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Jeffrey Thomas Donovan (born May 11, 1968 in Amesbury, Massachusetts) is an American actor best known for playing MacGyver-esque super spy Michael Westen on USA's Burn Notice. When he's not doing that, Clint Eastwood seems fond of him, casting him in Changeling as police Captain J.J. Jones and in J. Edgar as Robert F. Kennedy. Known for his rugged looks and his thick Massachusetts accent which he rarely masks. When he's not playing Michael on Burn Notice he tends to be cast as jerks, as in the Will Smith Rom Com Hitch.


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Pillow Pistol - Burn Notice

Despite laying in bed post-sex under a modesty bedsheet with no clothes on, Michael and Fiona both have guns hidden behind their pillows, which they quickly draw the moment they wake up after being disturbed.

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