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She just wants to take a stab at love.
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Naturally, the term of Yandere is of Japanese origin, so it's not surprising that there are a lot of them in anime and manga. You're so silly, dear~, I may have to correct that with a little punishment...

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  • Adekan: Anri flip-flops between this and Cute and Psycho. Sakura, on the other hand, turns out to be a cut-glass example to his "big brother". Shinohome also becomes more obsessed with Shiro after he manages to cut his hair to escape from him when he made him his Sex Slave with him doing morally objectionable things when trying to get him back.
  • Ah! My Goddess:
    • Belldandy, normally a straight-up Yamato Nadeshiko, has been known to cause everything from minor explosions to freak weather changes whenever her relationship with Keiichi is threatened. It's to the point where the other goddesses know to run for the hills when they see another girl getting sweet on Keiichi. They've got a good reason! – Bell has access to an utterly insane amount of power since, as one of the nicest and most levelheaded characters in the cast, she's unlikely to consciously abuse it. However, because she constantly holds herself back and her Berserk Button is seeing anything try to get between her and her beloved Keiichi, she can unconsciously explode… meaning her self-control is slipping, and that means Very Bad Things. If she ever intentionally lets loose… just close your eyes and wait for the end, because you won't have time to run.
      • She actually gets worse as the series goes on and she falls further in love with Keiichi. During the "Dream Castle" arc, Tamiya and Otaki are brainwashed by Sayoko into attacking Keiichi, and Bell moves immediately – no warning, no attempt to talk it out, no appeal to their humanity; she flat-out strikes them down. Around the halfway point of the series, she stands up to Hild – demon-queen of Hell and Urd's mother – when Hild vaguely threatens Keiichi (and propositions him; no one's quite sure which of the two pushed Bell over the edge). Towards the end, when the main cast all go to Niflheim and Hagall moves on Keiichi, Bell attacks without hesitation. She's in no mood to faff around when it comes to her Keiichi. And yes, she does claim possession of him – fortunately for both, Keiichi is fine with it.
      • This was actually a plot-point in The Movie. Belldandy's first love and former mentor, Celestine, exploits Belldandy's possessiveness of Keiichi via sending out his dragon Morgan Le Fay to pose as a New Transfer Student and throw herself at Keiichi to drive them away. When Morgan sorta manages to catch Keiichi with his guard low and gives him a Forceful Kiss, Celestine uses Belldandy's hidden inner turmoil about it and some Laser-Guided Amnesia he had given her to get her Brainwashed and Crazy, and soon it goes From Bad to Worse.
    • Played for Laughs with Skuld, who has shades of the non-romantic kind… for Belldandy herself.
  • In Air Gear the Agito side of Akito's personality is normally the rather Ax-Crazy one, but Akito is shown to have a dark side of his own, becoming jealous to the point of scaring Kururu when she gets too close to Ikki.
  • Ako in And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online? is obsessed with Rusian, clinging to him in and out of school and is very distressed to see him with girls she does not know. She even attacks her teacher after she realizes she is the Nekohime that broke Rusian’s heart years ago. Unfortunately for her, she is so physically weak and air-headed that so only ends up embarrassing herself. In a sense this makes her a sort of domesticated Yandere.
  • Aria the Scarlet Ammo: Shirayuki. Early in episode 2, she displays Dull Eyes of Unhappiness when she suspected Kinji is with someone else. Upon discovering that Aria is freeloading with Kinji, she decides to "exorcize" her twice (first, by cutting her down with her katana; second, by blowing hundreds of holes through her with an M60). Even when she was forced to take Aria as a bodyguard, she still shows her contempt for her.
  • Attack on Titan: Mikasa Ackerman's often-callous dedication to protecting Eren and ruthlessness while doing so can come across as this during her more frightening moments, but in the yonkoma parody Spoof on Titan these tendencies are exaggerated as an Ascended Meme.

  • In Baccano!, Monica Campanella acts sweet and bubbly most of the time, but is only ever actually happy around Huey Laforet. Though she doesn't have any romantic rivals, she does orchestrate the Mask Maker killings to eliminate the drug dealers getting in the way of Huey's gold counterfeiting scheme.
  • Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts:
    • Shouko, Yuuji's childhood friend and self-proclaimed wife. If Yuuji even tries to look at another girl, she will poke his eyes until they're sore and taze him. She also repeatedly forces him to go on "dates" with her and tries to threaten him into marrying her.
    • There's also Psycho Lesbian Miharu. Her reaction to seeing anyone trying to come between her and Minami (who is not even interested in her) is to chase that person down and try to kill them.
    • Even the shy and easily embarrassed Himeji is one of these towards Akihisa. She will often emit a murderous aura and display yandere-like eyes whenever she hears that Akihisa is with some other woman like when Yuuji claimed that Akihisa was with a college girl. This side of her tends to increase more and more as the series goes on.
  • Bakemonogatari:
    • Hitagi Senjougahara nearly stabs Koyomi Araragi in the eye with a pen after he so much as talks about another female using her first name without an honorific, and asks him, with a murderous aura surrounding her, if there was anything between them.. And only stops once he screams, "Stop it! There's nothing guilty about it! I didn't mean it like I knew her well! I'm only devoted to you, Senjougahara!" Afterward, when he comments that she'll kill someone, she promises that he will be her first and only victim. Unless someone else kills him, in which case, she'll kill his killer. She then goes on to say how romantic it is because then he would truly belong to her and she would be able to be near him while he's on his death bed. This is made even worse when you realize that Hitagi knows that Suruga isn't oriented towards Koyomi, so the chances that anything happened between them are very small. Although in this case, it isn't clear how much of Senjougahara's actions are meant to be taken seriously. She uses the same tone of voice when asking Koyomi to "Say Ahhhhh!" as she does when threatening his life. She is a Deadpan Snarker with a penchant for Black Comedy after all. She is capable of violence and extreme action though she seems to have his best interests at heart. Shown best when she knocks him out, kidnaps him and handcuffs him with six pairs of handcuffs in an abandoned building in a misguided attempt to protect him.
    • Nadeko Sengoku turns out to be one in Otorimonogatari. She starts being delusional after she found out that Koyomi has a girlfriend. In a very misleading series of events, she manipulates everyone to become an extremely dangerous apparition herself, so she can kill Koyomi, Shinobu and Senjougahara.
  • Bamboo Blade:
    • From the second episode: Dan Eiga's girlfriend, Miyako "Miya-Miya" Miyazaki. She is simply Cute and Psycho most of the time and not terribly good at hiding it.
    • We have the nuclear holocaust of a yandere that is Ura Sakaki. The word "obsession" doesn't even begin to describe her secret infatuation with an actor named Junya Takigawa, who just so happens to be completely oblivious to Ura's existence. Then Ura discovers the object of her affection is in a sexual scandal with an actress he works with, and the yandere mode kicks off like the Wrath of God in a way that only Bamboo Blade could do.
  • Basilisk:
  • Battle Girls: Time Paradox has Akechi Mitsuhide, who is so yandere for her master, Oda Nobunaga, that after catching her "kissing" supposed-rival Hideyoshi (but she was just giving her medicine), she torches the temple that Nobunaga's passed out drunk in, then goes in after her "so they can always be together." Fortunately, the plan is thwarted, everyone survives, and although Mitsuhide passed out from smoke inhalation, she wakes up in the middle of getting mouth-to-mouth from Nobunaga.
  • Berserk:
    • Griffith develops a pretty bad obsession with his best fighter Guts, to the point that when Guts declares his intent to leave the Band of the Hawk, Griffith is very unwilling to let him go — so unwilling that he's willing to kill him rather than do so. And it only gets uglier when he finds out during the Rescue Arc that follows afterward that Guts and Casca, the other major person in his life, have entered into a relationship with each other, an ugliness that eventually explodes when the Eclipse goes down.
    • Rosine mistakes Jill’s Parental Substitute relationship with Guts to be a sexual one which fuels her desire to kill him. It's made even more disturbing by the fact Rosine and Jill are (or were in Rosine's case) pre-teen girls.
  • Kazuki Ibuse, self-proclaimed girlfriend of the male protagonist of Bitter Virgin acts like a normal, if flashy, girl in front of her desired beau, Daisuke Suwa, but is downright psychotic towards anyone who appears to stand between them. Such as the female protagonist, Hinako Aikawa. To her credit, she's willing to (at least temporarily) give up when she realizes just how strong the feelings between the two leads are.
  • Alois Trancy AKA Jim Macken from the second season of the Black Butler anime is very obsessed with getting Claude Faustus' attention and is willing to hurt anyone whom he feels is catching Claude's interest. For example, he becomes jealous of Ciel when Claude decided his soul is far tastier and was even willing to betray him.
    • In the manga, we have Baron Kelvin, a dirty old man who became obsessed with Ciel to the point of kidnapping children just to lure him in. Oh, and his obsession began when the boy was eight.
  • Creed Diskenth from Black Cat follows the brilliant Big Bad archetype and seems like your average calm, scheming villain... until he hears something about Train or sees Train. Then all hell breaks loose. He seriously loses all his cool and rationale when there's anything to do with Train, letting his jealousy and obsession make him go out of his way to kill anyone getting in the way of him and Train... including making a serious effort to kill Train himself, by the end. Luckily for Train, he's a little better equipped to deal with a psycho stalker than most.
  • Revy of Black Lagoon shows signs of this. She's more of a very Trigger-Happy mix of Sociopathic Hero, Broken Bird, and Tsundere, but when Jane considers seducing Rock to her face, she gets creepy as hell as she relates her sexual experiences in prison with this cold dead-eyed look, and basically threatens to make Jane her bitch.
  • Bleach:
    • Loly and Menoly, two arrancars from Aizen's army, are both infatuated with him. When Orihime attracts the interest of Aizen due to her powers, Loly and Menoly are shown getting incredibly jealous (especially Loly). Thus, they harass her and beat her up, all while ordering her to "stay away from Aizen-sama." During Ichigo's fight with Ulquiorra, they show up again to torture Orihime once more. When Ichigo notices this he charges at them in anger, and Loly threatens to tear out Orihime's eye.
    • Homura from the third movie. She wants to kill all the Soul Reapers to keep them from coming between her and Rukia.
    • Giselle has an extreme liking towards Bambietta, particularly as a zombie. She goes into a rage after hearing Bambietta's plea to not take so much of her blood and repeatedly bashes her head into the pavement until it cracks open and knocks her out. When she realizes what happened, Giselle glomps Bambietta happily and gushes over how much she loves her.
  • Seiko from Blood on the Tracks is an utterly terrifying one, especially since her yandere obsession is with her own son Seiichi. When his cousin Shigeru is bullying him, Seiko is perfect happy to shove him off a cliff. Then when Fukiishi a classmate of Seiichi reveals her crush on him with a love letter, Seiko demands to see the letter, cries after reading it and forces Seiichi to destroy the letter with her before kissing him on the lips. Seiichi overcoming his fear, asks Fukiishi out anyway but Seiko twice notices a perfume on him and wants to know where it came from. When Seiichi stays out late with Fukiishi, who is snuggling with him on a bench, Seiko appears like a Junji Ito monster to chase them into the bushes crying that Seiichi has betrayed her. When she finds them, Seiko makes a move towards Fukiishi but Seiichi shields her screaming for his mother to leave them alone. Unfortunately it only goes further downhill from there.
  • Part 4 - "Extreme" of the Hentai manga series Bondage Fairies introduces Urushira, whose nighttime personality is very, very Yandere over Pamila. She's the antagonist of the Extreme arc.
  • Mayuri Konishi/Sarashina from Book Girl has traits of a yandere character. She is crazy about Akutagawa, with whom she went to elementary school. She admits being jealous of Kanomata, who Akutagawa used to protect. When she suspects Akutagawa has feelings for his classmate Nanase Kotobuki, she says: "If so, I'll cut Nanase Kotobuki into ground beef!!!"
  • Boy's Abyss:
    • Ms. Shibasawa stalks her student/boyfriend Reiji Kurose, constantly tries to persuade him to leave his family and friends behind so he can live with her. When he attempted to break up with her, she invited his mother to a parent teacher-conference in an attempt to separate them by having him agree to go to an outside university.
    • A non-romantic example is Gen, Reiji's childhood friend, when he learns that Nagi tried to have a double suicide with Reiji but was Interrupted Suicide. He threatened her, telling her to stay away from him and to leave. Gen told her that he won't allow Reiji to leave, not even by dying and that Reiji was his. He keeps a pile of cigarette packs in his bedroom when he forced Reiji to buy for him every morning.

  • Liang-Qi from Canaan towards her adoptive "nee-sama," Alphard. She's always attempting to kill Canaan because she believes that Canaan 'changed' her beloved "Nee-sama."
  • Case Closed: Out of all the types of criminals that Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa deals with, he loathes Yanderes and Cute and Psycho people because he considers them way too self-centered for comfort. And obviously, many Yanderes show up in the series.
    • One notable example of this is the Mountain Villa case. A mild-mannered man named Ryousuke Takahashi killed his former friend, Chikako Ikeda, because she stole a beautiful script from Atsuko Tokumoto, the girl Takahashi was in love with, and used it as her own to make a movie out of it. This caused Atsuko to commit suicide. So he lured Chikako and the rest of their friends to a mountain villa so he could get his chance of revenge... and not only beheaded Chikako, but mutilated her body and stuffed her head under his clothes to make it look like he was a normal fat dude. And in the meantime, he attempted to kill Ran with the ax, as she had become a potential Spanner in the Works; this pissed the fuck out of Conan, who not only unmasked Takahashi but loudly and harshly called him out on his bullcrap.
    • Also, considering Conan/Shinichi's reaction to them, there's quite the deconstruction of how a Yandere would be seen by others. Almost every time a Yandere is a murderer, they will claim it's for the sake of the person who was badly hurt and often killed/Driven to Suicide by the Asshole Victim. 90% of times, Shinichi/Conan will tell them something similar to "No. You're lying. You did it for your own sake and pride. They wouldn't be happy with this, and you have also harmed other people. Shut up." And more often than not, he turns out to be right.
  • Shizuri Mugino, the Meltdowner, from A Certain Magical Index falls in love with Shiage Hamazura after he kills her and she is brought back to life. She decides to express this by hunting him down and trying to blow him up or burn his junk off, while at the same time becoming obsessed with protecting him from other threats and trying to kill his girlfriend, Rikou Takitsubo. Eventually, Shiage manages to bring her back to sanity, and they start having a more normal relationship.
  • In Claudine, the local Hot Teacher Louis Lacques was the lover of Auguste de Montesse (father of the main character, the female-to-male transgender Claudine). And when he finds out that his older sister and local Hot Librarian Cecilia was now sleeping with Auguste, he snaps and ends up killing both Cecilia and Auguste.
  • Code Geass loves to apply this trope to both genders.
    • At first, Nina Einstein, the shy and quiet glasses wearing nerd from Lelouch's school, is only noticeable for her exaggerated paranoia regarding Japanese people, perhaps because of a traumatic incident where she was left behind in a ghetto and ended up traumatized. After Rebellious Princess Euphemia blows her civilian cover to stop some Japanese terrorists from teaching Nina a "lesson" (i.e. raping and killing her), she becomes fixated on her, masturbating to a picture of her and attempting to blow up herself and the school with a Sakuradite-bomb after the Euphinator Incident. She gets better. Not smarter, but at least saner... after going even madder for more than a while, that is.
    • The telepathic Mao went insane from being unable to control his powers, and unceasingly listens to recordings of C.C.'s voice to comfort him. He wants to fly to Australia with C.C. and live happily ever after together, but she's just too big to fit in the plane's cargo hold. That's why, in his own words, he'll have to make her compact!!!
    • Rolo Haliburton/Lamperouge starts out Cute and Psycho, raised in the Geass cult, then he goes 100% Yandere for Lelouch. This gets mixed with his Tyke Bomb nature and leads to LOTS of tragedy for himself, Lelouch, and Shirley, whom he kills when she mentions Nunnally.
    • V.V., Rolo's boss and master, is one too. He killed Empress Marianne simply because she and Charles were getting too close and he was afraid that Charles would "forget their contract".
    • Lelouch, surprisingly, doesn't count, as he ends using his wish to protect his sister, Nunnally, as an excuse to make a better world for her; he simply goes to oft-necessary extremes in his war against the Holy Britannian Empire. Unless, perhaps, one were to count his Roaring Rampage of Revenge on the Geass Cult following Shirley's death. Speaking of Nunnally, namely her Nightmare of Nunnally self: she gets a Knightmare, and thinking that her brother died, starts trashing everyone in a violent rage, stopping only because she decides not to kill yet another of her brothers. They might not be Yandere, as their relationship is, while loving, not romantic... well, at least they claim so, but Lelouch is repeatedly accused of being a siscon by two of his romantic interests, and their backstory kinda looks like the backstory of a "cousin's romance" eroge if you tilt it right.
  • Count Cain: Mikaila. Anyone who gets between her and Cain would meet a horrible death in the form of poisonous spiders.
  • Cross Ange: When Ange herself refuses his advances, Embryo tortures her by forcing her mind to undergo overwhelming pain and then physical need. When Ange tries to escape, Embryo shows his true colors by taking over the mind of her faithful maid Momoka and even tries to fatally shoot Momoka when she resists. Upon the final battle, Embryo simply decides to obliterate all of humanity again, coldly rebuking one of his subordinates for caring about others, and tries to sacrifice his loyal followers to buy himself time. When he is through trying to seduce Ange, Embryo tries to beat and rape her before trying to kill her for not "accepting his love".

  • Dance with Devils: Just about every member of the male student council has these feelings for Ritsuka, in particular, Urie and Shiki. Episode 3 strongly implied this with Urie's line about how Rtisuka is "mine and mine alone" and saying he wants to hold her in his embrace until she falls apart. Also, Shiki's song is all about him and Ritsuka and includes lines and imagery which invoke rape metaphors. He also shivers in excitement when thinking about possible hardships she could endure and threatens to kill her if she doesn't stay with him.
  • Maki in Darker than Black. He'd be a little creepy even if he was just a sociopath with the power to make stuff blow up, but he also has a massive, crazy stalker-crush on his boss, Amber. Such an insane crush, in fact, that he completely abandons the usual Contractor "emotionless" act when he finds the guy Amber's in love with, and tries to kill him even though if he'd succeeded, it would have ruined Amber's entire plan, resulting in a genocide.
  • Date A Live:
    • Kurumi Tokisaki is one to Shido. Her personality flip-flops between trying to get intimate with him and trying to kill him, and she threatens to kill the other members of his Unwanted Harem.
    • In the light novels, Mukuro is both a romantic and a familial example of this. She loved her parents and sister very much, but couldn't stand the fact that they had relationships with other people. When she became a Spirit, she used her newfound power on everyone her family knew, sealing away their memories so that her family would devote all of their love to her. Unsurprisingly, this led to her being thrown out. Mukuro then sealed away her own emotions, but Shidou removes the seal in order to make her fall in love with himnote . This naturally leads to a repeat of the situation, with Mukuro sealing away the memories of all of Shidou's friends and acquaintances when he refuses to love only her. Eventually, though, she grows out of this.
  • Dawn of the Arcana:
    • Loki has quite a few elements of this, from threatening Caesar for insulting Nakaba and regretting that he didn't kill Caesar due to Nakaba's and Caesar's growing closeness in earlier chapters to killing Bella for threatening to have Nakaba either killed or raped by soldiers.
  • Deadman Wonderland:
    • Genkaku. It starts off a bit more subtle, with Genkaku seeming a bit too intense and obsessed with getting Nagi to join the Undertakers (along with an interrogation scene between the two, where Genkaku is shown licking the blood from Nagi's arm, after his hand had been cut off, and saying that Nagi's hand has become very "cute"). Followed by how he is shown getting incredibly turned on by Nagi killing some poor sap, saying that Nagi is a "red flower that has bloomed." After that, he later gives Nagi a love confession telling him that the murderous side of him was beautiful and exquisite and that he loved him. (He even tries to kill Nagi, once Nagi makes it clear that he absolutely refuses to join him.) Plus, how annoyed and angry Genkaku gets whenever he sees the possibility of a girl getting close to Nagi (in regards to Shiro, he is shown being extremely agitated, wondering what relationship she has with Nagi and saying that Nagi never learns and that he'll just have to punish him again (which he tries by attempting to have Shiro and Karako raped). In regards to Karako, he stabs her when she hugs Nagi, telling her, "Don't touch my carnage, you shitty girl"). And later, Nagi does a double suicide with Genkaku, holding him down so Ganta can kill him. Genkaku appears extremely happy, and calls Nagi his "savior." He was also the one that killed Nagi's wife in the beginning.
    • Shiro committed mass murder (including beheading Ganta's girlfriend and showing him her severed head) and framed Ganta for the crime because she was jealous of him having a normal life and leaving her to suffer through torturous experiments.
  • The entire DearS race in DearS. They are a slave race that needs the love and appreciation of a master race to survive. If they stop feeling appreciated, they wipe out their "masters" and look for new ones.
  • Dear Brother:
    • Mariko Shinobu threatens to kill Nanako and herself when the latter tries to decline staying overnight, then holds the door closed so she can't get out. Luckily Mariko's mother Hisako provides enough distraction for Nanako to escape, but Mariko still protests. She then sort-of starts getting better afterwards while shifting towards a Tsundere type of character, but it's clear that she has serious issues stemming from her parents' horrible relationship. And as such, when the local Alpha Bitch Aya mocks her over the last "detail", Mariko reacts by massively snapping and attacking her with a boxcutter.
    • Fukiko Ichinomiya has shades of this, in another way. Rather than turning her disappointment against the object of her affections, Takehiko Henmi (Nanako's Big Brother Mentor, and the titular "Oniisama"), she turns it against others, specially Rei and Nanako. The anime reveals that a certain room at her summer house is full of Creepy Dolls and obsessively arranged items of memorabilia from the day she first met Takehiko, which she has since kept completely unchanged for six years and forbids anyone else to enter unless it's the maid that keeps it clean.
    • Rei Asaka aka Saint-Juste also has more than one whiff of this, mixed with her Love Martyr tendencies towards her abusive older sister, Fukiko. She's completely obsessed and devoted to Fukiko, which does not mixes well with her already present emotional instability, drug abuse and suicidal tendencies, and as a result, she's the most self-destructive character in the series.
  • Death Note:
    • Misa Amane. Because Light killed her parents' murderer, Misa became completely devoted to him. When Misa and her rival Takada have dinner together, Misa says that if Takada goes too far, she'll get the death penalty. Oof.
      "If I see you with another girl, I'll kill her!"
    • Kiyomi Takada, who was once Light's girlfriend. She really hates Misa for her involvement in Light's life and has suggested to Light numerous times that he should kill her.
  • Kazutaka Muraki of Descendants of Darkness. He doesn't mind abducting or killing people if it means that Tsuzuki will come to investigate the scene. He never fails to creep Tsuzuki out with his compliments. He tried to win Tsuzuki's "body" in a poker game. He tried abducting and then mind-raping Tsuzuki. Everything just because he looks for a perfect body to resurrect his long dead brother Saki. So he could kill Saki with his own hands. Yep, that guy has some real issues.
  • In Desire Climax, both Hina and Shoei demonstrate some Yandere tendencies towards Mio. Hina even more so, since on many occasions, despite his cute and angelic appearance, he has demonstrated a chilling cruel streak and a manipulative personality; he wants Mio and is apparently willing to use tricks, blackmail, lies, and outright attempted rape to separate her from Shoei. He has even gone so far as to trick a half-blind Shoei into thinking he was Mio so he could attempt to seduce him, later telling Mio that he didn't do that because he loves Shoei, rather, he did it because he would be "willing to do anything if it means I could separate you from that guy." He himself proudly admits that he's crazy when Mio calls him out on his actions and attempts to seduce her. Thankfully, both he and Shoei mellow out eventually.

  • Negishi/Krauser from Detroit Metal City. Usually rather meek and virginal, he tends to exhibit insane, violent thoughts and/or behavior, often prompting a transition into his Krauser persona, when he feels that his one-sided love for Aikawa is being threatened while shifting back into a more 'dere dere' version when things are going well between them.
  • Devilman:
    • Ryo Asuka might as well be the Trope Codifier to the whole "protagonist has a best friend who is yandere over them and later becomes their enemy" template that the manga heavily influenced others. Ryo is very protective of Akira but is also very vehement toward anyone who is close to him, particularly Miki, Akira's love interest/close friend. It's more complicated that Ryo turned out to be a Hermaphrodite angel that is Satan who hates humanity but is stated to love Akira and the only human he truly cares for regardless. Ryo after his revealed form of Satan, come to realize the reason why he wanted Amon to possess Akira so that Akira could survive the extinction of mankind and join him to battle against God. While the manga portrays Ryo as a mild Crazy Jealous Guy, he's extra-clingy in certain adaptations, especially the Amon manga. Ryo's possessiveness over Akira is exaggerated to this trope with Ryo willing to kill Miki to be Akira's most important person and go far exposing Akira's secrets of being a demon to the entire world so that Akira will be isolated from every of his closed ones but him.
      Ryo: The only one who saves Akira will be me... and me alone!
    • DEVILMAN crybaby downplayed this as Ryo's actions in regards with Akira is more or less done for purely pragmatic reasons and Ryo isn't seen to be hostile toward Miki. It's only until at the end in the apocalypse, after Akira's death, that Ryo realizes he truly loves Akira.
  • D.Gray-Man:
    • Eliade, so very much. Justified, as she is genuinely in love with Krory, but is being driven crazy by the conflict this presents with her Akuma programming.
    • Road Kamelot. She's a psychopathic loli with a constant Slasher Smile on her face who sings about killing people, acts like an excited child, and messes with your mind to turn you insane. She likes the taste of blood, and often cracks into hysterical laughter when maiming people. Also, as well as possessing a number of creepy dolls, she herself can transform into a creepy doll. And she has a crush on the main character, which she expresses by, within an hour of each other, a) glomping and kissing him and b) trying to force him to kill his friends. (She even professed her love to him not long after stabbing him through his left eye with a sharpened candle and licking off the blood). And if ALL THAT wasn't enough it gets even creepier because she has, in fact, looked about 12 years old for the past 35 years, which means that she's biologically at least 45 and Allen is 15-years old...Or so we thought, as the 14th points out that Allen has gotten ''younger'' since he met him last. She has also shown signs of extreme sadism and enjoys causing/watching the suffering of others, especially if it's Allen who's suffering, which includes Mind Raping Lavi, one of Allen's friends, in order to get him to momentarily turn on Allen, killing an Akuma subordinate for no other reason than to anger Allen, and nailing Miranda's hands to a clock while writing profanity on the wall in her blood.
    • Komui is implied to be in love with his sister, Lenalee, and goes nuts if there's even a hint of a guy being interested in her. In fact, a way to wake him up is to say "Lenalee's getting married." In the novel, when Bak (who also has feelings for her) gives Komui a tea that makes one tell the truth he has a breakdown when Bak asks Komui "Isn't Lenalee free to love who she wants?" He takes this to mean that Lenalee is in love with a guy and immediately pulls out a machine gun saying "Then I'll kill everyone and then die!"
  • In Digimon Ghost Game, Episode 24 "Twisted Love"'s Monster of the Week is Ajatarmon, an Ultimate-level Botanical Abomination who falls in love with a teenage florist after possessing his family's robot. After misconstruing a conversation he had with her, she resolves to turn him into an Ajatarmon as well and inflicts Body Horror on everyone he interacts with (save his parents), using them as test subjects. After Hiro and his friends subdue her and the object of her affections rejects her, she has a Villainous BSoD and kills herself, tearing her own body apart in an attempt to become human.
  • Domina no Do!: Ayako. She straps her loved ones to a bed and feeds them a bento...made of various parts of her body because she doesn't want him to suffer at the hands of another. Although to be more specific, the "body parts" consist of blood, spit, and pubic hair, which is not as bad as what most people think of when they see that sentence. So, crazy and disturbing, but at least functionally so. Or the fact that she makes him drink his own urine that she had been saving up for weeks in bottles because the school doesn't have a boys restroom.
  • Dorothy of Oz: Abee (Codename: Scarecrow) is a sort of subverted example. Anyone who posed the SLIGHTEST threat to Mara was nearly pushed off a cliff, shot at, left to die in a cave, or worse. He would have continued with this, but Mara got upset at all the murder attempts. Not to mention his rivalry with Kamu who wants to protect Mara as well, and his promise to kill him if he gets out of line.
  • Mitsuki from Doubt is of the Cute and Psycho variety (although, if you're into that kind of stuff, you could say she's yandere for her father).
  • Dragon Ball Super has Kale, a meek Saiyan warrior from Universe 6. When trying to learn the Super Saiyan transformation, she initially fails at it. Only when she notices Cabba getting close to her beloved "Onee-sama", Caulifla, does she transform out of pure jealousy and try to kill Cabba. What drives the trope home is that not only does Kale transform into a Super Saiyan, she transforms into something similar to the Legendary Super Saiyan Brolly. Yikes. She later goes ballistic when Goku enters the picture, with Caulifla enjoying her fight with him and all. Kale goes Super Saiyan at the thought of Caulifla rejecting her and attempts to outright murder Goku. She came close to almost killing Caulifla at one point had Jiren not stepped in and saved the day.
  • Durarara!!:
    • Namie Yagiri is obsessed with her younger brother Seiji to the point of doing plastic surgery on his stalker, Mika Harima, to make her look like the dullahan head he is infatuated with. Namie plans to drug Mika in order so Namie can control her. After it fails and Mika escapes before any drugs can be administered, she eventually tricks Mika into going to an abandoned warehouse and tries to pour acid in her face. Luckily, Seiji stops her.
    • Mika Harima is a known stalker in love with Seiji. After only seeing him once at an entrance exam, she immediately found out all the information she could on him and broke into his apartment. After Seiji attempted to kill her after she saw Celty's (the dullahan's) head, she agreed to do plastic surgery to look like it for Seiji. After, she set up bugs in nearly every single character's homes in order to observe them, and obtained more information than even Izaya, being aware of nearly all the ongoing stuff in Ikebukuro. All to protect Seiji. She also practices how to eat Celty's head once she finds it so she can become one with it and Seiji would love her
    • Seiji Yagiri. After seeing Celty's head at a young age, became utterly obsessed with it and wanting to live with it forever. He attempted to stab Mikado in order to obtain it and didn't question it at all when he saw what appeared to be the head attached to some random girl's body. He was fine with the idea of someone being murdered just so the head could walk around.
    • Saika. As a demon sword, Saika possesses a host known as a Mother, and uses them to slash her victims. Said victims become her 'children' as she cuts their souls and adds in a part of her spirit in order to multiply. Said children then continue on slashing in order to control the entire human race. This all due to her absolutely insane love of humans.
  • Saki Miyajima, Masaomi's Sickly And Delicate girlfriend, isn't as ultra-violent as the others but has more than one whiff of this. Especially when she's willing to become Masaomi's Honey Trap (which includes continuing to fake her injuries) and follow Izaya's instructions, if it means that she and Masaomi will stay together forever. However, once she defies Izaya by informing Simon about his schemes, their relationship becomes much more functional, staying by Masaomi's side when he runs from Ikebukuro and suggesting he come clean to his friends.
  • Shinra Kishitani. For Celty. He was in love with her since he was four and hid the fact that Mika did not actually have her head so Celty would stay with them. He almost attempted to kill Aoba for threatening Celty and has stated that he doesn't care if everyone in the world dies as long as Celty is still there. He goes so far as to say that he would even help kill everyone if it appeased Celty.
  • Izaya Orihara. He claims to love all of humanity, minus Shizuo. However, he loves no one personally and he expresses his love through manipulating everyone and anyone. He causes ridiculous amounts of suffering and strife in order to see how people will react, from creating fake suicide pacts to starting gang wars. He only cares for Shinra, and after Nakura stabbed Shinra in middle school, Izaya decided to spend the rest of his life tormenting Nakura. He is the only human Saika does not love and is utterly disgusted by.
  • Celty herself. Near the end, Kasane Kujiragi kidnaps and possesses Shinra, causing Celty to transform into an amorphous and insentient monster that then rampages as it hunts down Shinra.

  • Lucy from Elfen Lied. She isn't above acts of jealousy, once using her vectors to shove Yuka down when she saw her holding hands with Kouta. And when she was younger, she was so pissed when she found out Kouta went with Yuka to a festival instead of her that she killed many people including Kouta's father and sister in a fit of psychotic rage. She then went after Yuka, voicing her intent to kill her but only stopped once Kouta tackled her and she saw his tear-streaked face. She still wants to kill Yuka, but refrains from doing so because she knows that Kouta would absolutely despise her if she did.
  • Ergo Proxy:
    • The Cogito virus makes infected AutoReivs experience human emotions. Entourage-class robots can arrive at psychotic jealousy from their initial quiet obedience.
    • Iggy. An Entourage AutoReiv belonging to Re-l Mayer, Iggy contracted the Cogito Virus and grew to become enraged at Re-l's lack of regard for him. He despises Proxies and blames Vincent for taking Re-l – his sole reason for existence – away from him. He develops an unusual state of both loving and hating Re-l, and locks her up to "protect" her, while he attempts to kill Vincent. However, an AutoReiv belonging to a Proxy that Re-l killed, attempts to kill Re-l at the same time, causing Iggy to return to Re-l. The AutoReiv goes into a self-detonation mode and destroyed much of Iggy except for part of his head (which left Iggy "conscious" to some extent). In the end, not wanting to see Iggy suffer due to the virus, Re-l shoots him and buries his head.
    • Daedalus also qualifies. When Re-l runs off with Vincent, Doctor D decides to clone himself a new Re-l as a replacement.

  • In Fairy Tail, Juvia is a very toned-down version Played for Laughs. She is a Stalker with a Crush for Gray, and threatens anyone she sees as a "Love Rival" but has yet to actually try to hurt Lucy (since she considers Lucy a friend and fellow comrade of Fairy Tail) or anyone else under her own will (the one time she attacked Lucy after falling in love with Gray was when she was Brainwashed and Crazy). After the second Time Skip, she does suddenly attack Briar for a comment she made about secretly liking Gray (and by suddenly, we mean Juvia wasn't there prior to the comment being made until suddenly she was attacking), though it should be noted Briar is a Zeref cultist who has no qualms about killing innocent people and someone she would have attacked regardless.
  • The Familiar of Zero: Siesta shows signs of this. She competes with Louise for Saito's attention and often joins Louise in beating Saito if he does something to anger her. On more than one occasion she has attempted to seduce him knowing full well that Louise would beat the living hell out of him for it because she plans to get close to him by nursing him back to health. She also tries to use her womanly wiles to seduce Saito and once considers using a Love Potion on him.
  • FLCL:
    • The already very odd Mamimi Samejima uses her boyfriend, Tasuku's, little brother, Naota, as a Replacement Goldfish when he leaves for America, loses it when she learns Tasuku has an American girlfriend. She seems to get better sometime later, however.
    • FLCL Progressive reveals that Haruko is one towards the Pirate King Atomsk. In the first season, Haruko's desire to devour Atomsk and gain his power at the expense of humanity makes her come off as simply power-hungry, but Progressive reveals that she actually is in love with Atomsk, but very possessive and controlling about it (which doesn't mesh well with Atomsk's free-spiritedness, nor the fact that he's a Physical God league above her in reality-warping power.)
  • Fist of the North Star:
    • Shin became so obsessed with Yuria that Shin literally forced her to say that she loved him by stabbing his fingers into Yuria's fiancé Kenshiro's chest. If that wasn't insane enough Shin then used Yuria's words to mock Kenshiro saying “See I told you she loved me”, to be fair it was Jagi The Corruptor who put Shin on his Start of Darkness by suggesting Kenshiro wasn't strong to protect Yuria which spurred Shin into action.
    • Raoh similarly was attracted to Yuria and beside accosting her in the street during the Final Battle Raoh did his best to kill Kenshiro whom he deemed unworthy of her.
  • Wrath from Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) is this for Sloth, who took care of him once he was awakened as a homunculus. He believes she is his mother and is willing to kill anyone who threatens to hurt her. Justified because they're connected in two ways: one, Wrath has the arm and leg Ed sacrificed during the botched attempt to resurrect his and Al's mother; two, said botched attempt resulted eventually in Sloth herself.
  • Fruits Basket:
    • Akito Sohma, who has a pathological fear of being left alone due to Parental Abandonment and an Evil Matriarch mother's horrendous psychological abuse. As a result, Akito will do anything to keep the other cursed Sohmas from leaving or being loved by other people, up to and including physical assault.
    • Said Evil Matriarch? An absolutely epic and monstrous Yandere. Ren started as a maid in the Sohma house who fell for the leader of the clan, Akira, and had the luck of marrying him. Once she got pregnant with the girl who'd become Akito and feared that the child would take her husband's affection away from her, she went completely nuts with jealousy and apparently threatened to abort the child if the clan didn't approve of her raising a possible female heir as a male. And when Akira died with only a young Akito as his company, Ren's envy reached a peak… and you should know what happened next.
    • Kagura is more Played for Laughs than Akito or Ren, and she's also a strange mix of a Yandere and a Tsundere. While she's generally a very nice (if somewhat immature) young woman around most people, she tends to go overboard in her love for Kyo. She'll usually smother him in affection, but she'll beat the stuffing out of him whenever he runs away from her or refuses to go out with her, and she even extracted a Childhood Marriage Promise from him at knifepoint.
  • Full Metal Panic!:
    • Leonard Testarossa falls in love with Kaname and pursues her despite knowing that she doesn't like him, believing that she'll eventually come around. Personality wise, he is an all-around nice guy, calm and gentlemanly. And when he kidnapped Kaname after besting Sousuke, he personally assured him that despite his attraction to her, he won't force anything, and will see to that nothing would happen to her. Later on, however, he becomes so enraged with Kaname not giving in to him, and "betraying" him by finally declaring to Sousuke that she loves him, that he slaps her hard enough to make her fall to the ground, speaks to her very rudely, and generally tortures her (more mentally than physically) in order to weaken her mind so that she won't be able to resist him.
    • Gauron has a lot of one-sided attraction towards Sousuke. Sweet mother of Freud, the guy constantly makes incredibly gay innuendos towards Sousuke and implies that fate is what brings them together. Gauron apparently became Sousuke's Stalker with a Crush and fell in love with his "beautiful" cold and unfeeling eyes when Sousuke was twelve. Seriously-when Gauron first saw him, he literally did a double take, parked his jeep, and tried to pick him up. He keeps calling Sousuke "Honey," much to Sousuke's disgust.

      And then there's their fight during the finale of the first season, where Gauron hugs Sousuke's Humongous Mecha with his own and pins him onto the floor in a very awkward position. Sousuke struggles to get away, and Gauron gleefully says things like, "let's be friends" and "I'm so happy, you've stuck with me till the end." Sousuke is shown sweating and panting, and Gauron's broken down mecha starts leaking thick white liquid onto his face with his trademark permanent Slasher Smile on it. Of course, Gauron's ultimate intention is to detonate his mecha with 300 kilograms of explosives and kill both of them (which might very well be his idea of getting to fourth base with Sousuke), but it looks for all the world like giant robot sexual assault. The manga even has him yelling out happily, "Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Ah, what a rush!" And as impossible as this sounds, Gauron's moaning and loud orgasms are actually more pronounced in the novels, where he literally yells out happily, "RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT! FASTER! MORE! MORE!!" It makes Sousuke very unnerved and disgusted, and is pretty much what pushed Sousuke to conclude that this makes Gauron completely insane (as opposed to before, where he simply thought Gauron was excessively cruel). All in all, it's heavily implied that Gauron was genuinely in love with Sousuke in his own twisted way.

      In episode 24, while Gauron's trying to blow himself and Sousuke up (possibly in his screwed-up mind, as a lover's double suicide), he cries out, "I LOVE YOU, KASHIM!" In Japanese, Gauron actually says "Aishiteru ze", which literally means "I love you" with all the romantic and sexual connotations attached to it. And then, in the third season at their last meeting, he is shown acting like Sousuke cheated on him or something, being extremely bitter and jealous towards Kaname, calling her the "cancer" that changed Sousuke. So he attempts to have her killed. What takes the cake, though, is that in the novels, Gauron actually tells Sousuke that he fantasized about killing Sousuke, dragging his corpse out of the AS, and then fucking it. And he says he always thought Sousuke had beautiful eyes... "like a saint of war" and an adorable face. Kinda romantic, really...There's also the TSR comedy radio show where Gauron acts as the school's "sensei." Gauron orders Sousuke to write on the chalkboard "Kashim loves Gauron Sensei. Heart. ♥" as well as "Gauron Sensei's extreme attack makes Kashim's heart pound. I want to have children with him." Followed by what appears to be an attempt to rape Sousuke in front of the class.
  • Fushigi Yuugi:
    • The series had Yanderes of both genders: Yui Hongo is the female (for Tamahome and Miaka), Suboshi is the male (for Yui).
    • In Eikoden, there's Mayo Sakaki. She's obsessed with her coach, Taka (Tamahome's Earth persona), and goes even crazier when she finds out that he and Miaka were married and are expecting a baby. She steals The Universe of the Four Gods book, intending to rewrite the story so that she becomes the priestess of Suzaku, along with making Tamahome her husband. Poor Miaka goes into a coma, and her unborn baby girl Hikari is transferred inside Mayo. When Tamahome confronts Mayo, she points a dagger to her stomach and threatens to kill his unborn child if he doesn't agree to be with her. She also outright lies to Empress Houki (Hotohori's widow) about her and Tamahome's relationship, with Tamahome standing right next to her and protesting about it. She's easily hated amongst the fans of the series, especially since she doesn't get any sort of comeuppance for the trouble she causes.
  • Future Diary:
    • Yuno Gasai is the Trope Codifier, having exhibited both the obsessive and possessive aspects of the archetype throughout the story. She will do anything to make Yukiteru stay with her, and is very good at everything short of not freaking him out, resulting in her body count being higher than the rest of the cast combined. And she's one of the main characters. Indeed, Yuno is one of the rare heroic examples of this trope, given how emotionally screwed up or outright evil the majority of the rest of the main cast are. Lyrics also note that she is named after Juno, or, in its Greek form, Hera. She isn't evil or a sociopath, she mostly just murders a lot of bad people, which is a departure from her imitators. Possibly the oddest thing about Yuno is that this trope is played with because she later comes to admit to herself that her feelings for Yukiteru aren't genuine love and that she's only using him to sate her dependency issues. On top of that, it seems a lot of her violent tendencies actually come from the fact that she's already been through, and won, the survival game once before. The second world's Yuno, who was killed by the first world's Yuno before she entered the game, is not as directly violent as the first, and the third world's Yuno, whose parents stop abusing her before she kills them, turns out to be a mostly normal teenage girl.
    • Also, Akise Aru really really likes Yukiteru. He's shown to be immensely interested in him, and follows him around, sticking his nose into Yukiteru's business. In the new development, which looks like a sort of form of Murder the Hypotenuse, he tries to get Yuno away from Yukiteru by digging up dirt on Yuno and exposing her secret to Yukiteru. Near the end of the series, Yuno manipulates an emotionally fragile Yukiteru into gunning down his friends while Akise just stands there and watches him do it despite being able to stop him. Why? Because his future diary predicted that Akise would kill Yuno when she got there, and he was willing to throw Yukiteru's friends under the bus to make sure it happened.
    • There's also Mao Nonosaka, Hinata Hino's best friend. She helps Hinata in her scheme to kill Akise, despite the fact that Hinata was only doing it to gain her father's approval. After Hinata apologizes for taking advantage of Mao's feelings, she actually tries to kill Yukiteru. Hinata herself doesn't really snap until Yuno stabs Mao.

  • Miyuki Asaka of Game×Rush is this in regards to her own son. Who isn't actually her son, but is, in fact, the boy she adopted who seems to Miyuki to be her son. Non-romantic... We think.
  • Reika from Gantz is so in love with Kurono that, when he rejects her, she decides to make a copy of Kurono for herself and she goes through with it.
  • Ryougi Shiki in The Garden of Sinners is a special case, as under her outer layer of "kuu", she is both "yan" and "dere" at the same time, as she seems to confuse her feelings for Kokuto Mikiya as a desire to kill him.
  • Akari from Girl Got Game is Type 2 for poor Kyo. She'd never try to hurt "him," no matter how much "he" refuses, but she is willing to threaten suicide for a date.
  • Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun: Reika, hiding as a Tsundere-ish Ojou. To be fair, it's her alternate personality which is the ruthless one, the "real" Reika is just a incredible pervert who Cannot Spit It Out and ends up in lesbian situations a lot.
  • Gravitation:
    • Shuichi Shindou qualifies when the stress of Yuki being outed puts him into the hospital, and Shuichi, in the polar opposite of I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, talks at length about how he would rather Yuki die than leave him.
    • Tohma Seguchi is obsessed with Yuki too, to the point where he pushes Taki Aizawa in the path of a car (which runs him down in the manga) when he threatens to uncover Yuki's past and tells Shuichi that if he doesn't break up with Yuki, he'll fire his band from NG Studios — all without losing his smile. Oh, and he's married to Yuki's older sister Mika. Take from that what you will. In the manga, Tohma is much further down this road than Shuichi, where he not only displays it far more often, but at one point also attacks Kitazawa's sister Yoshiki while dressed up as her brother with an axe for giving Yuki trauma. In the manga, Yuki and his sister/Tohma's wife, Mika, acknowledge that Yuki's break-up with Shuichi was for Shuichi's own protection; had Yuki not ended it, it's heavily implied that Tohma would have killed Shuichi. And that this may not be the first incident of this happening.
  • In Guilty Crown, Mana Ouma is the avatar of the Apocalypse Virus and her obsession with her younger brother, Shu, is shown to be disturbing.
  • The Gundam series loves applying the trope to their characters, with the more obvious examples being:
    • Sarah Zabiarov and Reccoa Londe in Zeta Gundam. Sarah is more of an Anti-Villain version and somewhat less off-kilter than the majority, but she's still incredibly obsessed with her boss, Scirocco. On the other hand, Reccoa started as a Cool Big Sis with abandonment issues and a vague bond with Quattro aka Char, but after meeting up with Scirocco, she became obsessed with him and finally had a Face–Heel Turn. (Though it's slightly implied that Scirocco may have influenced her with his Psychic Powers.
    • Ginias Sakhalin from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team . There's some degree of discussion about him being this, Cute and Psycho, or a mixture of both types. The supporters of this interpretation say that his ginormous obsession with the only person who has been a constant presence in his life, his younger sister Aina, puts him squarely in the Yandere side.
    • Quess Paraya from Char's Counterattack. A Spoiled Brat Fallen Princess at odds with her father and Wicked Stepmother, she at first befriended Hathaway and Amuro, but then she latched on Char due to her terrible family life. Char then started manipulating her into becoming his Little Miss Badass and turned her into an artificial Newtype. It doesn't get better from there. Getting artificial Newtype treatment pretty much always results in insanity of some sort, after all.
    • Andrei Smirnov from Gundam 00. To start, this man already has an enormous Oedipus Complex due to the tragic death of his mother Holly, which put him at odds with his father Sergei. And later he met a very emotionally and physically troubled girl named Louise Halevy, and... well, saying "it went downhill from there" is an understatement.
    • To a smaller degree from Gundam 00 lies the disturbed Nena Trinity, who was quickly won over by Setsuna F. Seiei just because she loved how "reckless" he was. So much so that she was the first person to kiss him (and the first to kiss on the show, too). Of course, Setsuna never returned any favors, even four years later, because, in addition to his disdain of physical interaction, he (correctly) saw her as Cute and Psycho.
    • Allenby Beardsley of Neo-Sweden from Mobile Fighter G Gundam temporarily becomes one after being infected by DG Cells and forced to pilot the Walter Gundam. Its imperfect Berserker System (copied from the one in her own Nobel Gundam) combined with the Devil Gundam's insanity-inducing infection pushed her desire for Domon's affection from "unspoken crush" straight into "I'll destroy the world if I can't have him." It's implied that after Domon and Rain finally admit their love and use it to destroy the Devil Gundam that she moves on.
  • Gunslinger Girl:
    • Elsa di Sica kills first her handler, Lauro, and then herself because not only he never returned her affection, but he completely neglected her.
    • During the same arc, when Henrietta figures out and then explains what actually happened, she strongly insinuates that if Giuseppe ever treated her that way, she'd do exactly the same thing. ("Don't worry, I'd never do something like that - Giuseppe is much too kind to me.")

  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
    • Ryoko Asakura, already something of an adorable psycho in the Light Novel and anime, becomes this in the movie for Yuki. She stabs Kyon and tells Yuki that she'll eliminate anything that threatens her while caressing her face.
    • Invoked in the chibified spin-off, in which Yuki is demonstrating a dating sim starring the characters of the series to Kyon. She refers to Ryoko as a yandere, seeing as how one wrong move in the game will end with her stabbing the player to death.
  • In Haru To Natsu, Makoto finds himself stuck between the two twins Haruna and Natsumi who viciously fight over who will win him, to the point of tying him up, threatening him with a knife, and attempting to rape him.
  • In Hatsukoi Zombie, Shibuai Misawo falls for the rich, handsome and refined Ibusuki (who is incidentally a girl, but she doesn't know that), and she will capture his heart whether he agrees or not. She gets even more obsessed and agressive after he coldly turns her down, with arguments that range from secators to needle-point holders.
  • Subverted in a season 2 episode of Hell Girl. A sweet young girl is deeply in love with the boy next door, and the girls at school call her a stalker for following him so closely, even now that he has a girlfriend. She seeks out the power of Hell so that she can... be able to take revenge. She's fine with the boy next door dating the other girl and is supportive of whatever makes him happiest, but she's going to hang onto the ability to damn someone to Hell just in case the other girl isn't so good for him after all. The Replacement Goldfish ending may have pushed her a bit further this way, however.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
    • Subverted with Belarus. The reason why she treats the Baltics so badly is that her older brother, Russia, spends too much time with them and gives her little attention, so she's hurt and jealous like Hell - especially of Lithuania, who happens to have a crush on her and is Russia's "favorite". As a little girl, Belarus shows jealousy towards her and Russia's own older sister, Ukraine, in the scene where she gives Russia the Scarf of Asskicking he still keeps (though this can be seen as mere childish rivalry, before Belarus was even aware of her upcoming crush on her brother). She's still jealous of Ukraine in the modern day, as she has tried leaving Russia which causes him to chase after her instead of paying attention to Belarus, who has stayed by his side. The subversion comes in regard to her having almost all the signs of yandere-ism... but also doubles as a Perpetual Frowner, rather than following the "cute and sweet" archetypical behavior.
    • Though he's generally more of a Cute and Psycho, Russia himself is a (usually) non-romantic variant of a yandere. He's a Psychopathic Manchild obsessed with making friends and will become extremely, aggressively possessive. Supposedly, his bosses have been telling him that the best method to make friends is force. There's also a few characters he has little crushes on, such as Lithuania and China, and he's insistent on stalking them and generally being with them, no matter what it takes (though it ends up much better with the latter).
  • His and Her Circumstances: Soichirou Arima has a dark side that shows up at times. You see his thoughts slowly morph from wanting to be with Yukino, to wanting to isolate her from everyone and keep her just for himself. His fighting with these thoughts proves that Arima is a good guy, but him imagining tying Yukino in chains does not bode well for their relationship. Although the ending of the manga shows them happily married with 2 daughters.
  • Ryoki Tachibana from Hot Gimmick is utterly obsessed with Hatsumi and, while he at first just wants her to be his "slave", he eventually makes her his girlfriend. She's reluctant about getting involved with him because he always seemed "scary" and she was genuinely terrified of him for a bit, due to an incident when they were younger where she suspected that he pushed her down the stairs. She gradually develops feelings for him, but still has moments where she feels extremely put off and scared of his overly possessive and violent nature. His violent obsession over her develops to the extent where he firmly states that she's not allowed to even think of/love any other guy except him, even if it's her own brother. He also demands that she should keep conversations with all men under one minute, answer the phone on the first ring when he calls, show up at least an hour early to all dates, and often overreacts when a male's name is mentioned in conversation, even if it's just her little brother. If he happens to see her with another guy he tends to go off on a jealous rage and hit her. And, at one point, she tells him she can't be with him anymore when he orders her to make the impossible decision of choosing between him or her family. When she leaves him he states "That stupid woman...If she can't be mine she should just die." She eventually gets back together with him though and agrees to marry him at the end in the hope that he'll start being nicer to her if she stays with him. Hatsumi ends up with Ryoki in the ending of the manga. However, in the Hot Gimmick S novel, which provides an Alternate Universe ending, Hatsumi ends up with Shinogu, her Unlucky Childhood Friend.
  • Palm Siberia from Hunter × Hunter was a Captain Ersatz of Yukako Yamagishi with an obsession with her teacher Knov. As a result, she threatens Gon & Killua's lives when their spots on the Invasion Team with him were at stake, but Gon who claimed to have "experience with older women" managed to regularly placate her. This led to her falling for him instead for a time, and a short-lived romance between the two.

  • Faina Shinozaki from Infinite Ryvius. When her boyfriend breaks up with her, she tries to kill him. When her previous boyfriend broke up with her, she did kill him. She also killed an old friend just for mentioning his name.
  • Rin of Infinite Stratos has attempted to kill her love interest multiple times for perceived acts of infidelity, while wearing her Power Armor.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Onigumo/Naraku is so yandere that half of him wants to have Kikyo, the other half wants to kill her, and both halves want to kill Inuyasha... and each other.
    • Kikyo after her unholy resurrection, as she antagonizes Inuyasha and Kagome and tries to drag the former into hell to be with him forever. Unlike the other two, she gets better.

  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Yukako Yamagishi from Diamond Is Unbreakable may well be the Trope Codifier, first appearing in 1992, a good while before most of the more well known examples. She is in love with Koichi and is determined to make him love her back. She kidnaps him and tries to hold him hostage in an attempt to get him to do so. Koichi develops his Stand further and defeats her, allowing him to leave. She gets better… sort of. She decides to pursue a more consensual relationship, though she is no less aggressive in her attempts. It's not until after she completely wins his heart, that Yukako shows signs of full normality.
    • Narciso Anasui from Stone Ocean sees Jolyne and immediately decides he wants to marry her. The problem? He's Ax-Crazy and has a love for ripping things and people apart. In fact, he murdered his previous girlfriend and her lover and hacked them to pieces when he found them together.
    • Joshu Higashikata from JoJolion has a huge crush on Yasuho, to the point that when he sees Josuke with her, he attempts to bash his head in with a rock. This Part also includes Daiya Higashikata, whose crush on Josuke leads to her attempting to steal his memories so that he'll stay with her, and Tsurugi Higashikata, whose own crush on Yasuho leads to him trying to mentally break her, though he comes to regret this.

  • Fushimi of K towards Yata. He seems to know absolutely everything about him, even his height, which Yata himself doesn't know, to the smallest detail and is absolutely obsessed with keeping his attention on himself in any way possible, even if it means making him hate him. A definite case of Love Makes You Crazy as he's pretty calm and collected when he's not around Yata. He shows some definite Stalker with a Crush tendencies, and a big part of his motive for betraying Homra was that Yata wasn't paying enough attention to him. Of course, he has many issues that make him this way and it's heavily implied (and out right revealed in extra materials) he's putting on an act around Yata so he would pay attention to him. That said, he does have a fixation on Yata, due to being the first person to show him kindness.
  • Mayu Okada from Kaguya Hime. She is very possessive of Akira, and doesn't let men or women near her. She has a sweet appearance but will do anything to get her way, such as pretending to be sick and fainting on the spot to get attention.
  • Akura-Ou from Kamisama Kiss flat out states his favorite hobby is destroying everything and everyone that his best friend, Tomoe, cares about because it takes attention away from him.
  • Karakuridouji Ultimo: Rune. He was a princess in his past life, who was in love with the main character, Yamato. In the present, he threatens to kill both Sayama (the girl Yamato has a crush on), Yamato, and himself if he can't love him back. It doesn't help that he's the master of a dangerous robot named Jealous, who revealed all of this to him in the first place. Then after Yamato hits the Reset Button, partly in order to prevent Rune from finding out about his past life, it goes From Bad to Worse. Rune once again becomes the master of Jealous, and ties Yamato to the bed before trying to rape him. Subverted since it seems that Rune magically doesn't like him anymore. Somewhat justified, as we find out that the reason why Rune's so Yandere in the first place is because Yamato's robot, Ultimo, killed him in his past life - violently at that. But Rune not loving Yamato is a very bad thing. In fact, he declares war on Yamato and Ultimo.
  • Gilbert from Kaze to Ki no Uta. Make sure to befriend Auguste at your own risk. Auguste himself is an even worse offender.
  • In Kengan Ashura, Kiryu Setsuna is Tokita Ohma's Stalker with a Crush. He appears mild-mannered and handsome at first glance, but would brutally murder people for so much as causing a few drops of blood to splatter on the object of his affection.
  • In Killing Bites, Leo seems...devoted, in his own sick way, to his slave Yuuko Mitsukado. Two years after Mitsukado's usurpation, he still keeps her at his side. It's implied that one reason he participated in the usurpation was to 'claim' her for himself.
  • One of the creepiest examples comes from Minoru Murao's Knights manga. Both of the women in Mist's life are revealed to be Yanderes for Mist as the series progresses. Of all people, Nina, the cute little girl of the cast goes nuts when she assumes that the object of her affection, Mist, is physically involved with his Ms. Fanservice companion, Euphemia. Her response is to lead a supernatural agent of the Corrupt Church (the same Church that nearly burned her at the stake after accusing her of being a witch) to kill him. She even shoots him in the leg with a crossbow. Her motivation? To send his soul to Hell, where it will be "purified," then join him in death so they can be together for all eternity. This guy saved her life in the first few chapters, which is why she's so hung up on him in the first place. This is borderline Love Makes You Evil. To her credit, she does eventually realize just how utterly screwed up she was, and works to undo her actions.
  • Mutsuki Koharu of Koharu no Hibi already was a Stalker with a Crush on her crush, Akira, but as the series goes on, she exhibits Sanity Slippage as a result of her love for Akira and shows more and more signs of becoming a Yandere, though she has yet to kill her love rival. She did sexually assault her as a way to take back her first kiss that she took from Akira when they were children.
  • Komi Can't Communicate: Yamai Ren towards Komi. Her Establishing Character Moment has her whispering threats and insults to Tadano's ear just because he dared to mention Komi in front of her (when, ironically, he was just going to ask her if she'd like to be friends with Komi). Then in her proper introduction chapter, she kidnaps Tadano and leaves him Bound and Gagged in her house, threatening to bury him somewhere in the mountains. Later on, when he makes enough noise to get Komi and Najimi's attention, she actually comes at him with a butcher's knife. All in the name of eliminating him from the equation so that she can occupy Komi's full attention.

  • Dai Lee Let Dai will be very violent if you spend too much time around his boyfriend.
  • Manami Anzai from Life (2002) is a more realistic version of this trope. She first appears as a cute and childish clique leader who snaps utterly when she suspects Ayumu is trying to steal away her boyfriend. She's an Alpha Bitch — she goes so insane that she then dates a gang leader on the side to use him to get back at both Ayumu and her boyfriend, and then promptly screws her boyfriend and the gang leader both over. Plus her vow to kill Ayumu with her bare hands. Then she crosses into Cute and Psycho territory.
  • Rika from Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep had feelings for Imari when they worked together but Imari had feelings for another. In jealousy, Rika told others that Imari was lesbian, which got her shunned and forced her out of the job. Rika was jealous of the two Imaris' bond and tried to scare the other off - even pushing her off the stairs (it didn't badly injure her though) - but it didn't work.
  • The Love and Creed of Sae Maki's eponymous Sae Maki, a Psycho Lesbian wildly in love with Misao. Just thinking about her makes her highly aroused, like Lecherous Licking her cellphone while looking at photos of Misao, and abusively controls her at every moment. Forcing Misao to be her slave in a Destructive Romance is how Sae expresses her love and she'll fight and kill anyone who stands in her way—such as her previous two love slaves who attempted to break off the relationship.
  • In Yuri manga LOVE/DEATH, two Ax-Crazy serial killers, Akki and Shouko, spend every moment in a bloody battle to the death while also talking about their feelings for one another. Somehow, they always manage not to kill each other, just wound, but the area they fight in will be completely destroyed. It's Played for Laughs.
  • Seimei from Loveless towards his younger brother, Ritsuka.
    Seimei: You see, I just want to be loved by Ritsuka. But I'm so insecure. That's why I have to test his love. Is this normal?
    Nisei: It's normal for you.
  • Mimi from Lovely Complex. Sweet and kind to Otani, malicious and hateful to Risa whenever Otani is not around. This includes threats, insults, violent scuffles, and attempting to stab Risa through the hand with a pen. She even employs the usage of a Slasher Smile.
    Mimi: [to Risa] If you get any closer to A-chan, I'll make whatever is left of your life extremely painful.
  • Akane Hiyama in Love Tyrant. She draws knives on people, including her Love Interest, Seiji, at the slightest provocation. When she found out that the cupid's contract made them both unkillable, Akane proceeded to stab Seiji quite a bit for being a "homewrecker." She mellows out towards Seiji himself eventually, but morphs into a Violently Protective Girlfriend instead, including beating up two robbers with her bare hands after they grazed Seiji's arm with a bullet.
  • Prince Julius, the adopted brother/stepbrother of Prince Ludwig in Kaori Yuki's Ludwig Revolution. Hilarity Ensues when he creeps out his servants by laughing maniacally while surrounded by all the creepy manga effects existing in this world and the next. However, SURPRISE, FOLKS! "He" is a true yandere girl, Princess Julianna!. But YUKI-ESQUE SURPRISE AGAIN: Julianna was biologically male all along and was born as Julius, which also explains her lack of breasts. The manga strongly implies she's a Transgender girl, but the other characters mistake her for a Cute Shotaro Cross Dresser who's gay for Ludwig. Hilarity Ensues, I say...

  • Yuna from Maburaho morphs into one of these as the series progresses. It gets to the point where she threatens physical violence against Kazuki for merely being in the presence of other girls, even when he's only in their presence because they've kidnapped him.
  • Sharon Apple of Macross Plus is a mix of this and A.I. Is a Crapshoot. Sharon inherited her feelings for the protagonist, Isamu, from his Love Interest, Myung, from whom her consciousness is derived. She thus becomes obsessed with not letting anyone stand between herself and Isamu, and orchestrates the course of the film just to give him what she thinks he wants: the ultimate rush: Death.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS: The StrikerS yonkoma show Caro as just a little too possessive toward her "husband", Erio.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth:
    • Nova is Hikaru, loves Hikaru, wants to be Hikaru, and hates everything Hikaru loves because it keeps Hikaru from loving her and only her. "Be your own person" doesn't even begin to apply here.
    • In the first season finale, when Zagato is defeated and killed by the Knights, Princess Emeraude's last streak of sanity disappears. She then unleashes her powers fully and battles the Knights herself, loudly calling them out for murdering Zagato and going bent for revenge. After her subconscious appears before the Knights and explains what happened (and how Emeraude wanted them to kill her), the girls have to battle the now psychotic princess and kill her. In the OVA's, the poor lady is even more unhinged: she pines for an already dead Zagato and throws herself at his feet, as he still sits on his throne.
    • Alcyone betrayed her master and followed Zagato despite knowing that he'd never love her, all because of her obsessive love for him. It really, really didn't work for her: either she dies early on from battle wounds (manga) or she ends up Brainwashed and Crazy by Debonair (anime).
  • Ibuki Yagami from Maison Ikkoku flirts on the edge of this. Obviously a Stalker with a Crush to her substitute teacher Godai, she is extremely manipulative and aggressive in getting what she wants. She often makes use of her girlishly innocent appearance to deceive people. In keeping with Maison Ikkoku being more realistic than Takahashi's other works, she fits as a slightly saner Yandere.
  • Mars (1996) offers several non-romantic examples that are crucial to the plot development and Rei's backstory and character development.
    • Rei and Sei's mother Shoko is so insane and so devoted to keeping her children safe that she tries to strangle them and commit suicide rather than be separated from them.
    • Masao, a young man who becomes obsessed with Rei as someone who can finally understand the depths of his sociopathy and disregard for human life, tries to kill Kira when he realizes her influence helps keep the darker aspects of Rei's personality at bay. When Rei later shows himself to be growing past his reckless sociopathy, Masao tries to stab him to death in a fit of rage.
    • And arguably the most horrifying example, Rei's twin brother Sei, who committed suicide when the two were younger. Kira finds Sei's hidden suicide note in his old bedroom and learns that Sei was just as sociopathic as Masao; he just used his tears to manipulate Rei into doing his dirty work for him and therefore only valued Rei's life. When Rei "turned his maliciousness" to Sei by revealing to Sei they aren't their dad's biological sons, Sei decides to kill himself for the explicit purpose of psychologically scarring Rei, hoping it would force Rei into enough despair to commit suicide, too. Notably, Kira vows to never tell Rei about this and hides the note she found.
  • Aqua Crimson, Martian Successor Nadesico's one and only Villain of the Week (that is, one not directly related to the Jovians, the UEAF, or Nergal). She's charming, wealthy, beautiful and uses these traits to ensnare the first guy she sees, paralyze him with her (excellent, yet poisoned) cooking, and get them both blown up so she can end her boring existence and become a "tragic heroine." It's a good thing Akito's regular Unwanted Harem is so heavily armed, or he might not have survived.
  • Mazinger Z. You wouldn't know unless you read the Gosaku Ota alternate manga that was published in parallel with the Go Nagai version and is the only place where he got a Backstory, but Dr. Hell was one when he was young. During his college days,, he fell in love with a woman named Yumiko, who would become Kouji's grandmother, and he stalked her obsessively (in his own words, he became her shadow). He tried to seem nice and totally not a pervert, but when he found out that she was engaged with someone else, he, who was already psychologically fragile and unstable, flipped out completely and attempted to Murder the Hypotenuse in a very discreet way: storming in the campus with a rifle and yelling "DIE, Kabuto!"
  • Miya Rokujou from Minamotokun Monogatari is supposed to be one. The symptoms are right there: walls full of photos of the protagonist, wanting to keep him locked up in her room, and scary crazed eyes when he says no. At this point, poor Terumi is more or less certain she is dangerous. She relates to the original Yandere from The Tale of Genji.
  • Naoe from Mirage of Blaze was prepared to kill Kagetora and himself so that Kagetora will "never belong to anyone else." He also murders the hypotenuse by raping Kagetora's lover and later on forcing Kagetora to possess her to save his life.
  • Missions of Love: Mami has her moments. She's extremely clingy towards Shigure and is trying to ruin Yukina's relationship with Shigure. Akira himself can be considered one, giving his love rival the Death Glare quite occasionally and telling Yukina "I want to be with you until I die."
  • Early in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Tohru was extremely possessive towards Kobayashi, reacting violently to anyone she perceived as a romantic rival: She swore to kill Makoto after seeing him talking to Kobayashi; furiously demanded to know if Kobayashi was cheating on her when Kanna first showed up; intimidated her own father when he attacked Kobayashi; fireballed Elma through a door and across the city — narrowly missing Kobayashi — when the Harmony Dragon tried to give Kobayashi a protective charm; and beat Clemene to the brink of death for striking Kobayashi, who was protecting Ilulu. She's mellowed slightly due to her Character Development, but is still fiercely protective of the one she's chosen as her mate.
  • Monster:
    • Johan Liebert's behavior towards his twin sister, Anna, is pretty darn creepy. He's an interesting example in that it is clear that he cares about her on some level (even showing what might have been remorse when she forgives him for what he's done). His whole "perfect suicide" plot was an attempt to eradicate his own existence to make her happy. As Anna puts it, this "suicide" was the "only expression of love" that Johan could convey. It mirrored Bonaparta's murder of everyone at the Red Rose Mansion (which Bonaparta orchestrated purely out of love for the twins' mother). Also taking into account the attempts of Johan to reunite with his sister. He kills her foster parents as part of his methods. Plus his pleading with the officials at Kinderheim 511 to not let him "forget about Anna". He even considers her his "other half".
  • Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun:
    • In a flashback in Episode 4 Mikoshiba met one while playing his Dating Sim game. A girl in the game held up a knife while asking if they can go home together, and Mikoshiba remarked that he thought all along she was a tsundere.
    • Evoked in Episode 7, though it's just entirely Nozaki's imagination doing it. While drawing Mikoshiba posing for the girls in the art club, Nozaki's version of said pose shows several girls around Mikoshiba, with various weapons instead of easels and paintbrushes, surrounding him. He says it's the result of Mikoshiba two-timing all of the girls. Sakura tells him to stick to the pose without adding extra stuff, especially when Nozaki shows her some extra notes he took for said drawing.
  • Maki of My Bride is a Mermaid sometimes acts in a rather Yandere fashion towards Sun, as does Lunar in regards to both Nagasumi and Sun before she mellows out. Saturn in the manga puts them both to shame.
  • Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia is an Ax-Crazy Psycho Knife Nut with a fetish for blood.note  She falls for Stain after seeing images of him on TV drenched in blood and decided that she someday wants to kill him herself and is previously stated to be a Serial Killer who removes the blood from her victims. She acts as a main antagonist in the Training Camp Arc, who fights against Tsuyu and Ochako... while lying on them and asking to call them for pet names. After the fight, she seems to develop a crush for Midoriya when he shows up soaked in blood. A comic strip from a set dedicated to her has her writing love letters to "Stainey", with Magne reading it and wondering if it's a death threat due to detailing her desire to kill him and see him bloody and beat-up. This is made even more disturbing when we get her backstory during the Meta Liberation Army arc: the first person she ever killed after years of repressing her impulses looked an awful lot like Midoriya. Given that him recognizing her had her go into a borderline orgasm during an earlier arc....
  • Shiho Munakata and Shizuru Fujino in My-HiME. Shiho's crush stemmed from a mad obsession with wanting to be with her childhood friend, Yuuichi Tate, while Shizuru's innocent one-sided crush on her best friend, Natsuki Kuga, and unfortunate mythological symbolism led her to take some rather...questionable measures for the sake of their happiness. Both characters got retooled in My-Otome, with Shiho becoming far less clingy and Shizuru becoming a calmer and respected Action Girl.
  • My Little Monster: Even though Haru said he'd never do it to Shizuku, he told Kenji that he has the desire to break her legs so that she won't leave him.
  • Yuragi from My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering with My School Romantic Comedy managed to pull this off very well, despite it all being an act. Her character becomes very possessive of her Onii-chan and decides to pull an If I Can't Have You… move after "smelling" a scent that she didn't recognize. Her acting was so effective that Soka, her rival, gets a bit freaked out.

  • Nagasarete Airantou: The women are determined to have Ikuto, the only male, to themselves, to an often violent degree.
  • Naruto:
    • Orochimaru is perhaps the closest thing to a Yandere within the series. His obsession with the Uchiha Clan, had caused him to fail twice in achieving the Sharingan. He acts very off around particular characters that spark his interest, and lets not forget his ability to jump bodies. To make matters worse, it's almost impossible to fully kill him for it's guaranteed he'd slither back in someway or another.
    • Played straighter with Toneri in The Last: Naruto the Movie in regards to Hinata whom he is obsessed with therefore is pretty damn jealous of her Single-Target Sexuality towards Naruto. Not only does Toneri burn the scarf Hinata was gonna give Naruto but brainwashes Hinata for "betraying him" and makes sure she breaks Naruto's heart while possessed. Taken even further when Naruto interrupts Toneri's forced wedding with Hinata as he tries to kill his rival directly, even splitting the goddamn moon in half in an attempt to kill Naruto.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • Tsukuyomi really has issues regarding Setsuna. And Fate and Negi, too.
    • Chapter 338 features Chisame's brief stint as a Yandere, Played for Laughs with a dose of If I Can't Have You….
      Chisame: Oh yeah, you're gonna get stabbed and killed one day! No, I'm going to stab you and then I'll die too.
    • Ayaka has murderous devotion towards Negi, but no real violence, though she does make threats to other girls to stop interacting with Negi, or to force people into preventing interactions with Negi.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gendo Ikari appears to be an aloof, collected leader at first. But as it turns out, he has an insane obsession with his dead wife. He's willing to initiate The End of the World as We Know It twice to get her back. Plus, given that she's not so much dead as trapped inside the Eva-01 mecha, part of his plan to "reunite with her" involves getting his son to "ride inside her cockpit" unknowingly. And he takes a particular liking to his wife's fourteen-year-old clone, Rei Ayanami. No, he is not a very sane individual; why do you ask?
  • In one chapter of Nightmare Inspector, the stepfather of one client is originally portrayed as much more gentle and helping than the girl's abusive mother. Then it turns out that he's actually the cruel one, so obsessed with the client's mother that he locks the young girl up to keep her from stealing the mother's love. He then tries to brick Hiruko's client into a wall, and when her mother stops him, he bricks her up instead and leaves her rotting arm sticking out, which he talks to while claiming she is 'all his now'. And then he bricks Hiruko's client up anyway.
  • Downplayed with Shion from No. 6. He lacks the crazy part for the most, but he is still violent when his love interest, Nezumi, and later boyfriend is on the line. The interesting part comes when you realize Shion is a overwhelmingly pleasant and friendly person and is the most passive, non-violent and less physically threatening of the couple, while Nezumi is pretty much an experienced assassin and cold killer who isn't protective of Shion unless he is in serious danger. In contrast, even simple insults towards Nezumi can get Shion violent. This hits an extreme when Nezumi is non-fatally shot, causing Shion to coldly shoot the attacker in the leg, showly approach him while creepily muttering how dare you hurt him and blast his brains off point blank. Nezumi is understandably horrified by this and beggs Shion to stop. When Nezumi finally asks him why, Shion responds it was punishment for hurting him. This so out of the blue for Shion that he has a small breakdown when he comes to his senses.
  • Although Kirishima Kotone from Nyan Koi! hasn't attacked anyone yet, she frightens Junpei and her own sister with her stalker tendencies. She doesn't get jealous of him when he flirts with other girls though, this is probably because it ends with him getting beat up, and she likes unlucky guys.
  • Okane ga Nai:
  • One Piece:
    • Vander Decken IX from Fish Man Island. As if the fact that the person he's infatuated with is much younger than he is isn't already creepy enough, his idea of sending love letters is to throw axes and other weapons at her, weapons that are always dead certain to hit their mark. Shirahoshi had to spend ten years in her room just to protect herself from this guy. When she rejected him, saying he's not her type, he went apeshit and decided to outright destroy Fishman Island by using his powers to make a ship half the size of Fishman Island crash right into Shirahoshi, and by extension, the island itself all because if he can't have Shirahoshi, NO ONE CAN.
    • Less-blatant example with Invisible Jerkass Absalom in Thriller Bark but it's still clear anyone that gets in his way of his obsession with Nami is gonna get hurt. Case in point when Sanji intervened in Absalom's forceful marriage to Nami, Absalom becomes pretty ticked off at Sanji for daring to “touch his bride” causing the former to try and blow the cook up with invisible bazookas and even stabbing Sanji in the back with a knife when he continuously keeps Nami away from him. Absalom also mocks Sanji's devotion to her saying he won't be able to save Nami from getting taken away by him... needless to say it doesn't end well for Absalom.
    • The Bear King from Movie 2 similarly wanted to marry Nami (who was unfortunately wearing a wedding dress at the time) and had a major flip out when Sanji gloated about rubbing Nami's naked back with suntan lotion, kicking Sanji across the room and literally crucifying him. The Bear King also was willingly to kill Nami when she rejected him in the climax.
    • Kurozumi Orochi towards Courtsan Komurasaki aka Hiyori, he's obessed with her due her beauty and wishes for her to become his bride. When she defies him by slapping him when he was about to kill Toko, a little girl who laughed at him, he clasps Komurasaki in his jaws and raises her in the air in rage. When it seems like his Number Two Kyoshrio killed Komurasaki, Orochi goes even more nuts and attacks his Mooks indiscriminately. If that weren't enough Orochi continues to try and kill Toko whom he blames for Komurasaki's apparent death.
    • Lola the undead warthog is obsessed with marrying Invisible Jerkass Absalom and when she learns he plans to marry Nami (non-consensually) which makes Lola rip up Nami’s wanted poster and personally hunt down Nami trying to kill her. However Lola actually befriends her instead and foils Absalom’s second attempt to forcibly marry Nami.
    • Charlotte Pudding thanks to her Villainous BSoD at Sanji complimenting her Third Eye alternates between trying to murder Sanji, bad mouthing him, and being head over heels for Sanji and worshipping the ground he walks on. She also gets very upset seeing Sanji with Nami and in the anime Pudding gets hysterically jealous of Chiffon (who’s a married woman) feeding Sanji her cooking. Pudding does manage to properly Heel–Face Turn and love Sanji non-obsessively however she still perceives herself as unworthy of him due to her actions and dissolves into a Broken Bird.
  • Oreimo: In episode 5, Ayase provides us with a textbook example when she demonstrates just how much she hates being lied to.
  • Harry MacDougal of Outlaw Star seems fairly normal in his first appearance, but goes insane as soon as he meets Melfina.

  • PandoraHearts:
    • Vincent would do anything for the sake of his older brother, Gilbert. In fact, he takes Yandere to a whole new level; his ultimate goal in the series is to get the Will of the Abyss to change the past into one in which he doesn't exist, all because he regrets that Gil had to suffer for being related to him when they were children. Yes, he would destroy himself for the sake of the person he loves.
    • As of Retrace L, Elliot's sudden death doesn't make anything better for Leo.
      Leo: If Elliot has an enemy, no matter who he may be, I'll kill him! Even, for example, if it is you, Oz, or even myself.
    • B-Rabbit Oz is yandere for Alice, justified by his wish to protect her from when he was her stuffed rabbit doll.
      Oz: Alice, don't cry. Whoever makes you sad, whoever hurts you, I will destroy them. All of them...With my own hands!
    • The Will of the Abyss before she recovers her shattered memories is yandere for Jack.
    • Miranda Barma is yandere for Oswald's... head.
    • Perhaps the most extreme example is Jack's obsession with Lacie. After she is sacrificed to the Abyss, he vows to meet her again by destroying the chains that support the world and sending it into the Abyss with her. In essence, he almost single-handedly caused the Tragedy of Sablier and is the reason for why many of the characters are so messed up.
      Jack: To me...this world is like a dark night that swallows everything. But since you came into my life...and you were so kind, to find me. I don't need friends or status anymore. I only have you by my side!
  • Suzu becomes obsessed with Tetsunosuke in the manga version of Peacemaker Kurogane, after being raped at the hands of an older male. He has Tetsunosuke's every action monitored, and becomes jealous and scared when Ryoma decides to take Tetsunosuke away with him, taking drastic action to kill Ryoma and frame it on Tetsunosuke so Tetsunosuke won't be able to get away from him. You just know something's wrong when his response to another character's question of why he hates/obsesses over Tetsunosuke so much is "this isn't hate—this is love." He's also quite the Yandere for his dead master Yoshida who he was hinted to be in love with. He went nuts after he found Yoshida dead and carries his head around while talking lovingly to it.
  • Peach Girl:
    • Sae, in a way, towards whoever may be the current object of her "affection," most obvious in regards to Toji. Though she could be acting two-faced solely because of the fact that she is severely jealous of Momo and wants to ruin her life. Later on, Sae gives up on Toji and falls in love with Ryo. After finding out that he could care less about her and only loves Misao she becomes extremely hateful and rude towards Misao, and, at one point, tried to push her into the path of a oncoming bus. However, Kairi restrained her at the last second so she wasn't able to.
    • Then there's Kairi's trio of Clingy Jealous Girls who are always quick to let Momo know how much they hate her for winning Kairi's affections. They harass/bully her regularly, accuse her of being a whore, and of not caring for Kairi's feelings. They threaten her with physical force and at one point, hold her down, and tell her that she has to sign a contract swearing that she'll stay away from Kairi or they'll burn all her hair off, and try to beat her up later on. (all while holding a lighter to her hair.) In addition, they take the threat even further with "We'll burn your face so badly that no guy will ever look at you again," and "Don't worry, we'll push you into the pool before your whole body catches fire."
  • Penguindrum:
    • Ringo Oginome looks normal, but in her off time, stalks Shoma and Kanba's teacher, Tabuki, planting bugs in his room and sleeping in the crawlspace under his floor as she listens to him go to sleep. We like that. Until we learn that she has her reasons. Painful, heartbreaking reasons. And she won't stop at ANYTHING to get her wish.
    • It looks like Ringo is a rather... odd version of this. She seems to be less of a yandere for Tabuki as a person and more for what he represents, being extremely fixed into being the mother of his kid to live the life that her dead sister Momoka (Tabuki's first love) lo possibly lived, had she not perished early in her life.. which, in her view, would bring her broken family back together. (To the point of actually considering herself as Momoka, as she tells Shouma at some point.) When she slips Tabuki an odd Love Potion and he is willing to have sex with her under its effects, Ringo backs off. She also seems to have some traces of Tsundere as well... but for Shouma instead of Tabuki.
    • Masako also seems to be this... for Kanba. It's specially shown via erasing the memories of Kanba's ex girlfriends (after apparently pushing one of them down a flight of stairs!) and later staging a whole Hostage Situation both to get Ringo's half of the Diary... and to steal a kiss from him. OTOH, she seems to be far more calculating and manipulative than the standard yandere... and has another agenda of her own.
    • Tabuki's girlfriend/fiancée, Yuri, also veers towards this by episode 14, trying to rape Ringo because she resembles her older sister and Yuri's childhood friend/crush, Momoka, so much. She too has an extreme Freudian Excuse behind her actions.
    • Tabuki is shown to have some whiffs of this as well, as of the end of episode 17 and the whole of episode 18 — he actually tries to kill Himari to punish the Takakura family for the death of Momoka. Again, he has an extreme Freudian Excuse.
    • Tsubasa Yuuki also had something with Yuri and when Yuri broke it off Tsubasa appeared to stab Tabuki out of jealousy.
  • In ''Phi-Brain: Puzzle of God", Rook wants the best for Kaito and he won't forgive anyone who tries to "steal" Kaito from him, and their relationship is quite full of Ho Yay in general.
  • While not technically murderous, Jessiebelle in Pokémon: The Series shows signs of this towards James. She's willing to whip him into place when he doesn't want to marry her due to her abusive nature.
  • Princess Princess has Sayaka Kouno, the cousin of main character, Tooru Kouno. Tooru's parents died in an accident, Sayaka's parents adopted him and Sayaka and Tooru became close when they were kids. However, while Tooru just thinks of Sayaka as a sister, Sayaka always had stronger feelings for Tooru than just that of a sister to a brother. She is quite insistent about them getting married one day, despite Tooru's reluctance to the idea and is shown to have an unhealthy obsession towards him. This is to the point that she once shoved one of Tooru's previous girlfriends down a flight of steps out of jealousy, stalks Tooru, keeps tabs on his phone calls, and stabs Tooru's prospect girlfriends with scissors. Her fragile grip on reality was damaged by Yuujiro's claim that he and Tooru are lovers- and that Tooru is not interested in girls. (He kissed Tooru in front of Sayaka in order to get her to leave Toru alone when she showed up to harass him.) She eventually tried to kill herself by jumping off a cliff saying that it would be too painful for her to live if Tooru didn't return her feelings. It's only when Tooru slaps her and has a long talk with her that she decides to back off. And proceeds to practically demand Yuujiro to start dating Tooru, because she'd rather he be in a gay than straight relationship with someone else.
  • The light novel Psy-Come, despite being set in a school for kids who've killed people and proven capable enough that the government would want to train them, has remarkable little of this trope. However, the hero's 13-year-old sister makes up for quantity with quality. When her brother's taken away to this maximum security school, she spends several months desperately sniffing out every last bit of scent left in his towels each night, then gets herself a machine gun and cheerfully tries to massacre her entire class just so she'll be sent to the same place.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    • Subverted with Sayaka Miki in the original Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She did show signs after having broken down as an after effect of her Break the Cutie story (showing it via Laughing Mad at some point, fighting more and more recklessly, and going Ax-Crazy when the witches come in episode 7), but despite apparently killing two misogynistic guys, and later turning into a Witch, she (or better said, Oktavia Von Seckendorff) did not attack her crush, Kamijou, nor her apparent rival, Hitomi, (and when she does ponder it for a second, the poor girl is completely horrified at the mere thought), limiting herself to create a witch's barrier reflecting her desire to be loved and noticed by Kamijou: the barrier in itself resembles a music theater, one of her familiars looks like a violinist -just like the guy- (and in another timeline she has other familiars who look like Hitomi), and there are several posters on the wall that say "look at me, look at me, LOOK AT ME!".
    • Kirika Kure in Puella Magi Oriko Magica is a supernaturally-induced case of this: her wish was to become suitable for Oriko, whom she loves deeply, and as Oriko was planning to commit murder, it essentially destroyed her compunctions in that regard (and took a chunk of her sanity with her). Consequently, after an initial Accidental Murder that left her genuinely shaken, she goes Jumping Off the Slippery Slope into this trope, becoming a serial killer simply to throw Kyubey off a trail. Unusually for this trope, Oriko, the target of her feelings, cares for her back, is never threatened or placed in harm's way by her, and shows no disapproval of her behavior—for all intents and purposes, she's completely okay with being involved with a yandere.

  • Several characters in Ranma ½ result in significant debate about which of them are Yandere. Shampoo, Ukyō, and even Kasumi have been both accused and defended. The only Ranma example that is not subjected to debate is Ranma himself/herself, when under the influence of the Fishing Rod of Love, becomes a truly terrifying Yandere towards Ryōga. Yes, it is hilarious. "Now you've hurt my feelings."
  • Reborn! (2004):
    • Bianchi goes into a homicidal rage whenever she sees adult Lambo who looks exactly like her deceased ex-boyfriend Romeo… who apparently died of food poisoning. She also has an unrequited crush on Reborn and is perfectly willing to eliminate anybody who has a 'bad influence' on him.
    • Earlier on, Haru had a thing for the younger 'angel-like' version of Reborn, to the point where she even tried to destroy Tsuna in order to free Reborn from his influence. She later gives up on her crush on Reborn and falls for Tsuna after he saves her from drowning.
  • Hyeri from Redrum 327. When Gahui became friends with Taien as a child, Hyeri rounded up the rest of the "crew" to trap Gahui in an isolated safe in a forest. She's found starved, frozen and mentally scarred six days later.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena:
    • Nanami Kiryuu generally presents herself as the Alpha Bitch but drops into this whenever somebody takes her older brother, Touga's, attention away from her. The most notable displays of this is when she tries to outright kill Utena during a supposedly formulaic duel, and when as a little girl she kills a kitten that her brother Touga had taken to liking a bit too much (though it's implied that she didn't really understand the meaning on her actions in the kitten deal). She's also proven willing to beat her 'troops' back into line, should they fail to obey her Libby Powers... we're not talking about just a couple of bruised cheeks here, but more like a trip to the hospital and several yards of bandages. One of them, Keiko Sonoda, gets fed up and ends up backstabbing her.
    • Kozue Kaoru is shown to be rather obsessed with her twin brother, Miki. In the anime, she resents Miki's affection for Anthy Himemiya and is prone to "acting out" to grab her brother's attention, most notably by exercising loose sexual morals. She is very protective of Miki and is the reason that he does not have a girlfriend (despite the affections of many of his schoolmates). She's also worse in The Movie, at one point holding a razor to Miki's throat and calling him a traitor when he refused to divulge details of his personal affairs to her.
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero: Before being summoned to become one of the Legendary Heroes, Motoyasu died because two girls he was two-timing became this and killed him together. He doesn't learn his lesson until much later.

  • Sailor Moon:
    • Prince Diamond is this for Usagi and the R movie's Fiore for Mamoru. Emerald is also one for Diamond. Beryl is one for Mamoru. All of them attempted to Murder the Hypotenuse in order to have a shot at the one they love. Diamond is an interesting case in that he's actually obsessed with Usagi's future self, Neo-Queen Serenity, and that obsession carries over when he sees present-day Usagi for the first time.
    • Mimete from the Witches 5 was this crossed with Serial Romeo. As part of her mission to extract pure hearts from people, she targeted attractive young celebrities she had crushes on. Sometimes she would express regret at doing so but she was just too crazy to care.
  • Saint Seiya:
  • In Saint Seiya Omega, Gemini Paradox blows both Shaina and Hagen out of the water. She once was a cute teenage Action Girl in training with a wide-eyed Precocious Crush on Dragon Shiryu, but as she grew up her once child-like feelings became a deep, deep obsession with her idol and his son Ryuuho, whom she sees as a Replacement Goldfish. The fact that she has a Split Personality like many Gemini Saints and is one of the most powerful dark action girls in the series really doesn't help. It takes Paradox a Face–Heel Turn, being imprisoned and then bailed out by the Pallasites, facing her far more stable twin sister Gemini Integra and taking Saori's purification to get her mildly stable.
  • Fumio Kirisaki from Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo. After being dumped by her boyfriend, she declares "Alright, I'll kill him... Then I'll die."
  • Saiyuki:
    • Cho Hakkai. His twin older sister/lover, Kanan, was kidnapped, gang-raped, forcibly impregnated and Driven to Suicide by demons; in his quest to find her, he murdered 1,000 demons of the same clan, another clan responsible for her kidnap and transportation, and, in the manga, the entire village that stood around and didn't stop the poor girl's kidnapping. But wait, there's more! When confronted by a survivor who wants revenge, Hakkai freaks him out by offering his eye as penance... by plucking it out of the socket. And he runs into this survivor while muttering about wishing he could have Kanan's corpse. The series proper, starting a few years after this incident, usually lets him off with being a male Team Mom with shades of creepy Stepford Smiler in the rare times he gets upset, but is it any wonder the other characters are freaking terrified of Hakkai?
  • Sakura Gari:
    • Sakurako Saiki is frighteningly possessive of her brother, Souma, tortures every single servant boy/girl that Souma takes as a lover, and hates Masataka (who's temporarily infatuated with her) because he is the object of Souma's affections. The reasons why she is like that are MUCH more fucked up, however.
    • Souma himself showed these traits towards Masataka but later mellows out. However, his possessiveness does to horribly creepy levels, involving raping Masataka and then blackmailing him to have sex with him to work off the debt that Masataka's beloved older brother has with the Yakuza. It's only after Masataka snaps on him and Souma attempts to commit suicide over it that he shows Masataka how much he really cares for him and their relationship somewhat stabilizes. And then we get to see WHY he went Yandere...note 
    • Katsuragi is revealed to be a crazy Yandere for Souma as well, so much so that he rapes and tortures Masataka, ordering him to stay away from Souma and sticks his hand in boiling hot water. Katsuragi later holds Souma down and tells him "you belong to me" and attempts to strangle him when Souma starts talking about Masataka. It's later revealed that he tried to help Souma kill his abusive stepmother (Sakurako's mom) when Souma was angry with her for her abuse. However, when Souma ultimately couldn't go through with it, Katsuragi grabbed Souma's hand (that held a knife) and made him slice his mother's wrists, and raped him that same night.
    • And then there's Asayo, Katsuragi's much-abused wife. After Souma immobilizes Katsuragi with poison, brutally humiliates and definitely abandons him, the poor woman snaps due to all the abuse that she withstood for years... and sets her abusive husband on fire.
  • In the School Days anime, both love interests end up possessive and obsessive over Makoto. Sekai kills Makoto because he would reject her, and Kotonoha kills Sekai, her rival for Makoto's love. This was reversed in the manga, where Kotonoha is the Hypotenuse that ends up killed, and in some new bad endings of the PS 2 game. In one of these, Sekai openly tries to push Kotonoha in the way of a train right after Makoto chooses Kotonoha over her, but ends up hit instead. Another strongly hints that Sekai stabbed Kotonoha and left her to bleed to death in the streets... and Makoto knows that (and may have helped).
  • Shikijou in Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove it's Drama Bomb Finale. When he first appears, he acts like an awkward Nice Guy. The moment Kanade rejects him after he asks her out again, he kidnaps her and tries to “correct” her alongside his equally messed-up friends, while constantly saying that if Kanade was “normal”, she wouldn’t have rejected him. During that incident, he frequently switches back and forth between a warm smile and a deranged one.
  • Hatori in Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi has shown to be this toward Chiaki. Normally, he's Sugar-and-Ice Personality until his buttons are pressed, and then the gloves are off. To sum up the things he had done when in yandere mode include brutally raping Chiaki when he thinks that Yanase got to him first, constantly telling Chiaki that he's not allowed to see Yanase again and later tried to beat up Yanase when Yanase told him that he wasn't going to hand Chiaki over. However, in order to do this, he broke into Yanase's house, but at this point, Yanase was rejected and was already broken.
  • Seraph of the End:
    • Mikaela's entire life revolves around Yuu and he's extremely defensive of him. He flips out at anyone else even just touching Yuu despite their intentions, and even cuts off his superior's arm and threatens to kill him for it.
    • Ferid appears to be one for Kururu. He waxes poetically about how beautiful she is and how much he loves her even after she cuts his arm off and verbally expresses her contempt for him.
  • Diane from The Seven Deadly Sins can be extremely crazy jealous, especially if she thinks Meliodas has scorned her. When she's like this, not even Meliodas is safe.
  • Sgt. Frog:
    • Momoka uses her family's money for convoluted schemes to get closer to Fuyuki. She's also insanely jealous of every girl who looks his way, including his own family!
    • This trait is shared with her associated alien Tamama, who is absolutely obsessed with getting the attention and praise of his Sergeant Keroro. He's crazily jealous of Angol Mois, who is closer with Keroro than he is.
  • Hiroko "Hiro-chan" Kaizuka from Shadow Star, as a side effect of Break the Cutie. In her madness, apart from violently killing everyone who ever abused her, she also tries to eliminate any and all perceived obstacles to the friendship between herself and main character Shiina Tamai... even if that means trying to kill Shiina's father.
  • Shakugan no Shana:
    • The Omake spoof called "Shakugan No Shana-tan," plays with the idea of Kazumi Yoshida secretly harboring these tendencies.
    • Exaggerated with Yuji Sakai after he becomes Snake of the Festival. He's going to destroy the universe and recreate it in his image just so he can be together with Shana. Though it is later subverted when we learn he really wants to end the never-ending war between the Flame Hazes and Denizens by creating a perfect world that's a duplicate of the existing world for the Denizens to live in without having to consume humans to survive so that Shana would not die pointlessly in the eternal fight. He was also willing to sacrifice his own life for his actions and did not think he deserved a happy ending with Shana for his actions.
  • In Shiki, Megumi started as a Stalker with a Crush, but after turning into a vampire, murders her crush's best friend, because she's jealous of how close they are.
  • Anna Nishikinomiya from Shimoneta becomes this at the end of Episode 4 after an Accidental Kiss with Tanukichi. Thanks to her parents' strict upbringing and her absolutely zero knowledge on sex education and intimate relationships (thanks to the vulgarity-devoid setting of the story), her confusion has peaked to the point that her actions towards Tanukichi is the very same thing that she and her mother have been trying to prevent. Made all the more evident with the following episodes where she sneaks into Tanukichi's apartment and tries to force herself onto him, and later offering cookies she made, using her own "love nectar". Among other things...
  • Kaede Fuyou from the SHUFFLE! anime starts out as a gentle and domestic childhood friend, but breaks down completely when the main lead starts pursuing another girl (their sempai and local Genki Girl, Asa Shigure), revealing a disturbing past with him that finally drives her over the edge. Her crazy side is known as "Boxcutter Kaede," after her... Weapon of Choice.
  • Skip Beat!:
    • Between the voodoo dolls, random rages, intimidating stares, and focused obsession, if Kyoko wasn't the heroine, she'd probably be the psycho ex. Kyoko herself isn't actually a Yandere though, but rather a non-lethal Woman Scorned. A very extreme one.
    • Kyoko does play one (albeit one who has never killed anyone), in the form of Setsuka Heel, who is Yandere for her brother, Cain (as played by Ren), due to having a very severe brother complex, which he seems to reciprocate, to the horror of Cain's co-stars when they figure it out. The normally emotionless (to all but her brother) Setsuka gets very pushy (literally) and aggressive with a costar of Cain's that harbors a crush on him from Cain giving the smallest kindness possible to her (picking up a coin she dropped). This making the costar think Cain was just like a manga character she liked and that his cold, rude, hostile, and aggressive attitude was a front for a much sweeter personality. Cain also displays yandere tenancies for Setsuka, coming close to murdering someone for hitting on her, had Setsuka not spoken up which is the real reason Setsuka was invented- so Kyoko could keep an eye on Ren as his past, violent self comes to the surface. As the reaction was actually Ren's rage at Kyoko getting sexually harassed by drunken strangers, Ren is probably a yandere himself.

  • In A Silent Voice Naoka Ueno while not murderous has a violently possessive infatuation with the protagonist Shoya Ishida. Having an unreciprocated crush on him since she was in elementary school, she’d curl over backwards to please him and even shift her desk so that it was joined with Ishida’s. When Ueno discovers the new girl Shouko Nishimiya (whom Ishida and the rest of her friends bully) is also attracted to Ishida, Ueno is overcome with jealousy and ups her own bullying of Shouko swearing she’ll fight her until she goes away. Years later she meets Ishida again, Ueno hopes to date him but is stricken to learn Ishida has turned over a new leaf and is hanging out with Shouko to make up for his past actions. Unable to cope with this, Ueno tries to drive them apart, insults and hurts Shouko when she’s alone with her and when Ishida gets himself injured and put in a coma preventing Shouko’s suicide attempt Ueno beats up Shouko furious that “my Shoya” should get hurt because of her. If that wasn’t enough, Ueno refuses to let anyone into the hospital room, makes out with Ishida’s unconscious body and her internal monologue states if he doesn’t choose her when he wakes up, she’d rather he not wake up at all.
    • Subverted a bit though as Ueno does accept defeat and peacefully let Ishida go by the end of the manga, even if she still can’t help but hate Shouko for stealing him from her and seeing them lightly flirt in public.
  • Soul Eater:
    • Giriko for his boss, Arachne. After Arachne's death, the already Ax-Crazy Giriko had a Villainous Breakdown and, in the Book of Eibon, he proceeded to try to rape Maka and then attempt to kill both her and Soul. But Soul kicked Giriko in the head (we wouldn't be shocked if it caused further brain damage) before he could even touch Maka, so no worries. Then he and the released Maka team up to defeat him... but by then Giriko was so pissed off at Arachne's death, that his soul exploded mid-battle.
    • Gopher toward Noah, which can be considered a Cargo Ship considering that Noah is just the human embodiment of the Book of Eibon. He cries whenever he does something wrong by Noah and spends his free time taking his frustrations out by beating the shit out of the then-captured Kid or trying to kill Maka. And all because Noah doesn't want to add Gopher to his collection. It seems to be Played for Laughs.
  • Hibari Ginza, the Badass Biker Dark Action Girl who pursues her old friend Saiga, from Speed Grapher.
  • Steel Angel Kurumi 2: Uruka sees Kurumi as an obstacle to Nako and will try anything to remove Kurumi, even if it means asking her father to call upon the family's private army to take her down.
  • In Stepping on Roses, Nozomu was originally a sweet gentleman who had been the merciful one that donated money to Sumi when her kid brother got really sick. However, his character becomes increasingly possessive and eventually an out-and-out Yandere for her. He eventually goes so far as to try to rape her, only to decide to commit double suicide with her when the place gets set on fire.
  • Sword Art Online:
    • Kyouji turns out to be this for Shino. He was obsessed with her ever since she shot a bank robber. He was inspired by her actions that he used the gun's model for Death Gun's model. One night, he goes over to her house to proclaim his love for her. She pushed him away and he perceives her action as a rejection. He then pulls out a syringe loaded with a paralyzing drug, threatening to inject her with it if she made any sudden movements. As he explains his involvement with the Death Gun, he rambles on about how they can run away together and raise a family together. At one point later, he contemplated killing Kirito for trying to take Shino away from him.
    • Gabriel Miller once had a childhood love interest, Alicia Klingerman, who was going to move away due to her family going into debt. At first, he feels some pity towards her, but then decides to kill her so that no one else can have her and "stain" her soul. When he does so, he revels in witnessing what he believes to be her soul leaving her body. In the present, he seeks to kidnap the bottom-up AI, Alice, both for her similarities to Alicia and to claim her soul.

  • In Thou Shalt Not Die, Kuroi is violently protective of Mashiro and will use his hypnosis powers to kill anyone he even suspects to be a threat to her or their relationship. The main reason for this obsession is due to his powers that makes him see everything that those around him think which in turn made him cynical and manipulative, it even got to the point that he no longer felt human since he could get everything he wanted on a silver platter. This changed when he meets Mashiro since he realized he could neither read nor control her, and for the first time in a long time, he could feel human again.
  • In Threads Of Time, Sali Tayi explicitly tells Atan Hadas that if she runs away with Moon-Bin and doesn't marry him, he'll kill them both.
  • In Tokyo Babylon, Seishirou Sakurazuka kills Hokuto after deciding that only one person is allowed to love Subaru, platonically or otherwise, and Hokuto was willing to stand in his way to protect Subaru. Especially noticeable in that Seishirou claims that he is a total sociopath who never will love anyone, and that the reason why he wants to kill Subaru is because of The Promise they made years ago. The two reveals in regards to Seishirou in X/1999 (his deal with his mother Setsuka and his Thanatos Gambit) seem to say otherwise... not that it's much better for Subaru, considering the massive bundle of issues that a brilliant, scheming Yandere like Seishirou is.
  • In Tokyo Mew Mew, Kish goes from being a nuisance to a major threat to Ichigo, as his behavior and mentality grow increasingly unstable as he continues his pursuit of her. At various times throughout the series, he flat-out threatens and attempts to kill Ichigo's boyfriend Masaya and Ichigo herself should she fail to agree to his wish of "becoming his."
  • To Love Ru:
    • Momo shows a slight psychopathic side a couple of times even before meeting Rito, with whom she develops an infatuation. However, unlike "real" yandere, she is perfectly willing to share and never gets violent without reasonable justification (like someone trying to hurt Rito or her friends).
    • Run is also willing to go to rather… extreme lengths to get Lala out of the way so she can have Rito for herself. It would be kind of creepy if it didn't always backfire horribly.
  • In Tomodachi Game, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing Kokorogi is revealed to be this towards Yuuichi, and engineered all of her Damsel in Distress moments because she got off on watching him rescue her.
  • In The Twelve Kingdoms, Youko's predecessor, Queen Jyoukaku is a tragic example – While seemingly normal at first, her instability from the stresses of an empress job she felt unqualified for led to her falling madly in love with Keiki, her kirin (and the only one at court who didn't look down on her). She quickly became utterly dependent on him and saw other women as a threat. Her jealousy made her snap, prompting her to exile all the women in Kei in order to remove "competition". Then, Keiki contracted shitsudou, a deadly disease that strikes kirin when their chosen ruler rules poorly, pushing Jyoukaku further over the edge – she decided exile was too good for Kei's women; best to just Kill 'Em All. Ultimately, she chose to sacrifice herself to save Keiki and the kingdom, allowing him to start searching for a new monarch. And that's when the civil war started...

  • Cristine Hanakomachi from UFO Baby is a very quiet and cute girl, but she can become very dangerous when she gets jealous, like when she saw Kanata (whom she has a crush on) with Miyu.
  • Under Grand Hotel:
    • Lain Brody. In the first few scenes we see him, he gives Sen a blowjob, strips him, drugs him and outright molests him as he's drugged (including telling him "No way in hell am I letting Sword Fish kill you. Because he doesn't love you. I'm the only one that can kill you."), rapes him with a mop handle, ties him up and hides him in a dryer. And when Swordfish finds Sen he gives him CPR. Lain responds to this by stabbing Fish in the arm with a fork and tries to stab him again while screaming at him, "Get off of Sen! He belongs to me!" Immediately after that Lain is shot and killed by security guards.
    • Also, Swordfish becomes one of these for Sen. He threatens anyone who expresses an interest in Sen with death, has sex with Sen to the point where it nearly kills Sen, tries to strangle him, kills the guys who raped Sen saying that he did it for Sen's sake even after Sen told him not to kill them, moves out of Sen's room and lets a rapist move in when angry with Sen, and slices the throat of another one of Sen's rapists right in front of him while saying "I love you, Sen." This being after he tried to get Sen to kill the guy himself but Sen refused. And his unhealthy obsession with Sen only continues and increases throughout the manga.
    • And Norman's in love with Swordfish but pretended to be in love with Sen so he could get closer to Swordfish. He tried to persuade Swordfish to kill Sen but that didn't work. So, on one occasion when there was a scuffle going on he tried to get Sen out of the way by stabbing him with a pencil but accidentally ends up stabbing his inmate Walter instead who was trying to protect Sen in the hope of getting protection from Swordfish. When he finds this out, Norman holds a knife to Walter's neck telling him, "If you don't want to die, don't butt in again Walter!"
  • Lum from Urusei Yatsura counts. She attaches herself to Ataru almost immediately, becoming completely and utterly devoted to him, and is extremely violent if ever he strays – which he (an unrepentant pervert who wants a harem) does a LOT. She's also known to zap the everloving hell out of anyone who gets between them. She once started an intergalactic war because she refused to give up her "Darling".
  • Uwakoi: Yuno is one Played for Horror even by the trope's normal standards. At first, she showed nothing more than jealousy toward Yukiteru and Rena being too friendly. But upon seeing them sleeping in the same futon, she gets crazy eyes, walks out of the room, and then returns with a knife. Things quickly go downhill from there. The creator's earlier work Aki Sora features a Psycho Lesbian who rapes and sexually abuses her twin brother as payback for banging her crush.

  • Vampire Game:
    • Lassen, who fell for reincarnated vampire Lailis when they were kids. Since vampires retain their memories, Lailis was still devoted to her old love, and Lassen dealt with it by trying to become a cold-hearted ruler just like him, going further by crippling Lailis by cutting her hamstrings himself so she couldn't run away.
    • Also seen in Leene, who forces childhood friend and love interest Yuujel to attempt suicide with her, then years later tries to kill a girl who Yuujel might be interested in.
  • Vampire Princess Miyu: Chisato doesn't start as one, but she becomes this after her awakening as a Shinma, triggered by her brother Tokiya's own Shinma awakening as well as his death.
  • Chiharu from ...Virgin Love. Once, when Daigo and Kazuki become good friends, he almost kills Daigo. He was 2 seconds away from beating his skull in, and would have succeeded if it hadn't been for Kazuki. Another time, he tries to kill Kazuki by choking him to death. Again, he would have succeeded if not stopped, this time by Kaoru who calls him on it with a What the Hell, Hero?. Health tip: never ever make Chiharu jealous. You'll live longer. He does try his best to hold himself in check, though. For example, when he kidnapped Kazuki he only put him in a second-floor apartment with a bolted door and removed the handles from the inside, something which Kazuki could obviously escape from... Yep. That's Chiharu's idea of holding back. Did we mention that he runs an intelligence division that is more efficient than the j and is constantly feared by everyone other than Kazuki as being one of the coldest most ruthless bastards on earth? And Kazuki is the only one stopping him from being worse.
  • Virgin Ripper: Nagi, a cute little Cat Boy (kitten-boy?) rescued by Hitomi the Grim Reaper. On the one hand, he's way too eager to "make squishy" anyone who hurts his "mama" with his Wolverine Claws (he slaughtered twin renegade child reapers who were using their oddly familiar, but still-horrifying memories to torture Hitomi and stabbed Hitomi's doctor in the arm when an exam became too painful) and he's currently displaying stalkerish tendencies; on the other hand, he is/was an actual cat.

  • Saori from Wandering Son isn't creepily obsessive or Ax-Crazy but she can be pretty violent, especially when it comes to her unrequited love Shuuichi.
  • The Laughing Target, a short story by Rumiko Takahashi, has one of these. When Azusa and Yuzura were children, they were betrothed to each other by their parents. Many years later, after Azusa's mother mysteriously dies, Azusa returns to Yuzura's life with the intent of marrying him. Of course, Yuzura has a girlfriend, Satomi, and this doesn't sit too well with Azusa. Add to the fact that Azusa is anything but "normal", and she has no problem eliminating the competition by any means possible...
  • Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest:
    • Konuma Ryuuko. She's a nymphomaniac middle-schooler with what appears to be profound psychological damage from repeated rapes in her past, but she's become such a nihilistic sociopath that even this isn't enough to make her sympathetic. Notable acts include breaking into the protagonist's apartment to masturbate and (unsuccessfully) seduce him, climaxing on a school rooftop during a bloody shooting, and thinking madly about raping the protagonist while having sex with her boyfriend, gigantic and bloody terrifying school gang leader Haguro Dou. Who, incidentally, is the only man who has ever slept with her without dying shortly afterward. Originally, she came off as one of the manga's more playful and sympathetic characters; now, she's a fountain of Fan Disservice and downright creepiness.
    • Haguro himself towards Inugami. He cuts himself all over his arm and carves the word "Inu" onto his hand and has an orgasm while thinking about Inugami when having violent sex with his girlfriend. He beats down, craps on and rapes his own subordinate, Chiba and tears out his tongue as he's kissing him. The poor guy gets put into the hospital because Haguro beat him to the point that all his organs ruptured and his bones break and he ends up dying. Though he gets better. All because Chiba ran into the protagonist on the street and talked to him for, maybe, 15 minutes, when Haguro wasn't around. He also rapes Aoshika while recording it so that Inugami can see, practically talking to the camera (and, therefore, to Inugami) through the entire thing hoping to provoke Inugami into coming back to him, and then keeps her prisoner as he and his Yakuza goons repeatedly gang-rape her and he drugs her to screw with her mind as well as with her body. He also tries to kill her while telling her that Inugami is too good for her as well as attempting to kill Inugami when he shows up to stop this and eats Inugami's fingers that he cuts off while getting a boner from it. This guy is Yandere enough to rival Yuno Frigging Gasai herself, and such is his monstrousness that his ultimate demise comes as a relief to all.
  • Wolf's Rain:
    • Jagara towards Darcia. Particularly notable since Jagara killed her twin sister, Harmona, Darcia's lover who had essentially been on life support for years, in order to get her out of the picture. (In all fairness, as said, Harmona had been on life support for years and Jagara didn't know that Darcia had probably found a way to bring Harmona back. It's still an example of crossing the Moral Event Horizon, however.) Later, during a confrontation between the two, Jagara stabs Darcia with a poisoned dagger when he refuses her.
    • Darcia himself donates everything he has in the series towards his single-minded devotion to his true love, Hamona. When Hamona dies, Darica goes insane with grief and not only tries to kill off the entire main cast of characters, but also ensure that the next world has no chance of being perpetuated as well.
  • Kanon Nakagawa from The World God Only Knows tazes Keima if he doesn't pay attention to her and also obsessively sends him messages, the second email of which were nothing but "yoroshiku" (Please take care of me) repeated for multiple pages.

  • Yosuga no Sora: Sora's arc has her become a non-violent example.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:
    • Yubel, Season 3's Big Bad fits this trope to a tee. S/he tortures and "kills" all of Judai's friends, possesses the object of his Ho Yay-implied interests, tries to cause The End of the World as We Know It, and does his/her very best to make Judai suffer as much as possible. Why? Because in a past life, Judai pledged to love only him/her, s/he's jealous that he's forgotten him/her in favor of his other friends, and an unfortunate trip through space has severely screwed up his/her concept of love and pain, leaving him/her genuinely unable to distinguish between the two and making him/her believe that only through suffering can you truly feel love. S/he gets better, though.
    • In Season 4, Darkness-possessed Yusuke Fujiwara actually predates Homura in Rebellion by about three years, planning the same thing Homura did to Madoka to make Fubuki his own. He plans to hijack the world by plunging it entirely into Darkness so he's not lonely anymore, and as time doesn't pass the same way in the World of Darkness, no one will die and leave him alone. This goes especially for Fubuki, who was the only one to really act nice to him. Fubuki himself tries to gently persuade him that they will still be friends forever no matter what, and it would have worked had he been himself, but still. It's even implied he planned to do so since Season 1 when he still had Brainwashed and Crazy Fubuki in his control!
  • Averted twice in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL:
    • Yuma's first apparent stalker was Cathy. As it turned out, she was more-or-less harmless.
    • Anna Kozuki, on the other hand, could well have been a real Yandere. She was very willing to murder Yuma to prove that she loved him, but was willing to duel him on the condition that he would become hers (literally) if he lost. As it turned out, however, she had the wrong person. Eventually, it seemed she did develop a crush on Yuma of sorts, but one of a far more lucid nature.
  • Yuri Kuma Arashi:
    • Yurika is a yandere to Reia and most likely her adoptive father since she killed both of them to "box them up and keep them forever." Due to believing that she'll only feel fulfilled by eating Kureha, the daughter to whom Reia gave all her love, and the former's very Strong Family Resemblance to the latter, she develops into a yandere for Kureha too to the point where she looks to be doing Attempted Rape on Kureha when she has her alone and tries to eat her.
    • Mitsuko believes that love is most strongly expressed by literally becoming one with your beau — by eating them. And since ones who refuse to back down from their love and become invisible among the masses are so rare, she falls hard for and is extremely invested in eating, Kureha. She even murders Kureha's girlfriend Sumika out of jealousy.
  • Yuureitou: To start, Marube was in love with Tetsuo's real mother, Onatsu. Now, he lusts after his biological child Tetsuo because of his great resemblance to her. Later we find out he wants to have a Brain Transplant with Tetsuo so he can "become" Onatsu and have sex with his own body. Not only that, if the surgery succeeds he plans to have a child with Tetsuo so he can switch brains with his own children over and over again and thus create an "eternal love" with Onatsu by forever living on in a body with both her and his blood. Also, he has harrassed Taichi when he was Disguised in Drag and when he was dressed normally as a guy, sexually abused his adopted daughter, and [[spoiler:tried to sleep with his biological, transgender son because he wanted to break him. He later attempts to rape Taichi in order to drive him away from Tetsuo while dressed as his dead wife and is shown kissing and trying to sleep with the bones of his dead wife.
  • Karasu from YuYu Hakusho is infatuated with Kurama and wants to own him. Therefore, he considers killing him slowly and painfully to be the very best and most intimate way to do so.

  • Zatch Bell!:
    • Patty/Penny. Upon meeting him on Earth, she becomes homicidally angry once she learns that Gash/Zatch doesn't remember her from the Mamodo world at all (he technically doesn't remember anything from the Mamodo world at all, but I don't remember if they ever actually mentioned this to her). She even ends up being a straight villain and working for Zofis soon after. The irony is that she was so stalker-from-the-shadows when crushing on Gash/Zatch back in their world that he almost certainly wouldn't remember who she was even if he hadn't lost his memories.
    • Suzume can get a little out of hand at times, too. When Kiyomaro is away for too long, she draws his face on an orange and talks to it as if it were him. Also upon meeting Megumi, she immediately starts to interrogate Kiyomaro with a lie detector about their relationship. She was unhappy with his responses.
  • Zashiki Onna is built around this. The basic premise is, a college student finds a creepy-looking woman knocking on his neighbor's door, one thing leads to another, and she ends up stalking him.
  • Zekkyou Gakkyuu:
    • The Kind Mama's House has the titular mother as one. Obsessed with being a good mother, she stalks her next 'child' and often ends up kidnapping them or killing their actual parent, so she can become their 'real' parent.
    • Naturally, Bloody Valentine contains one. The protagonist begins to get threatening letters from a girl that is obviously after her boyfriend, telling her to leave him alone or else and she begins to notice a girl with long, light hair stalking her and her boyfriend. Turns out, the protagonist is the actual Yandere! She has deluded herself into believing to be in a relationship with the boy she likes, those threatening letters are what she wrote to the actual girlfriend (the one with light hair), who began to distance herself when the protagonist previously attacked her in a fit of jealous rage. A short epilogue shows that the Yandere is still at large for the guy.
    • Marionette's Lover shows Lala Nishino as falling into this, after hearing about a marionette doll that allows one to control their beloved and finding evidence that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Turns out that her friend, Junko, seems to be one, too, by being a more manipulative and back-sitting Yandere.
  • Zetsuai 1989 is all about this trope:
    • When Takuto Izumi was five, his mother discovered his father was cheating on her, and murdered him in front of Izumi so that she could "possess him completely." Years after this, after getting out of prison, Mrs. Izumi goes to her son, explains her reasons and kills herself in front of him.
    • Then there's the Loony Fan Eri, who reacts badly to Kouji announcing his retirement and tries to stab him to death at his farewell concert.
    • And that's without even mentioning the multiple examples of Kouji himself being driven to despair, self-mutilation, or generally self-destructive behavior because of his love for Izumi — he is aware that I Want My Beloved to Be Happy is a better attitude, but he can't quite bring himself to feel that way and often talks about how he'd like to lock Izumi away. In fact, his behavior tends to stop short of full-on If I Can't Have You…, but he angsts quite a bit about how he resents anything that makes Izumi happy if it takes Izumi's attention away from him. Oh, and at one point Kouji cuts off his own left arm so that his family will leave Izumi alone.

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