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Funny / A New Hope (Danganronpa)

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Yes, even in a Killing Game funny moments (subjective though they might be) can occur:

  • Miu can be a good source of comedy with her 'colorful' vocabulary.
    • After she gets together with Chihiro, they start expressing their attraction in ... odd locations. Even during the final investigation of the game.
      • Then there's this exchange:
      Mikan: You and Fujisaki are very welcome to partake of any protection you might need. I found some condoms in the cabinets.
      Miu, flustered: W-Who the fuck told you we were having sex?!
      Miu: ... Mikan you can be really fucking scary sometimes.
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    • A mildly humorous image can be found by reading between the lines: For Christmas, Miu dresses in a nicer, more formal dress and make-up for her date with Chihiro. However, the lack of description otherwise leads to the implication that, along with her classier blouse and skirt ... she's still wearing her usual spiked, black leather 'hooker' boots along with it. Let the disconnect between those two points sink in.
  • Kazuichi's first thought when he sees Usami for the first time? Asking Kirumi if she put something in everyone's food.
  • There's something pretty funny about the fact that both Mikan and Chiaki go into labor at the same time, leaving a freaked out and flustered Hajime.

Final Horizon:

  • Alice and Akiho's first interaction: Akiho trying to determine Alice's three sizes.

Sea of Tranquility:

  • Mallory mistaking Monokuma for a cute teddy. Crushing hugs ensue.
    • Mallory's obliviousness to certain matters in general (sex and drugs mostly) also counts, especially given her friendship with Natalie (the sexually-minded alcoholic).
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  • After the classes meet up, Lupin is able to guess Alice's three sizes during some girl time at the hot springs.
  • Tae Min flinging Alex in the air :
    Alex: ''W-wait. Tae Min you don't have to do that! I was just saying that it would be fun to leap into the air. You don't have to help.
    Tae Min NONSENSE! Oki Tokki will help you achieve that dream! Because that's what heroes do! Experience the splendor of the sky!''
  • In Chapter 24, the next motive involves "Freaky Friday" Flip where the students have their bodies swapped for another's and hilarity begins to ensue as they find out just who they're inhabiting.
    • Hayate and Alice switch bodies, and the former comments on Alice's "watermelons" while the latter comments on Hayate's perverted tendencies while in his body.
    • Natalie ends up getting swapped with Tae Min of all people, and she is unhappy to say the least.
Tae Min!Natalie: FUCK FUCK FUCK! You've gotta be kidding me! Of all the rotten damn luck. Why did I have to end up in this idiot's body?!

Kuma-Kuma Land:

House of Horrors:

  • Ariana stays up reading Kit bedtime stories ... when she would clearly prefer spending her time doing *ahem* other things that night.

Railway of Despair:

  • Resident Butt-Monkey Axel tries opening a locked wooden cabinet with a fire axe. The result? It harmlessly bounces off the cabinet, smacks him right in the face and sends him flying across the room in cartoonish fashion, knocking the poor boy out in the process.
  • Later on, Emziel, who can create short-lived fireballs, decides to use Axel as target practice, much to his reluctance. While no actual harm comes to him, as the fireballs are short lived, it's still pretty funny to an almost cartoonish degree.
  • Adohira's snark in general is host to a load of hilarity.
    • And then there's his response to the people watching the killing game:
    Adohira: Oi, fuck all of you fuckers for watching this shitty game. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Turn off the TV, go outside, and get some fresh air for once you half-witted fucks. And eat a vegetable or two while you're at it. Thank you kindly.
    Sabankuma: Thats it... WOW you're lamer than Hiro was!
    Adohira: You can thank me later when your ratings go up.
  • What does Junko first do after revealing herself to be alive? Why, taunt Axel by offering him the chance to cuck Despair!Makoto by having sex with her right then and there, of course! His reaction, as well as the reactions of Jun and Makoto are golden.
    Junko: Yes, my boobs are massive and I assure you are very real. Oh Axel, I hear you haven’t completely gone over to the dick side yet. How about I motorboat your face in my huge boobs while I fuck the gay out of you? We can cuck Makoto again in front of the entire world!