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Jiz and The Mammograms in general




  • Racial Face Blindness: When Aja gets her head blown off by the electronic drug dealer, the Mammograms just kidnap the dry cleaning lady and put a blue wig on her. Even the insurance company can't tell when they killed the new Aja to replace the old Aja's body.
  • Your Head Asplode: In A Very Special Drug Episode, Aja gets her head blown off by the Electronic Drug Dealer.



  • Embarrassing Nickname: Ever since the commercial videos, Jiz simply refers to Laura as "Shitty Panties".
  • The Fundamentalist: Laura belongs to a group.
    • Possibly Laura herself, like when she poured nitroglycerin on Trixie then threatens the other girls that they'll burn in hell if they don't start accepting Christ.

Ba Nee

The Shitfits

  • The Unintelligible: They speak in nonsensical gibberish. Stormer, however, has the ability to say only "clitoris".

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