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Luffy is gonna be King of the Pirates, but his quest will encounter various memes.

  • 4Kids! English dub Explanation 
    • YO HO HO HE TOOK A BITE OF GUM GUM! Explanation 
    • ZOLO Explanation 
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    • Demon Buggy Explanation 
    • Lollipop Sanji Explanation 
    • X was sent to prison for the rest of their life. Explanation 
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    • Green laser guns Explanation 
    • The Sweat Threat Explanation 
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    • Zoro making animal noises. Explanation 
  • Marne the Marine Explanation 
  • Enel's Wild Take Explanation 
  • Thanks to the advent of Emporio Ivankov's powers combined with the author drawing Gender Bent versions of the main characters, there has been an absolute deluge of Rule 63 fan art. Absolutely no one is safe.
    • Within moments of his anime debut, AMV's to "Sweet Transvestite" were rampant. Given the fact Ivankov is clearly designed off Tim Curry's Frank-N-Furter, this was inevitable.
  • Crocomom. Explanation 
  • Magma is hotter than fire. Swords are hotter than magma. Explanation 
  • Fishman Island is the next destination. Explanation 
  • Oda NEVER Forgets! Explanation 
  • Nobody dies in One Piece outside of Flash Backs! Explanation 
  • "Will Luffy survive?!" or even, "Will X surive?!" Explanation 
  • X is Sabo. Explanation 
  • X for Straw Hats. Explanation 
    • Carrot For Nakama. Explanation 
  • Meadows. Explanation 
  • "Feel the pain of Sabo and Issho's victory!" Explanation 
    • "What the hell?" Explanation 
    • "The fact is I don't understand it" Explanation 
    • "Maynard The Marine / Admiral Maynard" Explanation 
    • "You'll be queen, you know?" Explanation 
    • "I just wanna crucify and chill!" Explanation 
  • "When's Robin going to get her fight?" Explanation 
  • "I don't like bread!"Explanation 
  • "Who?" Explanation 
    • 2016 is the Year of Lu-Sanji! Explanation 
    • Year of Sanji-Suffering. Explanation 
    • 2017 is the Year of Brook! Explanation 
  • ZEHAHAHAHA! Explanation 
  • A hero is someone who shares X. I want all the X for myself!Explanation 
  • X is a D Explanation 
    • MA D. MONK Explanation 
  • Doflamingo's eyes Explanation 
  • #MammothBoyz Explanation 
  • 1 billion Berries Explanation 
  • Bad Luck Katakuri Greentext Explanation 
  • BIG NEWS! Explanation 
  • Crazy Big Bitch/Psycho Big Bitch Explantion 
  • Goda Explanation 
  • X is Yonko level/X is Admiral level Explanation 
  • Monkey DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!/the D Explanation 
  • WEEEEEEEEEED! Explanation 
  • There's nothing you can do that I can't. No exceptions. Explanation 
  • "One Piece characters skip Leg Day." Explanation 
  • "I can't believe Oda just killed off Luffy!" Explanation 
    • During the following break, a fan decided to make a fake Chapter 901 for April Fool's Day where King Baum comes back and starts beating the crap out of Big Mom's fleet, Pound AND Pedro have inexplicably survived to come back and kick ass, Judge is revealed to be "TOP 5" in the One Piece world (a troll for all those online discussions about who is the most powerful character) and Commander Sheppard AKA "Condoriano" from the anime-only G8 Arc appears as an Unexpected Character at the end and a Canon Immigrant. Basically, a gleefully audience-trolling Crack Fic on steroids put to drawing and clever panel splicing and editing from past chapters. Riding the coattails of this, it quickly spawned its own memehood. Especially "TOP FIVE", which got its own T-shirt mere days after the joke chapter became a viral sensation.
  • One Piece Chapter 999 Explanation 
  • Spee D. Reader Explanation 
  • Zoro's infamous No Sense of Direction is a goldmine for meme images, ranging from him being found on Mars to him ending up in other series entirely.
  • Luffy's bounty decreased! Explanation 
  • 80% Explanation 
  • Batman. Explanation 
  • Wano Samurai Jack. Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Kaido comparisons to Shenron exploded when his Devil Fruit power was revealed and another one of Oda's loving homages to Dragon Ball took place.
  • Kaido the One Punch Man. Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Where's Jinbe? Explanation 
  • Ripped Luffy. Explanation 
  • When Kurozumi Orochi's rather goofy appearance was revealed, people started joking that Wario ruled over Wano Country.

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