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Characters introduced in the works of Akira Toriyama with Masakazu Katsura, later revealed to possibly take place in the same continuity as Dragon Ball.

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    The Galactic Patrol in General
The Galactic Patrol Symbol

The Galactic Patrol also known as the Space Police and the Galaxy Police is a cosmic police force that is led directly by the Galactic King and helps keep order throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. While many of the members are powerful they did not have enough power to oppose the Frieza Force or even the Saiyans alone around Age 739. The Galactic Patrol also upholds a strict law forbidding the usage of time travel.

  • Depending on the Writer: Are they competent or incompetent? The answer is somewhat in the middle, depending on on whatever's funny at the time.
  • Good Counterpart: To the Frieza Force. Unlike the Frieza Force, they fight for order in the galaxy instead of ruling it with an iron fist.
  • Men of Sherwood: While outclassed by many of the villains the Z-Fighters face, they did successfully capture and contain all of the galactic prisoners. When working with the Z-Fighters, they tend to fill this role to them.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: Merus comments that while the agents of the Galactic Patrol are elites on their home worlds they are ultimately helpless against universal threats such as Moro and Frieza. They tend to be competent when it comes to villains that are actually on their threat level.
  • Remember the New Guy?: While the concept of a galactic police force is present in non-canonical works like the backstory of Turles' goon Amond in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might only available in Akira Toriyama - The World "Anime Special", and an ancient police force is referenced in Dragon Ball – Episode of Bardock, the Galactic Patrol was never referenced in the original manga during the moments involving space.
  • Schrödinger's Canon: It is unknown if Jiya and Sachie-Chan Good are part of the Dragon Ball canon, as they are never referenced.
  • Space Police: They are the police force in the universe.

Introduced in Sachie-chan GOOD and Jiya


Click here to see his real form 

A member of the Galactic Patrol who outwardly resembles an imposing mechanical man, but beneath this exterior visage Jiya is in fact an intelligent microorganism who operates a robot suit to keep up with his peers. He originally starred in an unrelated self-titled manga miniseries by Akira Toriyama, which was released a few years before Jaco the Galactic Patrolman.

  • Body Surf: He can take control of other individuals, but unlike many examples of this trope, he is a heroic individual.
  • The Cameo: He and others of his species make several cameos in the “Galactic Patrol Prisoner” arc aboard the Patrol’s HQ ship.
  • Hero of Another Story: Jiya’s body-swapping adventures on Earth are documented in the Jiya manga series, but aside from being the first full appearance of the Galactic Patrol in Toriyama’s work, it has nothing to do with Dragon Ball.
  • Powered Armor: The imposing man is actually a robot suit powered by water.

Click here to see his real form 
A former Galactic Patrolman and the Big Bad of Jiya.
  • Body Surf: Like Jiya, he can also take over people's bodies, but it's not used for heroic deeds.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Jiya. While they are the same species and members of the Galactic Patrol, Steth wants to take over Earth rather than protect it.
  • Face–Heel Turn: After possessing the evil alien monster, Vamp, Steth became corrupted and decided to take over the earth.
  • Foil: In some regards, he is written as a proto-Zamasu, stealing the bodies and thinking that Humans Are Bastards.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Steth possesses the body of Vamp, an alien vampire.


Introduced in Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

    Jaco Teirimentenpibosshi 

Jaco Teirimentenpibosshi (ジャコ・ティリメンテンピボッシ, Jako Tirimentenpibosshi)
Voiced by (Japanese): Natsuki Hanae (Anime), Tsubasa Yonaga (Vomic)
Voiced by (English): Todd Haberkorn
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Bruno Coronelnote 

A self-proclaimed "super elite" member of the Galactic Patrol, was sent to Earth by the Galactic King for the purpose of eliminating a hostile alien threat.

  • Adaptational Wimp: While he establishes himself as a Badass Normal in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, in Dragon Ball Super he did nothing against Frieza except warning Bulma. He does later shows his skills in Episode 31, when he quickly liberates a hostage from a criminal and freaks out said criminal.
  • Always Second Best: Merus is everything Jaco aspires to be: a genuinely cool, respected and efficient law enforcer.
  • Amusing Alien: He's pretty much like a member of the Ginyu Force, except not evil.
  • Badass Normal: Compared to the other Z-Warriors, anyway. Jaco lacks any ki-related special abilities and can't even fly unassisted. He makes up for it with his skill with a laser gun, ingenious on-the-fly strategies and impressive acrobatics. It helps that he's also strong enough to lift several tonnes, though this is also puny compared to the Earth defenders' feats.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Is actually naked most of the time and pees from the sides of his head.
  • Berserk Button: He hates being called short or being mistaken as a masked man, and he would kill a human for it. He even carries a virus inside his pocket that would kill all humans on Earth (the virus only works on weak races).
  • The Bus Came Back: While a prominent supporting character in the earlier arcs of Super, Jaco was more or less written out entirely (barring a handful of cameos) as soon as the later arcs' stakes became more dramatic. However, the manga-debuting Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc sees Jaco return in a more elevated role than ever before.
  • Butt-Monkey: There are a lot of jokes made at Jaco's expense.
    • Jaco is basically Bulma's butt monkey, often taking physical hits from her and threatened to have Vegeta sought on him.
    • In the fight against Piccolo and Frost, Jaco points out Frost is cheating and requests an inspection. A furious Champa declares that if Frost was found to be clean he would kill Jaco, to which Jaco withdraws his statement. However, Beerus and Vegeta both insist with the inspection, adding that they don't care if Jaco dies.
    • When Jaco thinks he will be absorbed by the Comméson, it passes by him and chases after Goten and Trunks, wanting their powers. Jaco angrily declares it was rude that the Comméson didn't think his powers were worth absorbing.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Whereas the other Z-Warriors fight Freeza's army head on, Jaco instead uses wily tactics, acrobatic manoeuvres and the surrounding environment against the soldiers. His strategy works just as well, if not better.
  • Cowardly Lion: He may complain (a lot) and he has an unfortunate tendency to back down when the odds get too tough, but he usually pulls through to do the right thing in the end.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He acts like a short-tempered idiot, often making people doubt about his claims of being a super elite. When he goes into action, he's just as good as he brags about.
  • Ditto Aliens: The only other member of his species we see is identical to him apart from being slightly taller.
  • Drop-In Character: Tends to act as this in many of Super's filler episodes, usually only appearing to deal with minor threats. He can't always be around to save the day since a Super Elite Patrolman's day is unenviably busy. Toodle-oo!
  • Eskimos Aren't Real: Mixed with Flat-Earth Atheist. By the start of Resurrection F, he doesn't believe in Beerus. He quickly comes to know better.
  • Failure Hero: His efforts in the serial. He failed in his mission to kill the alien coming to Earth. It becomes deconstructed when the alien is revealed to be Goku, meaning it was a good thing that he failed. On a straighter example, he managed to save East City from a huge meteorite, but since it's Doomed by Canon, all he did was buy it twenty-three more years.
  • Fish out of Water: Heavily downplayed. Jaco came to Earth after studying up on the local culture (the basics are covered in a 4-hour tape course, and doing so is apparently standard practice). He is aware of what local foods he's capable of eating (dairy products), for example, but isn't initially aware of what the local currency looks like (which he figures out as soon as some is handed to him) and accidentally attacks some police officers because he doesn't recognize their uniforms.
  • Flat-Earth Atheist: As mentioned above, in a universe full of superhumans, magic users and, in general, beings that can destroy planets with their fingers, he didn't believe in the existence of Beerus. This is despite the fact that Bulma (a personal friend, and one who happens to be a woman of science) could attest to his existence.
  • Foil: His character parallels and contrasts with Goku's in some interesting ways. Just as Kakarrot was a low-class Saiyan sent away to a backwater planet, Jaco was a low-ranked, underachieving member of the Galactic Patrol assigned to Earth, ironically to kill the young Kakarrot before he could become a threat. And just like Goku, Jaco becomes an unexpected saviour after abandoning his original mission. However, while Jaco is sneaky, cowardly and lacks Goku's work ethic to become stronger, he does have an admirably strong sense of justice and knows how to make tough decisions for the greater good (if anything, he's a little too keen on making them).
    • Jaco's more pragmatic personality clashes with Goku's laidback nature in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, as he argues that Goku should execute Moro while he has the chance. Owing to his desire to finish the fight "as an Earthling" rather than a Galactic Patrol agent, Goku instead wastes time trying to reason with Moro and even gives the unrepentant villain a Senzu to prove how futile his continued resistance is. As dumb as Jaco can often be, he was completely correct here.
  • Glory Seeker: While a good person overall, Jaco is more than willing to lie and cheat his way up the Galactic Patrol social hierarchy, mainly by claiming victories that clearly aren't his. When he rounds up the alien poachers that Goku and Android 17 subdued, he makes it perfectly clear he has no intention of crediting them or even sending a thank-you card. He also tries to pass off some of Merus's achievements as his own.
  • Gondor Calls for Aid: Jaco summons the entire Galactic Patrol available to Earth to face Moro and his army of criminals.
  • The Greys: His simplistic, cartoony design evokes the image of the iconic Grey aliens.
  • Heroic Comedic Sociopath: He can be very trigger-happy and, at times, he seems a little too eager to unleash his vial of deadly poison on Earth in response to the slightest inconveniences.
  • Hidden Depths: For all his bluster, he really does care about the Galactic Patrol's ideals of maintaining peace throughout the cosmos, even if he's not the most competent at fulfilling them. Throughout the Moro arc, he gets thrown into much more serious and deadly scenarios than he's used to dealing with, but he still helps out wherever he can and even saves everyone's rears a few times.
  • I'll Pretend I Didn't Hear That: Jaco would rather pretend that there's no Saiyans on Earth or ignore Whis rewinding time. (The latter case is probably helped by the fact that Whis is the God of Destruction's attendant, and the strongest being in all of Universe 7.)
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Abrasive, condescending, self-centered, and egotistical, but he can usually be counted upon to do the right thing regardless, even to his detriment.
  • Meaningful Name: Jaco's name is a food pun, naturally, that can be taking as meaning fish bait or small fish. In Japanese, his name is also a pun of a storytelling device where a character is insignificant to the greater story. Which fits Jaco perfectly since his one major achievement, saving East City, is rendered meaningless since Nappa destroys the city in about twenty years anyway. He also fails in his mission to stop the hostile alien coming to Earth, but since said alien was Goku, that screw-up ends up saving the universe several times over.
  • Mercy Kill: In his first appearance, he casually carries around an emergency vial containing a deadly virus that can wipe out an entire planet's population. This would only be used if his mission to kill the Saiyan infant failed since allowing a planet to suffer under an unstoppable fully-grown Saiyan is considered a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Meta Guy: He occasionally makes subtle fourth-wall-leaning comments and digs at other characters. When Esca tells him about Namekians' natural ability to assimilate each other, Jaco mentions that there's a lot of Fusion going around lately, referencing the many recent usages of the technique in the Dragon Ball franchise. He also comments on Goku's constantly changing hair colours and Merus's pretty-boy looks.
  • Mistaken for Aliens: Inverted. Over the course of the comic he is mistaken for a foreigner, a masked superhero and a robot. Basically everything but an alien. (The thing about him being a foreigner is more sensible than it seems at first, as he doesn't stick out at all in the East City.)
  • The Napoleon: He is extremely sensitive about his height.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Jaco reflects Toriyama's "modern" digital-era art style, which favours smaller, punier and less detailed character designs. While he didn't look so incongruous in his debut manga series (aside from being an alien), he stands out quite conspicuously next to the more muscular Z-Fighters.
  • Only Sane Man: He fights alongside the Great Saiyamen in Xenoverse 2, and is unamused with their Large Ham behavior.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: He's considered an incompetent compared to the rest of the Galactic Patrol. Considering he can casually lift his own spaceship and catch a speeding bullet without looking, the others must be formidable. Counting Jiya (if taken as canon) and Merus, he is definitely an incompetent by comparison.
    • Jaco himself admits that he could not beat an adult Saiyan, so his power must be below 1,200 (if you consider Raditz as a comparison)
  • Pinball Protagonist: Sent to Earth to intercept the alien threat, he fails in his mission as Kakarot's pod slips right past him and his only real achievement on Earth is saving East City from destruction... Which would end up being completely destroyed by Vegeta and Nappa a mere 23 years later anyway.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: It's also lampshaded that he's quite strong despite his small size.
  • Police Are Useless: Zigzagged. There are times where he’s competent at his job and is only really hampered by the fact that he’s at the bottom rungs of the Super Weight scale, such as when he takes on Frieza’s men with the other Z-Fighters and holds his own, along with apprehending a violent gun-toting Burp Man. However, his apathetic attitude can severely hamper his effectiveness at doing his job, such as when he was guarding Watagash, a civilisation-ending parasite, but drops his guard to have something to eat at a nearby food stand, even brushing off the food vendor when he tells him to keep on eye on his prisoner, all of which would likely have cost him his job had such laziness been witnessed by his colleagues.
  • Remember the New Guy?: Has apparently been visiting Bulma's family since she was a small child, but isn't mentioned anywhere in the Dragon Ball franchise until Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: His reaction to being asked to help take on Frieza. In Resurrection 'F' he is however willing to help out against the army of mooks.
    • He repeats this reaction when he realises that Moro's most powerful henchmen are making their way to Earth. As with before, he's begrudgingly convinced to stay, albeit only because the convicts arrive much quicker than expected.
  • Shoo Out the Clowns: He gradually stops appearing as much in the more serious arcs, namely the Future Trunks and Universe Survival arcs.
  • Sixth Ranger: Acts as a begrudging one to the Z-Fighters in some Super arcs. Although he always makes his reluctance to fight powerful opponents very clear, he is nevertheless treated as a valued member whenever he does throw his lot in. Goku chastises him for not involving himself more often, probably since he knows that invaluable help can come from unexpected places (e.g. Yajirobe against Vegeta, Mr. Satan against Buu).
  • Small Name, Big Ego: He always calls himself a Super Elite, but it is often shown that he has rather sloppy and is not as competent as he wants to be. He also gets only outdated equipment and spacecrafts, and other Galactic Patrolmen see him only as an idiot. And since Earth is an Insignificant Little Blue Planet, the King of the Galaxy does not even care if Jaco succeeds or fails at his mission. After Resurrection F arc in Dragon Ball Super, he's promoted.
  • Space Police: Super Elite Patrolman of the galaxy which isn't as special as it sounds. The job has a 55% hire rate, it's just positions usually are not open because only 38 are needed.
  • Super Senses: Nothing escapes his sight. Not even things that escape the one of Beerus. It helps him to reveal that Frost is a cheater and villain. His visual tracking is so good he is able to keep track of Ultra-Instinct Goku's movements when Gohan and Piccolo have trouble keeping up.
  • Super Strength: He is very strong, but he states he would be in trouble if he's facing an adult Saiyan.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: His girlfriend is taller than him, then it is hard to tell which is which.
  • Title Drop: In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, his Hero Pose super has him introduce himself as "Galactic Patrolman, Jaco."
  • Trademark Favorite Food: The only things he needs to consume on Earth are milk and cheese.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: It's shown that he is this to Bulma and her sister, Tights. It's mutual.
  • Walking Spoiler: His appearances in Dragon Ball works proper spoil his own title.
  • Weak, but Skilled:
    • He doen't know how to fly or use ki. He still beats Frieza's army like other fighters.
    • Dragon Ball Super shows him seeing and picking up on things that people much more powerful than him, such as all the Z-Fighters and even Beerus, fail to notice.
  • What You Are in the Dark: When he takes Bulma to see Master Zuno, he sees that Burp Man is the one ahead of him in line. He could arrest the guy then and there, but he posits that it'll lead to Burp Man telling the Galactic Patrol that Jaco used him as The Scapegoat when Jaco himself destroyed a valuable monument. He's about to leave the guy to his devices when Bulma mentions that Beerus threatened to destroy Universe 7, and that they'll all have to hope he was joking. With the universe on the line, despite the fact that he'd be in the clear if he just ignored Burp Man, Jaco then risks getting caught, subdues Burp Man when he takes a hostage, and gains Bulma audience with Zuno.
  • Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him?: A heroic example. In the climax of the Moro arc, Goku, having recently mastered his Perfected Ultra Instinct state, has Moro completely at his mercies after a long, hard battle. Jaco sanely argues that Goku should execute Moro while he has the chance, not just for their sakes, but as justice for the countless billions the rampaging warlock has murdered. Uncomfortable with killing a defeated foe (especially one strong enough to challenge him), Goku instead tries to convince Moro to surrender peacefully, but his mercy allows Moro to figure out a way to escape by absorbing Merus's power.

    Tokunoshin Omori 

Tokunoshin Omori (大盛 徳之進, Oomori Tokunoshin)
Voiced by: Issei Futamata (Vomic)

A professor who formerly researched time travel on a remote island, after losing the other researchers, including his wife, in an accident, has lived as a hermit alone on the island.


Tights (タイツ, Taitsu)
Click here to see her as an adult 
Voiced by (Japanese): Hiromi Tsuru (Anime)
Voiced by (English): Anastasia Muñoz
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): Mónica Manjarrez

A girl that Jaco and Omori encounter in East City, fascinated with aliens and outer space. Is also a stunt double for An Azuki's rocket launch as well as the eldest daughter of Dr. Brief.

  • Bare Your Midriff: Just about every outfit she wears in her teenage years does this.
  • Expy: Is similar in a number of ways to Bulma from Dragon Ball. And for good reason too, as she's Bulma's older sister.
  • I Should Write a Book About This: Became a successful science fiction novelist in the epilogue, however her book based on Jaco, Space Police Chako, was a flop.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Downplayed for the most part (especially compared to her younger sister Bulma's moments), but the Dragon Ball Minus bonus chapter of Jaco features Tights taking a dip in the ocean, complete with a Walking Swimsuit Scene.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Subverted. When Jaco pushes her on her face, she pushes him from the cliff, following that he misses to notice the alien threat landing on Earth. On the other hand, the said alien "threat" was Son Goku, so Tights actually saved Goku's life.
  • Only One Name: The only character introduced to have only one name. Considering that the vast majority of the Dragon Ball cast have only one name, including her family, she follows this trend.
  • Older than They Look: When she first appears in Super, she looks to be in her 30's. She's actually 58.
  • Punny Name: It foreshadows her relatives.
  • Remember the New Guy?: Tights being Bulma's previously unmentioned older sister is handwaved by her being extremely independent, and thus unlikely to be around Capsule Corp and by her parents being extremely absentminded and unlikely to remember she exists. This gets a giant lampshade in Dragon Ball Super when Bulma casually says she's going to call her sister, and both Goku (who's known her for decades) and Vegeta (Bulma's husband) react with "You have a sister?!"
    • Note that she is also 11 years older than Bulma is, and thus would have been 27 and trying to start her career during the events of the first few arcs of Dragon Ball.
    • Amusingly, with Tights both Vegeta and Bulma have something in common: a long lost relative, with Tarble.
  • Stunt Double: In-Universe. To An Azuki for the rocket launch, the implication being that Tights is being considered completely expendable on a program with a terrible record.
  • Teen Genius: Graduated from the university at the age of 16. Evidently, it runs in the family.
  • Walking Spoiler: Again, her presence in Dragon Ball titled works end up spoiling her debut manga.
  • Walking Swimsuit Scene: As mentioned above, the majority of the Dragon Ball Minus bonus chapter of Jaco features Tights walking around in her swimsuit following her dip in the ocean.

    Tamagoro Katayude 

Tamagoro Katayude (固茹 玉吾郎, Katayude Tamagorou)
Voiced by: Takuya Sato (Vomic)

A government official sent to evict Omori from his island.

  • Ambiguously Gay: He's a fastidious dresser who cooks and cleans, loves fine cuisine, and decorates his apartment with teddy bears ("Tie-bears", specifically) and kitsch. He also may or may not be wearing eyeliner and mascara.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Only does so after all the action is over, though. Specifically, it's prompted when he finds out that Tights is a Stunt Double aboard a spaceship that he watched fail so spectacularly, but the way he says it implies that he's been losing patience with the government for a while.
  • Medium Awareness: He realizes to a certain extent that time travels in panels.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: Is this to Omori.
  • Theme Naming: "Kata-Yude Tamago" is literally "Hard-Boiled Egg". (While he is a police officer, he's most certainly not a "hard-boiled" one.)

    An Azuki 

An Azuki (亜月 アン, Azuki An)
Voiced by: Sachie Hirai (Vomic)

An idol who is set to participate in a space expedition as part of the promotion for her latest single.

  • Alliterative Name: An Azuki.
  • Girlish Pigtails: She has two pigtails, bound by large ribbons.
  • Idol Singer: Basically all there is to her character.
  • Theme Naming: Azuki are the red beans that are processed into red bean paste. The name of that paste, Anko, is often shortened to "An" ("anpan", for example).

    Tights's Family (SPOILERS!) 

Dr. Brief (ブリーフ博士, Buriifu-hakase), Bulma's Mom (ブルマのママ, Buruma no Mama), and Bulma (ブルマ, Buruma)

A certain family of no small renown. Guess both Tights and her sister take after their pop.

For tropes about them, see Dragon Ball: Supporting Cast and Dragon Ball: Bulma.

    The Target (SPOILERS!) 

Kakarot (カカロット, Kakarotto)

Someday, he'll be the greatest hero Earth — nay, the multiverse — has ever known... but for now, he's just an alien fugitive Jaco's got to eliminate.

For tropes about him, see Dragon Ball: Son Goku.

    Galactic King 

Galactic King (銀河王, Gingaō)
Voiced by Ken Uo (Japanese), Bob Reed (English), Daniel Lacy (Latin American Spanish)

The Galactic King is the king of the Milky Way Galaxy. He joins Jaco and the crew for the tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7.

  • Accent Adaptation: He's given a German accent in the English dub.
  • Ascended Extra: He actually first appears during the last chapter of Jaco The Space Patrolman, Dragon Ball Minus, where he gives Jaco the order to kill Goku who is going to Earth. Luckily, Jaco failed at that. In Super, he is given more of a role during the Tournament between Universe 6 and 7 in helping Goku have some idea of what the powers of Hit, from universe 6, are.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: At least one of his many tentacles serves as a genital, though they are indistinguishable (this is true of real-world octopuses as well).
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: As can be gathered from the other tropes listed here, the Galactic King has a rather odd sense of priorities, but his status as a Cloud Cuckoo Lander is fully solidified in the “Galactic Patrol Prisoner” arc, where his induction ceremony for Goku and Vegeta into the Patrol lists off a number of arbitrary codes of conduct, such as a rule that members of the Patrol may not use their police credentials to pick up girls.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": He's only referred to by title, not name.
  • Exposed Extraterrestrials: Wears no clothing except a crown, though as an octopus this doesn't exactly reveal anything.
  • The Good King: He runs a galactic police force that helps to keep peace throughout the Milky Way galaxy.
  • Mistaken for Romance: Mistaken by Bulma for being Jaco's girlfriend.
  • Mr. Exposition: Is the first one to figure out how Hit's technique works, and explains its limitations to Goku.
  • Octopoid Aliens: He resembles a large green octopus wearing a crown.
  • Police Are Useless: Combining everything we know about them from Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, Dragon Ball Super, and official statements from Akira Toriyama, it seems that the Galactic Patrol (including the King himself, who's said to be their strongest member) are completely useless against beings anywhere near as strong as Frieza's first form (who had a power level over half a million during a time where one-hundred thousand was considered outstanding), only patrol the Milky Way, don't care for backwater planets like Earth, and spend most of their time chasing people like Burpman who commit misdemeanor crimes. Subverted with the Galactic Patrol Arc where it's revealed their prisoners include serious, incredibly powerful threats.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Akira Toriyama has stated that instead of just giving orders to the Galactic Patrol, the king directly aids them, even going so far as to help them combat evil-doers. Unfortunately, even with the king and every single other member teaming up, their combined might is still not enough to manage anything against Frieza even in his weakest form.

Introduced in Dragon Ball Super



Merus (メルス; Merusu)

The Ace of the Galactic Patrol. Introduced in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga.

  • The Ace: A captain that is in charge of 140 sectors of the Seventh Universe.
  • Alien Non-Interference Clause: As an Angel, he has been blatantly toeing the line with this trope. His activities in Universe 7 come dangerously close to breaking their rule against direct interference in mortal affairs. In the Galactic Patrol, he conceals his true power at all times and only uses weapons in battle as a loophole, but as soon as the Grand Minister catches wind of his plans to fight Moro directly, Whis is sent to reel Merus back in.
  • All for Nothing: Narrowly avoided. Merus disabling Moro's crystals to let Goku easily finish him off as Ultra Instinct did him no good as Goku decided to heal Moro with a Senzu Bean to try to spare him. Worse, Moro's arm ended up copying Merus's powers, and due to mutation of not being a god, caused him to combine with the Earth and put the planet and possibly the entire galaxy at risk of extermination. Afterward however, thanks to some help from Vegeta, and the combined energy of the Dragon Team plus the god-potential energy of Uub (with Grand Supreme Kai coaching him through Buu), Goku does actually finish the job.
  • Ambiguously Human: Ambiguously mortal, in this case. There are many hints throughout the Galactic Patrol arc that Merus is much more than he seems. He has no ki signature, is extremely fast, and he has knowledge of Ultra Instinct. Plus, his complexion and hair are distinctly Angelic or Kai-like. He is an Angel apprentice sent by the Grand Minister to learn from Universe 7. After he breaks Angel Law and is erased, he's resurrected as a mortal.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Whis mournfully calls Merus a troublesome little brother after his apparent Heroic Sacrifice, since he refused to obey the Grand Minister's instructions that were put in place for his own safety.
  • Back from the Dead: At Shin's request, the Grand Minister resurrects Merus after he broke the Alien Non-Interference Clause — albeit as a mortal and with his angelic powers gone.
  • Brought Down to Normal: After being resurrected by the Grand Minister, he's made mortal and loses his angelic powers.
  • Cessation of Existence: True to what had been said, Angels are not above the Alien Non-Interference Clause that binds them to neutrality, and so when Merus decides to use just a bit of his power to destroy Moro's crystals, it was a decision that would end up costing him his very existence. He's resurrected, but is turned into a normal human lacking his angelic powers.
  • Combat Pragmatist: He takes down Goku and Vegeta with an anaesthesia gun instead of facing them head-on. Turns out he can only use weapons, otherwise using his real power would cost him his existence due to breaking Angel law.
  • The Dreaded: Among the criminal populace of the galaxy, Merus is universally feared for being the most competent and decorated Galactic Patrolman.
  • Establishing Character Moment: His straight-laced, efficient and pragmatic personality is established in his first appearance, in which he harmlessly ambushes Goku and Vegeta with an anesthesia gun instead of trying to attack them head-on or announce his intentions.
  • Foil: To Zamasu. A higher being that studied humans from closer and eventually grew closer to them and liked them. Unlike Zamasu who grew angry and resentful to humans for being flawed, Merus liked them for their imperfections and their senses of Justice.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Knowing that going into battle with Moro will lead to him erased for breaking the Alien Non-Interference Clause, he chooses to fight Moro anyway, believing that Moro is too dangerous to be allowed to continue. He taps into a small amount of his full power during the final battle with Moro to destroy his Power Copying crystals gained from Seven-Three before fading away.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: Revelations about the extent to Merus's true power are gradually drip-fed to us over the course of his debut arc. Initially, he appears to be a highly competent and speedy but not exceptionally strong Patrolman, but his feats include briefly binding Moro, holding his own against Super Saiyan 3 Goku and later revealing that he does in fact know of Ultra Instinct. His ki is also noted by Vegeta to be unreadable. Turns out he is an Angel, meaning he is strong by default. However, because he has taken too much of a bias during the Moro conflict, Whis returns him home to Zeno's world. If Merus ever revealed his full power, he would have been erased for breaking the Angelic law of non-interference.
  • Informed Flaw: Invoked and Played for Laughs. At one point, Jaco backhandedly mocks Merus for being "snobby, pretentious and heavy-handed", but there's no indication that any of this is true.
  • Martial Arts Staff: Merus wields one during his training with Goku, making him somewhat resemble Whis. It's a hint of his origin.
  • Meaningful Name: Merus in Latin means undiluted pure wine, forshadowing his reveal as an Angel in disguise.
    • Meaningful Rename: After being revived as a mortal, he goes by the name of Merus Ikanoichiyabosshi, similar to Jaco's surname.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: The Angels are created to dutifully serve and mentor the Gods of Destruction in each universe. Outside of brief instances, they do not interfere with mortal affairs as the penalty for doing so is immediate erasure. Most of them are cold, aloof and detached from lesser beings' problems as a result. Merus is the biggest exception, since he found the plight of mortals too much to bear and decided to shed his divine rank in order to become a galactic peacekeeper.
  • Mysterious Past: Merus carries an aura of intrigue. Despite claiming to be nothing more than an average Patrolman, both Goku and Vegeta are able to deduce that he is hiding his true power. His origin is eventually revealed; he is an Angel apprentice sent by the Grand Minister to learn about mortals, until he rebelled against his restrictions to fight on their behalf.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: As an Angel, he is prohibited from directly interfering with mortals. Despite risking his own life in doing so (Angels are deleted from existence if they break the rules), Merus plans to take the fight directly to Moro's evil army alongside Goku and the others. The Grand Minister has Whis recall Merus from Universe 7 to avoid this, but Merus decides in the end to aid the heroes, showing up just as Moro is on the verge of victory. Sadly, this ends up costing him his existence. He is brought back, but loses his angelic status and power.
  • The Stoic: Compared to the majority of Galactic Patrol members, Merus takes his job very seriously and lacks any silly quirks.
  • Super Speed: Established to have Super Speed, and is fast enough to take down (base) Goku and Vegeta by surprise. He's so fast that he can dodge attacks from Super Saiyan 3 Goku with minimal effort.
  • White Sheep: By breaking neutrality, Merus proves himself to be the only Angel to ultimately not value his own life over countless others.
  • Zeerust: His design evokes a retro sci-fi chic, what with his high-trimmed bowl haircut, '80s tracksuit uniform, and his array of tacky gadgets.



A diminutive member of the Galactic Patrol with a knack for piloting.

  • Ace Pilot: Most often seen flying Galactic Patrol vessels, and he ferries Vegeta to planet Yardrat.
  • Ambiguously Related: There is no confirmed source that states Irico is a Tech-Tech alien. He does however appear to be from the same race as Gure, Tarble's wife.
  • The Generic Guy: Irico doesn't have Jaco's incompetence or quirky traits, or Merus competence and mystery, he is just an unremarkable patroller.
  • Mistaken Identity: The Yardrats somehow keep mistaking Irico for Vegeta when they arrive on their planet.
  • Mythology Gag: He looks like a member of the Tech-Tech species, which debuted in Akira Toriyama's self-parody manga Nekomajin and have appeared many times in his other works.
  • Rude Hero, Nice Sidekick: Just as anyone would be when put opposite to Vegeta, Irico acts as the Saiyan Prince's more diplomatic sidekick during their adventure to Yardrat.



Voiced by (Japanese): Yuji Machi (Z), Hiromu Miyazaki (Kai)
Voiced by (English): Terry Klassen (Ocean dub)

A former member of the Frieza Force who joins Moro in his quest. He was a deserter who got captured by Galactic Patrol many years ago. Introduced in the Galactic Patrol saga.

  • Ascended Extra: Cranberry is the one goon that was defeated by a Namekian warrior and then kicked off to the ocean by Zarbon (chapter 253 of Dragon Ball), making his return an impressive surprise.
  • Asshole Victim: Unlike Moro's other victims, Cranberry gets absolutely no sympathy for what he's done considering that he helped Moro slaughter many Namekians to gather the Dragon Balls and he mercilessly killed Grand Elder Moori.
  • Dangerous Deserter: He was captured by the Galactic Patrol at one point in time, and he is a survivor from Namek.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Cranberry, named after a fruit like all of Frieza' soldiers.
  • Elite Mook: He was an elite soldier in Frieza's army, with a power that seemed to exceed 1,000.
  • Hero Killer: He kills Moori, the Namekian Grand Elder in cold blood.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Moro kills him by impaling him from behind once his full power is restored and thus Cranberry's usefulness is over.
  • Loophole Abuse: Cranberry was revived back on Namek by Shenron because the wish specified to bring back people "killed by Freeza and his men", and Cranberry was killed by Zarbon's kick.

    Macareni Gang 

Macareni Gang (Pasta, Penne and Ghetti Macareni)

A familial trio of space bandits who regularly clash with the Galactic Patrol.

  • Cardboard Prison: They're regular in-and-outers of the Galactic Prison, but they don't mind returning to their cells when they're caught. In fact, they see the prison as home.
  • Having a Blast: Pasta has the power to imbue inanimate objects with explosive ki. When he seemingly throws down his gun to Merus as a sign of surrender, he then detonates the gun with a large blast.
  • Sinister Schnoz: Pasta has a large, angular nose, fitting for an outer-space scumbag.


Saganbo is an ally of Moro and the leader of an army of vile criminals formerly imprisoned by the Galactic Patrol.

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Pumped full of energy by Moro until his muscles swell beyond capacity until eventually his internal organs rupture, causing him to cough up a torrent of blood and keel over dead. It's like something out of '90s DBZ.
  • The Determinator: Despite being outclassed by Goku even in his powered up state, he simply will not stay down. Until his body fails him beyond repair.
  • The Dragon: To Moro. As Saganbo is Moro's most loyal lieutenant and main supporter.
  • No Body Left Behind: His corpse gets vaporised by one of Moro's stray energy blasts.
  • The Noseless: Like Krillin and Chiaotzu, he has no nose.
  • Number Two: Saganbo serves as Moro's right-hand man and second-in-command of the Galactic Patrol Prisoners.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: To Nappa, being a massive brute who is The Dragon to the main villain and is strong enough to hold out against the rest of the Z Warriors until Goku's arrival turns the tide. And like Nappa, Saganbo gets killed by the boss to who he was nothing but loyal.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Moro, since the sorcerer made him feel powerful and free for the first time in his life. He continues fighting for Moro long after his body started to fail him.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Once he overloads from the energy that Moro gives him, Moro discards him due to not being able to fight Goku anymore.

I've got a message from Lord Moro: traitors on their own are dispensable. His words, not mine.
One of Saganbo's henchmen, an infamous brigade of Galactic Bandits arrested by Merus. He is small and is the second in command.


One of Saganbo's henchmen, an infamous brigade of Galactic Bandits arrested by Merus. He is big in both stature and appetite.

  • Acrofatic: Like Botamo, he can ricochet his rubbery body at remarkable speeds, turning himself into a bouncy cannonball.
  • Ambiguously Related: As of now, there is no confirmation he is related to Botamo's race, but the similarity is clearly there.
  • Big Eater: Yunba never heard of Earth, but he is quite interested in knowing if they have yummy treats. He had nothing but stinking ration bar things since he escaped from prison.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: While he seems to have a clumsy-looking, ungraceful fighting style, Krillin notes that his strikes are much sharper than he expected.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: He makes a surprise reappearance in the Granolah arc as one of the many familiar faces Goku and Gas encounter while chasing each other across the universe with Instant Transmission. When the fighters land in the Galactic Prison, Yunba heckling Gas from his cell breaks the Heeter's steely composure for the first time. How? As it turns out, the Heeters met Saganbo's gang once upon a time and Gas pissed himself in fear, which Yunba all too eagerly reminds him of.
  • The Rival: To Krillin. They clash on the Lookout when Yunba, Shimorekka and Seven-Three first warp to Earth, and again in the jungle when the entire Moro Corps invade.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Of Botamo from Universe 6. He is a big bear humanoid with similar powers, only that instead of being yellow he looks more like a panda.
  • Troll: He delights in heckling Gas about one time he wet himself in fear upon meeting the Galactic Bandits, which causes Gas to make a few Suspiciously Specific Denials...


A prisoner of the Galactic Patrol left free by Moro.

  • Achilles' Heel: As revealed through Moro, his Power Copying is reliant on his crystals, so if they are destroyed, he won't be able to copy anything. Later, it's revealed that destroying his head crystal would have instantly killed him (which is what did Moro in).
  • Ambiguously Related: As of now, there is no confirmation he is related to Hit's unnamed race, but the similarity is clearly there. While revealed as an artificial life form, is unknown if his creators took the base model from Hit's race.
  • Artificial Human: He's an artificial lifeform created on an alien planet.
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: OG73-I is an extremely dangerous fighter with an accumulation of stolen abilities. Later, a multitude of him are easily killed. Justified as it's stated Seven-Three had had time to develop that the other models didn't and Granola knew about his Achilles' Heel ahead of time.
  • Curb-Stomp Cushion: After getting stomped into the ground by a serious Gohan, Seven-Three reveals his other secret power to hold the combat data of up to three copied beings. In this case, Moro's combat data, which he uses to quickly turn the tides.
  • Ditto Fighter: He can copy the abilities of any life form he touches with a time limit of 30 minutes, with his infinite stamina giving him an advantage. He can store the abilities of up to 3 life forms at a time.
  • Eaten Alive: Moro eats him alive to absorb him after Vegeta's Forced Spirit Fission proves capable of defeating him.
  • Evil Counterpart:
    • The story frames him as one to Hit, due to being associated with similar members to the Universe 6 team (a Metal Man and a bear fighter).
    • More directly, he serves as a rival to Piccolo after he absorbs his powers and techniques. The two are totally evenly matched at first, but Seven-Three wins out thanks to his unlimited stamina.
  • Expy: Of Cacao, a member of Turles's Crusher Corps. Like Cacao, Seven-Three is the robotic member of a band of Space Pirates that consume planets, with Moro's energy-draining on planets and power-boost towards his minions not being dissimilar to the Tree of Might and its fruit.
  • Eye Beams: One of the attacks he shows capable of doing are energy beams from his eyes, which he uses to kill survivors from Planet Zoon.
  • Logical Weakness:
    • He can only copy one power at once, even if he copied multiple people. Thus even if he's copied both of his opponent's powers, he can only match them one at a time, not together. Gohan and Piccolo figured this out and use team attacks to overwhelm him.
    • Moro's power is very broken, but it relies on absorbing ki. Thus Android 17 and 18, who have infinite energy engines that don't rely on ki, aren't affected by it, and unlike Moro, Seven-Three isn't powerful enough to just overpower them, which is exactly why Piccolo and Gohan called them in.
  • Make My Monster Grow: During his fight with Gohan, he uses Piccolo's lesser-known ability to grow into a giant. Gohan proceeds to dismantle him even quicker than before as he only creates more blind spots to be exploited.
  • Not Quite Dead: The beginning of the Granolah the Survivor Saga reveals he survived Moro's death by his cells regenerating themselves.
  • Perpetual-Motion Monster: Similar to Gero's Androids, Seven-Three possesses inexhaustible stamina.
  • Not So Stoic: Like many cold villains in the series, he undergoes a noticeable Villainous Breakdown as he loses the advantage, though he isn't vocal about it. However, his stoicism is shattered when Moro comes to devour him. He also expresses shock when Moro casually kills Shimorekka.
  • Power Copying: He can copy someone's powers for up to thirty minutes by touching the back of their neck. Moro let him copy his powers as a contingency plan so he could consume him and become even stronger if Goku or Vegeta somehow managed to beat him.
  • The Quiet One: An archetypal strong-and-silent warrior. He has only been seen responding to orders given by Shimorekka. He has not once initiated a conversation on–panel.
  • The Rival: To Piccolo and Gohan. Seven-Three's absorption of Piccolo's techniques forces the Namekian to team up with his half-Saiyan apprentice to defeat the artificial being.
  • Swallowed Whole: Moro devours him whole to absorb him and try to regain the edge on Vegeta after his Forced Spirit Fission proves too much for him to handle.
  • What Happened To The House: After the Heeter's collect his body to access his memory banks in order to find Zuno's location, his fate is never brought up again.
  • You Are Number 6: Only known by his prison cell number, 73.

    Bikkura Quiotur 

A member of Saganbo's convict crew who is a Metal Man like Auta Magetta.

  • Evil Counterpart: To Auta Magetta, the Metal Man member of the Universe 6 team.
  • Punny Name: His name is a play on the Japanese phrase for "Be surprised".
  • The Rival: To Tien and Chiaotzu. They fight when the Moro Corps invade Earth - Quiotur's invulnerability proves difficult for Tien to overcome, as he can't exploit the Metal Man's weakness to insults. Chiaotzu can, however.
  • Thin-Skinned Bully: He's a crook like the rest of the Moro Corps, but like all Metal Men he's got a severe mental weakness to insults. However, he is a little thicker-skinned than Magetta and is unaffected by non-applicable insults (e.g. mocking his weight is useless since all Metal Men obviously weigh tonnes), as Tien discovers.

A lovely planet, brimming with energy... one that is sure to please Lord Moro.

A prisoner of the Galactic Prison left free by Moro. He is a member of Zarbon's race.

  • Agent Peacock: A very effeminate fighter, yet a highly dangerous one.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: In his introduction in chapter 55, he is laughing with an effeminate "fu-fu" laugh.
  • Running Gag: He is another effeminate fighter in the franchise whose sole purpose is to be made fun of.
  • Self-Disposing Villain: A comedic example. As he attempts to make a swift get-away atop his subordinates' ship, Yuzun forgets that he tossed another giant vessel several thousand feet in the air during his battle with Vegeta, which promptly crashes down on top of him, killing him. Vegeta dryly remarks on his anticlimactic defeat:
    Vegeta: ... So he killed himself?
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Of Zarbon, being an effeminate fighter of the same race who can transform into a ugly alligator looking form. Their personalities are not completely alike, though, as Zarbon was a professional Knight of Cerebus while Yuzun is comically treated to show Vegeta's development in Yardrat. Vegeta is not impressed when he transforms.

    Miza, Iwaza and Kikaza
As freakin' if! We're never going back in the slammer!!

A trio of female convicts that catch the eye of Master Roshi.


Saganbo's adviser in the Galactic Bandit Brigade.

  • Aesop Amnesia: He tells Gas that he can be of help against Goku if freed, despite getting swiftly defeated by said Saiyan in the last arc. Of course, he's probably just lying just so Gas could set him free.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Zauyogi keeps an air of haughtiness around him when fighting, as well as labeling most of his allies as "lowly convicts".
  • The Bus Came Back: Alongside Yunba, Zauyogi appears in the Granolah arc as one of the many characters Goku and Gas teleport to during their universe-spanning battle. He tries to convince Gas to break them out of the Galactic Prison.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Goku teleports in front of Yamcha to catch Zauyogi's punch and knocks the alien convict out cold with a single blow to the stomach, much to the amazement of Tenshinhan and Yamcha who were struggling against him.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: A minor example, Zauyogi was once shown to be visibly perturbed after witnessing Moro consume planets, stating to Yunba that he'll never get used to that.
  • Glass Cannon: While he's able to overwhelm Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu, he was easily defeated in one blow by Son Goku.
  • Jobber: Despite his boasts, he really has nothing special going for him and he seems to be only slightly stronger than Yamcha and Tien.
  • Lizard Folk: Zauyogi is based on a lizard-like alien, bonus points in that he's fought in the desert area (as reptilian creatures dwell in warm areas).
  • The Rival: To Yamcha. Which is doubly interesting, because they're both arrogant individuals and have ties to a desert landscape.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Shows off his lean, Bruce Lee-like build in his fight against Yamcha.

Alternative Title(s): Dragon Ball The Galactic Patrol And Prisoners, Jaco The Galactic Patrolman