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  • 10 Little Gall Force contains a bunch of "outtakes" from the actual Gall Force, even though they are cartoons.
  • Berserk (1997):
    • The American DVD release has, as an extra feature, outtakes from the dub voice cast… including several takes in which Griffith's voice actor, Kevin T. Collins, randomly bursts into song. Yes, it's as hilarious as it sounds. note 
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    • There was also a clip where Sean Schemmel mimics Beavis And Butthead. "Look, that old guy's hand is holding a 'nad! Huh-huh huh".
    • On the early volumes, the outtakes are mostly true mistakes and occasional ad-libs made by the voice actors. As the series goes on, the outtake extras descend farther into deliberate comedy and self-parody. Of note are Casca's Running Gag about getting her cock sucked, Guts playing up his role as The Ahnold, more musical interludes from Griffith, repeated scenes with different dialogue, and a Lampshade Hanging on the cliffhanger ending to finish things off.
    • One scene, where Guts and Casca are having a deep emotional bonding moment (naked, mind you), Guts starts to sing "Berserker" from Clerks. What makes this one even better is Casca's response:
      Casca: "D-did he just say, 'making fuck'?"
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  • FLCL's DVD includes outtakes from the dubs. The most hilarious is Amarao's voice actor Dave Mallow failing to say Haruko's real name (Raharu Haruha) correctly multiple times, until he eventually just keeps trying to say it. For a solid minute. There's applause when he finally succeeds. He also has a lot of trouble with "Atomsk", which he pronounces several different ways, none of them correct.
  • Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu's last episode in the English dub has a fourth-wall-breaking bonus for those that watch to the end of the episode's credits. Near the end of the credits, Chris Patton (the voice of Sōsuke) momentarily breaks character to make a comment to Luci Christian (the voice of Kaname), who replies amusedly that he still has another line. Probably intentional rather than a true outtake, as Patton and Christian are still using their "Sōsuke" and "Kaname" voices, but funny nevertheless.
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  • In Hellsing, the "next episode preview" bits are usually narrated by an Art Shifted Seras and the Harkonnen spirit. A few of them involve Walter and the Valentine brothers. Oddly, Alucard never shows up in any of them. You do get to hear him in the last one, though, congratulating Seras for doing an episode preview with no interruptions.
  • Noein:
    • One of the primary points of humor to the dub are the outtakes that Crispin Freeman and company partake in when they just can't make a straight face to their lines anymore.
      Yuu: C... Crispin Freeman! Get out of my bedroom!
      Karasu: I believe she went to the Waffle House...I'm going to have my way with the both of you and then I'm gonna do the dog.
      Karasu: Fuck... you... all...
      Yuu: So.. then if I could think about where she could be...
      Karasu: Then this story might actually make sense.
    • Freeman once mentioned at a con that most of his outtakes weren't on the DVD because they were too dirty (the one about the dog being the one that was kept), and that he's actually competing with Steve Blum to see who can make the most "X-rated" outtakes.
  • The DVD extras for Maria Watches Over Us mostly consists of the characters in Super-Deformed mode doing Toy Story-inspired animated "outtakes" such as getting clothing caught in a door or forgetting to turn on their mikes.
  • The English DVDs of Princess Tutu feature outtakes from the dub recording, most stemming from the fact that Jay Hickman (Mytho) and Chris Patton (Fakir) couldn't resist juicing up the already apparent Ho Yay. Humorously, one joke was accidentally never removed, so in the second season of the dub Fakir decides to "write a letter to the President!"
    Mytho: She appeared and... touched me.
    Fakir: The same place where I touch you? Bitch!
  • Media Blasters was known for this back during their golden period (most entries in this section are shows they handled). One of their earliest examples is the North American release of Rurouni Kenshin. Here's a sampling.
    • Richard Epcar, who played Seijuro Hiko, would often segue into random Word Salad whenever he'd flub a line.
      • Trying to say kuzu ryu sen and launching into a 20 second string of gibberish.
      • "Listen to me! The Hiten Mitsurugi Style will always guarantee victory to the sides its chooses because I cantve begen legen legen!"
      • Another brilliant outtake of Hiko's is when he's supposed to say "Live on, Kenshin," but turns it into "Rock on, Kenshin" instead.
    • Lex Lang apparently got into character for Sanosuke by talking about food. As a result, he'd often mention sandwiches any time he flubbed a line.
      • Or this during Kenshin's fight with Shishio: "Two hit combo with super-sized fries!"
      • Best one ever might be seconds before a ship explodes and Sanosuke is supposed to shout "A bomb?!", Lex Lang instead shouts: "I FARTED!" Cue explosion and massive amounts of laughter.
    • Steve Blum had an absolutely golden moment when he shouted "LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!!" in a really-high-pitched Camp Gay voice. note 
    • After the fight with Shishio ends, Saitou turns to leave: "It's all about the bling-bling."
    • Chou's voice actor saying his lines on helium.
    • Even Kenshin got a couple of funny outtakes:
      • When he sees little Suzune asleep on the porch, he remarks "Passed out drunk again."
      • During a scene that's meant to be quiet and meaningful: "What happened to all the animals? The birds? I can't hear any FISH!"
    • Kaoru is very insistent upon the color of her ribbon: "It's not navy, it's not cobalt, it's indigo."
      • There's one outtake where Dorothy Fahn is reading an episode preview containing the tongue-twister Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki. She says it correctly and then immediately starts screaming for joy. Apparently she'd been stuck on that line for a long time.
  • Sailor Moon Abridged has blooper reels for the first twenty episodes.
  • The Super Gal anime (Maris the Chojo) ends with fake animated bloopers.
  • The DVD releases of Texhnolyze features "Alternate Dialogue Outtakes", which redubs select clips from the included episodes with snarky, bizarre, or outright wacky dialogue (such as changing a vicious gun battle into a rather enthusiastic paintball match). Considering the series takes place in the most depressing of worlds possible, and is in effect 22 episodes worth of psychological torture, gives these dubbing added hilarity.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • There's the Dub Outtakes, where Steven Jay Blum goes Up to Eleven with how he can make Leeron even gayer.
      Leeron: So let me get this straight... you've never seen a man's jibblies before?
    • And also...
      Yoko: Urgh, you and your creepy toys.
      Leeron: Honey, you can't handle my creepy toys.
    • "Ever seen a grown man naked?"
    • And...
      Yoko: What did you find?
      Leeron: An entire collection of Boys Life magazines! Veeeeery hot!
    • Finally, the sendoff:
      [crowd of cute girls waves to the crew]
      Leeron: Bye-bye, bitches!
  • The US release of Weiß Kreuz and its sequel series Weiss Kreuz: Gluhen both include outtakes from the dubbing process. The outtakes from the original series in particular are occasionally rather revealing, as the voice actors sometimes clearly had no idea what was going to happen in the episode until the actual recording session: "Oh my God! He gets... does he get killed? ...oh my God!" The outtakes also feature Christopher Yates making a Running Gag of introducing the teams targets as celebrities they resemble ("David Carradine, Kojak, and that guy from Duran Duran").
  • One of the commentary tracks on Funimation's final Yu Yu Hakusho DVD was actually an outtakes reel, introduced by Justin Cook, the line producer and voice of Yusuke, and featuring an ad-lib of Koenma's voice actor, Sean Teague, sneaking into the booth and thanking Justin for being 'like a Yoda' to him. It also features Justin yelling his lungs out for 24 seconds straight.
  • The US DVD release of Ouran High School Host Club includes outtakes from the dubbing as an extra, including a Gag Dub of the end credits sequence.
    • Second in the Funny bloopers, Travis Willingham's inability to get through a two-word line ("Bad idea") without cracking up:
      Travis: [laughs] It's so funny; Captain Million Miles An Hour just grabs [Honey]... Oh, gosh, what is this show...?
    • One of the best outtakes is a scene where Tamaki was being extremely over-protective and jealous, causing him to "breathe fire". Vic took it to the logical extreme and started channelling Viserys Targaryen.
      Vic: Look at me! Fire! I'm breathing fire! This is the fire of my anger, Kyoya! You've turned the king of the Host Club into a dragon! I AM THE DRAGON KING!
    • It has to be heard to be believed, but a very camp-y Tamaki can induce uncontrollable laughter:
      Tamaki: Next week the Ouran host club is sponsoring a party all up in here.
      Tamaki: That's ridiculous. You're not the droid she's looking for. Just move along. We don't need to see her identification!
    • J. Michael Tatum has also stated that his favorite blooper is the "blooty is bootiful", as well as "Enchante... moron."
      Kyoya: ...i.e., disrobing? I.e., getting nakie? Nuuuude? In da buff? Au naturel? Posing for a picture?
      Kyoya: IIIII hate your face! Weeee're out of money! WE'LL SEE YOU THEN!
    • Patrick Seitz is in one episode and he manages to cram in a Christopher Walken impersonation and...well...this:
      Nekozawa: With this puppet's power... I... can... curse... augh... *extremely suspect dying gasping sounds*... Rosebud.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
  • Samurai Deeper Kyo has bloopers on YouTube that will make you realize how hilarious 4Kids voice actors can be. Dan "Yugi" Green and Wayne Grayson (Joey and Michelangelo) have many notable moments. One blooper was even used in Episode 38 of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.
    Dan Green: The first thing I'm gonna do is get laid, then I'm going to get laid again, then do some crack and then get laid some more. That's what I'm all about, getting f-Sound-Effect Bleep-ucked.
  • The Digimon dub have occasionally made fake outtakes for ads. More specifically, The Movie for Digimon Savers included a couple of fake outtakes interspersed with copy-pasted footage of the movie during its credits.
  • The dub outtakes for Negima! Magister Negi Magi includes such things as Negi swearing a lot, Evangeline spontaneously shouting "French Toast" with an exaggerated Texan accent, and the tale of Chamo's escape becoming... different (see below).
  • Spiral has some amazing outtakes on the second volume, including Monica Rial saying "crap" a billion times. CRRRAAAAP!
  • It's said that a large number of supposedly hilarious outtakes and improvisations (many of them involving Spike Spencer) were recorded during the process of dubbing Evangelion: Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion. For whatever reason, they (as well as a number of other special features that had already been prepared) were not included on the DVDs, and may well be lost forever. The closest we'll ever come to knowing what kind of hilarious memes we could be missing are a few remarks on the commentary tracks alluding to their existence. Spike Spencer's now-legendary (and totally improvised) TV ending outtake at least gives us a taste.
  • Central Park Media's release of the Slayers DVDs had these, with the most memorable being highly naughty exchanges between Crispin Freeman and Veronica Taylor in-character (they play Zelgadis and Princess Amelia respectively, whom are frequently subjected to Ship Tease). Sadly, Funimation's re-release lacked these, along with the commentary.
  • Black Jack's anime adaptation include one (Karte NG) after the end credits.
  • Midori Days has a few English dub outtakes, many of which focus on the more R-rated implications of Seiji and Midori's "connection."
  • Wild ARMs: Twilight Venom has dub outtakes on each of the DVDs. However, they suffer a bit from only putting the mistakes in and losing the context of the prior dialogue. For example, the very last clip is the main character ad-libbing in the phrase "Ah, bite me" on a scene where he's just standing there. Show the bit of the scene directly before this when the rest of the main cast wishing him good luck before getting out of his way and escaping kind of makes it lose its oomph.
  • Durarara!! has a blooper reel for each nine-episode set. There are plenty of examples of Actor Allusion in there — Shizuo hates Izaya because he was a Power Ranger; Horada yells out "That's the way Team Gurren rolls!"; and there's even a shout-out to an earlier outtake from Noein: "Because you're Yuri Lowenthal, and I'm still standing in your bedroom."
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood:
    • While the 2003 anime series didn't have any bloopers, Brotherhood does in the dub's final volume. While it's short, there are several uncensored F-bombs to go around.
      Winry: Oh hey! I almost forgot! Grandma's making stew tonight!
      Al: Fuck yeah!
    • One of the best was Major Armstrong's dramatic "Let's look at the door!" exactly one second before everyone in the room stares at an open door for several seconds.
      Scar: [while performing one of his Facepalms of Doom] Your face asplode!
    • When Ed was fighting Father, it shows everyone screaming his name or begging him not to die. Then Van Hohenheim is shown screaming, "Fuck him up!"
    • In the fight All and the Chimaeras against Pride and Kimblee, after Heinkel is badly wounded:
      Al: Mister Heinkel, grab on! We're not giving up!
      Heinkel: You brothers... are really something else...
      Al: I'm trying to save your life, asshole!
    • Probably one of the best misdirections that they used was Scar and Wrath.
      Scar: But after I realized the gravity of the situation, I relented. I BOUGHT THOSE SHAKE-WEIGHTS YOU SEE ON TV! TEN MINUTES A DAY EVERY DAY!!
  • Gokusen has outtakes on each of its DVDs, though most of them are ad-libs.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers has a set for the movie and World Series. The latter even has the little kids doing the Chibitalia title sequence get in on the swearing!
    • There's also a new one for Season 4.
    • Also notable because the Paint it White bloopers are very...odd. On top of being hilarious. Despite the movie having eight main characters and a few cameos from other ones, the bloopers are just two minutes of Eric Vale (America) and Patrick Seitz (Germany) failing at lines, corpsing, or improvising epic random quotes. Germany's "FIVE CATS FOR FIVE DEUTSCHMARKS AT ARBY'S" is now almost Memetic.
  • Black Butler II manages to get in a set. Special mention to Sebastian's rather interesting limerick...
    There once was a woman from Kew
    Who filled her vagina with glue
    She said with a grin if they pay to get in
    They'll pay to get out of it too.
  • And then there's the Persona 4: The Animation dub.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    • The dub bloopers, with Carrie Keranen as Mami and Christine Marie Cabanos as Madoka:
      Mami: OK, how about this? If you can't decide on something to wish for by the time I finish off this witch, we'll have a feast, and you can ask Kyubey for a fabulous cake!
      Madoka: What?! Holy shit!
    • Kyle Hebert, while certainly not a newcomer, had a blast flubbing his lines as Madoka's dad, Tomohisa. And then there's this:
      Tomohisa: But you know what? That's something I really love about your mom. I respect the way she lives her life... and she's got a great rack.
    • Marianne Miller (Kyousuke) dropped more F-bombs than the rest of the cast. Plus, this exchange with Sarah Williams (Sayaka):
      Kyousuke: Why are you taking me up to the roof?
      Sayaka: Paraplegic base-jumping.
    • This one takes a stab at the infamous Love Triangle between Sayaka, Kyousuke, and Hitomi.
      Hitomi: I want to respect the relationship you have with Kyousuke, because you've known him a lot longer than I have. That's why if you like him, you have the right to go after him before I do.
      Sayaka: You're such a ho.
    • Homura has a sense of humor after all.
      Homura: Two weeks from today, a witch called Das Wienerschnitzel will come.
    • One word:
      Homura: CHOMP!!
    • Two words:
      Random female: Sup' fool!
    • If you thought Kyubey was just an emotionless being...
      Kyubey: If you released your flatulence, you can do more than miracles! You can very well twist the underpants of the universe itself!
    • Madoka's reaction to The Reveal...
      Kyubey: So, if you ever feel like dying for the sake of the universe, call me. I'll be waiting. [disappears]
      Madoka: I'm so unfriending that f***er!
    • Homura's line cements her reputation as a Memetic Molester of Madoka.
      Madoka: I think it's cool!
      Homura: I think you have a great ass.
      Madoka: Oh, how can you say that?
    • Moemura time!
      Homura: I have to tell everyone... these glasses are so shaky!
    • Who says Kyubey's race isn't the only one without emotions?
      Kyubey: We never imagined there could be a world where each individual had their own set of emotions, yet still manage to coexist with one another.
      Madoka: Really? I guess you've never visited a chat room, have you?
    • Kyoko also shows some attitude.
      Kyoko: Now you have your reason to fight, ya? And you ain't running away anymore, right? So there's nothing holding you back! So now it's time to get your ass in here and go full steam ahead, you little f***er!
      Madoka: Thanks a lot, Kyoko.
  • The dub bloopers of Blue Exorcist. Who couldn't laugh at Ryuji's impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger & Yukio's response on a gibberish call.
    • The opening:
      Shima: Welcome to Los Angeles, bitches!
    • Teacher Kaoru can somewhat act a bit gay.
      Kaoru: I'd like to have a word with you... Alone... In my office...
    • Child Rin's worse confession moment.
      Fujimoto: I want you to have friends. I want you to grow up to be a cool guy, the one that girls go crazy for.
      Child!Rin: But Dad, I'm gay!
    • What did Kamiki have against a certain children's TV show?
      Kamiki: Whatever! You guys are assholes! Friendship is NOT Magic! I'm outta here.
    • Yukio gets in a good line here, which is probably the entire series in a nutshell:
      Yukio: Protecting my brother is my responsibility. Socanyouwatchhimforalittlebit?
    • Egin tries to tell a joke.
      Egin: Beef up the security with Bourguignon. Get it? Beef? Bourguignon? Hahahaha! You cocksuckers!
    • Even Satan himself has some funny lines.
      Satan: [laughing madly] I'm a beautiful butterfly!
  • The English dub outtakes of Sword Art Online are comedy gold to the point that some of them are listed in the Best of SAO bloopers during AX 2018 convention.
    • Season 1's outtakes includine the Running Gag of Klein's messed-up lines and a lot of Innocent Innuendo jokes, including Portuguese breakfast.
      • Asuna has some funny lines:
        Asuna: [when Kirito joins the Knights of the Blood Oath] You'll obey my orders, like it or not. Stare..... [cue to where Asuna shows her eyes]
        Asuna: [referring to Kirito when compared to Kuradeel] While I can't say anything about his shadiness, he is actually quite strong. In fact, he's ten levels above you, you piece of s*bleep*t.
      • Don't forget about Lizbeth:
        Lizbeth: [after Kirito tosses his coat at her] Holy s*bleep*t! This smells like feet!
      • Caynz' dying words:
        Caynz: [while hanging and stabbed on the chest] Guys... err... little help here... that hurts... guys... anybody?
      • Giving Yui some spicy food.
        Kirito: If you think you're ready for it I won't stop you. [give the spicy sandwich to Yui] Just add some ghost peppers... YOLO mother*bleep*er.
      • About interrupting vacations...
        Asuna: Why else would he interrupt our vacation?
        Kirito: 'Cause he's a DICK!
      • To be honest, Kirito says a lot of F-bombs. For example, when Leafa teases him about his magic...
        Leafa: But I guess in a life or death situations your lame Spriggan magic could come in handy! [laughs]
        Kirito: [beat] ...Ugh. Yeah f*bleep*k you too...
      • Then after a water gag that Kazuto pulls on Suguha:
        Suguha: To make up for that water gag you pulled you owe me one green tea raspberry parfait. You cool with that?
        Kazuto: F*bleep*k you.
      • Leafa/Suguha can be funny at some times. For example:
        Kirito: [Upon arriving at a town] It's beautiful.
        Leafa: Isn't it... KISS ME!!!
        Recon: Leafa! Thank god you're okay and I totally f*bleep*ked that up! G*bleep**bleep*t!
      • Later when Leafa blushing red on falling in love with Kirito while she tries to shrugs it off...
        Yui: [sees Leafa blushing red] What's wrong Leafa?
        Leafa: NOTHING! JUST HORNY!
      • Kirito's fumbling on the 'Next Time...' lines.
        Kirito: Next Time... Yui's Fart. [Cue the next outtake where Yui makes a fart sound at the next scene as she lands]
        Kirito: Next Time... BOOBS! Err... I mean bonds! Bonds!
      • In the final outtake, Todd Haberkorn shows who's boss as King Oberon in a very epic way:
        Oberon: What a surprise...
        Asuna: Todd?
        Oberon: ...the last thing I expected to find was a cockroach in my little bird's cage.
        Kirito: You gotta be kidding... HABERKORN!!!
        Oberon: Mmm-mmm. I'd prefer if you didn't call me that name in this show. You should address me as "His Highness, TODD F*bleep*ING HABERKORN"!!! [kicks Kirito]
    • The second season also has a good number of bloopers as well, including references to the first season's bloopers.
      • The beginning:
        Kirito: I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow. All I know is... right now, more than anything else, I wanna watch some bloopers.
        Asuna: [giggles] Then all you have to say is, "here come the bloopers, bitches".
        Kirito: Here come the bloopers, bitches.
        Asuna: ...Dick.
      • Kirito flashing back to Aincrad:
        Kirito: [to Asuna] You remember what Aincrad looked like? Well it totally reminds me of you lying on your back.
      • Lisbeth getting annoyed at Kirito and Asuna's being lovey-dovey all the time.
        Lisbeth: It's not fair, dammit. It doesn't matter if they're in school or here, it's "Oh, Kirito, put it in me! Put it in me!"
      • Kirito continues to fumble on the "Next Time..." lines.
        "Next Time... Gg-Goooo!"
      • When Shino is talking with Kyouji on a swing in the real world:
        Shino: He tricked me into thinking he was a girl and had me take him to the gun market. I even helped him pick out his gear! He thinks I'm an idiot! Oh man! [groans] It really pisses me off! [pauses and looks at Kyouji]] Let's have angry sex!
      • When Seijiro Kikuoka/Chrystheight enters a scene...
        Lizbeth: F**king hell, Mercer! Your ass is slow as sh*t!
      • Even Death Gun gets one:
        Death Gun: This isn't over. Not yet. I'm just getting started. It's... [in a British accent] Monty Python's Flying Circus.
      • When Kyouji attempts to rape and kill Shino before Kirito stops him...
        Kyouji: [in an insane tone] AUTOGRAPH! AUTOGRAPH! AUTOGRAPH! AUTOGRAPH! AUTOGRAPH, MICHELLE! I LOVE YOU, MICHELLE! AUTOGRAPH! [gets kneed in the face by Kirito]
      • Kirito's bad introductions of his harem.
        Kirito: [To both Asuna and Liz] This is Shino Asada, a.k.a. Sinon. She's from GGO, and she's a dominatrix.
        Shino: Only until I graduate.
        Kirito: These are my friends from my time in SAO. That's Liz, one of the many girls who wants to bang me.
        Lizbeth: Huh?! What the hell did you call me?!? [tries to punch Kirito, but falls]
        Kirito: And Asuna Yuuki, a.k.a. The girl I still haven't had real sex with. Want to grab a table and do some body shots with us?
      • After that :
        Lizbeth: [to Shino] So, anyway... it's great to meet another girl VRMMO player IRL. Welcome to the harem!
        Asuna: I second that. [to Shino] Have you been tested for STDs yet?
      • Asuna Lampshades this when Shino voices her opinion after the Calibur mission.
        Asuna: [to Shino] Excuse me! I don't think you've been around long enough to voice your opinion!
      • When Kirito calls Asuna to ask her to join him on an ALO quest in the 15th episode, while Asuna is taking a bath...
        Asuna: H-Hi, Kirito!
        Kirito: [through the phone] Morning, Asuna. Sorry to call so early. We were planning about going on a quest in ALO this afternoon. You wanna go?
        Asuna: I'm in the bath right now, but yeah, I'll totally go.
        Kirito: [through the phone] There's a setting on your phone called "Face Time"; Use it now!
        Asuna: You're so dirty! And I like it dirty. Done.
      • Lizbeth shows up holding a bunch of weapons before the Calibur mission:
        Lizbeth: All righty. Let's all pose and look totally sexy!
        [cue everybody making their "ready to go" poses]
      • Followed by this blooper:
        Kirito: Are you ready?
        Silica: [Enthusiastically] NO!!
      • Thor comes up with an epic line as well:
        Thor: Your treachery and deceit has come to an end! IT'S MOTHERF***G HAMMER TIME, YO!!!
      • In one blooper, after a snowfall, Silica sings a certain song, much to Leafa's chagrin.
        Sillica: I guess it stopped snowing while we were sleeping.
        Leefa: Yeah. It really came down.
        Sillica: Hey Leefa, [starts singing]Do you want to build a snowman?
        Leefa: Urgh... I hate that song.
      • It's made even funnier when you remember that Christine Marie Cabanos (Silica's voice actress) did a fandub of another song from Frozen, "For The First Time in Forever.
      • This outtake with some funny comments:
        [A sign says "Anarchy in the studio."]
        Asuna: Then lets meet back at the Lonbal at save point and discussed what we learned so far.
        All: [in either Jun or Talken's voice] Have my babies!
        [Cuts to the sign, saying "Let's try that again..."]
        Asuna: Then lets meet back at the Lonbal at save point and discussed what we learned so far.
        All: [in either Nori or Siune's voice] COCK POTATOES!
        [Cuts to the sign, with the emoticon, ">:("]
      • The actual reason why Klein's late:
        Kirito: You're late! The hell took you so long?!
        Klein: [while battling other players] Sorry! I went to the Anaheim Convention Center!
      • When Asuna and Yuuki see Tecchi (Chris Cason)...
        Asuna: Cason? What the heck are you doing in an L.A. dub?! note 
      • After the 39th take, Doctor Kurahashi got fed up after trying to explain Yuuki's condition to Asuna.
        Doctor: She's also been fighting the harsh reality of her situation while on treatment. There's no doubt the clinical trials with the Medicuboid caused her an unimaginable [messes up line] F**K YOU!
  • In the final bonus outtake, when Kirito gives a toast to everyone:
    Kirito: TO ME!
    All: F**k you!
  • During the "Best of SAO Bloopers", even though it combines both the above bloopers, there's even bloopers from Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale.
  • And true to Kikuoka's word, season 3. Predictably, here come the Alicization bloopers, bitches. This ranges from Lizbeth saying "Later, numbnuts!" before she leaves to Eugeo's Big 'NANI' sound.
    • Little Kirito is just as filthy as his regular teenage self.
      Kirito: Hey, what did the leper say to the prostitute? Keep the tip.
    • Eugeo laments having only day-old bread for breakfast. Kirito, being his usual self, offers to show him how to make something better.
      Kirito: That sucks. If you want, I could show you how to make a Portuguese breakfast.
    • Kikuoka's a bit too enthusiastic about Project Alicization.
      Seijiro Kikuoka: We copied a human fucking soul!
    • Nurse Aki vows to protect Kirito, though she's focused on a certain part of Kirito...
      Natsuki Aki: As long as I'm on duty here, I swear I will protect Kirigaya! And his penis.
    • Cardinal may be Lizzie Freeman's first anime role, but she can keep up with the veterans of the cast when it comes to bloopers.
      Cardinal: Come closer!
      Kirito: Why?
      Cardinal: DID I STUTTER?
    • Eugeo meets a familiar face in the Central Cathedral's armory.
      Eugeo: Holy shit, it's Alphonse Elric's armor!
    • Bryce Papenbrook seizes an opportunity to play up the Ho Yay between Kirito and Eugeo.
      Kirito: It'll take more than words to break Administrator's spell! I'm gonna have to kiss him.
    • Quinella (Maureen Price) really likes Eugeo's hair.
      Quinella: Damn, son, what conditioner are you using?
    • Kirito voices what a good portion of the audience is thinking about Quinella.
      Kirito: Has anyone noticed that this chick is naked yet?
    • Quinella may be willing to offer her body as an incentive, but she's got standards. Kirito has fun with this.
      Quinella: I swear to the goddess Stacia, as soon as you have fulfilled your mission, my body will be yours for the taking. BUT NO MOTORBOATING, YOU LITTLE BITCH.
      Kirito: Next time: "Chudelkin's First Time."
  • Pokémon: not the anime itself, but in a Special episode (SS33) the gang joins a Pikachu enthusiast make a film all about Pikachu (a way to advertise the Cosplay Pikachus). At the end of the special, a blooper reel of the film is shown, narrated by Serena. Flub ups include Ash screwing up putting the costume on Hawlucha (Pikachu's stunt double), the bad guys accidentally driving their car into a lake, Serena and Bonnie messing up their lines (to the point that the last outtake of that scene had Serena Corpsing), Bonnie getting makeup on herself while trying to dress up Pikachu, etc.
  • Kill la Kill outtakes. Hysterical. Notable mentions including Satsuki fumbling up her lines, Ryuko Matoi is having much pleasure when Ira Gamagoori whipping her butt and the cast couldn't pronounce the Japanese wordings and names like 'Kiryuin'. Expect lots of Innuendo jokes.
    • The intro :
      Aikuro: Oh, we're in deep shit now!
      Ragyo: I'll say. Here comes the bloopers, bitches.
      Mako: Aw, hell no!
    • Satsuki's intro:
      Satsuki: Life Fiber Override! Here is... MY VAGINA!
    • Gamagoori's interactions with Mako:
      Mako: Ga- Gamagoori! Damn, I wanna sex you up!
      Ira Gamagoori: I don't know if I want to have sex. If you try to have sex, you're going to explode.
    • Another one:
      Mako: Ryuko, you're so cool!
    • Yet another one:
      Ira: Now I'm sentencing you to hard labor with the Commissary Unit. NOW, HANDLE THOSE BALLS LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!!
      Mako: Yes, sir!
    • Even the side characters are funny:
      Kusanosuke: [in a peculiar position after seeing his plants dies] I can't feel my d**k!
    • Nonon:
      Nonon: Dropping the bass... TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!
      Nonon: [Seeing Tsumugu Kinagase running trying to shoot them] Holy shit, it's Kaiji Tang! RUN!
      Nonon: [To Uzu] Aww, bite me, Grant! Seriously, bite me, bite me, bite me!
    • Speaking of Uzu, we have this:
      Uzu: I'm Uzu Sanageyama... of the Elite Three! Four! Shit!
    • Inumuta gets to join the fun too. The way he deadpans at the end really sells the moment.
      Houka: The best strategy is to... [scene dramatically cuts to Ryuko turning around] talk faster.
    • Aikuro's best intro:
      Guard: Welcome back, Mr. Mikisugi!
      Aikuro: Gang bang, bitches!
    • ... And his secret to Ryuko:
      Aikuro: So there's no point keeping secrets anymore. It's time I'd show you my balls.
    • Any interactions with Ryuko and Satsuki. Any of them:
      Ryuko: We're two in one.
      Satsuki: Yeah, right; a two in one pain in my ass. Get off my *** note  bitch!!
    • Later:
      Ryuko: It's a date.
      Satsuki: Go ahead, but I give a mean blowjob.
    • Even Senketsu gets this too:
      Mako: My GOD! Why is Ryuko wearing Junketsu?
      Senketsu: That WHORE! I'm taking my iron and leaving!
    • Mitsuzo Soroi has had enough of Satsuki's shenanigans.
      Satsuki: I thought it'll be nice to treat students for a cup of tea afterwards. You need to prepare for that.
      Mitsuzo: I quit.
    • This outtake with Mako:
      Mako: WHAT'S UP, BITCHES?! HERE I AM! [something crashes] Eh?
  • In 2019, audio recordings of various voice actors for the Dragon Ball Funimation English dub would surface, featuring the voice actors doing Black Comedy improv lines while playing in character, mostly sex jokes and other obscene jokes, though these were never meant to be released to the public.
  • Kemono Friends received a blooper reel in its Blu-Ray release...which was also uploaded to YouTube. Gems include:
    • Hippo's response to Serval telling her she'll be fine.
      Hippo: Also, take care not to twist your ankles while climbing up the slope! It can be dangerous!
      Serval: We'll be fine!
      Hippo: [Suddenly SHOUTING!] OKAY, THEN JUST DIE!
    • This line from Kaban.
      Kaban: Those are some thick-ass trees.
    • This scene:
      Suri Alpaca: Is this what you're looking for?
      Kaban: [Turning to Lucky] Is it?
      Lucky Beast: [deadpan] Yeet.
    • Right after that:
      Lucky Beast: I am going to stop weeding for a moment. Excuse me. I need to pee.
    • Tsuchinoko's reaction to Lucky Beast being able to talk.
      Tsuchinoko: Lucky Beast spoke?! NANIIIII?!
    • This gem from Black-Tailed Prairie Dog:
      Prairie Dog: [To Serval] Is this to your liking, Madam Buttsniff?
    • Any time the characters reference the Chungus meme, which is basically to Kemono Friends what the Portuguese Breakfast joke is to the Sword Art Online bloopers.
    • Serval pointing out just how stupid Moose's strategy against Lion is.
      Serval: Explain again how you guys fight?
      White Rhinoceros: We charge!...and that's it!
      Serval: That's stupid!
    • These gems from Moose:
      Black Bear: Huh?
      Kaban: She's not our target, Moose!
    • Serval gets some good lines:
      Serval: We got this in the Kaban, Bag!
      Serval: Can I offer you a nice Japari Bun in this trying time?
      Serval: The ground here is... [Wretching noises] IT'S FULL OF HOLES!!
      Serval: I don't know. It doesn't see—Why am I putting a seam in there?! Ahh!!
      Serval: Is this a bus, too?! An ocean bus?! A bocean?
    • The PPP have a lot of fun making jabs at Amanda Lee's singing career.
    • Royal Penguin cheerfully referencing various memetic songs.
      Princess: It's called Big Chungus!
      Princess: It's called the Cha-Cha Slide!
      Princess: It's called Despacito!
      Princess: It's called I'm On a Boat!
      Princess: This is the end of my career!
    • Afterward...
      Princess: Now, time for our next song! All The Single Ladies!
    • Serval's reaction to seeing the purple ceruleans.
      Serval: Wait! Are those—?! They're Ceruleans!...oh, no, they're grapes.
    • Kaban constantly bringing up the Cerulean's dubstep Leitmotif
      Kaban: Oh man, it's the dubstep again! Hehe. Wub-wub-wub-wub-wub.
      Kaban: [Suzie Yeung's normal voice] Oh man, it's dubstep time.
      Kaban: [Climbing the tree in episode 11] It's dubstep time! Wah! [slips]
    • Serval says "Oh my gah!" twice:
      Campo Flicker: Best of all, its smallness can me quite calming if you're into that.
      Serval: Oh my gah!
      [Two bloopers later]
      Reticulated Giraffe: You must be a GOAT!
      Serval: OH MAH GAH!
    • Serval's response to Kaban's plans.
      Kaban: I want to go beyond the look for other humans.
      Serval: Beyond the Boston? [Cue explosion noise in the background]note 
    • The Black Cerulean, played by Christopher Guerrero, gets some funny lines, deep voice and all.
      Black Cerulean: Kawaii!
      Black Cerulean: Brown Bear, whyyyy?! I thought we were friends!

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