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When alien life forms land in North America, the first specimen of intelligent life they are likely to encounter is the rural American farmer. This farmer is likely to be equipped with a firearm, and is equally likely to threaten the trespasser in a (futile) attempt to scare it off. While usually Played for Drama, it can be Played for Laughs if the farmer is especially unlikeable or foolhardy.

Alternatively, the farmer may not be instantly attacked. Sometimes the aliens are quite peaceful, and only interested in an intelligent dialogue or asylum on Earth.


Usually justified in that farmland usually covers a significant area of most countries. If an alien lands away from cities or suburbs, there's a good chance that the first person they'll come across is a farmer.

Related to Crop Circles and Came from the Sky.


Anime & Manga

Comic Books

  • Superman: When Kal-El first arrived on Earth as a baby, he landed on the farm of the Kents, who subsequently adopted him (averted before the 1986 reboot, though, since Pre-Crisis Jonathan Kent was a small town shop owner). In Supergirl: Being Super, Kara Zor-El lands as a toddler on the farm of the Danvers family and is raised by them.
  • Wonder Woman Vol 1: By happenstance Etta Candy is the first human to come across the Rykornians and their invasion attempt starts on her family's Bar-L ranch.

Comic Strips

Film — Animation

  • The Tale of the Princess Kaguya: The eponymous Kaguya is a princess of the moon who is found and raised by a lowly bamboo cutter until she decides to return to it after becoming an adult.

Film — Live Action

  • In Back to the Future, Marty crashes into a pine tree, a scarecrow, and a barn upon arriving in 1955. He crawls out of the DeLorean and tries to apologize to Farmer Peabody. However, he's wearing a radiation suit and the farmer's son has already identified the car as a spaceship, so he just winds up having to drive away for his life when Farmer Peabody goes for his gun.
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  • The main antagonist of Men in Black is an alien who crash-lands on a farm, eats the farmer who comes to check out the crash, and wears his skin as a disguise.
  • The first victim of the titular entity of The Blob (1958) is a farmer who witnesses the meteor crash and the foolishly prods at the protoplasmic lifeform within.
  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The first casualty of the Klowns is a farmer that goes lookin for the landing site of their ship thinking that it's Halley's Comet that crashed and he can dig it up for lots of money.


  • In Star Trek: Enterprise pilot episode "Broken Bow", a Klingon crashes in a corn field in Oklahoma. The first human he meets is a pissed-off farmer who shoots him with a plasma shotgun.
  • Smallville: The same as in the comics, the Kents find baby Kal-El when his rocket crash-lands in their field.

Mythology and Religion

  • In The Tale Of The Bamboo Cutter, Princess Kaguya is found and raised by a lowly bamboo cutter, who decides to raise her until she decides to return to the moon where she was born.

Stand-Up Comedy

  • Jeff Foxworthy gives a few justifications for this (although he replaces "farmer" with "redneck"). First, a farmer that reports an alien is doomed to be dismissed due to a lack of credibility. Second, an isolated farmer doesn't get much vacation, so they are willing to travel with an alien. And, finally, supposing the alien spaceship breaks down, who better to have along than a farmer?

Video Games

  • In Ultima VII, a Kilrathi ship crashes into the fantasy world of Britannia. A crossover is averted when a local farmer discovers it; startled, the alien leaps at him, and he quite accidentally impales it on his enchanted hoe.
  • Inverted in Rhythm Heaven's "Second Contact" minigame, which features a human farmer that visits another planet and meets aliens.

Western Animation

  • The Schoolhouse Rock! segment "Little Twelvetoes" takes place on a farm at night, where a farmer stumbles upon the titular alien. This one simply wants to learn our number system, and the farmer is interested in multiplying in twelves.

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