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  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Zigzagged with Tsumugi. While no one will miss her, they take no pleasure in her death. Then, of course, a flashback chapter reveals she was once a plain normal girl who was corrupted to Despair by Junko.
    • Hagakure, whose crime was that he (accidentally) killed Genocider Syo in self-defense, gives a heartfelt farewell to his friends and Angie (who he was in love with) and asks them to say goodbye to his mom for him.
    • In universe, Alice still feels bad that Ringo died, even if he was a paranoid nut (and worse).
  • Archive Panic: The Legacy of Despair currently has 7 main series stories. With at least 3 more in development. On top of that, the first story is 113 chapters and over 740k words! Making it quite the journey to get caught up fully on the AU.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Maki and Peko having sex after a sparring session. It is well over 30 chapters later before anyone speaks of it again, but in between that time, all parties involved carry on as if it never happened. Which may be what some readers prefer. After all, at the time that chapter was first published, Kaito/Maki and Peko/Fuyuhiko fans feared their ships would be sunk. In the end, it stayed a one night stand, they stayed Just Friends, and the only ship that got sunk (if it even was a ship to begin with for anyone) was Peko/Maki.
    • To a lesser extent, Tenko kissing Akane as a distraction during a spar. Like above, nothing comes of it nor is it mentioned outside of a later scene where Akane pulls the same move on Hajime. That happens sometime after Tenko's died.
  • Broken Base: The decision in Final Horizon to have the fans decide who would die in the third case, ultimately leading to the death of the main character Hayate. Some of the readers didn't particularly enjoy this decision or its outcome. The fact that he actually survived mitigates this, however.
    • And then The author did it again with a completely random choice of how the penultimate trial would conclude.
    • The inclusion of expressly supernatural events in the story (ghosts, summoned creatures, etc.) might also be a subject of split opinions.
    • Sayaka Maizono, and her constant appearances. Sayaka has appeared in no less than five stories(A New Hope, Final Horizon, Isle of the Damned, Terror in the Skies, and the soon-to-begin Prisons of the Past. This has caused debate on whether or not she's being featured far too much in the series.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Adohira Akazukin actual name is Adohira Sasamori: While he started as a meme thanks to the doll Akazukin(and the subsequent calling him 'Dollfucker'), he has since grown in popularity thanks to his snarky and sarcastic personality that has won many fans over.
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    • Jacen Dawn: Much like Adohira, Jacen started as a meme. However, since his appearance in Central City, Jacen has grown with legitimate popularity thanks to the author's handling of him.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In the first non-canon omake for Isle of the Damned, Daisuke mentions to Akeno how he made the decision to stay on Hora Island so that Akeno could have Alexander back. No less than two days later, a House of Horrors chapter revealed that Alexander was a Serial Killer, and the one to kill Mackenzie, also revealing that he was only using Akeno to satiate his lust.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Jacen DawnExplanation 
    • Dylan YeetheiserExplanation(spoilers) 
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    • what if Patrick sexed Otto?Explanation 
    • Sierra is the mastermindExplaination 
    • DollfuckerExplanation 
  • Moral Event Horizon: The second Mastermind of A New Hope (Makoto Naegi after a Face–Heel Turn) continuing to run the Killing Game against the trapped students of Class 77-B, 78 and 79 (the latter of whom had nothing to do with him), forcing best friends to kill each other no matter how innocent they were. To say nothing of when he stabbed his clone for trying to help him and attempted to bury everyone under the collapsing Hope's Peak.
    • Junko Enoshima, who along with everything else she'd done, was responsible for breaking and corrupting the Hope Bringer Makoto into despair in the first place.
    • Munakata officially crosses it somewhere between killing Ryota Mitarai and killing Ryoko in front of the rest of the survivors, while planning to subject the rest of them (and probably their hostages as well) to a firing squad.
    • In Final Horizon, Hiyoko crossed it in Chapter 28 when she remorselessly detonates Sayaka's bomb to kill her for the (currently) last time even after Sayaka was trying to redeem her and asking her what Kirumi would think. Hiyoko reasons that she did it because Sayaka was a "square peg in a round hole" and she had already fulfilled her purpose. There's also her torture and abuse of Jun, a two year old.
    • In Chapter 19 of Sea of Tranquility, Choko reveals that the aforementioned Jibo Momota probably crossed it before he even joined Despair.
    Choko: It was due to one of my cases. This guy was like a grade a nut job. When things started to go south for Hope's Peak, things started to spiral out of control quickly. He was never arraigned but prosecutors wanted to charge him with multiple accounts of child endangerment, unpaid child support, and countless charges for his unethical research. Bodies started turning up left and right in dingy facilities all around Tokyo. Most of these were kids who were desperate and thought he could give them talent. Heck, the guy was like a ghost though. We couldn't even figure out where he lived, let alone what hole he crawled into. I guess this explains why though.
    • Dylan crossed it by murdering Mallory just because he was there and apparently giving her a Glasgow Grin because "she was just so pretty", as well as tricking everyone with his Mask of Sanity. The worst thing he did was shown in Chapter 28: he murdered most of the animals in the ranch (their last major food source!) and left the surviving animals to eat the dead students whose corpses he'd strung up on scarecrows. It's implied this act was what finally provoked the rest of the survivors to decide to just outright kill him.
    • Yukiko crosses it without anyone knowing, and kept crossing further and further. Poisoning Mikhail while framing Rene, setting Amare up to kill, masterminding no less than four deaths across two cases, it's a toss-up really. However, her most heinous act was her treatment towards fellow monster Dylan like a mere attack dog and then killing him not because she thought he deserved to die, but because he was no longer useful to her and he needed to be "put down".
    • The ones running Kuma-Kuma Land crossed it at the very beginning by trapping one hundred potential students on a roller coaster and ejecting them out of their seats, at random, to their deaths. They were responsible for the deaths of eighty people, and had no qualms with trying to eject Annabelle, a nine-year old girl!
      • Nagito's clone follows suit by trying to outright shoot her.
    • Jana in House of Horrors crashes through the event horizon without looking back when she kills Kitai (a seven year old boy) without remorse, and that was after trying to kill a couple of students within hours of waking up on the island. Her justification? So she could escape and be worshipped as a goddess for her item-creation powers back home.
  • Shocking Moments: Kuma-Kuma Land begins with eighty innocent people dying in a murderous roller coaster ride. And that's just getting to the park itself.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Several of the least popular Danganronpa characters have been killed off, such as Teruteru, Hagakure and especially Korekiyo.
    • After Leon is found guilty, Monokuma has his cousin Kanon executed as she's no longer useful as a hostage.
    • Ruruka Andou is revealed to be a member of Ultimate Despair, after being knocked out by Hiroko Hagakure. Chapter 83 sees her face caved in by Chisa for allowing Hiroko, Kenshiro and Akane's siblings to escape.
    • Hiroki and Saki turn the tables on their would-be killer, who is implied to be Yuto Kamishiro.
    • Haiji Towa being tortured (probably to death) by Monaca.
  • Unexpected Character: It was less than expected to suddenly cut to Komaru and Yuta being held hostage in chapter 67.
    • And it was really unexpected, bordering on Wham moment considering the timeline implications, when Natsumi turned up, alive, in chapter 70 as Fuyuhiko's hostage. She gets along well with Chihiro's dad, it seems.
    • Sato is revealed to be alive as well.
    • Soshun Murasame is alive and a member of Ultimate Despair (as well as the rest of the Student Council), as is Yasuke Matsuda, who was horrendously scarred by Junko instead of killed by her.
    • Topping all of that, however, is Sayaka's ghost. Himiko's pops up later to ferry off a recently deceased Tenko.
    • Sayaka again in the spin-off, Final Horizon. Only this time she's alive again.
    • An offscreen example in the epilogue: Nagito Komaeda's Despaired Clone survived Hope's Peak's destruction and is on the loose.
  • The Un-Twist: In the second case of Final Horizon, most people expected Nico to die, since her guessing skills are too useful.(the submitter of Nico even joked About Rei doing it before it happened.)On top of that she showed clear distrust towards Nico because of her guessing skills. However, most of them didn't expect Raef to die early on. Still, most People also figured out that Rei was the culprit
    • The first case of Sea of Tranquility plays out pretty much exactly like the hypothetical example from the Untwist trope page. The hostile untrustworthy guy who in most Danganronpa fics would stick around as a source of tension and conflict for most of the story ... is found guilty and executed in the first trial. Meanwhile the Nice Girl who's broken up about the murders and had unexplained blood on her hands is found to be innocent, having injured her hands trying to help the victims. Though the untrustworthy guy, at least, might've been innocent. And Mallory probably was too, but was later murdered.
    • In House of Horrors, Hikyou being the Ultimate Loser wasn’t a total shock, since a few people had already figured it out.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • For the first motive, Teruteru Hanamura sees a hostage video involving his mother, and decides to commit murder to get to her. He targets Himiko Yumeno and lures her into the Aquarium by taking her staff.
      • You'd Expect: Teruteru to knock Himiko unconscious to minimize bloodspill, and then throw her body and the staff into the piranha tank to dispose of her easily. Since there wouldn't be any evidence pointing to him, he could've just appeared at the scene and acted as if he was just as shocked at the rest of the students. It'd be just like the second murder of Danganronpa V3 but at least Teruteru never had any loose clothing that would be the only evidence present.
      • Instead: He decides to injure Himiko as quickly as possible, making her bleed everywhere. She is left with enough consciousness to write Teruteru's name with her own blood before dying. After Hanamura does toss her body into the tank, he realises he has a lot of blood to clean.
      • Then: Nekomaru Nidai shows up and finds Teruteru cleaning the blood, with a bottle of bleach and Himiko's bloodied staff in his possession.
      • You'd Expect: Teruteru to pour the bleach at Nekomaru to distract and potentially poison him, then locking himself into a safe room and cleaning himself up.
      • Instead: He asks Nekomaru to cover for him to save his own skin. Then, when Nekomaru becomes even more aggravated, Teruteru tries to attack him. Nekomaru, being way bigger and fitter than Teruteru, ends up defeating him in a Curb-Stomp Battle. If Hanamura valued his life rather than being a Dirty Coward, he wouldn't have ended up provoking Nidai into murdering him, and indirectly causing his beloved mother to get murdered since she was no longer useful without her son. Even if Teruteru was unaware of Himiko's hemophilia, he could've at least tried to run to a safe place.
    • In Sea of Tranquility, Rene Musil is aware of a few clues to Miyaki and Mikhail's respective murders, like Miyaki being killed by a combat knife and Mikhail being unable to escape the Green House due to its door being chained. He ends up blurting out this information to people who were unaware of those factors at the time in the trial, not to mention how he would already garner suspicion with the fact that the Ultimate Exterminator would be an expert in pesticides.
      • You'd Expect: Rene to explain how he knew about this information and give himself a reasonable alibi to justify his claims. There is still the possibility of him being innocent.
      • Instead: He begins to act in ways that a true culprit would act, such as flat-out refusing to explain himself and saying things like "I will not die in this place", "You people can't touch me" and "Don't you dare vote for me" as if he knew he was going to be executed. Then he enters a Villainous Breakdown and demands for everyone to vote for the "damn air head" or the "snake bitch" rather than himself, and everyone becomes suspicious enough to vote for him. Because of his inability to prove his alibi, Rene ends up being the first to be executed.
    • The Despairs have captured a hundred students that were being considered for future Hope's Peak classes.
      • You'd Expect: They would make the most of these students, spread out their deaths through killing games and the like for maximum despair, possibly even try brainwashing some into becoming Despairs themselves.
      • Instead: They just shove then all on a rigged roller coaster and just wastefully let eighty potential ultimates die randomly in the ensuing ride.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Early on Mikan is strangled to death (counting towards the amount of victims in the case), but is resuscitated in time. This established that temporary deaths like that still counted as case worthy, and set up the possibility that other victims could be saved in a similar manner. The author then proceeded to never bring that up or use it again for the rest of the story, not even at the end as a callback or twist (not counting Kokichi being left temporarily comatose after a killing in the virtual world, as that harkened back more to Class 77-B’s state in Danganronpa 2).

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