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Webcomic readers/artists have been known to create their own memes, which are usually adapted from other sources and printed in comic form.

Webcomics with their own subpage:

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The name of the webcomic.
    • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • "No, Dad, no!"
    • In some circles, has crossed over with Super Smash Bros.. Fox, Wolf, or Lucario against Ness, Lucas, or Young/Toon Link. Appropriately colored costumes optional.
  • Erf World: I can taste key lime pie."
  • Megatokyo "Sad girls in snow."
  • Mac Hall: "Hey, what time is it?" "Shirtless O'Clock." (removes shirt) "I thought so."
  • Brawl in the Family has turned its take on Waluigi into a meme, mainly among the comic's own forums but rapidly spreading.
  • Sonichu has a ton of these.
    • "Go, Sonichu! Go out and zap to the extreme!" "I will! Thank you, father!"Explanation 
    • "Keep running, Patti!"Explanation 
    • Pickles.Explanation 
      • Rosechu has a pickle.Explanation 
      • "MASTURBATIN' AND SQUIRTIN'Explanation 
    • The Oversized Drinking Straw of Fail.Explanation 
    • "Yes! My Love Quest is finally over!"Explanation 
    • Rosechu's face-rape.Explanation 
  • MS Paint Adventures:
    • > Pose as a team 'cause shit just got real. Explanation 
    • > Add pumpkin meme to TV Tropes Page.
      What pumpkin? You are certain there has never been and will never will be a pumpkin meme in this room. Explanation 
    • > Grow arms to type on keyboard so memes can be added.
      You already have arms, stupid! Explanation 
  • A popular redub of the webcomic The Black Blood Alliance spawned a few mini-memes. "I will deflect the cat's fangs... WITH MY FACE!" "Stupidclaw? STUPIDCLAW NOOOO!"
  • Looking for Group:
  • One line from The Broken Mirror: "Stay here for a minute whilst I go and get some ice creams", an example of the "flowery" language used by some of the characters in the comic.
  • Achewood has a few circulating among its forum:
    • "Never be a dick to a stranger.", which has become the official admonishment to trolls.
    • A forum-only example thanks to finicky code tags: "GODDAMN YOU <b>BBCODE</b>"
    • "Philippe is five. Philippe is always five."
    • Tomorrow's recipe is chicken.
    • I proved myself a coward who would desert a dying man.
  • While not really known outside the fandom, anyone familiar with Cuanta Vida will recognize 'pickle thief'.
  • Sluggy Freelance: Zoë Lives!
  • Questionable Content: Awkward Zone Defeated! Explanation 
    • AND THEN THEY ALL FUCKED! Explanation 
  • Law For Kids parodies. They were asking for it.
    • You are both suspended.
    • Even the passenger gets in trouble!
  • Goblins:
  • Penny and Aggie
    • Lesbian mares.
    • Wine coolers. Explanation 
    • YEAH, BITCHES! Explanation 
    • Respond moistly. With your hoo-hoo. Explanation 
    • Hee. Explanation 
  • Horndog: "God is 'dog' spelled backwards. I'm a dog, therefore I'm God".
  • World of Fizz: HAWT FURRY EROTICA Explanation 
  • Freefall: One does not shake the box containing the STICKY NOTES OF DOOM!
  • The Insecticomics has "Locust porn":
  • Narbonic: "What? But Dave never smoked!"
    • Due to having quit via Time Travel, Dave gets this reaction from the gang when he mentions his former habit. Now that the comic is in reprints, fans have responded thus to older strips that showed him smoking.
  • Lackadaisy: "I don't like bees! I don't like glue!" Explanation 
  • The Dumbing of Age comment section would like you to shut your FAAAAAAAACCCCCEEEEE.
    • With you penis.
    • In your mom. For a nickel.
    • But I need my femurs to live!
  • Nuzlocke Comics has a few.
    • "Man, they don't PAY me enough to..."
    • "I believe this is all happening for a reason..."
  • Starslip: "WEAR IT LIKE A HAAAAAT!! Explanation 
    • Was notable enough to be mentioned on the SCP Foundation's page explaining memetics.
  • Paranatural has a few:
  • Hyperbole and a Half
  • Precocious: "Mood Ears." More specifically, after someone mentioned in a comment on that strip that Autumn's ears change with her expressions, one person replied that "she has mood ears." Since then, the phrase has been in the comments of nearly every strip involving a very expressive Autumn.
  • Safely Endangered
    • "Sweet Jesus, Pooh! That's not honey!" Explanation 
    • "Mom, there is a monster under my bed, it's the most hideous thing I've ever seen!" "Why must you hate me, brother?" Explanation 
  • Polandball:
    • Poland cannot into space. Explanation 
  • Godslave:
  • In-Universe example: One Bedfellows strip parodies the phenomenon by having Fatigue and a pal of his giving Sheen a cheeseburger only to mirror the "I Can Haz A Cheezburger" meme, much to Sheen's extreme irritation, who then yells at them to get out, resulting in Fatigue and his friend cooking spaghetti to mirror another meme.
  • K009 Comics:
    • That girl is so cute, I wonder what she's listening to...Explanation 
  • Florkofcows: hey man you see that guy over there Explanation 
  • My Impossible Soulmate:
    • FISH/FEESH/Verity with a fish locket Explanation 
    • Chiaki kicking a tree was also turned into a gif reaction.
    • Jokes about tea Explanation 
    • "They're gonna get married!" Explanation 
    • Chiaki floating in the void Explanation 
  • White Ninja Comics:
    • C'mon Do Something Explanation