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At least one of Sonic's voice actors (previous or current) will cameo.
The most likely candidate? Jaleel White.
  • Given what White said at Toronto Comicon, this is most likely Jossed. As for any of the other voice actors, who knows?
  • It's been confirmed that Gary Chalk, who voiced Grounder in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Robotnik in Sonic Underground, has a cameo in the scene where the military generals discuss Sonic's appearance, which definitely opens up the possibility of the film containing further cameos.
    • Jossed.

There will be a Running Gag where people can't take Dr. Eggman's name seriously.
Think of Taserface from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
  • Except Eggman is just a nickname given to him by Sonic and friends. His real name is Ivo Robotnik.
    • Jossed, they call him Robotnik in the film with no issues doing so.

Tails and Knuckles will help Sonic in the climactic battle against Dr. Eggman.
It's not clear Tom Wachowski has the technology and power to defeat Eggman and his minions.
  • Jossed. Though Tails does show up in the second stinger looking for Sonic.

The movie will end on a Sequel Hook with Eggman finding a Chaos Emerald and working on blueprints for Metal Sonic.
  • Jossed, no Chaos Emeralds or Metal Sonic plans appear in the movie at all.

If the movie does get panned it will gain a small cult following years later just like the Mario movie.
Despite Videogame movies almost never getting a good critical reception there are still people out there that do enjoy them.
  • Hard to say, but the fans seem to be enjoying it and the reviews are mixed but positive overall. Not quite on par with Detective Pikachu but good in its own right.

Sonic will be the only animal character - in this movie, at least.
As much as this troper wants to see Tails and the others appear in this movie, there hasn't been any indication that they will appear. Based on what we've heard, only Sonic goes on the journey with the policeman, and the government is only looking for Sonic. Maybe some other characters from the games will show up in the movie, but maybe they're trying to make it like the first Sonic game, where the only main characters were Sonic and Eggman, and then possibly introduce Tails and the others in a sequel.
  • The possibility of him being the only animal character is seemingly jossed as of this Japanese commercial showing Baby Sonic before he was sent to Earth. In the background of the final shot, you can see several obscured figures that strongly resemble animal-people in tribal wear. It’s not clear as to whether they’re based on any specific Sonic characters, however.
    • Jossed, the film shows a tribe of Echnidas early on trying to steal Sonic for his power, and Sonic has been cared for by Longclaw the Owl until Sonic came to earth. Tails also appears in the mid-credits scene.

This Sonic will be based off of "Classic Sonic".

Tom Wachowski and the woman Tika Sumpter is playing will get married.
It seems likely. To add to that, Sonic and Amy might kiss and have a Relationship Upgrade.
  • Confirmed, except they're already married. Jossed by the fact that Amy doesn't appear.

Tom is either going through a divorce or is a recent widower.
Pictures of James Marsden in character as Tom show he is wearing a wedding ring. Keeping in mind that Neal Moritz said that both he and Sonic are both at a time where they are "in desperate need of a friend".
  • Jossed — he's married to Maddie Wachowski.

Dr. Robotnik will roboticize his flunky Stone.
"Good news, Stone. You're finally getting a PRRRRROMOTION!"
  • Jossed, no one gets turned into a robot.

G.U.N. will appear.
As a military organisation for the Government.
  • Slightly Jossed? The regular military appear but that could be GUN without the black uniforms.
    • Fully Jossed, this is the regular ol' U.S. Military, no sign or mention of GUN at all.

A version of the origin story of Robotnik and Sonic will be featured.
It will be viewed either as a prologue or a flashback sequence, exploring how Robotnik became evil and how Sonic gained his Super Speed. It will also double as a Mythology Gag, taking some cues from the story in Sonic the Comic, where Robotnik became evil after an experiment of his that involved Sonic went wrong. Bonus points if Sonic has brown fur and/or Robotnik's original name was Ovi Kintobor.
  • Jossed, at no point does the film dive into Robotnik's past. Although we do see Sonic as a child but he says he was born with his speed, there is no scene showing how he got it. No one wants to see Sonic's mother give birth, after all.

There will be a mention of Robotnik's grandfather.
His focus will have been in biology, and the fruits of his work may even play a role in Sonic's origins. Robotnik may mention his search for his grandfather's cryogenically preserved creation. They may have stolen his research... but they didn't steal his original creation.
  • Jossed, there is no mention of Robotnik's past or family, other than being an orphan.

Sonic will Break The Fourth Wall and directly address the audience in at least one trailer.
Possibly concerning his storyline or maybe his controversial new design. Especially since the director of Deadpool (2016) is on board as a producer.
  • Also, this could happen with the next trailer, considering that he is now being redesigned.
    • Confirmed in the movie proper, at the beginning Sonic talks to the audience while running from Robotnik telling the audience how the whole thing got started.

The government agents tasked with catching Sonic will be of the Those Two Guys variety.
Complete with the comical slapstick and Wile E Coyote-esque traps. Only slightly smarter then Scratch and Grounder, but just below Sleet and Dingo in competence.
  • Jossed, Robotnik (and his robots) are the only ones who have an active role in trying to catch Sonic.

The movie will inspire a tie-in video game.
Following from the above theory that the movie will be a financial success, may inspire a Recursive Adaptation in the form of a video game. Its quality, however, will depend on who makes the game, be it the people on Sonic Team or some other company tasked with producing the game.

In a nod to Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Hall of the Mountain King will be featured.
A good place for it would be when we finally learn how crazy and dangerous Robotnik is. For example, a scene where, accidentally or via a deliberate revelation by Robotnik, Stone discovers, to his horror, the full extent of Robotnik's plans - the total and permanent roboticization of the entire planet. The song's slow escalation to complete franticness is perfect for such a scene. With Stone learning the truth, Robotnik would never let him back out, so the climax would naturally be his forced roboticization - perhaps with the above-mentioned word 'PRRRRROMOTION' fitting neatly into the song's final pause.
  • This should really happen. I can just imagine it...
    Robotnik: That promotion you asked for, Stone?
    Stone: Yes?
    Robotnik: Well, GENERAL Stone, I'll give you one hell of a prrrrrrrrmotion!
    (Hall of the Mountain King plays)
    • Jossed, nothing like that is mentioned and Dr. Robotnik at no point has any plans to turn people into robots.

Sonic will be the only animal in the film proper, but Tails and Knuckles will be teased (or appear) via post-credits stinger.
  • Confirmed! Tails appears in the mid-credits stinger, Knuckles doesn't appear but the Echnidas do in the beginning attempting to capture Sonic before he makes his way to Earth.

Sonic and Robotnik's origins from the original tie-in comic will be adapted for the film.
I.e. Sonic originally being brown and Robotnik being Ovi Kintobor before the accidents that turned them both into their "iconic" designs.
  • Jossed. Sonic is blue as a child and says he was born with speed, and Robotnik's past isn't mentioned at all in the film, barring a small Noodle Incident in his school years where he left a bully eating through a straw for a year, and stating that he's an orphan when he first confronted Tom.

At one point in the film, Robotnik will say the line "Snooping as usual, I see!"
Just the thought of Jim Carrey himself delivering this sentence could potentially revive this infamous meme from the late 2000s in new ways. The fact that it was briefly referenced in Sonic Boom helps matters.
    • Jossed.

The movie will be extremely polarizing.
It will probably be decently received by critics, but fans will be heavily split on whether it is a good adaptation or not, especially in regards to whatever origins they end up giving the title character. It may end up becoming Flame Bait.
  • Given the way the fandom already acts, I wouldn't be surprised.
    • Yes and no. Critic reviews are mixed to meh, but fans seem to really enjoy it so far. That can change, however.

If the movie ends up failing, the Sonic Twitter and future entries of the Sonic franchise will crack jokes about it.
It’s the Sonic Twitter. They will either way.

Dr. Eggman created Sonic and other anthros.
So, the story goes like this: Dr. Robotnik was a kind biologist who wanted to improve the animals' lives by giving them sapience and superpowers. He collected some test subjects, including: two normal hedgehogs, a fox cub from Chernobyl, an echidna, an alien hedgehog, a hedgehog from the future, a jackal, a robotic hedgehog, a crocodile, two cats, etc., and using powerful artifacts in the form of rings, turned them into anthros. However, his right hand man Agent Stone sabotaged his plan for unknown reasons, turned him into evil Dr. Eggman, and as a result Eggman almost killed the test subjects, but luckily calmed down and instead froze them, only Sonic managed to escape.
  • Probably Jossed : Robotnik seems to know nothing about Sonic.
    • Definitely Jossed, Sonic was born on another planet and Robotnik is from Earth (as far as we are aware), but Robotnik knows nothing about Sonic until he meets him in the movie.

Throughout the film Jim Carrey's character will be referred to as Doctor Ovi Kintobor.
Based on the obvious reasons that Jim's portrayal of Robotnik does not resemble the standard design until the stinger of the trailer. Perhaps this is because until that point of the film "Robotnik" actually spends most of the film as a saner, more calculating Doctor Kintobor.
  • Alternately, he will be called Robotnik until adopting "Eggman" as he did in the main continuity, possibly based on an insult by Sonic.
    • Jossed, we never hear Robotnik's first name in the film. Robotnik also never adopts Eggman but Sonic does refer to him as such due to his egg-shaped robots.

This movie, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter all take place in the same universe.
Behold, the Super Smash Bros. cinematic universe.
  • Jossed, at least in the first movie. At no point does any reference to other video game films or universes occur. Though The Flash is a comic book, but that mostly indicates The Flash and DC Universe at large are just that: comics.

How Robotnik is defeated.
Sonic will use a ring to teleport the doctor to that nondescript mushroom field shown in the trailer. The film will end with Robotnik, now sporting the classic Eggman look, vowing revenge on his nemesis with the electric quill in hand.
  • Alternatively, the huge mushroom field is in fact part of Mobius, the fictional world Sonic is sometimes said to inhabit. Sonic will return there at the end of the film, and Robotnik will follow him and end up stranded, becoming Sonic's full-time nemesis and assuming the classic Eggman look just before the credits roll.
    • Furthermore, the mushroom field is actually the Mushroom Hill Zone, which may foreshadow the debut of Knuckles in a sequel, should they decide to go forward with it.
    • Confirmed! Eggman is pushed into the Mushroom World, however no sign of Knuckles. Though an Echidna tribe appears in the beginning of the film trying to capture Sonic before he gets to Earth.

How Sonic gets his white gloves.
At some point in the movie, Sonic ends up in a government installation, either as a captive or on a mission to find out what happened to his rings, and ends up coming across a pair of special gloves to help insulate the massive amounts of electricity he builds up with his speed. Considering the movie is looking more and more like Sonic's origin story, not to mention that Shadow's gold bracelets at one point acted as a constraint for his own "Ultimate Power", this wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.
  • Jossed; thanks to the redesign, he has the white gloves from the very beginning.

If this movie bombs, the original creator of the character will bring the Sonic franchise up again.
The same thing Akira Toriyama did when Dragon Ball Evolution premiered, Yuji Naka will get disgusted and return to making new and better Sonic games.

The movie will be a prequel to Sonic the Hedgehog, or perhaps the entire series.
After the movie concludes, Sonic will be hailed as a hero, maybe losing his electric powers. Robotnik, humiliated after getting close to killing Sonic, undergoes a Sanity Slippage and, while also changing his design to the more iconic one, changes his goal from "capturing and dissecting Sonic for the government", to taking over the world.
  • Sort of confirmed? Sonic IS hailed as a hero but only to the small town of Green Hill, no one else seems to know he officially exists beyond the town, the government, and perhaps random citizens who came across Sonic during the film.

Agent Stone will be referred to as Snively at some point.
Whether as a nickname or the reveal that he's Robotnik's nephew.
  • Jossed.

This Eggman is a 'Well-Intentioned Extremist'.
This version of Eggman doesn't want to conquer Earth. He just wants to save the world from an "evil alien threat". In his point of view, Sonic is a dangerous menace who must be destroyed at all costs. He may do villainous things throughout the movie, but it's for the greater good.
  • Jossed. He doesn't have any real solid "heroic" goals in mind.

Eggman is wearing a mask.
His appearance early in the trailer is just a disguise to fool the military. He's probably a wanted criminal who is using a fake name. There will be a scene where he rips his mask off to reveal his true self.
  • Jossed.

The reason the movie hasn't been delayed after announcing that Sonic's design will be changed following the fan backlash:
Two theories, both assuming that those poor animators won't be so overworked in the six months before the release date:
  • Either Paramount had a backup design prepared for Sonic the entire time, just in case fans weren't happy with his look (which turned out to be true, to say the least) before the final movie.
  • Or this was a massive publicity stunt. They released a terrible design for the trailer on purpose, going with a completely different look for the movie that is closer to his normal look, because they knew that fans would react so negatively that it would get everyone talking about it.
  • Not only that, but the re-design will be based off of Classic Sonic.
    • Alternatively, the new design will be a combination of his Classic and Modern designs, with the former's chubby body and the latter's green eyes. However, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see some aspects of the initial design for Sonic to be incorporated into the second design, including his buffness. After all, one would expect Sonic to look a little more like a guy who's into athletics, right?
  • Jossed; Jeff Fowler has confirmed that the movie has been pushed back to February 2020.

Metal Sonic will appear.
One point in the trailer looks like Eggman is using Sonic’s quills to power his robots. Perhaps his trump card will be a robot clone.
  • Jossed.

Carrey's cover of I Am The Walrus will play just before The Reveal of him being full Dr Eggman.
The Narm Charm possibilities of that are too good for it to not happen.
  • Jossed.

Carrey's Robotnik will borrow a catchphrase from another version of Robotnik.
He will yell "I hate that hedgehog".
  • Jossed.

The EMP in the trailer was caused by a Chaos Emerald.
A Chaos Emerald was sent with Sonic to Earth ,albeit in a different location than where Sonic ended up. It's very unlikely that a sonic boom would cause the entire Pacific Northwest to blackout.
  • Jossed (but a cool idea nonetheless). The second trailer shows that Sonic caused the blackout after running the bases on a baseball field one too many times.

The Black Arms conquered Sonic's planet.
Black Doom will be the Greater-Scope Villain of the franchise. Sonic was sent to Earth to protect himself from Doom's cruelty. Given how ut would be impossible for Robotnik to be the one to take over Sonic's planet if he's just been exposed to Sonic's species, Black Doom seems to be the only reasonable option.
  • Jossed, Sonic was sent to Earth because a tribe of Echnidas wanted to capture him for his speed. Though we never know who they work for so that could be a possible sequel idea. Also Robotnik at no point visits Sonic's world.

This Reddit theory explores both films' similarities, also coming up with a theory about Sonic being from Dinohattan and escaping to avoid misuse of his electrical and dimension-traveling powers, while also explaining a lot about his design from the first trailer. The second trailer's "Everyone on my planet was trying to steal my power" line also gives credence to this theory.

Robotnik is not the main villain.
This version of Robotnik is just a government agent who wants to stop Sonic. Another villain is the Big Bad, and Robotnik is just a minor villain who will be the antagonist of the sequel, assuming it happens and Sonic doesn't end up a Stillborn Franchise.
  • Jossed, Robotnik is the big bad. Though a tribe of Echidnas in the beginning of the movie do try to capture Sonic and kill his caretaker before Sonic makes it to Earth.

The movie will actually end up being really good.
People hated the Film/Paddington trailer too, and now it's the highest-rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes. It could happen, though I honestly doubt it.
  • Maybe good enough to make a sequel.
  • And maybe even a few spin-off games set in said universe.
    • Confirmed-ish? It has received mixed to positive reviews from critics and has GREAT reviews from audiences.

Sonic is from another dimension.
In the trailer, he tells human protagonist that he's come to "save [his] planet". He must have accidentally been sent to Earth via Robotnik's experiment. His home dimension is likely Mobius.
  • Both confirmed and jossed. Sonic himself states that he is from another planet, but also says that he traveled to Earth of his own accord. Whether or not this world is Mobius is currently up for debate.

Sonic's unused love interest Madonna will appear.
Either as the love interest of the human protagonist or an Easter Egg.
  • Jossed when it comes to a love interest for Tom. He already has a wife.

Sonic will have his signature shoes.
But not as part of the redesign. He will wear his Pumas for most of the movie, but at some point will obtain the signature Michael Jackson-Santa Claus hybrid shoes.
  • Jossed as of the second trailer. Sonic has his signature shoes now.
    • Actually semi-confirmed: Sonic doesn't receive his signature shoes until about halfway through the movie, as a gift from Tom's niece.

Robotnik appearing as his game/cartoon self will be a dream sequence that lasts for about a minute at most.
And it will be the worst ever invocation of Never Trust a Trailer in history.
  • Jossed. Never happens.

Alternatively, Robotnik appearing as his game/cartoon self will be The Stinger and either a post-credits scene or the very last scene of the movie.
Seems to be what the trailers are leading up to since he appears to be on Sonic's world.
  • Confirmed, though he's actually on the Mushroom Planet.

Robotnik will try to drain the energy out of Sonic and the Rings and will accidentally create the Chaos Emeralds as a result.
This will also send/trap Sonic and Robotnik back in Sonic's world. Setting up a Sequel Hook of a weaker but still fast Sonic and Robotnik duking it out over the new Chaos Emeralds.
  • Or he invents The Roboticizer and after enslaving Mobius discovers the legend of the Chaos Emeralds.
  • All Jossed, no Chaos Emeralds appear at all and no Roboticizer.

At one point Sonic will meet the love of his life for the first time.
The chili-dog, with us seeing the first time he’s enjoyed it.
  • Maybe Confirmed? He mentions eating a chili dog.
  • Confirmed, in that he says it was great and also ate several of them on screen.

The Mean Bean Joke will be in.
Probably to do with the coffee beans in Agent Stone’s Lattes
  • Jossed.

By the end of this film and after losing to Sonic, Robotnik will let himself go.
Causing him to take on his more familiar, rotund appearance.
  • Confirmed.

Robotnik had his surname legally changed.
There will be a throwaway line that he had his surname legally changed from Kintobor to Robotnik.
  • Jossed.

Robotnik will invent the Roboticizer using Sonic's quill.
Thoughout the movie, Robotnik will get more and more desperate to catch Sonic, resulting in most of his robots and funding getting scrapped. So, in desperation, he invents The Roboticizer, controlling his superiors and the people. This ends up making him go full-blown Glorious Leader.
  • Jossed.

There will be another villain besides Robotnik.
Sonic left his homeworld because he was tired of being hunted down there, but since Robotnik is from Earth (and meets Sonic for the first time in this movie), there is evidently some other enemy out there who has it out for Sonic. While Robotnik may be the first villain the movie shows us, this other enemy will eventually come to Earth too as the true antagonist of the film.
  • Sort of, though Robotnik is the only villain of Earth there are a tribe of Echidnas who try to capture Sonic in the beginning of the film before he makes his way to Earth.

There will be a line in the movie that will attempt to avert the Fridge Horror of Sonic accidentally knocking out power.
It could be a Voodoo Shark, but we’ll at least get assurance that fewer people died than people thought.
  • Jossed.

At one point Sonic will almost drown.
Tom or his wife Maddie will save him, but Sonic will be scarred for life.
  • And there should a dramatic orchestra version of the drowning theme, too, like in Sonic Colors.
  • Jossed, though he does say he ran into the Pacific Ocean before making his way back to Tom in the same scene, but there's no mention of him drowning or that it was even a problem for him.

Robotnik won’t lose his hair.
Because he never had it to begin with. It’s a toupee.
  • Jossed. He shaves his head in the stinger.

The film will feature "Hard Times" by The Jetzons and Michael Jackson's "Stranger In Moscow".

Sonic's World will be a composite form of Mobius from both the Archie Comics and the Fleetway comics, but without humans.
It will be named Mobius and be populated by Mobians (entirely rather than mostly). However, it will be its own planet (like in Fleetway's version) rather than a post-apocalyptic Earth (like Archie's version).
  • Sega had mandated that Sonic's planet not be named Mobius, but since they've basically disowned this movie, it might be possible.
  • The planet is unnamed in the movie, the area that Sonic lives at resembles Green Hill Zone from the first Sonic game.

Sonic will call Robotnik "Eggman" after he adopts his game look.
Sonic will cause an explosion that makes him lose his hair. When Robotnik realizes that he's bald, he will say he looks like an egg in dismay. Sonic then calls him "Eggman" to rub salt in the wound.
  • Jossed. Sonic calls him Eggman because his robots are white and egg-shaped.

If the Rock does the quick cameo Fowler offered him...
It will be as President Johnson.
  • Jossed.
    • but oddly referenced, after Sonic wakes up from being knocked unconscious, he asks if The Rock is President.

If this movie does well, other iterations of Sonic will take strong amounts of inspiration from it.
Akin to how multiple Marvel products (such as animation or video games) have likewise taken inspiration from the MCU.

There will be a Running Gag where people wonder what the hell kind of animal Sonic is supposed to be, since he does not look REMOTELY like what a hedgehog is supposed to look like.
Sonic will insist that he's a hedgehog, while others will insist that no, he is NOT. They'll call him a blue alien, or something even more ridiculous like a cat, or a chipmunk. Or a rat. Even better if Sonic actually comes across a real hedgehog.
  • Confirmed! Sort of. At least one character doesn't believe Sonic is a Hedgehog.

The Echidna Tribe that people spotted in Baby Sonic’s trailer
They will not be enemies, but friends who practically raise Sonic. When some kind of threat appears, Sonic will be sent away to protect him. When he returns they have all been wiped out...except for one, whom Robotnik meets in a Sequel Hook.
  • Jossed, they are hunting down Sonic to take him and his power. They kill Sonic's caretaker in the attempt. Most definitely not friendly.

Robotnik will say "I hate that hedgehog!"
  • Jossed, never says it.

Longclaw was the one who send Tails to search for Sonic
I have always thought about this since I saw the film. During the post-credits scene, Tails mentions that he hopes that it's not too late to search for Sonic. Taking that statement into account, this may indicate that someone has given him the mission to track down Sonic. And who could possibly be that individual? None other than Longclaw, Sonic's caretaker. I get that the film implies that she was killed by the Echidna Tribe, but we never get to see that onscreen. Maybe she managed to escape from them or she was rescued?

But why Longclaw took so much time in asking Tails to find Sonic? Perhaps because time in Sonic's world doesn't work like the time of Earth. Maybe ten years have passed since Sonic arrived on Earth, but in his world maybe it's only been ten minutes or ten hours since Sonic left.

  • The idea that Longclaw may have survived was actually used in a Deleted Scene from an alternate version in which she also enters through the portal and stays on Earth with him until she dies of old age. This would discard the possibility that Tails was asked to search for Sonic by her. However, this is evidently not the case in the finished movie and if that scene was deleted, maybe it was because of this possibility?
  • Another reason that Longclaw took so long might be that the Rings are not as common as Sonic thinks they are, and that it took a long time for Longclaw or Tails to find more. But by that point enough time could have passed that they couldn't be sure that Sonic was on Earth anymore and they didn't have enough Rings to waste checking all the other planets he could be on. Until Tails made his scanner and could finally pinpoint his location.

Agent Stone got married off-screen
During the final battle, the Dr. Robotnik explanation why he has no friends borders the Suspiciously Specific Denial. Agent Stone disappears half-movie with no apparent reason, it is possible that he got married during the adventure and Dr. Robotnik saw it as unprofessional.

Major Bennington is secretly Damien Darke

Sonic is a Blue Chaos Emerald
  • The Echidna tribe is hunting him. In other continuities they are generally benevolent (Knuckles being the exception), but are very keen on protecting the Chaos Emeralds. If Sonic were one of them, it would make sense that they would go after him.
  • When Robotnik scans Sonic's quill, his computer says the power is "Unlimited". Sonic is traditionally powerful, but unlimited power is more the domain of the Chaos Emeralds.
  • Sonic's eyes glow blue when he accesses his full power.
  • Sonic recovers from being apparently dead in the finale.
  • Baby Sonic ate (or just touched) the Blue Emerald, and it absorbed into him, granting his wish to be fast (maybe he was brown before that like in the comics)?
  • Baby Sonic was mortally injured in a fight over the Blue Emerald, and it responded to his wish to live, merging with him?
    • Or one of the people fighting (Longclaw? an echidna?) over the Blue Emerald used it to save him and use surprised when it absorbed into him.
  • Someone was experimenting on the Emeralds, and somehow caused the Blue Emerald to incarnate into Sonic?
  • Perhaps it could work like the Infinity Stones, where assorted objects/characters turn out to be Chaos Emeralds? The Golden Axe being the Yellow Emerald, Sig’s hand being the red one...
    • Or Sonic's friends, like Tails (yellow emerald), Knuckles (red emerald) and Amy (pink emerald).

Variation: Sonic touched the Blue Chaos Emerald
  • Pretty similar to the earlier claim, just less overt. Sonic's powers come from the blue (or any other) Chaos Emerald, and are basically this continuities version of "Chaos control" and the echidna's are just trying to take it back. This is more like how Captain Marvel has power from the Power Stone, but isn't actually the Power Stone.
  • This could have left the Blue Chaos Emerald completely inert, and the echidnas are trying to restore it, or it could still be functioning at full power (since half of unlimited is still unlimited) and the echidnas just don't want any chaos energy out in the world.

Simplification: Sonic's powers are Chaos based
Rather than actually being derived from a Chaos Emerald directly, they come from the same source. This could help explain why he is able to use their power directly rather than requiring a machine to tap into it like Robotnik usually does.

Tails' birth name is his nickname instead of Miles.
Given the fact that Sonic has an obscure name, and that his name relates to his power (supersonic speed), Tails' name would be just "Tails" since he was born with two tails. Not to mention, it might be a little far-fetched for actual real names to exist in other dimensions.

Sonic isn't the only super-powered animal that Longclaw has raised.
She had made it her personal mission to find and protect super-powered beings like him from threats such as the Echidna Tribe. Tails is one such being, having been adopted by Longclaw shortly after she lost Sonic, and she sent him to Earth to find him.

Dr. Robotnik isn't the only one on the mushroom world
On the other side of the planet there is an italian plumber in red overalls saving a princess from a dragon-turtle hybrid.

The Echidna tribe that was hunting down Sonic was Pachacamac's
He's one of the few game-based Echidnas that's an outright villain, with the only other one being Imperator Ix. However, Pachacamac is more likely due to the fact that Sonic Adventure is the first mainline 3D Sonic Game while Ix was regulated to a spin-off RPG. Not to mention that hunting down Sonic for his power falls in line to how he tried to get the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

The Mushroom World is not The Mushroom World
The planet of mushrooms is not a stealth prequel to a Mario Bros Shared Universe. There are no verified signs of civilization, no kingdoms, no structures, no mushroom people. The mushrooms here are not the spotted mushroom variety typical to the Mushroom World. This is something else entirely.

The electrically charged Sonic is the movie continuity's answer to Super Sonic

It is normally rare for Sonic to have differing forms between continuities if not nonexistent as the only Sonic variants that outright lake a powered up state let alone Super Sonic are ASOTH, Sonic Sat AM (unless you count the power rings), Underground, OVA and Boom.

Perhaps to have this version of the character stand out his empowered state empowers him with a mass electrical charge that does not require an outward source.

This mostly comes to mind with how Sonic's electrical state is based on his emotion, bringing to mind "Thoughts into Power."

That said, Chaos Emeralds and Super Sonic in a sequel will instantly joss this theory.

The Mushroom Planet will be the "sentence" in CinemaSins' "Everything Wrong with Sonic the Hedgehog"
Jossed. The sentence was actually "Athelte's Foot".

Agent Stone was the government’s scapegoat for the blackout.
  • The government will say the blackout was because he was using an overpowered EMP device and framed Tom for it when he found evidence of his involvement.

The entire Super Mario Bros series and all crossovers with Sonic are the result of Robotnik tripping out on mushrooms.

Sonic absorbed the energy from the Master Emerald
This caused Angel Island to fall. The Echidnas were after him because they wanted to raise the island.

Crazy Carl was questioned by The Men in Black after the government erased all evidence of the events
He didn't forget about Sonic, or how he calls him, "The Blue Devil".

This version of Sonic intentionally operates on Rule of Cool and/or Rule of Funny most of the time.
This is most obvious from his reaction to successfully Car Hood Sliding. Maybe all or most of the cool stunts or funny things he does in the movie are done because he either has some form of Medium Awareness, or, since he watches a lot of movies, he likes to imagine that there's a camera following him everywhere.

    Sequel guesses 
Sonic would leave Earth and stay with Tails and his new friends in the Green Hill Zone at the end of the sequel.
  • Despite the fact he was happy with his new family, he faces the facts that he's wanted by the Government and his powers are far beyond human-kind. He contemplates for a few seconds and accepts his decision after he's had a good life on Earth, so he says goodbye to the Wachowskis and leaves with Tails and company.
    • Hopefully jossed as it would go against the ending of this movie where Sonic finally finds a home and a family on this planet after spending most of his life there. It would fall back on just Sonic not being safe on Earth and he could just go to visit there on Mobius.

Tom's first reaction to Sonic will be re-enacted if he meets Tails in a sequel
Reactive Continuous Scream and everything... except maybe the tranquilizer dart. Could be even funnier if Sonic himself joins in.

Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Shadow will show up in the sequel
And maybe Tom and Sonic will spend time exploring Sonic's home planet, when it is attacked by Eggman, who was able to craft warping decide of his own.

Robotnik will rename himself.
He'll be Eggman as Sonic nicknamed him.

Robotnik's nephew, Snively, will be a supporting villain in the sequel.
Or at the very least Agent Stone wall working with Robotnik will be called Snively.

Sonic will fall for Amy Rose (rather than Amy falling for Sonic) when they first meet in the sequel.
Pretty Role Reversal, but it's a possibility.

Knuckles' role in the sequel.
Should he ever meet Sonic in the future, the latter will start out antagonizing him for being part of the tribe that killed Longclaw. Because of this, the two will spend a good chunk of the movie as enemies a la Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Shadow and Metal Sonic will be the villains of a third film
The sequel will likely be about Tails finding Sonic, and the two having to deal with Knuckles (who is likely aligned with the Echidna tribe from the beginning of the first film) before all three teaming up to defeat a somehow-returned Robotnik. As such there won't be much room for even more characters bursting in. But a third film could focus entirely on Shadow awakening and his rivalry with Sonic, before the two of them team up to defeat a Metal Sonic made by Robotnik using the quill he still has.

Predicted voices of the franchise's characters
These are just my choices so far.
  • Dwayne Johnson as Knuckles the Echidna (Mainly because I think that's what's one everyone's mind, also could be, like, a Casting Gag)
  • Mae Whitman as Amy Rose (Mostly looking for a voice that won't make Movie Amy sound obnoxious, and for a Celebrity Voice Actor that has a career in voice acting.)
  • Keanu Reeves as Shadow the Hedgehog (Been in my head when someone had that thought.)

A future movie will have a subplot about Tom and Maddie having a child
Yes they're basically Sonic's parents now, but their relationship with the hedgehog could inspire them to start a human family of their own. Sonic will worry about being replaced, but come to accept the child as his brother. Bonus points if the child is named Chris.
  • Worst/most frightening of all, Sonic will have to babysit.

Pachacamac will be Knuckles’s father.

The sequel will be adapting both Sonic 2 and 3.

  • Tails will be involved and Robotnik makes his way to Sonic’s world somehow, he finds the Echidna Tribe and manages to convince them to work with him.

Metal Sonic will be one of the new additions for the sequel

Robotnik in this continuity has no clear indication that he plans for world domination like his other counterparts, in fact for the most part he speaks about how superior machines are to organics.

It is quite clear as well that he sees Sonic as an inferior and far primitive creature with how he treats him as a test subject then a living being so it would totally be within the character of this petty man to create Metal Sonic in order to just prove a point that a robotic Sonic is much faster, stronger and more capable then the real thing.

Sonic's powers were given to him by either the Chaos Emeralds or the Master Emerald.
To this date, there has never been given a reason in any of the games or the comics why Sonic has Super Speed. While later games more or less avert the entire premise given that nearly every other character can run at his pace (though that just might be a fault of the programmers), the movie draws attention to it by pointing out that his super speed is an abnormal quality on Mobius, Longclaw trying to make Sonic hide it and the Echidna Tribe actively hunting him down because of it.

Should they come out with the sequel, we will eventually be given a reason: Sonic's Super Speed is a direct result of being tapped into the Emerald's power, much like how Chaos was just a chao before the Chaos Emeralds turned him into a god. This would explain why the Echidnas are so invested in getting Sonic; because he is a conduit for the Chaos/Master Emerald(s) and hope to use him for it.

  • It would also explain why Sonic (in the games and shows) is so easily able to harness the Chaos Emerald's power.

  • To add to this, this troper has heard from a secondary source that the novelization for the movie discusses Sonic as having "Chaos-like energies". Whether this and other information from the book is truly canon to the movie's universe is unclear.

The Mushroom Kingdom is on the Mushroom Planet.
The Mushroom Kingdom will be brought up in a Noodle Incident in the sequel.

Should they ever make a sequel, Robotnik will eventually escape the Mushroom Planet and either go back to Earth for revenge or went to Mobius (hense why Tails is trying to find Sonic). He will reveal that he got ahold of his own bag of rings and plans on using them to conquer other worlds. When asked how he got ahold of them, he will answer that he came across a race of mushroom people and ransomed their princess for them.

Sonic did mention that all space-faring creatures had rings, so odds are the indigenous race of a planet on Sonic's map could have them.

  • Except, according to Sonic and Robotnik, it's uninhabited and the only things on the planet are breathable air and edible mushrooms.
    • unless the movie's a stealth prequel to a version of Super Mario Bros, and the entire population of the Mushroom Kingdom ends up existing because of something Robotnik does there.

Every Mobian with Super Speed like Sonic has electricity powers also.
Because, I think Super Speed and Shock and Awe correlate with each other.

This movie (or the next) will set up a SEGA Cinematic Universe.
I mean if the logo opening didn't clue us in...
  • Ecolo becoming the equivalent of Loki would be a nice way to tie this together.
  • Co-writer Pat Casey, while he says he thinks it's "unlikely", has expressed interest in creating a Shared Universe with properties from both Sega and Nintendo.

Tails will be known as Miles until Sonic gives him his nickname.
And he won't like it at first but warms up to it as he and Sonic become friends.

In the sequel, Tom and Maddie will end up having a child of their own.
Maddie will get pregnant, and as they prepare for the new baby, Sonic (as their surrogate son) will get jealous, but will find a friend in Tails to spend more time with.

The next movie will involve Robotnik invading Sonic's world and Sonic needing to come back and save it.
  • The reason why Tails came to Earth in The Stinger? Sonic's the only one known to have beaten Robotnik before, and he desperately needs his help before it's too late.
    • That doesn't seem too likely given that it's implied Tails shows up very shortly after the events of the movie.
      • There isn't really any indication of how long after the movie Tails shows up, given how no other characters or elements are in the scene.

The next movie will be a loose adaptation of the second and third Genesis games.
Namely, the involvement of the Echidna tribe (or at least Knuckles) combined with Robotnik creating and powering the Death Egg using the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic's quills, or both. May also end with yet another sequel hook foreshadowing a loose Adventure game adaptation.

Tikal will be the only one who's reluctant to work with Robotnik.
Assuming from the above WMG that the Echidna Tribe is Pachacamac's, then it's likely that Tikal is a member of the tribe. Due to her being strongly against the actions of her father, she'll be the Token Good Teammate in the alliance between Pachacamac and Robotnik. An encounter with Sonic will, in turn, end with her joining him.

If Shadow appears, his power will be based around fire
Since Sonic was given lightning-based powers, giving Shadow powers based around fire would make an interesting contrast, and could potentially serve as a viable substitute for his Chaos Powers if the Emeralds aren't featured (he could throw bolts of fire identical to the Chaos Spears, for instance).

Rachel will later move to Green Hill and become a Sitcom Arch-Nemesis to the Wachowskis
As a brief Running Gag that occurs once per movie, Rachel may try to find ways to one up Tom and Maddie as payback for what she went through in the first movie. This could include her going as far as to try to "adopt" a Mobian of her own, thinking she can beat them in raising one despite people telling her raising children shouldn't be a competition. Jojo may actually encourage this, if only because she likes the idea of having a new alien adopted sibling to play with. Rachel's efforts may lead to a subplot of her adopting Amy, which can lead to the unintended consequence of Amy helping her go through some Character Development in gradually realizing how petty both her ambitions and methods were and she eventually evolves from a Jerkass to a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Alternatively, should she not adopt Amy, she may be driven into becoming a full-blown villain by these antics.
  • Alternatively alternatively, Instead of Amy, Rachel may find herself taking in Team Chaotix. Wacky antics ensue, to Jojo's delight and Rachel's dismay.

If Robotnik creates Metal Sonic, it will be as a replacement for Agent Stone, making the pun that metal is better than stone
He will cruelly betray and destroy Stone in the process, which, given what happened in the first film, will be hilarious, because the new Stone is a literal rock.

Tikal will be portrayed in the movies as a Composite Character of herself and Sally Acorn.
If the Echidna Tribe become antagonists in the sequel, Tikal could be secretly organizating a group of "Freedom Fighters" (like Sally did) determined to halt the Tribe's tyranny, with her having recruited (or maybe even adopted) Tails as one of her first allies. She could be the one who sent Tails to Earth to find Sonic with the intention of recruiting him to help their cause. After Pachacamac is defeated, Tikal will proceed to take over leading the Tribe to steer them away from their warmongering ways as well as provide reparations for anyone who suffered at their hands (including Earth). Tikal in later sequels may even act as Mobius' resident Big Good and Team Mom for the younger Mobians, going as far to treat Sonic among them. She may even get an Age Lift to reflect that as well as to discourage shipping her with said Mobians.
  • As the Team Mom, she may also take cues from Vanilla.

Tails isn't the only one using Rings to try and find Sonic...
A certain Echidna is also looking for Sonic. Except he doesn't have a scanner like Tails so he's just checking other planets systematically. And he'll eventually find the Mushroom Planet and Eggman, who will tell said Echidna that he knows exactly where Sonic is in exchange for some help.
  • Mushroom Hill is, after all, the first level in Sonic & Knuckles. Actually...

By the time Robotnik escapes the Mushroom Planet, he will have built his own pretend town.
One named Mushroom Hill after Green Hill, in a nod to the level mentioned above.

Cameos in the sequel

Pachacamac will be a Contrasting Sequel Antagonist to Dr. Robotnik.
  • To expand on his character (since his game counterpart only made brief appearances) and set himself apart from Robotnik. Pachacamac will be a more serious and soft-spoken villain that goes as far as to fall under Knightof Cerebus territory (with maybe a few Comically Serious moments when sharing screentime with the Mad Doctor). Pachacamac may be calm, polite, mature, and even A Father to His Men (even having a Like a Son to Me relationship with Knuckles) to contrast Eggman's Bad Boss tendencies. But this could be balanced out with the Chief expressing Tranquil Fury when something displeases him. The Chief may also contrast Eggman in that he doesn't want to do a Milking the Monster plan with Sonic quills, but rather, he wants to enslave Sonic himself by either brainwashing or blackmailing him into becoming Pachacamac's weapon for conquest. He'll be quick to go after Sonic's friends (including Tom and Maddie) and may threaten to harm them in response to Sonic defying or evading him. Pachacamac may still be abusive to Tikal, but may be more emotionally abusive compared to his game counterpart and acting so out of the belief that Tikal needs to abandon her innocence and compassion to be worthy of succeeding him as leader of the Echidna Tribe.
    • To further contrast himself from Robotnik, Pachacamac be villainous version of The Social Expert, someone who knows how to talk to people into doing something that's in his favor and get a read on them so he knows what to say and how to say it. A team-up between him and Robotnik may have him get Robotnik to think he's in charge and use Robotnik's ego to subtly convince him to do certain things by making him think they're his idea.
    • Pachacamac may also be portrayed as an Evil Counterpart to Tom Wachowski, with both of them being authority figures their respective communities greatly respect and look up to. But while Tom is a Reasonable Authority Figure who once considered leaving due to Small Town Boredom and is considered an adoptive varient of a Good Parent to Sonic, Pachacamac may be a tyrant who secures loyalty from his subjects by appealing to fear and convincing them his more unpleasant laws are at worst Necessarily Evil. Not to mention The Chief may likely be an Abusive Parent to Tikal and/or anyone else he considers under his care.

In the sequel, Tails will serve as a foil to Robotnik.
Given how smart Tails is, they could play up the Intelligence Equals Isolation with him. His character arc over the course of the movie could deal with his growing closer to Sonic, and eventually turning out different from Robotnik (possibly even rejecting a We Can Rule Together) because he had someone he could truly call a friend.

Sonic will receive his Boom counterpart's brown scarf...
...which will be fashioned from a piece of Longclaw's cloak, possibly after she dies (for real this time). It will potentially be made by another character or Longclaw herself, so that she could always be with him.

Eggman didn't actually go insane on the Mushroom Planet.
Outside of the whole "Agent Stone" thing, we don't see much sign of him having gone insane. And this troper honestly believes he made Agent Stone just so he could do the "ROCK-nnaissance" joke
  • On the other hand, his speech about his insanity being absolute followed by "Right Agent Stone?" and the cut to the new Agent Stone is a classic comedy beat, so until a sequel comes out it could go either way. And then there's the fact that he's also chiding inanimate mushrooms for not laughing at his pun. It's been suggested by some fans online that Robotnik has been munching on some mushrooms.

Eggman's potential mechs/battle machines in future films
Since he still has Sonic's quill, he'll no doubt create some brand new toys that'll help him take down the hedgehog. These may include:

The sequel will involve Tom and Maddie getting captured and Sonic needing help to rescue them.
In addition to serving as a contrast to how Sonic needed Tom's help to get his rings back, this can present Sonic with a dilemma of wondering whether or not he can truly protect those closest to him from his persuers, and make his situation seem bleaker with him having no where left to hide (assuming he ever considered falling back on Longclaw's "stay hidden" instructions, he might be horrified upon finding that option rendered useless). Sonic may also go through an arc of accepting there are dangers that can't be evaded and sometimes the only way to deal with a problem is to face it head-on. If Tails is seeking Sonic to get his help, Tom and Maddie getting captured may also serve as much needed incentive to agree to Tails' proposal since they share a common foe and Tails may be Sonic's only link to whoever's holding Tom and Maddie hostage.

If Longclaw is alive, she will get chewed out by Tom.
Tom may heavily criticize Longclaw telling Sonic to "Stay hidden at any cost" as something that's done Sonic more harm than good, pointing out how Sonic's been completely alone for a decade and suffered for it until he and Maddie took him in. If Longclaw isn't held prisoner by the time she and Tom meet, he may also question her on why she didn't come to Earth to find Sonic as soon as she could. Sonic (assuming he doesn't break into tears over seeing his two parental figures fighting) may think Tom is being too hard on Longclaw, but Longclaw may actually concede Tom did raise some valid points and apologizes to Sonic for accidently forcing him to live in loneliness. Pachacamac or Robotnik may even learn about that confrontation and try to throw it in Sonic's face by making him question whether the loneliness was worth suffering through just to avoid getting caught.
  • Alternatively, upon Sonic and Longclaw meeting each other again, Longclaw may attempt to scold Sonic for disobeying her instructions only for Tom to step between them and call Longclaw out on her words and the consequences that followed. A heated debate between Tom and Longclaw ensues with both of them bringing valid points.
  • Also alternatively (or in addition to the above possible events) Sonic may actually (with maybe some reluctance) side with Tom in his debate with Longclaw, with Sonic trying to get Longclaw to see how her advice became outdated (due to his persuers already knowing about all the places he could hide in and/or because he successfully managed to build a proper life for himself despite the risks) and tells her he can't bear the thought of going back to living in isolation even if it's still a feasible option. Longclaw may either come to respect Sonic's decision or his words may trigger enough Adult Fear in Longclaw that it may cause some strife between them.

Ideas for future sequels.
The Chaos Emeralds will be featured in two of the movies.A machine that will enslave the animals of Sonic’s world (and possibly even humankind as well) and feed into his obsession of believing that machines are the next evolution.
  • Robotnik will drain the super speed from sonic so he can out run him.

Tails was adopted by the Echidna Tribe.
  • Given how the Tribe has been established, it's possible they took in Tails (be it through adoption or kidnaping) and forced him to use his mechanical talents to help serve their cause. Tails may have had to live with either Tikal (who either acts a straight-up Parental Substitute or a Cool Big Sis and one of the few people who strictly treat him with kindness) or Pachacamac (who may be an abusive adoptive grandfather to him). Tails may have had to put up with the Tribe ridiculing or bullying him for lacking any interest in their warrior ways or they perceive him as a weakling. Such a painful environment could serve as a factor for Tails later wanting to stay with Sonic and the Wachowskis after finding out they're a far better family to each other than most of the Echidnas ever were to him.
    • Given he apparently has similar Super Speed to Sonic, it's possible Tails managed to hide his powers right under the Encidna Tribe's noses or they did ind out and Tails managed to escape before they could weaponize. This could serve as justification for why Tails is looking for Sonic; either in the hopes Sonic will teach him how to use his speed powers, or to convince Sonic to help him defeat the Encidna Tribe's tyranny.
      • I see nothing to suggest he has super speed, just that he could fly very well with his tails.
      • He did so with a yellow streak following him that's similar to the blue streak Sonic leaves when he runs, implying Tails has abilities similar to Sonic.
      • It's never stated that the Echidnas are exclusively pursuing individuals with super speed. Tails has two tails strong enough to break metal and can fly, so they're probably after any sort of Mobian with special powers.

In the sequel; the Rock’s character will be a villain.
  • If he does appear in the sequel he could be a villain which he rarely does. He could be a hunter or a soldier who is an over the top parody fo the usual action roles the Rock has played. He could be convicted he is a hero hunting down an alien threat.

During Knuckles' debut, he will get an arc centered around his Opposed Mentors.
  • Knuckles could have two contrasting mentors in the form of Tikal and Pachacamac. Tikal could be something of a Big Sister Mentor who tries to appeal to Knuckles' sense of compassion and decency and tries to rein in his Hot-Blooded tendencies, which may annoy him. Pachacamac meanwhile, may have a Like a Son to Me relationship with Knux and tries to encourage his more warrior-like traits, with the downside of Pachacamac holding him in some contempt for his gullibility and perceived stupidity, something that might get portrayed as a Villain Has a Point moment.

In the sequel someone will say "long time no see".
Probably in response to the return of Dr.Eggman from the mushroom world.

The sequel will reveal that Tails is working for an evil character, but he'll make a Heel–Face Turn at the end.
Considering how many changes the first film made to the storyline of other Sonic canons, it would be interesting if Tails had Adaptational Villainy, even if in a Minion with an F in Evil way (which would explain why he still has a cheerful attitude like in the games.) We don't know for sure that he was sent to Earth by Longclaw or someone else good. Maybe there's someone else after Sonic's powers...
  • Perhaps the Dark Prince, as a nod to his ownership of Carby in the Madou Monogatari series?

Upon seeing Robotnik's new look, someone will call him "Baldy McNosehair."
Most likely Sonic, even though he already has a nickname for Robotnik. Maybe he won't even recognize Robotnik.

Sonic will fly a plane in the sequel
  • He learned to drive a car pretty fast so he could do the same with a plane, bonus points if it is a red biplane

Either nothing beyond Sonic Adventure One will be acknowledged or all elements that came after Adventure One will have their context radically changed to fit in a Genesis to Adventure One only universe
The movie only includes the Echidnas being hostile to Sonic as something that can be called a post-Genesis element (and that itself roots in Sonic 3's backstory for Angel Island). Considering the Dork Age surrounding the series after the Genesis Era combined with the two radical shifts in tone and visuals (recall Adventure 2 having what's obviously a stand-in for the American military raid a space colony leading to a little girl getting gunned down and how that doesn't fit at all in the more fantastical universe of the Genesis games), expect nothing after Adventure One to be acknowledged at worst to having everything after Adventure One to have radically changed context. Examples of such:
  • Shadow the Hedgehog is just a clone of Sonic made through tech or magic even who allies with Eggman.
  • Rouge the Bat takes notes from Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and is strictly a mercenary who aids Eggman or another antagonist for jewels. The Babylon Rogues could be the same way.
    • What backstory for Angel Island in Sonic 3? Plus they can make the Adventure elements work in this verse like they did with Sonic Adventure since the story is partially like Sonic running from the military in the opening scene of the game.
      • The one in the actual manual. And the movie makers went out of their way to show that the American government isn't "evil" and that Eggman was abusing his position (with the same government relieved to see him gone), even implying the general knew Tom was hiding Sonic but left them be (be it out of gratitude or just realizing that he has nothing to gain from antagonizing a friendly alien). Compare with how cartoonishly evil G.U.N. is portrayed in their first game (even if ST did remove or tone down that element in Shadow's game and 06). Do you expect them to include hilariously edgy bits like Black Doom or for Shadow to get in just as he was in the games?
  • Blaze would be the fourth Chaotix member.

Infinite will appear, but only as Jackal
He'll team-up with Eggman and alongside Agent Stone form a villanous duo who serve the big egg. He won't be edgy in any way whatsoever.

Later on in the series, Mobian aliens from Sonic's planet will move to Earth and populate there, and Robotnik will follow them over there and take over Earth. Humans co-existing with walking and talking animals will be a thing, as well as constant robot attacks.
Just like the games.

  • And how would our favorite Mobians fit in with the very Earth we're familiar with? Sonic and Tails live together like brothers with the Wachowskis in the rural town of Green Hills, Montana, carrying out odd jobs to help the small town. Knuckles and the Echidna Tribe operate their own emerald mine in Oregon. Amy lives out in Billings, Montana, enjoying city life while visiting Sonic regularly. Cream and her mother live somewhere in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Shadow's a U.S. army soldier living a quiet life in Little Rock, Arkansas, by the grave of his human friend, Maria Robotnik, a preteen girl who was Robotnik's niece and was killed in a robot attack. Rouge's a CIA agent based in Washington D.C. Blaze dwells her "royal" life in the Beverly Hills, California (and still goes to the Sol Planet regularly). Silver has settled in Las Vegas, the Silver State and likes to sightsee the Strip. Big lives in Maine and competes in fishing. Team Chaotix huddles in Florida where their annual summer vacations are to Walt Disney World. The Babylon Rogues live in a blimp they stole from the Sol Planet and travel around the Midwest (and like to stay at Chicago, Illinois). We All Live in America.

As mentioned above, there is a Sol Planet.
It's the movie equiviliant to the Sol Dimension in the Sonic Rush games. Like Sonic's planet, it is also populated with Mobian Intelligent Gerbils, but unlike Sonic's planet, whose culture is ancient note note , the Sol Planet is more culturally and technologically advanced, something like Space Romans with flying cars. The Sol Planet is led by a king and queen, whose daughter is Blaze the Cat, guardian of the Sol Emeralds. The equiviliant of Gardon and the Coconut Crew are talking realistic koalas, much like how Longclaw is a talking realistic owl.

When Robotnik attacks the Sol Planet (yep, Robotnik is also hellbent on taking over the galaxy), Sonic and friends follow him there and meets Blaze. Silver falls in love with her and takes her to Earth and introduces her to the Earth ways of life.

How were our favorite Mobians' lives like on Sonic's planet before moving to Earth?
  • Tails - A young fox who was disowned by his community for being born with two tails, and then kept in hiding by an owl warrioress (most likely Longclaw) also because of his great power the Echidna Tribe sought. He utilizes his Super Intelligence and warp rings to explore Earth and replicate their technology. He hears rumors of Sonic and decides to find him on Earth.
  • Knuckles - Part of the Echidna Clan, he was chosen at birth to guard the Clan's very sacred Master Emerald. He had a sister named Tikal who was killed during the events of the first film and is resurrected as a ghost. Robotnik later finds Knuckles to be the strongest and fastest of the Clan and orders him to carry on the Clan's mission of finding Sonic.
  • Amy - A simple village girl who lived out in a Mobian village on mainland. As the Farmer's Daughter, she would farm the crops every day, sporting a simple leather dress dyed in red, and take a break in the evening by fortune telling. When Robotnik attacked the village one day, Sonic rescued her from Robotnik, who was intending to dissect her. It was Love at First Sight.
  • Shadow - Actually not naturally from Sonic's planet, but created by Robotnik by combining blood extracted from Sonic after an encounter and blood collected from a Mushroom Planet alien he slaughtered. Robotnik uses Shadow to carry out tough deeds against Sonic, but Sonic and his friends eventually convince him to join their side.
  • Rouge - She made her living thieving the world's most precious jewels, distracting their captors with her skimpy linen bikini. Sometimes, if she heard of a precious jewel being buried underground, she would put on her leather arm wrappings and leggings and dig with help of her bat instincts. Ever since Knuckles and Rouge met when she tried to steal the Master Emerald, it was a love-and-hate relationship. Robotnik later bribes her with a $1-billion-worth topaz (from the Mushroom Planet) to side with him, as well as gives her a catsuit to cover up more skin.
    • Alternatively, Rouge may have started out as a young urchin who had to resort to thievery to survive, graduating to her jewel thievery after perfecting her skills. She'll escape from Mobius to Earth after a ruined scheme puts locals on a warpath to catch her. She finds herself in Green Hills and goes back to thievery by stealing jewels here, until Tom, with help from Sonic and friends, successfully catches her. Feeling cheeky (and probably getting used to adopting several Mobians by this point), Tom may put Rouge on a unique form of probation by adopting her as his teenaged bat daughter. Rouge may play along at first and even sometimes pull a Bratty Teenage Daughter act to troll Tom. Rouge may run away after figuring she'd be more comfortable living independently and later strikes a deal to work for the US Government in exchange for autonomy and pardons for any crimes she commits.
  • Silver - A member of a Resistance group from a Bad Future where Robotnik won. Using a time machine designed by the movie version of Eggman NEGA, he travels back in time to help Sonic fight Robotnik and prevent said future from happening.
  • Blaze - The Princess of the Kingdom of the Sol Planet, part of the long-reigning royal cat family. Like Knuckles, she was chosen to guard the Jeweled Scepter, with the help of her realistic koala guards. She is bored with her idle royal life until Robotnik attacks and steals the Scepter. She reveals to Sonic and friends of her secret pyrokinetic power, which she kept as a secret since her kittenhood.
    • Alternatively, in stark contrast to Sonic's backstory, The Sol Kingdom may be given some Adaptational Villainy with Blaze's family and kingdom forcing her since kittenhood to use her powers to attack and help invade other nations, making her start out as a reluctant Anti-Villain Child Soldier. To balance this, Blaze may be constantly trying to spare what lives she can from her attacks. Depending on how her family is controlling her, she may also be working to free herself from whatever shackles bind her into becoming a weapon and either usurp control of her kingdom to reform its evil ways, or be forced abandon her kingdom and sabotage its Ring production to prevent it from invading any more planets. If the latter is picked, She may decide to stay on Earth with Sonic to start a new life (especially if he plays a role in Blaze's quest for redemption).
  • Big
  • Cream
  • The Chaotix
  • Babylon Rogues

In one of the sequels, if not the first sequel, Robotnik will create the Tails Doll.
At some point after he's met Tails, Robotnik will explain to the protagonists that he's taken up sewing as a hobby, and shows them his attempt at recreating Tails. All the protagonists will be repulsed by it, as a nod to how the fandom made the Tails Doll a Memetic Psychopath. This will either be just a quick Ascended Meme, and the Tails Doll won't have any more significance, or Robotnik will have turned it into a Killer Robot to attack the heroes.

The Death Egg will feature in the sequel
Robotnik's walk in The Stinger is very reminiscent of how the Death Egg Robot walks. Foreshadowing?

Stone will have control over much of Eggman's technology in the sequel
Whether he'll play the role of Dragon Ascendant or not will be dependent on a number of factors.

Robotnik will go "Full Eggman"
That is to say, he'll gain a significant amount of weight on the Mushroom Planet.
  • Also, in a subversion of the original image, it won't be just or any fat involved but mostly muscle that makes up for his bulky figure (judging from how he spends his time throwing a heavy boulder around wherever he goes the last time we saw him and a protein source in form of the mushrooms, he's going to build up a lot of raw strength up until the next encounter with Sonic in the future. Especially if he starts picking up bigger and bigger boulders to keep the weight of "Stone" consistent to the strain of throwing "him" around.)

While stranded on the Mushroom Planet, Robotnik will make new robots using animals
He may use them as a power source, just straight-up turn them into robots, or both.

Sonic's original home planet has yet to be seen
In a twist, it will be revealed that Sonic was actually originally from a different planet entirely, and was found by Longclaw after somehow ending up on her world. Considering the implication that his abilities were very rare on Lonclaw's planet too, this might serve as an explanation for why more inhabitants of that planet don't have his powers.

If Shadow appears in a sequel, he'll be confused with Sonic
As a nod to the game where he first appeared, of course.

Tails was raised by Longclaw
Wouldn't it be fitting if she was the one who taught him how to fly?

Gerald Robotnik will be name-dropped at some point in a future movie
At the very least.

Knuckles will be allied with Robotnik... at least at first
Unless he goes some serious Adaptational Villainy, he'll switch sides and join Sonic.

Sonic will get a Twitter account
Because why not?

Chaos will appear in a sequel
Since the Echidna tribe is here.

There will be a brief gag where Robotnik urinates while on the moon
As a nod to... a certain video, of course.

The Stinger for the second movie will show plans for the Death Egg

This franchise will be a trilogy
  • Sonic 2 will have Knuckles as an antagonist, only for him and Sonic to team up after Robotnik unleashes Metal Sonic.
  • Sonic 3 will have Shadow and Rouge as the main villains. Shadow will hold a grudge against Robotnik because of what his grandfather had done to him, and he'll be forced to form an Enemy Mine with Sonic to stop him.

Silver, Blaze, and Eggman Nega could appear in a future film (number unknown) if the series decides to deal with time travel, and bring their conflict in the future to the present-day.

Robotnik's increasing insanity will eventually transform him into a more Affably Evil character, like Eggman is in the games.
This could help make way for other, more vile villains.

Similarly, from now on, Robotnik's robots will more closely resemble the badniks from the games.
Once he has the equipment to build a new robot army, he'll start experimenting with different colors and forms for his robots.

As a moment of Ascended Meme, Eggette will appear as one of the vilians
As anothe nod to the fandom, as well as a contingency in case Jim Carrey no longer wishes to play Robotnik, Eggette will appear in a sequel as a orphaned Child Prodigy like Robotnik, but one who got enthralled and inspired by Robotnik's mechanical genius and villianous antics. Eggette could start out approaching Robotnik and trying to convince him to make her his apprentice. Robotnik may at first brush her off only for her to impress him by improving his machines in various ways. Eggette will be fearcely dedicated to helping Robotnik in his goals for world conquest expecting him to make her his heir-apparent in return. If Agent Stone gets involved, this could lead to some sitcom-esique antics where Eggette is essentially adopted by two supervillain dads and embracing her new life with them. If Robotnik gets killed-off or Jim Carrey decides to quit the role, Eggette can essentially takeover as the Big Bad in future Sonic movies.

Tails will be Stunt Casted in the sequel
  • The movie studio may very well want Tails to be played by an actor known for live-action work if the character is going to have a full appearance in the next movie. Could go either way since Ben Schwartz did live action work prior to voicing new versions of blue-themed cartoon characters from the 80's and 90's.

Tails will be voiced by a child actor in the sequel, making this the first time he's been voiced by a child since Sonic Advance 3 in 2004.
  • If they do replace Colleen O'Shaughnessy from the first movie, I hope they use a child actor like they did in Tails' earlier voiced appearances.

Gary Chalk, Neal Mc Donough and Shannon Chan Kent will each return in the sequel to voice CGI characters

In reality, they were all no doubt cast in one scene each due to filming being in Vancouver (with the added bonus of Chalk having voiced characters in 90's Sonic cartoons) but wouldn't it be neat if the sequel featured a much greater number of CGI characters, such as members of the Echidna tribe in speaking roles, or robots made by Robotnik with speaking roles, and these three actors were brought back to voice some of them?

Dr. Eggman changed his name and dyed his hair and mustache brown to make himself more menacing
Robotnik sounds too much like a fake name (not to mention that he's an orphan in this continuity) and his mustache is red in his final scene. (running out of hair dye unless it's a side effect of the mushrooms).

Tails was sent by Dr. Robotnik
Sometime between being stuck on the mushroom planet and the film's stinger, Robotnik comes across Tails and noticing that the kid has a talent for technology like himself, takes the fox under his wing before eventually sending him off to track down Sonic, while leaving Tails in the dark about the kind of person he is and what his intentions are of course.

Tails's first words in the sequel will be "Uhh...woof-woof?"
Cue both him and the characters he encounters first screaming.

A future film will deal with a merger between worlds.
From a stakes standpoint, it gives an easy way to escalate the plot from the earlier film/s. From a lore standpoint, it gives an easy way to transition the Movieverse into the setting that's shown in Adventure Era (where humans and talking animals casually share one world) even with the movie going with the Two-Worlds retcon. Could even be something of an Expy story for Sonic Rush with Sonic standing in for Blaze and Eggman standing in for Eggman Nega.
  • And before long, humans will finally begin colonizing other planets, thanks to the newly-found means of instantaneous travel both on and off Earth that will certainly become commonplace...right?

Dr. Gerald Robotnik is Ivo's biggest inspiration, not his grandfather.
In the games, Dr. Eggman is the grandson of G.U.N. scientist (and creator of ARK and Shadow) Dr. Gerald Robotnik, with implications that Gerald was a direct inspiration for Eggman to become a Mad Scientist.

In the movie, it is expressly mentioned that Ivo is an orphan. With a man gifted in robotics and No Social Skills, it is likely that Ivo had his own fair share of inspirations and favorite information sources growing up, much in the same way that antisocial children in real life take inspiration from their favorite musicians or actors or fictional heroes, and Gerald (who in the games had created a fully-functioning space station half the size of the moon, various cyborganic lifeforms, an immortal mobian and a Death Ray that could potentially destroy a planet) sounds exactly like the kind of guy that a robot-crazy misanthrope like Ivo would latch onto. It is even likely that he chose his own last name (or had it changed when he was old enough) as a way to make himself like his idol.

The series will end on a Nothing Is the Same Anymore note.
Thousands, perhaps millions of extraterrestrials like Sonic and Tails will live on Earth. They will be known by all humanity and live alongside them. It will be kind of like Sonic Adventure, but with other animal characters aside from Sonic's crew.

Shadow will have Super Speed, like Sonic.
Going off the above WMG that Robotnik created him using Sonic's blood, it's possible that Shadow will go through a case of Adaptational Badass by having Sonic's Super Speed powers and will thus be able to keep up with with the blue hedgehog without needing his hover shoes.

Robotnik will reappear singing E.G.G.M.A.N.
Tails will find Sonic and explain that his homeworld is being attacked by a mechanized army. When he asks who is leading them, the film will cut to a laboratory where a crazed Robotnik is singing his own theme song.

Each of the movie's versions of Sonic's 'Mobian' friends will have abilities and powers unique to them, similar to how Movie!Sonic has what appears to be electrokinesis in addition to Super Speed.
Here are some examples;
  • Tails will have some aerokinetic abilities to compliment his trademark flight.
  • Knuckles will have terrakinesis to compliment his strength and to pay homage to his Sonic Battle moveset.
  • Amy, in addition to using his trademark hammer, will possess limited pre-cognition (somewhat tying in to her mainstream counterpart's tarot card hobby) allowing her to predict a few seconds in advance what people will do and capitalize on it. She may use it in combination with carrying Super Speed comparable to Sonic's to help her actually succeed in catching him whenver she takes up stalking him.
  • Rouge will have darkness-related powers, as a nod to her "Black Wave" attack in Adventure 2 and fitting for a nocturnal animal like a bat, not to mention her reliance on stealth.
  • Cream will possess the ability to speak to non-sentient creatures, tying somewhat to her ability to talk to her pet Chao Cheese. This power may be laughed off first by both heroes and villains alike, until badniks attack her and she reveals she can weaponize this power by commanding non-sentient animals to attack on her behalf.
  • Cream's mother Vanilla, in a mix of Composite Character and Adaptational Badass, may be given a Healing Hands ability that traditionally has been to Cream in the spin-off games. Vanilla will prove that in pinch she can weaponize her power as a delibrate Harmful Healing ability that can disable whoever wishes her harm. This ability may also help her forge a friendship with Maddie, with both of them serving the role as The Medic to the heroes.
  • Tikal may develop the ability to sense and control emotions like Mantis, but instead of putting to sleep, she may prefer to use it help her counsel people on their emotional problems and only weaponize it if she absolutely has to.
The plot of the third (or future) film will be about how Sonic isn’t the only fast hedgehog to exist on earth.
I’m referring to Shadow The Hedgehog. Like in Sonic Adventure 2 the story will be very similar except for a few key notes.
  • The solder that accidentally shoots Maria sees the good in Shadow before taking the shot and is revealed to be a young Commander Walters.
    • That’s why he’s so up front in befriending Sonic in the end of the first film.
  • In the end Maria is revealed to survive as a old lady who is visited by a reformed Shadow (or Sonic) who is handed a secret photo of her, Shadow, Gerald.
  • Robotnik will discover Shadow and fix him up by making him half robot.
    • This results in a explanation about his signature memory problems and rocket shoes.
  • Shadow is the one who programmed the space station to blow up earth not Gerald. Because of his hatred for humanity and the loss of Maria.
  • This movie is more like a hist film and be about how Sonic and his friends have to infiltrate a lauding station in order to get to the space station.
    • the reason they don’t use the rings to get on is because of the station’s security and not knowing what inside looks like.
  • Robotnik Kidnaps Jojo as a hostage to keep sonic from getting to them.
    • Shadow develops a friendship with her resulting in his reforming.

If he appears in a future film, Big the Cat will be Chekhov's Gunman, and possibly an example of Beware the Silly Ones.
At first everyone will see him as a joke and think nothing of him, just like how Big was The Scrappy in his first appearance. But then, at the end, he'll either become a Spanner in the Works and accidentally defeat the villain, or he'll turn out to be a legitimate Adaptational Badass and prove his worth to the heroes.

Tails will be "adopted" by someone other than Tom and Maddie.
Maybe by Wade, or Crazy Carl, or someone else in the town.

Tails will think that Tom and Maddie kidnapped Sonic
If he was raised on Longclaw's "stay hidden" motto, he might naturally jump to the wrong conclusion when he finds out that Sonic's living with someone else... something that won't be helped when he finds out that Tom put Sonic in a cage when they first met. The misunderstanding won't be cleared up until Tails works up the courage to confront them in-person.

Tails will be adopted by Tom and Maddie, but Knuckles won't
He'll instead take up residence in Sonic's old cave, with Sonic giving him his big red cowboy hat as a "housewarming present".

Shadow's backstory will be adapted in a Broad Strokes sense
Several important details will be kept, but altered to feel more grounded:
  • He wasn't created by Black Doom and Gerald Robotnik. Instead, he's simply another alien hedgehog who came to Earth as a baby in similar circumstances to Sonic sometime during The '90s. Soon after, he was found and adopted by Gerald and Maria (who doesn't have any sort of sickness here). For this reason, he never claims to be "the Ultimate Lifeform".
  • Gerald raised him like a son just like Tom does for Sonic, going as far as to run tests on him and his powers for the sole purpose of helping him control them. His Inhibitor Rings and Rocket Skates came about from these experiments, and they're just as much Tragic Keepsakes as practical equipment. Gerald's lab is much more humble, downgrading from a massive space colony into a simple observatory.
  • Maria lives to a much older age this time, old enough to become her grandfather's lab assistant, and becomes Shadow's Big Sister Mentor. This has a profound on Shadow's personality during the flashbacks. While he was every bit as brooding as he is now in the source material, now he's every bit as cheerful and energetic as Sonic, to the point where he could be easily mistaken for a palette swap of Sonic. It's not until her death does he become the dark, brooding Anti-Hero we're all familiar with.
  • The raid that ultimately results in Maria's death comes about when the government catches wind of Gerald harboring an extraterrestrial. As the military arrests her grandfather and moves on Shadow, Maria will shove Shadow through a Ring portal, which, in a dark reprise of the first film's opening, stays open just long enough for him to see her get shot to death. With everything he loves destroyed by human maliciousness, Shadow then spends the next thirty years travelling the galaxy, honing his powers and skills until he feels he's ready to take revenge on all of humanity, a goal that puts him on a crash course with Sonic and co.
  • And finally, the promise he made to Maria. The actual promise is the same, but the context behind it is very different. Because they know so little about Shadow's biology, Maria fears that Shadow will outlive her and Gerald by a significant amount of time (a nod towards the game version's immortality). For this reason, she has him promise to defend humanity after they're gone. Also, it won't be Amy who causes Shadow to remember this promise, but Sonic himself, in an interesting take on their rivalry.

If Knuckles is in the sequel, there will also be a message against prejudice.
That is, if the fans are right about Sonic holding a grudge against echidnas. Tails will also heavily object to Sonic's Fantastic Racism. Later on, Knuckles partners up with Robotnik similar to Sonic 3, but rather in a Then Let Me Be Evil sense. Soon enough, Sonic will realize that he is mostly to blame for Knuckles and Robotnik's partnership, finally realize not all echidnas are bad, and successfully convince Knuckels to turn back to good.

Sonic will have assisted Tom with some of his police work during the Time Skip between the first and second movies.
One's a loose cannon sheriff. One's a hyperactive blue hedgehog. In the sleepy town of Green Hills, They Fight Crime!

In this sequel or a 3rd movie, Robotnik will be in a Big Bad Duumvirate with Pachacamac
  • Would adapt with Knuckles working for Robotnik in his first appearance, if he starts as The Dragon to Pachacamac.

The sequel will end with Sonic Walking the Earth, and making a new companion along the way
After something happens to him during the events of the plot (most likely Longclaw returning, only to die again), Sonic will decide to grieve in his own way, and realizing that he never got a chance to explore the other worlds he's spent ten years hiding on, he'll take his bag of rings and use them to leave Green Hills and explore these worlds, with Tom's blessing. He'll make it clear that he's not leaving forever, and promises to return home one day (as in, just in time for Sonic 3). He'll offer to take Tails with him, but Tails will politely decline in order to lay down roots in Green Hills. The Stinger will show Sonic realizing that he didn't have much of a plan beyond "leave Earth, run around for a bit, then come back"... but that quickly changes when he rescues a certain pink hedgehog.

The Freedom Fighters will appear...
But they’ll get Adaptational Villainy, becoming more similar to the Repliforce, the Future Foundation, or the Mutanimals, as there are already plenty of heroes in the games, and it would add more drama to the situation. I could see Robotnik instigating the conflict, however.

Tiara and Gazebo Boobowski/Cyberooski will finally make a canon appearance in the sequel.
Rings are transportation devices in this continuity. One of the Sonic X-treme storylines, more specifically the Red Shoe Diaries storyline, was that Tiara and her father were practitioners of the ancient art of ring smithing, and guardians of the Rings of Order. Maybe the Echidnas captured them to make them fashion more rings for them, and want Sonic to use his speed to collect the Chaos Emeralds in the Special Zone. The Rings of Order being capable of transporting you directly to each rings color coded emerald (red ring to red emerald, blue ring to blue emerald, etc etera), but hidden by the two to prevent them from getting ultimate power.
  • Or alternatively, the Rings of Order are limiters the Echidnas forced the two to make so they can control beings like Sonic for their conquest.
    • Unlikely— as per supplementary information on Sonic X-Treme's development, one of the game's developers (Chris Senn) currently owns the rights to Tiara's design.

Sonic gets to meet Keanu Reeves for real
As in, a fictionalised Crazy Awesome version of Keanu Reeves who really can do all that stuff from the movies. Including TheMatrix.

The Rock will actually be President in the sequel
The perfect payoff to that one line from the second act, really. Additionally, he'll have a framed picture of Sonic on his desk if he does show up.

Role of Randall in the second film:
A reporter trying to find Sonic.
  • I might be thinking too hard about this one, but this might be why he's "specifically" meant to not interact with Sonic. A background C-plot for the movie will involve him tailing Sonic on his adventure across Earth, Mobius and everywhere in between, but whenever he isn't missing his chance to interview Sonic, he's nearly getting himself killed for the umpteenth time in a row. To tie his misadventures back into the main plot, they'll lead to certain things happening to advance the story, which'll appear as Contrived Coincidences to the main cast.


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