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     Hope's Peak Graduation Speeches 

To be honest, I was surprised when I got the invitation for Hope's Peak Academy. I was wondering what I could learn at a school that I hadn't learned during all of my training. How would an education help me with my line of work?

I was really surprised how much of a purpose it gave me, to have friends, to realize that I wasn't just fighting for a paycheck. Graduating from Hope's Peak Academy has given me reason to not only become a better fighter, a better mercenary, but also a better person.

One day, a mission I am sent on will be my last; however, I am not afraid for that day. I know that every time I fight for a better tomorrow, to protect the good people of the world, it had meaning, it had purpose.

Now you all keep to your careers, and I'll keep to mine. Let's leave the world a better place when it is our time to go. Takeo Onishi, signing off from Hope's Peak. God's speed.

— Takeo Onishi, Ultimate Mercenary

I'm not much for speeches, but I do want to say that I rather enjoyed my time here in Hope's Peak Academy. The amount of ideas I gathered, the projects I embarked on, and just how much I was able to expand and enjoy my passions…

It's liberating, almost like an owl being able to soar into the sky. While I took a break from some of my biggest passions while here in Hope's Peak, I believe when I leave, I will fully embrace them with all the more gusto and grace.

To my classmates, my teacher, and to all those who inspired me to become a greater artist, I thank you. Yes, even you, Yejoon; I foresee us creating magnificent art together for years to come now!

— Jin Nahm, Ultimate Female Artist

I must apologize if I start to cry. It has been so amazing, my time here at Hope's Peak Academy, and the people I have befriended. Each of my classmates has a special place in my heart, and I cannot wait to see what all of them accomplish when we leave here.

I know it might be a bit cliché, but there was something I wanted to sing for you all. It may be a bit silly, but I feel like it would be the best way to convey the feelings in my heart. Ahem…

Chaque jour va être exceptionnel

We'll stick together even after we say farewell

C'est notre monde et nous y vivons tous

You'll forever be in my heart, and are my muse

Merci beaucoup, Hope's Peak Academy~

— Angelique Angolmois, Ultimate Opera Singer

As some of you may know, I'll be joining with the army when I return back home to the States. I've been asked about why I would do that after graduating from this fine academy. The truth is, I believe it is because of you all.

I've learned that talent, personality, and so many different walks of life result in many paths. It's almost chaotic, how you can be good at something but end up somewhere other than your standard career in that talent. Besides, I've never been one to sit at a desk or an auction.

I'd like to thank this grand academy, for all the connections I have made here. And also, to thank those who inspired me to reach out, and do my best with all my passion! I'm quite eager to see the changes I can help bring to the world."

—Samson Miller, Ultimate Trader Traitor


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