Stana: I wanna fuck his brains out.
    • And season five, when Nathan (as Castle) is looking through binoculars at a green screen (which in-universe is supposed to be an apartment complex) and an extra in a red shirt strolls through the shot and Nathan shouts, "I SAW SPIDER-MAN!" There's also a whole series of cuts where Nathan can't say a line with a straight face due to unforseen Does This Remind You of Anything? in the script.
      • Season six keeps the form, starting with Nathan's epic crack on Seamus Dever (Det. Kevin Ryan) from a previous episode:
    Nathan: That's the same hotel where we put up Jerry Tyson. I remember because Ryan got his ass kicked, like hard style. Jerry Tyson made a bitch of him.
    • Season Seven has Castle stealing a victorious kiss from Captain Gates, of all people...but then Nathan turns around and steals a second unscripted kiss and walks off muttering, "That was good!" while Penny stands there stunned and then bursts out laughing. We're also treated to Stana tickling a cadaver extra, Nathan calling Kelly Nieman a bitch, and Seamus, Jon, and Stana high-fiving Wonder Twins-style that they're the best detective squad in the universe. It's as precious as it sounds.
  • Chuck had a blooper reel on the DVD set for each of its five seasons.
    • Season 1 starts with - of all things - shots of Zachary Levi (Chuck Bartowski) picking his nose, or letting the likes of Adam Baldwin (John Casey) pick it for him. Yes, really.
      • Basically, Zac goofs around on set quite often, whether it's - among other things - panting like a dog, shaking his ass at the camera or running around with a mannequin head, yelling "AAHH!! OH, GOD!! HE'S DEAD!!"
    • In the shrimp stakeout scene where Team Bartowski (Chuck, Sarah Walker (portrayed by Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey) are all in the car, one of them lets rip. The subsequent look on Adam's face (as Zac and Yvonne burst out laughing) suggests it was him.
    • Bonita Friedericy (General Beckman) and Tony Todd (Langston Graham) look at the camera in character... as Joshua Gomez (Morgan Grimes) slowly pops up from behind, slowly munching on a box of snacks.
    • Sarah Lancaster (Ellie Bartowski) clearly enjoyed Zac playing hairdresser.
    • Season 1 ends with a montage of Yvonne dancing and goofing around (sometimes with Zac) and Adam polishing his Crown Victoria, then this little piece:
      Adam: Nnnnnn…
      Yvonne: Beeeee…
      Zac: Ceeeee!
      Adam: G'night!
    • In Season 2, Vik Sahay (Lester Patel) has trouble with the line, "And then what's my fate? Some chambermaid finds me in a hotel room having accidentally asphyxiated while making love to myself?"
      • Take one:
        Some chambermaid finds me in a hotel room having accidentally asphyxiated myself while making love? Sorry! Damn it!
      • Take two:
        And then what's my fate? Some, some chim— chambermaid— MOTHER OF SWEET THINGS! (After said take) ACCIDENTALLY ASPHYXIATED...!
      • Take three:
        Some chambermaid finds me in a hotel room having accidentally aphyx— oh, shit! I WILL HURT SOMEBODY'S FEELINGS!
    • Zac jokingly goes for an off-screen smooch with Yvonne:
      Zac: Gimme some tongue.
      Yvonne: No...note 
      Zac: Yeah...
      Yvonne: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...!
    • Across three takes, Adam gets into a car and tries (unsuccessfully) to drive away in neutral gear, after which he slaps it and says, "I hate this car!" - an ironic statement, given his character's love of Crown Victorias.
    • The scene where Emmett Milbarge (portrayed by Tony Hale) unleashes his wrath on the Beverly Hills Buy More with a baseball bat took five takes.
    • The take in which Casey tries to lift Chuck through a hole in the ceiling and ends up being smothered by his crotch was hilarious as fuck.
    • Onto Season 3 - as ever, there's no shortage of proof the cast had plenty of fun on set.
      • "Ve vants the money, Bartowski." Then Zac stomps with a flourish.
    • The scene where Sarah is having a conversation with Shaw (portrayed by Brandon Routh) in his bedroom seems perfectly normal... only for Jeff (portrayed by Scott Krinsky) to steal the show by causally emerging from the bathroom in his underpants with a towel. Needless to say, this impromptu act gets laughter and applause aplenty, along with two thumbs-up from Brandon.
      • And to top things off, Scott flings his towel to the side as Yvonne takes him into the bathroom. Lester would be jealous.
    • The "Tequila?" scene. Goodness gracious, Zac can belch for days - at least across eight separate takes, anyway.
      • "Sorry, that was... that wasn't as good as the other two."
    • During a Team Bartowski video conference with Beckman, her partner carries a blow-up doll with him as he walks to the fridge. Yvonne dissolves into a fit of giggles before asking, "Is this for real?"
      • Also, note the slightly disjoined nature of Zac's speech towards the end.
    • Given the considerable dislike Casey has for Morgan, the sight of Adam cuddling Josh in the theatre seats and kissing him on the head is incongruous, to say the least. Unsurprisingly, Josh giggles in response.
    • Onto Season 4, where Josh has trouble opening a jar. Bonita comes to his rescue and opens it with one effort.
      Josh: Thank you, General.
      Bonita: You're welcome.
    • There's a car scene where Vik insists on "sleeping" on Adam's shoulder, despite the latter's efforts to keep him at bay. It eventually leads to them playfighting.
      • "Ha-ha, I'm gonna kill you now."
      • "Don't you fucking hunker next to me!"
    • "Did you bring all the, uh, sex toys?"
    • What hijinks do Zac and Adam get up to when they're sat either side of Yvonne on the sofa? Pretend to row a boat with her legs, of course.
    • Pretty much any time Zac and Yvonne share a moment is worthy of note.
      • Curse words are usually bleeped out in gag reels (until season 5), but one of his expressions ("Fuck's sake") escapes unfiltered because she's tongue-tied at the same time.
      • "Stay. Sit. Roll over. Oh-ho-ho, you naughty pooch!"
      • Zac lets a pretty pungent one rip. The expression on his face (and subsequent laughter) says it all.
        Yvonne: (as she walks away) Oh pwhaar, sorry, fuck! Yuuuuck!
        Adam: It's kinda powdery.
      • You'd be hard pressed to find two people having as much fun with a sack truck as they do.
    • "I want you inside of me..." Cue Josh and Mekenna Melvin (Alex McHugh) - both of them blindfolded - leaning forward and accidentally headbutting each other. Naturally, they start giggling too.
      Mekenna: I think it works the other way round!
      Josh: I meant metaphysically!
    • Season 4 ends with Zac and Josh making Wookiee noises.
    • Finally, we get to Season 5 - and as usual Zac is, well, being Zac.
      • "I want an Oompa Loompa now, Daddy."
      • In an English accent - "Alright, Wonka, how much for the Oompa Loompa?"
    • It took Mark Christopher Lawrence (Big Mike) several takes to nail the scene where he meets Jeffster with a bunch of Subway footlongs. Notably, this scene also marks the point where curse words are no longer censored on the gag reel.
    • As Adam puts a rifle back on the armory shelf, another one falls. Cue several seconds of silence... until Yvonne turns to the camera and starts singing.
      • ♪ "Gaygents in the CIA..." ♪
    • Whilst suspended by wires over a wind machine, Yvonne munches on a burger. Just because she can.
    • Down in Castle, it seems that Ryan McPartlin (Devon Woodcomb) can't handle his calla lilies. After a few takes, Mekenna starts corpsing with him too.
  • Community has outakes on every single DVD of the first two seasons. Involving everything from Chevy corpsing, to alternative ad lib lines, to Joel doing fake PSA, to Danny trying to get Gillian to wipe away a booger.
  • For a show about serial killers, the cast of Criminal Minds manages to produce a lot of hilarious outtakes. Every season but the first one has a gag reel with the DVD set. Here's a video with the bloopers from seasons 2-6.
  • On The Daily Show, outtakes are often left in for extra comic value — particularly corpsing. Probably the most famous example involves then-correspondent Stephen Colbert, a report on rumors about Prince Charles' sexuality, and a banana.
    • Also, a report on looting in Baghdad where Colbert got through a bunch of long, complicated names and messed up on an easy word. Jon: "I believe our correspondent in Baghdad is giving me the finger!"
    • To their credit, The Daily Show's correspondents have become almost entirely unflappable.
    • The Colbert Report has its fair share of these moments as well, including the "Filliam H. Muffman" bit, which Colbert apparently found unusually funny, since he kept breaking down laughing for the rest of the segment.
    • One of the best Colbert moments came recently during a Cheating Death segment where he actually shoved a strip of tobacco product called Snus between his upper lip and gums to demonstrate how to use it. Unfortunately, he didn't know this would make his lips numb and cause him to flub a line several times in a row until he flat out broke down from laughter. Its gloriousness can be here.
    • There was also one time from The Colbert Report when Stephen Colbert forgets the title of his own show during the intro.
    • One clip involved a number of (fictional) deceased British soldiers with Unfortunate Names - the names were read out by a totally straight-faced John Oliver while Jon Stewart wept with laughter. He later explained that the names had been changed since rehearsal.
    • Steve Carell made Stewart break apart when he ate a big spoonful of Crisco on camera. It made sense in context, but Stewart was expecting him to use vanilla ice cream as a substitute.
    • the Ta-da Ballot.
    • In this Colbert Report clip, Stephen arms and places a mousetrap on his desk for perfectly logical reasons. In this clip, he forgets that it's there.
    • In one episode, Colbert pretends to feed a puppy into a wood chipper. The dog doesn't much like the special effects set up to simulate the event.
    • After people started donating money to his Super PAC, Colbert ran a crawl of names of people who donated, including one in particular that leads to a joke that causes Colbert to lose all composure.
  • Dark Shadows was infamous for this. The show's tight budget and hand-to-mouth shooting schedule rarely, if ever, allowed for second takes. The walls of the mansion wobbled if anyone brushed up against them, props failed, lines were flubbed, and it was all broadcast.
  • Doctor Who:
    • In the 1960s, videotape was a fairly new technology, and so editing it was very hard and time-consuming. Therefore, many videotaped programmes tried to keep editing to a minimum. This led to some quite amusing results in the first 6 seasons of Doctor Who, with bloopers that actually made it to the broadcast program. For example, William Hartnell (the First Doctor) warning Ian, Barbara, and Vicki in "The Chase" that they could "end up as a couple of burnt cinders flying around in Spain... er, in space".
    • "The Web Planet" included gems such as a Zarbi smashing right into the camera at one point. And at another, when Ian and the Doctor are stuck inside the TARDIS without power and try to open the door, the Doctor's reply to Ian asking him how do they open it: lots of mumbling and "uh"s, followed by him showing Ian a small metal object in his palm and saying cunningly "This is not merely a decorative object..." The confused expression on William Russell (Ian)'s behalf was probably didn't require any acting whatsoever...
    • Outtakes for "The Five Doctors" feature such highlights as a foul-mouthed Dalek and an even fouler-mouthed Peter Davison.
    • This collection of outtakes from Series 2 contains a few obviously staged ones among the genuine screw-ups, including a CG werewolf face-palming when his actor misses his mark, a man in a Cyberman suit (complete with electronic voice) asking a bystander how to get to the BBC and then running away while pretending to fly, and a computer generated bat-monster crashing into a wall. There's also an long, obviously staged montage of Cybermen in a playground, playing soccer and dancing.
    • In one scene of "Human Nature", Martha fast-forwards through a video containing instructions from the Doctor. Since it doesn't really matter what the Doctor says, David Tennant ad-libs...this.
    • The outtakes from Series 5 include River Song helpfully informing us that "Whatever becomes an angel, is an angel", Matt Smith getting interrupted by "Dalek birds", and also accidentally locking himself out of the TARDIS prop (this last blooper actually comes from the companion behind-the-scenes show Doctor Who Confidential).
    • The scene in "The Time of Angels" where a handle comes off in Matt Smith's hand was originally an out-take incorporated and redone for the show.
  • Predictably, a lot of the bloopers on ER involve actors flubbing their medical jargon, getting hopelessly entangled while operating on a patient, or getting disoriented or tripping on the large cluttered set. The most prevalent running gag is for the cast members to enthusiastically hug or kiss each other after screwing up, especially if their characters had just been shouting at each other.
    • Others include Anthony Edwards ending many a derailed scene with "I love you", George Clooney repeating a cast member's flubbed line at the camera in a goofy voice, everyone making Memetic Molester jokes about Clooney, Julianna Margulies using many a Precision F-Strike, Goran Visnjic corpsing, Noah Wyle trailing off into strings of gibberish, Paul McCrane being unnervingly sweet, and actors making a mockery out of their complete lack of medical knowledge...especially during emergency procedures. The many extras and crew make for almost a studio audience's worth of laughter for most outtakes.
    • One of the funniest outtakes has Paul McCrane (in a scene where Lucy bangs on Romano's door in the middle of the night to find him very pissed) somehow hide another (gigantic) actor, wearing nothing but a towel and carrying a pair of handcuffs and a bottle of wine, behind him. McCrane then proceeds to flirt with him, shoo him upstairs, and call him "honey" before asking Lucy to join them. Kellie Martin, the director, and the tech crew utterly lose it.
    • In another scene featuring an emergency birth, Anthony Edwards yanks a fake-blood-drenched rubber alligator (which is, actually, the lizard baby from "V") from between the mother's legs and starts brandishing it proudly in front of the camera, still in-character. Everyone proceeds to collapse all over the set in hysterics, waving the lizard baby at the father waiting outside the doors.
    • Another one has Alex Kingston (Corday) kissing Laura Innes (Weaver) completely out of the blue. And this isn't a peck. This is a full-on, Hays-code-breaking smooch. Anthony Edwards' reaction is hilarious.
  • Farscape has bloopers that must be seen to be believed. Probably the best and most infamous example involves a dramatic conversation between Crichton and D'Argo turning sour when Crichton unexpectedly laughs.
    D'Argo: (descending into broad Australian accent) What? That was completely fucking serious, then! I'm doing some of the best fucking acting the world has ever fucking seen...I'm talking showreel stuff... and he laughs in the middle of it? Americans!
    • Crichton cracking up again, this time because one of D'Argo's prosthetic tentacles has dropped off.
      Browder: Sir, you dropped something...
    • Guest stars and ridiculously-oversized hats: "...Rise up and lead us to the light!" * THWACK*
      D'Argo: I vote we call it Ploppy. Ploppy the Spaceship.
    • Pilot's voice actor swearing while obliging puppeteers keep Pilot's mouth sychronised with the expletives.
  • A particular one in Fawlty Towers, when Sybil (Prunella Scales) slams the door it swings forward; John Cleese keeps the episode's Running Gag with Basil 'testing' an object.
  • Firefly had some particularly hilarious outtakes. For example, in the episode "The Message" there was originally a scene where the camera was centered over the body of a man whose recorded voice was delivering his last words, and the camera would rotate to show each member of the cast as they listened to the message. Nathan Fillion chose to play around, and as the camera slowly turned, he would run from his current position all the way around to the next actor in line; the unedited version of this scene thus showed his character standing next to everyone as the scene played out...including, when it reached the end, lying in the coffin with the corpse! Other pranks on the blooper reel include Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, and Adam Baldwin singing "How Much is That Geisha in the Window?" and one scene where everyone wore fake mustaches.
    • Then, of course, there are the outtakes for Serenity, which include Nathan Fillion shouting "TRAP!" at the top of his voice, and, at some point, sneaking into the shot of someone else's scene and whispering "I'm on TV", at which point you hear someone shout "It's a movie!"
    • "Summeeeer!": During the last episode of the TV series, "Objects In Space", the final scene was a very long single take showing all the characters coming to grips with the events of the episode. Because it involved a lot of precise timing, when someone screwed up, the entire scene had to be reshot. Inevitably, the actors in the beginning of the shot had to repeat their scenes a lot. As River and Kaylee's scene was last, played by Summer Glau and Jewel Staite respectively, when one of them screwed up the scene, the other actors would get frustrated. When Summer continually botched her scene, Nathan Fillion took to shouting "Summmeeeer!" from the other part of the set in mock anger. After Fillion botched his scene, he still shouted"Summmeeeer!" When the movie was released later, the joke continued: when Fillion and Morrena Baccarin screwed up a shot, they can be continually heard to mutter "Summer!" angrily. (Semi-related, many bloopers involved actors accidentally referring to River as "Summer".)
    • The outtakes of Harken's interview with Wash from "Bushwhacked". If you didn't think that he went back and edited Wash's interview before:
      Alan: I remember when I first met Zoe. I had a rash. (cut) There's no place on that woman I wouldn't put my tongue. (cut) I wasn't into hairy women when I met Zoe, but she brought me around on a lot of things. (cut) I'm a leg man from way back. Patricia Grassante when I was 13, first year I had "hair down there", if you know what I'm talking about. (cut) I'm ambidextrous, which was really came in handy right around twelve, thirteen. (cut) I'm not a big guy, but I'm lithe. (cut) I'm wirey, and I'll-I'll surprise you. I could take you. (cut) Are you wearing a perfume? (cut) Are you close with women?
    • We must be mistaken about this, because as Nathan Fillion will tell you on the DVD set, Firefly's actors are "always deadly serious and never make mistakes. Now how do you turn this fucking thing off?!"
  • The Flash (2014) has one for season 1.
    • Highlights include:
      • Robbie Amell (Ronnie) spitting out fake snow.
      • "Look upon the horizon. All you see will soon be yours, Simba."
      • Grant Gustin (Barry) and Andy Mientus (Hartley) staring into each other's eyes during the confrontation between The Flash and Pied Piper. Gustin blurted out, "Your eyes are beautiful," in lieu of his line, then backpedaled by saying, "But we're not gonna kiss!" as the romantic background music ended with a Record Needle Scratch. Followed up by Mientus (who is openly bisexual and whose character is gay) can be heard in the background saying, "Please?"
      • Cavanaugh's involuntary movement of his legs while portraying the paralyzed Dr. Well's, Daniele's reaction is spot on, "IT'S A MIRACLE!"
    • Season 2's ups the factor, particular highlights:
      • Patton, Valdos and Panabaker being pelted with more debris and wind than usually with one of The Flash's take offs, to the point Candice almost falls over.
      • Grant's horsing around with an improtu "Shut Up, Jay," causing Teddy Sears to break character with a goofy laugh, causing the entire set to burst out laughing.
      • Gustin's lip's flaps in 120fps.
      • Carlos' inability to catch the bomb Kate Cassidey (Black Siren) tosses him.
      • Candice's snarky one liner when Joe asks Iris if she's pregnant, "Definitely not pregnant, I'm not getting annny!"
      • Tom Cavanaugh's constantly losing Harry's USB file.
      • Gustin finishing the poignant goodbye with Shantel VanSanten's Patty, only to pop up in the window out of nowhere scaring the crap out of her.
      • An out of breath Jesse Martin flubbing his line, to Patton's chargin and Valdos humor.
      • Carlos flubbing Jay as "Bae, nope not Bae, not Bae," to which Daniele retorts, "Really Freudian Slip maybe!"
      • Grant and Tom's concern and disbelief that Barry/Grant has to toss a heavy object over the camera's "Everybody be nervous, I can't even remember the last time I threw a football, and THIS is not a football."
      • Teddy Sears/Jay flubbing the line "What's Christmas", to which Daniele corrects him, but the kicker is Carlos' roaring laughter in the background.
      • "All right, take off your pants."
  • The early seasons of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air include these. One episode in the final season was a whole behind-the-scenes episode which featured some of the actors' outtakes.
  • Each season of Friends has a blooper reel on the DVD. A Running Gag is that, every time another actor makes a mistake, the following blooper is Matthew Perry intentionally doing the same thing to crack everyone up.

    The main cast's real-life friendship is shown in these bloopers. Unlike many other shows, none of the actors show any hints of real tension, irritation or impatience with each other in the blooper reels and have absolutely no compunctions about mocking each other mercilessly over stupid-sounding flubbed lines.

    Possibly the best one of all was after "The One With Joey's New Brain," where Lisa Kudrow keeps going "EEEE! EEEE EEEE!!" along with Ross' bagpipes, and the entire cast just loses it. It's one of the few times the outtakes were actually shown along with the episode. You can even see Jennifer Aniston laughing before the credits.
  • Alton Brown, on a couple of episodes of Good Eats, has included outtakes over the closing credits.
  • Gossip Girl has surprisingly funny outtakes, largely due to Leighton Meester's adorable funny voices, Penn Badgley's caffeine addiction, the whole cast's apparent inability to take the show seriously, and the fact they all swear like sailors. In the Season 1 bloopers, there's a part where no one can remember Serena's name, not even the actress playing her!
  • The crossover episode of Hannah Montana has some outtakes including flubbed lines, a door that wouldn't open when it should, and Miley squeaking her way through a line.
  • Hannibal, of all shows, has a particularly hilarious gag reel featuring the usual flubbed lines, Laurence Fishburne mispronouncing "Dumfries" as "dumb fries", Mads Mikkelsen repeatedly failing to catch a potato on his knife, and later saying what everybody in the audience was thinking to Freddie during a dinner scene:
    Lara Jean Chorostecki: This is possibly the finest salad I've ever eaten in my life. Shame to ruin it with all that meat.
    Mads Mikkelsen: Shut up, bitch.
    • The DVD/Blu-Ray has an extended version, including such gems as Hugh Dancy repeatedly tripping over scenery, a crew member dropping the steadicam, and cast and crew members cracking up at Laurence Fishburne's unprovoked yelling:
      Lawrence Fishburne: I KNOW WHEN I'M AWAKE!
      (Awkward Silence)
      Hugh Dancy So did anybody see the game last night?
    • Ditto for the other two seasons, which follow suit. For example, in season two when Jimmy Price (Scott Thompson) is performing an inventory of a serial killer and deliberately sets everyone off giggling:
      Price: One black leather billfold: containing $443, various credit cards. One hard candy, covered in murderer's lint. One silver cock-ring: tarnished, very rusted cock-ring.
  • Have I Got News for You has started airing a ten-minute longer cut (Have I Got A Bit More News For You) the day after the original, which includes a lot of bloopers along with other cut footage.
  • Highlander had two commercially released outtake reels. Some of the more notable ones:
    • Adrian Paul having huge problems jumping onto his horse in the episode 'Family Ties'
    • The director forgetting to yell 'cut' during the 'Prophecy' Cassandra/Duncan love scene. Tracy Scoggins finally exclaimed "If this goes on much longer, I'm going to need birth control!"
    • The episode 'The Stone of Scone' where Adrian Paul and Roger Daltry had a big problem getting lines out because of the highland cow's constant mooing at the wrong time. The outtakes ended with a parody of a quickening, with Duncan being beheaded by the cow.
    • Adrian playing a practical joke during 'Turnabout' with a sex toy
    • Jim Byrnes being unable to complete a scene in 'The Cross of St.Antoine' where Joe was supposed to break a glass door with his cane. It simply did not work and ultimately, a crowbar had to be painted like his cane to complete the scene.
    • A couple bloopers were left in the episodes, like Duncan and Amanda's kiss attempt/headbutt in 'Money No Object' and one season 1 episode where Adrian and Stan Kirsch thought the final scene was going to cut earlier than it did. They stay in character for a moment, then burst out laughing.
  • Home Improvement also usually featured outtakes at the end of episodes.
  • The House DVDs include a blooper reel... mostly of when characters mess up their complex medical technobabble. Hugh Laurie mostly manages to keep his fake American accent throughout.
    • "Listen to me, you Antipodean fleck of bumfluff! Every single day I take this from you! The hair is adorable! I don't deny that! The figure is svelte!"
    • For no explicable reason, there are whole scenes with Cameron and Cuddy as Valley Girls. Hilarity Ensues.
    • "I could be Walter Matthau right now. I have no idea what play I'm in at all."
  • How I Met Your Mother DVDs include unrated blooper reels. The cast seems to live by the philisophy "when in doubt, kiss". An outtake from the episode Third Wheel (following the scene where Ted goes to have a possible threeway with two hot women leaving Lily, Marshall and Barney hiding in his bedroom) features Neil Patrick Harris licking Allyson Hannigan's face, Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris kissing, and Harris and Segel sandwiching Hannigan on the bed (only stopping when they accidentally rip her dress).
    • Season two has a blooper from a scene where Marshall and Barney are caroling. Cobie Smulders joins in and attempts to make Silent Night more "pop". This leaves Jason Segel wondering what just happened, and Neil Patrick Harris whimpering: "You're killing me."
    • At one point, when Josh and Jason are unsuccessfully stifling their laughing during an extended silent scene, the assistant director finally ends their agony with "Pam Fryman's coming in to scold you".
    • Several bloopers involve the whole gang huddled around their booth causing domino reactions of giggling fits as the unusually close proximity to each other make keeping a straight face impossible. Special mentions to the infamous "Rabbit Or Duck?" smackdown from season 5, where the actors literally cannot get through a single full line without falling apart.
    • There are also running gags, such as Jason Segel's cell phone ringing in the middle of the scene (and the rest of the cast teasing him mercilessly about it every time), Josh Radnor cheerily dissing himself every time he flubs a line, and Neil Patrick Harris covering every bad take with something even more outrageous.
    • There's also a scene where Barney is supposed to whisper something incredibly hot (but inaudible) in Robin's ear. However, Neil Patrick Harris must have said something extremely bizarre and filthy, because Cobie Smulders cracks up and blushes as red as a beet.
      • A crew member asks if Neil would like to share with the class and Cobie, giggling and fanning herself, yells "No! No, he doesn't." One has to wonder.
      • Also, at one point, Neil accidentally, but very obviously, gropes Cobie's breasts while getting up from his seat, causing everyone to go into an extended fit of hysterics.
      • The season 9 gag reel has him accidentally grabbing her crotch.
    • There's one where Cobie Smulders messes up her line and swears, apparently forgetting that she was sharing the scene with a little kid, who's hilariously scandalized. "Did you just say the f word?!" "No, I didn't, I said, uh, 'Frosted Toasty-O's'."
  • iCarly: "iBloop", entirely dedicated to the bloopers and outtakes of the cast throughout the series.
    • Victorious has an episode called "Blooptorious" like this that does the same thing.
  • The special features on the Season 2 DVD of Law & Order: UK include a 10-minute gag-reel. Most of the clips are typical—flubbed lines, malfunctioning props, Corpsing, etc. However, the apogee is a botched scene where Detectives Devlin and Brooks are interviewing a witness. Distracted by the loud music playing in the background, Jamie Bamber begins struggling not to laugh before finally cracking up, declaring, "I'm sorry; I can't fucking do this". Knowing that the take is no good anyway, Bradley Walsh begins dancing to the music, all the while still saying his lines with a straight face as though this is completely normal, pretending not to notice that the other actors—Bamber and the kid playing the witness are literally doubled over—are laughing hysterically.
  • Lizzie McGuire would end each episode with several outtakes by the characters, and usually, one "outtake" by the animated character.
  • The Lost DVD sets contain blooper reels, mostly of the corpsing variety, but also Memetic Mutations. Season 2 is full of Brokeback Mountain jokes. In season 4, Grant Bowler spontaneously yells "THIS. IS. SPARTA!" Another features a cow randomly running through the shot.
    • Perhaps the most famous is from the season 3 episode "Enter 77", in which Naveen Andrews suddenly screams his character's line, "NOT EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY, JOHN!" as he throws aside a carpet to reveal a trapdoor. Terry O'Quinn then responds "My God, Holmes!" as Evangeline Lilly cracks up throughout the next several takes of the scene. In an odd example of Beam Me Up, Scotty!, some fans mistakenly claim the screamed variation is from the actual episode and not the blooper reel.
    • Season 6 has a couple of gems too: from "Sundown", Evangeline Lily failing multiple times to toss a ladder down to Claire (including tripping over it). The best one is probably from "The Candidate", from the scene where Jack and The Men in Black rescue most of the other castaways. The set people make the trees shake, and director Jack Bender is shouting out what the actors should be reacting to, the tension builds to a climax, and then Jorge Garcia shouts "JACK...I HAVE A LINE!"
  • The blooper reel found on The Middleman DVD set largely consists of actors struggling to get out the show's wonderfully overwritten dialogue (and cursing head writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach). Other highlights include Kevin Sorbo wrestling with an uncooperate prop and a disco-dancing Interrodroid.
    Mary Pat Gleason: Dammitjavidammitjavidammitjavi!
  • In The Tag of The Monkees episode "Monkees On the Wheel", Mike tries over and over to finish the line "Save the Texas Prairie Chicken", but ends up corpsing over and over. He finally gets the line down (to fake thunderous applause).
  • On Mystery Hunters, bloopers were featured in their Best of Mystery Hunters specials that were featured at the end of each season.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 sold the Poopie tapes, two VHS tapes of bloopers. In many of the bloopers, the puppets stay in character, often when Servo's unattached head falls off. More minor, salvageable bloopers were usually left in the show. One of the funniest ones was Joel managing to blow his line...which was literally one word.
    [as he's coming in holding waffles] Pancakes...oh, I blew it, I'm sorry.
  • MythBusters has at least one blooper reel on the Discovery website. At least two special MythBusters episodes (MythBusters Revealed, Top 25 MythBusters Moments) also contained these. In fact, at least two regular MythBusters episodes contained these in the course of the episode.
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide used outtakes over the end credits.
  • New Zoo Revue has a very infamous blooper reel too, in which Freddy the Frog tells Charlie the Owl to go fuck himself, and then goes on to call him a "faggot." Despite claiming this was based on just the one time he caught him with his cousin Orson, Freddy claims that Charlie wanted him for the whole series. And since it's all out, the two suited characters engage in homoerotic sexual activities. Anyways, you can check it out here.
  • Nosotros también los equivocamos was an Argentine TV show during the early/mid 2000s that featured blooper reels from other shows at the time.
  • A vast majority of the NUMB3RS outtakes involve Charlie's actor messing up a line and letting out a stream of curses. Once, however, he stepped right into the koi pond — which is apparently deeper than it looks.
  • The first season DVD set of The Odd Couple included a very short gag reel; a different, much longer one was included with every copy of Tony and Me, the book Jack Klugman wrote about his friendship with Tony Randall. Flubbed lines, corpsing, dirty jokes, fake make-out sessions (to aggravate certain homophobic network execs) and general tomfoolery abound.
  • Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's The Office (UK) and Extras feature out-takes on the DVDs, with the second series of The Office featuring a short opening with Ricky Gervais himself more or less mocking the concept ("Do you want to see some of the times where we fucked up?!"). The second series of Extras actually had a featurette "The Art of Corpsing" that looks at actors laughing during takes with more detail.
    • And this is in addition to a regular blooper reel, plus additional outtakes strewn across episodic behind-the-scenes featurettes. Gervais himself explains that the actors felt there was no need to avoid corpsing when he himself did so blatantly and continually throughout the shoot. Several of the actors also comment on his tendency towards provoking them to corpse.
      • Indeed, he admits that he pretty much makes a game out of it, and tells a story about a scene with Ashley Jensen where he had the line, "I'm going to the Ivy." He told her beforehand that he was going to add a word onto the end of the line, and she expected it to be something ridiculous intended to put her off, but it turned out to be just "restaurant." So she laughed anyway because she knew he'd set her up, and he pretended to be bewildered while to the rest of the cast and crew it looked like she was laughing at a perfectly ordinary sentence, "I'm going to the Ivy Restaurant," for no reason. (As Steve Merchant points out, it's worth bearing in mind that it's his own show he's sabotaging in this way.)
      • He does the same thing to Martin Freeman in this clip, in which Freeman complains belligerently that Gervais wants to see him, the more experienced of the two actors, mess up on set.
  • The Office (US) has a gargantuan 20-minute blooper reel on its season 4 DVD.
    "You are so little and petite, but to me you are extra, extra sweet. (pause) You're evil... like a hobbit." (John Krasinski loses it)
    • That particular reel has a few; in one, Michael is about to announce something to the office. Instead of his usual droll voice, Stanley gets up and energetically says "We get to go home!", which sends the rest of the cast into a minute-long fit of laughter, with Michael's reaction being particularly hilarious. In the other Michael delivers the bad news about ordering from a bad pizza place... and the office collapses into exaggerated overblown hysterics with Oscar spasming on the floor, John Krasinski/Jim play-fighting with Ed Helms/Andy (and later Rainn Wilson/Dwight) and Creed running outside with a skateboard mixed among the entire cast screaming/moaning/banging on desks.
  • Once Upon a Time:
    • The Season 1 bloopers. Featuring an upside down contract, a lost card, Emma Stone, a pooping bird, Regina being a big fat liar, and an evil laugh from Gold which really should have made the final cut.
    • Then they brought out the Season 2 bloopers, and an internet meme was started. "They wanna put me on display like some evil panda? Uh-uh, I don't think so!"
  • Parks and Recreation has a lot of funny ones, but one of the best involves Chris Pratt and a briefcase, and it has to be seen to be believed.
    • The gag reel also allows us to see the cast's original reactions to some of the improvised lines, like this one. Each and every person's reaction to that one is gold.
  • Password Plus and its infamous blooper episode, the outtake of which was actually retained on the episode itself. Tom Kennedy forgets to give a free guess when Dick Martin used an illegal clue ("You cannot give 'France' for 'French!'"), and hilarity ensues.
    • Match Game. Lovely "nipples". Full stop.
  • Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights had many outtakes (one of the most shocking involves Kay narrowly missing getting fatally hit by a falling light that fell off only a few feet away from him as he lay on the ground) that were included on the DVD as well as being shown on Channel 4 during Peter Kay Night. The DVD of the second series has three different outtake reels, one focusing entirely on the characters Max and Paddy and another on a single scene involving Jim Bowen who constantly flubbed his lines.
  • Seasons 3-6 of Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin' to In Space) played bloopers during the end credits, sometimes with extra lines dubbed in. Post-season six, the bloopers were discarded in favor of Fox Kids advertisements, and Zord-forming sequences in current broadcasts, but returned in the RPM episode "And... Action!"
  • Psych has the infamous "Psych-outs" at the end of nearly episode. And they're hilarious. Check out "Maneater", for example.
    • Plus a main gag reel on the DVD, including this gem in Season 1:
      Director: James?
      James Roday: Yessir.
      Director: Don't fuck this up.
      James Roday: Copy that.
  • Stephen Fry, star of Fry and Laurie and host of QI, has a reputation for being well spoken and articulate... which makes it all the more hilarious when he gets it wrong. "They say of the Acropolis, where the Parthenon is..."
  • Given the nature of the show, outtakes at the end of every episode have always been as important a part of Raumschiff GameStar as the actual episodes. In fact, there hasn't been a single episode in five seasons that wasn't published with at least one or two outtakes.
  • Red Dwarf have made enough "Smeg Ups" to get two blooper reels. There are some bloody brilliant ones, "Stone..." and "Ohhh, Mr. Guitar!" being the most infamous.
    • Chris Barrie forgets his lines and improvising "Lister, she's a computer spuh...puh...pussy" instead of "computer sprite".
    • "...And when I catch up with him, I'm gonna cut off both his bollocks with me left hand! Fuck!"
      • For those playing at home, Craig Charles (delivering the line) was supposed to say "with a blunt knife." And waved his right hand, too.
    • Chris Barrie as Kenneth Williams: "Oh matron, yes, yes. I gathered we had no sound, you see, so we have to do it again, yes. We now have sound, which is that knob-like thing up there, which you can't see, you see.
      • "I then order you to don my old space suit, the one with theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh matron, yes, I screwed the line!"
  • Revenge's first series features an epic reel of mostly people breaking their Tranquil Fury into silly giggles.
  • Scrubs has some excellent outtakes from Seasons One and Two.
  • Seinfeld has eight huge 15-30 minute gag reels, one for every season (with the shortened seasons 1&2 combined). A large proportion of them involve the actors being unable to keep a straight face during the initial takes of the show's funnier scenes, most often at Michael Richards' various physical antics as Kramer. The fact that all the actors, particularly Jason Alexander, are major smartasses, and the fact that Julia Louis-Dreyfus cannot stop laughing once she gets started, adds to the hilarity greatly. One of the most hilarious outtakes involves Wayne Knight (Newman) emitting a hilariously bizarre noise that was obviously intentional, but probably never heard in rehearsal. Seinfeld finds it so funny that he has to stagger off into his character's "bedroom" to laugh hysterically until he regains his composure.
  • Stargate SG-1:
    Amanda Tapping: You spend seven years on MacGyver and you can't figure this one out? We...we've got belt buckles, and shoelaces and a piece of gum; build a nuclear reactor, for crying out loud. You used to be MacGyver, MacGadget, MacGimmick. Now you're Mister MacUseless. (crew & RDA start to laugh) Dear God! Stuck on a glacier with MacGyver!
    • Even funnier, toward the middle of this rant, Richard Dean Anderson — who's had his back to us in the foreground for the beginning — slowly turns to face the camera with a mock "You see the crap I have to put up with here?" look on his face.
    • Worth noting that an ad-lib about MacGyver is what got her the part.
  • Star Trek has had scores during its run, but this collection shows some of the best from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, especially:
    Data: Captain, there was a programming malfunction —
    Picard: You didn't bang [the door]...oh wait, he was not supposed to!
    • In these bloopers from the original series, we have such gems as Bones beseeching Kirk for a kiss, much walking into doors, and Spock smiling.
      • There's one in another video which is both hilarious and heartwarming; Leonard Nimoy's kid walks onto the set and greets his father - wearing a pair of Vulcan ears. Whoever had the brilliant idea to do this earns all the free internets in the world.
      • The original series' blooper reels are arguably the most iconic such material of all time. They were edited together and played at the wrap party at the end of each season (along with other surprises), but then expected to never be seen again. But in fact they somehow got into the possession of happy fans some time in the 1970's when the show had really taken off in syndication and fans were thrilled to get ahold of anything related to the series. For several years they were the featured part of a travelling show that played at various colleges and theaters and would also feature bloopers from other 60's shows and commercials, vintage cartoons (the show would always end with a Looney Tune such as "Duck Amuck"), and various other film oddities like the infamous "Bambi Meets Godzilla". Notably, these shows gave Hardware Wars its first wide exposure. Needless to say, the Star Trek people were not pleased, though they initially turned a blind eye and only started cracking down on the shows when the film franchise started up.
      • The automatic sliding doors were a constant issue in all the incarnations of Star Trek, as it was more cost effective to have two crew members open the doors on cue... but they often missed their cues.
      • One moment from the Babylon 5 blooper reel (more from that series below) referenced the sliding doors miscues of Trek when Majel Barrett Roddenberry walked into the doors of a transport tube. As the tech crew apologized for the mistake, she replied, "That's okay; I'm used to it."
    • A small set from Deep Space Nine
      Q: What, you'll ravish me?... Ravish, I'm sorry...
      Sisko: I might!
    • Many Voyager bloopers can also be found, often in the same collections as the Deep Space Nine outtakes.
      Chakotay: You're going to emit that tachyon ship, beam, ship it down to the ship, and we'll ship it out of here."
      Janeway: "Here goes!"
      (Uncontrollable laughter)
    • Enterprise had a blooper reel for every season, also included in the boxsets. Unlike all of the other bloopers described above, which were either bootlegged, unofficially shown at conventions, or shown during one-off TV specials, Enterprise is the only Trek series to actually have formal, authorized blooper reels created for the DVD sets. Scott Bakula in particular would improv a completely silly line on the spot and deliver it deadpan if he forgot his line.
      Archer: I can't wait to see the look on the Admiral's face when he sees two Enterprises pulling into sickbay. *laughs* Sickbay? I don't think they'll fit.
      Archer: Do you hear something? *kneels on the floor* It's coming from under the deck plating, but every time I get close to it I have to start the scene over. (T'Pol breaks into laughter)
      Archer: How long until we have subspace... something, airspace, French fries, and cokes?
      Archer: We can't help you unless we can see you, so why don't you disconnect what other...whatever stealth device you're using. (high-pitched voice) Easy for me to say.
      Archer: I think it's natural for the crew to get a little slop-sloppy. (goofy voice) And since we were talking about sex, I—(starts babbling while making a goofy face)
  • Supernatural has some great gag and blooper reels in the DVD sets. Nothing tops "Supernatural presents Jensen Ackles" shown at the end of the episode "Yellow Fever." Clip here. Yes, yes. Weird things happen when Jared misses his cue.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has one for each season. It's mostly scenery breaking and actors flubbing their lines, including a funny one of Thomas Dekker unable to pull Riley's morgue drawer (she starts laughing, a case of literal Corpsing ), and the finale's HK attack only crashing partway through the window and setting something on fire.
  • That '70s Show usually had tags at the end of every episode, except one in season 6: the one with a scene involving agent Murphy, Kelso as a cop in training and Fez and his frog. This episode had The Tag replaced by the blooper reel of this scene. According to the documentary "The Final Goodbye", the scene took forever to be shot correctly.
  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has an uncut version of Jimmy and Bradley Cooper desperately trying to have a serious conversation about his part in The Elephant Man. It's all fine until they realise they still have on silly hats from earlier in the show, contrasting just a little with the very dark subject matter of The Elephant Man. Cue literally ten minutes of increasingly hysterical laughter as they redo the conversation over and over again, mostly hilarious because it's so inappropriate to laugh in that situation. By the end Bradley is red in the face, Jimmy is nearly in tears, and neither of them can get through a single sentence without dissolving into giggles.
  • What happens when John Barrowman and other actors try to film something? Torchwood outtakes. Watch and laugh.
  • The Tribe had two half hour blooper reels, one covering the first three seasons - released on the season one DVD - and one covering seasons four and five, released on the season two DVD. Unsurprisingly on a show where 99% of the actors were under eighteen, they are heavy on line flubbing and corpsing. They're also hilarious.
  • This was half the premise of TV's Bloopers And Practical Jokes.
  • Since so many of the cast members of White Collar are seasoned theatre actors (by definition, large hams used to improvising when things go wrong,) their gag reels are correspondingly hilarious. Two things become apparent during the gag reels: White Collar might have one of the most foul-mouthed casts on television, and the image of Tim Dekay as the tightly-wound Straight man Peter Burke is forever ruined (he cycles through Manchild, Dirty Old Man, and a Sir Swears-a-Lot Deadpan Snarker at warp speed.)
  • As is the nature of improv, Whose Line Is It Anyway? has many Hilarious Outtakes. Since the program tapes in four-hour blocks, they can edit some of the more flavorful ones out, but they will keep many of them (and even have special "Too Hot for Whose Line" episodes with some).
    • In particular, the infamous HORWARD song from the 100th episode, which features the cast attempting to sing a Village People style disco song when the synthesizer inexplicably doubles in speed.
    • Here's some of the cast's many outtakes.
    • From the British version, there's a rather infamous outtake where Tony Slattery splits his pants.
  • If you see any of The X-Files gag reels, at least 30% of it will involve Gillian Anderson laughing uncontrollably. Apparently she is a notorious giggler.
    • Mitch Pileggi, who played Skinner, said, "Once she starts giggling, it's all over." Watching a lot of the bloopers proves it's infectious, too.
    • And she has a hilarious habit of swearing like a sailor when she flubs a line.
      • So does Robert Patrick, which can make for some truly epic hilarity in the Season Eight gag reel. At one point Doggett is talking to Scully while she's in her car, Anderson flubs a line, Patrick flubs a line and says "Oh, fuck me" before turning to move away so they can start the scene over, and hits his head on the edge of the door.
    • And getting Gillian and Annabeth Gish in the same scene together is pretty much guaranteed dissolvement into laughter.
    • Another few bloopers generally involve the very petite Gillian Anderson stumbling off the box they've given her to stand on next to her taller co-stars. FOX actually turned one of these moments into a "coming up next on FOX" show promo during Season 9; generally they used clips of Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick, and Annabeth Gish standing together and looking solemnly at the camera. During one take, though, Anderson is a bit unsteady on her feet, and topples straight down off camera, trying to grab Robert Patrick for support and nearly taking him down with her as Annabeth Gish cracks up. FOX used this take to introduce the "funny" episodes.
    • The cast was also very fond of pranking each other during scenes.
      • During one of the more gruesome episodes, Duchovny threw a handful of rice at Anderson during a take, which she mistook for maggots. Cue a lot of flailing and screaming, and an Oh, Crap! from Duchovny.
    • The cast, especially David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, would play off each other if a line was flubbed, leading to some hilarious ad-libbed blooper scenes.


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