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Multipication Rock

    My Hero, Zero 

Zero | Schoolhouse Rocky

"Because knowledge is power!"

    Elementary, My Dear 


  • Catchphrase: "Elementary, my dear."

Noah's Son

    Three Is A Magic Number 

    The Four-Legged Zoo 

The Schoolchildren

Miss Simpson

The Zoo Animals

The Four-Legged Zoo

    Ready Or Not, Here I Come 

    I Got Six 

    Lucky Seven Sampson 

Lucky Seven Sampson

  • Big Eater: He downs a head of lettuce, fifty-six scoops of ice cream, and a slice of huckleberry pie throughout his song.
  • Lucky Rabbit's Foot: Lucky likes to flaunt his right foot, with a black birthmark of a seven on the sole.
  • Talking Animal: *Singing Animal.

    Figure Eight 

    Naughty Number Nine 

    The Good Eleven 

    Little Twelvetoes 


Little Twelvetoes

  • Alternative Number System: Due to his name sake, he uses a base-12 arithmetic compared to our base-10.
  • Floating Limbs: Little Twelvetoes takes the concept to extremes. Empty space is apparently a key part of his biology (and his Nice Hat), and also his head, hands, and feet are held on like with magnets (i.e. pretty easy to remove and stick on somewhere else) instead of like with flesh and blood.

Grammar Rock

    Unpack Your Adjectives 

Backpack Girl



    Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here! 

Lolly, Lolly, and Lolly (In General)

Lolly Sr.

Lolly Jr.

Lolly III

    Conjunction Junction 

The Conductor

The Hobos

  • Large Ham: Pretty much anyone who talks, to drive the point of how an interjection makes a difference (y'know, because kids are stupid).





    Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla 
  • Overly Long Spanish Name: The characters' names are an over exaggerated reason why pronouns are a thing.

Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla

Rafaella Gabriela Sarsparilla

Albert Andreas Armadillo

    Verb: That's What's Happening 


    A Noun Is A Person, Place, Or Thing 

The Noun Girl

The Noun Girl's Brother

The Noun Girl's Best Friend

Mrs. Jones

    Busy Prepositions 

The Prepositions

    The Tale Of Mr. Morton 

Mr. Morton

  • Shrinking Violet: He doesn't have the nerve to talk to his neighbor, Pearl, to the point where he runs away when she invites him over. But she was apparently so touched by the poem he wrote for her that she went over to his house and proposed to him.

Orton the Cat


America Rock

    No More Kings 

King George William Fredrick III



    The Shot Heard 'Round The World 

    The Preamble 

    Elbow Room 

    The Great American Melting Pot 

    Mother Necessity 

Mother Necessity

    Sufferin' Til Suffrage 

    I'm Just A Bill 

Bill | Law

    Three-Ring Government 

Science Rock

    The Body Machine 

    Do The Circulation 

    Electricity, Electricity 

The Electrician

    The Energy Blues 

    Interplanet Janet 

Interplanet Janet

    Telegraph Line 

    Them-Not-So-Dry Bones 

Barbershop Quartet

    A Victim Of Gravity 

Money Rock

    Dollars And Sense 

    $7. 50 Once A Week 

    Where The Money Goes 

    Tax Man Max 

Tax Man Max

    Walkin' On Wall Street 

    This For That 

    Tyrannosaurus Debt 

Tyrannosaurus Debt

    The Check's In The Mail 

Earth Rock

    Bob, Jack & Luke 

    Report From The North Pole 

    The Little Things We Do 

    The Trash Can Band 

    You Oughta Be Savin' Water 

    The Rainforest 

    Save The Ocean 

    Fat Cat Blue: The Clean Rivers Song 

    A Tiny Urban Zoo 

    Solar Power To The People 

    Windy & The Windmills 

    Don't Be A Carbon Sasquatch 

    The Three R's 

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