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Yukiko's True role in Sea of Tranquility
Fee5h, a commenter of, has developed a detailed and intricate theory concerning the Ultimate Chess Player, the crux of which is: she, a woman with a skill directed towards strategy and a lack of alibis for certain cases, is the true mind behind most if not all of the deaths in the killing game, having used Dylan as an accomplice and scapegoat for her actions of killing off their fellow Artificial Humans.
  • Apparently confirmed.

Madison Maddox will eventually meet the Future Foundation and the survivors of the first Killing Game
After escaping from the first Killing Game, the surviving students have joined the Future Foundation and are currently working to rescue the OC Ultimates from the other Killing Games like the Sea of Tranquility, Kuma Kuma Land and House of Horrors.
Maddie was the first of these Ultimates to escape, and she got into an escape pod. The Future Foundation will contact her and guide her to their headquarters. If she manages to arrive safely, she'll tell them about her experience in the Killing Game and she will eventually join up with technological geniuses Kazuichi, Chihiro and Miu to make transports to retrieve the trapped students and send them back home. Kokichi's mission is to put an end to his father Jibo, so he will be the one who leads the rescue mission and puts an end to his father's atrocities once and for all.

Gundham Tanaka will be revived in HoH as the Ultimate Devil
Think about it. The character Gundham is closest to, Sonia, was revived as the Ultimate Angel. So why not do the same for Gundham, but with his talent fitting his motif? Plus Teleios is there.

  • Seemingly been Jossed as Gundham's spirit made a cameo and talked with Teleios and Sonia.

If the Original Characters had voice actors like the main franchise
The Danganronpa franchise typically has an All-Star Cast of famous seiyuu and dub voice actors, so here are my picks:


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