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  • Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus: the fact that he wrote a list of Asylum ripoff movies... on toilet paper.
    • For the sequel, Vs Crocosaur, he loses it at the radio scene. To clarify  “Yes, you are all fucked.”
  • Primal Park: Yotobi’s facial expression after the Gilligan Cut.
    • His (temporary) Rage Quit at the Big Bad’s death scene. The co–commentator just plain quits.
      Pfft, amateur.
  • Monster, the Asylum ripoff of Cloverfield: the entire review. His interpretation of the ending: the camera has been Driven to Suicide.
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  • The Asylum special.
  • The 100th review, about Dinosaur Adventure. Which wasn’t one of his usual horror movies, but it managed to include Inferred Holocaust and cannibalism.
    Yotobi (as the movie maker): "So, little girl, what would you like to see in this Dinosaur movie? Funny voices?"
    Yotobi's Girlfriend: "Yay!"
    Yotobi: "Silly pictures?"
    Yotobi's Girlfriend: "Yay!"
    Yotobi: "Cannibalism?"
    Yotobi: Beat "Cannibalism then!"
  • Birdemic: his reaction to the birds. He then declares the movie Best Film Ever.
  • Troppo Belli:
    • He can’t find anything to say about the plot — because there is literally no plot whatsoever to make fun of.
    • He compares reviewing the movie to (paraphrased) “shooting fish in a barrel. With a rocket launcher.”
    • The reaction to the striptease scene.
  • Titanic 2. Apparently it was sunk by tsunamis because Mother Nature herself hates The Asylum.
    • His reaction to an example of Worst Aid: “Why not use PVA glue at this point?” Cue a bit from the Italian edition of Art Attack.
  • Supaidaman: aside from the reactions to all the Japanese stuff, we have the explanation as to why the alien chose Peter for his revenge: because otherwise the plot wouldn’t go on.
    • Later topped by “Is that a Megazord?”
  • Robotropolis: “Why, in the name of all that is holy on this cursed earth, would you build robots that stand around people, with. Fire. Arms!?! […] It’s like buying a toaster with an integrated sawed off shotgun!”
  • The Little Panda Fighter: Pancada is at a dancing auction. He flies in the air over the jury and out of the front door:
    Doodle: (Stunned Silence)
    Yotobi: (Stunned Silence)
    Doodle: If I had a brain, it would be dripping out of my nose.
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  • Elves: The constant delusion that this is a Christmas family movie. “Falalalala, lala la la.”
  • AlbaKiara (litterally “Bright Dawn”): Everything. He repeatedly begs for the characters’ death.
  • His opinion on “family movies.” Or, as he calls them, “Those you find on Sunday afternoons on TV while your PC is at the repair shop because your father accidentally installed some viruses.”
  • His reactions to the anticlimactic battles in Dingo Pitcures’ Hercules movie.
    Yotobi: “That, that, that, that, that’s not a battle! That’s a child playing with two dolls! Those are two cardboard cutouts of Hercules and the lion thrown into a washing machine! […] Studio Ghibli, eat your heart out! Here comes Dingo Pictures, motherfucker!”
  • In the same movie, he reacts at Hercules' rival as a baby with disgust and proclaims that he's even worse than Breaking Dawn's CGI baby. Cue to a pic of Renesmee with demonic Ominous Latin Chanting in the background.
    Yotobi: (horrified)''... I take everything back..."
  • His NES whispering to him in the language of Mordor.
  • During the special, and second review of the cheesy horror movie La Croce dalle Sette Pietre he repeatedly mocks the awful "Werewolf" costume of the movie (basically a hairy mask with tuffs of hair on the hands and groin of the otherwise naked actor). At the end, he's struck by the movie's demon's curse and transformed into a badly made werewolf (rubber mask and cheap black mantle) and lets out a Skyward Scream... only to then resume watching TV from the sofa while trying to eat crisps through the rubber mask.
  • His reaction to a particularly absurd line in The Lady ("Elevata, vorrei agguantarla." It's impossible to translate that because there's just no way to convey the absolute lack of sense whatsoever in it, but it literally means "Elevated, I want to grab her", a rather absurd way to say "she's hot, I want to sleep with her"). He just plays it again twice, and then had Dante Alighieri telling the guy to talk like a human being.
    • Earlier on that commentary, there was another one when the titular lady defines "english humors" her driver’s saying he will follow her orders: his speechless for a minute, then he writes down "british humor?", then there’s a whole scene with him writing notes on it, then it pins it up to the wall connecting everything (if you look at it, you can see the series of numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, "To W.W.", "I AM ____LOCKED and the ashtag #lescale) he then looks at it, takes of his glasses and…
    • Later, when the Lady, again, answers to a rather absurd and bland statement from her friend by telling her she has a great sense of humor, promptly Yotobi to asks if she's actually the one holding audictions for all those unfunny cabaret shows seen in Italy.

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