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Introduction Saga

     House of Evolution Arc 

Hero Association Saga

     Giant Meteor Arc 
  • Episode 7 of the anime has an extra scene that did not happen in the manga, where Genos reads negative comments about Saitama online and runs to the scene where he is being publicly humiliated by Tank Top Tiger and Black Hole and Genos asks him to just head home. The very last of the episode has Genos confessing to Saitama that he will always be on his side regardless of what people say about him. Saitama responds that Genos doesn't need to butter things up to make him feel better, but when he turns around to continue walking, there's a small smile on his face.
  • Before that scene, after Genos describes the Threat Level system, he remarks that Saitama probably doesn't care about threat levels anyway, to which Saitama replies "Of course not. If heroes run away, who's left to help?" Genos had meant the remark to mean that Saitama wouldn't be scared of any threat and would meet any challenge running; Saitama misses this context and instead responds with a view that reflects what he thinks heroes should do, regardless of threat level, as if this were just common sense. Genos' reaction is almost as if he's had an incredible revelation unveiled to him, and he begins writing down Saitama's words at high-speed, much to Saitama's confusion and embarrassment. It seems humorous, but shortly thereafter we see Genos comment that he'll stand by Saitama. It's pretty clear that Saitama's short remark struck an important note with Genos — now he's not just a disciple trying to gain more power, but a friend admiring Saitama for his heroic worldview, willing to stand beside Saitama even if he simply can't compare to his strength.

     Sea Monster Arc 
  • Genos took a direct hit from Sea King of flesh-and-bone-melting acid to save a little girl, who Sea King tried to kill because she cheered Genos on, because that's what a hero does.
  • Licenseless Rider standing and fighting against an opponent that can kill him in an eyeblink is a Moment of Awesome. The crowd of civilians watching cheering him on, even though they know that there is no way he can win? Heartwarming. Even Saitama is impressed by his Heroic Resolve.
    Saitama: "You did well. Nice fight." In the dub 
  • As soon as he lays Licenseless Rider down, Saitama sees Genos horribly damaged and immediately calls out to him in concern, asking if he's still alive. As soon as he sees Genos is not yet dead, he breathes out a visible sigh of relief. He may not have initially wanted Genos as a disciple or his roommate — but it's clear he cares about Genos and considers him a friend.
  • Saitama making himself out to be a jerk in front of the civilians that watched him defeat Sea King... so that the heroes who had risked their lives and nearly died would get the recognition for having "weakened" the opponent beforehand. Bear in mind, Saitama became a member of the Hero Association for the primary purpose of getting the recognition he deserved for repeatedly going out and defeating the Monster of the Week... so him giving up that chance for the sake of others getting the recognition they deserve is truly heroic.
  • "B-Class". Saitama's starting to get hate mail, and the Hero Association are questioning whether he's for real, but there's someone aside from Genos who wants to thank him for what he's done. It's from Licenseless Rider, who later treats him to oden.
  • When Saitama opens a second mail, Genos sneaks into the screen with his blaster ready to fire. It's as if he is threatening that if it's another hate mail, bashing Saitama, he will burn it to ashes and even before that he instantly wants to hunt down the person who sent Saitama hate mail.

     Alien Conquerors Arc 
  • During the final stage of the battle between Saitama and Boros, in the anime, we are presented to a brief scene where we see Boros' eye changing colour and can hear his heartbeat. This is a Call-Back to Saitama's dream from the first episode, and implies that, for the first time in perhaps his whole life, Boros is truly feeling alive and enjoying himself fighting Saitama.
  • After the battle between Saitama and Boros, there's a brief moment of pure, mutual respect between the two after it's revealed Boros is not only still alive a bit longer, but conscious after taking the Serious Strike. Saitama actually tries to comfort his dying foe in agreeing that the battle was hard-fought, though Boros now knows full well he never stood a chance. Even after Boros is long gone and Saitama is meeting back up with Genos, he still asserts that Boros was truly powerful, and the strongest opponent he's ever known. It's a kind of understanding only two who know the loneliness of being the strongest in the world can have.
  • Genos' description of Sweet Mask is that Genos would have been like that, had Saitama not been in his life. His Sensei may not have taught him special abilities, but he did teach him the most important power.
  • Going on from his previous reactions to Genos' injuries, Saitama's response to Tatsumaki throwing him into a large rock may be his most concerned response to date. In the anime he's even shown trying to help him out afterwards, although he accidentally tears his arm off as a result.
  • Episode 12 has a scene where Genos rescues a child from a Dragon-level monster and proudly introduces himself and Saitama through a Borrowed Catchphrase from his Sensei before Saitama destroys the monster. What really sells it is the kind smile he gives to the boy as he introduces himself.
    Pluton: Who do we have here?
    Genos: A great man who is a hero for fun and profit... and his disciple

     King Arc 
  • The scene where King realizes it was Saitama who saved him all those years ago and is the one whose accomplishments King has been getting credit for.
  • After King reveals the truth about himself to Saitama, Saitama doesn't hold a grudge against him for unintentionally taking all the credit for the monsters he destroyed for the past three years. Saitama was even nice enough to keep his lie a secret and encourage him to continue being a hero despite being a fraud. He even decides to start playing video games with him.

Human Monster Saga

     Garou Introduction Arc 
  • Fubuki's first encounter with Saitama really causes her to get inside of her own head with her defeatist mindset and philosophy. First she (the number 1 B-class) can't do anything to harm Saitama (currently ranked as "Number 7 B-class") in their brief skirmish, then Genos comes along (currently Number 14 S-class) with the revelation that he is Saitama's disciple, making her utterly stunned over the idea that B-class and an S-class hero can casually associate without any considerations for the power gap whatsoever. After that, she watches Sonic (an estimated S-class threat) and Genos fight, only to have Saitama casually stomp Sonic like nothing, curbstomping her philosophy further. After that, she tells Saitama and Genos of the foundation for her philosophy (her depressing relationship to Tatsumaki), and rebuffs Saitama's idea of climbing the A-class rank ladder herself, believing she'd never get past the holders of its top four-spots. Then to finally cap it all off as she begins to reassure herself with her fractured philosophy, she claims that King (the Number 7 S-class), Tatsumaki (the Number 2 S-class) and Blast (the Number 1 S-class) are so utterly ridiculous obstacles to reaching the top that not even Saitama could hope to surpass them, only to get interrupted once King himself shows up at Saitama's door, not as the S-class hero, but as a friendly acquaintance. The sight of Saitama being so casual with someone she believed to be beyond human reach, the two of them treating each other as equals, is the final nail to her philosophy. She came to Saitama looking to have him join her by force, but instead became the one wanting to join him and his circle of equals, thanks to Saitama's attitude of utter dismissal for the Hero System's hierarchy.

     Monster Raid Arc 
  • Saitama visiting Licenseless Rider in the hospital and offering him, Tanktop Master and Charanko bananas.
  • Garou's relationship with a small, homely boy who's a fan of heroes.
  • Just as Metal Bat is about to hit Garou, he stops when his sister Zenko shows up. Before they can clash again, Zenko stands between them to protect her brother and tells Garou that Metal Bat promised never to use violence in front of her, breaking up the fight. Garou respects this and leaves to go find Watchdog Man instead.
  • An otherwise unseen moment, but Sour Face and Jakumen's match ended in the two praising each other's efforts, and the audience applauding their sportsmanship.
  • When Snek and Lightning Max return to protect the other fighters and to stop the monsters from turning the rest of the martial artists into monsters, Suiryu questions why they returned when they could have gotten away safely. After looking at each other for a second, they both respond with an earnest look on their faces:
    Snek and Max: To save you.
  • All three fighters are down. All seems lost. Suiryu, in the climax of his humiliation at the hands of Gouketsu and Bakuzan, cries out for a hero to save them. Bakuzan seemingly crushes Snek under his foot to demonstrate despair... Then Saitama saves Snek.
    Saitama: I heard your cry for help. I came for you, Suiryu! You did well resisting alone until now!
    Saitama strides past Suiryu towards Bakuzan, who looks shocked and bewildered...
    Saitama: Leave the rest to me.
  • Unlike many others Saitama's saved, Suiryu genuinely thanks Saitama for saving his life.
  • Suiryu begging Saitama not to fight Gouketsu because he finally met a true hero and doesn't want him to throw his life away fighting an unstoppable monster. And when Saitama comes back after defeating Gouketsu, Suiryu is so inspired by Saitama that he now wants to be a hero and asks if he can be Saitama's disciple (which Saitama flat-out refuses).

     Monster Association Arc 
  • After being rescued from the Monsters Association, the kid pays Garou back by standing up to Sweet Mask when he tries to execute the supposed "Hero Killer".
  • This reinvigorates Garou's will to live, and he leaps away too fast for any hero to track... except for Saitama, who chose not to reveal his escape path.

     Psychic Sisters Arc 
  • In chapter 104 of the ONE-drawn manga, Metal Bat is called upon by the Hero Association to defeat a Dragon-class hedgehog monster. He's rather upset by this, because his cat's about to give birth and he's worried about her. After Saitama and Tatsumaki kill it by accident during their fight, Metal Bat decides to just calm down and get home to take care of his cat.
  • Saitama following Tatsumaki after she flew away, just to make sure she was alright because of how much her wounds were bleeding.


     Bonus Chapters 
  • In a bonus chapter that takes place before Saitama lost his Shonen Hair, he follows a group of heroes thinking that they would lead him to the Monster of the Week that's been attacking lately. When he finds out that they lead him to a citizen defense shelter instead, he makes to leave. The surrounding citizens think he's having a panic attack and trying to commit suicide. So they all band together to hold him back, just so they can save him from what they think is certain death. All the while stating that he's young and that he has so much to live for.
  • In another bonus chapter, a nameless B-Rank hero is disheartened by the hero system and believes that normal people like him will never make it big. In comes Saitama who ends up beating a monster that not even Tornado could defeat completely using only his normal strength. He tells the hero that the only person keeping him back is himself and that he can truly be strong if he only works hard for it. The man doesn't believe that Saitama's telling the truth until Saitama goes off to buy vegetables at a special sale: the EXACT SAME dilemma the man was facing during the chapter.
    • Becomes much better later when he's revealed that, after leaving the Blizzard Group, he had started rising the rankings thanks to the hard work Saitama inspired him into doing. He's even seen in the group Death Gatling brings to ambush an injured Garou, giving him trouble when the Hero Hunter thinks "the support guy" will be easy prey, and summoning Genos when Garou starts gaining the upper hand.
  • Another awesome and heartwarming one comes in Chapter 33.5, entitled 'Salmon', which refers to Saitama's lunch, which is salmon. He's eating on the roof of a building when a man comes along to jump off to commit suicide. He's not listening to any half-hearted lines from a hero clearly trying to show off on camera at the ground. Then Saitama's salmon accidentally drops and he easily rushes down to catch it then brings it back up to the roof where, having seen this superhuman feat, the man is shocked and accidentally falls off the roof. Saitama, who's just arrived, quickly catches him using the chopsticks (while losing the salmon). He tells the man that it's ultimately his decision what to do, but asks him to come to the building Saitama's having lunch on should he ever decide to jump again. This is enough to convince the man not to jump and goes to show how natural it is for Saitama to be a hero, registered or not. The best part? No one but the man knows about what Saitama did, which kinda gives the feeling that one of these days Saitama's gonna be backed into the corner, and it's these people that he saves or inspires that will save him in turn.
  • In one of the bonus chapters, Saitama gets picked up by the police for generally being suspicious and looking like the sketch of a criminal that was attacking cops. During his interrogation, the real criminal, a Demon-level monster, strolls into the station and lays waste to the officers there. The chief swallows his pride and asks the Hero Association, which the police regularly butt heads with, for help. The man in charge there rubs it in and makes the chief beg for it. Saitama smashes the phone before he can.
    Saitama: Heroes and Police don't do their jobs because someone says 'please.'
    • A large number of Heroes sent by the Hero Association show up at the station with a camera crew to kill the monster and humiliate the police. Then a bald police officer comes out the door dragging a dead monster...
    • The police chief's reaction to what Saitama had done: in public he follows Saitama's wish and keeps the secret on who killed the monster, but when the news are away he admits Saitama is a hero.
  • Another instance is when a kid offers Saitama his allowance money for saving him. Saitama accepts, and returns it telling the kid it's alright.
    • Reminder that this happened when Saitama was so broke he couldn't even afford a canned drink from a vending machine. The chapter ends with an equally heartwarming moment of Genos telling Saitama that he bought a boxful of the drink because he noticed that Saitama's been eyeing it.
    • Also in the omake page after this, Saitama greets Licenceless Rider while he's on patrol. Saitama asks him if he's thirsty and he gives him all of the canned drinks to him.
  • The omake after Chapter 36 adds a moment where just before Metal Bat and Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask can fight, Metal Bat gets a phone call from his little sister, telling him how her piano recital went. He goes from cocky Jerkass to Jerk with a Heart of Gold in an instant, even asking Sweet Mask for an autograph to make it up to her for having missed it.
    • Heck he doesn't even seem to hate Sweet Mask anymore, either!
  • In a special chapter, after challenging and failing to defeat Saitama and his group in a competition, Fubuki is getting really down on herself. This is not helped by Child Emperor using his new scouter to measure her physical power, which comes up as barely over the average human (Fubuki is a psychic so her power is in her brain not her body). She's about to go into full-blown Troubled Fetal Position when Saitama pulls her out of her funk with this gem:
    "Maybe you just haven't tried hard enough. If you really want to become strong, stop caring about what the world thinks about you! Living your life has nothing to do with what others think!"
    • After his speech, Fubuki snaps out of her depression and psychically crushes the spider parasites that were swarming around the heroes. She yells back at Saitama that she already realized what he just told her and that she was just surprised about losing the contest. However she also uses her powers to telekinetically remove the webs Saitama was covered in when he killed the big spider the little spiders came from. She can act like a real Iron Lady but it's clear that she appreciated what he just said and has started to slowly become a better person being around Saitama.
  • Another bonus chapter shows Metal Bat going to see one of Zenko's piano recitals like he was unable to do during the Alien Conquerers arc. He also shows up with a bouquet of flowers bigger than his body and struggles not to cry the entire time she's playing. For a Hot-Blooded delinquent, Bat can be a real softy when his sister's involved.

  • An OVA that works as part of Saitama's Super Hero Origin has Saitama, who still has hair and training to be a hero, trying to stop a shop from closing because the tailor is the only person who patches up his track suit every time it gets broken. The shop is closing because the tailor is being blackmailed by criminals to make a payment. Though Saitama succeeds in recovering the deed, the tailor closes the shop anyway since he was too old. However, he is not sad about retiring, as he wanted an excuse to do so and got it when Saitama inspired him with his determination to save his shop to make his last piece of work: Saitama's hero suit. The look on his face sells it as it is the happiest he's ever been throughout the episode.
    • The ending of the episode is not only a Whole Episode Flashback between Saitama and Genos, but also a show of Saitama's Hidden Depths in the last minutes of the episode. A Running Gag of the series is that Saitama always worries about his suit getting dirty. Here it shows that he cares about his suit getting clean because it is a gift from the only person that ever believed in him becoming a hero.
    • Despite finding his suit ridiculous during his first time using it, even using his tracksuit on top of his suit because he was embarrassed by his appearance, Saitama got used to his attire due to the emotional value he held for it in spite of not fitting his tastes. He even gets annoyed when Genos proposes to buy him a new suit.
  • OVA 3: Sonic saves a boar piglet from a giant snake, naming the little guy Ino, and befriends an older man named Frank, who he gives advice to to help Frank defeat his arch-enemy. Ino spends most of the episode accompanying Sonic's training, and is absolutely adorable.
  • OVA 5: Despite being upstaged by her sister yet again, Fubuki ended up inspiring a C Class heroine to continue in the hero business after she'd been contemplating quitting. She even requests that she be allowed to join the Fubuki group when she makes it to B Class.

  • Another instance is Fubuki in the later parts of the webcomic. She cared for her old friend Psykos to the point that she would fight Tatsumaki in order to protect her. And not just Psykos but also her subordinates. One could say that spending time with Saitama gave her the courage to do that.
  • Speaking of Tatsumaki, her Big Sister Instinct for Fubuki should count for a lot. Her Berserk Button is absolutely mashed when Garou says he's killed her (not that it helped beat him at all) and in flashback it's shown that she used her powers against the kids that bullied Fubuki for hers.
    • The heartwarming has started to fade a little now that it's becoming clear that Tatsumaki is actually OVERprotective, and is planning to force Blizzard to stop being a hero and basically keep her locked up to keep her safe after Blizzard's showing during the Prison battle disappointed her. And that Tatsumaki has basically been ruining her life through her overprotective tendencies since they were kids.
      • And now getting into Tornado's past has made it even worse Tornado having been isolated from her family when she was a child and forced into experimentation. While she does genuinely love Blizzard, her actions are completely out of hand and clearly a result of her being bitter at the world.
    • For what it's worth, it did go back to being moderately heartwarming seeing Tatsumaki acknowledge Fubuki's strength, express joy at the sight of her progress and change her mind about forcing her to stop being a hero. If only she hadn't immediately decided to force the rest of the Fubuki Group to quit being heroes instead.
  • King's downcast dejection of having all of his attempts to get stronger for real shot down by his reputation. Saitama's advice to him?
    Saitama: "Work on your muscles."
  • You're bald! Just like me!
  • The true you!
  • In the Drama CD "Festival with Saitama", Saitama invited Genos to come with him to a festival. Why? Because he noticed that Genos is basically stressing himself out so he wanted him to have fun for a change.

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