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Warning! On Recap pages, all spoilers are unmarked! Read at your own risk.

This is the Recap Page for One-Punch Man. Includes manga chapters that have yet to be adapted into anime, along with OVA specials and bonus chapters whose status in the canon is unknown. For a Recap of the original webcomic run, which is drawn solely by ONE and has a surprisingly divergent storyline, see here.

Story events are organized by manga chapter numbers, based on their order in the volumes. Anime-only events are included.

Spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned. Saga and arc names are unofficial.

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Mainline Content

    Introduction Saga 
Webcomic Chapters: 1-15
Manga Chapters 1-15
Episodes: 1-4

The introduction to Saitama and the world of One-Punch Man, with a more comedic tone and a Monster of the Week format.

Saitama Introduction Arc
  • 1st Punch, One Punch: The Earth's Apostle, Vaccine Man, attacks A-City. He causes mass destruction and defeats many heroes. However, he is confronted by Saitama, a non-descript bald guy who is just a hero for fun. Saitama unceremoniously defeats Vaccine Man in one punch, to his own disappointment.
  • 2nd Punch, Crab and Job Hunting: Later, Saitama goes shopping and recalls his own backstory. He was once a normal salaryman who continually failed to find stable employment. He then happened upon Crablante, a Tiger-level monster trying to kill a kid with a butt-chin. Saitama decided to risk his life to save the child and miraculously defeated Crablante in the process. After this event, Saitama decided to quit his search for a formal career and instead become a part-time hero.
  • 3rd Punch, A Dangerous Being: A colossus attacks B-City. His name is Marugori, and he is the result of his brother's experimental steroid called "Biceps Brachii King." Saitama goes to meet Marugori, who claims he is now the strongest man on Earth. During their altercation, Marugori accidentally kills his own brother. Enraged, he pounds Saitama with a beatdown that blows a huge crater in the ground. However, Saitama nonchalantly jumps right back up and punches Marugori in the face, defeating him in one blow.
  • 4th Punch, Dark Undergrounders: Saitama goes to bed, pondering his nature as an undefeatable hero. He is awoken in the morning by an invasion conducted by the Subterraneans, a race of super-beings living under the Earth's crust. They claim to have already exterminated 70% of humanity, and Saitama finds they are both powerful and numerous enough to finally give him a real challenge. Excited, Saitama battles the entire Subterranean race, pushing him to his very limits. After the Subterraneans are defeated, their king arrives, larger and stronger than any of his subjects. Saitama excitedly rushes at the Subterranean King... but is suddenly awoken by his alarm clock. It was only a dream. However, Saitama finds that an actual invasion by Subterraneans is occurring just outside his apartment. He dons his hero equipment and rushes outside, only to defeat the much smaller Subterranean King in one kick, making the rest of the Subterraneans quickly surrender and flee underground. Saitama is severely disappointed.

House of Evolution Arc
  • 5th Punch, Itch Explosion: On a cloudy day, Saitama is watering his plant when a mosquito starts to bug him. Its tiny body manages to escape his swats, greatly irritating him. Outside, an insectoid named Mosquito Girl is terrorizing Z-City with an army of mosquitoes. She is confronted by Genos, a young cyborg warrior.
  • 6th Punch, Saitama: Genos and Mosquito Girl battle, while Saitama enters the battlefield chasing the mosquito from earlier. Genos urges him to get to safety. Mosquito Girl manages to tear most of Genos' mechanical body and things aren't looking good, so he begins preparing to self-destruct to kill Mosquito Girl with him. However, she is suddenly killed in one slap by Saitama, shocking Genos. He then begs Saitama to make him his disciple, and Saitama reluctantly agrees.
  • 7th Punch, Mysterious Raid: Genos stops by Saitama's apartment to share his backstory, in 20 words or less: his village was destroyed by a "mad cyborg" and he became a cyborg to get revenge. A mantis monster named Kamakyuri suddenly bursts through the ceiling, but an annoyed Saitama kills it before it can finish explaining. Saitama and Genos head outside where they find several more monsters awaiting them.
  • 8th Punch, You Mean This Guy?: Saitama and Genos battle the group of monsters and kill almost all of them, leaving a cyborg named Armored Gorilla remaining. He tells them he and his cohorts are from the House of Evolution, an organization made by the brilliant Dr. Genus bent on evolving organisms to perfection. Mosquito Girl was another of his creations and having seen Saitama kill her so easily, he wants to study him. They then force Armored Gorilla to give up the location of the headquarters.
  • 9th Punch, House of Evolution: Dr. Genus' backstory is shown, revealing him to be an eccentric and bitter genius who has prolonged his life with inhumane experimentation. Saitama and Genos follow their directions to the House of Evolution, and Genos instantly destroys it in a huge blast. This reveals a trapdoor, which the two enter.
  • 10, Modern Art: In the tunnels, Saitama and Genos are attacked by Dr. Genus and Carnage Kabuto, the ultimate creation of the House of Evolution. Carnage Kabuto challenges Saitama, and they go to an arena deeper within the hideout to battle. As the fight is about to start, Genos attacks Carnage Kabuto instead but is quickly defeated. Saitama then prepares for his turn. Carnage Kabuto attacks but hesitates when he senses Saitama's overpowering strength. He demands that Saitama reveal how he got his power, and Saitama complies, telling Genos to listen well.
  • 11th Punch, The Key To His Power: Saitama finally explains how he got so incredibly strong: 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10km run every day! However, nobody believes him, and this only angers Carnage Kabuto. He enters his "Carnage Mode" and unleashes a barrage of strikes onto an unaffected Saitama. Suddenly, Saitama realizes he is about to miss a sale and kills Carnage Kabuto in one punch so he can make it back in time. Genos and Dr. Genus are stunned by the outcome.

Paradise Group Arc
  • 12th Punch, Paradise Group: An anti-capitalist terrorist group known as the Paradisers reveal themselves, composed of men with shaven heads and bulky black battle suits. To make their voices known, the leader Hammerhead announces they are going to destroy the home of a multi-millionaire named Zeniru. Mumen Rider, a lesser-known hero, tries to stop them and fails. Saitama hears about these bald terrorists on the news and decides to take care of the problem before he gets mixed up with them. Meanwhile, a ninja mercenary hired by Zeniru named Speed-o'-Sound Sonic is sent to deal with the Paradisers too.
  • 13th Punch, Speed: Speed-o'-Sound Sonic confronts the Paradisers in a forest and brutally kills every member save Hammerhead. A brief scuffle ensues between the terrorist and the ninja; Sonic seems to have defeated Hammerhead, but he manages to escape.
  • 14th Punch, Don't Know You: Hammerhead runs into Saitama too. Frustrated, he quickly tries to kill him, but Saitama destroys his battle suit and tells him to scram. The nude Hammerhead gratefully flees. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic appears and asks Saitama about Hammerhead, believing him to be a part of the Paradisers. Saitama tries to explain he's a hero, but Sonic has never heard of him. Elsewhere, it is revealed that Hammerhead was attacked by two mysterious robots elsewhere in the woods, claiming to be from "the Organization." They mention the Paradisers' battle suits were stolen from the Organization, and Hammerhead plays dead until they leave.
  • 15th Punch, Hobby and Work: Sonic jumps around and shows off his speed, but Saitama easily follows his movements. Annoyed, Sonic attacks, but his momentum carries his crotch onto Saitama's fist. He jumps back in pain and declares Saitama his eternal rival. Back in the apartment, Genos tells Saitama about the National Superhero Registry, and the two decide to register to receive pay and recognition for their heroism.

    Hero Association Saga 
Webcomic Punchs: 16-44
Manga Punchs 16-38
Episodes: 5-13

While still quite episodic, the world-building ramps up and the story becomes more continuous once the Hero Association is introduced.

National Superhero Registry Arc
  • 16th Punch, Passed The Exam: Saitama and Genos take the hero registry exam. Saitama breaks all existing records in the physical portion but completely fails the written portion, resulting in him being ranked a lowly C-Class hero. However, Genos excels in both parts of the exam, ranking him in the prestigious S-Class. The two then go to an intro seminar for hero candidates, taught by an A-Class hero named Snakebite Sneck. That evening, Saitama is challenged by Sneck on a riverside trail. Sneck explains he is "newbie-crushing," a common practice where more seasoned heroes beat up rookies to assert dominance. He attacks, but Saitama quickly buries him in the ground and walks away.
  • 17th Punch, Sparring: Saitama and Genos decide to spar in an empty quarry. Genos attacks with flashy moves that rattle the landscape but can never connect. He becomes exasperated with Saitama's excessive dodging and reminds him to not hold back. Saitama complies, and almost instantly gets behind Genos with a punch full of killing intent. However, he holds back his fist inches from Genos' face. He then suggests they're finished and should go out for noodles. Genos is disheartened by Saitama's overwhelming speed and strength, turning around to see that the mountain behind him was blown away by the mere shockwave of Saitama's punch.
  • 18th Punch, Business Activity: Five days later, Genos formally asks Saitama if he can move in. Saitama initially refuses, but begrudgingly accepts when he offers to pay rent. Upon moving in, Genos informs him that C-Class heroes are expelled from the Hero Association if they are inactive for more than a week. He didn't know this and frantically rushes out of the apartment to find a crime to stop, but doesn't find anything. Saitama continues his patrol for several days until he is intercepted by Speed-o'-Sound Sonic.
  • 19th Punch, No Time For This: Sonic challenges Saitama to a rematch. Another hero, Tanktop Tiger, arrives on the scene as well, claiming that Saitama has been running around scaring people for the last two days. Sonic doesn't tolerate the interruption and quickly defeats Tanktop Tiger, causing the nearby civilians to panic. Realizing Saitama is a hero, Sonic begins attacking the civilians to force Saitama to fight him. Saitama is annoyed by the needless destruction until he realizes Sonic is technically a villain for his actions and quickly incapacitates the ninja with one blow. He then gets Sonic arrested, fulfilling his weekly hero quota.

Rumored Monster Arc
  • 20th Punch, Rumor: The Hero Association staff hold a daily meeting, discussing reports from various cities. They send heroes Spring Mustachio and Golden Ball to investigate rumors of a super-powerful monster living in the abandoned section of Z-City (where Saitama lives). There the heroes encounter the seaweed monster Kombu Infinity, who defeats them and informs them that it isn't the rumored monster. Kombu Infinity then runs into Saitama, who steals its kombu hair to make soup. Genos believes Saitama is trying to regrow his hair with the kombu, but Saitama firmly denies it.

Giant Meteor Arc
  • 21st Punch, Giant Meteor: Saitama and Genos discuss their positions in the Hero Association; Saitama has risen to rank 342 in the C-Class, and Genos is still at the bottom of S-Class. Meanwhile, a giant meteor approaches the Earth, and Genos is called to a nearby Hero Association branch to prepare defenses. There he meets another S-Class hero called Silver Fang, real name Bang, who reveals that he can't do anything about the meteor because he's just a martial artist. However, Genos wants to try stopping the meteor, leaping onto a rooftop, and equipping his Arms Mode to blast the space rock. A large robot appears, and Genos recognizes it as the S-Class hero Metal Knight. He claims he just wants to test out a new weapon and has no intention of actually trying to stop the meteor, shooting an impressive volley of missiles that does nothing to slow its descent. Panicked, Genos inserts his body's power core into his Arms Mode attachment and fires a huge blast at the meteor, but it isn't enough, and he drains all his energy in vain. Fortunately, Saitama appears, leaping off the building and punching straight through the meteor. The meteor explodes into shrapnel midair, lessening the impact but still destroying the city.
  • 22nd Punch, Voices: Three days later, it's revealed that Saitama jumped to rank 5 in C-Class due to his "involvement" in stopping the meteor. Saitama walks around Z-City surveying the damage. He runs into Tanktop Tiger again, who accuses him of taking credit for destroying the meteor. Tanktop Tiger's superior, Tanktop Black Hole, arrives and adds to the accusations by drawing the attention of civilians. The citizens accost Saitama for his alleged misdemeanors, and the Tanktop brothers both challenge Saitama. He defeats them with pathetic ease before telling the civilians he is just a hero for fun and doesn't need their approval.

Sea Monsters Arc
  • 23rd Punch, Threat from the Sea: Monsters emerge from the ocean, calling themselves the Seafolk and announcing their conquest of the surface. They are challenged by A-Class hero Stinger. Elsewhere, Genos receives a call from the Hero Association stating about the attack on J-City, and Saitama states that they need to go help as fast as possible. Stinger holds his own against the Seafolk, defeating many of them despite his injuries until he is taken out in a single blow by their leader: the Demon-level threat, the Deep Sea King.
  • 24th Punch, Deep Sea King: An evacuation begins as the threat of the Seafolk becomes apparent. A-Class hero Lightning Max stealthily observes the Deep Sea King from afar but is discovered anyways. He is saved by an S-Class hero, Puri-Puri Prisoner, who escaped from prison to help fight off the invasion; he is followed by Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, who escaped prison alongside him. Puri-Puri Prisoner battles the Deep Sea King but is defeated by the marine monarch. Sonic then challenges the Deep Sea King himself, and despite lacking his ninja equipment, Sonic's speed seems to be more than a match for him.
  • 25th Punch, Glimmer of Hope: However, as it starts to rain the Deep Sea King grows in size, revealing that he is stronger and faster when he is hydrated. Sonic is forced to make a tactical retreat. The powered-up Deep Sea King decides to attack a nearby disaster shelter full of civilians. He breaks into one and faces the heroes defending the civilians there, including Snakebite Sneck.
  • 26th Punch, Beat-Up But Shining: Meanwhile, the C-Class Mumen Rider is making his way to J-City on his bicycle when he suddenly drops his cell phone conversation with the Hero Association. Saitama comes across the phone, speaking with the Hero Association staff to learn the location of the Deep Sea King. Back in the shelter, all the heroes have been defeated. Fortunately, Genos arrives and engages the Deep Sea King, resulting in a grueling battle. Challenged by Genos' strength, the Deep Sea King ends up spitting acid at a little girl nearby, and Genos sacrifices his mechanical body to save her.
  • 27th Punch, Because It's Raining: Because of Genos' sacrifice, the Deep Sea King quickly gains the upper hand. Just as the Deep Sea King is about to finish Genos, Mumen Rider throws his bicycle at him. Mumen Rider tries to stop the Deep Sea King but is toyed with and easily beaten. Despite this, he doesn't give up and continues to throw himself at the Deep Sea King as a crowd cheers him on. When Mumen Rider takes one final blow, silencing the crowd, he is saved by Saitama's arrival.
  • 28th Punch, B-Class: The Deep Sea King challenges Saitama but is defeated in one punch as usual. The civilians are initially ecstatic at Saitama's victory. However, one man expresses doubt, believing that the other heroes weakened the Deep Sea King and Saitama only came to finish him off and steal the glory. After his Zero-Approval Gambit, the public becomes disillusioned with Saitama. Later, Saitama and Genos are going through fan-mail at home. Genos has received many positive letters, but Saitama continues to get hate mail. Finally, he manages to find a single thank you letter. Meanwhile, Sonic returns to J-City with his equipment, only to find the battle over.
  • 29th Punch, S-Class: Saitama accepts a promotion to B-Class. The Hero Association staff are unsure of Saitama, considering the possibility he is a sham, but the A-Class Sweet Mask tells them they don't have to worry about B-Class promotions as much as higher ranks. Afterward, Saitama goes to a food stand. Mumen Rider is also there, revealing he was the one who sent the thank you letter. The two share an order of mozuku.

Alien Conquerors Arc
  • 30th Punch, Great Prophecy: In a desolate region, Tatsumaki, the second-highest ranked S-Class hero, deals with the monstrous Ancient King, easily crushing him under a gigantic meteor with her psychokinetic powers. Meanwhile, Bang has invited Genos and Saitama to his dojo, where he shows off his martial art: Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. He asks if they would like to learn it, but they decline. Bang's only student, Charanko, is enraged by their refusal, but Bang calms him down and explains that his dojo used to have many students before one of them, a young man named Garou, went on a violent rampage and had to be kicked out. Suddenly, a Hero Association employee bursts through the door, telling them there is an emergency meeting for S-Class heroes. Genos and Bang head out, and Saitama decides to tag along. At the Hero Association headquarters, Saitama and Genos meet some of the other S-Class heroes such as Atomic Samurai, Tatsumaki, and Metal Bat. However, the number one S-Class hero, Blast, is absent.
  • 31st Punch, From Space…: Saitama sits in at the S-Class meeting, where an executive named Sitch explains the situation: a seer named Shibabawa has passed away, but before her death, she prophesied that the entire Earth would be put in danger by a threat above Dragon-level. As if, on cue, the headquarters comes under attack by the Skyfolk. But the Sky King himself is suddenly killed, and a much larger threat is revealed: a massive spacecraft hovering over A-City. The spacecraft quickly razes the entire city, save for the highly durable Hero Association headquarters. The A-Class hero Iaian emerges from the city's rubble, horrified by the widespread destruction, and is attacked by one of the alien invaders, Melzargard. Meanwhile, the S-Class heroes prepare to deal with the threat. Genos looks for Saitama, only to find he has already jumped through the ceiling. Saitama leaps towards the spacecraft, dodging and countering several giant bullets fired along the way.
  • 32nd Punch, Counter: Iaian fights Melzargard, who splits into five different bodies to get the upper hand and cuts off one of Iaian's arms. Atomic Samurai saves him, revealing Iaian is one of his disciples. Bang, Puri-Puri Prisoner, and Metal Bat also arrive to help fight Melzargard. The other S-Class heroes discuss how to deal with the spacecraft itself, suggesting that the strongest man in the world, King, deals with it. King replies he is unable to do anything because it is too high up, frustrating Tatsumaki into attacking it herself. Above the battle, Saitama has already infiltrated the spacecraft. He is discovered on surveillance by an alien called Geryuganshoop, who sends a soldier named Groribas to deal with him. Saitama quickly kills him, and a one-eyed alien named Boros asks Geryuganshoop what's going on. On the ground, Melzargard decides to send a part of himself to request the spacecraft raze the ground again. However, it is stopped by Metal Bat.
  • 33rd Punch, Guys Who Don't Listen: As the S-Class heroes fight Melzargard, Metal Bat discovers his weakness: a marble-like object that is the core of his regenerative abilities. Meanwhile, Geryuganshoop telepathically contacts Saitama, trying to misdirect him through the ship and failing. Saitama now finds himself in the surveillance room with him, so Geryuganshoop prepares for battle.
  • 34th Punch, Are You Stupid: Saitama easily defeats Geryuganshoop before making his way to Boros' chamber. Boros introduces himself as the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves and explains that he has become too powerful. He heard in a prophecy that he would find a worthy opponent on the Earth. Saitama is nonplussed by his excuse for such chaos and punches him, breaking his armor and releasing his power. Boros then charges at Saitama, resulting in a wild battle. Outside, the spacecraft still manages to fire a volley at the S-Class heroes on the ground - however, Tatsumaki uses her psychokinesis to redirect the bullets back into its hull. The other S-Class heroes such as Genos and Drive Knight watch Tatsumaki; Tanktop Master tries to help by throwing debris but is simply outclassed by her powers. Drive Knight decides that he's not needed and leaves, but not before giving a warning to Genos about Metal Knight.
  • 35th Punch, The Fight: Melzargard lands a devastating hit on Bang, seemingly defeating him, but the martial artist quickly bounces back and helps finish off the alien warrior by shattering his remaining marbles. Saitama and Boros' battle rages on inside the ship. Boros loses his arm to one of Saitama's punches but quickly grows it back before landing a decisive blow on Saitama's head.
  • 36th Punch, The Power of Boros: Believing he's won, Boros begins to explain his alien physiology, but Saitama interrupts, showing him he's not hurt at all. Excited, Boros powers up into his Meteoric Burst mode and his attacks begin to melt the ship with speed and force alone as he beats on Saitama. He eventually kicks Saitama so hard he sends him to the Moon, seemingly defeating him - until Saitama jumps right back down, landing back on the ship. Boros is exhilarated by his resilience, but Saitama begins to take him seriously and blasts him into gore with multiple consecutive punches. Boros reconstitutes his body and charges his ultimate attack, Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, which threatens to damage the entire planet. Saitama brings out his own ultimate attack: a Serious Punch. His Serious Punch splits Boros' beam attack in half, extending it around the entire Earth and nullifying its force - not only that, but the shockwave hits Boros too, splitting his body in half. Boros' remains lie motionless on the ship, and he reveals that he was aware Saitama was holding back the whole time. He knows he never stood a chance, but thanks Saitama for the fight anyways while the bald hero solemnly departs the collapsing spacecraft.
  • 37th Punch, Crash: The spaceship crashes into the Earth, forcing all of the S-Class heroes to escape and leaving A-City in complete ruins. Sweet Mask appears and berates the heroes for the destruction, before killing the alien survivors without questioning them first. A Metal Knight drone also arrives to begin cleanup and salvage parts of the ship. Meanwhile, Saitama emerges from the wreckage of the ship, surprising Genos, and Tatsumaki. Saitama explains his fight with Boros to Genos, ignoring Tatsumaki to the point where she begins insulting him. Genos stands up for his master but is thrown aside by her psychokinesis. In the following weeks, the mess is cleaned up by Metal Knight's robot forces, and the Hero Association base is rebuilt to be stronger and safer than ever.

King Arc
  • 38th Punch, King: Saitama and Genos are out shopping when they witness King, the strongest man on Earth, intimidating a monster named Tongue Stretcher into submission. King continues down the street, excited to play the new video game he just purchased. However, he is challenged by Machine God G4, a knight-like robot from the Organization. King says he needs to go to the bathroom first, so G4 announces he will begin killing civilians after ten minutes. Instead, King locks himself in a stall and panics about what a fraud he is. He decides to make a run for it and notices someone else is fighting G4: Genos. Once King returns to his apartment and boots up his new game, Saitama suddenly appears behind him asking why he didn't fight G4. King gives the excuse that he just doesn't enjoy fighting and would rather play his game. Meanwhile, Genos continues to fight G4, melting its armor to reveal a smaller robot that attacks with countless laser beams. Saitama is about to leave King's place when a Giant Crow suddenly crashes through the wall, attempting to eat King. Saitama stops its beak with one hand and asks King if he will defeat the Giant Crow, but he can't answer. Genos devises a plan to capture G4, wrapping it up with wires. Back at the apartment, King finally admits his fraudulent nature, and Saitama beats the Giant Crow in one punch just as Genos finishes G4.
  • 39th Punch, That Person: King recognizes Saitama from years ago when he still had all his hair - he is the one from whom he got all his hero credit. He apologizes profusely in the ruins of the apartment, but fortunately for him, Saitama is apathetic towards the whole situation and amicably leaves King's apartment.

    Human Monster Saga 
Webcomic Chapters: 45-94
Manga Chapters 39-Current
Episodes: 13-N/A

The first major overarching story saga with clear heroes and villains. Manga and anime adaptations of this saga are currently still in progress, though it is finished in the webcomic.

Garou Introduction Arc
  • Chapter 40: Genos returns to Dr. Kuseno, the scientist who made him into a cyborg, with Machine God G4's parts. He asks Dr. Kuseno to upgrade his cyborg body using them, who warns him to not push himself too hard. Meanwhile, Sitch is holding a meeting at the new Hero Association headquarters. He plans to recruit mercenaries, criminals, and whoever is necessary to help protect the Earth since the Dark Matter Thieves' attack. However, he is ridiculed by Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, who claims he is not interested and leaves. Sitch explains to the other criminals that the Earth is in danger and that they need to work together. They will be rewarded for their cooperation. However, Garou, the disgraced student of Bang, speaks up.
  • Chapter 41: Garou states he just came to fight and begins challenging the heroes and criminals there. Sitch orders Garou to leave and sends heroes to escort him out, but he attacks them. The criminals cheer Garou on, but he tells them they're all next. Outside, Sonic walks away from the Hero Association, noticing the commotion going on inside. He decides to go challenge Saitama again. Back in the headquarters, Garou has defeated every single hero and criminal in the room. He declares his status as the "Hero Hunter" and leaves, as Sitch cowers in the corner.

Blizzard Group Arc
  • Chapter 42: Three formally-dressed B-Class heroes move through Z-City: Fubuki, Eyelashes, and Mountain Ape. They approach a gate and begin to make their way into the ghost town, where their "target" awaits. At their apartment, Genos reveals that Saitama has officially been promoted to B-Class. He senses a fast-moving object outside and goes to check on it, finding Speed-o'-Sound Sonic. Sonic says he wants to fight Saitama, but Genos refuses, prompting a fight between the two. The three B-Class heroes arrive at Saitama's door, demanding he open up. Fubuki introduces herself to Saitama and explains she is the leader of the Blizzard Group, a team of B-Class heroes such as herself and her comrades. She demands he work for her, but Saitama declines. Eyelashes and Mountain Ape attack Saitama, but he easily disposes of them.
  • Chapter 43: Frustrated, Fubuki reveals her psychic powers and attacks Saitama with them. He handles her with ease and begins to lecture her on the nature of heroism. She then swipes at him with a box cutter, but her attack is interrupted by a large impact caused by Sonic and Genos' fight. Genos apologizes to his master and explains the situation. Fubuki is surprised to see an S-Class hero like Genos calling Saitama "master."
  • Chapter 44: Genos and Sonic continue to fight, but eventually, Saitama stops the scuffle to accept Sonic's challenge. Sonic comes at him with multiple afterimages of himself, but Saitama counters with his own afterimages using Serious Side Hops. Sonic is defeated and makes a hasty retreat.
  • Chapter 45: Fubuki explains her plight to Saitama and Genos, being the younger sister of Tatsumaki, the currently highest-ranked active S-Class hero. She has been gathering the Blizzard Group to hopefully surpass her in numbers at least. She also explains that she can't make it into A-Class because Sweet Mask is too strict about promotions. Elsewhere, a caveman named Suppon escapes from a laboratory and starts causing trouble. Sweet Mask appears to deal with it, mercilessly killing the confused neanderthal. Back at the apartment, King arrives at Saitama to retrieve a gaming handheld he lent to Saitama, shocking Fubuki. Seeing how S-Class heroes are attracted to Saitama, she considers hanging out with him too. Sometime later, Saitama and Genos are finally given their official hero names: "Caped Baldy" and "Demon Cyborg," respectively. Meanwhile, Garou has encountered and defeated the hero Tanktop Vegetarian in an alley.

Hero Hunt Arc
  • Chapter 46: Charanko, having been expelled from the dojo by Bang, visits Saitama and Genos to tell them what happened. He notices King and Fubuki are also present. Genos tells Charanko he likely was expelled for his own protection from Garou's rumored rampage. Saitama hears about the "Hero Hunter" and gets excited. In a park, Garou encounters Mumen Rider. He states he came to fight him but is interrupted by Tanktop Vegetarian and the rest of the Tank Topper Army, who have come for revenge. As Garou is about to fight them all, he is intercepted by the leader of the group: the S-Class Tanktop Master. Back at the dojo, Bang meets with his brother, Bomb, to go find Garou and stop his rampage.
  • Chapter 47: Tanktop Master continues to fight Garou and has the upper hand until Mumen Rider jumps in the way of one of his punches. Mumen Rider rebukes Tanktop Master for being so brutal on a human, so Tanktop Master stops his assault and tells Garou to go home. Garou begins to leave, but turns around and rejects his mercy; Tanktop Master expected this, and his fist is already barreling towards him. Garou counters the heavy blow, having instinctively used Bang's Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, and quickly pummels Tanktop Master. He then proceeds to thrash Mumen Rider and the entire Tank Topper Army. Charanko attempts to get the jump on Garou, but he too is defeated. Bang and Bomb arrive in the morning too late and find the beaten mess of heroes in the park.
  • Chapter 48: Several C-Class heroes discuss the rumors of the Hero Hunter, talking about how pathetic Tanktop Master must be to have lost. Garou suddenly appears behind them and pummels them all. Saitama goes to visit Mumen Rider in the hospital, also meeting Tanktop Master. He hears more about the Hero Hunter and becomes more excited to finally face him. In a park, Garou meets a kid named Tareo who is reading an official Hero Guide and uses it to pick out his next target.
  • Chapter 49: Saitama meets Charanko at the hospital too, who informs him of an upcoming martial arts tournament called Super Fight. He has a ticket to enter, so he gives it to Saitama so he can go watch. However, Saitama instead plans to win the cash prize and find some strong martial artist opponents.
  • Chapter 50: Garou goes to a local bar to challenge Golden Ball to a duel. Golden Ball pretends to be drunk to catch Garou off-guard, and it almost works, but Garou evades every bullet. Spring Mustachio appears as well, attacking Garou and being knocked out for it. Golden Ball warns Garou to not get cocky, but Garou gloats and walks away.
  • Chapter 51: A Hero Association worker named Zeimeet is walking down the street with two beautiful girls, flaunting his status and money. He asks for a kiss from the girls, but Garou punches him instead. Saitama suddenly appears behind Garou, making Garou think he's looking for a challenge. He decides to strike first but to no effect; Saitama thinks he's trying to rob him, so he chops Garou back, knocking him unconscious. In reality, he was just standing in the way of a wig shop Saitama was eyeing. The next morning, Garou wakes up in the trash, confused at what happened. Saitama tries out the wig he bought at home, planning to use it to masquerade as Charanko at Super Fight. Genos asks if he wants Dr. Kuseno to help bring his hair back, and Saitama hastily refuses.

Monster Raid Arc
  • Chapter 52: The Hero Association discusses the threat that Garou poses, and how he has recently begun attacking staff as well. They assign heroes to protect executives in public. Metal Bat gets paired up with the sponsor Narinki and by extension his son Waganma. They go to a sushi train restaurant, where Metal Bat is annoyed by Waganma's poor manners. He gets a call from his sister, Zenko, and rushes to the bathroom to talk to her. A rumble shakes the restaurant, and Metal Bat returns to find two monsters: Junior Centipede and Venus Mantrap. They kidnap Narinki and Waganma, so Metal Bat fights them. Elsewhere, in C-City, Saitama arrives at Super Fight with his wig and gi, entering the tournament under Charanko's name.
  • Chapter 53: Saitama is greeted by Sour Face, a former student of Bang's who knows Charanko. He also knew Garou and was there the day he attacked the other students. He explains that Garou, disguised as a man in a mask named "Wolfman," was also the winner of the previous Super Fight tournament, and because of this, anyone wearing disguises such as masks or wigs will be disqualified.
  • Chapter 54: Metal Bat defeats Venus Mantrap and Junior Centipede, who are followed by the stronger Senior Centipede and Rafflesidon. The latter releases gases that knock everyone out, but Metal Bat powers through it. In a park, Garou meets with Tareo again and learns about S-Class hero Watchdog Man. Suddenly, an announcement states there is a monster attack nearby with Metal Bat present. Garou decides to visit him.
  • Chapter 55: Metal Bat fights through Rafflesidon's noxious gases to defeat it and Senior Centipede as well.
  • Chapter 56: Two lower-ranked heroes called Pineapple and Mohican arrive on the scene, so Metal Bat tells them to take Narinki and Waganma and run. However, the monstrous Dragon-level threat Elder Centipede emerges from the ground.
  • Chapter 57: Elder Centipede pursues Pineapple and Mohican, but Metal Bat intercepts it, only to find he can't damage its hard carapace. Garou is on his way to find Metal Bat when his target suddenly crashes nearby, having been thrown around by Elder Centipede. He believes him to be incapacitated and is surprised when Metal Bat gets up to continue the fight. Garou doesn't allow this, however, and challenges him instead.
  • Chapter 58: Elder Centipede pursues Pineapple and Mohican, intent on taking Narinki and Waganma. However, Metal Knight appears and attacks Elder Centipede, drawing its attention. Pineapple and Mohican believe they are safe but are again intercepted by three new monsters: Sludge Jellyfish, Rhino Wrestler, and Phoenix Man. Meanwhile, Garou and Metal Bat continue to brawl. Garou is surprised by Metal Bat's resilience despite his lack of technique and manages to knock him out. He turns to leave, but hears a girl's voice and turns to see a baseball bat inches away from his head; Metal Bat's sister Zenko has arrived, and just in time to save Garou. Metal Bat explains he promised to not fight in front of Zenko, so their fight is now over. Garou reluctantly complies and leaves, while Metal Bat's injuries catch up to him and he passes out.
  • Chapter 59: Phoenix Man realizes this is a good opportunity to finish Metal Bat, so Sludge Jellyfish approaches them. However, he is stopped by Garou, who doesn't approve of them attacking a little girl. Phoenix Man offers Garou an invitation to the "Monster Association," but he tears it up so they depart. Elsewhere, Rhino Wrestler easily defeats both Pineapple and Mohican. Phoenix Man tells him it's time to go and to only take Waganma, as they only need one hostage. The monsters grab onto Elder Centipede and escape underground; Metal Knight latches onto Elder Centipede too, following them down. Monster Association-affiliated monsters are shown attacking other cities too, including Marshall Gorilla in W-City, and Electric Catfish Man, and Maiko Plasma in D-City. Meanwhile, Super Fight is about to begin in C-City.
  • Chapter 60: The opening ceremony of Super Fight begins, and Genos proudly applauds Saitama. The announcer introduces all of the martial artists present, including "Charanko," Sour Face, the two heroes Snakebite Sneck and Lightning Max, and the martial arts prodigy Suiryu. In Q-City, Garou has finally found Watchdog Man but is interrupted by a sudden influx of monsters. At Super Fight, Saitama and Sour Face are approached by fellow martial artist Zakos, who mocks Bang. Bang and Bomb continue their search for Garou, helping the hero Smile Man defeat Fist-Fight Djinn along the way.
  • Chapter 61: At Super Fight, Lightning Max and female martial artist Lin Lin battle, with Max coming out on top. Elsewhere the dominatrix monster Do-S fights several heroes, putting them under her control. The Blizzard Group arrives for backup, and Fubuki prepares to fight Do-S. In I-City, the enormous Hundred-Eyes Octopus is wreaking havoc, and several heroes are trying to stop it. Back at Super Fight, Saitama finally gets to fight Zakos, defeating him in a single slap. This catches Suiryu's attention.
  • Chapter 62: Suiryu faces Lightning Max, who is determined to win after his recent loss to the Deep Sea King. However, Suiryu defeats the A-Class fighter with relative ease. Super Fight staff are informed of the Monster Association's attack but decide to keep people in the arena with the martial artists and heroes instead of kicking them out into C-City. Genos gets a call as well, so he heads out of the arena to fight the monster raid.
  • Chapter 63: While Super Fight continues, Genos takes on the monsters in C-City until he finds the location of the last monster in the area: Awakened Cockroach.
  • Chapter 64: Saitama faces off against the fearsome fighter Bakuzan in his next match. Bakuzan taunts him and ends up touching his wig, causing Saitama to panic and quickly punch him away to win the match. Suiryu is impressed and states he will win his next fight in one blow too. Genos and Awakened Cockroach duke it out, being fairly well-matched. Genos gets the upper hand when he catches Awakened Cockroach's feet in an adhesive solution and hits him with a direct blast - however, the insectoid monster manages to break off his feet and escape. Genos turns to head back to the Super Fight stadium but is suddenly approached by another, much more powerful monster. Elsewhere, Fubuki is struggling against Do-S; the monster has managed to hit all of the Blizzard Group with her whip, putting them under her control. Do-S lands multiple direct hits on Fubuki as well.
  • Chapter 65: Do-S believes Fubuki is under her control and taunts her about Tatsumaki, but is surprised when she can still fight back. As if on cue, Tatsumaki appears. Do-S sends the mind-controlled Blizzard Group at her while she escapes. Tatsumaki easily tosses the entire Blizzard Group and tells Fubuki to go home.

Super Fight Arc
  • Chapter 66: At Super Fight, Suiryu faces off against Snakebite Sneck. The two discuss heroism, as Suiryu believes heroes are unnecessary. He then easily defeats Sneck in a single kick. Sweet Mask is in the middle of a concert, which is invaded by monsters. He continues the concert as he disposes of the monsters on stage. Elsewhere, Mumen Rider and Tanktop Master move to protect their hospital from monsters. Deep underground, the Monster Association headquarters is revealed. A one-eyed monster named Gyoro Gyoro speaks to a much larger monster, whom he calls Monster King Orochi. He informs him that an agent called Gouketsu is en route to the Super Fight tournament.
  • Chapter 67: S-Class heroes are finally getting involved in the monster attacks. Child Emperor and Pig God deal with Eyesight in Y-City, while Drive Knight interrogates other monsters on the nature of the Monster Association. Garou watches as Watchdog Man finishes the last of the monsters in Q-City. He then attacks the canine hero but is caught off-guard by his four-legged fighting style.
  • Chapter 68: Back in I-City, the heroes continue to fight Hundred-Eyes Octopus. Several A-Class heroes including Smile Man and Death Gatling arrive to help but are invalidated by S-Class Flashy Flash's appearance. Flashy Flash attacks every eye on the monster's body at once, angering it and causing it to lash out. He is about to finish the monster when Tatsumaki intervenes, lifting it into the sky and crushing it with her psychic powers. She then berates the other heroes for getting in her way, much to their chagrin. In the Monster Association base, Gyoro Gyoro tells Orochi that the power of the S-Class heroes is greater than they expected. Orochi is unfazed, claiming they can always make more monsters.
  • Chapter 69: Atomic Samurai visits the Council of Swordmasters. He asks them for help in case Garou's hero hunt gets out of hand and he needs to be killed. The council agrees except for Haragiri, who mocks Atomic Samurai. Haragiri shows them some Monster Cells he received from the Monster Association, ordering them to eat them and become monsters, or die. Haragiri then transforms into a monster himself and begins to attack, but Atomic Samurai cuts first, killing him. Additionally, it's revealed that Metal Knight made it into the Monster Association base, but was destroyed and captured. The broken drone, suspended in Orochi's throne room by chains, asks them about their goals. Gyoro Gyoro tells him that while they love destruction, it is not their only goal.
  • Chapter 70: Super Fight draws to a close, with both Saitama and Suiryu moving into the final round. Suiryu attacks only with kicks and Saitama tries to keep his wig on. He asks Saitama about his workout, and Saitama lets slip that he fights monsters. Suiryu begins to insults heroes, stating they should just fight for themselves. Saitama is angered by his callous remarks, even allowing him to kick his wig off. Saitama then tells him he shouldn't get any stronger if he's already bored, and throws a punch so powerful that it tears off Suiryu's shirt without even making contact.
  • Chapter 71: Saitama is disqualified for wearing a wig and Suiryu is declared the winner. However, Suiryu wants to finish the fight and unleashes his true strength on Saitama, destroying the ring. Saitama tries to mimic his martial arts by spinning around, and accidentally hip-checks Suiryu out of the ring. Security then moves to apprehend Saitama, so he flees the scene. At the closing ceremony, Suiryu is given the Super Fight trophy, but he still feels humiliated. Suddenly, the ceremony is interrupted by a large monster entering the stadium: Gouketsu. He and his servants, the Three Crows, forces all the martial artists to stay.
  • Chapter 72: The Super Fight announcer recognizes Gouketsu as a previous Super Fight champion. Gouketsu explains that he was defeated by Orochi and forced to take a Monster Cell; now he is a cadre in the Monster Association. He demands the martial artists eat Monster Cells too. Rosie takes one and becomes a monster. However, Choze quickly kills him and eats a Monster Cell himself, becoming a much more powerful monster due to his latent potential. Benpatsu, Hamukichi, and Volten all eat Monster Cells and transform as well. Suiryu asks one of the ring girls if she will go on a date if he beats the monsters, and she accepts. He then defeats the monstrous Benpatsu, Hamukichi, and Volten with ease and Choze with some difficulty. Suiryu then confidently faces Gouketsu but is quickly struck down.
  • Chapter 73: The Three Crows punish the other fighters while Gouketsu continues to toy with Suiryu. Suiryu asks the last martial artist, Bakuzan, for help, but Bakuzan declines and instead consumes multiple Monster Cells at once to become a super-powerful monster - however, he ends up passing out from the stress. Suiryu loses hope but is saved at the last second by Lightning Max and Snakebite Sneck, who have finished changing into their hero gear. Together they defeat the Three Crows. Suiryu begins to flee but is confused when Max and Sneck refuse to. They tell him as heroes they must fight no matter what, but Gouketsu swiftly deals with them. Suiryu runs alone but is intercepted by a monstrous Bakuzan who survives the Monster Cells after all. Bakuzan gives him a brutal beatdown, enthralled by his newfound strength.
  • Chapter 74: Gyoro Gyoro tells Orochi that their terror campaign has been successful. He sends a drone to Gouketsu, ordering him to return to base. Gouketsu offers Bakuzan a position in the Monster Association, but he declines and attacks instead; Gouketsu counters, telling him that the Monster Association meets in the Z-City ghost town before departing. Bakuzan then turns his attention back to Suiryu, who screams out for a hero to save him. Bakuzan moves to stomp on Sneck's body, but he is saved by Saitama.
  • Chapter 75: Saitama faces Bakuzan. He tries to remember his name but ends up ending the battle in one punch anyways. Suiryu thanks Saitama and warns him of Gouketsu, but upon learning that Gouketsu is a martial arts master, Saitama excitedly gives pursuit despite Suiryu's plea to not throw his life away. Above the city, Genos wakes up in one of Dr. Kuseno's recovery drones, wondering if anyone will be able to defeat Gouketsu - even Saitama. Moments later, Gouketsu's decapitated head crashes in front of Suiryu. Saitama returns, having won in one punch as usual, and tells Suiryu to keep his identity a secret. Suiryu then asks to be his disciple, which Saitama instantly refuses.
  • Chapter 76: Puri-Puri Prisoner defeats the monster Free Hugger, learning to accept pain. He then gets a call from Smelly Lid Prison informing him that his fellow inmates were kidnapped by monsters. Saitama explores the city, looking for more monsters to fight. He learns they have retreated, making him feel bad for missing such a big event. He contemplates his situation, realizing he didn't gain anything from Super Fight and that he can hardly call himself a hero.
  • Chapter 77: A disguised King pulls up on a bicycle next to Saitama. The two discuss heroism and finding fulfillment, and King invites Saitama to play video games. Garou, injured by his loss to Watchdog Man, walks down the same street. He notices King and decides to hunt him despite his wounds. He then charges at King, but Saitama quickly kicks him through a brick wall. Neither of them recognized Garou, so they assume he was a random thug and move on.

Hero Counterattack Arc
  • Chapter 78: Speed-o'-Sound Sonic is training in the forest when he is approached by two fellow ninjas, Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame. They reveal they have become monsters and invite him to the Monster Association with a Monster Cell. Sonic seriously considers becoming a monster to surpass Saitama. In W-City, S-Class Zombieman observes Marshall Gorilla, witnessing the monster be defeated by a reformed Armored Gorilla. Meanwhile, Sonic cooks and eats the Monster Cell; however, cooking it made it so that he only winds up with diarrhea.
  • Chapter 79: A staff member bursts into a Hero Association meeting room, controlled by the parasite Destrochloridium. He delivers a message from Gyoro Gyoro and kills one of the executives, challenging the Hero Association to face the Monster Association. He is stopped by S-Class Superalloy Darkshine. Meanwhile, the Monster Association discusses their plans. Awakened Cockroach's failure against Genos did not go unnoticed, and Orochi eats him for it. He then moves to eat Do-S as well, but Gyoro Gyoro convinces him otherwise. Garou wakes up after having been knocked out by Saitama's kick. He sees Death Gatling and considers hunting him, but decides to get some rest first. Gyoro Gyoro finally discovers Gouketsu's decapitated body, realizing the war with the heroes may be tougher than he thought.
  • Chapter 80: The Monster Association leaks to the media that they have a hostage: Waganma. The public panics at the Monster Association's existence. Metal Knight informs Child Emperor that Orochi was able to defeat his robot before he could even think, so he refuses to help the Hero Association in any rescue plans. Monsters begin heading to Z-City, inspired by the Monster Association and looking to join, but Saitama kills them all while taking out the garbage. Tareo, the boy with the Hero Guide, is with his friends by a shack they use as a hideout. Since someone else is inside, the kids force Tareo to check it out for them and much to his surprise, he finds Garou recovering from a fever. Outside, Death Gatling and a team of A and B-Class heroes suddenly arrive and tell the kids to evacuate. Garou notices this and tells Tareo to stay inside while he goes out to meet the heroes.
  • Chapter 81: Garou asks Tareo for the hero catalog to identify each one of the heroes outside his shack. After doing so, Garou briefly taunts them before the fight begins. Every hero instantly goes on the attack, but Garou manages to dodge two waves of attacks. Chain Toad and Stinger charge again and cut Garou's arm as he notices Glasses not fighting. The heroes proceed to continuously barrage Garou before he has any time to recover. Two of the arrows from Shooter hit Garou in the back, after which Garou goes after Glasses, who is playing support. Glasses manages to dodge Garou's initial attack and lands a hit on Garou as Death Gatling gives Garou one last chance to surrender.
  • Chapter 82: Inspired by a childhood flashback, Garou steadily gains the upper hand as he figures out the heroes' strategies. He takes out every hero but Death Gatling, who attacks with his Death Shower. Garou miraculously manages to block the bullets with his bare hands, saving Tareo who is still in the shed behind him. He then defeats Death Gatling, and Tareo flees. As Garou turns to leave as well, he is intercepted by Genos, who had received a call for backup.
  • Chapter 83: Genos overpowers Garou with his body's new upgrades, forcing Garou to move on all-fours like Watchdog Man to stand a chance. Meanwhile, Saitama continues to lose game after game to King, frustrating him greatly. King receives the call for backup, so Saitama decides to go help in case Genos is there. Genos and Garou's battle is then interrupted by an influx of the Monster Association, who still want Garou to join them. After disposing of the monsters, Genos is about to finish Garou off when he is interrupted a second time by the arrival of Bang and Bomb.
  • Chapter 84: Bang brutally punishes his former student. Realizing he can't win, Garou tries to escape but is stopped by Bomb. Bang and Bomb then combine their martial arts against Garou. In a state of great pain, Garou recalls his miserable past as a misunderstood child being ganged upon. In his anger, he commences a counterattack by pounding the ground and uprooting an enormous tree as a club. Phoenix Man suddenly appears, blowing the heroes back with his wings and grabbing Garou. Genos starts targeting with his cannons, so Phoenix Man calls out for backup, and Elder Centipede darts out of the ground to block the attack. Despite their combined strength, Bang, Bomb, and Genos are unable to damage Elder Centipede. Genos pushes himself extremely hard against the monster, but is still unable to harm it and is left crippled. Bang moves to sacrifice himself to buy Bomb time to escape with the defeated heroes. Fortunately, King catches Elder Centipede's attention with a megaphone, shouting that he brought Blast with him. Furious, Elder Centipede charges towards him - however, it meets its demise when Saitama throws a Serious Punch that disintegrates its entire body from head to tail. Genos, Bang, and Bomb are all inspired by Saitama's strength. Meanwhile, Phoenix Man carries Garou back to the Monster Association, telling him of their leader, Orochi, before Garou passes out in his talons.

  • (The anime has currently adapted everything up to this point.)

Limiter Arc

  • Chapter 85: The Hero Association discusses recent events. Sitch believes Garou is a Dragon-level threat, and some suggest they call Blast. Narinki demands they rescue his son Waganma, and an executive named Sekingar assures him they are making a plan. Sekingar then meets with Superalloy Darkshine, Pig God, Tatsumaki, and Drive Knight about the rescue, while Child Emperor works to locate the Monster Association base and fails to coerce Metal Knight. Meanwhile, Fubuki attempts to rally Saitama and his S-Class acquaintances to take the situation seriously and help fight the Monster Association. However, everyone is still recovering from the battle with Elder Centipede, and Saitama leaves to look for Garou again. Narinki impatiently orders a group of mercenaries, known as Narinki's Private Squad, to save Waganma.
  • Chapter 86: Garou wakes up inside the Monster Association's underground base. The Narinki Squad has already been captured and is being judged by Gyoro Gyoro. Do-S whips them into love slaves. Garou notices Machine God G5, a robot from the Organization. Garou is then requested by Orochi to bring back the head of any hero within one day to prove his loyalty. Garou doesn't want to join the Monster Association but is given little choice. Gyoro Gyoro commands Bug God and Royal Ripper to monitor the Hero Hunter as he completes the mission.
  • Chapter 87: A cult called the Monster Worship Party harasses a citizen for disagreeing with them, but they have the misfortune of bumping into Garou, who knocks them out on his way to a restaurant. Saitama is having lunch at the same diner but he isn't able to pay because he lost his wallet. Fubuki arrives to talk about the Blizzard Group, so Saitama tricks her into eating his fries so she has to pay for them. Garou finishes his meal and dines n' dashes, causing the servers to panic. Saitama takes the opportunity to pursue the dine n' dasher (unaware it's Garou) and pushes the bill onto Fubuki. Elsewhere, Tareo is being bullied by some boys and Garou scares them off. Saitama catches up to Garou and lets him off with a warning; this angers Garou, thinking that heroes are starting to take pity on him. He resolves to carry out the Monster Association's task by taking Saitama's head, but Saitama quickly punches him away. When he wakes up, Garou asks Tareo about the hero who beat him, but Tareo didn't recognize him. Suddenly, Bug God and Royal Ripper appear.
  • Chapter 88: Bug God and Royal Ripper are disappointed with Garou's failure and his friendship with a child. They demand he kill Tareo to prove himself, but he refuses. Royal Ripper attacks Tareo, but Garou protects him and starts a fight. Meanwhile, Phoenix Man questions Gyoro Gyoro on his decision to send combat-oriented monsters to supervise Garou. Gyoro Gyoro states that Garou needs to be physically and mentally pushed to the limit; he explains that Orochi was once an ordinary human too and that he was responsible for his development into a monster. He believes that Garou could become the next Monster King. Above ground, Zombieman has followed Armored Gorilla to a takoyaki shop, suspecting a front for the House of Evolution. He introduces himself to Armored Gorilla and reveals he was made in the House of Evolution as well. Armored Gorilla tells him that the House of Evolution is no more, but allows him to see Dr. Genus. The scientist informs him of his encounter with Saitama, describing him as one who has removed his "limiter." Dr. Genus explains that every being has a limiter on how much they can develop, but Saitama broke through him via sheer will and determination, without any enhancements. This is why Dr. Genus gave up on his scientific ambitions. Garou still struggles against Bug God and Royal Ripper, believing he will be able to turn the tables soon, but is surprised by the interruption of Sludge Jellyfish with Tareo in hand. While Garou is distracted, he is brutalized by his opponents and left in a pool of blood. Bug God stops Royal Ripper from finishing him off, saying Gyoro Gyoro wanted him alive, and the monsters depart with Tareo.
  • Chapter 89: Genos, King, Bang, and Bomb are waiting for Saitama to return home. When Saitama turns up looking disheveled, they presume he fought Garou; unaware that he had indeed met Garou and defeated him for the third time, Saitama instead states he lost his wallet. Fubuki also arrives followed by Dr. Kuseno, who came to check on Genos. Dr. Kuseno gifts Saitama some deluxe meat, who tells Genos to prepare it in a hot pot. Meanwhile, Royal Ripper and Bug God report to Gyoro Gyoro, who tells them the Hero Association may attack soon since they found one of Child Emperor's scout drones in the base. Members of the Monster Association are seen preparing. Tareo is put into the same cell as Waganma, who is confident that his rich status means that the heroes will save him. Garou wakes up and heads to the Monster Association for revenge. Child Emperor and Sekingar go through their roster; Child Emperor doesn't yet trust Genos due to his fairly new status and believes Bang will be held back by mercy for Garou, so he excludes them. At Saitama's apartment, the group is about to eat the hot pot. They rush in with their chopsticks at once, throwing the food into the air and causing a scuffle that knocks out King. Saitama is annoyed by how quickly all the meat was eaten. The group then leaves.
  • Chapter 90: The Hero Association goes over the rescue mission. Several S-Class heroes won't be present: Metal Knight refuses, Bang and Genos are intentionally excluded, Watchdog Man refuses to leave Q-City, Metal Bat and Tanktop Master are in recovery, and Drive Knight is mysteriously missing. A team of heroes from A to C-Class will accompany to deal with the monsters on the surface, while the S-Class heroes will infiltrate the base itself. Meanwhile, Garou breaks into the Monster Association base and saves Tareo from Royal Ripper's torture. As they make their escape, Tareo tells him there is another kid in need of rescuing, but Garou says he did not come to save Tareo in the first place. However, they are suddenly met by the Dragon-level canine, Overgrown Rover.
  • Chapter 91: Garou and Tareo slowly back away from Overgrown Rover to avoid a confrontation. As they are about to turn a corner, they are attacked by a group of monsters. Garou deflects one of their projectile attacks but realizes he sent it directly towards Rover, and a roar is heard. Rover rushes them with several energy blasts, forcing Garou to split up with Tareo to take on the beast. Rover easily defeats Garou with his energy attacks and extreme durability, sending him careening through the base. When he finally lands, he finds himself in Gyoro Gyoro's chamber. Gyoro Gyoro paralyzes him with psychokinesis and says he is pleased with his growth so far.
  • Chapter 92: Saitama, noticing the tremors of Garou's fight with Rover underground, heads out to investigate. Gyoro Gyoro explains to Garou his plan to make him the new Monster King, offering to help him achieve his potential as he did with Orochi. Garou declines and begins to move as he adapts to Gyoro Gyoro's psychokinesis. Gyoro Gyoro tries to force him to comply, but Garou fights back and counters his attacks. Disappointed, Gyoro Gyoro calls for Orochi, whose massive hands shoot up out of the floor and grabs Garou. As Garou fights back, Orochi begins to unveil his true appearance, unraveling his body into endless horns, jaws, and dragons. Gyoro Gyoro tells Garou to give up, but the Hero Hunter laughs that while Orochi is strong, he is just a mindless monster. Garou takes a fighting stance, but he is shocked to see Orochi take the same stance, revealing that he is actually a fighting genius and was able to learn Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist just by observing him. The Hero Hunter attacks one more time but is soundly defeated. Meanwhile, Saitama notices smoke rising from a manhole.

Monster Association Arc
  • Chapter 93: Back at the Hero Association, Sweet Mask demands to be included with the S-Class team on the mission. King quells the conflict, but Sweet Mask still gets his way. Sitch and Sekingar discuss the mission when Bang arrives, making for an awkward greeting. Bomb tells Bang the Hero Association clearly doesn't trust him. However, King arrives and asks for their help to handle his part of the mission anyways, which he was expected to do solo. Fubuki walks to Saitama's apartment, where she runs into a newly-upgraded Genos. They enter Saitama's apartment only to find him missing. Soon King, Bang, and Bomb arrive too. They decide to have Genos wait for Saitama while the rest head towards the raid. Deep below the surface, Saitama wanders the tunnels down the manhole.
  • Chapter 94: The Hero Association's rescue team finally arrives in Z-City's ghost town for the raid. On the way to the base's entrance, an army of monsters surround them. The psychic Evil Eye faces Tatsumaki high in the sky, while the rest of the brawl takes place in the streets. Rhino Wrestler appears, cocky after leveling up from a Tiger to a Demon-level threat, and begins rating the heroes' attacks with numbers. Atomic Samurai grows impatient and quickly kills him. The S-Class heroes take over and swiftly clean up the monsters, amazing the lower-ranked heroes. Child Emperor finds one of Gyoro Gyoro's drones and disposes of it. Gyoro Gyoro meets with Orochi and the other Dragon-level cadres of the Monster Association, claiming he's figured out their strategy.
  • Chapter 95: The remaining monsters are finished off and the S-Class heroes (along with Sweet Mask and Atomic Samurai's pupils) head into the Monster Association base. Inside, they split up to follow assigned routes. Gyoro Gyoro rebukes several monsters who ran away from the heroes and feeds them to Orochi, warning the rest to attack their assigned heroes. Flashy Flash encounters Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame, who recognize him as a fellow ninja. They enter their monster forms and attack, resulting in a blistering-speed battle.
  • Chapter 96: Once Flashy Flash gets serious, he bisects them both with his Flashy Slash and sends their bodies careening into a lake below. He goes to check his communicator for his location but finds he lost it in the fight.
  • Chapter 97: Elsewhere in the base, Child Emperor finds the remains of Metal Knight's robot and is concerned that the Monster Association stole his technology. He accesses the robot's data, discovering that Metal Knight had a detailed map of the base already and stubbornly hadn't shared it. Phoenix Man appears to stop Child Emperor but he easily kills the bird with his gadgets, leaving the shredded body on the floor. He then follows Metal Knight's map to Waganma's location and frees him from his cell. Sludge Jellyfish attacks, but Child Emperor douses him with fuel and sets it on fire to defeat him. They continue but run into Machine God G5.
  • Chapter 98: Child Emperor finds he can't easily defeat G5, so he has his robots hold it off while he escapes with Waganma. The two come across Phoenix Man's body again; Waganma recognizes him as a costume from a children's show in which a bird character would often die and come back to life. As if on cue, Phoenix Man resurrects, arising in a powerful humanoid form. Child Emperor gives Waganma a protective barrier and attacks Phoenix Man, but the resurrected monster overpowers him. This forces Child Emperor to summon his ultimate weapon: a huge combat mech called Brave Giant.
  • Chapter 99: Phoenix Man is impressed by Child Emperor's "costume", and reaches out to him through a mental plane shared by those in costumes. He tries to convince Child Emperor to join him and create a world for those who need costumes to be strong, but the young hero refuses. The two fight until Phoenix Man threatens to melt Brave Giant with his flames. Detecting a large body of water below, Child Emperor breaks the floor to plunge the monster, Waganma, and himself into the pool.
  • Chapter 100: Saitama saunters through the base, lamenting that his costume is getting dirty from all the monster gore. He is suddenly drenched in a deluge of water caused by Brave Giant landing in the pool nearby, pulling him towards Child Emperor at a large dam. The group falls to the bottom of a pit, and Phoenix Man reaches out to Child Emperor through the mental plane again. He recounts his backstory, urging Child Emperor to unite with his Brave Giant and become a monster like him. However, Saitama somehow enters the mental plane as well and intimidates Phoenix Man into leaving Child Emperor alone. Child Emperor then gets a call from Zombieman over his communicator, who commends him for his hard work. However, Phoenix Man suddenly strikes again, using his powers to resurrect a crowd of Subterranean corpses nearby and commanding them to attack. With Brave Giant pinned and Saitama defending Waganma from the zombies, Phoenix Man slides a Monster Cell into the cockpit, which moves to force itself down Child Emperor's throat. Realizing that his "costume" is not his only hope, Child Emperor makes Brave Giant self-destruct, destroying the Monster Cell and the Subterraneans and launching himself over Phoenix Man's head. Phoenix Man is amused that Child Emperor just destroyed his ultimate weapon but laughs uncontrollably as Child Emperor reveals he slipped a tickling robot into his costume. Phoenix Man laughs until he comes close to death, resurrecting and transforming into a tiny baby bird. Saitama congratulates Child Emperor on his victory, not only physically but mentally. Suddenly, the two realize that Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame were also resurrected by Phoenix Man's ability. The ninjas move to attack Saitama, but he casually strikes them down and they flee. Next, one of Child Emperor's dog drones returns, and the heroes and Waganma get on its back as it rushes towards the surface. On their way, Saitama notices giant dragons giving pursuit and punches them into smithereens, noting to himself that something larger must be lurking below.
  • Chapter 101: Zombieman continues his own strike route, killing monsters and regenerating as he goes. He meets a crowd of monsters that direct him into a room where a vampire named Pureblood wants to battle. Despite suffering many wounds in the encounter, Zombieman perseveres and defeats him, to the shock of the other monsters. He then locks all the monsters in the room and kills them.
  • Chapter 102: Pig God comes across a gluttonous lizard called the Great Food Tub. Atomic Samurai's pupils - Iaian, Bushidrill, and Okamaitachi - witness the grotesque battle and continue, running into Do-S and the brainwashed Narinki Squad. Sweet Mask appears, so the disciples reluctantly let him deal with it and leave.
  • Chapter 103: Sweet Mask attacks Do-S and the Narinki Squad. However, Iaian reconsiders, and the three return to help Sweet Mask just before he can strike the brainwashed mercenaries. Bushidrill asks Sweet Mask if he was planning to kill the Narinki Squad, and he avoids the question. Do-S manages to get a sneak attack on Sweet Mask, cracking his face but is swiftly defeated. Sweet Mask then asks the three disciples to keep an eye on the Narinki Squad for him.
  • Chapter 104: Atomic Samurai's disciples and the Narinki Squad continue to fight off monsters, deciding to support the S-Class instead of retreating. They are attacked by Devil Long Hair, and the disciples drop down through the floor to fight him. Meanwhile, some of the Narinki Squad comes across Pig God swallowing the Great Food Tub and quickly turn around.
  • Chapter 105: The three disciples finish Devil Long Hair, and wonder how their master is faring. Atomic Samurai is shown to be handling monsters with no problem. He comes across Machine God G5, who challenges him to a duel. Atomic Samurai quickly defeats G5 and cuts it open, but realizes that its core managed to escape. He decides to leave it to the surface team. The disciples speak with the Narinki Squad about what heroism means, while Atomic Samurai slashes at Black Sperm and interrupts his pursuit of Tareo. The two then prepare to fight.
  • Chapter 106: The support team on the surface are struggling against the explosive monster Building Booper. Child Emperor, Saitama, and Waganma find themselves at a manhole below the chaos, so Saitama quickly stops the monster so they can exit. They hand Waganma off to the support team, while Saitama heads back underground to investigate that dragon monster. Child Emperor uses his communicator to notify the other heroes that he has successfully brought Waganma to the surface - Zombieman praises Child Emperor for a job well done, followed by Sweet Mask and Pig God. The last is Atomic Samurai, who tells them that he found another child in the base: Tareo. Child Emperor furiously glares at Waganma and heads back into the base to find the other hostage. Meanwhile, Atomic Samurai finds himself in a tough spot against Black Sperm's multiplicative abilities and causes the hall to collapse in a last-ditch effort. Elsewhere, Zombieman notices the impact but is suddenly ambushed by Homeless Emperor. He hits Zombieman with blasts faster than he can regenerate, so Zombieman stalls for time by asking about his backstory. Homeless Emperor explains that after being unfairly fired from a job and despising humanity, he met a being called "God" who bestowed great powers upon him so he could punish the humans.
  • Chapter 107: Puri-Puri Prisoner is in the middle of a battle with several monsters when they are absorbed by a Demon-level monster called Vacuuma, stealing their powers for his own. Vacuuma confidently attacks Puri-Puri Prisoner but is defeated. Just afterward, Puri-Puri Prisoner hears the voices of his inmates, who have been monsterized. Nyan, the Monster Association cadre responsible for their transformation, appears and injures Puri-Puri Prisoner with his feline claws, leaving the monstrous inmates to do as they please with him. Puri-Puri Prisoner recovers and gives chase by "swimming" through the walls after Nyan, but accidentally crushes his fellow inmates in debris. He then vows to avenge his fallen boys.
  • Chapter 108: Pig God continues to gorge himself on any monsters he comes across. However, he is snuck up on by Gums, a cadre who swallows Pig God himself. Pig God manages to escape from Gums' stomach and begins to wrestle the bulbous monster.
  • Chapter 109: Superalloy Darkshine encounters Bug God, who fails to damage him even after transforming into a stronger form. Darkshine then crushes him in one clean hit.
  • Chapter 110: While Atomic Samurai's disciples and the Narinki Squad continue to slaughter monsters, the treasurer Master Joe rushes to a vault to unleash a secret weapon: the executive Evil Natural Water. It attacks with carnivorous fish and water jets, and the captain of the Narinki Squad - Tongara - sacrifices himself as they flee. Meanwhile, Saitama has re-entered the base, stumbling upon Overgrown Rover. The canine attacks, so Saitama punches him and tells him to sit. The blow shakes the entire headquarters, troubling both monsters and the heroes and spurring Genos to leave the apartment early. Nyan comes across Saitama and attacks from behind, but when it does no damage, he slinks away. Elsewhere, Gyoro Gyoro is met with Tatsumaki, a fellow psychic.
  • Chapter 111: Gyoro Gyoro tries to assert his dominance but is easily dealt with by Tatsumaki. His body lays broken and torn on the ground, but the little esper realizes that he is just a meat puppet and not an actual organism with its own thoughts. Gyoro Gyoro calls for Orochi but receives no answer. Meanwhile, Saitama peers down a large crevasse. Dragons come shooting out of the darkness, and Orochi hoists himself up to meet Saitama, intrigued by the impact from his punch.
  • Chapter 112: Saitama is nonplussed, asking Orochi and the monsters to stop causing trouble under his apartment. Rover regains consciousness nearby and Orochi commands him to kill Saitama, but the pooch instead flees in fear, surprising Orochi. Excited by such a powerful opponent, Orochi enters his final form and attacks. His blows shake the entirety of Z-City, but Saitama manages to punch through his endless dragons and fire, launching himself through Orochi's skull and sending him into the abyss. Orochi, shocked, asks Saitama what happened, and he replies that it was just a normal punch.
  • Chapter 113: One of Gyoro Gyoro's drones discovers Orochi's remains at the bottom of the pit, and remarks that a bald hero beat him. Tatsumaki assumes Gyoro Gyoro means Superalloy Darkshine. She then tears a body out of Gyoro Gyoro but finds that it is just a humanoid hunk of flesh and not the true master of the body. Fubuki, Bang, and Bomb are shown to have entered the Monster Association as well, and Fubuki senses Tatsumaki's psychic powers. King wanders alone, having split up from the others. He is startled when someone calls his name, turning to find Waganma. The boy asks to hug King, but the King Engine starts beating and he tells him to find another hero. At this point, Waganma is revealed to be a shapeshifting monster, who, interpreting King's words as its cover having been breached, promptly dies of fright.
  • Chapter 114: Sweet Mask uses the still-conscious head of a monster to find several large machines containing Monster Cells. Sweet Mask destroys the machines and the Monster Cells within, deciding he needs to defeat Orochi to fully stop production. He then hears a laugh from down a hall, and when he asks the monster what it is, he tells him it's a cadre who will spell his doom. Fuhrer Ugly then emerges from the darkness and attacks Sweet Mask, terrifying him with his ugliness.
  • Chapter 115: Puri-Puri Prisoner continues his search for Nyan. He ends up in a small chamber and notices Garou chained to a wall, unconscious. Not recognizing him as the infamous Hero Hunter, Puri-Puri Prisoner thinks he's another human hostage and moves to release him. However, just as he recognizes Garou's face, he breaks the chains and savagely attacks. Saitama continues to wander through the Monster Association as he searches for their leader (unaware it was Orochi since he cut his speech off). Around the next corner, Flashy Flash deduces that Saitama must be a monster, so he dashes around the corner and slashes. However, Saitama easily dodges. Flashy Flash is shocked to recognize Saitama as the B-Class hero who accompanied Genos to the emergency S-Class meeting. Enraged that he dodged, Flash performs his Flashy Slash, but Saitama simply catches the sword in one hand. Unamused, Saitama accuses him of being a monster, so he quickly clarifies that he's a hero too. Flash warns him of the existence of the Monster King Orochi, exciting Saitama as he doesn't realize he already fought him. Annoyed by Saitama's persistence, Flash runs off at high speeds to abandon him but is shocked when he can easily keep up.
  • Chapter 116: As they run, Saitama notices he is seeing the same monster corpse again and again. He asks Flashy Flash if they're lost, only to be ignored. Back in Z-City, the surface team continues to fight off monsters and protect Waganma as they wait for the S-Class heroes to find the other hostage. They notice a monster in the distance and shoot at it, but the attack is deflected, revealing it to be Nyan. Nyan begins to easily defeat the lower-ranked heroes.
  • Chapter 117: Desperate, C-Class Food Battler Futoshi grabs Waganma and runs from Nyan. Another C-Class, Gearsper, unlocks his psychic abilities and uses them to attack Nyan, but ultimately fails. Nyan catches up to Futoshi and Waganma and grabs them, but is stopped by a fast-moving projectile, revealing Drive Knight has arrived.
  • Chapter 118: After almost poisoning and melting Nyan with toxic gas and acid, Drive Knight engages him in his "Knight," "Flying Chariot," and "Bishop" forms before Nyan counterattacks by slipping inside him to assault his circuitry and forces him to revert to his base form. Drive Knight transforms into his "Gold" form as Nyan attempts the same strategy again and severely burns him while he's inside him, leaving Nyan wide open for him to impale in his "Silver" form. He collects the charred Nyan, still alive.
  • Chapter 119: Sekingar marvels at Drive Knight's performance and asks him where he was. Drive Knight explains he was spying on the Monster Association and had analyzed Nyan before attacking. He also tells Sekingar that he believes Metal Knight is a traitor to the Hero Association, though Sekingar is skeptical. Suddenly, Sekingar's hand is blown off by a laser from Machine God G5, whose core survived and made it to the surface. Drive Knight tells him to call Blast for help since he used all his power, but Sekingar explains only certain people can contact Blast. Fortunately, Genos arrives out of nowhere and quickly defeats G5. Drive Knight says he's going to use Nyan's body for research, and Nyan lets slip that he met Saitama, piquing Genos' interest.
  • Chapter 120: Genos grabs Sekingar and the unconscious surface team to take them out of Z-City, grabbing Food Battler Futoshi and Waganma on his way. At a Hero Association convoy, Genos leaves Waganma and the surface team in the care of the military. He gets a call from Sitch thanking him for his service, but Genos tells him he's not going to follow orders and will help in the raid despite being uninvited.
  • Chapter 121: Superalloy Darkshine stumbles across Puri-Puri Prisoner, who has been defeated by Garou. Puri-Puri Prisoner warns him of the Hero Hunter, but Darkshine steps up to face him. Meanwhile, Child Emperor finds Atomic Samurai's disciples defeated by Evil Natural Water. He dodges the monster's attacks and tries to freeze its watery body with a gadget.
  • Chapter 122: Evil Natural Water counters Child Emperor's icy attack by absorbing the fuel from Sludge Jellyfish's body to increase its freezing point. Crippled in his legs, Child Emperor watches in horror as the water monster looms above him. As Genos runs back to the battlefield, he reads data given to him by Sekingar detailing the cadres of the Monster Association. Elsewhere, Flashy Flash and Saitama run in circles, neither having any sense of direction. Saitama suggests finding a monster to guide them to the Monster King, so they break into a bathroom and find a one-eyed monster on a toilet, who is shocked to see an S-Class hero. A narrator explains that the S-Class was created to group heroes that were consistently capable of defeating Demon-level monsters. They are renowned for their strength - however, they seem to have finally met their match.
  • Chapter 123: Most of the S-Class is shown to be overpowered by the Monster Association's cadres... except for one. Tatsumaki deduces that Gyoro Gyoro's true body is deep underground - a woman named Psykos, who has been secretly pulling the strings of the entire Monster Association. She restrains her with her psychokinesis. Meanwhile, Fubuki, Bang, and Bomb have unfortunately run into Overgrown Rover.
  • Chapter 124: Fubuki, Bang, and Bomb's attacks aren't affecting Overgrown Rover, so they continue to hide. Eventually, Fubuki gives the brothers a psychic boost, and they strike Overgrown Rover simultaneously with their combined technique.
  • Chapter 125: However, the combined attack still wasn't enough, and Overgrown Rover gets back up again. Bang jokes about telling Rover to sit, and surprisingly, Rover does so. Elsewhere, Saitama, Flashy Flash, and their new monster guide go on a wild minecart ride to find Orochi.
  • Chapter 126: The trio's cart travels into a mine, where the worker monsters attack. Saitama tries to take some of their gold with him but ends up having to drop it if he wants to keep their monster guide. Below them, Psykos is furious that Tatsumaki found her so easily. She drinks a potion to increase her own psychic abilities and prepares to face her. Elsewhere, after Garou gets hit in the head by Darkshine, he wakes up from his monstrous trance and comes back to reality. He confidently attacks Darkshine again but is badly beaten, even having his ribcage broken. Darkshine tells Garou to give up his "monster play," making Garou bitterly retort that Darkshine is just doing a "hero play" too. Garou's words secretly ring true with Darkshine, as he never intended to risk his life as a hero.
  • Chapter 127: Psykos gets pulled up through the base, and she pulls Tatsumaki down to meet her in the middle. The two espers begin to face off in a large cavern. King finds himself with Tareo - fearing he may be another monster, King shouts that he will never trick him. Coincidentally, an invisible monster was sneaking up on them reveals himself in defeat. King and Tareo then enter an elevator while the invisible monster flees, only for one strange biomass to consume him on the floor ahead: Orochi's half-beating heart, still clinging onto life. Orochi's body, splattered all over the base by Saitama's punch, begins absorbing any monsters he can in an attempt to regain his life. Orochi notices Psykos and Tatsumaki's battle and rushes over. Psykos is at the mercy of Tatsumaki, who asks about any remaining human hostages. Tatsumaki gets a call for help from Sweet Mask, but she declines. Suddenly, Orochi's biomass fires heat beams at her from all angles, catching Tatsumaki off-guard and allowing Psykos to escape.
  • Chapter 128: Orochi's grotesque biomass absorbs Psykos and the two fuse into a giant hybrid creature that overpowers Tatsumaki's psychic abilities. While Saitama, Flashy Flash, and their monster guide run from Orochi's encroaching biomass, King and Tareo flee towards the surface using an elevator. King says over the communicator that he has recovered the second hostage, giving Tatsumaki the cue to no longer hold back.
  • Chapter 129: Darkshine continues to fight a losing battle against Garou. He recalls his past, being a weak and unpopular child but finding confidence in bodybuilding. He is continually outplayed by Garou's moves and finally succumbs to despair - Garou sees the scared child within Darkshine and spares him. Suddenly, a psychic shield appears around Darkshine, revealing that Tatsumaki is beginning to make her move. Darkshine tries to save Garou from the collapsing fortress but is carried away by Tatsumaki's barrier.
  • Chapter 130: As the headquarters shakes, Fubuki creates a barrier around herself, Bang, and Bomb, while Tatsumaki's barriers continue to appear around the S-Class heroes to save them from the cadres. She doesn't know where Flashy Flash and Zombieman are, so Saitama is forced to defend Flash and Zombieman is left to be crushed. Iaian breaks out of his barrier to save the unprotected Narinki Squad, and Gums shatters Pig God's barrier, forcing the two to reengage. Tatsumaki then uses her psychokinesis to rip the entire underground base upwards, inverting it into a massive tower-like structure above ground. King and Tareo's elevator is almost destroyed by the maneuver, but Genos saves them. Tatsumaki flies out of the uprooted base, and the massive Psykorochi bursts out of the top to face her.
  • Chapter 131: News spreads all over the continent of Tatsumaki's battle with Psykorochi. Metal Bat leaves the hospital early to help, and Tanktop Master, Mumen Rider, and the Tanktopper Army are discharged from the hospital normally. Elsewhere, the Blizzard Group recovers from the fight with Do-S and heads out too. Sour Face, Lin Lin, and Zakos want to help as well, but Suiryu tells them to let the pros handle it. Meanwhile, Saitama, Flashy Flash, and the monster are trapped in a cave within the base's rubble. The monster tells them her name is Manako, and she finds Flash buried under a large pile of rocks. Saitama and Manako begin to carefully free him rock by rock.
  • Chapter 132: Tatsumaki is about to attack Psykorochi, but Psykos fires a massive beam that shaves off a whole layer of the planet's crust in front of her. Psykos then explains that while she and Orochi were merging, they had a vision of a godlike being who gave them even greater power. Tatsumaki is unimpressed.
  • Chapter 133: Tatsumaki goes all-out, simultaneously fighting and saving civilians from Psykorochi's attacks. She destroys Psykos' projection on the top but is caught off-guard by the monster's base attacking her. Suddenly, Genos joins the battle, using his boosted state to keep Psykorochi busy. Using the opening, Tatsumaki quickly gains the upper hand on Psykorochi. Below them, Saitama and Manako find new ways to stave off their hunger while digging out Flashy Flash.
  • Chapter 134: Genos and Tatsumaki work together to overwhelm Psykorochi, with Tatsumaki finally twisting their entire body and wringing it out like cloth. However, she falters, having pushed herself too hard. Psykorochi uses the moment to transform into a jet-like shape and fly away, but Tatsumaki steels herself and creates a massive barrier to keep them in the area. Drive Knight appears, having recharged, and gives pursuit in his own flying transformation. On the ground, Pig God regurgitates the contents of his stomach, revealing that he swallowed Atomic Samurai's disciples and the Narinki Squad to save them. Tanktop Master propels himself towards the battle using a transmission tower, leaving the lower-class heroes stunned by how out of their league this situation is.
  • Chapter 135: Sweet Mask is horrified by his failure to defeat Furher Ugly, especially in front of the S-Class heroes. He contemplates slaughtering them to save his reputation, but upon remembering his idol Blast, he snaps out of it.
  • Chapter 136: The S-Class heroes console a traumatized Darkshine, whose spirit is still shattered by his confrontation with Garou. Meanwhile, Garou is seen clawing his way out of the rubble deep underground, feeling his body changing. Darkshine finally resolves to keep fighting after Sweet Mask brutally berates him for his cowardice as Tanktop Master arrives on the scene, and Child Emperor is happy to see everyone cooperating.
  • Chapter 137: Bang, Bomb, and Fubuki are next to regroup with the S-Class heroes, turning their attention to the ongoing battle with Psykorochi above. Tatsumaki has been weakened by over-exerting herself with the barrier, but Genos and Drive Knight continue to protect her while chasing their target. Tatsumaki has a flashback to being saved by Blast in her childhood, which spurs her to a second wind.
  • Chapter 138: The S-Class heroes finally work together to take on Psykorochi, damaging Orochi enough to force Psykos to abandon him. Meanwhile, Tatsumaki lifts the uprooted Monster Association base and turns it into a spear-like shape, threatening to crush Orochi with it. Below, Saitama and Manako have finally freed Flashy Flash from the rubble, but at the cost of his prized sword. They also discover a curious cube-shaped object. Manako moves to sneak away, but peers through a hole in the rubble only to find a gigantic humanoid crouched in the Earth.
  • Chapter 139: Saitama, Manako, and Flashy Flash hear a voice offering them great power after Manako fails to light up the hole with four different lighting methods, but it is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious hero: Blast! He grabs the cube object, explaining that it is used to communicate with a powerful being and that he's been collecting them. Blast then quickly bids Saitama's trio farewell and teleports them towards the surface. Child Emperor lets his anxieties get to him and asks Zombieman to lead the rest of the mission, but Zombieman expresses his trust in Child Emperor regardless of his mistakes. However, balls of light suddenly smash into him and blow his body open, revealing that Homeless Emperor has emerged from the debris. Meanwhile, Tatsumaki drills the gigantic stone spear into Orochi to tear him apart, pushing his remains underground and revealing a subterranean complex even deeper than the Monster Association used to be.
  • Chapter 140: King and Metal Bat run into each other in the city, both stumbling upon a Hero Association vehicle. King reunites Tareo with Waganma, and Metal Bat is touched by how much Waganma has matured. Pineapple and Mohican appear, apologizing to Metal Bat for losing Waganma in the first place, but he forgives them. King considers fleeing, but Tareo pleads with him to save Garou and not hurt him. He joins Metal Bat in catapulting themselves towards the battle.

Monster Executives Arc

  • Chapter 141: Suiryu is visited in the hospital by his sister, Suiko. She teases him for losing, but he admits the heroes are the ones who need help. Back at the ruins of the Monster Association base, the S-Class heroes are relieved to have completed the mission. However, Atomic Samurai appears, warning the group that Zombieman has been attacked. The executives of the Monster Association then begin to reveal themselves; Sweet Mask attempts to attack Homeless Emperor but is grabbed by Black Sperm and literally torn in half by Fuhrer Ugly. The monsters notice Child Emperor trying to drag Zombieman away, and Fuhrer Ugly moves to strike but is caught up in one of Homeless Emperor's blasts in the process. Atomic Samurai and Iaian are attacked by Evil Natural Water, while Pig God tries to free Tanktop Master from Gums. Fuhrer Ugly then re-emerges, angry at Homeless Emperor for hitting him but also completely unscathed. They then head towards the rest of the S-Class heroes for a showdown.
  • Chapter 142: Fubuki notices Genos' body crash into the ground nearby, bursting with energy due to overloading his systems. Puri-Puri Prisoner picks up a signal from Child Emperor and goes into Angel form to swim underground to save him. Genos urges Fubuki to flee before he explodes, but she instead uses her psychic abilities to override his specs and force his cooling feature to activate. The stress nearly knocks her out, but it saves Genos, impressing Bang.
  • Chapter 143: Homeless Emperor conducts an orchestra of explosive light after Tatsumaki, but she escapes using a decoy. She visits Fubuki and insists that she goes home. Genos and Bang follow Tatsumaki back to the fight. Elsewhere, the Council of Swordmasters - including Spring Mustachio - arrive on the battlefield. Tanktop Master and Pig God struggle against Gums and Fuhrer Ugly, the latter of whom sadistically dismembers a Narinki Squad member. Tatsumaki stops him, allowing Pig God to swallow the Narinki Squad again and Tanktop Master to hurl him far away. However, Fuhrer Ugly breaks through Tatsumaki's hold before thrashing Tanktop Master, crippling him badly. Gums then swallows Tanktop Master's broken body while Fuhrer Ugly approaches the injured Tatsumaki.
  • Chapter 144: Pig God impacts near the heroes on the perimeter of the battle, regurgitating Bushidrill, Okamaitachi, and the Narinki Squad for medical attention before rushing back. Meanwhile, Bang tears through Gums to save Tanktop Master before he is digested, and Genos saves Tatsumaki while Fuhrer Ugly is distracted. Fuhrer Ugly pursues Bang but his attacks are redirected into Gums, causing the monster to angrily turn on him and swallow him. Bang and Genos flee with the injured heroes while Fuhrer Ugly brutally tears his way out of Gums' body, partially digested and covered in bile, leaving Gums in pieces.
  • Chapter 145: Atomic Samurai and Iaian struggle against Evil Natural Water, until Darkshine appears to repel its blows and splash it into smithereens with a punch. Black Sperm intercepts Genos and Bang's rescue efforts, but Atomic Samurai, Darkshine, and barely-conscious Tatsumaki help Genos escape with Tanktop Master. Darkshine taunts Black Sperm, enraging him.
  • Chapter 146: The remaining S-Class heroes face a veritable horde of Black Sperm cells, but manage to handle them once the Council of Swordmasters and Spring Mustachio arrive. Black Sperm asks Homeless Emperor for help, but he declines, content to wait out Black Sperm's battle and finish him off when he's weak. Genos brings Tanktop Master to Fubuki so she can heal him; due to her weakened state, she has to use some of Bomb's power to do so. Suddenly, Garou bursts from the rubble nearby, causing Bomb to call out for Bang. Atomic Samurai allows Bang to go face Garou while he, Darkshine, and the swordmasters continue to combat Black Sperm.
  • Chapter 147: Bomb holds off Garou's rampage. While Pig God returns, the S-Class and swordsmen continue to fight Black Sperm - the monster catches the weak Tatsumaki, but Genos rescues her. The vomited Fuhrer Ugly reappears and challenges the S-Class, countering their attacks and killing Zanbai with his highly corrosive body. Bomb begins to falter against Garou when Bang arrives to take over for him.
  • Chapter 148: Bang challenges Garou and is surprised by his former student's strength and technique. Vomited Fuhrer Ugly is about to melt Atomic Samurai and Nichirin; their respective students attempt to push them out of the way, but Amahare kicks Iaian into Atomic Samurai and Nichirin bats Spring Mustachio away. As a result, Nichirin and Amahare are both dissolved. In his final moments, Nichirin reaches into a portal and bestows the legendary Sun Blade upon Atomic Samurai. Meanwhile, Fuhrer Ugly and Black Sperm begin to bicker, prompting a fight. Black Sperm fuses many cells into one superpowerful being: Golden Sperm. The fusion easily brutalizes the corrosive monster with his bare hands, knocking him unconscious while unaffected by the acid.
  • Chapter 149: Homeless Emperor finally joins the fight, blasting Fuhrer Ugly with light balls and forcing him to flee. Golden Sperm goes for the burned Darkshine and beats him further; the rest of the Black Sperm cells continue to torment Genos and Tatsumaki, who are on their last legs. While Fuhrer Ugly crawls away to consume Bang to replenish his body, he is followed by a squadron of Black Sperm cells - however, they then run into Metal Bat, who kills several cells. Child Emperor is revealed to have survived Homeless Emperor's energy blast when Underdog Man took the blast for him and rubble buried them underground. Child Emperor texts Metal Knight to ask for help and is about to run out of oxygen when Puri-Puri Prisoner digs a hole right to him and starts bringing him to the surface, much to his Squick for hugging him too tight after Child Emperor accidentally punched him. King also appears, facing down the army of Black Sperm cells in a hero pose with the King Engine roaring.
  • To be continued... (for the webcomic canon, which has proceeded past this point but is subject to change when redrawn, go see the webcomic's Recap page).


Bonus Content

    Bonus Chapters (Omakes) 
Bonus chapters that are sometimes included alongside the main story chapters, either extras or specials.
  • 200 Yen: This story is a flashback to a 12-year-old Saitama in middle school. He is shown as an aloof student, getting in trouble with teachers and being picked on by his classmates. After school one day, Saitama is beaten up by delinquents for his money, but suddenly the monster Piggy Bancon appears to take the money for itself. He pursues Piggy Bancon, but it knocks him unconscious. Once he returns to school he is berated by a teacher, and wonders if he will ever achieve anything. Fast forward to the future, where Saitama has just saved a child from a snowman monster and is about to engage in another unfulfilling battle.
  • Brushing Up: This story takes place during Saitama's training when he still had his hair. He continues his workout regimen while defeating any monsters he can. On the 300th day, he feels unbearable pain but also discovers he can run at incredible speeds. He saves a child from getting hit by a car, then confronts the monster Personification Of A Light Pull Cord. The monster beats him down, but in the process knocks out a tooth that had been aching all day, allowing Saitama to power through and defeat him.
  • Summer: This story is set during Saitama's training again. Three heroes try and fail to defeat the monster 170,000-Year-Old Cicada Larva, disappointing the civilians hiding inside a disaster shelter. Saitama is also among the crowd, and once he realizes the monster is outside he tries to go fight it. However, he is prohibited from leaving. After waiting several hours he desperately needs to use the bathroom, so he punches a hole in the shelter and escapes. On his way to find a toilet, Saitama easily kills the 170,000-Year-Old Cicada Larva. Back in the present day, Saitama notices the appearance of a 170,000-Year-Old Cicada Adult.
  • A New Wind Blows: Glasses is a B-Class hero who recently joined the Blizzard Group. He helps them hunt the arsonist Banero, but Eyelashes is disappointed by Glasses' performance. Later, the Blizzard Group faces the monster Demonic Fan and is completely overpowered by it, even with the intervention of Fubuki. Fortunately, Tatsumaki appears and slams Demonic Fan into a wall, seemingly defeating it before departing. Glasses is frustrated by his lack of supernatural powers - as if on cue, Saitama arrives. Saitama tells him that Demonic Fan is still moving and goes to finish it off, but Glasses urges him to be careful - of course, Saitama kills it one punch. He tells him that the only way to keep moving is to go forwards. Weeks later, Glasses is shown to have left the Blizzard Group to train on his own.
  • Prison: Speed-o'-Sound Sonic is in Smelly Lid Prison following his arrest by Saitama, where he instantly butts heads with the older prisoners. They explain to him that Puri-Puri Prisoner keeps the peace in the jail with his own form of romantic deterrence. Puri-Puri Prisoner learns that his fellow hero Stinger is in trouble fighting the Seafolk and bursts out of the prison to aid him, so Sonic uses the hole to escape as well.
  • What Can't Be Bought: Saitama finds himself totally out of money, unable to afford even red bean cider at a vending machine. He kills the monster Delorean, but two C-Class heroes named Funeral Suspenders and D-Pad take the credit and even buy the drink Saitama wanted. Saitama goes to the bank, just as it is robbed by the Cow's Stomach gang who also kidnaps a child. They escape in their getaway van, but Saitama grabs the van and defeats them. He saves the child and refuses the money they give Saitama as thanks. Back in the present, Genos orders Saitama a whole crate of red bean cider after hearing the story. Not wanting to drink it all himself, Saitama instead gives it all to Mumen Rider.
  • Salmon: A suicidal salaryman is about to jump off a building, coincidentally right next to Saitama who is eating lunch. Saitama accidentally drops some salmon as he listens to the man's story and darts down to catch it before returning, shocking him with his speed. The man slips and falls, but Saitama saves him and sends him on his way. He then discovers that a monster called Three-Eyed Ghost has been spreading gas to amplify the angst of the working class, and he prepares to fight it.
  • (Omake 8): The events preceding Groribas' encounter with Saitama are shown. After being informed by Geryuganshoop, Groribas boasts about all the moves he has at his disposal, excited to face Saitama.
  • Big Construction: After the Dark Matter Thieves are stopped, Metal Bat angrily confronts Sweet Mask - however, the two are interrupted by phone calls so they part ways. Saitama finds a rock in his boot from the moon, and just as Genos tells him how much he can sell it for, he loses it. Then, two days after the incident, reconstruction of the Hero Association headquarters begins and a giant mechanical monstrosity appears. Tanktop Master and the Tank Topper Army go to fight it but stop upon realizing it is Metal Knight's robotic drone and is spearheading the reconstruction project. Despite the projection that the effort would take 10 years to complete, Metal Knight's drones finish it in a single week.
  • Recollection Of A Most Sincere Apprentice: Charanko considers resigning from Bang's dojo, having only joined in the first place to become popular with girls. However, upon realizing he is the only student left and therefore the number one student, he decides to stay.
  • Pork Cutlet Bowl: Saitama is taken in for questioning by two police officers. Chief Kuma informs Saitama that he is a suspect in a case of multiple assaults in the area. However, the police station is attacked by the true culprit after he monsterizes into Surprise-Attack Plum. The police move to call the Hero Association, but Saitama stops them and kills the monster by himself. The media swarms the police station, and Chief Kuma emerges to tell them that a hero saved them.
  • Lost Cat: Saitama is given a mission directly from a Hero Association staff member: to find his daughter's lost cat, Torako. Meanwhile, Genos receives a mission from another Hero Association worker to find his cat which monsterized and ran away. Saitama meets with the daughter while Genos confronts the monstrous Grizzly Nyah. Lightning Genji and Stinger finally kill Grizzly Nyah, only to be defeated by its parent, Mother Nyah. Saitama finally finds Torako and kills Mother Nyah in one punch in the process. Torako then scratches Saitama, and he remarks he isn't cut out for these little jobs.
  • Lobster: Bang invites Saitama and Genos to his dojo to eat lobster, as his brother Bomb gave him too many. Charanko prepares the hot pot, bringing up rumors of a dojo that attacks other dojos. Saitama is disappointed by the lack of napa cabbage, so Bang goes out to buy some - while he's gone, the Harsh Path Style dojo storms in for a fight. They defeat Charanko, forcing Saitama and Genos to take over. Their battle destroys the dojo, and when Bang returns to find its ruins, he accuses the final remaining Harsh Path fighter, Benpatsu. While the Harsh Path fighters walk home, they run into Garou who easily defeats them by himself.
  • (Omake 14): During the Giant Crow's attack on King's apartment, it's revealed that Saitama's shiny bald head is what attracted it. Meanwhile, Tongue Stretcher is shown being transported to a Hero Association prison, impressing the other monsters by saying he was hit by King and survived.
  • Struggle of the Blizzard Group: In need of a new vehicle, the Blizzard Group all get part-time jobs to raise funds. Fubuki raises the bulk of the funds, stating she "put her body on the line" - this is misinterpreted, but she explains that she was just hunting bounties. Once a monster alarm goes off, the Blizzard Group excitedly gets in their newly-purchased car, but they get stuck in traffic and Saitama kills the monster first.
  • Tatsumaki's Day Off: Tatsumaki destroys the monster Gigakigan, and the next day receives a day off of work. She is grateful for the time off, but is also bored by it and decides to hunt monsters anyways. However, every monster is defeated by Saitama before she can get there. She finally manages to get to Hotdog before Saitama does, shredding it to pieces in satisfaction.
  • Sense: Saitama decides to enter a hero costume contest for the cash prize, but runs into a bullied child on the way there and gives him his costume as a gift. He instead wears some cheap clothes he got as a prize from a restaurant and disappoints the head judge Torajiro immensely. Suddenly, Game-Berus attacks the contest, and Saitama is the only hero who can defeat it which wins him some points. On the way home from the contest, Saitama meets the boy again and swaps his outfit for his hero costume again. The boy then sees his father, who is revealed to be Torajiro.
  • Numbers: The Blizzard Group insists that Saitama join their ranks, and he refuses again. Fubuki proposes a competition to determine it once and for all, which Saitama accepts. The next day he arrives with Genos, King, and Bang at his side, but is surprised to learn that the contest is a video game battle. Piko, a former pro gamer in the Blizzard Group, easily defeats Bang, Genos, and Saitama, leaving King as the only one left. Meanwhile, Child Emperor uses a new invention to scan individual power levels but finds it inaccurate when Jumping Spider can beat many heroes despite its low power level. Genos, Bang, and Saitama kill the monster, and upon returning to the apartment they find King has won against Piko along with every other member of the Blizzard Group in the video game.
  • Squadron: Saitama is assigned to work with a group of B-Class heroes led by Wild Horn, and they are deployed to a forest to capture the monster Scaledon alive. The Hero Association staff discuss that its scales sell for a high price, and Metal Knight calls to inform them that it may be too much for the B-Class heroes to handle. Scaledon falls into multiple traps, but is unaffected and swallows Wild Horn and the other heroes. Saitama is also swallowed, so he punches it open, deciding that capturing it alive wasn't an option. Metal Knight is amused by the death of the monster.
  • Weapon: A year ago, Metal Bat broke his baseball bat fighting monsters. The Hero Association gave him an allegedly unbreakable bat in return, but Zenko berated him for not getting Sweet Mask's autography too.
  • King's Weekend-Like Weekday: King is stalked in a cafe by the Hitman Clan, who was hired to kill him. He shouts in anger as he writes on his laptop, scaring the assassins into leaving. Once King departs the cafe they decide to corner him with the lie that they want autographs, but he refuses, foiling the plan. Saitama then approaches King and easily defeats the assassins himself.
  • Disaster Level: After Saitama saves a street food vendor from a monster, the vendor thanks Saitama and asks him about disaster levels, but he has no idea himself. An alert sounds for the Tiger-level Black Roast, but it is swiftly dealt with by Air. Meanwhile, the Surly Brothers defeat a Demon-level monster and are called to deal with the Tiger-level Withered Sprout. However, Withered Sprout is secretly a cryokinetic who is much more powerful than he appears, defeating the three heroes with ease. He then attacks Saitama, freezing his sweet potato, which angers him so much he quickly kills him.
  • Star: One of Sweet Mask's concerts is interrupted by the Monster Association's raid on humanity, forcing him to fight monsters on stage. The fans adore his performance.
  • Witness: Back during Vaccine Man's attack, it is shown that King was the one who was given the credit for the monster's defeat after stumbling upon the corpse in the aftermath.
  • A Hopeless Swimmer's Counterplan: While at the beach, Saitama asks Genos if he can swim. Later, Saitama wonders where Genos went, only to discover that he can transform into a submarine.
  • Growth Process: Glasses and Eyelashes reunite after stopping some thugs at a convenience store. Eyelashes praise his progress, but their conversation is interrupted by an explosion and Glasses rushes off to face it. Eyelashes call Fubuki to inform her of the situation, somewhat jealous of his old subordinate's freedom.
  • Confidence: Following Speed-o'-Sound Sonic's night of Monster Cell-induced diarrhea, he believes he has become a monster despite no physical changes. He feels lighter and more powerful, and is excited to face Saitama again - in reality, Sonic just lost 2 kg from diarrhea.
  • Reality Punch: Saitama reads manga in Z-City and wonders about his own heroic story. Three monsters called the Tempest Brothers approached him, but he ignores their presence. After he finally kills one of them, the other two flee.
  • Owned Items: On the way to the battle with the Monster Association, various heroes on the surface team discuss their specialized battle equipment. They are eventually interrupted by Flashy Flash, telling them to concentrate on the coming mission.
  • Cannot Wait: Charanko pretends to "exercise" while injured in the hospital to impress a nurse, but gives up once he notices that the nurse is blushing at Suiryu, who is hand-walking on one hand. The nurse tries to stop Suiryu, but he explains that he has a new goal.
  • Coffee: Zombieman visits a cafe and orders a coffee. The Hero Association calls him about a bomb-using monster, so he leaves the cafe. Remaining on the phone, Zombieman declines the offer for bomb-proof clothes and instead tells them to just prepare a spare set of clothes.
  • Example: Sweet Mask observes and critiques Pig God about his heroism, telling him he should be an example for other heroes. Pig God takes the advice and pays for Saitama's food at a noodle restaurant, much to Saitama's chagrin.

    Original Video Animations (OVAs) 
Slice-of-life side stories that are half-length episodes, save "Road to Hero" at full-length.

Season 1 OVAs

  • Road to Hero: This story takes place during Saitama's training when he still had hair. As he fights the monsters in Z-City, he meets a draper who is the last clothes shop in the city due to gang activity. Saitama discovers the entire gang lives in the same complex as him, so he defeats them all to collect the bounties on their heads. He encounters their boss, a monster called Fish of Darkness, and beats him up too. However, the landlady complains that Saitama just got rid of all her tenants and kicks him out. When Saitama returns to the draper, he gives Saitama his final masterpiece as thanks: a superhero suit. In the present, Genos marvels at this story and asks Saitama if he wants a new suit, but Saitama states that it's now an important memento.
  • The Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close: Before Genos moved in with Saitama, he closely stalks him hoping to find the secret of his power. He watches him buy French fries at a restaurant and steals the longest one to examine, much to Saitama's chagrin. Later, Saitama finds himself met with the villain Men's Esthetician Man, who claims to have faced him in the past. Saitama assumes that he's the fry thief and defeats him. Meanwhile, Genos finds inconclusive results after analyzing the fry.
  • The Pupil Who Is An Extremely Poor Talker: A criminal named Don Pacino holds an important hostage and steals a key to Saitama's apartment, attempting to extort information out of Genos. Genos tells Don Pacino and his thugs about how Saitama told him not to lose the keys while at a public bath. After the bath, they split up to hit sales at two different stores at once for dinner. However, Genos was distracted by a monster attack, and by the time he defeated it, the sale had ended. Don Pacino is annoyed by Genos' long story, demanding to know how Genos knows the hostage. After Genos tells another irrelevant story, Pacino realizes that Genos is not related to the hostage after all. The gangsters shoot at him, so he subdues them all and frees the hostage. At home, Genos apologizes to Saitama for losing his key.
  • The Ninja Who Is Too Complicated: Ever since his loss against Saitama, Sonic has had nightmares. He goes to a forest to retrain himself, meeting a bear hunter named Frank. He also saves a baby boar from a snake, whom he names Ino. After Sonic leaves Ino with Frank and heads home, the bear returns to attack Frank. Saitama appears, looking for some food, and kills the bear to eat with Genos. After Frank wakes up, he and Ino look with amazement at the forest cleared by Saitama's punch.
  • Bang, Who Is Too Overbearing: After the giant meteor incident, Bang spies on Saitama and Genos to gauge their abilities. He then invites them to his dojo under the pretense of free meat. At the dojo, Bang challenges Saitama to a variety of games, including card-based memory games and rock-paper-scissors, which Bang wins almost every time. Saitama nearly crushes Bang with a hammer during a particular match, forcing him to recognize his power. Noticing Saitama's passion for the games, Bang still offers to let them join the dojo, but Saitama refuses.
  • The Sisters Who Have Too Many Things Happening: After the Seafolk invasion, the Blizzard Group is disappointed their feats are not recognized in the news. Fubuki takes this the hardest and goes on a train ride to clear her thoughts. Genos happens to be on the same train with groceries. During the ride, Genos receives a call that an ex-hero serial bomber has planted a bomb on the train that will detonate once it reaches the Z-City station. Fubuki evacuates panicked civilians off the runaway train and finds the bomb with the help of a newbie hero, Swim, while Genos tries to stop the train from the outside. Luckily, Tatsumaki appears and successfully detonates the train with no casualties. On the way home, Fubuki runs into Swim again, who promises to join the Blizzard Group once she reaches B-Class. Meanwhile, Genos visits Dr. Kuseno to ask for psychic abilities. The short ends with Saitama wondering why Genos is so late.
  • The Murder Case That Is Too Impossible: After the Dark Matter Thieves' attack, all the heroes present were invited to a luxury resort, including Saitama, Genos, and several others. However, that night Zombieman is found murdered. In flashbacks, the heroes are shown enjoying the hot springs and a sake ceremony. Child Emperor discovers that the weapon stabbed through Zombieman is Atomic Samurai's sword. Zombieman wakes up and reveals that Atomic Samurai's sword was floating in green light. After looking at surveillance footage, it's revealed that Tatsumaki was drunk off sake and stabbed Zombieman in her intoxicated stupor. On the way home, Genos believes that Tatsumaki's drunken mischief was thanks to Saitama since he had playfully scolded her for drinking adult sake that night.

Season 2 OVAs

  • Saitama and the Mediocre Ability Users: A trio of villains meets in a public restroom to plot their first bank heist. Saitama enters, and they believe he is part of the team too (they were expecting a fourth person from online). When he reveals that he is a hero, they attack him with ineffectual supernatural powers. They are embarrassed by their failure but are suddenly endangered by an underground monster called Dirt Earthworm. Saitama saves them but is unable to catch it before it burrows away. Genos arrives, having heard about the monster. The trio lies, saying they wanted to learn from Saitama to be heroes too, so Saitama subjects them to his insane workout routine. Meanwhile, Dirt Earthworm watches from afar, plotting his revenge, but a sparrow plucks him up and eats him.
  • Going Fishing With Middle-Aged Men: Atomic Samurai and Bang are fishing on a lake. Nearby, the monster Giant Salamander has been pursued to the lake by Chain'n'toad and Mumen Rider. Giant Salamander lured them there to fight in the water, where he easily overpowers them both, swallowing Chain'n'Toad and thrashing Mumen Rider. The two are saved by Atomic Samurai quickly killing the monster. Atomic Samurai and Bang talk about how many young heroes these days don't seem like real "heroes", and Bang states the Hero Association's ranking system is partly to blame. He suggests the upcoming Saitama may help to change this but decides to let Atomic Samurai wait and see who he's talking about.
  • Genos and Memory Loss: Saitama pulls too hard opening a bag of chips, and they explode everywhere. In his haste to save them, he accidentally hits Genos in the head. This causes Genos to lose his memory. He begins mimicking a child on the TV, and after reading some of Saitama's manga, adopts the mannerisms of a rude delinquent. The doorbell rings and Genos accidentally blasts Saitama with his incinerators. Fubuki enters the apartment and, realizing the opportunity, calls the Blizzard Group to recruit Genos while he is in this highly suggestible state. Genos' sensors then pick up an energy signature and he leaves. The Blizzard Group tries to recruit Genos while he's out, but he flees. A confused Genos next runs into a monster called the Lord of the Mountains. Some civilians call Genos a hero, so the Lord of the Mountains challenges him. The amnesiac Genos fails to realize he can fight, so he runs to find Fubuki. He fails to fight back until he is hit hard enough to rejuvenate his memory. Genos then makes quick work of the Lord of the Mountains. That evening, Genos apologizes to Saitama with meat made of the Lord of the Mountains.
  • Games and Rivals: Saitama brings Genos to a tournament for the video game "Wild Animals" due to the grand prize being five million yen. Several locations are being used as venues, with the battles taking place online. Saitama plans to use virtual reality controls, but his fighting techniques don't translate well and he loses to a koala avatar in the first round. Garou has also entered the tournament, easily defeating opponents with his martial arts, and Suiryu does the same in another venue. Eventually, Garou and Suiryu fight, but the speed of Garou's attacks causes the equipment to glitch, freezing his avatar and allowing Suiryu to win. The final match is between Suiryu and the same koala from earlier, who beats Suiryu in mere seconds. The koala's player goes to receive their prize, and it's revealed to be King in disguise.
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner and the Jailbreaking Prisoners: One stormy night, a monster emerges from a junkyard near Smelly Lid Prison. Puri-Puri Prisoner breaks out to defeat it, but accidentally damages the prison's electricity in the process, allowing a handful of inmates to escape. Realizing the incident may cost a certain cute employee his job, Puri-Puri Prisoner hunts down the escaped inmates. He finds one in the city and subdues him, drawing the attention of Sonic. The ninja challenges Puri-Puri Prisoner, but he merely flirts with him and leaves. The rest of the inmates, who are hiding in an abandoned house in the countryside, fear Puri-Puri Prisoner's wrath and consider turning themselves in. Before they can, they are met with Urn Eel, a Seafolk survivor who was hiding in the house before them. Puri-Puri Prisoner appears and beats the monster down before turning to the horrified inmates. Despite the odds, Urn Eel stands his ground, so the inmates cheer him on. Puri-Puri Prisoner believes they are cheering for him instead, and after killing Urn Eel he is so touched that he lets them return to prison peacefully.
  • Zombieman Murder Case Two: Child Emperor, Zombieman, Superalloy Darkshine, and Metal Bat are dispatched to a snowy mountain to hunt a monster. They fail to find anything, so they check into a lodge for the night. There they meet Saitama and Genos, who also got stuck on the mountain, and Flashy Flash, who is trying to relax on vacation. Sonic has also been training on the same mountain and decides to kill Saitama. However, he stays outside for too long and freezes, crashing through a window. The heroes tie him up, but Sonic easily escapes to attack Saitama from under the floorboards. He is stopped by Genos, and their encounter destroys the room. The dust irritates Saitama's nose and he sneezes, blowing open every door and window in the lodge. The power goes out, followed by an explosion. The heroes head to the den, finding the room destroyed and Zombieman unconscious. Child Emperor states the culprit must be in the lodge, but the group finds that they all have good alibis (forgetting about Flashy Flash upstairs). They assume the monster is responsible, but after learning it is a bear monster called Bruinado, they scrap the idea. Once Child Emperor sees Saitama sneeze again, he deduces the truth: the heaters in the lodge dried out the interior, Genos and Sonic's fight kicked up flammable dust, Saitama's sneeze pushed the dust into the den, all the electricity usage caused a breaker to trip, and Zombieman's lighter caused the dust to detonate. Suddenly, Bruinado crashes through the front door, but he is quickly defeated by the exasperated warriors. Upstairs, Flashy Flash continues to use all the lodge's power.

    Redrawn Chapters 
Yusuke Murata has redrawn entire manga chapters between their initial online releases and their official physical volume printing on various occasions. This occurs all the time with little tweaks to the art, but sometimes it is done to completely Retcon portions of the story. Here we'll collect summaries of the original versions of each redrawn chapter for What Could Have Been purposes. These chapters are no longer canon.
  • Chapter 36: During his Meteoric Burst attack, Boros originally didn't do the moon kick. Instead, he knocked off a wing of the ship and threw it at Saitama, nearly bisecting the entire spacecraft.
  • Chapters 99-100: These chapters have actually been redrawn twice. At first, it was a simple fight between Phoenix Man and Child Emperor's Brave Giant without Phoenix Space, Saitama, or Penguin Mode involved, but Murata wasn't satisfied with the flow so he redid it. Instead, this second version saw Child Emperor killing Phoenix Man once, causing him to resurrect in the powerful "Brilliant Eagle Mode". This gave Phoenix Man the upper hand, which forced Child Emperor to use a Kamehame Hadoken that used up the rest of Brave Giant's power and seemed to finish off Phoenix Man... until he returned again. Then Child Emperor slipped the tickling bug into his costume as usual. Additionally, the revived Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame ran off and faced Saitama in a hallway, since he wasn't at the scene of the fight. The third version with Saitama, Phoenix Space, and Penguin Mode instead of Brilliant Eagle Mode is the one we're currently sitting with.
  • Chapter 101: Zombieman originally didn't fight any monster-made Metal Knight drones.
  • Chapter 102: The fight between Atomic Samurai's disciples and the brainwashed Narinki Squad was originally shorter.
  • Chapter 103: Iaian didn't change his mind, so Sweet Mask actually ended up killing the Narinki Squad and Do-S with relatively little trouble, not getting his face cracked or anything. This means that they also weren't present in any future chapters after this.
  • Chapter 104: Atomic Samurai's disciples fought Devil Long Hair without the Narinki Squad.
  • Chapter 110: Atomic Samurai's fight with G5 was later, and it lasted quite a bit longer. He even complimented the robot on its skills.
  • Chapter 111: Saitama didn't accompany Child Emperor to the surface. There was no Building Booper gag, and Child Emperor was even angrier with Wagnma upon learning he lied about Tareo.
  • Chapter 114: The mercenaries, being dead, didn't accompany the swordsmen to find Evil Natural Water. Master Joe was a generic cat-like monster instead, and Evil Natural Water was stored in an aquarium instead of a giant vault.

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