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  • "I'm Just a Bill" has many funny or flat-out odd moments in it, mostly from Bill himself.
  • In "Interjections!", after Geraldine tells Geraldo, "Hey! You're kinda cute!", her compliment appears above them in big, bold letters. Then, when the singer recommends replacing the exclamation point with "a comma when the feeling's not as strong", Geraldo turns into a frog, much to Geraldine's disgust. The text also transforms into, "Hey, you're kinda cute.", written in small, plain letters.
  • "Tyrannosaurus Debt": Bill running away from the eponymous dinosaur at the end.
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  • In "The Preamble", the Constitution being stamped with "Right On!" Also, the little girl who keeps trying to vote only to be disappointed—in the past segment she's too short to reach the ballot box, and in the present-day segment she rather smugly waits for her mother to finish in the voting booth, only to be startled as her mother carries her off by the hand.
  • In "The Shot Heard 'Round the World", the Lexington Battle has a gunshot with the word "Bang!" in a cloud. The image then fades to a globe with a voice balloon from Asia saying, "What was that?"
  • In "A Noun's a Person Place or Thing", there's not only the bit mentioned on the main page about Mrs. Jones's dog turning on her after the narrator and her brother give it a bone (it chases her up a street sign pole), there's the trip on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty where the narrator find her friend already waiting for her—which she then explains with the parenthetical aside "He took an early ferry." And then it snows in the middle of summer.
    • Also, the first bit where she takes a train has the gem of the bandits (right out of the Old West) running into the hillside on horseback when the train goes through a tunnel, and then when the narrator is naming all the nouns the engineer pulls a reverse stick-up on the bandit.
  • In "No More Kings", George III keeps trying to stop the colonists from making their own country and electing George Washington president, only to be continually thwarted by the animator in a manner reminiscent of Duck Amuck.
    • One of the colonists Blowing a Raspberry at George III. And another throws a bucket that lands on his head.
    • George III rubbing his hands together and laughing fiendishly at the thought of taxing the colonies.
  • In "The Tale of Mr. Morton", there is the scene of Mr. Morton talking to his cat: "Hello, cat, you look good."
    • And the neighbor chasing his kid: "Come here, kid, come on!"
    • Also, Mr. Morton "rhym[ing] pretty words":
    Roses are red,
    But Morton is blue.
    Boo hoo hoo
  • In "Three-Ring Circus," the members of Congress get out of a clown car.


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