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"We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokémon... and we succeeded."

  • One-Punch Man: Saitama wanted to become the hero who could destroy anything in one punch as a child. When he finally becomes that he gets bored of it because there's no challenge in his life.
  • My Hero Academia: Mr Shigaraki tried to force his son to give up on his dream of becoming a hero though systematic abuse. His son suffers a psychotic break from accumulated stress and accidentally kills his family with his quirk, culminating in murdering his father in a blind rage. At least he gave up on his dream. Now he can never be a hero. Tomura grows up becoming quite the opposite, in fact.
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  • Digimon Adventure: After getting his Crest of Courage, Tai goes above and beyond to get Agumon to digivolve to the Ultimate level, overfeeding him and finally deliberately endangering himself during a battle with Etemon's Greymon. As a result, Greymon digivolves... into SkullGreymon, who easily defeats his opponent before going on a rampage.
  • In Digimon Adventure 02, when Arachnemon created BlackWarGreymon from her own hair and a massive number of Dark Towers from Ken's former regime, she probably didn't expect him to go insane from reflection over the implications of his formation. It certainly didn't help matters that he was a Mega-level, and therefore significantly more powerful than anyone in the existing cast even up to his death.
  • Blood+: Overlapping with Gone Horribly Wrong. During the Vietnam War, the Red Shield forcibly awakens Saya from hibernation to fend off chiropterans. She does so, but also awakens in a psychotic rage that leads her to mercilessly butcher both humans and chiropterans left, right, and center.
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  • In episode 15 and 16 of Season 2's Ah! My Goddess, Marller manages to separate Urd's evil half from her good half and transport it to an artificial body that looks exactly like Urd. Seems to go well for Marller, until evil Urd starts to suffer a Super-Power Meltdown due to her body being unable to handle the magic being used. In addition, the evil half seems to want to do things even Marller hadn't thought of, or wanted to do, such as taking over the world, rather than simply kicking the goddesses out of Earth.
  • AKIRA: The experiment in this movie was just a really, really bad idea, as was demonstrated twice over.
  • Monster: Johan Liebert was part of a social engineering experiment to create vicious, emotionless Super Soldiers. Unfortunately for those in charge, he took to it very well indeed. By which we mean no one else made it out alive.
  • Elfen Lied:
  • Saikano. The goal was to make an unstoppable killing machine. The problem came when it became a bit too unstoppable. Eventually, Chise begins to find the whole war pointless. It's all the same, just with different uniforms. If they're all going to die anyway, why should she pick and choose who she kills? At that point, she just starts nuking major cities. This being Saikano, it goes From Bad to Worse.
  • The scientists in Pokémon: The First Movie created Mewtwo, who was not entirely happy with the circumstances of its "birth". It was also extremely powerful... that didn't work out too well.
    Dr. Fuji: "We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokémon...and we succeeded."
  • Fairy Tail has Master Hades, whose Evil Plan involves unsealing Zeref, the resident Dreaded of the series. The problem? Not only was Zeref not sealed in the first place, he is, in actuality, a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds who feels an awful lot of guilt about all of the evil things he's done, and kills Hades for dragging him out of hiding and thrusting him back into world events. A classic case of Evil Is Not a Toy.
  • The Big Bad of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers is a genetically-engineered Mad Scientist who turned out to be a lot better at his job than his creators had intended. Interestingly, one of the main heroines of the series, and the one who personally defeats the Big Bad at that, had years earlier been created by him. As was the case with his own creators, he found that overachieving has its perils.
  • In Uchuu Senkan Yamato, the heroes first use their Wave Motion Gun to destroy an enemy base on Jupiter's Floating Continent. To their shock, they find out just how powerful the gun is when the resultant blast destroys the entire continent and almost destroys their ship. From then on, they're far more judicious about when to use the thing.
  • In Robotech/Super Dimension Fortress Macross the SDF-1 is programmed to do a space fold to the moon and is floating above Macross Island when it warps out. Since the crew don't understand entirely how the space fold system works, there are... complications. The warp bubble is large enough to warp out the SDF-1...and the entire island, including two ships docked in Macross Bay. Fortunately, the island's denizens are in airtight emergency bunkers, so no one (that we know of) dies. Also, they end up on the far side of Mars Pluto! However, the people on board the Daedalus and Prometheus aren't so lucky. The Daedalus was an amphibious assault vehicle (not submarine), and the Prometheus was a semi-submersible aircraft carrier. According to the show, neither ship could be hailed and are immediately assumed to have all hands lost due to the neither being designed for space. Roleplaying supplemental information for Robotech state that the crew of the Prometheus actually survived because of the semi-submersible construction.
    • In Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, Netron-S Missiles turn out to be this. Should even a single missile be detonated on Earth, it would turn Earth into a black hole, obliterating all the Invids and humans still there, AND obliterate the entire RDF fleet.
  • The back story, the "scenarios", and the resolution of Neon Genesis Evangelion show that GEHIRN, SEELE, and NERV all have far, far worse horribly right effects on their world than anything before.
    • In order: GEHIRN wanted to create the ultimate weapons against the Angels by cloning Adam and Lilith. They succeeded but the things end up being so powerful they cause the end of the world. SEELE wanted to cause Third Impact only to find out that though their plan succeeds, they're going to be trapped in Instrumentality forever, especially when people choose to leave the ocean as Shinji and Asuka did. NERV kills all the Angels on SEELE's orders only to find out that without the Angels, there's nothing stopping SEELE from triggering their plans for the end of the world. Lastly, Gendo, commander of NERV, gets his wish to see Yui again. She despises him for all the evil shit he did to get her back, and allows EVA-01 to kill him.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh!, Gozaburo Kaiba adopts an orphan named Seto to be the heir to his corporation, and puts him through Training from Hell to make him as ruthless as possible. A few years later, Seto Kaiba ousts his adoptive father and takes control of KaibaCorp. Interestingly, Gozaburo played this one Palpatine-style: Seto succeeded because he'd earned it, and Gozaburo, as the loser, had to pay the price.
  • In Yu Gi Oh Zexal, III is the meekest of the Tron family, possibly qualifying as a Minion with an F in Evil. Once he decides that he needs to defeat Yuma to become a strong duelist, he asks Tron for power taken from Haruto in order to give him the confidence he needs. He gets far more than he bargained for; the dark spell turns him into an Ax-Crazy and sadistic sociopath that almost kills both Yuma and Astral in their worst battle to date.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, the Professor takes advantage of Yuri's strength and trains him to be his most effective Child Soldier, while encouraging him to enjoy his work. Yuri ends up being one of the strongest villains in the series, but only because he enjoys hurting people. In fact, Yuri enjoys his work so much that he plans on carding everyone in the world, until he is the only survivor. He later forgets his work to pursue his own interest in finding his dimensional counterparts, defeating them and absorbing them.
  • Nina of Code Geass feels this way upon seeing the aftermath of her invention, the FLEIJA warhead. Hint: it goes off in the middle of Tokyo, causing 35 million casualties. Though many fans still give her No Sympathy, as they point out "what else do you expect when you are designing a nuke?!?".
    • Of course, "being used to destroy your own countries' cities without being stolen" is probably not on the list of outcomes to expect. Because obviously tens of millions of people dying is only a big deal when it happens to people from your country.
    • In the same series, Lelouch notes that his desire to stop the SAZ and discredit Euphemia went horribly right in a completely unexpected direction. Ironically, this is a situation that counts as both Gone Horribly Wrong and Gone Horribly Right.
  • Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor. Aliens invent biological symbiotic armor. Good. Aliens invent a new species designed for combat. Great. Aliens give the species the armo- ABORT! ABORT! SWEET JESUS, IT HAS A PARTICLE CANNON FOR A TORSO!
    • And that's only the half of it. Normal humans were designed as the genetic equivalent of play-doh so that the Aliens could make us into any sort of weapon they wanted, even after birth. The unintended side effect is that they skewed baseline Muggles into being far more aggressive than normal evolution would have made us, leading us to be a far more warlike species than we would be otherwise. The other half of it is that if a human were genetically augmented and given the biological symbiotic armor, they'd be akin to a god. Which, of course, is exactly what the bad guy(s) wants for himself.
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • Majin Buu. The Wizard Bibidi wanted to release a being of unstoppable power, became horrified by said creature, and sealed him away. His son, Babidi, later arrogantly awakens Buu... but Buu eventually decides he doesn't like taking orders from an inferior being.
    • Also, the Saiyan race as a whole. Originally a tribe of wandering space barbarians, they were unable to evolve beyond their barbaric level. So they joined Freeza's Army where Freeza offered to uplift them into a technologically advanced, space-faring race in exchange for their services. By then, however, the Saiyans had grown so powerful, and so advanced, as to pose a danger to Freeza himself, who felt compelled to wipe out their race. However, since he had groomed the Saiyans into a spacefaring, unstoppable warrior race, some of them were able to escape. One of them, Goku, eventually defeats Freeza, and Trunks (Vegeta's son) kills him definitely.
    • The Androids. Dr. Gero creates the Androids in order to kill Goku, but the Androids are too strong to be controlled, and kill Dr. Gero. They are then absorbed by Cell, and with his newfound abilities, Cell threatens to destroy the galaxy, and also kills Goku. Cell wants to fight against the strongest possible opponents, so he goes out of his way to get Gohan to cut loose and unlock his true potential. It turns out to be the wrong choice.
    • A double whammy; Cell manipulates Vegeta into helping the android reach his perfect form, by exploiting Vegeta's ego and the Saiyans' natural desire to fight opponents at their strongest. Once Cell's achieved that goal, he whoops Vegeta's ass without even trying. Then later on, during the Cell Games, Cell is driven by the very same egotism and desire to push Gohan into turning Super Saiyan 2, after which Gohan very much outclasses Cell, even taking the time to rub his newfound power in Cell's face:
      Gohan: What are you so afraid of, Cell? Isn't this what you wanted?
    • Cell almost fell into this trope before Gohan: after achieving his perfect power, in order to show off his newfound power, he asks Vegeta to hit him with his strongest attack. Turns out that Vegeta's Final Flash is much more powerful than expected: if Vegeta hadn't aimed it away from the Earth, or if Cell didn't try to dodge it at the last second, Cell would've been dead.
    • Goku's entire plan for beating Cell hinged solely on Cell deliberately pissing Gohan off enough to unleash his full power. The plan works all too well: Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2 and beats the mess out of Cell, but Goku never counted on Gohan, in a state of Revenge Before Reason, deliberately prolonging the Curb-Stomp Battle just so he could humiliate Cell even further, which drives Cell to a Villainous Breakdown and causes him to try to blow up the Earth in a rage, forcing Goku to pull off a Heroic Sacrifice to save the world.
    • A humorous example: at the start of the Buu saga, Babidi decides to help his minion Puipui against Vegeta (who was kicking his ass) by turning the battlefield in Pocus's homeworld, that has ten times the gravity of Earth. As Vegeta comes from a world with the same gravity and routinely trains in much harsher gravity, it only made things worse for Puipui.
  • Almost every single surgery that occurs in Franken Fran. For the clients, at least. Fran herself is just happy to have more test subje-er... patients.
    • Fran herself says she was "half-dead from the very beginning." Her moral code includes saving every life she can, and she is a brilliant surgeon. She is in fact a caring, sensitive individual and an overly enthusiastic Mad Scientist. Given that, she often comes with a solution that is effective, fully within the exact wording of her client's request... and utterly terrifying to normal people.
  • Naruto:
    • Gaara was, by the will of the Fourth Kazekage, made to be a human super weapon via demonic sealing at (or, technically, not long before) birth. It worked a little too well. But after Gaara got into his "kill everyone" stage, the Kazekage, having invested years into training Gaara as an unstoppable, invincible weapon, admitted defeat and tried to have Gaara assassinated. Except he was an unstoppable, invincible weapon who killed all of the assassins.
      • Later revealed to have gone even more horribly right than imagined. Gaara entered his "kill everyone" stage because his uncle, Yashamaru, tried to kill him and told him he'd never loved Gaara. Turned out the uncle did love Gaara and the Kazekage just wanted to find out how good Gaara's self-control was—he found out all right when the kid snapped after Yashamaru played his part.
    • Orochimaru's training of Sasuke ends up with this. Orochimaru wanted to make Sasuke as strong as he possibly could so that he could have a perfect vessel. They agreed on the first part but differed on the second, and it turns out Sasuke is much better trained than Orochimaru believed... which doesn't work out well for him.
    • Congratulations, Itachi. Your attempts to turn your little brother into a nigh-invincible, revenge-bent One-Man Army worked. Too bad people like that aren't interested in returning home a hero to live peacefully surrounded by friends like you wanted.
    • Jiraiya teaching ninjutsu to three Hidden Rain orphans so that they could protect themselves turned out much better than he would have liked or expected. In his defense, it was not his actions and mistakes that turned them against Konoha. The blame goes right to Danzo's attempt to kill them Gone Horribly Wrong.
    • Pain attempts to make Naruto see the error of his highly-optimistic ways. He succeeds, but as a result has to deal with a rampaging tailed beast.
    • Madara Uchiha organized Start of Darkness for Obito with two goals: Firstly in order to Obito wanted to fulfill his plan and secondly in order to he had the full loyalty to him and unquestioningly obeyed his plan. The first part worked beyond any expectation, the second... not so much.
    • The researchers in the backstory of the anime-only episode "The Forgotten Island" wanted to create the ultimate summoning animal. They did it, all right. They got a creature that could gain new abilities by eating other summoning animals. Unfortunately, it was an Extreme Omnivore that saw them as lunch.
  • The D-Reaper of Digimon Tamers started out as a harmless automatic utility program designed to delete any data that grows beyond its original parameters and becomes a threat to the integrity of the system. Eventually, it was subdued by the very programs it was built to delete, and was laid to dormancy in the Digital World's center, to eventually fester into a nihilistic cybernetic menace Powered by a Forsaken Child, which began wreaking havoc in both the Digital and Real Worlds. In this, it has a single purpose: follow its prime directive to the letter by deleting anything that grows too much. Unfortunately, by that point, that directive means "delete everything".
    • Also in Tamers, when Leomon is murdered by Beelzemon, Takato flips his shit and orders Guilmon to evolve to the Ultimate (Mega, in the dub) level and punish him. He does. Both worlds nearly collapse as a result of the mere existence of this thing.
  • Researchers in BioMeat created the eponymous BMs. They can and do eat anything except for glass, metal, and fiberglass (and apparently stone), to serve as living waste recyclers. They also are tough enough to chew through anything short of these materials. They are supposed to be an ultra cheap food source, and so they can multiply extremely rapidly, as long as there is enough food for them. And did we mention that they eat anything? And when some of them get out of containment, horror ensues.
  • Mahiru Inami's father trained her from birth to instinctively fear all men, so as to protect her from any boy that tried to date her. Unfortunately, she decided that the best defense was a good offense, and instead attacks any man that gets within several meters of her, while yelling and crying from fear. Including her father.
  • In Koe de Oshigoto!, Kanna nervously asks her sister what anal sex is like, because she doesn't know how to convey it through her acting, but Yayoi just tells her that she should "completely become the character of the game" and assume that it feels good. A short while later in the recording booth, she goes so far into character that she actually tries to initiate anal sex with Motoki.
  • In Da Capo, the Giant Sakura Tree was intended to look after Sakura after her grandmother's death and use its magic to fulfill all her wishes. Unfortunately, Sakura grows up to be a clingy jealous Yandere on the losing end of a love triangle and the tree grants subconcious wishes.
    • This is only in the anime. In the original Visual Novel Sakura is doing it unconsciously herself.
  • In Pet Shop of Horrors, one story centers around the idea of dieting. Two of the characters (an overweight schoolgirl and a boxer) diet through exercise, discipline, and a balanced diet and end up doing well. The third dieter is a model who was told by a fellow model about a miracle pill that would let her shed pounds while letting her eat whatever she wanted. It worked great at first, until she ended up getting bone-skinny, losing her hair, always being cold, and constantly suffering from hunger and thirst. Eventually this ends when her body crumbles and a being that resembles the model (only inhumanly beautiful) bursts out. It's revealed that the same thing had happened to the model that suggested the pill in the first place, and she even says "There are thousands of people who are dying to shed a few pounds. We just need to take them on their word."
  • From Kyubey's point of view in Puella Magi Madoka Magica: throughout the series he tries to get Madoka to make a pact with him because of her potential for enormous power which will also make her an incredibly powerful witch. When he finally manages to arrange matters in such a way that Madoka decides to make a pact with him, the wish that she makes as part of the pact rewrites reality and completely changes the nature of the whole magical girl system, making it so that no witches - including the future Witch!Madoka herself - ever existed. And with all the accumulated power on her side, Kyuubey cannot deny her said wish. He doesn't like that.
    • Most wishes also work out this way:
      • Mami wished to be saved from the car crash in which she had been involved with her parents, with the wording being akin to "Save me". The wish saved her, and let her parents die. That's why, in the series, she always warn potentials to think before making their wish, ultimately influencing Madoka's wish.
      • Sayaka wishes for Kyosuke's hand to be healed. It works, but Sayaka doesn't feel that she can date him now that she's essentially a lich, so he ends up dating Hitomi, which adds up to Sayaka's already present troubles and helps toss her into the Despair Event Horizon.
      • Kyouko wished for people to listen to her father's teachings; so many people showed up that he got suspicious, and when he found out what she did he completely lost his mind and murdered the rest of her family and himself out of madness and shame.
      • Homura wished to redo her meeting with Madoka to prevent her death, but she ends up in an infinite "Groundhog Day" Loop of failing to save her, and the whole process just makes Madoka's situation worse from accumulated despair.
      • Even Madoka's game-breaking wish goes a bit horribly right, since she gets (mostly) erased from existence due to becoming some sort of trans-temporal entity. She counts on that and is cool with it, though. Though as far as Homura's concerned, she too began to regret it.
  • Kodoku Experiment is basically "Gone Horribly Right The Manga". The Manipulative Bitch Captain Bagures and leader of the research spacecraft, who as part of an experiment to create the perfect biological weapon, takes a bunch of vicious carnivorous engineered creatures and puts them on another planet so they fight for survival and leave the strongest one standing. With the planet dying and ready to explode, a military team is sent down on the inhospitable planet. Unbeknownst to them they were all simply another part of the Captain's twisted experiments, and they all die horribly except for one last survivor, who promises revenge on the Captain before his memories are assimilated by a nearby literal Starfish Alien. The alien is not only Nigh Invulnerable as it survives the planetary explosion in the form of a shriveled up fossil, but it is also The Virus when it creates more versions of itself simply by flashing some alien light from its eyestalks on any unfortunate onlooker, even through video recordings. This is in addition to its vast array of other abilities, all of them veered towards a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the Captain.
  • One Piece:
    • A lesser example in the Enies Lobby arc: Nami's Perfect Clima-Tact works too well when she first tried it, and leaves her as scared as her enemies.
    • Occurs to Trafalgar Law during the Pirate Alliance arc. He teamed up with the Straw Hats since he has faith in Luffy's ability as a fellow D to wreak havoc and wants that havoc on his side, at least, since the Straw Hats are already there. He got way more than he bargained for and found himself constantly stunned by the Straw Hats' antics. Thankfully, the trope worked out in the end as Law really was right about Luffy...he just had to endure their sanity-destroying quirks for a while because of it.
    • Happens to Sugar on Dressrosa. Realizing Usopp is terrified of her and that the rebels attempted to knock her out with a poisoned grape, she grabs it and force-feeds it to Usopp to revel in his terror...only for his Freak Out! to so terrify her that she faints, accomplishing the rebels' goal.
  • In the anime adaptation of Maya the Bee, the title heroine is tasked with gathering pollen from around her hive. So she does. All of it. So now she gets sent far out from the hive to find more.
  • One of the Slayers OVA's features the shadow reflector, a Magic Mirror designed to counter demons by creating a copy of them loyal to the user with a completely opposite personality. It works, but since the opposite of an Omnicidal Maniac is a person with absolutely no will to fight, the mirror is essentially useless and its creator hid it away in shame. The results when it gets turned against our heroes are highly amusing.
  • Mention must be made of the Buff Clan's final plan to destroy the titular robot in Space Runaway Ideon. They decided to use a massive, planet-destroying Wave Motion Gun to destroy the Ideon. It WORKS... but in doing so causes a massive outflow of Ide, killing everyone in a slowly expanding wave of destruction. The Movie ends with everyone in some kind of afterlife (and yes, EVERYONE.)
  • Aizen Souske, of Bleach, set in motion a 100 year long plan to become a Physical God. In order to test his new powers against a Worthy Opponent, he set in motion a plan to have Ichigo Kurosaki become one as well. Aizen became absurdly powerful, but he never transcended the limits of Soul Reapers and Hollows. Ichigo however, did.
  • One episode of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex has the Major come across an artificially-sustained human brain. Within its mental world is a theater constantly playing a movie so emotionally gripping that, until this point, no one who dove in ever wanted to leave. The Major managed to resist, but not before (in a showing of its emotional grip) the film drew a rare tear out of her.
  • In one episode of Doraemon, Suneo and his mom get ahold of Doraemon's amazing blanket that can make old things like new. Suneo's mom has an old ratty crocodile purse that isn't what it used to be. She uses the blanket on it, making it exactly what it used to be.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka: After discovering that Ōgi, the teacher she had a crush on, was already engaged and that he had only invited her to dinner to introduce her to his fiancée, a scorned Miyabi takes illicit photographs of herself (knowing that his hobby was photography) and tells the class that he took advantage of her. However, Miyabi's plan works too well; her classmate Takumi Ishida takes matters into his own hands and assaults Ōgi, resulting in Takumi being expelled and Ōgi being fired.
  • Played for Laughs in A Certain Scientific Railgun. One of Misaki Shokuhou's followers tries to get Misaki and Mikoto closer together by asking them to use a technology to share dreams. Though they're not interested, it does work indirectly. When they find out that one of the dream makers is giving out sex dreams about them, they join forces to destroy him completely.
    Mikoto: Excuse me. I think I need to visit the next shop over...
    Follower: Oh no, it looks like she's going to kill them! Queen, you have to stop—
    Misaki: You get the security cameras, I'll take care of any witnesses.
    Follower: Between the two of them, they can easily commit the perfect crime!!
  • A minor one, but in Berserk Guts constantly seeks purpose in life. This eventually leads him to helping Grifith reach his dream, only to realize that once that's fulfilled Guts will not have a purpose anymore. This leads him to leave the Band of the Hawk which then sets in motion the series of events that give Guts a purpose at last: getting revenge.
  • One of Kaguya's plans in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War involved tricking Shirogane into using love tips from a girls magazine on her so she could prove that he liked her (It Makes Sense in Context). All three of the steps end up working perfectly on her (she even ends up having a Heroic BSoD when he gets to the "say you hate them" step, despite the fact that she knew he was faking it).
  • In Danganronpa 3, Ryouta's plans to create an anime full of hope that includes brainwashing methods ended up working perfectly bringing Junko Enoshima to tears. However, she used that anime to her benefit by brainwashing Class 77-B and Chisa to be members of the Ultimate Despair.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam MS Igloo, Zeon creates a Mobile Suit known as the "GM Camouf", a Zaku frame armored up to look like a GM designed for a False Flag Operation. It worked too well as an entire squad of Camoufs were destroyed by their own Musai transport.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is set in a world where war orphans are often scooped up by Private Military Contractors and used as cheap, expendable labor — and there's one subset that has it even worse, being labeled "Human Debris" and being little better than slaves. The protagonists are a group of such orphans who overthrow their abusive bosses, take over the PMC, and then become famous after their first job (to escort a VIP to Earth) leads to them saving Edmonton, Canada from a madman in a Super Prototype. The Opening Narration for the second season reveals that there's been a severe uptick in the number of Child Soldiers and Human Debris employed by PMCs, because the protagonists are living proof of how effective they can be.
  • In Part 4 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Josuke is fighting Rohan Kishibe who's powers require his victim to look at one of his drawings to work. Josuke gets around this by keeping his eyes closed, even when stabbed by sharp objects. Rohan intentionally pushes Josuke's Berserk Button by insulting his hair, hoping to get him to open his eyes in anger. Josuke opens his eyes, but he gets so angry he becomes literally blind with rage, ignoring the drawing entirely and brutally pummels Rohan.
  • Played for Laughs in episode 4 of Blend-S. After noticing some Cafe Stile customers still think Maika isn't sadistic enough for her role, the cast tries to train her in that direction. The result is a Maika that acts like a dominatrix, which the cast unanimously agree is overly hardcore for a Cosplay Café.
  • In Kinnikuman Nisei, we learn that to keep his son Mantaro from being intimidated by his father's reputation as a wrestling superhero, Kinnikuman had all of the videos and photos of his matches destroyed. This worked a little too well- Mantaro has virtually no respect for his over-the-hill dad, and thinks his matches were all fixed! And this in turn plays into Tel Tel Boy's defeat; during his match against Mantaro, Tel Tel Boy uses his illusion powers to make Mantaro think he's fighting Suguru, as "All children fear their parents". This backfires, as while Mantaro was scared spitless of the Evil Choujin, thinking he's facing his Bumbling Dad gives him the confidence to attack Tel Tel Boy head-on!
    MAX Man: Why isn't the Trauma Call working?!
    Meat: Oh, it's working, all right. Perfectly!


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