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Recap / Star Trek: The Original Series

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This page uses the US broadcast order, which differs from the production order broadcast in some countries.

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Original Pilot (produced 1964-65)

  • The Cage: A rescue mission to the remote planet Talos IV turns sour when the natives, beings with powerful telepathic abilities, kidnap the ship's captain and two female officers for scientific study.

Season 1 (September 8, 1966 to April 13, 1967)

  1. The Man Trap: The crew meet up with an old flame of Dr. McCoy's, but there's something incredibly strange about her, and when she gets on the Enterprise, mysterious deaths begin happening.
  2. Charlie X: Young Charlie Evans boards the Enterprise, and really tries hard to be accepted by the crew, a longing exacerbated by his godlike power.
  3. Where No Man Has Gone Before (Second pilot): When the ship crosses an energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy, something happens to Lieutenant Gary Mitchell that gives him extraordinary abilities.
  4. The Naked Time: A disease is passed around the ship that intoxicates crew members and causes them to act delirious and Out of Character.
  5. The Enemy Within: Due to a transporter malfunction, Captain Kirk is split into two - one Kirk being good and passive, the other evil and aggressive.
  6. Mudd's Women: Con man Harry Mudd boards the ship with an entourage of lovely women that carry an embarrassing secret. Meanwhile, the crew burn out their lithium crystals and have to go to a mining planet for replacements.
  7. What Are Little Girls Made of?: Nurse Chapel finally finds her fiancé, Roger Korby, but when she and Kirk beam down to his planet, they find he's a different man after doing experiments with robotics.
  8. Miri: On a planet that looks similar to Earth, the Enterprise crew discover all the adults are dead or dying of a strange disease, leaving only feral children.
  9. Dagger of the Mind: Dr. Simon Van Gelder gets on board the ship having been driven to insanity, and it warrants an investigation into the Tantalus Penal Colony below.
  10. The Corbomite Maneuver: Kirk gets the Enterprise and crew in a battle of wits, with a ship headed by a demonic-looking being that's bent on destroying them if they don't leave his space.
  11. The Menagerie, Part I: The crew meet the former commander of the Enterprise, Christopher Pike, who is now immobile due to radiation burns. Spock takes control of the ship and attempts to take Pike to Talos IV.
  12. The Menagerie, Part II: Spock's court martial from his actions in the previous episode details the history of Captain Pike's original mission to Talos IV, thirteen years ago.
  13. The Conscience of the King: A traveling group of actors perform for the ship's crew, but things get complicated when one of them is suspected to be Kodos, a dictator behind the execution of half of a planet's population.
  14. Balance of Terror: The Enterprise gets themselves wrapped up in a deadly chase with a Romulan bird-of-prey, and discover the origin of the Romulans and how it ties in with the Vulcans.
  15. Shore Leave: Scouting a planet to see if they can get some much-needed rest there, Enterprise crew members find all of their fantasies implausibly turning into reality.
  16. The Galileo Seven: An away mission in a shuttlepod quickly turns to disaster, as Spock, Scotty, McCoy and other crewmen crash-land on an uncharted planet.
  17. The Squire of Gothos: A trickster god tries to impress the crew with his fascination with Earth history, and it quickly becomes apparent how dangerous he truly is.
  18. Arena: The Enterprise chases the vicious Gorn through space, after the Gorn destroy an Earth colony. Suddenly, an Actual Pacifist race gets involved, and puts Kirk and the Gorn captain in a deserted area to fight to the death.
  19. Tomorrow Is Yesterday: Accidentally having flung themselves back into the 1960s, the Enterprise crew beam Captain John Christopher out of a fighter plane, and in doing so, they find themselves in a serious conundrum.
  20. Court Martial: Kirk is put to trial by Starfleet for the wrongful death of an officer.
  21. The Return of the Archons: Kirk brings the ship to Beta III, where the USS Archon vanished a century before. Citizens of the planet, and crew members who come in contact with them, have all gotten into a strange blissful state, along with a devotion to "The Body."
  22. Space Seed: Kirk and company wake a group of Augments, superhuman people who were the catalyst for Earth's Eugenics Wars. They're led by Khan Noonien Singh, a charismatic leader who still has a thirst for power.
  23. A Taste of Armageddon: The crew get in contact with a planet full of people who fight a war using only computers and "antimatter chambers."
  24. This Side of Paradise: The crew visit a colony that should not still exist due to the radiation around the planet, and find them all in perfect health, including an Old Flame of Spock's. While there, the crew are subject to bizarre plant spores that cause them to experience a rush of euphoria.
  25. The Devil in the Dark: Kirk and company go down a planet's mine shaft in search of a mysterious creature that's dissolving men alive, and find that things aren't quite as they seem.
  26. Errand of Mercy: The planet Organia is in grave danger from the Klingons, and Kirk and Spock find themselves mystified by the Organians' complete lack of fear in the face of certain death.
  27. The Alternative Factor: The Enterprise happens across a being fighting a constant battle between different universes.
  28. The City on the Edge of Forever: Accidentally drugged, a hallucinating McCoy runs into a time portal and changes history, forcing Spock and Kirk to go back to 1930s Earth to see if they can fix things.
  29. Operation: Annihilate!: The population of the planet Deneva - which includes Kirk's brother - gets virtually wiped out by a strange race of amoeba-shaped beings.

Season 2 (September 15, 1967 to March 29, 1968)

  1. Amok Time: Spock begins acting erratically, losing his emotional control and lashing out at crew members, while demanding to go on leave to Vulcan. Kirk and McCoy soon discover some interesting things about Vulcan, and Vulcan biology.
  2. Who Mourns for Adonais?: The crew are greeted in space by someone claiming to be the Greek god Apollo, and upon taking a landing party down, Kirk finds that Apollo wants them to stay permanently.
  3. The Changeling: A probe with artificial intelligence is beamed aboard the ship, and believes Captain Kirk to be its creator.
  4. Mirror, Mirror: Kirk, Uhura, McCoy and Scotty accidentally find themselves in the Mirror Universe, where the Federation is instead the tyrannical Terran Empire.
  5. The Apple: A landing party beams down to a beautiful forest that quickly turns lethal. Things begin looking up when the crew happen upon a small tribe of people, but they've mysteriously not progressed nor aged in literally thousands of years, thanks to their leader, Vaal.
  6. The Doomsday Machine: A planet-destroying monster makes its way through space taking out entire solar systems. While trying to intervene, Kirk and company find the ship of Commodore Decker, riddled with guilt after his crew was all killed.
  7. Catspaw: Kirk and company get stuck in a dark castle with two Reality Warpers.
  8. I, Mudd: The crew meet Harry Mudd again, and find he's now the leader on a planet of androids.
  9. Metamorphosis: The inventor of warp drive, Zephram Cochrane, is found on a desolate world by Kirk and Spock, accompanied by a strange being made entirely of energy.
  10. Journey to Babel: Ambassadors from various species on their way to the Babel Conference get on board the Enterprise, two of whom are Spock's parents.
  11. Friday's Child: Kirk's attempt to negotiate a treaty with the people of Capella IV becomes complicated by a Klingon infiltrating the culture.
  12. The Deadly Years: A virus which causes Rapid Aging begins affecting crew members, especially Kirk.
  13. Obsession: Kirk runs afoul of a strange entity that killed the commander of his former ship eleven years ago. Still wracked with regret, he becomes hell-bent on destroying it.
  14. Wolf in the Fold: When Scotty is accused of a series of murders, the resulting court case reveals something extraordinary.
  15. The Trouble with Tribbles: A distress signal from Space Station K-7 leads to a mundane mission that Kirk is reluctant to take on, but things get intense when Klingons get involved, and then compounded by the spread of "Tribbles" - a race of small furry creatures that reproduce at a ridiculous rate.
  16. The Gamesters of Triskelion: Kirk, Chekov and Uhura are beamed across light years into Triskelion, and forced to fight for the amusement of "The Providers."
  17. A Piece of the Action: A planet is found that has mysteriously taken on the characteristics of early 20th century gangster culture.
  18. The Immunity Syndrome: The Enterprise finds itself in a dark, black void, inhabited only by a gigantic amoeba-like being.
  19. A Private Little War: Klingons have interfered in the development of a peaceful planet.
  20. Return to Tomorrow: Three powerful apparitions lure the Enterprise to their dead world, and ask if they may inhabit three of the ship's human bodies. After a discussion, Kirk actually accepts.
  21. Patterns of Force: The crew searches for a missing Federation observer, and find him on a planet that's been taken over by Nazi culture.
  22. By Any Other Name: The crew are fooled by a distress signal and forced into giving up their ship to the Kelvans, a powerful race that knows only conquering worlds.
  23. The Omega Glory: A Starfleet captain violates the Prime Directive and gets involved in a planet's war, even dragging Kirk and company into it.
  24. The Ultimate Computer: A new computer system, designed by Dr. Richard Daystrom, is given complete control of the ship, much to the chagrin of Kirk.
  25. Bread and Circuses: A landing party finds themselves on a planet designed to resemble the Roman Empire, but with 20th century technology.
  26. Assignment: Earth: While visiting 1968 on an observational mission, the crew meet a strange being with a human appearance named Gary Seven, who has an agenda of his own.

Season 3 (September 20, 1968 to June 3, 1969)

  1. Spock's Brain: An alien woman surgically removes Spock's brain, and the Enterprise crew have to get it back.
  2. The Enterprise Incident: Kirk violates the Neutral Zone and gets the Enterprise captured by Romulans.
  3. The Paradise Syndrome: An amnesiac Kirk is mistaken for a god by natives of a primitive planet, and soon he builds a new life for himself with an expecting wife.
  4. And the Children Shall Lead: All adult members of an expedition are found dead by the crew, while all their children are not only alive, but apathetic to their losses.
  5. Is There in Truth No Beauty?: The Enterprise picks up Kollos, an ambassador who when viewed by the naked eye causes insanity. With the ambassador is Dr. Miranda Jones, a telepath, and specialist Laurence Marvick, who carries a secret.
  6. Spectre of the Gun: After trespassing in Melkotian space, members of the crew are stuck playing the roles of the Clanton gang at the OK Corral.
  7. Day of the Dove: A non-corporeal alien pits the Enterprise crew and the Klingons against each other for its own amusement.
  8. For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky: While McCoy is dealing with having been diagnosed with a terminal illness, the crew happen across a colony of people who have no idea that they're living on an asteroid, and on a collision course with a Federation planet.
  9. The Tholian Web: A Federation ship that's dead in space disappears into subspace, and through a twist of fate, it takes Kirk with it. Spock has to take command, and tensions with McCoy reach a boiling point.
  10. Plato's Stepchildren: Members of the crew become the playthings of the telekinetic Platonians.
  11. Wink of an Eye: Kirk encounters the Scalosians, a time-accelerated species that take over the Enterprise.
  12. The Empath: McCoy, Spock and Kirk land on a doomed planet to retrieve some researchers, and find a mute empath and a powerful group of aliens who submit them to dangerous experiments.
  13. Elaan of Troyius: A peace treaty is to be completed by the bonding in marriage of the leaders of the two warring planets, the Dohlman of Elas and the leader of Troyius. The Dohlman, Elaan, proves to be a spoiled princess who becomes a huge headache for Kirk.
  14. Whom Gods Destroy: Kirk and Spock become the hostages of Garth of Izar, a former starship captain and hero of Kirk's, and are stuck in a facility for the criminally insane.
  15. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield: Refugees of a planet at war find themselves on the Enterprise, and become a serious problem.
  16. The Mark of Gideon: When the planet Gideon becomes dangerously overpopulated, they kidnap Kirk, and insist he help them.
  17. That Which Survives: A landing party goes to investigate an abandoned outpost, but become haunted by a mysterious woman who can kill anyone by touching them.
  18. The Lights of Zetar: En route to Memory Alpha, the Federation's library storage facility, a storm hits the ship, which has a profound effect on Lieutenant Mira Romaine.
  19. Requiem for Methuselah: Kirk, Spock and McCoy are searching for a cure to a disease that's slowly killing Enterprise crew members. Their search brings them to a mysterious man named Flint, and his ward Rayna.
  20. The Way to Eden: The Enterprise beams aboard a group of iconoclasts who insist on traveling to a supposedly mythical planet of Eden.
  21. The Cloud Minders: While picking up a shipment on the planet Ardana, Kirk and Spock get caught up in a class war.
  22. The Savage Curtain: Kirk, Spock, and facsimiles of Abraham Lincoln and ancient Vulcan philosopher Surak, are brought to a planet to engage in a "good vs evil" battle to the death.
  23. All Our Yesterdays: Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to make sure a planet is evacuated before its sun goes nova. They then get accidentally pulled into the planet's past.
  24. Turnabout Intruder: Kirk is stuck in the body of a bitter former lover, while she takes his body and takes command of the Enterprise.



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