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Recap / Star Trek

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A listing of all the recaps that covers a part of the Star Trek franchise. Includes the movies' Works pages, as those essentially cover what went on during the movies. Years covered by each installment are in parentheses.

Prime Timeline (8 Live Action Series, 3 Western Animation Series, 1 Shorts Seriesnote , 10 Films)

22nd Century

23rd Century

24th Century

25th Century

32nd Century

  • Star Trek: Discovery (DSC; Seasons 3-5; 3188-)note 

Kelvin Timeline (Reboot; 3 Films)

  • Star Trek (Sections from 2233note , c. 2243, c. 2251, 2255, 2258, & "flashbacks" to 2387 of the Prime Timeline)
  • Star Trek Into Darkness (2259-60)
  • Star Trek Beyond (2263)