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Ti Psyhi Tha Paradoseis Mori? (literally "What kind of soul will you deliver, you foolish woman?") is a dark comedy of Greek origin about four women who spent some time together in an orphanage and want to take revenge on the man who sexually abused them when they were little girls. Hilarity Ensues.

The show originally aired in 2000 and drew really high ratings. However, it was cancelled after only 7 episodes were made. It has re-aired several times, to great ratings again and again, and plans for its completion or a re-do have been in the works several times but have never come to fruition.


Ti Psyhi Tha Paradoseis Mori? contains examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: Fofo's dad and on some level Aleka. Though she's abusive because she cares, and has Antagonistic Offspring that drive her nuts so it borders on Tough Love
  • As the Good Book Says...: Hardly ever played straight.
  • Broken Bird: The protagonists of the story, by both the events of the past and in some cases their current circumstances.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Again the protagonists. On top of being molested all of them had to live in an orphanage due to either their parents dying or being otherwise unable to take care of them.
  • Follow in My Footsteps: Aleka, during her last goodbye, "You can do drugs. Become gay, even. But if you ever vote for the conservatives, mummy's bones will rattle".
  • Hot for Preacher: Fofo.
  • Nun Too Holy: The priest. For a priest his car is a little too new and flashy, the camera "the church" owns is not your average camera either, it's a professional camera and he gets the congregation to rally signatures to endorse his promotion by holding a raffle with prizes such as a new television... Makes you wander where he got the money.
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  • Orphanage of Fear: The orphanage the protagonists met in. There's a flashback and we see them all as tweens, Fofo eating, Poppi stealing her food, Aleka, The Hero standing up for her, while Dodo antagonises her. Then he appears...
  • Parental Abandonment: And how. Not only were the four protagonists abandoned as children, but there's a fair bit of Parental Neglect at best on the part of the one that does have a kid in the present.
  • Token Religious Teammate: Fofo is a very devoted Orthodox Christian. Which as you can imagine is a problem considering the group's aim is to murder someone.


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