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One-Punch Man could never have been adapted into manga (and later into an anime) without gaining some online infamy...

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • OK.Explanation 
  • Genos is modern art. Explanation 
  • Related to the above, it became a running gag within the fandom on how Genos loses his limbs in almost all his fights. Explanation 
  • The running meme. Explanation 
    • Their run to City J to confront the Deep Sea King is quickly catching up in popularity for similar reasons.
  • Saitama's "" face. Explanation 
  • Caillou Shippuden. Explanation 
    • One popular meme for Caillou is to call the title character "a little bitch" or some variation of said insult, so now with the premier of OPM, jokes about Saitama being Caillou's badass older self have become rather popular.
  • Saitama's face drawn on eggs Explanation  This puts the term "egghead" on a whole new level.
  • "100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10km running... Every single day UNTIL YOUR HAIR FALLS OFF!!!" Explanation 
  • "(Shorten it to) 20 words or less!"Explanation 
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  • Tumblr likes to associate Genos with him saying SENSEI! over the course of the anime adaptation, Genos has said Sensei 98 times.
  • _____ of _____ Sonic Explanation 
  • One _____ Man: Explanation 
    • ONE _____!!!: Explanation 
  • Local man saves anime. Explanation 
  • Saitama's Oppai Hoodie has become quite memorable in the fandom, and it often crops up in fanart.
  • Drawing Saitama's half-assed face on anything has also became a meme.
  • The One Punch Man anime adaptation was for a while the highest-rated television series with at least 5000 reviews on IMDB, dethroning televised juggernauts like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. This fact by itself had become something of a meme and causes some controversy on the Internet. Since then, the rating of the series fell to 9.1 and it's now in 17th place (a significant plunge, but still impressive as it is still the highest-rated anime series on the list and the third highest-rated animated series in all).
  • FOUND YOU!Explanation 
  • Saitama's smiling face. Explanation 
  • Saitama & Tatsumaki's meeting.Explanation 
  • Sonic no longer has a dick/If Sonic wasn't female then, he is now. Explanation 
    • Alternately, One Nut Man.
  • __________ is Blast! Explanation 
  • Pictures of Saitama punching out characters from other series. Bonus points if it's a ridiculously powerful character like Superman or the Hulk.
  • "I'm just a guy who's a villain for fun." Explanation 
  • Wow, these people need a hobby. Explanation 
  • "I'm pussy????" Explanation 
    • Bruce Lee:... Saitama: Acaso yo...? (Did I by chance...?)Explanation 
  • King is really the strongest hero.Explanation 
  • Showed this to ________, now he is _______.Explanation 
  • Leg bands Explanation 
  • Mike Wazowski.Explanation 
  • Farewell, special blade-testing monster Explanation 
  • "If we win, I'll sit on your face" Explanation