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Nightmare Fuel / One-Punch Man

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Just another one of the many Monster of the Week, nothing to see here...

Despite the series pretty simple and goofy premise, it still has it's darker moments that would make even Caped Baldy disturbed. The main antagonists of the show are usually monsters, who attempt to kill as many people as possible, and they have very scary appearances to the boot too, enough to keep many awake at night.

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    In General 
  • Just the entire setting in general is Nightmare Fuel, especially for normal people and even lower-tier heroes. Horrific monsters capable of anything from killing dozens of people to annihilating entire cities are practically common occurrences. Anyone can become a monster, even that one guy who just ate way too much crab one day and anything can set them off. Think the heroes will protect you? With the exception of those in S-Class (of which, there are only 17) and a scant handful of those in A and B Class, most of them seem to be just normal people in costumes. So the odds of them being strong enough to beat the monster of the week/day/hour is close to nil.
    • This is a setting where anyone can just lose their humanity and became physically monstrous and murderous. Anything from eating too much crab to having a reptile obsession to being bullied on the internet can turn you into a monster in this universe. Talk about Paranoia Fuel...
    • One of the bonus chapters lessens this somewhat, as it shows that even the average C-class hero is far more physically capable than a normal person (not to mention the B- and A-Class heroes, who are typically many times stronger), which just makes it even more horrifying in hindsight because they're still pretty much useless.
  • The manga and anime have a plentiful Gorn when it comes to monsters. A good example is Crablante who, by pulling on his eye socket, pre-hero Saitama managed to completely pull out all his innards with massive amounts of Alien Blood raining down. This comes especially surprising to international viewers since the series is not labeled as a Seinen as it is in Japan.

In some ways, the heroes are just as creepy as the monsters and villains they fight against and these in particular stand out.
  • The sheer amount of power Saitama has. You'd think obliterating his opponents with a single punch would be enough (and many of those were pretty gruesome), but just the air blasts generated by his punches can carve holes through mountain ranges. He's also strong enough that black hole levels of gravity don't even impress him, fast enough to cast afterimages, and once got launched to the moon and then jumped his way back. He landed barely a few meters away from his starting position. Finally, to end his fight with Boros, he used a punch from his "serious series." The force of this punch not only split Boros' planet-destroying beam in half, but it also split the atmosphere for thousands of miles across the world. That's when it became clear that Saitama had been holding back his full power the entire time. All those one hit kills? He was barely even trying with those. Everyone should be thankful that not only is he too lazy to really go all out, but that he's also a hero, even if it's just for fun.
    • And during Boros' dying scene, he notes that Saitama, despite calling the attack his "Serious Series" was still him holding back, Saitama could've ended the entire fight in a heartbeat, but was still holding back most of his power so the fight could entertain him.
    • During the Garo arc, Tank Top Master goes into detail about how dangerous Garo is, using counter-attacks and striking at vital spots and joints. "He possesses special techniques for breaking people." Saitama smiles at this statement.
    • The fact that Saitama is a walking, potential God-level threat. Really, all it takes for one, really, really bad day for Saitama to snap and he could just end the earth in the next millisecond. And when Saitama sees Genos die, boy does it all but just confirms this.
    • The nature of Saitama's powers is that his strength never stops growing. Ever. He can't stop that growth or weaken his strength, only speed up or slow down said upwards growth. Said speed is dependent on the intensity of his emotions. And as his strength grows, the more apathetic he becomes. Just, the whole implications of it. The same things that makes Saitama human is what makes him lose his humanity even faster.
    • The fact that Saitama can go insane or is currently going insane with his level of powers, if it weren't for Genos keeping him grounded. No wonder he's so disconnected from humanity - he's no longer human, but the closest thing they have to a Physical God, if he isn't already. And the fact he never stops growing, and that he's already that strong in 1.5 years all just say that a.) his gradual fall to apathy and insanity is all but inevitable, and b.) he may just have a few years left before said insanity.
    • A fraction of Saitama's sneeze blew off half of the gasses and storms off of Jupiter. meaning he can blow up earth entirely with just a mere sneeze. Even has Garou shitting bricks. There can be a point where Saitama merely existing could destroy existence itself.
  • Watchdog Man is an apathetic guy who wears a white dog costume. One of the first images of him as him Atop a Mountain of Monster Corpses. Have fun.
    • In the manga, Garou targets him during his "Hero Hunt"... And, before actually challenging him, Garou recalls the brutal beatdown Watchdog Man just gave 30 monsters without changing expression one bit, and admits he couldn't even tell who was the real monster there. He then attacks... And Garou, the one who was hunting the S-Class Heroes, is lucky to escape with his life. And Watchdog Man didn't lose his blank look even against him.
  • For someone with such a good public image, Handsome Kamen Amai Mask can get pretty creepy. The way his veins bulge when he uses his power hinges on Body Horror and his lack of mercy towards mysterious beings is played rather seriously yet goes unnoticed by the general populace.
  • Tatsumaki's Jerkass personality may hit too close for those who expirence severe bullying and physical abuse, and some may find her insufferable because of that.
  • Pig God's power can sometimes approach Nausea Fuel levels. He kills monsters by eating them and digesting them, so every fight is just a more difficult meal to him. Especially the scene where he's shoveling a monster into his gut while the monster is understandably utterly horrified, trying to crawl out of his mouth, and crying while begging for its life over and over... And remember that (almost) every monster is formerly human.

Introduction Saga

    Saitama Introduction Arc 
  • The first episode alone establishes how much of a Crapsack World of the setting mentioned before, with not one, but two villains capable of causing destruction in a huge scale.
    • First is Vaccine Man, who is shown summoning energy balls that destroys several city blocks, with few heroes being shown lying down defeated. The only thing stopping Vaccine Man from causing further havoc is his status as Saitama's introductory villain.
      • When confronted by Saitama, Vaccine Man transforms into his One-Winged Angel form, with even more monstrous face and larger size that's hard to look at. Considering the damage he caused just in base form, one may wonder how much worse it'll be if Saitama doesn't kill him right there.
      • A bonus chapter in the manga shows Vaccine Man from the Hero Association's perspective. Before Saitama got to him, he had fought off everyone sent to kill him, including dozens of A-Class heroes. He had wiped out a large portion of A-City before Saitama arrived.
    • Then there's BeefCake, whose size puts even Colossal Titan to shamenote . His single step alone covers kilometers long, and skyscrapers are nothing to him. His handwaves can wipe city blocks clean, and that's just the wind alone.
      • One thing worth noting is how fast things happened. Saitama is shown trying to take some small changes from his wallet, but when he's done, everyone is already gone from the mart, and then he looks outside, finding out that a huge portion of the city has been flattened. Imagine what happens from the perspective of the victims...
      • Word of God confirms that Beefcake is 10 times the size of Orochi. While not packing the same amount of power (as Orochi isn't killed instantly by Saitama's one punch), something that size would still require several heroes, mostly S-Class, to take down. Thankfully, the one confronting Beefcake is Saitama himself. However, this leads to...
      • Saitama's Destructive Hero tendency. Sure, he kills Beefcake in one punch, but since Beefcake isn't completely obliterated, his body falls down and destroys City B. As if the destruction caused by Beefcake prior to his death isn't enough......
  • Saitama's Dream Sequence will be a nightmare to everyone else. Imagine, a species of subterraneans capable of killing 70% of the surface population in such a short time, and they can even harm Saitama to a degree. The only thing that excites Saitama is also the thing that's capable of bringing extinction to humanity. Fortunately, it's just that, a dream.

    House of Evolution Arc 
  • The Mosquito swarm, which can drain a human dry in the span of seconds, leaving them to crumble to dust.
  • Found you...
  • The House of Evolution conducts hundreds of dangerous experiments in order to create what its leader, Doctor Genus, thinks are perfect beings, starting from animals then moving to humans. Judging by his creations, he would have nearly succeeded if it wasn't for Saitama. Zombieman was revealed to be one of Genus' experiments.
  • Carnage Kabuto is an exceptionally terrifying monster. From the fact that he's considered too destructive and violent even by the standards of the House of Evolution, which had no problems with Beast King, to the way he punched a clone so hard that his torso turns inside out, to his Berserker Mode that sends him into an Unstoppable Rage for an entire week, to some very disturbing facial expressions.

    Paradise Group Arc 

Hero Association Saga

    Sea Monster Arc 
  • Sea King's rampage. Despite their best efforts, no hero present could stop him. He enjoyed every bit of terror and suffering he caused to both heroes and civilians, and had intended to kill and eat all of them. When Genos tells a little girl who was with her father to run, he spits acid at them, which Genos blocks via Heroic Sacrifice, but it dissolves much of his body, leaving him helpless. The acid's effects on Genos and the little girl's reaction to it are hard to watch.
    • The part where Sea King just appears right behind Lighting Max. One moment, he was maybe miles away, and the next, he was right behind him. It took him literally moments to get from one spot to another. It's rather Played for Laughs, especially Lightning Max's freaked out reaction, but it still remains scary.
  • The Deep Sea King's appearance and design don't help either, specifically some of the faces he pulls (such as this one), his pale flesh giving his humanoid "dehydrated" appearance an unsettling look to it. His true form, in hydrated state is even worse, his face taking on a more shark-like look that seems to peel back his lips to reveal More Teeth than the Osmond Family, and the faces he makes then are outright horrific.
  • Anime gives us voice performences from Rikiya Koyama in japanese and Keith Silverstein in English. And both are equally chilling, with the latter making Tim Curry villain impression.
  • The acid attack from DSK itself was actually Fridge Horror: basically, Genos' body was destroyed and he was rendered helpless while people he couldn't protect were about to be killed by an insane monster. Where have we seen that before? Oh, that's right: when Genos' hometown was destroyed. You can watch Genos struggling to get up, despite being a head and a torso, and you remember that he's been here before: this is probably bringing back literal nightmares for him.
  • Imagine being a criminal in the prison of PuriPuri's territory. As one of bonus chapters explains it when Sonic is in prison, it ain't pretty, even if people who suffer are Asshole Victim.

    Alien Conquerors Arc 
  • The seer Shibabawa which predicted with a 100% accuracy many great disasters had a vision that unlike the others she had before freaked her out. Unfortunately no one know what she saw, only that "The Earth is in trouble!!!" and that whatever she saw will happen somewhere in the next 6 months. And while we don't know what is going to happen, there's in the background the feeling that things are getting worse as monsters attacks keep intensifying.
  • Melzagald, the alien fought by Iaian and later the S-class heroes, who spends pretty much all his screentime doing creepy distorted faces and seems to have several personalities conversing with each other from each face. He can regenerate himself, too.
    • Fun Fact: His VA, Kōki Uchiyama, was the one who voiced the Chimera Ant King.
    • Another Fun Fact: In the English dub, he's voiced by Vic Mignogna, aka the guy who did BROLY.
    • Not to mention the most creepy distorted music in the show. Whenever he's onscreen, he plays this music...
  • While this counts as fridge more than nightmare fuel, when Boros kicked Saitama into space, Saitama hit the moon. Keep in mind that Boros was not aiming for the moon. The odds of hitting the moon with a projectile (Saitama in this case) without aiming for it are astronomically low. If Saitama hadn't hit the moon, he would have just kept sailing away from Earth forever since he can't fly.
    • Saitama could have still escaped if he missed the moon by taking nearly any article of his clothing (a button, the head of his zipper) and simply flinging it in the opposite direction. Given his immense strength even a small amount of matter being propelled into space would have reversed his course and sent him back to earth. It's far fetched, but considering how absurdly powerful he is...
  • After the invasion is over, Tatsumaki starts verbally abusing Saitama for rushing ahead into the spaceship and not respecting his lowly station as a Class-B hero, but most importantly calling him a "baldy" over and over again. Saitama then instructs Genos to tell her off. Genos tells her to shut up or he'll crush her. Tatsumaki slams him into debris, heckles him, literally threatens to KILL Saitama, forcing Bang to stop her and scold her for her abuse.
    Bang: That's enough, Tornado! Is that how an S-Class hero like you should act like!?
    Tornado ........FINE!!!! Whatever!

Human Monster Saga

    Hero Hunt Arc 
  • The titular Arc Villain Garou is introduced. You would think it's just another thug who thinks high of himself... Until he beats three A-Class heroes and hundreds of criminals during meeting to make an allience between them and Hero Assocation to defeat many monsters out there. It's not just another monster, it's a human who considers himself as a monster. Garou quickly becomes Knightof Cerebus in the series, who already had it's darker moments. The horrified HA executive Stich's face says it all.
  • Later "Hero Hunter'' proceeds to defeat many heroes on his way, including many members of Tank-Top Army and their Master himself and a fan-favorite Mumen Rider. The fight between them involes few Garou creepy stares. Tank-Top Master himself questions whether Garou is really a human or a monster as he self-proclaims.
    Monster Raid Arc/Super Fight Arc 
  • Disaster Level: Demon monster named Face-Ripper whose entire body is covered in torn off faces, sewn together Frankenstein's Monster style.
  • The introduction of Monster King Orochi, the leader of the Monster Association.
  • We learn how the monsters are made — the potential is inside every human, and all the monster transformations merely overcome the various natural limiters of mind and body. The most effective way of producing a powerful monster? Find a human with lots of potential, and put him in Die or Fly situations repeatedly, until his survival instinct overcomes his humanity.
  • Gouketsu, a manga and anime exclusive member of Monster Assocation. He's strong and scary looking, and what's worse he is just one of many MA members...

    Monster Association Arc 
  • We finally get to see King Orochi in action. Until now, he was a colossal Horned Humanoid, but didn't amount to much, mostly standing like a statue while other monsters did his work. When he finally moves, it is with speed an order of magnitude too great for something of that size, the Shapeshifter Weapon body unwinding into a mass of claws, fangs, and fire-breathing throats that don't discriminate between enemies, and monsters too slow to get out of the way. Worse, despite of how far he has moved from his humanity, he's still smart enough to learn, instantly, any combat moves he sees from his enemies. The manga art makes great work of showing off just what kind of terror he is to anyone who isn't Saitama.
  • Zombieman's fight against Pureblood amounts to a gorefest of How Much More Can He Take?. At one point, one of Pureblood's bats gets stuck inside Zombieman as the hero regenerates around it.
    • And then it gets worse with his fight against Homeless Emperor. Enemy's energy balls are so powerful that it leaves Zombieman only with a skeleton and a bit of flesh. Thank God it was the Zombieman who met the monster.
  • People had doubts about Nyan being a legitimate dragon level threat due to him not doing much so far and even running away from Puri Puri Poisoner, one of the weakest S rank heroes. Nyan coming out to the surface massacring the reserve heroes and trying to kill the hostage in front of them for its own amusement while throwing in a few Nightmare Face for good measure corrected that.
  • Orochi's form post-splat, thanks to Saitama. Orochi's consciousness survives the impact, and the bits of his body that were spread all over the base begin moving back together. To make matters worse, the gores stick to and absorb any monsters in its path to get energy back. It then coalesces into a big blob of bloody guts and attacks Tatsumaki, yelling "GIVE ME YOUR BLOOD!"
    • Isn't made much better when Orochi absorbs Psykos, who slowly realizes she cannot control the Monster King anymore and is pulled into his mass of flesh. The two fuse, and end up as a massive moth-like creature with Psykos' upper half sticking out of the top. They seem to have a shared consciousness, and quickly overpower Tatsumaki, one of the Hero Association's most powerful assets.
    • Worse still, Orochi has been absorbing monsters left and right or whatever unfortunate soul caught by its tendrils for him to consume and gain energy. Fortunately, it's just within the MA base right? Wrong. The HA incompetently did not evacuate Z city because they underestimated the threat MA posed, and thus we get treated to a loving panel of a MeatMoss as Orochi's tendrils reached the fringes of the metropolis — yes, those are indeed, civilians caught and absorbed, dying in a horrific, gruesome fashion.
      • Thankfully, it's just Psykos part of vision and plan, as she and Orochi never spread outside of the unihabitated zone of Ghost City Z area. Although it's still quite horrific to look at.
    • Even more squick, when Tatsumaki twists and wrung out Psyokorchi, it bursts for miles and miles in countless geysers of blood. Not just monster blood — those were the former inhabitants of Z city.
  • Psykos's vision. She tried to look into the future and as a result saw something extremely bad. What exactly? No one knows yet but it was apparently so bad that she lost faith in humanity and decided that ruling over them wasn't worth it and that the only option left was to Leave No Survivors. When Fubuki asks her about it, she say she doesn't remember but the way she trembled with fear while she answered might be telling otherwise. On top of that, there is the possibility that what she saw was actually Shibabawa's vision.
    • The implications of this are terrifying if we apply Fridge Horror. The Earth might be in trouble from humanity itself, or perhaps, one single member of mankind.
  • In the webcomic, Garou with his "hero hunt". He is so strong that nearly all the S-Class heroes and others are unable to stop him. Especially in the end where he transformed into a monster and curb stomps even Tatsumaki. Fortunately he was given a lecture by Saitama.
  • The one who gave Homeless Emperor his power.
    • Speaking of which, the circumstance of Homeless Emperor's death. As he was about to give info about said character to Zombieman, said character took back Homeless Emperor's powers and life before he talked anymore, the implication being that he was perhaps silenced before giving away said info which also implies Homeless Emperor was being watched.
    • The manga features God crawling over the moon to come into view, stepping out the celestial body's dark side to show it's true terrifying size. It adds to the sheer uncanniness the entity already possesses and has even lead to people describing it as something straight out of a Creepypasta.
    • Later in the arc, we see God killing and pretty much melting Homeless Emperor, for almost bringing up his true plan and identity to Zombieman.
  • The fused Psykos and Orochi slicing a chunk of the Earth so massive that it's visible from space, including lifting a large chunk of the ocean.
  • It seems Saitama or Boros are related to "God" and is manipulating things behind the scenes. After Boros punched Saitama into the moon, giant concentric circles were formed by the crater impact. At one point as Tatsumaki fought Psykos, a vision of the moon as a giant eye glared down on her and caused her to spew blood from the mouth and eyes, breaking her concentration. Whatever "God" is, it is extraordinarily powerful, it can give people great power for a simple wish, it can see everything through the moon (perhaps even being the moon or sealed inside of it), and it can drain and heavily damage the top level psychic known to humanity with just a "glance". Worse, it tried to give Flashy Flash, Saitama, and the monster they were with a proportion of its power through a extremely dense metal cube it controls. Blast then shows up and disposes of the cube before anyone can process what the cube is offering. We see Blast with another such cube almost 2 decades in the past in the facility Tatsumaki was kept in. This implies that the reason the top level hero of Earth is always absent from fighting normal monsters is because he's been undermining a god level threat for at least 2 decades. Despite that, the monster problem has only gotten worse meaning Blast seems to be losing this fight, slowly or otherwise.
  • After being eaten by Gums, Fuhrer Ugly rips his way out, only now his body is partially melted and covered in stomach acid. As "Barf Fuhrer Ugly", he melts Superalloy Blackluster's fists to the bone with a touch and kills the entirety of the Swordsman Council (minus Atomic Samurai). Two don't even get a chance to react and are melted instantly.
  • Garou has grown so strong after Awakening that he can manipulate radiation. The very first thing we see him do is cause nuclear explosions, then in chapter 165 the heroes are seen bleeding from their eyes and noses and losing their hair. Garou doesn't just cause radiation, he generates it and it pours out of his body.
    • Really, Cosmic Fear Garou's debut is Wham Episode in general. Most heroes present, including S-ranks, actually die of the radiation, and their dead bodies are shown after Saitama's arrival. Just imagine having a single threat so powerful and dangerous, even the strongest of the heroes die just by being close to him.
    • Garou's battle with Blast. Blast himself claims that if the fight continues, earth will be turned into wasteland. Take into consideration that Blast is holding back to mitigate the damage caused.
  • Garou chooses to kill Genos to get Saitama to fight at full power. Saitama goes completely Tranquil Fury in response, and for the first time is fighting purely to kill Garou - and demonstrates, after being teleported to one of Jupiter's moons by Blast, that he can reduce the entire moon to shattered pieces with one hand. For the first time, Saitama is going all out in a fight, fighting with a blankly furious expression the entire time, and it is terrifying.
    • That isn't even the most terrifying part. Yes, we've already known Saitama has the power to destroy earth since Boros, yes, we've known Saitama is emotionally attached to Genos. No, the most terrifying part is that we didn't realize how much and just how damn quick Saitama can become a God-level threat because of it. Saitama may have always been careless about collateral damage, but this Serious Punch is done with the knowledge that the rest of humanity will die as consequence, and Saitama doesn't care. All because Genos died. The fate of whether or not humanity survives for the next few seconds is in the hands of whether or not doesn't lose his shit, and Garou has just pushed him to his breaking point.

Neo Heroes Saga

    Psychic Sisters Arc 
  • God, Tatsumaki - just imagine being in Fubuki's situation: you're stuck under an overly controlling abuser that doesn't care about your feelings and always puts you down, other kids alienate you because of your powers and your sister wouldn't hesitate to assault other people, which alienates you even further leaving only your abuser as your company. That same abuser wouldn't even hesitate to hurt you, a younger sibling, because you "pushed" them too far, and there isn't anything you, or any other person earth can save you from that abuser because she's literally one of the most powerful people in the world. No wonder Fubuki tries to cope with this feeling of overwhelming helplessness through recruiting other people under her; it's about the only way she can feel strong and important.

    Ninjas Arc 
  • At the beginning of the arc, King decides to get stronger by learning martial arts. He travels to various dojos but they all turn him down. Bang thinks his defensive style won't fit King's strength, Bomb thinks King is so strong that his alpha strike moves won't improve anything, the quipong instructor thinks he can't help King develop a new move, the savages are laying low, Sourface thinks his dojo is being hunted so they give King their sign, another thinks this is a power play from the Hero Association to get them on their side, etc. It's all culminates into being sent to the last dojo where one must mediate on their past and future. In this case, death. The final sensei is a buddha who came there to die and subsequently mummified to show all warriors who come to this final place that no matter how strong you are, you will eventually die. King rightly freaks out, not ready for this kind of training and runs to the nearby waterfall to get water and founds Garou undergoing the training. This breaks King and he almost decides that he should just throw himself onto the next monster he meets and be killed until Saitama suggests that he just do basic strength training.
  • The mysterious Ninja Village Leader. He has been alive for over three hundred years, since he keeps replacing parts of his body with the parts from those he assassinates. This results in him having a patched-together look, along with piercing cat-like eyes and a jagged smile. He is also the one who once ran the Ninja Village, which put its students through brutal training, more like torture, really.
    • How he makes his grand entrance; sucking the organs of his fallen minions and into his mouth as if he were a black hole. No discretion shot; their blood shoots out of their orifices and their intestines are ripped RIGHT OUT of their stomachs. By far the goriest image in the manga to date. Thankfully it's just a mind trick, but still.

    Neo Heroes Uprising Arc 
  • Despite claiming to have more morals than the corrupt Hero Association, some of Neo Heroes' Neo Leaders are criminals who supposedly reformed by joining them, but it is clearly rather doubtful:
    • A is a hitman with an A-Class bounty who joined Neo Heroes in exchange for their protection. It is also clear that he is only working for the protection and warns pro heroes about unfortunate "accidents" happening.
    • Ryumon and his gang are now allowed to carry weapons with Ryumon in particular being happy to carry a gun, which is especially worrying considering they number at 400, and the fact they say that they will improve society with violence.
  • According to Koko's Stat-O-Vision Destro and Erimin have modified over 90 percent of their bodies, which is not helped by their similarities to the Organization members.
  • The implication that Neo Heroes are just Unwitting Pawns of Metal Knight or possibly the Organization is truly worrying, due to nearly all of their members wearing suits that make them as strong as A-Class heroes.
  • To remind the audience that Demon-Level and higher monsters are truly a dangerous threat, Zaedats' and his battle suit get crushed and Infelsinave has a hole in his torso after fighting against such monsters. Not to mention the several other Neo Heroes who are also at death's door, once they faced a monster their battle suits could not penetrate and which could break through their defenses.
  • Whenever a Neo Hero gets severely injured, they are sent to the recovery room where they are "healed" by turning them into cyborgs at the cost of their free will.
  • In spite of the destruction of the Monster Association, the appearances of monsters not only continue, but are still increasing. Not helping the matter is the fact that not only did the increase happen during Neo Heroes' debut, but Child Emperor's research shows that the monsters the new organization fought against were enhanced to make them stronger, and were controlled with chips in their brain with the implication they are only there to make Neo Heroes look good.
  • Neo Heroes are regularly murdered or horrifically maimed by the monsters they fight, unlike the Hero Association guys who run on Clap Your Hands If You Believe Came Back Strong power boosts. The reason is that the Neo Heroes are often just ordinary civilians told they can make a difference with, and be protected by, the power suits. This is an outright lie so that the Neo Heroes can have more mindless cybernetic slaves for their growing army. For what purpose? Who knows, but given that, a lot of their leadership are power-hungry executives and sadist criminals, it's probably not for anything good.
  • A city is being attacked by an army of robots reminiscent of Metal Knight's drones. Chapter 145 fully showcases the full terror of the army with them specifically targetting other organizations performing hero-like activities with a mercenary organization being easily obliterated by them and at least four million drones being sent out to annihilate the Hero Association headquarters with the only thing protecting them being Metal Knight's drones yet the only organization unaffected is Neo Heroes.
  • The sheer calmness the Neo Heroes executives have at the robot army is very unsettling, especially considering how even McCoy is sweating buckets over the threat and tries to negotiate ways of combatting the army, which is coldly rejected by the others.


  • "The Ninja Who Is Too Complicated" suddenly turns into The Revenant near the end, though Saitama shows up before things get too brutal.