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Heartwarming / A New Hope (Danganronpa)

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Somehow, even this series gets a lot of heartwarming moments.

From A New Hope:

  • Everyone in Hajime's group staying up all night to keep an eye of Mikan after she was nearly killed. A later chapter revealed that Ryoma (who would later join Hajime's group himself) was standing guard in the hallway as well.
  • Plenty of moments (read: practically all moments) for Chihiro/Miu, including:
    • Fuji asking Miu out (and reassuring her) in chapter 42;
    • Said date in chapter 47, with Miu even dressing in nicer clothes and makeup for the occasion;
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    • Chihiro not hesitating to defend her from accusations of being a traitor in chapter 48 (which, combined with him holding her hand, brings a smile to the inventor's face);
    • Their reunion in 61 and conversation in 62;
    • And how Chihiro is quick to hold Miu's hand when she's being assaulted by hallucinations of spiders in chapter 69.
    • It culminates in chapter 76, when Chihiro comforts Miu after a particularly stressful point in the story:
    Chihiro, after a surprisingly bold kiss: Miu I love you. No matter how bad this gets, I want you to know that.
    Miu, blushing slightly: Y-you love me?
    Chihiro: Uh huh. I love everything about you. You're brilliant and keep up with and challenge me, but you can be such a goofball at times. You're neurotic, crude, but you have the confidence to speak your mind. I love how you act tough, but care more than you let on. You spoke up for me when I couldn't even speak for myself. Not to mention you're the most beautiful girl in the world. Of course I love you.
    Miu, blushing even more and hugging him fiercely: I-I love you too Chihiro. I love you so much that it hurts. Please don't you dare die on me.
    • She ends up staying the night at his room (after teasing him a little, of course). And come the epilogue, they're still together and parents to at least two kids. Chihiro's dad gives a warm smile when thinking about how his family is whole.
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  • In chapter 41, Chihiro decides to share his secret to Mondo, who begins to get agitated and starts to pick up the nearby dumbbell. It's starting to seem like his Accidental Murder in the first Danganronpa, right? Wrong; Mondo stops himself and Chihiro lives as a result. It's nice to see both of them being Spared By Adaptation and getting a chance to live further had things turned out differently. What snaps Mondo out of it? Chihiro saying he wants to get stronger for Miu.
  • At the end of Chapter 31, when Kaito and Mikan discover they're siblings, he happily welcomes her to the family. Mikan is brought to tears and hugs him, overjoyed to finally have family who loves her. Kaito promises he's not going anywhere.
  • In chapter 33 (during a motive where a truth serum is being pumped into the air), Mikan goes to Hajime (who's been nothing but kind and supportive of her since they met) and reveals the scars from her abusive mother's treatment of her, as well as her own attempts, certain that he'll see her as 'worthless trash' after this. Hajime's response is to hug her and:
    Hajime, following a gentle kiss on her forehead, and followed by a similar kiss on her right cheek: Mikan you're the sweetest, kindest person I've ever met. I don't care what you say to refute it. You're beautiful to me and every time you say otherwise, I'll tell you how wrong you are.
    • The scene ends on Mikan crying into Hajime's shoulder, clearly moved by his response.
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    • Hajime's treatment of Mikan in general is a major Throw the Dog a Bone moment. Mikan became a Shrinking Violet as a result of constant bullying, and Hajime's first thoughts upon meeting her were to protect and reassure her, even defending her from Hiyoko's bullying. As the story progresses, more and more people begin to support Mikan, and she becomes less timid and develops a lot as a result.
  • Hajime, Mikan and Chiaki all have shared heartwarming moments together in some chapters. In chapter 47, Chiaki begins to tear up since she feels left out when Hajime invites the whole group except her to the arcade at night, only for Hajime and Mikan (with Ryoma's assistance) to give her the Usami doll she'd wanted, resulting in her crying Tears of Joy. There's also chapter 97, where Mikan is comforted by her friends when Monokuma tells her that nobody outside Hope's Peak cares for her during the Hostage Motive's movie.
  • Makoto gets a multitude of moments with the rest of the cast:
    • His surrogate sibling relationship with Chiaki (whom in a flashback dream and chapter 77 he outright described as a big sister to him).
    • Him rushing to comfort Hina during the third trial when it looks like she was accidentally made the blackened.
    • When Hina reveals she's pregnant with his children, Makoto's reaction is not to get mad, but to admit that he needs to grow up and says that he 100% wants to raise them with her.
    • Various moments sprinkled out regarding Aoi, Sayaka, and Mukuro, culminating in all four of them getting together in chapter 56.
    • Comforting Kyoko at various points during the disease motive (with Chiaki getting in some assistance in chapter 78).
  • Aloysius tells Shinobu he's confident that Byakuya will restore the Togami name.
  • Kirumi truly bonding with Hiyoko, caring for the younger girl as if she were her mother. Even when Hiyoko is revealed to actually be Kotoko, Kirumi still looks after her, even though she's not who she thought she was, to the point where she was willing to frame herself for murder simply to get Kotoko off the hook.
  • During chapter 85, the survivors are given the option to potentially sacrifice one of their own (with the death of Monokuma's mole meaning the third trial before the next floor will be skipped), with Mukuro's, Ryoko's, Celeste's, and Tsumugi's statuses (former spy, former mastermind, Monokuma's aforementioned mole, and traitor, respectively) all being revealed at once in the process. Everyone's confused and unsure about what to do, when (with some prompting from Nagito) Kaede makes the following speech:
    Kaede: Perhaps Ryoko was indeed involved in this, before she lost her memories. Maybe Mukuro was her accomplice. Celestia may have fed information out of selfishness, but all of them have helped us at one point or another. Mukuro saved Naegi when he almost died. She tried to take the blame to protect Asahina, after Nagito's trap put her in the crosshairs. Ryoko has helped us solve case after case. If she was a monster she would try to sabotage us, not help us. Celestia you could have killed Asahina and be breathing fresh air right now, but you weren't willing to cross that line. You chose a pregnant mother, over your own wellbeing. As far as I'm concerned this isn't a hard choice at all.
  • Everyone rallies against Tsumugi, the only unrepentant one of the bunch in response, avenging the students she'd helped murder (even discovering she manipulated Rantaro into murdering Mahiru as well).
  • Sakura's goodbye note in chapter 93. It includes a personal message for each surviving student.
  • Kiibo's Rousing Speech to his friends in Chapter 100 as a conveyor belt carries him to his execution by hydraulic press.
  • In spite of the fact it was almost clear cut against her, Shuichi refuses to believe that Kaede killed Nagito and does everything in his power to spare her. He's right.
  • Plenty of moments in Chapter 105:
    • Shuichi comforting Kaede.
    • Togami unofficially proposing to Kirumi.
    • Kyoko comforting Ryoko.
    • Makoto and Mukuro's conversation.
  • In a What Could Have Been sense, the virtual Hope's Peak. It shows all the students, and even the Original Characters from Final Horizon and Sea of Tranquility, just hanging out and being teenagers, no Despair involved.
  • Ryoko revealing she's still in control and saving everyone from the Forbidden Action Motive. Cue glomp from Kazuichi.
  • 21 Survivors Escaped.
  • Kaede and her sister's Big Damn Reunion once she escapes the school.
  • Basically the entire Epilogue from Kizakura’s arrival onwards (more or less). Highlights include:
    • All of the various Babies Ever After
    • Byakuya and Kirumi's honeymoon, as well as Byakuya admitting that Kotoko is growing on him.
    • Shuichi proposing to Kaede on Christmas.
    • Makoto reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to his and Hina's twins with Mukuro and Komaru, who has fully accepted Makoto has her brother even though he's not her biological brother, but a clone.
    • Makoto and Aoi assuring Mukuro that they think she'll make a great mom when she reveals that she's pregnant.
    • Chiaki and Mikan finding Hajime passed out with their sons on him.
    • In spite of disliking Miu's vulgar tone, Tachi admits that the Fujisaki household has never felt more full.

From Horizon Station:

  • Hayate and Alice being quick to protect Shiori when Ringo threatens to kill her in chapter 4.
  • The Ship Tease of Charles helping Nico learn to swim.
  • Shiori offering to help Hayate learn to read. She points out he doesn't judge her (she has Aspergers), so she won't judge him.
  • Pretty much everything between Hayate and Alice. Before chapter 18, anyways.
  • Sayaka, Shiori, and Akiko setting up a memorial for the departed, and (with Alice) promise to look out for one another, for the sake of those they've lost. Group Hug ensues.
  • Everyone going to the trouble of throwing Shiori a birthday party. Turns sour when Shiori and Wei get injured, but it still has everyone rally around their injured friends to help them.
  • The Glomp Alice gives Shiori when she wakes up.
  • Sayaka gets to (through video) speak to Makoto and Mukuro again. Mukuro also gets to reconnect with Alice.
  • When Alice is suspected of being The Mole and imprisoned, Shiori, Sayaka, and surprisingly Shuhei and Galexialyn still believe she's innocent in spite of the seeming evidence (though in Shuhei's case it's more to do with suspecting that the mastermind wants her dead specifically, and that her bruising clearly shows someone attacked her the first night they were there).
  • When it looks like everyone's going to die in like half-an-hour, how does Shiroi decide to spend her final minutes? Spending time with Alice, assuring her she still has friends.
  • Alice reunites with Hayate. And yes, they're both still alive.
Miss me beautiful?

From Sea of Tranquility:

  • Misuzu reassuring her friend Choko on the first night.
  • Misuzu conforts Ren after Miyaki's death.
    "Hey Ren Ren. I know you are sad, so I won't tell you to cheer up. Instead, I will simply say have a day. Stay alive, feed yourself well, wear comfortable clothes and don't give up on yourself just yet. It'll get better. Until then, I'll be here if you need anything. Right now we need these bonds more than ever."
  • Sierra's friendship with Mirielle. Ship Tease or not they clearly care for and comfort each other.
  • The Ship Tease between Hikari and Evan. Before she dies.
  • Alice pulling Shiori back from the Despair Event Horizon after Xia dies.
  • The obligatory bout of people comforting each other after the taxing fourth trial:
    • Kakeru and Misuzu comforting each other (non-sexually) over Ren's death.
    • Jason comforting the freaking-out Evan. Things surprisingly escalate from there...
    • Shuhei comforting, escorting, and pointedly not taking advantage of a drunk Natalie.
    • Wei, Shiori, and Bon Bon play in a ball pit.
    • Sierra and Mirielle comforting each other (still non-sexually) over their mutual status as people without actual histories or lives to return to.'
    • Lee and Lia hang out.
    • Choko comforts Tae Min over his past (which apparently includes a friend he might have been crushing on) not being real.
    • Hayate proposing to a pregnant Alice, who happily accepts. Then Fade to Black is Averted.
  • At the end the survivors actually get a happy ending. The Mastermind is exposed in the final trial and the Despair virus is destroyed without anyone else dying, they are successfully rescued from the moon before needing to start eating the group's pets, and everyone goes on to have happy lives in the following months.

From Kuma-Kuma Land:

  • From the get go Tiana is very protective of Annabelle, and even saves her from the Despair Coaster at the beginning.
  • Haruto joins in on the protectiveness, even comforting her after she wakes up in the middle of the night after hearing Otto get murdered.
  • Chloe and Shiho providing a comforting ear to Laris concerning her past and perceived failures about Novoselic.
  • Haruto taking the time to comfort Tiana while they were struggling to find Annabelle. Especially in spite of him seeming to have hesitation around physical contact with her earlier.
  • Tiana admits in chapter 10 that she first got into dominatrixing to acquire money for herself and her brother when their adopted family died in an accident.
  • No one holds Madison accidentally killing Kanade against her, and they all wish her luck when she leaves.
  • Soo and Churi have a relaxing date together, with Churi making clear she's not just interested in his looks. Unfortunately, things go downhill from there.
  • Tiana comforting Haruto over his past and present issues in chapter 19.
  • Several people trying to help Soo recover following his disfigurement. It actually starts to get through to him before the end.
  • Laris refuses to hold Shiho's actions as the mole against her.
    Laris: When someone you love is on the line, it makes things more complicated than black-and-white. No matter what you did, I still count you as a precious friend, one that I treasure and care for. Others may see you as a traitor, but I see you as someone who is loyal to her loved ones. I think that makes you human, not a bad person.
  • Sigmund spends his last moments comforting his little sister, assuring her she'll survive even if he doesn't.

From House of Horrors:

  • Ariana quickly takes on a motherly role for Kit, even reading him bedtime stories so he doesn't have nightmares.
  • Nozomi comforting Ariana after they find Kitai (the kid she was looking after) and Hikyou (the guy she slept with) brutally murdered.
  • Teleios reuniting with Sonia after the first trial. She's surprised he can talk, but otherwise is happy to see a familiar beak. Sonia also reassures Ariana that, her own experiences aside, Hikyou and Kit both likely ended up in a better afterlife than she did.
  • Samuel making a point to take Kiyomi's mirror away from the trophy room.
  • The various romances and friendships amongst the students (and staff), in spite of the circumstances.

From Railway of Despair:

From Oasis of Hope: