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The power of the Chaos Emeralds will be used like in the past media and there as followed.
  • Contain unlimited energy.
    • As stated by Robotnik.
  • Travel through Time and Space.
    • More so than the rings.
  • Turn the users into their super form.
  • Travel to alternate universes.
    • For potential Crossovers.
  • Control the powers of others.
    • A possibility for Robotnik to remove Sonic's super speed so he can outrun him.

Here is possible ideas of how we will see other characters.
  • Amy Rose will be a background character if we see more of Sonic’s world.
    • Alternatively, Amy will be introduced in a mid credits or post credits scene teasing her inclusion in a potential third film. Her actress will be left out of the credits so whoever they cast as her can be a surprise for audiences.
    • Jossed. She does not appear.
  • Shadow will be in the post-credits, deep within a secret location hidden by the government from Robotnik because of his destructive record.
    • Confirmed.
  • Rouge the Bat will show up similar to Amy.
    • Alternatively, Rouge could be mentioned in passing as someone Knuckles has encountered/been robbed by in his past.
    • Jossed.
  • Chaos will be referenced in a temple carving and the final fight in the end.
    • Jossed.
  • A Chao will be a carving on the temple wall.
  • Tikal will appear with Pachacamac and will be Knuckles’ sister in this version.
    • Jossed.

At the end of the movie, the Master Emerald will get destroyed…
  • In the third movie, the plot will be about getting back the gems, resulting in making it a Composite Character of the Master Emerald from Sonic Adventure and the Chaos Emeralds.
  • Due to recent confirmation of Knuckles the Echidna series, it's possible that it will be centered around collecting the Master Emerald pieces. Like in certain games as well as in the anime.
  • Partially confirmed. It is temporarily destroyed, but Knuckles restores it.

The Echidna Tribe will be completely ignored.
  • Because of two reasons.
    • One. They want to focus on Knuckles as much as possible, like in the games.
    • Two. It will be a legal decision. Like how SEGA had with a past game.
      • As long as there isn’t any advanced technology enemy group, there shouldn’t be a problem.
      • The Echidna tribe was created before Penders claimed characters he'd created as his intellectual property. So it seems unlikely he'd have a legal leg to stand on.
  • The trailer has Sonic thinking Knuckles is after his powers, so right out of the gate it’s obvious they won’t ignore it.
  • Plus, it's been confirmed that Pachacamac was among the echidnas, so I don't think Sega's afraid to allow Paramount to give them a mention.
    • Also, Sonic X showed the Echidna Tribe and Penders apparently couldn't sue TMS Entertainment over it. So there's little reason Paramount shouldn't be able to present The Echidna Tribe as well.
  • Jossed. The Echidna Tribe are shown in flashbacks, and Knuckles' entire motivation is to honor them by finding the Master Emerald.

Longclaw's people stole the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds and hid them across the universe, with one being on Earth.
  • In the trailer, the room where Eggman finds what is presumably the Master Emerald has Owl reliefs in the background, which seems to indicate that Longclaw's people were involved with the Emeralds. The map that Sonic was given is a map to the other Emeralds, and the reason Longclaw or her people even knew about Earth to begin with is because they hid an Emerald there in the past.
    • It would be an excellent twist to why the Echidna Tribe attacked Longclaw and Sonic 10 years ago; they weren't at all interested in Sonic but rather were seeking to capture Longclaw to interrogate her for the location of the Master Emerald, with the attempt ending in failure because Longclaw either died or escaped before they could get any information from her. Robotnik later finds the Master Emerald himself and convinces the Echidna Tribe to let him temporarily weaponize it (with Robotnik falsely promising to return it later) as a reward for helping them find it.
    • Partially Confirmed, they were after the Master Emerald, but were all killed by Longclaw before she died.

Someone else stole the Chaos Emeralds and/ the Master Emerald and framed Longclaw and Sonic for it.
  • Jossed. Longclaw's Owl Tribe took the Master Emerald and hid it away to avoid it falling into the wrong hands.

Fantastic Racism will play into the conflict between Sonic and Knuckles.
Sonic will not take kindly to meeting an echidna, since their tribe was responsible for Longclaw's apparent death. The trailer also suggests he's under the impression that Knuckles is after his power just like his people, which could also factor into Sonic's views.
  • There could possibly be some elements of it. Looking closely at the first trailer shows that Sonic already saw Knuckles before going in for the first strike, with the dialogue implying he thought Knuckles was also going to try stealing his power.
  • Jossed.

The ending will reveal that the emerald shown was only one out of several reality-warping emeralds

Sonic and Knuckles' powers came from the Master Emerald.
In the first film, Sonic initially thought that he was born with his powers, but Longclaw could've lied about this, because he was given them as a baby. The Master Emerald used to belong to the Echidna Tribe and they bestowed Sonic the gift of speed and Knuckles the gift of strength to use them both as weapons for world-conquering. However, Longclaw and her people attacked the Echidnas and took Sonic in to raise him as a person instead of a warrior (and the tribe was actually trying to take him back). Knuckles, meanwhile, was raised as a weapon, just as the tribe wanted. This could be a good plot point in Sonic and Knuckles' relationship as, since both their powers came from the Master Emerald, they could potentially realize that they're like brothers and Knuckles can realize that Robotnik was only using him to go after the Emerald himself.
  • Jossed. The Master Emerald was hidden on Earth before either was born.

Casting choices for The G.U.N. Commander
  • Stephen Lang
    • Semi-Jossed as Commander Walters appears in the first trailer in a G.U.N. uniform, meaning he's most likely to be the G.U.N. Commander of this continuity.

Longclaw will be back.
  • Unlikely. Even if she did survive, she would've died from old age according to a deleted scene.
    • Though she will possibly return in a very very old age and help guide Sonic and his friends before she dies.
      • Completely jossed with the Official Pre-quill comic. Longclaw sadly did die against the Echidnas.
      • Does her hologram count?

The Songs Sweet Dream and Hard Times will be used.

Sweet Dreams (the song used for Sonic 2's ending) would be a perfect use for the film's ending.

Whilst Hard Times by the Jetzons is widely known to have been used for Ice Cap Zone's legendary tune. It would make sense to use in the Ice Cap callback part of the film.

Either Amy, Metal Sonic, or Shadow will be in The Stinger of the film
It's likely they'll Sequel Hook again like they did in the first film. So it's only logical either Amy, Metal Sonic, or Shadow follow up after this adventure. The second seems pretty likely if Knuckles turns on Robotnik in the film and he figures he needs a fighter more obedient, under his control and fight fire with fire. Plus we know the man loves his robots. Especially true if Robotnik still hangs onto Sonic's quill. Amy likely could either fall through a portal or maybe be rescued by Sonic during a brief trip back to his world and want to find a way to meet him. And Shadow? Well, the government was involved a bit in the first movie. Maybe after the antics of this movie, they'll want their own "Sonic" too and try to clone him?
  • Alternatively, it will be revealed that Shadow already exists, and he's lying dormant in a hidden base until Robotnik finds him. Shadow's discovery and awakening will lead to the reveal in a future movie that beings from Sonic's world came to Earth long before he, Tails, or Knuckles did...
  • Confirmed for Shadow.

During a big fight or action sequence, Knuckles will let out a distraught "Oh no!"
Because how funny would it be to hear Idris Elba say it in his Badass Baritone voice?
  • Sadly Jossed.

Tom brought Sonic out to the middle of a lake to keep him from running away from a serious talk
Would you trust a hyperactive teenager to stay put long enough to have a serious discussion?
  • This scene might even be used to re-establish one of Sonic's few major weaknesses — his inability to swim — possibly so he can overcome it later in the movie.
  • Jossed, they're just fishing before Tom gives his pep talk. The scene does establish Sonic's fear of water when he falls off the boat, but Tom is not intentionally exploiting it.

One or more of the memes associated with Knuckles will be referenced, but the joke will be at him and not from him.
Say, someone calling Knuckles an "enchilada" by accident. Or Sonic possibly using it as a taunt, with Knux giving the appropriate response.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Agent Stone calls him a "space porcupine" and gets his arm broken as a result. Sonic, for his part, gets Punched Across the Room by Knuckles after taunting him for being unable to land a hit on him.

Sonic's past will be explored more, along with Knuckles' and Tails'

Super Sonic and Super Knuckles will feature.

Possibly as one of the climax fights. either Sonic VS Knuckles. or Both vs Robotnik.

Knuckles' affiliation with Robotnik is most likely a ploy and plans to deceive him to retrieve the Chaos Emerald from his grasp.
He's been duped by Eggman's tricks more than once on numerous times in some of the games, and he doesn't really go into account nor even questions on why Eggman is "turning over a new leaf" considering that he was tricked by him to steal the Master Emerald in his debut. The most shocking reveal for Knuckles' character arc in the movie could possibly be is that Knuckles is pretending to be used by Robotnik, therefore, he would look and inspect the situation even further and decides to goes along with it to figure out more of his schemes since the Chaos Emerald is a highly omnipotent amulet that shouldn't fall into the hands of greed and treachery and joins forces with Sonic and Tails after he explains his real mission for the saving the world from Robotnik's conquest.
  • This could also show that this incarnation of Knuckles isn't as completely gullible as he looks, giving him more of a Genius Bruiser aspect of his character.
  • Alternatively, it could be a mix of both. Knuckles could view Robotnik as a means to an end for his own goals rather than just immediately trustworthy, and remain suspicious of him throughout their relationship, viewing his decision to work with the doctor as pragmatic rather than honorable like in the original. Eventually, and possibly after observing everything for long enough, he realizes on his own that Robotnik is lying, rather than him being fed it by a betrayal from the doctor or a plea from the good guys. That way, he could keep some of his gullible traits from the games, but without it overshadowing his other traits to make him look meatheaded or incompetent.

Shadow will show up in The Stinger
And he will be holding three Chaos Emeralds as a Visual Mythology Gag to that infamous line from Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Confirmed.

There will be another bar fight.
And Sonic will start this one too. Possibly out of ego because of how he handled the last one. Bonus points if some of the same thugs are involved.
  • Semi-confirmed? There is a part in the trailer where both Sonic and Tails enter some cabin/bar with some intimidating-looking guys glaring at them causing Tails to faint. Chances are another fight could happen, only with Tails caught in the mix.
  • Mostly jossed. The scene ultimately becomes a dance battle rather than an actual fight.

Mythology gags
Sonic is seen eating a chili dog, his favorite food from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Stone is running a coffee shop called Mean Bean. What else will the sequel offer?

Knuckles is a southpaw.
In the trailer Knuckles catches the spindashing Sonic with his left hand and towards the end of the trailer he throws a left-handed punch with his right in front of him like a southpaw.

Just like how the end of the first film showed Sonic getting his own room at Tom and Maddie's house, the sequel will end with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles working together to build a vacation home for the Wachowskis on Mobius
If Sonic decides to leave Earth and return to Mobius, that is.
  • Jossed. Knuckles and Tails stay on Earth with Sonic and the Wachowskis. The film ends with them all playing baseball together.

Why Tails has come to Earth
He's actually a member of the film series's equivalent to the Freedom Fighters, this time consisting of major supporting characters from the game who have yet to make their live action debut (Amy, the Chaotix, Cream, Big), who have enlisted Tails for his mechanical genius in helping them stop Robotnik. After hearing about Sonic somehow, Tails is set to Earth to recruit the blue blur.
  • Alternatively, given the "hope I'm not too late." comment, he isn't actually looking for Sonic, he's trying to find KNUCKLES and stop him from doing something stupid.
  • Jossed. Tails is not working on behalf of anyone. He discovers Sonic on his own, and travels to Earth when he learns Knuckles is pursuing Sonic.

Sonic is flying the Tornado initially before Tails takes the helm.
Notice how Tails is in the backing pilot's seat. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that Sonic was originally flying and Tails flew himself into the plane to fully meet Sonic.

This would ring true to the canon that the Tornado is actually Sonic's Plane.

  • Jossed. Tails is the only one piloting the Tornado while Sonic and Knuckles hang onto it.

Sonic and Knuckles' power is actually a Chaos Emerald that's been in them this whole time.
A big deal about the Master Emerald is that it can be used to affect/control the chaos emeralds. I think they're showing us the Master Emerald first so they can surprise us with it doing something crazy to Sonic & Knuckles' powers, which reveals that the Master Emerald is actually reacting to the Chaos Emerald secretly in them all along. It would explain why Sonic had seemingly two unrelated tiers of super powers in the first film (super speed and vague electrical powers), as well as explain why sometimes Sonic could move so fast that time seems to literally stop (chaos control). The super speed and high damage tolerance might be one with Sonic from years of having the chaos emerald in him while the electric and time stop powers are from the emerald directly. I'm guessing Sonic has one (blue), Knuckles has one (red), Tails might have one based on how fast he could fly in Sonic 1's post credits (yellow), and if the popular 3rd movie theory holds up, Shadow would probably have the grey one.

There will be equivalents of the Motobug in the movie or later installments
It's already been revealed that white Buzz Bombers are in this movie, so why wouldn't there be an equivalent for the Motobugs? Perhaps they might resemble their Sonic Forces incarnations but white, have super speed and maybe even tasers or guns.

Sonic's clash with Knuckles will be a personal matter for the former.
In the trailer, Sonic declares how they will never have his power just before Knuckles rebukes him and beats him down. It is likely that the moment Sonic sees that Knuckles is an echidna: He may remember the echidna tribe that hunted him down and forced him to separate from Longclaw back when he was still a baby and thus automatically assume Knuckles is affiliated with them and wants his power.

If Pachacamac is present/mentioned, he and Knuckles will be Related Differently in the Adaptation and/or have an Adaptation Relationship Overhaul
Word of God has stated that the echidna who shot down Longclaw was Pachacamac himself. In the games, Pachacamac existed 4000 years before Sonic's time with Knuckles having no strong feelings towards his ancestors but in the movie's canon is around the time Sonic was a toddler. Since Knuckles' official age has him just a bit older than Sonic: It is possible that if Pachacamac is mentioned or even appears in the movie, he and Knuckles might be more directly related whether it be grandfather/father and grandson/son, or even Knuckles answering directly under him whether it be as his Dragon or just as a loyal member of the tribe.

Knuckles is the result of the Echidna attempting to replicate Sonic's power.
It feels odd that they would go after Sonic if Echidna could produce the same sort of energy with potentially stronger results, seeing as Knuckles practically curbstomps Sonic.

Its possible that when Sonic left the realm. The Echidna would of possibly resorted to trying to make the same power possible in one of their own. (Which may have involved torturing the info out of Longclaw) The result ultimately being Knuckles.

  • Alternatively, the echidna tribe from the first movie were a completely different tribe and they were attempting to gain Sonic's power so they'd have the means to COMBAT Knuckles.
  • Leading credence to this in the "Big Game" tv spot Knuckles' claims it's his destiny to destroy Sonic, implying he's been preparing for this moment for a long time.

  • Jossed. The film reveals that the echidna tribe were pursuing Sonic and Longclaw to find the Master Emerald. They were not interested in Sonic's power.

Sonic will give Tails his nickname
It is very strange for you to introduce yourself to someone while you're both on a plane with missiles coming towards you. And trailers purposefully misplace lines before. When Tails introduces himself, he will say his name is Miles. After bonding a bit, Sonic nicknames him Tails, and he'll like it. "The name's Tails" line in the trailer will actually be said towards Tom and/or Maddie.

  • Jossed. Tails is already called that. Though his line introducing himself to Sonic does occur earlier in the film.

There will be a reference to "da wae".
They mentioned the Sanic meme in the first film, and maybe they'd make a subtle nod to it by either Knuckles asking for directions, or a character asking Knuckles "if he knows the way", in a casual, non-memetic context when taken at face value.
  • Confirmed: Robotnik says he would gladly show Knuckles "the way" in regards to finding Sonic.

There could be an Actor Allusion to Idris Elba's previous roles.
Probably a line about "cancelling the apocalypse" when they're trying to save the world from being destroyed.

Metal Sonic will be the final boss
Robotnik uses the quill he took off of Sonic to power Metal Sonic. He unleashes him on the Echidna Tribe, and Knuckles believes it's the real Sonic because he wasn't able to get a good look at him. Once Knuckles realizes he's been bamboozled, he teams up with Sonic and Tails to take out Metal Sonic while Robotnik Villain: Exit, Stage Left.

  • As a bonus, he will have a sleeker, more iPod-like design to fit the aesthetic of Robotnik's robots in this continuity.
    • After being defeated, however, Robotnik will repair him and paint him blue to mark his transition from using sleek white robots to the more colorful, animal-like robots as seen in the games.

Knuckles will have a case of Adaptational Villainy.
Since Knuckles was confirmed to be working with Dr. Robotnik for reasons unknown, it is implied that the film will be his villainous role first instead of his heroism role.

  • Jossed. He ultimately sides with Sonic, as he does in the other adaptations.

Knuckles will have a Heel–Face Turn
Since in the second game of Sonic the Hedgehog, where Knuckles became a friend of Sonic and Tails at the end of the game, it is implied that once he does see the error of his ways, he will betray Dr. Robotnik and help Sonic and Tails stop him.

  • Confirmed.

There will be another Sequel Hook on Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Since the previous film had a mid-credits-scene where it has set up Sonic the Hedgehog 2, The film may have another Sequel Hook that will set up Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
  • Cornfirmed. He appears in the mid-credits scene.

Some potential ideas for said Sequel Hook:

The Hidden Palace Mural will come into play.
Either as another sequel hook. Or the origin point to why the Echidnas wanted Sonic's power.

Rachel is the one getting married
She is shown with another man, almost as if she is getting married, meaning that she invited Maddie and Tom over at the wedding.
  • Seemingly confirmed with this tv spot showing her in a wedding dress.
  • Confirmed by the Final Trailer, which shows her in the middle of her ceremony.

Maddie and Rachel will make amends with each other
Despite at least having a sister rivalry with each other, from what was shown from the trailer, they did appear to have some high five shake, almost as if they are making amends with each other. This might imply that during Maddie’s Vacation, she and her sister, Rachel, will be trying to make amends to each other while having fun.

Maddie and Rachel will show an Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moment
Despite her and Rachel having arguments with each other sometimes, they do at least have some care for each other at least, including with Rachel inviting Maddie to her wedding, and with the two giving each other a high-five with presumably spending time with each other.

Rachel and Maddie will show some care for each other
Well, despite Rachel having a dislike over Tom, She and Maddie do at least have no hard feelings to one another.

Despite disapproving of her sister’s husband, Tom, she does at least let her sister take her husband with her for the wedding. She will become more at leastkinder than she was in the first film.

Rachel will be helping Sonic take out the robots
She does appear in a vehicle in the final trailer, which might be giving the possibility that she will be helping Sonic.]]

Maddie is having Rachel make amends with Tom
If one of the clips is any indication, it might be implied that Maddie is trying to have Rachel make amends with Tom.

Crazy Carl will draw a picture of Knuckles at one point.
And it will look like Uganda Knuckles.
  • Jossed. Crazy Carl doesn't appear.

The whole plot is that Robotnik tricks Knuckles into thinking Sonic is after the Master Emerald and it's his "destiny" to destroy the hedgehog who's out to take the Emerald's power for himself. Meanwhile, Sonic, knowing the man "Eggman" is, tries to prevent him from taking the Emerald.
In the Big Super Bowl trailer, Sonic and Knuckles are seen battling each other in the same room as the Emerald. As the Nice Guy he is (grudge against echidnas aside), Sonic would try to warn Knuckles that Eggman is using him to stop him from stopping Eggman and has no interest in the Emerald (other than knowing how dangerous it is in the wrong hands), but Knuckles doesn't believe him and insists it's his destiny to destroy Sonic and protect the Emerald. From what we saw in the first official trailer, Robotnik is seen near the Emerald, supposedly using Sonic and Knuckles' quarrel as an opportunity to steal it for himself and use it to power his giant Death Egg Robot. When Knuckles witnesses Robotnik taking the Emerald, this would cause him to realize that Eggman was the one who wanted the Emerald for himself all along and will likely go through a rough Heel Realization. Of course, Knuckles will likely take Robotnik's betrayal personally and join forces with Sonic and Tails to stop him to atone his mistakes.

The temple the Master Emerald is in will become Angel Island.

Robotnik will embrace Sonic's nickname for him
And thus introduces himself as Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik later on.

Knuckles is a descendant of the Echidna Tribe
It is obvious, given that Knuckles is an echidna as well, while also shown trying to presumably be guarding over the Master Emerald, including thinking that Sonic is a threat to it.

  • Confirmed. His late father was one of the echidna who attacked Sonic and Longclaw in the first film.

Robotnik will try taking up being Evil Mentor to Knuckles and attempt to form a Villainous Friendship with him.
As part of his own Character Development of putting more value in having friends (like bringing Agent Stone back into his fold), Robotnik may try to form a sincere friendship with Knuckles, with their team-up starting out as an Enemy Mine. Robotnik will pull his weight by offering Knuckles advice and assistance whenever he can, hoping Knux will come to appreciate having him around. He'll come to hope Knuckles will later share his worldview on how humans need someone like Robotnik to rule over them and will decide to help him take over Earth.
  • Alternatively, Robotnik now appreciates The Power of Friendship… because Sonic and Tom opened his mind to all the opportunity it can have, such as how it can help you manipulate a spiny red powerhouse into being your extra muscle.
  • Jossed. Robotnik still completely disregards the idea of friendship, and he only uses Knuckles for his own ends.

Knuckles views his "destiny" to defeat Sonic as part of a prophecy.
  • The tie-in junior novel for the first movie described that the echidna tribe viewed Sonic's power as some form of world-ending disaster, hence why they went after him to steal it for themselves. Jury's out on how much of that is still canon to the film universe, but if it is, it would imply that Knuckles already spent his whole life training and preparing to defeat Sonic, with Robotnik only pointing him in the needed direction.

Likewise, Knuckles' own backstory will be explored (possibly via flashback, jury's out as to when) to better highlight the contrasts between him and Sonic.
  • As You Know, Sonic's childhood had him live peacefully with Longclaw until the echidna tribe caught up with them and he was forced to escape to Earth. After that, he spent the next ten years absolutely alone and inconspicuous, but still given the freedom to play and explore otherwise, but longing to one day make friends with the people of Green Hills. By contrast, Knuckles' backstory might be about how instead of being shunned or feared for his own power, the echidna tribe gave it all the attention and gravitas in the world, and made Knuckles train to be their would-be champion from a very young age, while all "distractions", such as friendship or a freedom to explore, were kept away so as to not cause him to diverge from his destiny. In short, you could describe Sonic as a peasant who was ultimately free to have some form of childhood, and eventually friends and family, while Knuckles was a prince or knight forced to grow up quickly and carry the weight of a looming responsibility on his shoulders alone.
    • Additionally, Knuckles' ignorance of Eggman's Obviously Evil personality will be explained as him subconsciously seeking friendship in the doctor, possibly tied in with the WMG two posts up.

Agent Stone will be resentful towards Knuckles for all the attention Robotnik will be giving him.

The Space Colony ARK will appear as a Freeze-Frame Bonus during the Eggpod's descent to earth.

The Master Emerald will initially be bigger before shrinking down to the size we see in the trailers.

The Tornado belongs to Crazy Carl
  • In the trailer, the Tornado lacks the "Sonic" branding it usually has and I doubt Tails managed to bring it with him, so Sonic and Tails will most likely "borrow" the plane for the film's climax. As to why I think Crazy Carl would own a Bi-plane? Rule of Funny.

Eggman will use Sonic's quill to power Metal Sonic
  • Adding on to this, as a nod to the OVA this will cause Metal to gain some of Sonic's personality traits (Cockiness, Competitive Steak, etc.).

In the trailers, Knuckles is edited out of the front seat of the Tornado as Tails flies it to the Death Egg Robot
Likely to avoid spoilers of Knuckles potentially going through a Heel–Face Turn and joining forces with Sonic and Tails as they race to stop Eggman and retrieve the Master Emerald powering it. It would add a layer of funny of Knuckles rolls his eyes when Sonic's cockiness gets him hit by a missile and implores Tails to get flying, knowing Sonic would catch up anyway.
  • Like the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer: Two previous Spider-Men were edited out of the trailers to avoid spoiling fans.
  • Partially confirmed. While Knuckles is on the plane, he jumps off right before the conversation that was shown the trailer.

Knuckles is an exile from the Echidna Tribe.
Assuming the Tribe is still at large, Knuckles could have originally been a respected young warrior set for a promising future, but accidentally did something that caused him to fail in his duties which got him booted out of the tribe. He could be hunting down Sonic because he knows they were hunting Sonic down and figured capturing or killing him would help redeem himself in the eyes of his Tribe and prompt them to lift his exile.

Sonic will leave Tails with Tom and Maddie in Hawaii to stop Robotnik by himself.
As seen in the final trailer, Sonic is seen holding a supposedly-unconscious Tails while fleeing an avalanche. When Tom uses a ring to bring Sonic and Tails to safety. Like in the first movie, Sonic begs Maddie to check on Tails and care for him. While blaming himself for Tails getting hurt, he witnesses a giant green beacon in the horizon. Realizing that Robotnik has discovered the Master Emerald temple, and for Tails' safety, Sonic speeds across the ocean for the Master Emerald temple to stop Robotnik... alone.
  • This would likely cause a Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure between Sonic and Tails as the latter would be bitter towards Sonic that he left him behind so he could deal with the problem alone. But knowing this well-known duo, Tails would understand when Sonic explains why he did what he did and forgive him easily.
  • Confirmed. Though it doesn't cause a falling out between them.

During the climax of the film, Tails will experience a Disney Death, leading Sonic to temporarily have a Heroic BSOD.
In the final trailer when Tom and Maddie rescue Sonic, the latter looks to be in tears. Since Tails is absent in that shot, it is possible something happened to him that makes Sonic think he's dead (as a reference to one of the endings of the second game where it is implied that Tails is dead). Cue Tom and Maddie giving Sonic a pep talk resulting in him returning to action, with Tails returning in a critical moment.
  • Confirmed. Tails is knocked unconscious during the avalanche, and Sonic insists on fighting Robotnik and Knuckles alone.

Robotnik will pull off a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness on Knuckles.
Okay, its Eggman we're talking about. He could care less of an echidna with super strength (unless he never discovered the existence of the Master Emerald). Everything the doctor does is for the benefit of himself, and while it would be unsurprising to the viewer if he pulls this off, it would catch Knuckles off guard.
  • I mean, he's all but admitted that he enjoys taking his "friends" for granted just For the Evulz and despite his Pet the Dog moment with Agent Stone, he just saw him as his own Butt-Monkey.
  • Confirmed.

Knuckles will have a Heel Realization that Dr. Eggman was using him
Despite working for Dr. Eggman on hunting down Sonic, Knuckles isn’t aware on the real purpose of Dr.Eggman’s plan, once he realizes his true plan, he will presumably betray him and team up with Sonic.

Knuckles only says he wants to destroy the planet is because of Robotnik's manipulation.
Let's face it, Knuckles is immensely gullible, which is why Robotnik was able to persuade him into joining him and achieve ultimate power for himself. Robotnik tricks Knuckles into thinking that all of the humans are a species that needs to be wiped out (to make Robotnik's mention from the first movie about his view of humanity as inferior to himself) because they're looking for the "ultimate power" for themselves, and he must help him find it so they can protect it and use it to wipe out the creatures who want it... this'll also make Knuckles a Wrong Genre Savvy in light of his gullible-ness. Basically, Robotnik pulling a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness on Knuckles would be a wake-up call for the latter when he realizes that Robotnik is the one who wants to ultimate power and ultimately reflects on Robotnik's lies about humanity and how selfish they are.

Sonic and Knuckles will have a heart-to-heart.
After Knuckles' potential Heel Realization upon learning of Robotnik's deceit and Sonic's failure to stop his arch-enemy from stealing the emerald, Sonic will pull off a snarking "congratulations, you just helped a madman achieve the very ultimate power you tried to protect... hope you're satisfied, because now thanks to you, everyone in the universe is doomed" on Knuckles. When Knuckles tries to defend his actions that Robotnik said that humans were after it, Sonic could ask Knuckles an Armor-Piercing Question regarding everything Robotnik has said, yet the former never got to see for himself what humanity is really like.
  • Despite Sonic's loneliness in the first movie, he's seen and experienced humanity for himself while hiding. Sure, some humans are greedy, selfish, and evil (mainly Robotnik), but Sonic's made a human friend who's helped him without question and Tom was never interested in using Sonic's power, but to help him practice and harness it so he could protect himself and the universe from people like Robotnik.
  • Confirmed.

Knuckles will have an team-up with Sonic and Tails
If Knuckles realizes that Dr. Eggman was using sphim so he can cause chaos, he will team-up with Sonic and Tails to stop him.
  • Sonic once compares his and Knuckles' rivalry as that of Vin Dessel and The Rock in The Fast and the Furious franchise after Tails explains a faction of heroes that've been fighting each other. This could potentially be a Foreshadowing to Knuckles' possibly Heel–Face Turn, as Vin Dessel and The Rock started off as bitter rivals, until eventually, they set aside their differences when a bigger threat was upon them. Additionally, Sonic calls Knuckles the "Winter Soldier", who was evil simply because he was Brainwashed and Crazy until the hero reaches to him to turn him back to the side of good.

Tails will become adopted
The first film ended with Sonic being adopted by Maddie and Tom, so, it may be possible that Tails will become adopted by them as well.
  • Confirmed, same with Knuckles.

After the final battle, Robotnik will lose most of his Evil Sorcerer abilities (like his levitation and teleportation), but keep his technopathy.
  • For future movies, it'd make sense he'd be able to build his own Eggman Empire built entirely of machines without causing a lot of head-scratchers. This would also remedy the fact that Sonic and his new friends' conflict with Robotnik is just beginning and far from over.

The Chaos Emeralds will not appear, but have their function shared with the Master Emerald
Maybe so non-Sonic fan moviegoers don't compare it with the Infinity Stones. Just like Sonic Underground, they will be combined. Having the name and Knuckles' guarding like the Master, but the ability to transform Sonic in to Super Sonic like the Chaos Emeralds.
  • Unlikely, since the Chaos Emeralds are one of the most well known aspects of the series, Underground did introduce the prospect of multiple Chaos Emeralds, and the door in the icy temple has reliefs of the seven Chaos Emeralds on it. Plus, the Master Emerald has been used to turn entities Super at least four times now between Mecha Sonic in 3&K, Super Ix in Sonic and the Dark Brotherhood, Sonic the Comic's
Sonic, and Super Neo Metal Sonic in IDW Sonic.

Robotnik's use of the Master Emerald's power is via Negative Chaos Energy.
Pretty self explanatory. Might want to throw Knuckles' use in there too. Positive Chaos and Negative Chaos were always stated to be drawn out via positive and negative emotions, intents, and mindsets respectively. The fact that the former has credence of being more passive/restorative and the latter more active/destructive in game canon (via Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Adventure, and maybe Unleashed too) certainly helps.

There will be a sequence mentioning or featuring other worlds that will include a mention of or cameo from Planet Aries.
I'm not kidding.

The Tornado will end up crashing.
And after Robotnik's been dealt with Tails will begin rebuilding it, maybe this time with a blue color scheme and some upgrades.

The movie will introduce Mecha Sonic after Knuckles turns on Robotnik.
It will serve as the boss before the final battle against Robotnik. After Mecha Sonic and Robotnik is defeated, there will be a sequel hook with Robotnik looking at plans for Metal Sonic and the Little Planet setting up a Sonic CD themed movie.

Knuckles was tricked in the same way his game counterpart was.
In game, Knuckles was tricked to believing Robotnik's story that Sonic was behind the theft of the Master Emerald due to him being a firm believer in honesty as well as being naive to the outside world. While in this universe, the story would need to be tweaked a little since Knuckles seems to have a different goal, Robotnik could still trick him into thinking Sonic is a bad guy due to some implied past bad blood between hedgehogs and echidnas making it easy for him to believe it. This could, in turn, lead to a hilarious conversation between Sonic and Knuckles once the latter realized he's been had.
Knuckles: He lied to me!?
Sonic: Wait, you weren't on board with this whole scheme? I mean, I thought it was pretty clear he was evil, so I thought you knew too, and you were evil too.
  • Jossed. Knuckles is already after Sonic before he meets Robotnik.

GUN captures Tom and Maddie and Tails save them.
In some TV Spots, Tom and Maddie are seen locked in one place. And a GUN officer points a gun at Maddie. This Organization may think that Sonic and Tails are also involved with Eggman, and that Tom and Maddie are his accomplices, so they decide to capture them. But Tails manages to save them, he explains to GUN what is really happening and they join forces to defeat Eggman.

Maddie and Rachel will help rescue Tom, Sonic, and Tails
They are shown to see Tails flying, implying that they are going to be rescuing them.

Tails will take a blow from Knuckles to save Sonic in the snowboarding scene.
As seen in the official "I Make This Look Good" clip, we see Sonic and Knuckles snowboarding and Sonic trying to evade Knuckles' blows. In the very end of the clip, Sonic gets caught off guard when Knuckles punches through a large boulder and is about to land a punch on him. In the last minute, Tails will fly in and take the blow, rendering him injured and unconscious as seen in the final trailer when Sonic makes the call to Tom to make a ring portal to safety. In the said trailer, Knuckles is nowhere to be seen and Sonic is instead tailed by an army of Badniks.
  • I don't know if this'll be an establishing moment for Sonic, Knuckles, or even both. Possibly Sonic would be demoralized that Tails risked his life to save him and Knuckles would discover that he has Hidden Depths upon processing the fact that he just mortally harmed a young fox who had nothing to do with his goal. Knuckles' sole focus is on Sonic, and when he hits Tails, it awakens something inside of him he never felt and begins to realize that there really is more to Sonic than Robotnik had painted him as. Especially when Knuckles sees Sonic going back to catch Tails. They both stop snowboarding as they make eye contact, and Sonic gives his rival a scathing Death Glare, just before more Badniks arrive and Sonic flees down the mountain with an injured Tails to escape.

Agent Stone will become The Starscream To Doctor Robktnik
I feel like it could be a fun dynamic.

    Knuckles Spin Off 

The show will be like the Sonic X episode The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk
  • The premise is about how in the end of the second movie the Master Emerald gets destroyed and Knuckles has to journey across the lands to collect the shards.
  • On his way he will meet up with a human who will be a Expy of Hawk from the anime who will help Knuckles with finding the shards and adapting to modern civilization.
  • The two will be followed by a agent of ether Robotnik (most likely Agent Stone.) and his robots or a Agent of G.U.N.
  • In the adventure Knuckles and his human friend will go to all kinds of places like.
    • Haunted ruins of a ancient civilization.
    • A abundant mine that's falling apart.
    • A G.U.N. base.
    • A Chao Garden.
    • The ruins of Robotnik's Death Egg Robot.
  • In the process of collecting the emeralds Knuckles learns more of his heritage and what the emeralds can do.
  • And the entire show will be a lead up the the third movie.

Rouge will debut in the show.

Elements and characters from Knuckles Chaotix will appear
Namely Espio, Vector and Charmy.
  • The Chaotix have already made a cameo in the IDW comic book tie-in during Knuckles' story, so there's a definite chance.

Chaos will appear as the main threat
He was sealed inside the Master Emerald by the Echidnas before the Owls stole it, only for Sonic to accidently release him when he scattered the Chaos Emeralds. The series will be about Knuckles trying to track down Chaos before he destroys the planet.

Knuckles' screentime in the second movie will be shorter than expected, so that his series makes up for it
Idris Elba's casting and his awesome performance in the trailers may imply that Knuckles will be a big deal and be built up and developed in the movie. However, it is possible that they will focus on Tails and his friendship with Sonic instead, leaving the echidna to get the shorter end of the stick. To compensate for it, he will get a proper character arc in his own series.
  • Jossed as he definitely has plenty of screen time.

The Big Bad will be an expy of Sonic The Comic's Dr Zachary.
Doctor Zachary is the first example of an echidna with white fur that is a mad scientist. Doctor Zachary has expies in archie comic's has Doctor Finitevus, and Sonic and the Dark Brotherhood has Imperator Ix.
  • So, Starline?

The show is actually a prequel
Since Knuckles was able to repair the Master Emerald without problems and he seems to be happy living with the Wachowskis, I don't see any reason for him to be off on his own. Hence, the show is a prequel showing more of his travels and hunting for Sonic.
  • Most likely Jossed, as an official report from Paramount states it's going to transition us into the third movie.

The Big Bad will be a scornful stand-in for Ken Penders
A Big Bad Friend who ends up betraying everyone he once stood by and everything he once stood for, who betrays Knuckles' trust to take everything and everyone else from him both for his own selfish gain and out of the delusional belief that Knuckles would be better off for it. Being an archaeologist and/or anthropologist who studied the Echidnas optional but a bonus, as is a Porn Stache.
  • Alternatively, it could be a more lighthearted jab with someone named Ken being constantly disrespected or hilariously dying.

In the event the series isn't a prequel
The story could see Knuckles being separated from Sonic, Tails, and the Wachowskis somehow. His initial goal would be to get back to them somehow, until he gets sidetracked from that due to other characters and obstacles along the way.

Pachacamac will appear
Longclaw supposedly managed to wipe out the entire Echidna tribe, but how many times has it been that something in fiction said that there were no survivors yet eventually it’s revealed there was at least one? It’s possible that he was injured to near death and reduced to a Dark Lord on Life Support or gained some sort of treatment to heal him, or perhaps he used less noble tactics to survive.

There are several possible roles he could take, either as the Big Bad instigating the plot, a smaller villain, or maybe even The Atoner seeking to make up for his brash mistakes of the past and acting as The Mentor to Knuckles.

Amy will debut in the show
It would akin to how Tails was teased in the credits scene in the first movie, except it would happen before the show finishes.

    Sonic Cinematic Universe theories. 

Elise will reprise her role as Sonic's Safe For Work Love Interest.
  • Either as a more nominal damsel in distress, another connection to the mundane aspects of his life outside of Tom, Maddie, and Green Hills, or a rival and mix of herself and Blaze.

Other possible Tv Show Spinoffs
  • A G.U.N. themed series in the vein of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. starring Team Dark.
  • A prequel series focusing on Robotnik.
  • A series focusing on Maddie and Rachel.
  • A Shadow series set after the events of the third film. Possibly a team-up with Rouge if she is also introduced.

If Shadow ever appears, Commander Walters will be revealed to be a Canon Character All Along
  • Specifically, he is (not so surprisingly) the film series' adaptation of the G.U.N. Commander from Shadow the Hedgehog. Furthermore, his interest in Sonic will be revealed to be because it isn't the first time he's seen such power...
    • Seemingly confirmed judging by his his reaction to the discovery of Project Shadow.

Rava, the unused Lizard warrior villainess for Sonic Movie 1, will be the Thanos of the Sonic Cinematic Universe.
  • A recent clip has Tails saying that two orders of heroes (presumably the Owls and Echidnas) battled each other for centuries. Rava and her kind/order were the two's common enemy until they were wiped out by the powers of Chaos (the force not the character). Leading them to fight over the Chaos and Master Emeralds until the latter was hidden on Earth by the Owls, the former were scattered/hidden, and they were brought to near extinction by the Echidnas. She's waiting in hiding for either one of the Chaos Emeralds or the Master Emerald to be found before making her move to acquire them and dominate the universe.
  • Potentially jossed since Rava appears in Marble Garden Zone in the Pre-quill Comic.

This movie, Super Mario Bros. (1993), Street Fighter and Pokémon Detective Pikachu all take place in the same universe.

Sophocles the Owl will be referenced/appear
  • Either as the original leader of the Owl tribe or as a villain who will prey on Sonic's guilt of Longclaw's death to manipulate him.

There will be a possible spin-off series of Maddie and Rachel
During one of the interviews, Tika Sumpter and Natasha Rothwell were discussing the possibility of they would be a spin-off or two spin-offs of Maddie and Rachel. Which both actresses are interested in doing for Sonic the Hedgehog.

The female G.U.N. agent who tells Commander Walters about Project Shadow
is Topaz.

The upcoming Streets of Rage movie will take place in the same universe as the Sonic movies.
  • To help build a Sega Cinematic Universe.

Mr. X, Dr. Zhan, and Dr. Robotnik know each other.
Robotnik likely got involved in the United States Military to help the Syndicate get Mr. X to become the next President of the United States. Dr. Zhan was mostly likely saved by Robotnik after his body is nearly destroyed when creating the Rakushin bomb that will later destroy Old Wookoak.

Adam Hunter and his family are friends to Tom and his family through Maddie.

Maddie's maiden name and Rachel's Last name is never brought up in canon. So there is a chance that both Maddie's maiden name and Rachel's Last Name is Hunter. It can also hint that the Hunter clan is primarily found in Woodoak City, the most dangerous city in America thanks to Mr. X and his Syndicate. If Maddie and Rachel's family couldn't make it to Hawaii, its likely that a majority of family members are living in Woodoak and cannot leave without being attacked by Gangs, dirty cops, or members of the Syndicate. Yikes!

Tom has met Blaze Fielding.
He's good friends with her from his days of being a rookie cop, which could be the source of Rachel seeing him as untrustworthy and telling Maddie in the first movie to "check his phone for dating apps." Her paranoia could stem from the fact that Maddie is a civilian veterinarian while Fielding is a cop like Tom. It also doesn't help that Fielding is a Judo(?) expert who also is a dancer. Another reason for not trusting Tom could stem from Maddie and Rachel's experience from Mr. X's dirty cops. They may even have an estranged relationship with Adam and Sammy/Skates in Woodoak.

Sonic, Tom, and Maddie are fans of Max Thunder, a famous wrestler from Woodoak.
For all the audience knows, the scene where Sonic is eating popcorn with Ozzy may have had a channel where Max was up for a match of the century.

    Post Release 
Robotnik has been Killed Off for Real
  • Not only with how he was defeated. Jim Carrey has also voiced a desire to retire. Making him unlikely to come back.

Metal Sonic will appear in the third movie

The big bad of the third movie will be Professor Gerald Robotnik.
  • He will have been killed by the government 50 years ago, but he will have programmed Shadow to carry out his plan.

The big bad of the third movie will be Black Doom.
  • The design of Shadow's pod in The Stinger alludes to this.

Agent Stone will become a Dragon Ascendant.
If the above theory that Robotnik is dead is true and considering Stone being spotted in disguise as a GUN agent, it is possible he will become the Big Bad in hopes of avenging his beloved boss.
  • To add to this, remember when Robotnik's motive is to turn organic lifeforms into machinery? Robotnik may have been severely injured to where he requires to become more machine than man himself, becoming a cyborg who needs life support. He'll likely be an off-screen Greater-Scope Villain, giving Stone plans to destroy humanity and take over the entire universe.

Stone will eventually turn on Robotnik
Assuming Robotnik is still alive, Stone will come to realize that his boss never cared about him and used him as an expendable lackey, so even if he doesn’t get involved to help Sonic, he will still betray Robotnik and use his smarts for good in the science community.
  • He may also take over if Carrey doesn’t come back for the third movie.

Sonic 3 will take elements from both Adventure games.
The Master Emerald broke... So Chaos could now be loose.
  • And as could Tikal.

Robotnik survived the second movie.
He survived by turning himself into an egg, in Sonic 3 the egg will hatch and Robotnik will emerge with a new body and voice, which will be explanation in universe of the fact a new actor is in the role if Jim Carry retires. This is based of STC Robotnik turning into an egg to change his look. It will be explained that Robotnik had a tiny bit of Emerald power left to transform himself.
  • He didn’t have the power to do so after losing the Emerald and the crew said that they won’t miscast him.

Amy will be the next character to join Sonic's team in the third movie.
One likely scenario (slightly mirroring Tails' own story in the second film) may be that Amy lived in the same village as Tails and took notice on how he seemed lonely. But by the time Amy decided to befriend him, Tails already left for Earth. Amy then decided to follow him to Earth after some preparation (like building her iconic hammer, which can be used to explain why she didn't appear in the second film). Amy eventually finds Tails with Sonic and starts to become smitten with the latter. After Tails and Sonic explain to her what they've been doing, Amy will beg them to let her join the team and they'll agree to give her a chance to prove herself. Amy will then prove her value as a team member not just from her skill with a hammer, but with Guile Hero levels of persuasion that ultimately prove essential for talking Shadow out of destroying Earth later.

Amy will work with the government and either be a Composite Character or Foil to Rouge.
Which one depends on whether Rouge is Adapted Out or not.

This gives Amy a reason to be introduced without just making her The Load or a Damsel Scrappy. She's investigating both Team Sonic and Project Shadow on behalf of establishing trust between the two worlds. We eventually learn that she's not nearly as committed to the law as it appears and will side with Sonic if they come to blows, which is the opposite of how Rouge turned out to be. Her feelings toward Sonic can be played in a number of ways, but most likely she would view their relationship as Foe Romance Subtext while Sonic does not.

  • While working as a G.U.N agent she will use a crossbow as her weapon which will be a reference to Sonic the Comic Amy the first version of Amy to use a weapon, after Amy leaves G.U.N she will swap to her hammer as her weapon.

The Space Colony ARK will appear.
Since Shadow is confirmed to exist in the movie universe, then it's likely that the place of his birth, the ARK, exists as well. In this universe, all records of its existence were erased, and only top G.U.N. and NASA officials know about it. With Shadow's awakening, however, the truth about the station's existence will be revealed...

Sonic won't be mistaken for Shadow.
The first movie already had Sonic on the run from the Government and this one had him captured, so it would just be retreading old ground plus G.U.N. is fully aware of Project Shadow's existence.

Big the Cat will make a cameo.
As a nod to his cameos in Sonic Adventure 2.

Sonic and Tails will finally find out about Agent Stone
Despite taking down Dr. Robotnik, they do not know anything about Agent Stone nor do they know that he exists, and was helping him to take down Sonic. They will likely find out about him in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Sonic will be scapegoated for Shadow.
A popular theory for Sonic Adventure 2 is that G.U.N knew Sonic wasnt a criminal and simply went for him to keep knowledge of Shadow hidden.

It could still work like this in this continuity, as outside of Green Hills. Sonic is seen as a reckless troublemaker to those that he has "helped". Giving G.U.N even MORE reason to secure him.

Tails was a member of this universe's version of the Freedom Fighters
Tails didn't work alone to learn how to build tech, and he was monitoring the universe for a reason when he stumbled on Sonic. Tails was working with a group who care about big threats like Sonic and Knuckles' powers, which would likely be Princess Sally and her fellow Freedom Fighters under whatever name they may have. And with Tails gone alone to warn Sonic about Knuckles and later staying with his hero, the Freedom Fighters might send a search party for him.

Shadow will get his own spin off movie or show focusing on his redemption arc
Something to follow and confirm his character development and redemption. Perhaps not as edgy as his own game but still.

Characters from the IDW comics, Fleetway comics and Archie comics could appear
Dr. Starline and Surge could make cool villains.
  • The Echidna Doctor Zachary was the original White fur mad scientist so he could be Knuckles arch enemy, or it could be an expy of Zachary like Dr Finitevus, Dr Starline or a completely new character.

Blaze the Cat will exist in this universe, to simplify things
She could be the monarch of another world, and Amy her handmaiden or assistant.

A third party wiped out Longclaw and the Echidna tribe
It's improbable that Longclaw could kill a whole army on her own, even while losing her life in the process. Knuckles' clan was lost because, once Longclaw was defeated and the echidnas were weak and injured, someone took the opportunity to finish the survivors off and destroy any obstacles to taking the Master Emerald for themselves.

Tikal the Echidna will be reimagined as Knuckles' mother.
One of the echidnas who attacked Longclaw has been confirmed to be Chief Pachacamac, which means his daughter Tikal cannot be a figure from the ancient past. However, Knuckles only ever mentions his father, so it is likely Tikal passed away when Knuckles was very young.

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles each have pieces of the Triforce that they obtain power from.
  • Sonic has the Triforce of Power. For better or worse, Sonic’s entire life has been defined by his power. Longclaw was killed, he was forced to live in isolation, and pursed by Robotnik because of his power. At the end of the second film, he obtains the Master Emerald, the highest form of power. However, he is impulsive and lived in isolation in fear of losing loved ones, meaning he lacks wisdom or courage, at least at the start of the first film. He later gains those traits by opening up to others and using his powers more prudently in the first and second film.
  • Tails has the Triforce of Wisdom. He is the smartest of the three, making advanced inventions and being the most rational. His use of technology is shared with Zelda as shown in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is also the most feminine, putting him closer to Zelda. However, he is shy and is physically the weakest, meaning he initially lacks courage or power.
  • Knuckles has the Triforce of Courage. He has been seeking revenge since a presumably young age and has trained the most, reflecting how most Links rely on preparation and superior skill to defeat their enemies. When he was given a chance by Robotnik, he grabbed it by the throat. However he was tricked by Robotnik and was unable to move on from the extinction of his tribe, meaning he lacks wisdom or power.

Releasing one's Chaos energy is a Puberty Superpower for Mobians.
Lighting up with blue electricity came as a surprise to Sonic in the last movie, when he was around 13-14 years old. Sonic and Knuckles use Chaos Energy on command, but not eight year-old Tails, whose eyes don't so much as glow once.

    Sequel Theories 
Here is how the Third Sonic movie will be.
It will start with Agent Stone braking into the G.U.N. Base to retrieve Shadow. Shadow will spend the movie framing Sonic for various crimes until G.U.N. puts Sonic in a prison cell. Sonic agrees to go in order to clear his name. Agent Stone and Shadow meet ether Rouge The Bat or Amy Rose and they invite her to the team in return she helps get them the Master Emerald. Later as Sonic’s team brake Sonic out of the G.U.N. Base it’s revealed that it’s actually The Space Colony ARK and it goes off into space with everyone in it.As the ARK heads into Space Tails learns more about Shadows past until everyone meats in the main room for one big fight. Eventually Shadow wins and Agent Stone heads into the engine room to place all the emeralds in The ARK with Shadow next to him. As the Emeralds fully power the eclipse cannon Shadow reveals his true intentions and a video of Robotnik (who is dead) tells everyone of how humanity ruined his life, Killed his family, killed him, and how he perfected Shadow to be his Dead Man's Switch for when he dies and kill everyone. Shadow reveals to everyone of how Maria died as well. Later Sonic and his team try to stop the cannon from going off while Amy/Rouge tells Shadow of how inpatient life truly is and how Maria wouldn’t want this.Shadow understands and heads off to stop the cannon with the team who find The Master Emerald graded by a crazy amount of security. When they get the Emerald they learn they that Robotnik programed the ARK to crash into the earth. Stone and Tails tries to stop it but finds that they can’t get past the fire wall in time. So Sonic and Shadow go in there Super Forms to stop the ARK and save the day. Shadow makes a Heroic Sacrifice and everyone lives peacefully. Until the end where we see a glimpse of Shadow surviving and a new threat coming to earth.
  • I only saying that it would be ether Amy or Rouge because haven’t the two would be too many new characters and we already need Shadow to have some development.

Sonic and Tails have a Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure in movie 3.
Giving Tails some character development and a way to step out and be a hero in his own right, similar to how he felt in Sonic Adventure but as a result of a spat instead of simply wanting to prove himself. His hero worship in Sonic 2 was too unwavering and is open to coming to a bit of a Broken Pedestal moment in a future installment.

The Chaos Emeralds will be Plot Coupons in the third movie.
Sonic scattered the Chaos Emeralds so the Master Emerald wouldn't have its Reality Warper powers, but they're still powerful in their own right. With Shadow awakened, he'll set out to collect them to power the Eclipse Cannon, forcing Sonic and the others to race and collect the Emeralds before Shadow can.

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Metal Sonic will be the true final villain and not Shadow.
Also, the confrontation will start and end with Little Planet being involved.

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3, the Space Colony Ark isn't the space station from Sonic Adventure 2, but an bad-future, enslaved Little Planet that Gerald and his collegues conquered for the USSR during the Cold War.
If Sonic CD's plot gets roped into this, then that means Space Colony Ark is on Little Planet and has enslaved it under the powers of the Soviet Union. After Robotnik successfully reaches Little Planet, Gerald's recorded final moments will play before Little Planet crashes into Earth. Shadow may sacrifice himself to save Earth from Little Planet crashing into its orbit. It can also hint that Robotnik's family was involved in the Space Race in the 1960s before Gerald was captured and Maria was killed.

Robotnik's family was executed because of their involvement with the USSR in the Cold War.
Seriously! Doctor IVO Robotnik? He may have Russian ancestry, which could hint at his family's involvement with the USSR. Besides, Maria may have been killed because her family was condemned as Russian spies even if she wasn't a threat (She was 12 years when she was killed on the Ark). Robotnik survived the onslaught because someone managed to hide his family ties until the events of the second movie.

Shadow was created by the Soviets to destroy the United States.
As the Ultimate Lifeform, this would not be out of place for the Cold War. This may be the reason why the U.S. army was sent to capture Gerald and kill everyone involved with Space Colony Ark. If the U.S. Army was able to capture Shadow and hide him, then it would explain why the coordinates to his location were in Robotnik's files. Robotnik was looking into his family's past involvement with the Cold War and what the Government was going to use Shadow for.

Either Amy or Rouge will appear in the third film
This film introduced both Knuckles and Tails (the first movie's credits scene aside), so it's not that crazy to suggest that the third film may introduce more characters from the games besides Shadow.

Gerald Robotnik will be a Virtual Ghost.
Professor Robotnik won't have left his revenge to chance. When Shadow awakens from stasis, he'll have a small device on his person that lets him speak with an A.I. of Gerald Robotnik after he'd gone insane. A.I. Robotnik will be guiding Shadow towards his goal to destroy Earth for what happened to Maria, be it the Eclipse Cannon, the Biolizard, or crashing the Ark.

Black Doom will be the main antagonist of the third film.
Jim Carrey has expressed his desire to retire from acting, and with Robotnik's whereabouts unconfirmed and Shadow in The Stinger, it's possible the Black Arms will appear and take up the role of main villain.

Tails will be Retconned to be a native of the same planet as Sonic and Knuckles
While it's implied that Tails is from a separate planet, it wouldn't be too hard to establish that he, Sonic, and Knuckles are all from the same planet. If they want to be consistent, they can just show Tails' parents or guardians bringing him to whatever other planet he was on before going to Earth.

Shadow will rely more on his Chaos powers.
To make Shadow stand out between Sonic and Knuckles, Shadow will use his innate Chaos powers the most in long ranged abilities like Chaos Spear and Chaos Blast, making him the "mage" in a Fighter, Mage, Thief dynamic with the other two.

Shadow will still call out his attack names.
Like in the games, Shadow will call out the Chaos moves he is using at the time. Expect Sonic to rib him over doing something so cheesy. In the end, if Sonic ends up learning Chaos Control like he did in Sonic Adventure 2, expect him to try everything to call on the power to no avail... until he tries shouting "Chaos Control!" himself.

Maria Robotnik will appear both in flashback and as an Virtual Ghost.
The movie will open with Maria’s murder and Shadow being placed into stasis, establishing his motive for wanting revenge on humanity after he awakens. Later on, Shadow will discover an AI construct of Maria that she created before her death, encouraging Shadow to live on and not succumb to revenge like her grandfather wanted, thus setting the foundation for his Heel–Face Turn in the climax.

Black Doom's role will be fulfilled by the Echidnas.
Why? Aliens have already came to Earth to stow away the Master Emerald (and the Chaos Emeralds inside). It only makes sense the Echidnas may have came by Earth looking for the Master Emerald, but left without finding it for whatever reason - but not before teaming up with Gerald Robotnik to create an Echidna supersoldier that can harness the power of the emeralds, which happens to use the image of a creature they already know has some sort of innate chaos energy. This would explain why Shadow happens to be proficient with the emeralds almost naturally, keep Longclaw and the Echidna rivalry relevant, and would give a reason for Stone/Eggman to wake him up - not only is it old family history, but a creature that cannot only keep up with Sonic but can also harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds would be a great asset.

An original character will "become" Black Doom to fill his role.
50 years ago, a Mobian came to Earth and partnered up with Gerald Robotnik to research genetics. The partner donated his DNA to create Shadow, explaining why the "ultimate lifeform" looks like a Mobian hedgehog of all things. Gerald eventually learned his partner had ulterior motives, and the enraged professor confronted him, ending in a Freak Lab Accident the traitor appeared to have died in. The Mobian secretly escaped but his body was horrifically mutated, now looking closer to Black Doom's design. He uses the next decades to plot his revenge.

Shadow will show both character portrayals as a form of Character Development turned Character Rerailment.
A widely controversial point in the fandom is how in the original Sonic Adventures game Shadow was portrayed as a tragic and sympathetic antihero while the Shadow the Hedgehog game turned him into a complete edgelord jerkass. The sequel movie could address this by having him start as the latter, before growing into the former as he realizes the value of compassion and fighting for what's for the greater good.

What meme will be referenced in the third movie?
Since the first movie used the Sanic meme and the second had "Do you know da wae?", I don't think it's that much of a stretch to guess that a meme will get referenced. As for what could be used.
  • "Where's that damn fourth chaos emerald?" Easily the most famous Shadow meme.
  • "I'm the coolest!" Another popular Shadow line.
  • "You're not even good enough to be my f—" "I'LL MAKE YOU EAT THOSE WORDS!" Sonic cutting him off might even piss Shadow off.
  • Shadow pees in a Hot Topic, but this being a family friendly movie, he'll probably just use the bathroom. Or at least, it won't be shown. Either way, he will think this makes him the Hot Topic's new owner.
    • Related to the above, Robotnik makes a (PG-13) announcement on Twitter.
    • Rouge is implied to be a stoner.
    • Shadow comes to really, really, really like hot sauce and starts putting it on everything he eats.
    • Something very significant happened in 1907, which one character will say as "nineteen-aught-seven".
    • If Black Doom is in the movie, a character will mistake him for the Devil.
  • Semi-Sonic meme: Tails will develop Vulpine Tourette's, with the poor lad suddenly bellowing strings of nonsense at inopportune moments, and the A-plot will be the search for a treatment.
  • Someone will say that they need to "FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM!"
  • Shadow will refuse to use guns, not just because of how they were used against Maria, but also because he prefers to beat his enemies with his bare hands.
  • Robotnik will declare "You know what they say, the more the merrier!"
  • Sonic will yell "OW THE EDGE!" after hearing Shadow's backstory.
  • Someone will start Waxing Lyrical to "City Escape".

If Jim Carrey retires, the future movies will focus on Robotnik’s Villainous Legacy
The end of the second movie leaves his fate ambiguous, so having him be Killed Off for Real would be simple. Even then, though, he’ll have a major influence on future movies. Shadow being uncovered and awakening is only one example of the impact he’ll leave behind. Other possibilities are Agent Stone trying to live up to his legacy as a Dragon Ascendant, both GUN, Stone, and possibly other factions struggling to recover and control any technology he left behind. And then of course his robots might be ready to take over for Eggman on their own, such as a certain metallic duplicate of Sonic.
  • Alternatively, Eggette will appear as the new main villain in future movies, being portrayed as basically a young gifted mechanical genius who happened to idolize Robotnik and sought replicate his genius in her own way.
  • Robotnik will have uploaded a copy of his mind into a robot creating the movie version of Commander Brutus.
  • Sage could also possibly come into play and she'll be angry at Sonic for killing her "father".

Shadow will not have his Adventure 2 backstory.
While he'll keep elements of his backstory, like his connection to G.U.N and Gerald Robotnik, his backstory will be drastically altered, with stuff like Maria getting shot getting cut out due to it being too dark for a family film. After all, it's clear the films are doing their own thing in regards to the characters and their backstories, so it wouldn't surprise me if they changed aspects of his backstory too. Maybe have his hatred for humanity stem from him being tested and used as a weapon as opposed to Maria being shot.
  • Alternatively, Maria could be aged up from 12 or introduced as being alive in the present day to be used to redeem Shadow.
    • Given that Shadow's coordinates were found through Robotnik's namesake, it's very likely Gerald will be present in some capacity.

Assuming Robotnik survived the crash, he'll end up being fat in the third movie.
A few possible ways:
  • He becomes a lot more sedentary and eats nothing but junk food to the point of obesity. Either from depression due to his failure or because his injuries from the crash were so severe he had to take a long time to heal, or both.
  • Right before the robot crashed, Agent Stone used some sort of technology on him that increases his body fat to cushion his fall, and he ended up stuck like that.

The Biolizard will be the Big Bad of the third movie
The thing will have Adaptational Intelligence and be fully aware of its role in Gerald Robotnik's plan, pushing Shadow further into misanthropy both out of loyalty to its purpose and a desire to see the successful experiment die.

Agent Stone will drive the GUN truck at some point.
Presumably during the final confrontation with him, he'll lose it completely and rampage through the city in the notorious semi - with everyone commenting on how much destruction the military vehicle is causing to civilians.

Shadow, despite claiming to be the ultimate life form, will lose his powers somehow

Tom Wachowski will convince Shadow to perform a Heel–Face Turn
Tom will eventually learn why Shadow wants revenge on humanity, having lost his closest friend, Maria, and being influenced by Gerald to follow through with destroying mankind. Given his role as the Team Dad to Sonic and his friends in the films, Tom will try to reach through to Shadow reminding him of the promise Shadow made with Maria to protect humanity no matter what, causing Shadow to break free from Gerald's influence, pull a Heel–Face Turn, and help Sonic save humanity.

Shadow will discover and enjoy rock music.
There'll be a small scene of Shadow overhearing rock music or a subgenre, and enjoying it; tapping his toe, maybe even a little headbanging. Not only would it be a Mythology Gag to the music from the games he'd been in, it would also be the first humanizing moment for him in the film, showing Sonic and the others the Ultimate Lifeform is, in fact, a person.

Amy's character arc will be about taking a level in badass.
Building on her tarot reading from older games, Amy is training to be an oracle, and Mobius/Little Planet already reveres her predictions and psychometry. She likely has a higher status, like chief's daughter or aristocrat. However, she isn't allowed to train as a fighter as she wishes. (Not due to Stay in the Kitchen, but because her peers consider her powers so valuable that they need all her dedication.) When Amy is roped into Team Sonic's adventure, her powers are very useful to them, but she also gets the chance to use her iconic hammer to great capacity.

If Amy appears in the third movie, Tom and Maddie will have different reactions to her crush on Sonic.
Just because it would be humorous, one of them becomes a complete Shipper on Deck for the two, telling Amy some of Sonic's interests that she might not have known about while the other goes full overprotective parent, telling Amy to stay away from Sonic.

Additionally, or alternatively, Tom and Maddie will have similar reactions when they realise Knuckles has a crush on Rouge
Maddie tries to get Knuckles to embrace his feelings for Rouge, mentioning that Tom had similar insecurities when they first met, while Tom fears that Rouge would just take advantage of Knuckles to get what she wants. Tom is seemingly proven right when Rouge steals from or betrays the heroes, leaving Knuckles heartbroken, but Tom is also the first to trust Rouge again when she returns and has a Heel–Face Turn.

Amy will be immune to Knuckles' Crushing Handshake
Amy having bouts of super strength is a running gag in the mainstream universe. Bonus points if she crushes the Echidna's hand right back.

Live and Learn will be used.
Either the original song by Crush 40 or a cover, this song is practically Iconic to Sonic and Shadow.

Shadow will ultimately side with the heroes in the third film, but will still go off on his own at the end
While he no longer considers Sonic and the others to be enemies or obstacles, Shadow still feels that his inner turmoil is better confronted alone. Nevertheless, he is assured by the others that he'll be welcomed back with open arms should he return.

Racheal and Randall will have moved to Green Hills by the time of the third movie.
I imagine even if G.U.N. no longer believes Sonic is a threat they will still want someone to keep an eye on him.

Team Dark will be the initial adversaries in the third film, being manipulated by the larger threat of the Black Arms.
Given that the running animal characters in this continuity are established as being essentially aliens, my guess is that Shadow’s backstory will cut out the ARK entirely and depict him as a crashed Black Arms scout that humans discovered and Professor Gerald potentially developed affection for. Agent Stone will set Shadow free in a big tribute to the beginning of the SA2 Dark Story opening and Rouge is an alien bounty hunter working for the Black Arms, tasked with some combination of finding Shadow, the chaos emeralds, or just another planet to conquer. Most to all of the group will pull a Heel–Face Turn by the end of the film.

Team Sonic will return to Mobius.
The heart of this series is Sonic's Coming of Age Story, and learning about one's roots is an important step in becoming an adult. When the third movie's adventure demands that Sonic and his family go to Mobius, he will explore his native world and get the chance to properly mourn Longclaw. By the ending, Sonic will have embraced his identity as a Child of Two Worlds and chosen to split his time between Earth and Mobius.

Provided Robotnik does return he'll officially take up the name Eggman.
As a nod to how the Eggman name started being used in the west during the Adventure Era. Likewise the Eggman Empire will be officially formed.

Shadow's introduction will involve Playing Possum.
The Stinger implies he's already awake inside his pod. When G.U.N. releases him, Shadow will have already gotten free of his restraints and attack them.

Stone will become Topaz's equivalent.
What is topaz? A stone. Having infiltrated G.U.N., Stone will develop an unlikely friendship with the mercenary they just hired, Rouge the Bat. If Robotnik is still around, Stone's equal partnership with Rouge will help him realize being the mad scientist's stooge isn't worth the disrespect, inspiring him to finally wash his hands of Robotnik.

Robotnik will try and fail to manipulate Shadow.
Robotnik's manipulation of Knuckles technically went off without a hitch, so he will assume Shadow is another lower life form he can lead by the nose. Shadow, however, is all too familiar with human treachery and will turn the tables on Eggman.

Team Sonic will run low/out of rings.
Sonic's pouch is not bottomless, and having fewer chances to portal jump would make for drama. This can also lead to going to another planet to get more.

In universe, someone will release a videogame of Sonic (and the gang) and he will be able to play it.
Enough people should be aware of the existence of Sonic and his new buddies by the time of the next sequel. This can be an endearing call-out to the videogames themselves, should the studios consider doing this.

Stone will get his own food related nickname from Sonic and to complement Eggman
Most likely something coffee related, like Mr. Latte or Coffee Creep.

Blaze and Silver will make a surprise appearance.
The closing scene of the third movie will revealed Blaze and Silver have been secretly watching the adventure unfold, and one moment where the heroes got a seemingly random stroke of good luck was thanks to the duo's interference. They agree the mission is a success and return to their time.

Chaos will be used in place of the Eclipse Cannon
Although the third movie will takes inspiration from Sonic Adventure 2, Space Colony ARK will be cut to simplify the story. Shadow's plan to destroy humanity will instead be summoning the Mobian god Chaos to drown the Earth.
  • The final "battle" will play out similar to the climax from Moana: Instead of properly fighting Chaos, Super Sonic and Super Shadow use their power to restrain the god's attacks until they can calm it down. As Chaos is a good allegory for Shadow's unfocused rage, this solution symbolizes using empathy to heal inner pain instead of violence.

One scene of the sequel will take place on the Golden Gate Bridge
And it will involve Shadow having to break through the besieging military.

If Black Doom makes an appearance, he'll be just as much of a Complete Monster as he was in Shadow to contrast Robotnik.

Tails’ Fear of Thunder will show up in the third movie.
Lightning will strike, and he will instinctively cuddle up against Sonic or Knuckles. It will be hilarious and adorable.

A Wachowski was involved in the ARK incident, and Shadow will learn of this and try to enact revenge against the family.
Maddie makes mention of there having been a Wachowski protecting Green Hills for 50 years early on in the movie. Assuming Shadow's story stays the same, it's possible that the first Wachowski to come to the town was involved in the ARK incident, and might've even been the soldier that killed Maria. They then left the government and moved to Green Hills to start anew as an officer there. This would also give Shadow another reason to target Sonic and co. outside of Robotnik's potential influence, as he'd likely want to make them the first targets of his revenge against humanity thanks to a member of the family having a direct involvement is his friend's death.
  • Bonus points if the soldier that killed Maria was in fact Tom's father/grandfather who would also be portrayed by James Marsden. Shadow would catch a glimpse of his face just before being sent down to Earth. Cue to the present day, he sees Tom who bares a strong resemblance to the soldier who shot Maria and thus attack the family.
  • Just an alternative I thought of; Maddie and Rachel's father or grandfather (given the timeframe, either could be possible) could've been present, also possibly as the soldier who killed Maria. This would make things interesting if Shadow were to interact with Jojo, as she's an innocent young girl.

If Robotnik does return, he'll actually team up with Sonic and his friends against a larger threat.
Likely driven by a desire to prevent the enemy from the destroying what he seeks to conquer or Because he thinks he should be the only one who kills Sonic off, Robotnik will assist Sonic however he can against whoever the antagonist of the third movie will be. Neither of them will be really happy with the truce and they both may engage in a fair amount of snarky banter as a means to cope with the situation. If Robotnik actually becomes more affable in the third movie, he may surprise himself with how he gradually starts getting along with Team Sonic and reflect on how different his life would've been different if he allowed more people into his life. Robotnik may take this fondness toward his new "friends" to its extreme and pull a Heroic Sacrifice to help assure Sonic has a chance at winning in the end.
If Robotnik survives, we'll discover that he actually enjoys his battles with Sonic.
And while they still are enemies, and his goal remains unchanged, at least he have to admit that he had a time of his life trying to beat his archnemesis. They can even estabilish Friendly Enemy and/or Worthy Opponent dynamic at the end of the movie.
If Mobius is brought up, there will be a Take That! toward Morbius.
Tails or someone else will tell Sonic that they are from Mobius, and Sonic will say something along the lines of “Like that terrible movie with Jared Leto?”
Maddie will be pregnant during third movie.
With Sonic affraid that now Tom and Maddie will not have time for him or love him as much. But eventually he will realize that Tom and Maddie are his family no metter what and at the end of the movie, he will fully embrace idea of beign big brother.
GUN will not be antagonistic in the third movie.
For a few reasons:
  • GUN currently seems to be on semi-good terms with the Wachowskis, with an agent in the family and letting the alien kids live free. (though this could be because trying to contain them would be Bullying a Dragon because of the Master Emerald.)
  • Walters appears to be very concerned about Project Shadow, and has proven he will stop antagonizing Team Sonic if a larger threat shows up.
  • There is no reason for GUN to believe that Sonic is Shadow, given his existence isn’t a secret among secrets given Walters’ reaction, and they could contact Tom or Randall on Sonic’s whereabouts.
The third film will be a Lighter and Softer Whole-Plot Reference to AKIRA
  • The Capsules and Espers will both be represented by Sonic, (Kaneda/Masaru) Tails, (Kei/Kiyoko) and Knuckles, (Yamagata/Takashi, though Knux will likely survive) being the primary heroic group who also have powers of their own.
  • Tetsuo will be represented by Shadow and Eggman with Shadow having Tetsuo’s nobler qualities (tragic backstory, relationship with hero, and Morality Pet) and Eggman having his villainous ones. (megalomania and lust for power)
  • Kei will be represented by Amy, though she will have the crush rather than the other way around. She will also fill Kaori’s role as Shadow slowly starts to care for her, though she will too likely survive.
  • Kitsurugi will be represented by by both Tom (Most prominent adult and caretaker for Team Sonic/Espers) and Walters. (Morally ambiguous government official)
  • The titular Akira will be represented by the Master Emerald.
  • Shadow, thirsty for vengeance after Maria’s death, will be found and manipulated by Eggman into helping him destroy the world, with Eggman nearly having had lost his mind and wanting to do so to spite Sonic. Near the end, they have the Master Emerald, but Shadow is talked out of his plan by Amy. After realizing just how Eggman has been using him, Shadow destroys all his robots and mocking him, before Sonic and the others corner Eggman. Eggman, having had hid the Master Emerald on his person, fully snaps, using the scarp metal to become a giant mechanical blob. In his fury, he mindlessly nearly kills Sonic, but ignores Shadow, Tails, and Knuckles stealing the emerald and becoming super themselves, with Shadow and Knuckles catching Eggman’s attention while Tails recuses Sonic, heals him from near death and promoting him to super. The four then finish Eggman by combining their energy and creating a blast resembling the one that Tetsuo was consumed by at the end of the film.

Sonic will start learning how to swim
There will be comedic scene where Sonic arms himself with a lifejacket and/or inner tube and tries to swim, which is mostly him flopping around inelegantly.

What will Robotnik dance to next?
With the first movie having Where Evil Grows and this one having Walk, they're clearly setting a trend of Robotnik listening to music.

Rouge will act as a gun side Double Agent
  • So like her SA2 counterpart she works with gun at their direction. She knows of project Shadow in some form being from an off-world agency that worked with G.U.N. to stop Shadow, but wasn't yet a member at the time this happened. So while her goal in some ways may align with Sonic teams, this new release of Shadow opens a possibility of digging up secrets of project Shadow with his release.So one second she can be guiding the team along the next she might be stealing the emerald to unlock another secret without a word. And why wasn't she there in 1 and 2? She was off-world and G.U.N. finally called in a favor with the agency she is with.

Metal Sonic, like Knuckles, will be the second new character introduced, like Knuckles was for the second movie, and will also be the Big Bad.
Knuckles wasn't revealed in The Stinger for the first movie, so Metal Sonic is still plausible. He could be a weapon created by Dr. Stone after Shadow refuses to help him, only to be consumed with his want to destroy Sonic. This would eventually result in him trying to destroy the Earth just to kill Sonic, with Shadow and Sonic working together to stop him. In this way, Metal becomes a Composite Character with the Biolizard.

Tails will be seen caring for a potted plant.
Sonic will jokingly ask if he loves the plant so much, then why doesn’t he marry it.

The Black Arms will be a Mobius-based cult
Mobians are the aliens in this universe, and their lore has yet to be fully explored. A second alien race would be excessive. Instead, the Black Arms are Mobians that seek the power of the Chaos Emeralds, making them a danger to both Mobius and Earth. Shadow was created to serve as the cult's messiah-esque figurehead.

Amy follows her fortunetelling talents to Earth, looking for a golden hedgehog with godly powers. Instead, she finds a blue goofball. Sonic, however, has no experience with his own species, let alone a girl one, and it leaves him flustered. Amy eventually sees what a good guy Sonic is, and develops feelings for him as the adventure goes on.

  • Addendum: "The boys discover girls" will be a subplot of the film. Sonic's attraction to Amy is complicated by a mistaken expectation that he'll soon end up having to marry her (going by his previous experiences with relationships around him), which he is of course not ready for. By the end of the film, Sonic will learn that he is still young, and he and Amy can take as long as they are comfortable with (once Sonic gets a handle on things, he returns to his old confident self). Amy departs with a kiss and a promise to see him again.
    • Knuckles of course has to deal with Rouge, whom is a rival to Amy here. They have the same goals, but Rouge has chosen to achieve it by working closely with Shadow, GUN, and/or Robotnik. Their relationship is either Belligerent Sexual Tension or Foe Romance Subtext, and/or a possible Love Triangle with Shadow. The rivalry could even lead to a Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure turning into dueling Battle Couples: Sonic/Amy vs Knuckles/Rouge.
    • Tails gets paired up with Cream (possibility of making Cream a Composite Character with Marine, to give them common ground), which is mostly just them being adorable together, with maybe a little Ship Tease.
    • And for additional comedy relief, A bonus couple: awkward flirtation (one way or mutual) with Wade and Vanilla.

Amy's bangles will be for Hammerspace.
When characters in the games wear large gold rings, they are only (if ever) explained as Power Limiters. In the movies, everyone uses rings for portals. Amy's bangles can be a similar but separate kind of rings, which she uses to access her tarot cards and piko piko hammer at a moment's notice. If Fridge Brilliance is added, Amy's left bangle can summon the deck (left side of brain = logic), and the right the hammer (right side of brain = action).

Shadow's infamous "edgelord" reputation will be both Lampshaded and Reconstructed
At first Sonic will mock it by referring to him by nicknames like "Hot Topic" and "Your Edgy-ness". But after learning Shadow's backstory (especially the part where Maria, the only friend he ever had, was killed in front of him by the same people who had ordered his creation in the first place), Sonic will be much more sympathetic towards him, reasoning that such an experience would understandably turn anyone sour.

The Badniks will take on their more cartoonish design compared to the Everything Is an iPod in the Future look of the last two movies.
  • The short Sonic Drone Home could be Foreshadowing to how the third movie and beyond will be taking on their more classic looks to punctuate Eggman's increasing eccentricity or even signs of Sanity Slippage. Alternatively if Jim Carrey does retire, a Legacy Character will take the doctor's place, adopting their their name for their own, and add their own spin using more animal designs inspired by Sonic as being the one who beat the original Eggman.

G.U.N. will work for Shadow.
Shadow essentially holds Commander Walters and any other head honchos hostage after a show of the hedgehog's power makes it clear how easily he can kill them. He still plans covert ways to call Team Sonic for help.

Amy, Cream and Rouge will form Team Jubilee
They may as well, as Team Sonic's feminine equivalent. Rouge jumping from Team Dark to another trio establishes her Wild Card nature.

Sonic and Shadow will fight in Bullet Time.
Sonic moving so fast that the world is in slo-mo has happened once per movie, but the third time will have a twist. Sonic will come at Shadow at top speed, only for the black hedgehog to match it, and Team Sonic aren't fast enough to help. This establishes Shadow is in a class above past foes Sonic has run circles around.

Cream's movie incarnation will take cues from Cosmo
They're already very similar, as gentle girls with a love for plants whose nonviolent nature belies incredible courage. Possible tweaks include: Changing her signature color to green, adding ribbons tied around her ears resembling Cosmo's flower buds (In-Universe reason is to emulate Amy's headband), giving Cheese Green Thumb powers (Chao are basically fairies, so it makes sense if they can influence nature) which Cream utilizes, and possibly make her Tails' love interest.

Shadow will be an Invincible Villain.
Between his sheer power, techniques, and the fact he has nothing to lose, Shadow will waste anyone who tries to fight him, be they G.U.N. mooks, badniks, or Team Sonic. The only way to end his Roaring Rampage of Revenge is to use empathy and talk him down. Sonic does so before the final battle to save the Earth, having realized Shadow was never evil, just facing unbearable pain all alone.

A chaos energy training school will be featured
As the third film will reintroduce chaos energy usage as a form of sorcery, part of that lore will include a secluded holy land with warrior mystics, a la The Shangri-La. Little Planet is the best candidate. Amy, a psychic and skilled fighter, and Cream, a budding Chao breeder, are apprentices there. Plus, such a place would provide Shadow with sanctuary post-Heel–Face Turn, since his actions will have made him a wanted terrorist on Earth.

Sonic will mistakenly believe Shadow is from his planet
So far, all the non-humans in the cast have hailed from outerspace, and thus Sonic meeting a hedgehog with a very strong resemblance to himself may result in him assuming Shadow comes from his home planet. However, it is likely Shadow is an artificial life form like in the games, though the exact means of his creation may be changed, and therefore was probably born on Earth or the space colony if that is part of this continuity. Sonic may also try to connect with the other hedgehog over the assumption they come from the same place, only to learn they don't share this commonality. Conversely, depending on their relationship, they might resent being compared to one another, possibly leading to comments about one being a fake.

The ARK will not be a space station and Gerald's revenge will not be a colony drop
The movies still follow the logic that this is present day real life Earth compared to the games where it's more of a Fantasy Kitchen Sink. A space station with its own gravitational force with a laser that can blow up the planet during the early mid 70s would not be possible. The ARK can still exist, but it could be an earthbound facility. Gerald's act of vengeance could then be activating a supervolcano or something nuclear related.

The Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) theme song will appear in Sonic 3 in some shape or form.
The Super Mario Bros. Movie was promoted by way of a commercial about Mario and Luigi showcasing their plumbing service. What made it stand out was the fact that it used the Plumber's Rap: the theme song of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Considering how overwhelmingly positive the reaction to this example of nostalgic fanservice was, it’s not too far-fetched that Sega and Paramount paid close attention to this. They will utilise one of the most well-received pieces of Sonic media to compete with Nintendo and Illumination. A cover will be used in either the movie's promotional material or in the movie itself.

Shadow was intended to be a Cold War weapon.
Since the movies have been shown to take place in around the same years that they released it (most likely, both were in 2020), that would put Shadow's creation in 1970. What was going on during that time? The height of the Cold War. Thus, it isn't too far fetched that one side created him as an intended Super Soldier, only to scrap the project at some point.

The Earth will be imbued with Chaos Energy.
After characters ring sling to and from Mobius, some Chao will follow them and start cultivating the planet's natural life force into Chaos Energy. This is especially likely if Team Sonic faces Chaos and the god's power affects the Earth.

    Casting possibilites for future characters 

Shadow the Hedgehog

Amy Rose

Rouge the Bat

Silver the Hedgehog

Vanilla the Rabbit

Cream the Rabbit

Big the Cat

Vector the Crocodile

Espio the Chameleon

Charmy Bee

Maria Robotnik

Gerald Robotnik

Metal Sonic

Blaze the Cat

Tikal the Echidna

Mephiles the Dark


Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel

Bark the Polar Bear

Bean the Dynamite