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Awesome Music / One-Punch Man

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With the anime adaptations by Studio Madhouse and J.C. Staff come many great songs.
Opening theme songsBoth of the opening songs are epic rock pieces which really set the mood for the action in each episode.

Ending theme songsThe ending songs are also great, though they clash with the other tracks in how calm and peaceful they are.

  • "I'll Find You Sooner Than the Stars" from Season 1 is a romantic piece, with the female singer (Hiroko Moriguchi) being concerned for Saitama. She has a rather hauntingly beautiful voice to go with the song's melancholic melody. Also check out this English version by Enn.
  • "Embrace the Sadness", also sung by Hiroko Moriguchi, from the Season 1 finale (Episode 12) concludes the season's arc with this sweet tune.
  • "No Map but I'll Be Back" from Season 2 seems to be a response to "I'll Find You Sooner Than the Stars", and gets extra points for being sung by Makoto Furukawa (Saitama's Japanese voice actor).
  • The One-Punch Folk Songs are a series of short, comical ending themes sung in-character by the Japanese voice cast during the credits of the OVA episodes.

Character theme tunes

Other background music

  • The tense Monster plays during several fight scenes, most notably the duel between Saitama and Genos.
  • The ominous Kowa plays during multiple suspenseful moments throughout the series, really setting in a dreadful feeling of something bad about to happen.
  • The epic Hero Society notably plays during the introductory meeting of almost all the S-Class heroes at the Hero Association HQ.
  • BATTLE!!! is used for... well, battles! This track is also known by fans as "Unbeatable" to reflect Saitama's winning track, sadly neither Beast King nor Carnage Kabuto can be reached to confirm such a claim.
  • Accept Battles, the battle theme for Season 2, features intense guitar like Season 1's, but incorporates strings for a more heroic and grandiose sound as well.
  • Crash plays only briefly during the Super Fight, but it's such an epic jam that it wouldn't be out of place in any other fight in the series.
  • Never End, a heroic theme used for climactic battles such as Garou vs. Death Gatling's heroes and Genos vs. Elder Centipede.