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    Challenge of the Warlords 
  • Almost any conversation with Drong fits the bill.
    Drong: What's a Queen Gwendholyn? Can Drong eat it?
    Player Character: NO!
  • Are you a Deadpan Snarker or just really confused? Sometimes it's both.
    Ogre Mage: In order to stop Gralkus [the Great Orc about to declare war on the Dwarves], you must BE Gralkus.
    Player Character: What does that mean? Am I supposed to dress up as an Orc or something?
  • When your character asks one question too manynote :
    Red-Axe: Enough! Your first trial should be the Trial of the Closed Mouth, but you would fail that before we had even begun.
    Player Character: Sorry...
  • And let's not forget this one during the ending. After defeating Bane, the God of Death, the game remembers that one of your companions is an Extreme Omnivore...
    Drong: Mmmmm...
    Player Character: Drong - no. You can't eat Bane!
    Drong: Why not?
    Player Character: He was the God of Death - I don't think that would be good for you.
    Drong: But you say to Drong he can eat the next God he find.
    Player Character: Yeah...well...okay, then.


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