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  • Liar Liar, which is mostly Jim Carrey running wild (and in one case, a co-star calling him out).
  • DVD extras include outtakes from the various Back to the Future films.
    • Marty's prop flask being replaced with real liquor in Back to the Future. Cue Michael J. Fox doing a Spit Take and hilarity ensuing.
    • And a jokey improvised version of a deleted scene (where Marty looked into a classroom and saw his teenaged mother cheating on a test), where Michael J. Fox strolled onto the set wearing a wifebeater, a hairnet, belted slacks and a cigarette in his mouth - acting like a stereotypical Mexican thug. Cue Mexican!Marty calling Doc "Puto" note , calling Lorraine "bitch", and yelling that "SHE CHEATIN', MANG!!" And he is visibly trying not to laugh.
    • One of the outtakes of Part III has Fox entering the McFly farm with the day's hunt - a Roger Rabbit plush!
  • Being There runs outtakes of Peter Sellers continually flubbing a speech that had to be cut (he couldn't get through it without cracking up and breaking character) over the end credits. This was director Hal Ashby's idea — Sellers was famous for committing to his characters and saw this as "break[ing] the spell" of the film. He tried multiple times to get the outtakes dropped, but Ashby never relented. New York Times critic Vincent Canby later noted the mood-breaking effect of these outtakes in an essay against the whole trend of such, which was taking off around this time with the aforementioned Smokey and the Bandit films. There is an alternate, no-outtakes end credit sequence that was last seen circa 2004 in syndicated television airings, but all video prints of the film, including the 2009 DVD release, only use the outtakes version — the DVDs don't even include the alternate version as a bonus feature. And the BluRay disc includes even more bloopers from that speech.
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  • The 1984 movie Chattanooga Choo Choo had a great collection of outtakes following the movie.
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home had a few, including a improv where Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner stretch out the "What does it mean, exact change?" bit after a blown take. ("TAXI!") The best, though, is during the scene where the Enterprise crew faces the Federation President at the end. Everyone cracks up when Shatner blows his line.
    Shatner: On behalf of all of us, Mister President, I have been authorized to plead not guilty. (Beat as he realizes he blew it) On the other hand, they have also authorized me to plead guilty. Now I am confused.
    Nimoy: That's good, keep rolling. Keep rolling. Ask him the question again, I like that. That was a good answer Bill.
  • Most Jackie Chan action films include a modified version of this, with the outtakes often highlighting Chan's stunt failures and injuries, showing how difficult they are to pull off so flawlessly in the finished project. Several films have included clips of Chan being airlifted to hospitals, being loaded into ambulances, breaking bones, falling from high places onto hard/pointy things, etc., usually with a reassuring thumbs-up to the camera. Chan was inspired to do this by the bloopers in The Cannonball Run, where he had a bit part.
    • While not hilarious, there's an interesting one in Rumble in the Bronx, where Jackie Chan trips while running from the actors playing goons. It's interesting watching the expressions of his crowd of pursuers go from angry "I'm going to get you" to "are you okay?" in a split second. here at 1:30 - notice the guy with the bat raise it to strike, then check on Jackie.
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    • Rush Hour continues the tradition of including Jackie Chan bloopers, though most of them involve him flubbing his lines rather than bungling stunts due to the lower intensity of the stunts.
      • In one outtake, he fails to slide through a narrow space and falls to the floor, he jumps up with a "Jackie always OK!" to the amusement of the crew.
      • This is especially hilarious when Brett Ratner fed Jackie Chan increasingly dirty commentary about porn, ending with Jackie saying "I like the one with the horse!" with a straight face, until the entire crew bursts out laughing.
      Chris: Lee, what's wrong with you?
      Jackie: I don't know! Brett Ratner teach me that! (everyone laughs as Jackie glares off-camera) Are you teaching me a bad word?
      • This one goes both ways...
        Jackie: (laughing) See? How difficult is that? My English? He cannot even speak three words in Chinese!
      • And from one of the sequels, after several clips of Chris Tucker flubbing the same line:
        Chris: El Poco Roco...
        Jackie: El Pollo Loco!
      • He also can't pronounce "gefilte fish" to save his life. And Jackie can't say "Madison Square Garden."
      • Or "Secret Service", which kept coming out as "Seafood Service"
      Crew: Secret Service! Not "Seafood Service"!
      Jackie: I know "seafood"! I know "secret"! See? Secret! But, everything come together, it become "seafood"!
      • After Chris keeps flubbing the line and calling Jackie, "Jackie" instead of his character's name (Inspector Lee).
        Kenny (Don Cheadle): His name is Lee, Goddamnit!
      • Another has Chris Tucker getting a phone call from a friend.
      • And after Ricky Tan falls to his death: (Here.) Even funnier, it also happens to be Hilarious in Hindsight.
        Tucker: Damn! He ain't gonna be in Rush Hour 3!
    • In the Shanghai series:
      • Owen Wilson has a great deal of difficulty remembering to call Jackie by his character's name.
      • Then there's the time Jackie forgot to turn his cellphone off... oops. Which is a bit of a weird callback to Chan calling out co-star Chris Tucker for doing the same thing in Rush Hour 2.
      • Also from Shanghai Knights, during one fight he and his foe totally forgot the fight choreography, and just kept repetitively hitting each other... until Jackie turned the motions into a dance routine, then finally threw his hands up and shouted "You have to say CUT!"
      • Jackie falls through a hole in the set, we hear an absolutely epic crash from below, followed by Jackie's pained voice saying "You were supposed to catch me!"
  • The Mr. Show Direct to Video movie Run Ronnie Run parodies Jackie Chan outtakes over the credits by showing various scenes from the film suddenly break down into a calamity, prompting a gaggle of panicked Asian men in track suits to burst onto the scene and provide aid to the lead actor, who gives the camera a reassuring thumbs-up.
  • Serenity has some excellent outtakes on the DVD. Nathan Fillion gets extra credit for slowly but surely derailing a dramatic scene for full comedic effect.
    Mal: Get these bodies together.
    Zoe: We got time for grave diggin'?
    Mal: Zoe, you and Simon are going to rope them together. Five or six of them, laid out on the nose of our ship.
    Simon: Are you insane?
    Mal: Put Book front and center. He's our friend, we should honor him. Kaylee, find that kid who's taking a dirt nap with baby Jesus. We need a hood ornament. Jayne! Try not to steal too much of their shit!
    • Nathan Fillion keeps an entirely straight face during this entire exchange, as does Adam Baldwin, who plays along, giving a perfectly timed, "I wasn't gonna!" shrug.
    • The funniest outtake occurred when Mal confronts the rest of the crew after his talk with Inara:
      Mal: I'm assuming y'all were listening.
      Kaylee: Yeah...
      Mal: Did you hear us fight?
      Kaylee: No...
      Mal: TRAP!!!
      [The line is delivered in the feature as a flat "Trap."]
    • But perhaps the greatest one of all is during the big space battle near the end, made funnier because no one breaks character during the entire thing, even after it's apparent that someone's messed up. "GET OUT OF THE WAAAAAAYYYYY!!!"
    Alan: Fine! You wanna fly?! Fuckin' fly!! (gets up and "storms" off; Nathan grabs the wheel and begins "driving" the ship. As he leaves the cockpit, Alan turns and screams) I'LL BE IN MY BUNK!
  • The special features on the DVD of The Hangover include a segment entitled "The Madness of Ken Jeong", which are basically improvised scenes of Ken being as creatively vulgar/racist/homophobic as possible. The other actors desperately try to keep up, and do admirably (Jeong's right hand man's attempts to back up Jeong's wanking motions are pliceress).
  • Each Pirates of the Caribbean film has its own set of Bloopers of the Caribbean on the DVD release, all of which have got to be some of the funniest outtakes ever committed to film:
    Johnny Depp: And now all that's left is for you to climb aboard the Davy Jones Crocodile Machine or whatever it's called, what is the bloody thing called? (Crew: Flying Dutchman.)
    Jonathan Pryce: (reading from a scroll) The charge is conspiring to set free a man convicted of... (very long pause) I can't read my own writing.
    Johnny Depp: I shall help you to find the compass...if you do strange things to my dog, whose name is Tim.
    Sailor aboard the Edinburgh Trader: There's a female presence here, sir. All the men have felt her...No they haven't felt her.
    Johnny Depp: Dear friends, let us not forget our...lines. Let's not forget our lines, shall we?
    Geoffrey Rush: NAAAY, BELAY THAT!!! (long pause) Do somethin' else!
    Johnny Depp: (after flubbing a line for the third time) I hate this bloody line. Where are the writers; I want to kill them.
    Johnny Depp: ... square my debt with Jones... (downs a glass of wine, then continues hoarsely) guarantee my free- (cough) What's in that?
    • The part when the candle breaks off the wall at the wrong moment is also hilarious, as is Orlando Bloom's numerous attempts at flipping the sword.
    • Director Gore Verbinski deadpans "Same thing, only better, please."
    • When Jack brings the unconscious Elizabeth to the docks when he saves her from drowning, Johnny Depp's pirate wig falls off and he gives it to one of the two British soldiers.
    Johnny Depp: No wait. Take this with you. Take this as well. (hands his pirate hair to one of the soldiers, who proceeds to touch Keira Knightly (Elizabeth) with it).
    • Johnny Depp leans into the frame and fussily adjusts a lock of hair on Jack Davenport's forehead, to which he replies "Thanks, dear." And they wonder why people write fan fic.
    • The third installment has another epic line from Geoffrey Rush:
      Captain Barbosa: (he kneels in front of Calypso) Calypso, I come before you as but a servant— (the wind blows, knocking off his hat) You blew me hat off, ya bitch!
    • And this conversation:
      Beckett: Someone must ensure the world turns smoothly... someone must... oh, fucking bollocks.
      Jack: Ahem. You can't curse in a Disney film, mate. See, I told him.
    • What makes some of them even funnier is seeing Johnny Depp never break character even when he flubs his lines.
    • In On Stranger Tides, helicopters keep flying overhead. Both times this happens, the actors casually point them out in some form or other completely in character.
      Johnny Depp: What I want first...(chopper sounds overhead) is Ponce de Leon's helicopter.
    • Dead Men Tell No Tales is no slouch when it comes to bloopers either.
      Johnny Depp: Let us sail! ... To the Wounded, Diseased Canary!
      Kevin McNally: To the Dying Gull!
      Johnny Depp: To the Dying Gull! Horrible name...
  • Hitch has some excellent blooper lines by both Will Smith and Kevin James, as seen here.:
    Will: (to Kevin James, who is off-screen) I feel terrible mixing business and pleasure, but um... I would... I would love to fuck you.
    Kevin: Because without you, I have no... I have no... shit. I have no shit. I have no shit in me. I'm empty. Which is convenient on a camping trip but not now.
  • Undercover Brother has some incredible outtakes from Dave Chappelle:
    Dave: (points a gun at the camera) Who's laughing? SHUT UP!

    Dave: (waving his gun) We're gonna break Whitey's motherfuckin' head! (he points it at the camera) You too, audience! Get out your seats! Burn that motherfuckin' theater down!

    Dave: Bill Clinton! Black. Man. His high-yellow ass ain't foolin' me.
  • The Men in Black II DVD has a nearly ten-minute-long rolling of Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Rosario Dawson, and a stuntman in the car that is hilarious.
    • The director kept calling the stuntman "Derek" and that was not his name. Will could not keep it together because of it. (Found here.)
    • Not to mention Jones's, "Stop saying 'Action' so funny! Be serious, y'all!"
    • Voice offscreen: "Academy Award winner Tommy Lee Jones has healthy teeth and bones!" (Jones cracks up)
  • The Silence of the Lambs, a Best-Picture-Winning Horror Film, includes on its special edition DVD a hilarious blooper reel, including an outtake of Anthony Hopkins, covered in blood, impersonating Rocky Balboa. There's also a great clip of when Starling attempts to arrest Buffalo Bill. Jodie Foster flubs her line, causing her and Ted Levine—who's playing a serial killer to dissolve into hysterics.
    Jodie Foster: "FREEZE! PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HIPS-(pause) Hands on your hips? (cracking up) And fucking do the hokey-pokey!"
  • Say what you want about the movie Van Helsing but the outtakes were brilliant, especially these two:
    Frankenstein: (encased in a block of ice) I'm a cold-hearted bitch.
    Dracula: Ladies and gentlemen... I give you... VAN HALEN!
  • Hot Fuzz's outtake reel has a lot of line flubbing... and then Nick and Simon fully acknowledging the Ho Yay between their characters. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • And of course, Nick, when confronted by the drunk kid pissing against a wall, commenting "Collars match the cuffs."
    • As usual for him, Timothy Dalton steals the scene again, this time flubbing his line and letting loose a string of expletives... and then swearing again when he realizes they're still rolling.
  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (the 2005 one), has several:
    • The Centaurs and Mr. Tumnus having difficulty playing their instruments (Not What It Looks Like), Peter falling off his horse as it rears up, and claiming that Lucy looked like "the girl from The Exorcist" in one scene, and Jadis having trouble with some doors (and slipping on her sleigh).
    • The best was the motion-capture actor for Maugrim playing around with his bright neon green suit:
      "But you're going to die... by a FROG!" (jumps at Peter)
  • Shaun of the Dead's gag reel includes an awful lot of improvisation on the part of Nick Frost, particularly during a scene describing some of the Winchester's exotic customers, namely the old woman that was eventually called a "Cockacidal Maniac."
    Simon Pegg: What about her then?
    Nick Frost: Oh... big ole gash/holy flaps/loves giant root/pipe or clam, it's all good/big old muff/ropey old twat/more holes filled with pearly-white spooge.
  • Underworld has a few notable examples.
    • One involves the Lycan scientist constantly flubbing his explanation to Viktor over and over- when he finally gets it right Selene (Kate Beckinsale) breaks character because she realizes she's missing her fangs.
    • Another shows the film's Stunt Coordinator removing a ladder used to set up a shot and trying to exit the set far too quickly considering the environment- basically he slips trying to run on wet cement with a ladder in his arms and falls on his ass.
    • "Dycans?"
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Both the original and prequel Star Wars trilogies have them as easter eggs on the DV Ds:
    • Some, like the Deleted Scenes found elsewhere, have been edited to include Jar Jar–thus depicting him as an Animated Actor.
    • The blooper reels demonstrate that, apparently, it is impossible to keep R2-D2 standing up straight for any length of time.
    • And then there's the bit where George Lucas is telling Anthony Daniels, in costume as C-3PO, that he needs to emote more.
    • The best one has to be Liam Neeson taking out his lightsaber... only to send it flying over his shoulder, and for the beat afterwards, he casually starts to walk away in a "yeah, I totally meant to do that" manner.
    • Attack of the Clones has Hayden Christensen suffering a bit, such as discovering the soup in a dinner scene is real ("God, that's hot!") and tripping while running down hallways.
  • The film Red Eye has a hilarious blooper reel. You can find it on Youtube. Apparently the extras had fun and that little blond girl scared Cillian Murphy ... with good reason.
  • The first five minutes of the Scream 4 outtakes features Ghostface jumping out and scaring actors out of no where. It's freaking GREAT.
  • Star Trek (2009): The bloopers can be seen here.
    • Special mention to J. J. Abrams constantly beatboxing with the microphone.
      (calling from offscreen) ...and again, as if not in the blooper reel...
    • The part when Bruce can't get the gun out the holster and when Chris falls out of the captain's chair are hands down the funniest moments.
    • And Eric Bana having a little too much fun as an Omnicidal Maniac.
      "Spock, I look forward to the destruction of your planet, and every planet around it. I've been looking forward to this day my whole life. You will die. Your people will die. J. J. Abrams will die. You will all die."
    • Well of course they weren't filming a scene and simultaneously broke out into dance and obviously Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine weren't messing up when they did that whole scene with an Irish/Scottish/Wherever the hell people talk like that (nowhere) accent.
  • Thai action film Chocolate goes a different route — instead of funny material, the outtakes are injuries suffered on-set. Good thing that pile of stunt guys broke his fall.
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was already a hilarious film, but the actors somehow managed to top themselves in these bloopers
    "What's wrong with that car?" "That car's fucked up!"
  • Rupert Grint, and to a lesser extent Daniel Radcliffe, is notorious for corpsing on set.
  • The Master of Disguise, to pad things out to 85 minutes, intersperses its end credits with these and deleted scenes.
    • Unfortunately they're better than anything the movie threw at us.
  • Rat Race has a real gem.
    Jon Lovitz: (ad-libbing) I just want some proof. I want to see it. Did he show you the money?
    Cuba Gooding Jr.: No he did not show me the money...
  • Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist has a series of deleted scene outtakes in which a cleaning lady comes by, takes one look at Caroline's mess in the public toilet, and says simply, "Hell no!", with a different acCENTUponTheWrongSylLABle each time.
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army has its share of moments (you can watch their blooper reel here).
  • The Blu-Ray edition of Spider-Man 3 has a blooper reel that is unique in that, at the end, it features incomplete visual effects shots that the animators messed around with for fun. For example, instead of the symbiote, a tiny version of Spidey is shown trapped in the jar, and there is a sequence where Spider-Man and New Goblin are riding on his glider...only to be eaten by Sandman, who visibly enjoyed the meal. There's also alot of JK Simmons messing up and swearing, in-character. Willem Dafoe, in his cameo, yells "AVENGE MEEEE!!!!!!!" at the camera, and swears as well.
    • It should be noted that the DVD version of this blooper reel is censored, and the HD versions are not. Although the F-word is bleeped in both, the word "shit" is only bleeped in the DVD version; the uncensored version of Bill Munn (Robbie) stumbling over a line that comes out "Black suits shit!" and Simmons' in-character reaction to this is funnier without the bleeping.
  • Enchanted has a blooper reel on the DVD. Among the highlights are Susan Sarandon cracking up in the middle of trying to look really evil, then-8-year-old child actress Rachel Covey helping Amy Adams with a line and James Marsden trying to unsuccessfully draw his sword.
  • The Producers has so many, it took five whole videos to get all of them on YouTube.
    Hold Me, Touch Me: Give it to me — Oh, I've forgotten what you are — Well Hung! Sorry...
    (everyone on the set bursts out laughing)
    Nathan Lane: Please, start that rumor.
    • The part where they screw up a scene about half a dozen times, are finally doing it right, and then Uma gets he coat caught on the sofa. Cue everyone collapsing into hysterics.
    • The crew is drunk. Drunk!
    • Please let me go home!
    • "I did the wrong fucking thing..."
      Matthew: ... and I still have the ticket stub. *searches for it* Well, what do ya know, I don't have it. What a time to lose it.

      Nathan *talking to a statue* This man should be in a straight jacket! What? Don't argue with me *slaps it* I'm having a rhetorical conversation!
    • Now in one conveniently-sized video.
  • King Kong (2005) has a 10 minute long blooper reel. Some of the best moments:
    Naomi: I was afraid you'd be one of those self-obessed literary types. You know the tweedy twerp with his nose up his ass.
    Adrian: How do you do? My nose is up my ass.
    Naomi: I'd like to see that.
    Adrian: I bet you would.
    • The part where Colin Hanks is doing that Camp Gay run and voice. "Dinothaurs! Dinothaurs! They're coming!
      Jack: Ass powder. Triple protection... powder. And the other kind of powder.
      Some Guy: What are those?
      Jack: That's a unique fuckin' kind of dinosaur.. Called bitch fucker. We gotta film it, it's fuckin' rare.
      "It's dangerous having ships. Oh fuck. It's a dangerous thing having girls. I'm proud of this line."
      Jack: A place so strange, it defies... human...fuckography.
    • When Jack can't set up the tripod.
      • "Move over there! No, that way!" "But my mark's over there!
  • The Eddie Murphy remake of The Nutty Professor had some hysterical outtakes:
    Eddie Murphy: (as Mama Klump) I thought a colonic was a massage...
    Eddie Murphy: (playing Papa Klump) I seen Sherman get so hungry once when he was young, he beat up a grown man!
    • Another scene:
    John Ales: (as Jason, Professor Sherman Klump's lab assistant) Professor, the cages, what happened?
    Eddie Murphy: (as Sherman Klump) They can't see me with yo head in the way! (John's head is inadvertently blocking the camera's view of Eddie)
    • And another:
    Eddie Murphy: (as Grandma Klump) Come on, Cletus. Come on! Nah, fuck it, come on, Cletus! (takes off wig) Come on, Cletus! Come on! Come on! Nah, fuck it! Come on! (in various inflections)Come on, come on, come on, Cletus! Let's do this!
  • The DVD bonus features of Mary Poppins include an outtake in which Dick Van Dyke lip-syncs to a recording of Julie Andrews singing "Chim-Chim-Cheree", after which Andrews lip-syncs to Van Dyke's recording.
  • Mocked in Friends with Benefits.
  • In the 1930s and '40s, Warner Bros. put together an annual gag reel of the best outtakes from all their films called the "Breakdowns of [Insert Year Here],"note  which were strung together with snarky intertitles that mocked studio executives, various stars and directors (especially ones of then-commonly stereotyped ethnicities), and Moral Guardians of the day. The intertitles also took great pride in thumbing their nose at The Hays Code, which didn't apply to the blooper reels and thus allowed for uncensored swearing.
  • All the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies theatrically released by Disney have gag reels included with their Blu-Ray Discs and digital copies. A few highlights include:
  • X-Men Film Series:
    • X-Men: Days of Future Past: This is the first movie in the franchise to include a gag reel on its Blu-Ray/DVD release.
    • X-Men: Apocalypse: The Gag Reel on the Blu-Ray/DVD contains over 8 minutes of bloopers.
    • Deadpool has one, of course. A highlight is all the names Ryan Reynolds came up for Angel (the last is the one in the movie, only with Reynolds apologizing afterwards to Gina Carano, who calls him "motherfucker").
  • Sure, John Carter may have been a financial failure, but the blooper reel is definitely worthy of a few laughs.
    • "Oh my God! AHHH! AHHH!"
    • "Shake what your mamma gave ya!"
  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The blooper reel is almost funnier than the movie itself, which is saying something for a Kevin Smith picture. Some notable highlights include:
    • Jay's filthy little raps going wrong.
    Jay: (rapping) I'm gonna finger-bang her tight little asshole, finger bang and teabag my balls! Where? Where? In her mouth! Where? Where? In my mouth!
    ''(Bob gives him a very confused look at this last line and they collapse into laughter.)

    Jay: (rapping) Balls, balls, sweaty balls! Balls, balls, balls! I'm gonna slap 'em against her ass, slap 'em against her ass! Fuck her ass and stick it in my butt!
    • When Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are pretending to film Good Will Hunting 2, they repeat a certain 'take' several times because they are corpsing, culminating in them laughing too hard to speak at all. Ben Affleck's high-pitched laugh has to be heard to be believed.
  • The Mummy Returns has a blooper reel set to the audio of one of the movie trailers. The rather epic-sounding trailer makes the hilarious outtakes even better.
  • In the credits of We're the Millers, one is a prank on Jennifer Aniston, during the "Waterfalls" scene...only they replace "Waterfalls" with the theme from Friends.
  • During the filming of The Frighteners, whenever Michael J. Fox tried to say "Judge!", he'd say "Doc!" instead.
    Michael: DOC! "Doc?", I did it again! Wrong fucking movie...
  • The 2002 French mockumentary Opération Lune, also released with an English-language narration as Dark Side of the Moon, uses a mixture of staged interviews with actors and Manipulative Editing of interviews with real people to tell a fictional story about a conspiracy surrounding the first moon landing, and ends with a blooper reel to make its fictional nature apparent to anyone who hadn't already twigged. In a final joke, the blooper reel includes one of the real interviewees apparently breaking character to acknowledge the fabricated nature of his interview, but this is more manipulative editing.
  • Ghostbusters (2016) has both a traditional gag reel, and videos of the actresses improvising (the one for Kate McKinnon is ten minutes long, with the adequate title "Holtzmann Goes Wild").
  • The second and third High School Musical films contain blooper reels during the credits, and for many people. The most memorial is the last blooper for the second film, where Sharpay's golf cart breaks down, forcing Troy to get out and push while setting an alarm off.
  • Traffic, in spite of being a serious drama, has an amazing blooper in the deleted scenes: a border guard checking Helena's documents goes "I loved you in Zorro, can I get your autograph?", making Catherine Zeta-Jones laugh loudly.
  • Halloween At Aunt Ethels: A blooper reel plays during the end credits.


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