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Laconic / A New Hope (Danganronpa)

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A New Hope: One Killing Game, three classes. Plus extras, inside and out.

Final Horizon: A Killing Game, in a Space Station! With an unexpected returning character (or two), and other extras besides.

Sea of Tranquility: A Killing Game, ON THE MOON! With some unexplained extras, and more returning characters.

Kuma Kuma Land: A Killing Game, in a theme park. With Warriors of Hope, and AI bears (probably).


House of Horrors: A Killing Game, in an island mansion. With artificial Ultimates, a returning face, and more.

Railway of Despair: A smaller Killing Game, on a train. Actually very important.

Oasis of Hope: A Killing Game, in the desert. With three differing tribes.

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