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On Total Drama Stranded, twenty original characters of various shades of morality compete for one million dollars. The sequel Total Drama Strandarama, features another twenty original characters competing for a million.

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     Total Drama Stranded Contestants 


A smart, somewhat bossy girl, Briony is sure she can use her smarts to win. No matter how much she may be told to shut up, Briony is certain she can use intellect to win the day.


The king of his high school, Calvin plans to keep the desirables like jocks and cool people on his side and crush losers and nerds under his foot. Can he rule the contest like in his school? Or will he be dethroned.


A cheerleader. Chelsea is a natural leader and tries her best to keep spirits up on her tribe. However, she can get a little extreme when things don't go her way.


An ordinary girl, posing as a prophetess to get herself farther in the game.


A flirty boy who's hoping that there are plenty of hot ladies this season.


A somewhat strange girl, no-one knows much about Esme or why she signed up. Of course, disappearing and appearing randomly probably doesn't help.


A wealthy boy and the son to philanthropists. He dedicates his life to helping others.


A kind and honorable martial arts expert, Ilona vows to win without using any dirty tactics. Only time will tell if she can succeed.


A blind boy who whines, whines and WHINES.


A sporty overachiever and a physical powerhouse; Jojo is a combination of brawn and boring (the latter according to the fans).


A physically feeble loner, Keith is as slippery as an eel and weakly as a weasel. He plans to lie and scheme his way to the prize.


Like, oh my gosh! It's Matilda! She is like, the sweetest girl ever. She totally can win this thing cause, winning is so hot right now! She totally can do it and make some friends along the way! Like, totally, yeah!


A powerful gymnast with a foul mouth who acts like a sweet adorable girly girl.


A girl who hates everyone and believes humans are monsters an that she's just giving everyone what they truly deserve.


A lazy, and oddly lovable, sleepyhead.


A Stupid Evil villain who would make Dick Dastardly proud.

  • Big Bad Wannabe
  • Card-Carrying Villain
  • Expy: Of Scott.
  • Eviler Than Thou: Bites him in the ass repeatedly.
  • Harmless Villain: Sees himself as the new Heather/Alejandro/Scott, yet fails pretty hard at it.
  • Large Ham: Though, as you know, Evil Is Hammy.
  • Sixth Ranger Traitor: For Calvin's alliance.
  • Smug Snake
  • Stupid Evil: The poster boy for this trope. So much that after being accepted into Calvin's alliance, he destroys the bridge that Calvin is walking just for the sake of being evil, losing him his spot in the alliance. Later, he is reaccepted but is voted off anyway because he blabbed to Matilda and Jojo that he and Calvin were going to vote off Matilda, so Calvin votes off Rusty to convince Jojo he had never agreed to.


A kooky but honourable girl who has all the bravery and loyalty of a knight.



A cool guy who happens to be gay.

The Masked Boy aka Timothy

A mysterious young man, he wears a mask to conceal his true identity, and a secret he would prefer to keep a secret. But who is under that mask?

     Total Drama Strandarama Contestants 


A rich snob who feels he is above everyone ... and is also a BADASS who is by far the strongest conestant, but only when he fels like it.


A boy who obsesses over the paranormal and desires to find ghosts.


A girl who wants to be a strategist but is a complete trainwreck.


A lazy egotistical brat who can't do half the things she says she can.


A guy who is often zoned out and finds a story in everything he sees.


An antisocial girl who prefers to be by herself.


A nice guy who is just competing to have a good time.


A natural leader and a good friend to those she leads.


A boy who is BEYOND obsessed with justice and wants to get rid if the villains and everything that is evil.


A guy who is all about power and wants to take control and crush those outside his alliance so they won't put up a fight.


A rude girl who isn't shy about insulting EVERYONE.


A businessman who wants to run the show like a business empire.


A spoiled sweetheart who wants to make her daddy proud.


A guy who fails epically at everything he does.


A grumpy girl who is strong and irritable.


A kooky girl who can talk to animals.


A 'nice girl' who plans to ally with mean people and use them as shields.


An excitable motormouth who just cannot stop being excited that he is on Total Drama.


A guy who does nothing.


A kind and fun sweetheart who wants to brighten up everyone's day.


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