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"So, you know what the moral of this story is, kids? If you see Jiz in a mall and she offers you some cool candy- maybe some blow or some weed- you better run the fuckin' other way, because I'm gonna put you in the sex slave trade, and then I'm gonna fuck your shit up! I'm gonna make you have abortions, I'll make you take loads, and then, eventually, I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU! Jiz."
Jiz at the end of Bye Bye Ba Nee

A Gag Dub of Jem, created by "Sienna D'Enema", a Los Angeles area filmmaker who kept his identity under wraps until he guest starred on online gay talk show ''Hey Qween''. D'Enema performs every character, with the exception of Spooge, whose voice is provided by special guest Willam Belli, as well as various celebrity sound bites.

21 episodes (between 2 and 12 minutes) were released from July 2009 to June 2014, with Jiz Makes a CUMback premiering in September 2016:

If the episode titles didn't tip you off, this series is extremely NSFW.




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