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Trivia / A New Hope (Danganronpa)

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  • Approval of God: NicoB himself liked and retweeted the fanart of Nico Bessho from Final Horizon.
  • Ashcan Copy: In the work's Discord server, a reason for the abundance of flat characters in the sequels is because the people who made didn't put a bit more emphasis on their supposed character biographies.
    " I will say for some of these character analysis, as a person who has helped a lot with character acceptance for games, and from what Crit has mentioned from his time back when FH and SoT were first being made,;the casts weren't pulled from huge piles of submissions and a writer doesn't exactly want to sit for too long waiting on characters to come in. Not to mention some of the characters applications are fairly sparse. I can't tell you how many submission we got for Oasis where it seemed like the submitter was trying to put down the bare minimum for filling out the application. Many of them just lazily taking an existing character, either from DR or anything else really, and slapping the characters name over it or only giving a sentence of backstory that gives us nothing to work with."
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  • I Knew It!: Reviewer Fee5h correctly deduces Yukiko and Dylan's complete involvement in the Sea of Tranquility killing game.
  • Nobody Thinks It Will Work: What are the odds that Chihiro Fujisaki, a boy so innocent, shy, and unsure of himself, that he pretends to be a girl when interacting with his schoolmates, would find the perfect companion in someone as extroverted, obnoxious, and aggressive as Miu Iruma? And yet, fans have praised the author for writing one of the sweetest and most heartwarming non-canon crossover Danganronpa pairings.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Pretty much the majority of the sequels' casts are made from readers who sent their OCs for the stories (hence, why it's called Send Your OC/SYOC). Subverted with Final Horizon 's Alice Bailey, Sea of Tranquility 's Mallory Walsh, and House Of Horrors ' Akeno Shujinmo, all of whom were created by the author Crit Fail himself.
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  • Similarly Named Works: Shares the title with Legacy of Despair by an unrelated author.
  • What Could Have Been: Ryoko initially wasn't planned to be included in the story, but an impassioned word from a reviewer changed his mind. The Clone!Makoto, however, was planned from the beginning.
    • A very close version of this comes in the 33rd chapter of Sea of Tranquility. After a reader poll to decide a trial's outcome (the chosen result being that no-one died), the author posted how the other two options would've gone: one would've seen Tae Min pull a Heroic Sacrifice to save Shiori, while the other would've seen Shiori die and Yukiko killed by Mr. Psycho (leading to the release of a deadly computer virus).
  • Word of God: Pops up occasionally in the comment response sections at the end of chapters.
    • It's been confirmed from this that the killing game isn't in a virtual reality program, nor is it a reality television show. As such, some of the characters' dynamics were changed: the Chiaki that appears isn't the AI version and even survives; the V3 cast has their "fake" talents and backstories as their genuine backstories; and special mention to Tsumugi Shirogane being Demoted to Dragon.
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    • This is how it's first discovered Final Horizon's events take place two years after the end of New Hope.
    • The author later obliquely hinted that Yukiko is also a biological offspring of Junko (another blue-eyed gil with an analytical mind) as well as Jibo Momota. They later expressly stated Tae Min was made using Hayate's DNA (as was Mirielle).
  • Word of Saint Paul: Also pops up where the Original Characters creators are concerned:
    • Psychochiken, the person who made the Ultimate Scientist Shuhei Kisaki in Final Horizon clarified in a comment that Shuhei's preferred field was Forensics.
    • life among the dead, the creator of the Ultimate Trickster Raef Hyzaki said their spirit animal was a fox (which the character confirms in a flashback later).
    • trustmeimme said their character, Ultimate Paralympic Athlete Sigmund Shiraishi, has slightly impaired eyes. "He only wears his glasses when he's planning to read for a fairly long time."
    • In the spinoffs, the Ultimate Mercenary Takeo Onishi's creator, Birblord Almighty, mentioned how he's not only aromantic, but also is infertile due to a forced vasectomy by a group he's worked for.
    • In the omakes, Bellatrixshine, the creator of the Ultimate Dominatrix Tiana Blake, mentioned that Tiana is pansexual.