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The Funny Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • When Desdemona tries to cause strife among Chelsea's alliance by faking a premonition there is a traitor among them, Matilda tries to figure it out in the confessional:
    Matilda: Well, Garfield can't be a traitor, right, he's, like, waaaay too perfect. And it can't be Chelsea, she's an awesome girl. (She gasps) What if it's me?
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  • When Rusty tries to tell Pamela that he can't be outsmarted because he's got his raccoon Aurielius working with him, she claims that's a good thing since the raccoon is probably smarter than him anyway. The scene than cuts to the following confessional:
    Rusty-(Aurelius sitting on his lap gives a series of squeaks) Aurelius says, 'She's got one thing right, this guy couldn't strategize if his life depended on—' Hey you take that back!

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