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    Season 1 (September 28, 1987 - May 16, 1988) 
  1. Encounter at Farpoint: The maiden voyage of the USS Enterprise-D under Captain Jean-Luc Picard runs into difficulty when he and his crew run afoul of Q, an omnipotent alien entity who holds humanity in contempt. September 28, 1987
  2. The Naked Now: A strange illness is spreading among the crew of the Enterprise, releasing everyone's inhibitions. October 5, 1987
  3. Code of Honor: A humanitarian mission to deliver a vaccine to people in need is endangered when the ruler of one planet demands to marry Yar. October 12, 1987
  4. The Last Outpost: The Enterprise and a ship carrying Ferengi marauders become stranded around a planet that is draining their ships' power. October 19, 1987
  5. Where No One Has Gone Before: An experiment with a new warp drive modification goes awry when the Enterprise finds itself hurtled across the known universe. October 26, 1987
  6. Lonely Among Us: An energy being is endangering the lives of the Enterprise crew as it takes over their bodies. November 2, 1987
  7. Justice: What at first appears to be an idyllic planet turns out to be anything but when Wesley is sentenced to death for what should be a minor infraction of the law. November 10, 1987
  8. The Battle: Picard is haunted by visions of a past battle as an old Ferengi enemy plots to dispose of him. November 16, 1987
  9. Hide and Q: Q returns to the Enterprise with a most enticing offer for Riker; the power to alter reality, the same as any Q! November 23, 1987
  10. Haven: Lwaxana Troi arranges a marriage for her daughter Deanna, leading to mounting tensions on the ship as they investigate a plague ravaging a planet. November 30, 1987
  11. The Big Goodbye: Picard and Data find themselves trapped on the holodeck while playing out a detective story. January 12, 1988
  12. Datalore: The Enterprise returns to the Omicron Theta colony, where they discover Data's android "brother", Lore. January 18, 1988
  13. Angel One: Riker travels to a planet where women rule over a male underclass in order to save the crew of a crashed freighter. January 25, 1988
  14. 11001001: A group of technologically enhanced aliens upgrade the holodecks on the Enterprise, but their modifications may be further reaching than they should be. February 1, 1988
  15. Too Short a Season: While attempting to defuse a hostage situation, an elderly Starfleet admiral starts taking medicine that reverses his aging, but at great cost. February 8, 1988
  16. When the Bough Breaks: Several children onboard the Enterprise are kidnapped, and Wesley must look after them while finding a way to escape back to the ship. February 15, 1988
  17. Home Soil: A mission to terraform a seemingly dead planet hits a snag when the crew of the Enterprise discovers a new in-organic lifeform. February 22, 1988
  18. Coming of Age: An inquisition is made into Picard's command of the Enterprise as Wesley takes the entrance exam for Starfleet Academy. March 14, 1988
  19. Heart of Glory: A trio of Klingon fugitives come onboard the Enterprise, and Worf will need to decide for whom his loyalties lie. March 22, 1988
  20. The Arsenal of Freedom: Picard and an away team find themselves in the crosshairs of an automated weapon system on an otherwise uninhabited planet. April 11, 1988
  21. Symbiosis: The Enterprise takes onboard a pair of refugees suffering from what seems to be illness, but in truth, is withdrawal from narcotics. April 18, 1988
  22. Skin of Evil: A rescue party on a deserted planet find themselves face-to-face with an entity of pure evil on an away mission where someone will pay the ultimate price. April 25, 1988
  23. We'll Always Have Paris: Picard meets an old friend while investigating a science experiment that is playing havoc on the fabric of time. May 2, 1988
  24. Conspiracy: Picard and Riker must investigate a wicked plot that threatens to destroy the Federation from within. May 9, 1988
  25. The Neutral Zone: In the neutral zone bordering Federation and Romulan space, the Enterprise discovers a group of humans from the 20th century who were kept alive in cryogenic preservation. May 16, 1988

    Season 2 (November 21, 1988 - July 17, 1989) 
  1. The Child: Counselor Troi is pregnant, but how? And why is the child maturing at such a rapid rate? November 21, 1988
  2. Where Silence Has Lease: The Enterprise is trapped in the void and at the mercy of a sadistic entity that kills off members of Picard's crew out of morbid curiosity. November 28, 1988
  3. Elementary, Dear Data: To create a Sherlock Holmes mystery that can give even Data a challenge, La Forge instructs the computer to make an opponent that can outwit even his android friend, and they both end up getting exactly what they ask for. December 5, 1988
  4. The Outrageous Okona: A puckish rogue is brought onboard the Enterprise after being stranded in space. It turns out that he is in trouble with two sovereigns, stealing a precious gem from one while impregnating the other's daughter. December 12, 1988
  5. Loud As a Whisper: To end a civil war, the Enterprise enlists the aid of a negotiator who is deaf and can only communicate through psychic interpreters and sign language. January 9, 1989
  6. The Schizoid Man: The Enterprise crew meet an old colleague of Data's creator who is dying of old age and illness...but not if he has something to say about it. January 23, 1989
  7. Unnatural Selection: The crew of another ship has fallen prey to a disease that is accelerating their aging. January 30, 1989
  8. A Matter of Honor: As part of an officer exchange program, Riker takes up post on a Klingon warship, learning more about Klingon culture than he could have ever anticipated. February 6, 1989
  9. The Measure of a Man: Data's sentience and humanity are put on trial when a Starfleet scientist argues that he is Starfleet property and not subject to the same rights as a "living" officer. February 13, 1989
  10. The Dauphin: The young ruler of a war-torn planet is brought onboard the Enterprise, but trouble brews when Wesley falls head-over-heels for her. February 20, 1989
  11. Contagion: The Enterprise and a Romulan ship fall under siege by a deadly computer virus. March 20, 1989
  12. The Royale: The crew of the Enterprise discover that the interior of a crashed ship contains a casino, where the events of an old, very poorly written novel are playing out. March 27, 1989
  13. Time Squared: The Enterprise comes across a shuttlecraft carrying another Captain Picard from six hours in the future, who carries grave tidings. April 3, 1989
  14. The Icarus Factor: Riker meets with his estranged father, and long-lingering resentments between parent and child are brought to the surface. April 24, 1989
  15. Pen Pals: Data makes friends with a young girl on a dying world. Is it worth violating the Prime Directive just to save her? May 1, 1989
  16. Q Who: Q returns to force the Enterprise to make first contact with one of the most dangerous and destructive races in the entire galaxy: the Borg. May 8, 1989
  17. Samaritan Snare: Picard must take medical leave to replace his prosthetic heart while the Enterprise contends with the crew of an alien ship who wants to steal technology. May 15, 1989
  18. Up the Long Ladder: The Enterprise must convince a technologically advanced yet genetically stagnant people to cooperate with colonists living the lifestyle of Irish migrants. May 22, 1989
  19. Manhunt: Lwaxana Troi returns, and she's on the hunt for a new man. June 19, 1989
  20. The Emissary: To defuse a situation with Klingons who don't realize the war with the Federation had ended, the Enterprise brings on an emissary, who also happens to be Worf's old flame. June 26, 1989
  21. Peak Performance: A combat training exercise between the Enterprise and an old Federation ship is interrupted by Ferengi privateers. July 10, 1989
  22. Shades of Gray: An alien parasite has infected Riker's nervous system, requiring risky treatment that forces him to relive key moments through his time aboard the Enterprise. July 17, 1989

    Season 3 (September 25, 1989 - June 18, 1990) 
  1. Evolution: A once-in-a-lifetime experiment goes awry when a cluster of nanites form a collective consciousness. September 25, 1989
  2. The Ensigns of Command: The owners of a planet are coming to forcibly remove its settlers, and Data must convince them to leave before then. October 2, 1989
  3. The Survivors: The Enterprise discover a planet that is desolate, save for one idyllic patch of land and the two elderly survivors living on it. October 9, 1989
  4. Who Watches the Watchers: An away mission gone wrong on a pre-space flight planet leads one tribe living on it to mistake Picard for a god. October 16, 1989
  5. The Bonding: Worf takes a young boy whose mother died in the line of duty under his wing. However, the boy's mother suddenly appears on the ship again, alive and well. October 23, 1989
  6. Booby Trap: An investigation of a derelict ship causes the Enterprise to be trapped, and La Forge must work with a hologram of one of the engineers who built the Enterprise to escape. October 30, 1989
  7. The Enemy: La Forge is forced to cooperate with a Romulan to survive on a desolate planet, while an injured Romulan on board is doomed to die unless Worf donates his blood. November 6, 1989
  8. The Price: A wormhole has appeared, and the Enterprise serves as the negotiating table for ownership of the wormhole. November 13, 1989
  9. The Vengeance Factor: Peace negotiations are jeopardized in the wake of a spate of mysterious deaths. November 20, 1989
  10. The Defector: A Romulan turncoat seeks asylum on the Enterprise, offering vital intelligence in exchange for his safety. January 1, 1990
  11. The Hunted: The crew of the Enterprise seek to admit a new world into the Federation, but difficulties arise when escaped convicts run amok on the ship. January 8, 1990
  12. The High Ground: Doctor Crusher is kidnapped by terrorists using an experimental teleportation device. January 29, 1990
  13. Déjà Q: Q returns, but something is different: he has no powers, and is just as mortal as Picard. Worse still, an alien race that Q had terrorized in the past has come for revenge. February 5, 1990
  14. A Matter of Perspective: Riker is accused of murder, and a trial is arranged, using testimony from Riker and the victim's wife to get to the bottom of his death. February 12, 1990
  15. Yesterday's Enterprise: History has been altered by the appearance of another Enterprise, and Guinan is the only one to realize something is amiss. February 19, 1990
  16. The Offspring: Data builds an android "daughter" who quickly outpaces her father in her ability to relate with humans. March 12, 1990
  17. Sins of the Father: Worf's late father is accused of betraying the Klingon Empire, and Worf must bear the consequences of this grievous dishonor. March 19, 1990
  18. Allegiance: Picard is trapped in a strange room with three other captives while a body double causes havoc on the ship. March 26, 1990
  19. Captain's Holiday: Picard takes a vacation to Risa, where he becomes involved in a high-stakes game of intrigue with an adventurous young woman named Vash. April 2, 1990
  20. Tin Man: The Enterprise enlists the aid of a Betazoid with exceptionally strong telepathy to make first contact with a mysterious and powerful entity. April 23, 1990
  21. Hollow Pursuits: Barclay, a shy and introverted engineer, copes with his struggles to socialize with holodeck fantasies. April 30, 1990
  22. The Most Toys: Data is abducted by a collector who wants him to be the crowning jewel of his collection. May 7, 1990
  23. Sarek: Sarek, the father of Spock, joins the Enterprise on a diplomatic mission. The mission falls into jeopardy when an illness causes Sarek to lose control over his emotions. May 14, 1990
  24. Ménage à Troi: Lwaxana Troi, Deanna, and Riker are abducted by Ferengis, with the leader of the kidnappers taking a shine to Lwaxana. May 28, 1990
  25. Transfigurations: The Enterprise rescues an alien who has lost his memories and is undergoing a strange transformation. June 4, 1990
  26. The Best of Both Worlds (Part 1): The Borg have set their sights on the Federation, and abduct Picard as part of their plot. June 18, 1990

    Season 4 (September 24, 1990 - June 17, 1991) 
  1. The Best of Both Worlds (Part 2): Picard has been assimilated into the Borg, and is forced to use his knowledge and expertise against the Federation. Riker, now the acting captain of the Enterprise, is faced with a hard decision; protect the Federation by killing Picard, or attempt the impossible and rescue him. September 24, 1990
  2. Family: Picard returns to France to reconnect with his family and come to terms with the trauma he suffered while assimilated in the Borg. October 1, 1990
  3. Brothers: Data receives a distress signal that reunites him with Dr. Noonien Soong, his creator. Unfortunately for them, Lore is not far behind. October 8, 1990
  4. Suddenly Human: The Enterprise discovers a young human boy who had been raised among alien soldiers, and must decide whether to reunite him with his human family or let him remain with his adoptive father. October 15, 1990
  5. Remember Me: Dr. Crusher realizes that people on the ship are disappearing, but no one else seems to notice. October 22, 1990
  6. Legacy: The Enterprise mounts a rescue mission to a colony, where they meet the younger sister of the late Lt. Yar. October 29, 1990
  7. Reunion: As Picard is asked to investigate the death of the Klingon chancellor, Worf learns that he and K'Ehleyr have a son. November 5, 1990
  8. Future Imperfect: Riker awakens after a long coma to find that a whole lot has changed on the Enterprise. November 12, 1990
  9. Final Mission: A trip to Starfleet Academy is halted when Wesley and Picard find themselves stranded on a desert planet. November 19, 1990
  10. The Loss: As the Enterprise is threatened by a two-dimensional alien entity, Troi loses her empathic abilities. December 31, 1990
  11. Data's Day: Data makes a record of the typical goings on in a day of his life as the Enterprise investigates a mysterious death while two crew members get married. January 7, 1991
  12. The Wounded: A Starfleet captain has gone rogue and is seeking to instigate a war with Cardassia. January 28, 1991
  13. Devil's Due: A planet is falling into chaos as a "devil" seeks to collect on a contract that would give her total dominion. February 4, 1991
  14. Clues: The crew of the Enterprise awakens after falling unconscious with no memories as to what happened just before, save for Data, who is being unhelpful. February 11, 1991
  15. First Contact (no relation): Riker goes undercover to investigate a pre-space flight civilization, but an injury causes his identity to be called into question and endangers his life. February 18, 1991
  16. Galaxy's Child: A large alien lifeform is draining power from the Enterprise, and La Forge must figure out how to chase it away without killing it. March 11, 1991
  17. Night Terrors: The Enterprise crew becomes unable to sleep, save for Troi, who is troubled by confusing dreams. March 18, 1991
  18. Identity Crisis: La Forge must figure out why members of an away team he was a member years ago are trying to return to a planet they visited. March 25, 1991
  19. The Nth Degree: The discovery of an alien artifact results in Barclay's intelligence increasing severalfold. April 1, 1991
  20. Qpid: Just as Vash reunites with Picard, Q rears his head and decides to see just how far Picard is willing to go to save a woman he fancies. April 22, 1991
  21. The Drumhead: An investigation into possible sabotage on the Enterprise leads to a witch hunt, and Picard finds himself in the crosshairs. April 29, 1991
  22. Half a Life: Lwaxana Troi becomes engaged to a man who is mere days away from committing suicide as part of his people's culture. May 6, 1991
  23. The Host: Doctor Crusher becomes involved with a trill ambassador. When the trill is killed, the symbiont is transplanted into Riker, causing difficulties in their relationship. May 13, 1991
  24. The Mind's Eye: La Forge is kidnapped by the Romulans and forced to undergo a mind control experiment. May 27, 1991
  25. In Theory: Data enters into a relationship with a fellow officer in order to experience human intimacy. June 3, 1991
  26. Redemption (Part 1): The Klingon homeworld is on the verge of civil war, which Picard must avert. This is also the chance for Worf to reclaim his family's honor. June 17, 1991

    Season 5 (September 23, 1991 - June 15, 1992) 
  1. Redemption (Part 2): Worf must stop the Duras Sisters' scheme to take the Klingon throne while Picard fights to keep the Romulans from interfering. September 23, 1991
  2. Darmok: The Enterprise makes first contact with a race that speaks exclusively in metaphors, leading to a breakdown in communication. September 30, 1991
  3. Ensign Ro: To find a group of Bajoran terrorists threatening the peace, the Enterprise enlists the aid of Ro Laren, a hot-headed Bajoran patriot. October 7, 1991
  4. Silicon Avatar: The Crystaline Entity responsible for the destruction of Data's homeworld is on the attack, and the Enterprise seeks to stop it peacefully. But someone else has other ideas. October 14, 1991
  5. Disaster: After a quantum filament cripples the Enterprise, Troi finds herself thrust into a command position as Crusher and La Forge contend with a plasma fire, Picard looks after a group of scared children, and Worf delivers a baby. October 21, 1991
  6. The Game: Riker brings a new head-mounted game onto the Enterprise, but it causes the crew to begin to act strangely. Wesley must find a way to reverse its effects. October 28, 1991
  7. Unification, Part 1: Ambassador Spock has traveled to Romulus. Worried that Spock may have defected, Picard and Data are sent undercover to investigate. November 4, 1991
  8. Unification, Part 2: Spock is seeking to pave the way for peace between Vulcan and Romulus, but not if those within the Romulan government have anything to say about it. November 11, 1991
  9. A Matter of Time: A time traveler arrives on the Enterprise to pay witness to an attempt to save a planet. November 18, 1991
  10. New Ground: Worf's son, Alexander, returns to the Enterprise to live with his father while the crew is conducting an experiment into new propulsion systems. December 30, 1991
  11. Hero Worship: A young boy befriends Data after being saved following the death of his family, and copes with his loss by emulating his android idol. January 6, 1992
  12. Violations: Members of the Enterprise crew are falling into comas when a member of a telepathically-gifted race psychically assaults them. January 28, 1992
  13. The Masterpiece Society: The crew of the Enterprise tries to save a colony where the inhabitants are genetically engineered and their futures are predetermined. February 3, 1992
  14. Conundrum: Every member of the Enterprise crew comes down with a sudden case of amnesia as they find themselves thrust into a new war. February 10, 1992
  15. Power Play: Data, O'Brien, and Troi fall under the thrall of alien entities who hold many members of the crew hostage. February 17, 1992
  16. Ethics: Worf has been paralyzed in an accident, and his only hope at regaining his mobility, and his will to live, is a risky new medical procedure. February 24, 1992
  17. The Outcast: The Enterprise make contact with a race of aliens that eschew the concept of gender, where anyone who identifies on the gender binary are deemed deviants. March 16, 1992
  18. Cause and Effect: The Enterprise is caught in a time loop within which the ship is repeatedly destroyed. March 23, 1992
  19. The First Duty: One of Wesley's classmates at Starfleet Academy dies in an accident, and Wesley knows why, but is reluctant to divulge under a misguided sense of loyalty to another classmate. March 30, 1992
  20. Cost of Living: Lwaxana Troi and Worf butt heads over how best to raise Alexander when the Betazoid ambassador comes onto the Enterprise with her fiance. April 20, 1992
  21. The Perfect Mate: The Enterprise takes on a passenger who can help broker peace between two races through marriage, but her telepathic qualities makes her irresistible to the men aboard. April 27, 1992
  22. Imaginary Friend: An alien entity takes the form of a young girl's imaginary friend, and becomes fiercely jealous of anyone or anything that tries to separate them. May 4, 1992
  23. I Borg: The Enterprise takes on the sole survivor of a crashed Borg ship, who is troubled at the prospect of being an individual separated from the collective as the crew decides whether to weaponize their new passenger against the Borg. May 11, 1992
  24. The Next Phase: La Forge and Ro are believed to be dead when, in truth, they still live, albeit unable to interact with the crew around them. May 18, 1992
  25. The Inner Light: An alien probe renders Picard unconscious as it psychically places him in the body of a member of a dying race. June 1, 1992
  26. Time's Arrow (Part 1): The discovery of Data's head in a cave on Earth dated hundreds of years leads to members of the Enterprise crew being thrown back in time. June 15, 1992

    Season 6 (September 21, 1992 - June 21, 1993) 
  1. Time's Arrow (Part 2): Picard, Data, and the past version of Guinan must work together to stop time-travelling aliens from killing people while finding a way to get the Enterprise crew back in their proper time. September 21, 1992
  2. Realm of Fear: Barclay's attempts to overcome his fear of the transporter leads to an encounter with aliens in the matter stream. September 28, 1992
  3. Man of the People: Troi falls in love with an alien ambassador who is trying to broker peace, but begins to age rapidly and grows fiercely jealous towards him. October 5, 1992
  4. Relics: The crew of the Enterprise enlist the aid of the engineer of their ship's predecessor, Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, to investigate a Dyson sphere. October 12, 1992
  5. Schisms: As the crew contends with fatigue, a hole in subspace opens in the cargo bay. October 19, 1992
  6. True Q: A young woman hoping to enter Starfleet exhibits the ability to manipulate reality, attracting the attention of Q. October 26, 1992
  7. Rascals: A transporter accident causes Picard and others to regress in age back to pre-adolescence as Ferengi pirates target the Enterprise. November 2, 1992
  8. A Fistful of Datas: What began as a fun Wild West holodeck program in which Worf and Alexander bond takes a turn for the deadly when a glitch causes Data to take the place of characters in the program while Data, himself, begins to act like an old west bandit. November 9, 1992
  9. The Quality of Life: A group of robotic drones begin to exhibit signs of intelligence and sentience. November 16, 1992
  10. Chain of Command: Picard, Worf, and Crusher are sent to investigate a Cardassian secret weapon, with a militaristic new captain taking command of the Enterprise. December 21, 1992
  11. Ship in a Bottle: Moriarty returns, and traps Picard in an elaborate holodeck program in a bid to escape into the real world. January 25, 1993
  12. Aquiel: La Forge falls in love with a woman suspected of murder. February 1, 1993
  13. Face of the Enemy: Troi is abducted by Romulans and surgically altered to appear as one to aid to oust a traitor in their ranks. February 8, 1993
  14. Tapestry: After dying, Picard is given a chance by Q to correct the mistakes he made in his youth...but the changes he makes in his life and history could have far-reaching consequences. February 15, 1993
  15. Birthright: Worf learns that his father may yet still live and goes to investigate while Data has visions of his own "father", Dr. Soong. March 1, 1993
  16. Starship Mine: A group of terrorists attempt to commandeer the Enterprise during a routine, but lethal, beam sweep, and Picard is the only one who can stop them. March 29, 1993
  17. Lessons: Picard falls in love with a scientist under his command but finds it difficult to have a love life when his own life is wrought with danger. April 5, 1993
  18. The Chase: Picard sets himself to the task of solving an ancient puzzle that can unveil the common origins of humans, Romulans, Klingons, and Cardassians. April 26, 1993
  19. Frame of Mind: Riker finds himself trapped in an alien asylum, with the doctors trying to convince him that he is mentally ill. May 3, 1993
  20. Suspicions: Crusher finds herself in hot water, and her career in jeopardy, after violating one of her ethics as a physician. May 10, 1993
  21. Rightful Heir: Kahless, the mythological warrior of Klingon legend, has returned, and his appearance can change the course of his people's history. May 17, 1993
  22. Second Chances: Riker discovers a doppleganger created by a transporter accident trapped on an old science station. Both Rikers are alike in appearance and DNA, but what about their personalities? May 24, 1993
  23. Timescape: Picard and other officers find the Enterprise and a Romulan warbird frozen in time. June 14, 1993
  24. Descent (Part 1): The Borg are on the attack again, and Data begins to experience sudden and intense bursts of emotion. June 21, 1993

    Season 7 (September 20, 1993 - May 23, 1994) 
  1. Descent (Part 2): Lore has taken over as leader of a group of violent Borg and intends to lead them into war against biological lifeforms. September 20, 1993
  2. Liaisons: Picard crashlands on a planet, and is nursed back to health by a woman who had been trapped there for years. September 27, 1993
  3. Interface: While using a probe to explore a derelict ship, La Forge sees visions of his long-lost mother. October 4, 1993
  4. Gambit: Picard is mistaken for dead while the Enterprise contends with pirates. October 18, 1993
  5. Phantasms: Data has started experimenting with sleep and dreams, but the dreams he has are nightmarish and making him a danger to others. October 25, 1993
  6. Dark Page: Lwaxana Troi falls into a coma, and her daughter Deanna must enter her mind to discover the dark secret that is killing her. November 1, 1993
  7. Attached: Picard and Crusher are trapped on an alien world with their minds linked together. They must find a way to return to the Enterprise while contending with the deep-seated feelings they hold towards each other. November 8, 1993
  8. Force of Nature: Several ships have gone missing, and two scientists believe they are related to the potentially destructive nature of warp drives. November 15, 1993
  9. Inheritance: Data meets a scientist who was once married to Dr. Soong, making her the android's "mother". November 22, 1993
  10. Parallels: Worf finds himself being thrown across multiple parallel timelines and must find a way back to his original timeline. November 29, 1993
  11. The Pegasus: Riker's old commander enlists his aid in finding a ship that is carrying a dangerous secret. January 10, 1994
  12. Homeward: Worf's human brother asks for his help, but what he asks would be a direct violation of the Prime Directive. January 18, 1994
  13. Sub Rosa: A strange spirit that had been romantically involved with Crusher's grandmother now sets its sights on her. January 31, 1994
  14. Lower Decks (no relation): A group of officers speculate as to the strange decisions the senior staff makes. February 7, 1994
  15. Thine Own Self: Data crash-lands on a pre-space flight planet, losing his memory as he is taken in by a primitive community. Troi decides to take the Bridge Commanders Test. February 14, 1994
  16. Masks: A strange mask the crew brings onto the ship causes Data to act out the personalities of several people from a long-gone civilization. February 21, 1994
  17. Eye of the Beholder: An investigation into a bizarre suicide indicates that there may have been a murder on the Enterprise. February 28, 1994
  18. Genesis: The crew of the Enterprise become infected with a disease that causes them to devolve into primitive creatures. March 21, 1994
  19. Journey's End: Wesley must decide where he stands when the Federation tries to relocate colonists living on a planet that belongs to Cardassia. March 28, 1994
  20. Firstborn: A member of Worf's house comes to the Enterprise to teach Alexander how to become a warrior. April 25, 1994
  21. Bloodlines: An old Ferengi enemy of Picard threatens to kill the son he never knew he had. May 3, 1994
  22. Emergence: The Enterprise begins to develop its own sentience, and the crew must find a way to protect both this new lifeform and themselves. May 10, 1994
  23. Preemptive Strike: Ro Laren returns to carry out a mission to investigate the Maquis, an insurgent group in the DMZ. May 17, 1994
  24. All Good Things...: An incursion of anti-time threatens the entire human race, and Picard must find a way to stop it in the past, present, and future as Q's test of humanity reaches its conclusion. May 23, 1994
  25. "Journey's End: The Saga of Star Trek: The Next Generation": A documentary retrospective filmed at the same time as "All Good Things..." was being produced. May 15, 1994

    Films ( 1994 - 2002) 
  1. Generations November 18, 1994
  2. First Contact November 22, 1996
  3. Insurrection December 11, 1998
  4. Nemesis December 13, 2002