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This is a sandbox to gather wicks for a future TRS thread on Deadpan Snarker. The goal is to check a total of 170 wicks.

Wicks are separated into three plus one categories; "Correct", "Misuse", "ZCE/Insufficient context" and "Murky".


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    Correct / "A character with a dour personality has most of their dialogue filled with snark/sarcasm" 

  1. Animation.Planetata Na Sakrovishtata: Supersilver's robotic parrot is capable of speech, and is often quite sardonic.
  2. Anime.Marginal Prince: Henri loves to snark at others, especially Alfred. Or sometimes at Yuuta. But mostly Alfred. His snarking is actually such a present part of his character that his absence in episode 6 is lampshaded by Alfred noticing that there's no one to comment on his performance.
  3. Characters.Fate Stay Night Shirou Emiya: He tends to snark a lot in his internal monologues, but not that often out loud, except maybe around Taiga and Rin. You can think of Archer as what Shirou would sound like if he didn't hold his tongue more often.
  4. Characters.Teen Wolf Werewolves: Four wicks on the page; see the ZCE folder for the other three
    • Peter has perfected the sarcastic remark to an art form, and uses it at every possible moment to mock those around him.
    Peter: It's quite a situation you've got yourself in here, Derek. I mean, I'm out of commission for a few weeks and suddenly there's lizard people, geriatric psychopaths, and you're cooking up werewolves out of every self-esteem deprived adolescent in town.
  5. Characters.Facade: Two wicks. See the ZCE folder for the second one.
    • "She can see right through Trip's arrogance and regularly makes snarky comments about it." This one, though light on context, seems valid enough. It's written as though this is a main character trait of her's, despite not mentioning the personality aspect.
  6. Film.Ex Drummer: Deadpan Snarker: Dries spends most of the time firing stealth insults at his fellow musicians and their friends and families.
  7. Film.Sense And Sensibility: Deadpan Snarker: Mr. Palmer is a stoic curmudgeon who often makes cutting and sarcastic remarks.
  8. HA HA HA—No:
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • In "Plankton!", Squidward does this on SpongeBob's french preparation of the krabby patty and pulling it out from his nose.
    SpongeBob: (pulling the Krabby Patty under Squidward's nose) It's under your nose! (he laughs and gives the patty to Squidward)
    Squidward: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. You're killing me SpongeBob! Ha ha ha ha. (he changes back to his frown expression) You really are. I suppose this is coorect since Sauidward is an example of this trope
  1. Pinball.Fun House: Deadpan Snarker: Rudy, who constantly snarks at the player. Rudy: "Now who's the dummy?" (Little light on the context, but reading the work description, it looks like it applies. Rudy the Dummy is a living ventriloquist dummy and chief proprietor of the titular Fun House.)
  2. The Social Network: Douglas Urbanski as Larry Summers appears in only one scene where the Winklevoss brothers try to persuade him to take action against Mark, and completely steals it with impeccably timed snarky retorts. I suppose this is correct

  1. Western Animation: "Velma was always the fan-favorite but her interpretation in Mystery Inc is a divisive deal. Is she too sassy (pothole) to the point of being an annoying jerk..." Sassy isn't what Deadpan Snarker means.
  2. Characters.Beast Wars Maximals: This show has a pretty witty cast, so many of them fit this trope. However, there are episodes where this is all Rattrap does. It has 5 wicks, but this one seems to explain the page's problem in a nutshell. Not only is this low on context, but it seems less like a stand-out trait and more like World of Snark. If everyone is a Deadpan Snarker...nobody is.
  3. Characters.Catch Your Breath: Kei can manage some pretty good digs on the occasions she actually says them aloud. Sounds more like "character is good at insults" to me. Also, there's another wick to this on the page; see the ZCE folder.
  4. Characters.Mass Effect 1 Antagonists: During the Council meeting, he mocks the fact that a dream is their sole evidence against him. One-off comment.
  5. Characters.Old Mans War: 6 wicks. They all make it abundantly clear that the story is a World of Snark, but each claims that the character is "one of the snarkiest in the series", which means nothing is every other character is also the snarkiest character in the series.
  6. Characters.The Heart Of A Hero: He doesn't take the situation seriously and instead he makes a pun out of it. Puns are not sarcasm. Also, one-off comment.
  7. Characters.The World Of Narue: "Has shades of this, especially whenever Kazuto's fantasies pop up." "Shades of this" usually means it's not a main character trait and is instead just the character occasionally being sarcastic.
  8. A.N.T. Farm: * Deadpan Snarker: He has his moments. He could easily be the snarkiest character on the show but his ditziness keeps him in check. Just sounds like he says snarky things on occasion. Doesn't seem to define his character.
  9. City People Eat Sushi: When another cop asks if he wants to eat at a place that has it, he replies, "No thanks. If I get a craving for mercury, I'll eat a thermometer (pothole)" Just a snarky comment'
  10. ComicBook.Ultimate Galactus Trilogy: "Everyone. Warren Ellis is writing, after all. Carol Danvers, in particular, is a veritable fountain of snark on her own." Belongs in World of Snark
  11. Creator.Olivia Wilde: pure ZCE plus troping real person
  12. Creator.Pablo Picasso: Deadpan Snarker. While living in Nazi-occupied Paris, he was reportedly asked by a German officer who had seen a photograph of Guernica, "Did you do that?" He replied, "No, you did." troping real person
  13. Critical Annoyance: One wick is a potholed one-off comment, and the other is a sinkhole.
    • Star Trek frequently showed meters and red alerts or had the ship computer or a crewmember declare that the ship's power was low or how long the ship had before it was to be destroyed, occasionally with Kirk or another senior officer looking exasperated at the news. Notable example: During "The Corbomite Maneuver", Balok threatened to destroy the Enterprise, giving the ship a ten minute countdown. Sulu kept a diligent track of the remaining time, much to the annoyance of the rest of the bridge crew.
    Sulu: Four minutes, thirty seconds.
    Scott: You have an annoying fascination for timepieces, Mister Sulu.
    • Tales of the Abyss also has this, with quotes to let you know if you've been hit by a powerful attack or if you're near death. Oddly enough, one of Jade's low-health quotes is "looks like we're still okay," meaning he often says that after surviving an attack that has just killed everyone else. Although that's quite in character, actually. Bonus points if you have Anise in the party who will reply with "We are SO not okay".
  14. Fanfic.Hunters Of Death: Literally just a quote that implies the correct trope is World of Snark.
    John Shepard: "... You know, I'm starting to realize I have a team made up of smartasses."
  15. Fanfic.Vulcans Forge, under Benevolent A.I.: The Doctor (aka the Emergency Medical Hologram) despite being a snarky ass genuely cares for the well being of his patients." Sinkhole.
  16. Go Not Gently: Doubles for Big Damn Heroes and Deadpan Snark.
    Freya: Dreadfully sorry I'm late. Amarant wanted us to stop and eat. Doesn't sound like snark to me.
  17. Film.A Hard Days Night: Potholed one-off comments. Also, there's one more wick to the page here in the zero context folder.
    • The Cuckoolander Was Right: When Ringo tries to tell the others that there's a man in the cupboard, John and Paul laugh him off. Only George is wise enough to check and, sure enough, there is.
    George: *Lights a cigarette* He's right, you know.
    Man on Train: Then I suggest you take that damned thing to the corridor or some other part of the train where you obviously belong.
  18. Funny.A Song Of Ice And Fire: We've got one sinkhole and one might-as-well-be-a sinkhole here.
    • Alayne's new friend Myranda Royce is the main source of CMOF in the chapter:
    Myranda: The first Lady Waynwood must have been a mare, I think. How else to explain why all the Waynwood men are horse-faced? If I were ever to wed a Waynwood, he would have to swear a vow to don his helm whenever he wished to fuck me, and keep the visor closed.
    • In The Rogue Prince Prince Daemon (who seems to have been quite the Deadpan Snarker) let us know what he thinks of the Vale and its people:
    Prince Daemon: "In the Vale, the men fuck sheep. You cannot fault them. Their sheep are prettier than their women."
  19. Funny.Mac Gyver 2016: Riley's Deadpan Snarker reply when Thornton was asking for a status update. This is just a character saying something snarky. One snarky line isn't a "deadpan snarker" reply.
    Riley: Welp, this is my first embassy siege, and I'd say not great.
  20. Funny.The Emperors New School: In an episode where Kuzco's issue du jour is that he's not doing well in squirrel speak class, he asks the teacher if he'd save someone's life by saying "[set of squirrel sounds]". The teacher snarks "I doubt it given that you just said 'Go ahead; jump in the shark tank'." One-off comment.
  21. HeyArnold.Tropes A To I:
    • Gerald will frequently make sarcastic remarks about the situation.
    • Helga can snark with the best of them. Being sarcastic isn't something Gerald is really known for and Helga uses outright insults more than anything.
  22. Leonine Contract: Brought up in Shatterpoint by the Confederate leader, Colonel Geptun. He argues that the treaty he's signing (surrendering his Confederate garrison to the Republic) is worthless because it was signed under duress. Mace Windu, being himself, retorts that of course it is, that's what makes it surrender in the first place. Fortunately, Geptun was merely being disagreeable for its own sake, and goes through with the surrender amicably. (Although he's not the only one with an opinion on the matter...) One-off comment.
  23. Music.Emilie Autumn: Deadpan Snarker: "Girls! Girls! Girls!" is a sarcastic Misogyny Song. "I Know Where You Sleep" is three minutes of vitriol, as well as "Thank God I'm Pretty". "Misery Loves Company", "Chambermaid", "If You Feel Better", "What If" are also peppered with snark. These songs of this musician contain sarcasm is not this character trope. (However, perhaps 'a speaker' of the song could fit the trope but it needs better explanation.)
  24. Music.Spice Girls: Deadpan Snarker: Victoria. Various people who've worked with her, such as Damon Dash and press officer Alan Edwards, have stated that she has a very dry sense of humour, and is the funniest member of the band. Troping a real life person. No mention it's her 'performing persona'. Even so, the example context is off.
  25. Music.Poppy: Surprisingly, in a lot of interviews. (ZCE and troping a real-life person)
  26. "Open!" Says Me: 2 wicks on the page; see the ZCE folder for the other one.
    • Optimus Prime himself got in on this in "Day of the Machines", along with a rare moment of Deadpan Snarker. If it's a rare moment, Optimus Prime doesn't qualify, but it seems to just be saying he was snarky here, which is rare. Misuse either way.
  27. Podcast.Fast Karate For The Gentlemen, under Rant Comedy: Dave's specialty. Joel is usually much more concise and snarky. Sinkhole. It's also a zero-context example of the trope that's actually being discussed.
  28. Quotes.Fallout New Vegas: Sarcastic line pothole misuse
Cass: (discussing the NCR's over-expansion problem) No one's dick is that fucking long. Not even Long Dick Johnson, and he had a fucking long dick. Thus, the name.
  1. Series.Holmes On Homes, under Serial Escalation: It's very fun to watch some homes get torn up to hell just for the homeowners, but the amount of work performed can get absolutely crazy. A 50+ year-old home in Holmes Inspection needed to be remade because everything was either wrong with the house or not up to modern standards. Potholed comment. There's one more wick to this on the page; see the zero context folder.
    Holmes: (asking on basement) So, what are your thoughts on this?
    Inspector: Creative.
  2. Series.Pair Of Kings: Two examples; see the ZCE folder for the other one
    • Boz also has traces of this: "Wow, tough childhood. When I was five I was naked and living in a tree." "Traces of" implies it's not actually true.
  3. Series.Chernobyl: Deadpan Snarker: All over the place. Many characters engage in sarcasm, both to highlight how serious the situation really is, and to downplay it. Shcherbina's reaction to one of Tarakanov's clean-up ideas is particularly acerbic. (World of Snark then?)
    Shcherbina: You want to shoot exploding bullets at an exposed nuclear reactor?
    Tarakanov: Well...
    Shcherbina: No, no. Let's go light that roof back on fire, it was so easy to put out the first time!
  4. Sheltered Aristocrat: Prince Jen from Lloyd Alexander's The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen. Upon embarking on a pilgrimage to a mystical kingdom, he sniffs the air and asks his servant what that wonderful, invigorating smell is. His significantly more worldly-wise servant hazards a guess that the odors of rotten food, body odor, the occasional goat, and the distinct lack of cash comprise "The Essence of Misery." One-off comment.
  5. Surfer Dude: "Seth has an IQ of 193, is shirtless only briefly if at all, and never uses the surfer dialect." A meaningless sinkhole in an example full of sinkholes.
  6. TheStinger.Video Games: The original Master of Orion uses this uncommonly well. In both endings, the final scene is your emperor's New Era Speech upon assuming the throne of the Galactic Imperium, followed by a comment from the newscaster who's been giving you status reports all game. In the good ending, the newscaster's stinger is fairly unremarkable, leaving the speech as the last significant bit of the story. In the tyrant ending, however, the stinger is a bit of snark that subverts the victory gained on the back of, potentially, a quintuple genocide. Pothole in a bit of snark, isn't the fact it's a bit invalide it?
  7. WebVideo.Little White Lie, under Dull Surprise: Sami's usual affect, including in her narration, in stark contrast to Tanya's gratingly forced perkiness. She'd be a Deadpan Snarker except most of the time she seems too moody and depressed to bother making an actual joke. Explicitly says the character isn't an example.
  8. WesternAnimation.The Epic Tales Of Captain Underpants: Almost everyone in the show has their moments of this, but special mention goes to both Erica and Mr. Ree. World of Snark ZCE
  9. Wiki.The Wanderers Library: Peristrixalo. “Just once, I would like to meet something beautiful that tries to kill me, but I suspect that's asking far too much.” Just one quote.
  10. YMMV.Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Android 17 and 18 retain everything that made their source material counterparts likable, being more neutral rather than straight out evil, while also being childish and wanting to have fun. However, 17 and 18 are also given a level of snark often at each other, that gives them even more charm than their source material counterparts. Pothole in snark, plus it's right next to another snark trope
  11. YMMV.Zoo Tycoon: Allo must be happy enough not to attack guests. After the Allo breaks out and (possibly) starts eating guests, the game says "There you go listening to us again..." (pothole) Seems to just be used for a line of sarcasm instead of a character type
  12. Ib: A lot of fans like portraying Ib as a Deadpan Snarker. '''Just alleged fan interpretation. Not much to do with the trope itself.

    ZCE /Insufficient Context 
  1. Anime & Manga: "There's also Norway's" (pothole)... Pothole with no context
  2. Webcomics: * Lampshaded by the Deadpan Snarker in the improvisational comic The Omega Key on this page, where he finds it suspiciously convenient that he (a 6'10" man) can fit in an air duct. (He was right, as the destination turned out to be a trap.) Doesnt have much context
  3. Analysis.Friendship Is Magic Background Ponies:"Octavia is commonly depicted as an elegant, sophisticated mare. Her personality ranges from being The Stoic, a Deadpan Snarker to—in extreme cases—an outright Tsundere, though that doesn't mean that she's a total Jerkass or a Perpetual Frowner." Not enough context
  4. Animation.Technotise Edit I Ja: Edi, Bojan, to a lesser extent Herb.
  5. Anime.Persona 4 The Animation: "The fanbase cannot decide if Yu is this, or a Deadpan Snarker. And then there's Margaret." This was filled under Cloud Cuckoo Lander. The entire in of itself is a long form version of a ZCE and uses Deadpan Snarker as if it was a subjective trope
  6. As Himself:"Since Hawking's synthesized voice makes him a perfect Deadpan Snarker, Spiner said he's still not sure whether Hawking was kidding.)" '''No information relevant to the trope. Seems to be using the trope just to describe his tone of voice.
  7. Awesome.Bakemonogatari: "Considering that he's facing his own mortality in the the form of a crowbar hurtling at his head at the time, has been most likely concussed and is bleeding out from injuries caused by said crowbar, but still has the wherewithal to be a Deadpan Snarker towards himself does make the scene pretty awesome though." Sinkhole that's just being used to make a (badly done) pun. Also there's no context as to how he is a Deadpan Snarker.
  8. Video Games A to C: Just used as a modifier for zombie. No context beyond that.
  9. Blog.Cake Wrecks: Deadpan Snarker: Both Jen and her hubby John. (ZCE plus troping real life? Someone who writes a sarcastic/mocking blog is troped as Deadpan Snarker)
  10. A Shot of Tsundere in Your Ginger:Deadpan Snarker: Asuka, for definite, due to her being Surrounded by Idiots.
  11. Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: "one could say this applies to the ladies working at the Coffee of Doom. Dora has black hair, Raven had a blonde streak and Faye's (pothole) hair colour..." ZCE pothole
  12. CaptainObvious.Live Action TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Every so often, Oz dips into this, as part of his Deadpan Snarker routine.
    Oz: Our lives are different than other people's.
  13. Captivity Harmonica: Played for laughs in Toy Story 3, harmonica background music plays when the toys are incarcerated, but then we see that it's actually Hamm playing it . He is promptly told to knock it off. Potholed from Hamm. Has no relevant context to go off of.
  14. Characters.Adventures In Zambezia: Just literally has the trope name under one of the character's trope lists with any context.
  15. Characters.Air Plane: First Krishna. Dead Pan Snarker: In response to a member from the Church of Religious Consciousness asking for a donation: "No, thanks. We already gave at the office." (one probably sarcastic line)
  16. Characters.Arrowverse Earth X: Blitzkrieg. Deadpan Snarker: Seems to have at least that in common with the Flash.
  17. Characters.Catch Your Breath: Genma has a smart remark for all occasions. This seems valid, but doesn't offer any actual examples. Also, there's another wick to this on the page; see the misuse folder.
  18. Characters.IDO Li SH 7: Two commented out ZCE of Deadpan Snarker
  19. Characters.Portal The4th Millennium Franchise: Just mention s the trope name
  20. Characters.Rayman 2 The Great Escape: 2 of the wicks or just straight ZC Es listing the trope's name and not much else. The other just potholes from snarking.
  21. Characters.Red Lightning: "Is painted this way in every way."
  22. Characters.Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat: "He has his moments."
  23. Characters.Teen Wolf Werewolves: Four wicks on the page; see the Correct folder for the last one.
    • " It runs in the family."
    • "Not a-lot but he does have his moments of snark"
    • After watching Possessed!Kira fling Scott across a hallway, she just dryly asks, "...a friend of yours?"
  24. Characters.Tensou Sentai Goseiger Allies: Trope name only ZCE
  25. Characters.The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper: Deadpan Snarker: Further in keeping with the depiction of Asperger Syndrome; this is the type of humor that Aspies are most at home with. The character fits from what I remember, but the example is poorly written
    Leonard: Sheldon, how could you sit there and let [Howard and Raj] watch my date with Penny?
    Sheldon: They were clever, Leonard. They took advantage of my complete lack of interest in what they were doing.
  26. Characters.The Nostalgia Critic Dougs Characters: He is indeed. This one is actually commented out.
  27. Characters.The Sooty Show: Deadpan Snarker
  28. Characters.The Unexpectables: "Prone to sly remarks".
  29. Characters.Total Drama Stranded: Three examples, all are ZCEs, two of which don't have anything but the trope name. The only one that doesn't just says "Especially around Rusty." This is for a character who apparently hates everyone, so maybe it's valid, but I refuse to give it the benefit of the doubt.
  30. Characters.Zip Zip: Victoria. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: At times, Victoria can be rude, manipulative, selfish, and will have a snarky attitude to boot. However, she does genuinely care for Washington and the gang, and will go out of her way to help them out whenever they're in danger. (ZCE pothole)
  31. Characters.ZOOOO Ommx BIES: "He has his moments". This one is already commented out.
  32. Characters.Facade: Two examples on the page; see the Correct folder for the other one.
    • "You certainly can play as one."
  33. Characters.{{Lalaloopsy}: Storm E. Sky's folder: Has quite a lot of these moments.
  34. Characters.Shiri: Two examples which seem to only focus on one line
  35. Abnormal Kei Joshi: Just the trope name.
  36. Tokimeki Memorial 1: * Deadpan Snarker: Especially in regards of his best bud Yoshio's antics. He also makes hilarious comments when correcting spelling mistakes in the articles written for the Graduation Album in Tabidachi no Uta. There anything detailing how his sarcastic or snarky.
  37. Tribe Twelve: Deadpan Snarker: Nearly every character in the mythos tends to be this to cope with their less than pleasant life experiences. However, in Noah's case, this seems to be an integral part of his personality even before shit hits the fan. '''Could use context detailing his snarky/sarcastic behavior
  38. Bedrockperson: Well, when he's pissed.
  39. ComicBook.Bad Island: Deadpan Snarker: The entire family, other than Janie, seems adept at this, but Karen stands out the most.
  40. ComicBook.Le Chat: Deadpan Snarker: Very deadpan.
  41. ComicBook.Monicas Gang: These "examples" have a lot of words and very little context.
    • The four main characters have all played this part, though in comics where the whole gang is together (especially if Monica is the one who's in charge of the adventure), the boys are usually the ones who stand out.
    • As a good portion of the comic's humor comes from characters being this trope, nearly every character who isn't too much of The Ditz or Cloudcuckoolander has been this to some extent.
    • Lady MacDeath is probably the most recognizable Deadpan Snarker of the whole series.
    • Under Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Denise was also this in her old days, Depending on the Writer, before settling down as the Genki Girl Deadpan Snarker with a taste for gossip we know today. It was even lampshaded by her actress in the story which settled her current personality that whenever they needed the girls' group to have a False Friend, they'd go for Denise.
  42. ComicBook.Wacky Raceland: Deadpan Snarker: Dick Dastardly and the Mean Machine (the cars seem to be designed to reflect their owners personalities).
  43. ComicStrip.The Wizard Of Id: Deadpan Snarker: Rodney has become one in recent years, accompanied by an increase in intelligence (but still not much luck in battle).
  44. ComicStrip.Buckles: Classic "not even bothering to try writing context". Also, the indentation is wrong.
    • Buckles can be this at times.
    • Arden and Flea.
    • Then there's Jay, a bluebird and Arden's sidekick.
  45. ComicStrip.Wormy: Deadpan Snarker: Many characters, including Solomoriah the Shadowcat — a legendary flying panther summoned by the Wizard Gremorly.
  46. Nemi:
  1. DarthWiki.Burnt Empire: Vallian, and Morley sometimes. Classic zero-effort example.
  2. DarthWiki.Through The Empty Marches, under the characters header: Two of them say nothing about the trope; the other one is "this character is an example, but we're not going to elaborate".
  3. Fanfic.Compass Of Thy Soul:
    • Kita just a little, mostly in narration.
    • The Hatake clan as a whole are low-key snarkers.
  4. Fanfic.New Beginnings: Deadpan Snarker: Any sufficiently developed character could be, and probably already is one.
  5. Fanfic.Patroni In Winterfell: Deadpan Snarker: The Hogwarts crew tend to do this.
  6. Film.A Hard Days Night: All four Beatles were masters of the craft. Quite a few quips were adlibbed or taken from real events. Classic "this thing happens, trust us" style of zero-context. There are also two more wicks to the page here; see the misuse folder.
  7. Film.Amazing Grace: Deadpan Snarker: (quote only for context)
    One of Wilberforce's supporters: I sent a note of thanks to those who voted for us.
    Thomas Clarkson: Oh, how sweet of you.
  8. Film.Blind Date: Judge Bedford, with his barbs being targeted at David.
  9. Film.Breakfast On Pluto: Charlie. Also Kitten at times, who somehow manages to combine this with elements of The Cutie, the Cloudcuckoolander and The Pollyanna.
  10. Film.Muriels Wedding: Rhonda.
  11. Film.Role Models:
    • Danny. He's played by Paul Rudd, what did you expect?
    • Gail is a wannabe but most of her snark attempts end up as Metaphorgotten.
  12. Film.Snow White A Tale Of Terror: Claudia gets some zingers. "Brought someone to keep you company" (addressed to Jesus on an inverted crucifix when she drags her husband's unconscious body into the Church). The character is cited as having a lot of zingers, but this is just one example and needed context to explain the joke. Even if the example is valid, it's written really poorly...
  13. Snow Cake: Alex. Then again, consider who's playing him.
  14. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir:
  1. Film.Three Idiots: Deadpan Snarker: Almost everyone.
  2. Franchise.Stargate Verse: "every series has at least one Deadpan Snarker, characters frequently lampshade bizarre events." This is just claiming that snarkers exist in the series. It's not attempting to be an example itself.
  3. Funny.Atop The Fourth Wall 2009 Episodes: Potholed quote
    "It's about to blow"
    "It already does."
  4. Funny.Boardwalk Empire: Potholed quote:
    Agent: You had a pistol up your sleeve.
    Eddie: That is for protection.
    Agent: Against who?
    Eddie: Apaches.
  5. Funny.Iron Druid Chronicles: "He then asks, "what are you?" to which Atticus cheerfully responds "Why, I'm the Antichrist, of course." The neighbour faints, which Atticus notes is weird, because he's Muslim, not Christian." Pretty snarky, but still too little information for me to know if this is a recurring character trait of Atticus or not.
  6. Funny.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987: One of Raph's quotes is potholed to Deadpan Snarker. Knowing the character he's a valid example, but that doesn't mean potholing every sarcastic line to the trope is a valid move. Could just as easily be misuse, if I didn't know the context.
  7. Funny.Yotobi: "Supaidaman: aside from the reactions to all the Japanese stuff, we have the explanation as to why the alien chose Peter for his revenge: because otherwise the plot wouldn’t go on." I believe this is meant to be Sarcasm Mode, or a poor attempt at calling the speaking character a snarker. Either way, it's a sinkhole in a quote.
  8. Giver of Lame Names: "as seriously as he can muster. Cayde (pothole) and Devrim, not so much...": ZCE pothole
  9. LetsPlay.Spoiler Warning: All members of the group are this to varying degrees. Revenge of the "trust us, they're an example".
  10. Literature.Corvis Rebaine: "Just about every major character, though Davro is the reigning king of snark." ZCE, World of Snark
  11. Literature.Demon Squad: "Frank loves making fun of his relatives."
  12. Literature.Eleanor And Park: Deadpan Snarker: Much of Eleanor’s thoughts and dialogue are snarky. (She's also listed as The Cynic.)
  13. Literature.Emily Of New Moon: Deadpan Snarker: Great Aunt Nancy, Mr. Carpenter, and Emily, when she grows up. For a priest, Father Cassidy has his share of it, too.
  14. Literature.Mediochre Q Seth Series: Two wicks, both lack context and imply that the proper trope is World of Snark
    • "Everyone, but Charlotte and Mediochre stand out."
    • "Mediochre gives the non-sequitur answer "Tuesday"."
  15. Literature.Obsidian And Blood: Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: Acamapichtli, High Priest of Tlaloc, never does anything that does not further his needs or agenda or just generally makes him look good. He does, however, truly care for the members of his clergy. Acamapichtli also doubles as a Deadpan Snarker whenever he and Acatl exchange more than two words. ZCE
  16. Literature.The Maze Runner: Commented out trope name only ZCE
  17. Literature.Jingo: "Vetinari is on particularly good form here, especially in the early stages."
  18. ARIA:
  • Deadpan Snarker: Alice, and occasionally Aika when dealing with Akari's wide-eyed idealism.
  1. "Open!" Says Me: 2 wicks; see the misuse folder for the other one
    • In Atlantis: The Lost Empire, the mercenary team blows up the door to the throne room with dynamite, after which demolitions expert Vinnie says "Knock, knock." Pothole that doesn't tell me much. Can't tell if it's misuse or not.
  2. Series.Adam Ruins Everything: Deadpan Snarker: Adam. (ZCE and likely misuse; Adam is snarky but quite chipper and optimistic)
    Todd Bodd: How many of you have ever heard of vitamin megadoses?
    Adam Conover: I have! I've also heard of fairies and the Loch Ness monster, but those won't cure your cold either.
  3. Series.A Moody Christmas: Funny Foreigner: Bridget's adoptive son Max, who is a Deadpan Snarker.
  4. Series.Boston Legal: Deadpan Snarker: Pretty much everybody, but Shirley Schmidt and,arguably, Paul Lewiston are reigning King and Queen of this trope. (ZCE; World of Snark?, Examples Are Not Arguable)
  5. Series.Holmes On Homes: Mike tends to snark when he finds something really dangerous. Seems valid, but doesn't offer any examples.
  6. Series.Pair Of Kings: Two examples; see the misuse folder for the other one
    • Mikayla. Lanny isn't too bad himself.
  7. Series.Benson: Benson, Clayton, and (on occasion) Kraus.
  8. Split Personality: Haru's "Black Haru" personality developed as a result of verbal abuse and his overwhelming resentment of Yuki, and he only changes when angry which is (harder to achieve (pothole): Pothole with no context.
  9. SuspiciouslySpecificDenial.Video Games: Another potholed quote example, posted below. Barely scrapes out of misuse territory only because I know Sonic is a very sarcastic character. If I didn't though...well, that'd be a problem, since there's no actual context in the quote itself.
    Eggman: (part of recorded announcement) "This amusement park has been constructed entirely out of a sense of remorse for my past transgressions and is in no way associated with any sort of evil plot or premeditated misdeeds."
    Sonic: ... Well, that's a relief.
  10. Trivia.Mind Hunters, under Funny Character, Boring Actor: Bobby is the Deadpan Snarker of the group. Eion Bailey is usually very quiet and reserved in interviews. Used to establish context for another trope. No context to be found here.
  11. VideoGame.The X Files Game: "The protagonist of the story is Deadpan Snarker Seattle FBI agent named Craig Willmore."
  12. VisualNovel.Culinary Kakkoii: "Bruce is like this towards Marly"
  13. Webcomic.Scarlet Lady: Deadpan Snarker: Adrien/Chat, Tikki, Sabrina... anyone who hangs out with Chloé/Scarlet Lady on a regular basis, really. ZCE and incorrect example indentation
  14. Webcomic.Seeker: Deadpan Snarker: one snarky line for context
    • The Seeker.
      Pax: You are in a hole.
      Seeker: Flabbergasting. Tell me more.
    • Rul also shows signs of this.
      Seeker: You know what? I think I like you.
      Rul: Well how about that. You have good taste after all.
  15. WebVideo.Arcade Pit: PA Master is not above roasting the contestants, especially if they say something ridiculous. Another day, another "trust us, the announcer is an example".
  16. WesternAnimation.The New Misadventures Of Ichabod Crane: Washington and Wolf
  17. Yandere.Anime And Manga: Just a link in the first Bakemonogatari example
  18. YMMV.GARO: Ensemble Dark Horse: Zaruba. From his Deadpan Snarker attitude, to being a genuinely funny guy, to being something that doesn't scream "stop helping me!", the little sentient ring became very well liked. To the point where he even is at the beginning of many episodes and he technically gets resurrected after his first 'death'. Just a link.
  19. My Candy Love Chani, for being a loveable Deadpan Snarker..: No context as to how she is a Deadpan Snarker.

  1. A Good Name for a Rock Band: * A conversation in Paranatural between Max and overenthusiastic school reporter Suzy:
    Suzy: They're Student Council. Have you heard the rumours, Max?
    Max: is that a band name
    Suzy: They say the Student Council is looking for someone.
    Max: if it isn't I call that band name Eh, he doesn't sound all that snarky in the quote to me and don't know if that's something that defines him as I do not know the work.
  2. All Drummers Are Animals: While usually more of a Deadpan Snarker, Kim Pine becomes this the moment she gets behind the drums in the Scott Pilgrim comics. Taken up to 11 in the movie. Link to trope
  3. Video Games: Mortal Kombat X:
    Erron Black: Girls with guns... Always hot.
    Sonya Blade: I'll shove 'em up your ass and fire.
    Erron Black: Almost always hot. Not sure if this is really sarcasm
  4. American Kirby Is Hardcore:
    • Puyo Pop on the GBA changed several pieces of dialogue when it was localized, mainly to emphasis Arle's Deadpan Snarker characteristics. This is especially noticeable when you compare it to the hidden English translation in the Japanese version. Eh it might be an example but there's isn't any mention of her snarkier lines.
  5. Bring Me My Brown Pants: Used as a joke by Lt.-Cmd. Snipes (pothole) in FreeSpace 2, during a recon mission far behind enemy lines with only a very small time window before they get left behind by the rest of the Allied fleet. His wing of starfighters exits from the subspace node the exact moment a Shivan Sathanas-class Juggernaut accelerates to full speed to enter it.
    Snipes: That was a little too close. Now we gotta wait 15 minutes before we can change our shorts. Can't tell if the character is an actual Deadpan Snarker because I am not familiar with the work. So it may or may not count.
  6. Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Baelish: Folder Lord Petyr Baelish. Deadpan Snarker: Whether it's to play the role of the cheeky chappy or just because he does actually feel like it, he pulls few verbal punches. Even when alone with his latest victim. (He might actually fit, but the example context is inadequate, example context includes potholes to Stepford Snarker which might be more accurate trope?)
  7. Characters.The Lion King 2019: Several examples, the only really valid one seems to be Scar's
  8. Film.Black Hawk Down: This example has a lot of problems, including indentation, grammar, natter, and complaining about how the book was better. But those aside, the lines don't really seem that sarcastic to me. They could be examples in context, but I've never seen the film, so I don't know one way or the other.
    • McKnight.
    Pilla: Colonel, they're shooting at us!
    McKnight: (stares blankly) Well, shoot back!
    • The USAF Pararescueman working on the crew-chief of Super Six One
    Wilkinson: (Starts an IV fluid line) After I'm done with this I'll whip you boys up some margaritas. The usual, blended, no salt?
    • If anything, the movie failed to capture some of Wilkinson's best lines. From the book:
    Wilkinson: (as the chopper is being punctured with bullet holes) He hates the cans! Stay away from the cans!
  9. Film.Re Animator: The indentation is off, and one of the quotes is just a non-snarky insult, but the other one is valid. No idea if it's an actual character trait or just "this character said a snarky thing once".
    • West. Sometimes it isn't even verbal, like when he kept snapping his pencils to interrupt a professor he didn't agree with.
    "You steal the secret of life and death, and here you are trysting with a bubble-headed coed."
    • Also:
    "Who's going to believe a talking head? Get a job in a sideshow!"
  10. Film.The Punisher 2004: Two wicks; one of them is a potholed quote. This is the other, and it feels like a stretch or is just poorly written
    • Frank's entire family may have been slaughtered in cold blood, but he still retains something that resembles a sense of humor, albeit rarely (see Diagnosis from Dr. Badass and Never Bring a Knife to a Fist Fight below for examples). He also makes a friendly, sarcastic remark to Jimmy Weeks during a going-away party (this happens before the hit on the Castles was executed):
    Weeks: To Frank Castle – the finest soldier, the finest undercover op, the finest man I've ever known. What will I do without you?
    Castle: Get a girlfriend.
  11. Funny.Puzzle Quest: Are you a Deadpan Snarker or just really confused? Sometimes it's both. Link to trope, the in-game character is snarky at times but not to the point I'd call it a majority of dialogue, they can be formal
    Ogre Mage: In order to stop Gralkus [the Great Orc about to declare war on the Dwarves], you must BE Gralkus.
    Player Character: What does that mean? Am I supposed to dress up as an Orc or something?
  12. Funny.Rosario To Vampire: The example, posted below, includes a snarky line potholed to Deadpan Snarker. Impossible to tell if it's correct usage or not.
    • "A bit of dark humor, from chapter 64, the Outer Moka returns and hugs Tsukune, Tsukune then says that he's happy that she's back, and then Masked King appears behind them."
    Tsukune: “Moka-san I'm so happy!”, “You got your rosary back!”.
    Masked King: *appears behind them* “Yeah, I'm happy too!”
  13. Funny.Stellaris: " VIR in general is a wonderful Deadpan Snarker (barely) masquerading as a helpful servant..." This is it; no extra context. There are some quotes that follow, but none of them strike me as particularly deadpan or even generally snarky, but maybe I'm just misreading them or something. Too murky to really say here.
  14. Heartwarming.Agents Of SHIELD: Alone in the wilderness, on the run from HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D., abandoned by one of her closest friends in the world, who does Melinda May call for a ride? Her mother. She may dish out a few gentle reminders about manners, along with what's apparently genetic levels of deadpan snarkery, but she clearly cares for her daughter enough to cross the Canadian border and hijack an unnamed agency's intel to help her. Pothole'
  15. Recap.Triptych Continuum A Total Eclipse Of The Fun: Originally I thought this was alright until I reread it. Now I'm unconvinced, but don't know it actually qualifies as misuse/ZCE
    • "Firmly establishes this for Luna, and gives more than a hint of Twilight's capabilities in the category."
    • Luna at the press conference:
    "Incidentally, if I could enthrall ponies and make them do whatever I wished, a number of you would be asking much more intelligent questions..."
  16. Series.Cutthroat Kitchen: Several example, the only really valid one seems to be the first
    • Alton. He regularly wanders around in the kitchen during the rounds, making sardonic comments to the chefs. Occasionally he'll throw a bone to someone who is truly floundering, but just as occasionally he'll just do it to see if the chef understands just how very close they are to hanging themselves.
  17. ThePollyanna.Western Animation: Greg from Over the Garden Wall. No matter what dangers they face, he's always cheerful (or, occasionally, snarky). Even when Wirt convinces him that their troubles are all his fault, Greg doesn't dwell on it—he simply gets to work trying to fix everything. The Beast even seems to realize that he can't push Greg toward the Despair Event Horizon like he can with Wirt, and tries to freeze him to death instead. Pothole in snarky
  18. TheScrappy.Comic Books: The Transformers (IDW): The IDW comics original character Drift has also taken a lot of flak from the fans, considering that he's built on everything his creator happens to like about Japan. What makes it particularly egregious is that his creator claims he was made to fill in a role that no previous character could, when Transformers is known for having Loads and Loads of Characters, and Drift is basically just a young Star Saber with Getaway's vehicle mode.
    In The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye: Drift has been rescued, as the author plays up his spiritual side, and makes him the fundamentalist, as well as a Deadpan Snarker. Link at the end, may apply, but the linebreak is unnecessary and it probably should go on Rescued from the Scrappy Heap anyway.
  19. Bayley:"Her heel persona as a cynical, bitter Deadpan Snarker who turned her back on the fans and the kids who loved her..." It miight count but not enough context to tell.
  20. YMMV.Supernatural: Ruby is a snarky, fearless Action Girl in Season 3. In the next season, she... isn't. This is at least partially due to Genevieve Cortese wanting Ruby to seem vulnerable and innocent and so she plays her differently than Katie Cassidy does, but the writing itself for Ruby provides for less badassery in Season 4. Pothole in snarky in the Badass Decay example
  21. Sex House: In episode 2, Frank kisses the unsuspecting Derek while they're playing Sexy Truth or Sexy Dare.

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